Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 24, 1969 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1969
Page 14
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1969 WHIP'S JOB IS NO SNAP -o- -o- -o- -o- -n- -o- Ted Dropping Broad1972Campaign Hints AN IMPORTANT hut littlo publicized role in national lawmaking is played by tli« Senate whip, a post now held by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. It is the whip's job to ride herd on his party's legislators ami act n.s a Senate floor watchdog guarding against surprise moves by the opposition. TRENCHING & BACK HOE SERVICE • FOOTINGS • WATER LINES • SEPTIC TANK FIELDS • ETC. Member Of I.U.O.E. No. 520-D 4 To 24 Inches Wide Fully Insured CALL 242-2912 T. N. 'Shorty' Campbell YOU Can Avail Yourself of the Services Offered by This Agency. Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, INC. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. West side locution, paved street, spacious panelled living room and dining room, 2 bedrooms, large kitchen with built in cabinets, built in bath, full deep dry basement, gas hot water heat, lull lot, garage. 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This one does and rightly so with its exciting entrance hall leading to sunken living room and dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 ceramic tiled baths, huge family room with fireplace, kitchen with beautiful built hi cabinets, stoev, dishwasher, garbage disposal, w/w carpeting throughout, big utility room, double garage, gas bent, central air; large corner lot. Brand new and ready to move in. North side location. IT'S TIME TO SEE tlds brick ranch home, consisting of S bedrooms, % ceramic tiled baths, huge carpeted living and dining room, stone fireplace, kitchen with many built Ins including stove, dishwasher, etc. One of the nicest family rooms all panelled with a cork tilt- floor, double garage, gas heat, air conditioned, beautiful landscaped yard, patio. Immediate possession. West side location. TO BE SPECIFIC IT'S TERRIFIC! This lovely 3 bedroom U modern ranch home, north side location; new w/w carpeting, built in cabinets, built in bath, carport, newly decorated inside and out. Immediate possession. Only $15,000.00. S ACRES. Located east of Mt. Vernon close to Suirimers- vlUe school. Modern 6 room home, basement, extra large living room, 3 bedrooms, basement; double garage. 20 ACRES. Located north of Mt. Vernon on Jayceu Lake Road; 3 bedroom modern home, living room with fireplace, hardwood floors, built in bath, built in cabinets, basement, double garage, bam. Priced to sell. WANTED: LISTINGS. WE HAVE BUYERS WAITING. VIRGIL T. BAILEY, Inc. FHA Loans and 61 Loans Available We will make you a CASH OFFER for your Home oi Farm "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" Tenth arid Harrison Phone 242-4380 By Noel Grove NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — Alter witnessing the t >ur created by Kdwarcl Kennedy's election to the majority whip post recently, a large segment ot Americans must be puzzled that his new activities do not continue to make headlines. They may wait a long time, say Senate veterans, wl'.o point out that the real success of a whip may be measured more by what is not than by what is. "Oin.' of the secrets of t r u c leadership in Ih.s body," says one. "is not taking credit for legislation that is passed, '/ou create allies that way, for future battles." The general lack of public, knowledge about the new title Sen. Kennedy holds is nest illustrated by the vagueness of the congratulatory telegrams' after lie was elevated to ttic post by his parly colleagues. "A lot of them could be characterized as saying something like 'Dear Ted, congratulations on your victory, whatever it was'," said Dick Drayne, Sen. Kennedy's press assistant. As government terms go, majority whip is not exactly a household word. To the millions of Americans absorbed by Kennedy-watching and tile heir-apparent theory, the r e a c t i o a must have been like seeing Sir Lancelot named assistant sword- sharpener in Camelot. The whip job is more important than that. But the analogy does have some relevance. Sword-sharpening, and wielding, are not outside the the young Massachusetts senator's new responsibilities. The job is easily defined, though it: grows complicated in its application. The whip counts noses preparatory to Senate votes. He helps line up votes in accordance with the majority, or Democratic party's stand on the issue at stake and is expected to make sure they all show up fot the roll call and vote. Hence the term "whip." He also .shares the job oi' Senate floor watchdog for his party, to guard against surprise moves by the opposition. FirsL- timc