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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 6

Titonka, Iowa
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Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 6
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to^^P^i tei^w^ - Ueni. of IILton- a THE TITONKA TOPIC C lIMory and ArchlvM Lrxvn TITONKA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA 50480, THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1975 NUMBER 4 THE B0WM1RS CORIWR Standings and High Scores for the week of January 13 Koffee Kup League Gutterdusters ...... 6 Chatterboxes ....... 5 Ding A Lings ....... 5 Ifs and Maybes ..... 4 Superbowlers ....... 2 Ding Dongs ........ '2 Tyk e Leagucr s N. Cen. Pub. Serv. Titonka Sav. Bank Meyer's Painters . . Tyke Lane-; . ' . Cunningham Cafe Stanley Produc,!.s .. 56 52 41 40 30 23 2 3 3 4 6 6 24 28 tt). •10 59 57 Women Over 165 Donna Rudisill .208 Avis Christensen ... 201, 1791 La Vaughn Wibben ...192, 169 Lois Sonius 188 Katie Ellefson 186 Judy Junkermeier . . . 185, 181 Lois Peterson 185 Shirley Amesbury . . . 184, 178 j Mick Jandl 178, 176 ' Frances Gingrich 175 Kns Lar.son 173, 105 17 a i b Madsen 17:'. L. n.\ '."ruakhill Katie Ellefson M '.vis Loof Lr. nir. Van Hove -Schut jer Vows Exchanged At Good Hope .17.'! .169 :; (•:; IGti .1G5 i couple 6*{ is now history Services ^eld- I'or Henry Msybnd, i;:. Tuueral services were held . ,.. ,'Wednesday. January 22 at 1:30 | and although we| y ., n . at tho Immanucl Luther-! Wee-.-;; ago scmeihing we will be able to tell our children and grand- cliiic'r'-ii about. Things are look:"" up, are ;:I.J1 coin;;; to h:>ve a lot of "•-*- C;i i! Joyce Kay Boekelman, daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Boekelman, and Reginald Schutjer, so n of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schutjer, were united ! in marriage in a double ring' ceremony on Saturday, December 28 at the.Good Hope Luth<-run Church in Titonka. Thc Rev. Herbert Hanson performed the' ceremony. The bride, e-corled ('• She :•]. ,.r by lur fa'..her, •••on 1 a 1; \'. r ; ,-jppved gown of v/hi'v fata 1'caer with o:r.bro:cl-vn-d 1 •"(:...;/.•>. ; i.vi Lie lr;';h, I'itUVi boJ- :,:•>' and circling the ,-;kirl which : •'':. •:! !o .1 fi'lT Jr.Jn. ".'"•• irpj.r.- '--:-, \\' ; .l '.ell from a. J-.ilic'.. ha!. iv.es lipped with li^hi b!v,i', i ,'v.ii.e orchids and stefanolis. ! Mr.-. Koith Prc.s .served her State Line Tourney Finals Beats Indians 68-5 For Anna Swyter, 86 -r-l * - - . , AT.n-'AiVAM, J J 11 (3 11, If \Jil I* Hi; AJ HI t tilt II U -XW\J, AVtVOJA* 11.10L.1.1. VV 1 tV/ Funeial services for Anna hardwood G8 . 58 . It had bee a nas been averaiging 23 points a ^f; 8 ™!, 111 ; 0 " 1 ' f nt0 !lo »S- tou « h road l™ Titonka' game and is about 80% of the will i Thursday, January I p.m. al till 1 Good II j.-.M C;!.r.-n. R, ;:--;- --ill offi: i "" '.->(••.•'' " r opie i arrangements. ! -•;• •-;. v.-i!i be i The Burt Bears won their John Rasmussen to just 7 points first. State Line Conference, as Titonka stopped the highly Tournament when they stopped! touted Tkonapson Cubs in the ! the Indians in the final round semi-final round of the tourna- ! Monday night on the Burt ment 48-38. Rasmussen, who ri today, lo reacn the final game and , Thompson offense, 2:00 great ball, .ilau: .;h..> -.;.;.•. but, were unable! to handle a well-balanced Burt.; quintet. j was unable e haunting v. Herbert. Han- •in.t.e, and the is in charge of llus'ic fcr the U'ovidecl by Mrs. I v.t-.•!:..-;-." Lijvvk, organist, and ; li". cV:'rch choir. • '"i-rving a.'- casket attendants y.-ni iy> >-7(>'nt Huosman, Clnr- V.UT- Hi-'-vU. William Brandt, JEi!w;--.rd Str-ker, Alfred Rcden- 1'in nnd Elmer Wiorand. Into,- n .o 7 n , lav thc Incljln ;