gallery visitors continue to be amazed at: the sparse number of lawmakers on the floor while a speaker drones on with the nation's business. But it's a safe bet that one of the few present are either Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, Majority Whip .Edward Kennedy o; the No. 3 Senate Democrat, Policy Committee Secretary Robert: C. Byrri of Virginia. Off the floor the whip helps in the strategy of planning the flow of legislation to tnu floor Bills submitted without reading the mood and rhythm of tiie Senate may be committing legislative suicide. There is litile in the way of technique or strategy thai can be "learned" in the whip job itself, however, observers say. "The personality of the man determines his styie as a whip," as one put it. Lyndon Johnson was a gregarious, cajoling, sometimes arm-twisting whip who kept in almost-constant touch with bis colleagues. Hubert Humphrey was a firebrand of rhetoric and exuberance, who, as one acquaintance put it, "could rebound from a defeat, with no hard feelings, and who neve* identified people with causes." Russell Long. Kennedy's predecessor, is credited with -o- -o- -0- By JOSEPH E. MOHBAT Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Edward M. Kennedy is dropping broad hints that he may bid for the presidency in 1972—the office one brother died in and another was slain seeking. He disguised many of the hints in humor Wednesday night at a dinner to raise money to erase the 19G8 campaign deficit of his assassinated brother, Robert F. Kennedy. But he also said of his brother, who was shot in Los Angeles just after proclaiming victory in the state's presidential primary last June 5: "The campaign of 1968 never really ended in California because it remains with all of us. "He often said, 'We have promises to keep.' And these are the promises which will bring all of us together so many times in the future." For Ted Kennedy, 36, who previously has carefully avoided talk of a 1972 presidential bid, the other references to that prospect were jocular. "My mother," he said, "called to say she had read that our new President wasn't going to use the Oval Room in the White House. She said she thought someone ought to use it." Then, addressing some 2,500 who had paid at least $100 each to reduce the Robert Kennedy campaign deficit, he added: "We're looking into that." The applause was sustained, the laughter minimal. Kennedy said he had read nu- -o- -o- -o- merous stories that there would be a Muskie-Kennedy ticket— "or maybe a Kennedy-Muskie ticket"—running for the Democratic party in 1972. "Let me just say," he bantered, "that Ed Muskie hasn't picked a vice president yet." And after a long pause: "And neither have I." Among his applauding listeners was former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, who has on occasion expressed to Kennedy the confidence that he will lead the nation one day. He was applauding loudly, too. Although Kennedy has studiously avoided the 1972 candidacy he collected a number of valuable IOUs in the Democrats' unsuccessful 1968 campaign — first by refusing to accept a draft for the presidential nomi- -o- -o- -o- nation, then by discreetly, during his period of mourning, campaigning via television, film for Democratic congressional candidates. The dinner was the fourth such occasion planned to help erase the estimated $3.5 million debt rolled up by Robert Kennedy in the 1968 presidential primaries. A last extravaganza has been tentatively set for Los Angeles in March. Those who came up with $500 Wednesday night got to ride a bus to Edward Kennedy's house for a nightcap. Even if all dinners sell out, the deficit is expected to linger at $1 million. But the Democratic National Committee has voted to chip in that much. It too, has an eye on 1972. Spades Daring But Correct -O- -o- -0- -o- -o- l*y Oswald and James Jaeoby What would you bid with the South hand after East opens the bidding with a diamond? We are pretty sure most Fouth players in the cominent- w'sdf Charity Game decided to ga'nble with a four- spade call. We approve heartily of this bid. B-'ith can't tell what is going Bridge Lesson to show up in dummy but most of the time there will be enough help so that there will be a g <.;Od play for the game. South is mighty disappointed when he sees the dummy and will wish that he had restrained his impulses. Then if he plays ihe hand in workmanlike fas- ion the gods of chance will come to his aid and he will make his contract. It doens't require great genius. South takes his ace of diamonds and starts trumps and drops the queen and jack so that there are no- trump losers. lie runs off a couple more trumps just to see if anyone will discard a club but no one is going to oblige. Then he has to lead a club. He plays his deuce and covers West three spot with dummy's six or seven. East is in with the nine and being a good debater, but some- limes abrasive and erratic. "Russell had the bad habit of sometimes getting personal in the heat of battle," said a Democratic colleague, "and though that may serve your immediate purpose, people don't forget things like that easily." In Kennedy's favor as a Senate vote-getter, observers claim, are his personal charm and his brief but impressive senatorial record. There is even talk within the Senate that Kennedy may have more of a voice in forming legislation, normally not one of the prescribed duties of a whip. With Mansfield's strength cor- sidered more in foreign affairs than domestic matters, there is speculation that Kennedy may have great Senate Democratic influence on initiating domestic legislation. That doesn't mean mere will be Kennedy bills and Mansfield bills, however, in keeping with the "never. take credit" theory of leadership. The Senate is still, as one observer put it, "made up of 100 guys with superegos, and most of them need to be fed." MT. VERNON REALTY CO, THOMAS A. PUCKETT, Broker Mt. Vernon, Illinois 823 Harrison Phone 342-1217 LARGEST FARM BROKERS IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Beautiful 3 bedroom ranch type home with stone front, attached garage, gas heat, large fenced backyard, in West Salem School District. Beautiful 3 bedroom home full basement, garage, on 4 acres, on Route 37, close to Rend Lake. 2 bedroom home with carport, large lot in Meadowbrook addition. '£ bedroom modern home gas heat, nice location 2 miles East 3 bedroom modern home with large living room, gas heat, enclosed front porch, garage on 4 acres at North edge of town. 2 bedroom modern home with furniture at east edge of city for $7000.00. Business building with beautiful 2 bedroom modern home, nice cabinets, large bedrooms, air conditioned, good location in South part of town. 60 acres well improved, mostly fenced 5 miles South. Two 120 acre farms well improved, new fence, close in northeast. Owner would finance responsible party. 35 acres with 4 bedroom home, barn, well Improved. Owner would finance. West of Route 37 on Walnut Hill Road, Z miles. Call Any of Our Salesmen Today John Lomax. 243-8885 Russell McBride, 260-7753 L. V. Puckett, 244-1899 Ted Moses, 244-1282 Phillip Bryant, 242-502S probably leads a diamond. Not dosen't underlead his heart that it matters as long as he or 0U een and it is up to South to make the winning play. With no' adverse bidding South would figure to go wrong but South h^s heard East open the biding. East's play of the king of diamonds at trick one sort of marked West with the queen. East almost surely needs the aoe of clubs for his oepneing bid. Therefore the correct play is a second low club from dummy and it is well rewarded. Fast has to play his ace! 24 EAST *QJ V A1065 • K8542 voKm. A 7 V98T42 • J93 *K764 •WEST (D) A 953 VQJ3 • Q1076 *QJ3 SOUTH AAK108642 VK • A 4.10852 Both vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass 14 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• 6 DIFFERENCE One great difference between plants and animals is the way they get their food. 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Walk-out full basement, paneled office with fireplace, recreation room, laundry room, music room, storm windows, city water and gas. 3RD ROAD RIGHT OF AIRPORT: 20 acres; 16 timber, good 2 bedroom home, oil heat, good lake site priced at $9500 1804 Briarwood: New home with 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms, famiily room, central air, built-in kitchen, attached double garage. Will sell or trade. 1 No. 3 Elm Circle Drive: Like new 6 room home with 3 bedrooms, oil heat, 2-ton air conditioner, carpeted. Will sell or trade. Excellent home bargain $14,000. 2 Buildings on Salem Road: Within city limits, ideal for business locations. Reasonably priced. Nice brick construction. 340 Acres SE of Mt. Vernon: 200 acres tillable only $60,000. 7Vi & 22 Acre Plots on U. S. 15: Five miles out. Excellent commercial prospects with huge highway frontage. 160 Acres: 2 miles north of Woodlawn on highway interchange 64. 6 Rooms and Bath: 2 acre pond, chicken house, hog house 5 stalls, machine shed. 7 miles West on highway 15. 1512 North 17th Street: 3 bedroom home with gas heat. 3 Acres: Good building lots South of the Homestead golf course. 70 Acres: 3 bedroom home, 3 rooms carpeted, with gas heat and city water. Barn, corn crib and pond. 1 mile West of Dix. Priced to sell. BURKETT 9 § REALTY 106y 2 N. 5th Street OFFICE: 242-2860 L. L. BURKETT: 242-4006 C. N. CARPENTER: 244-0188

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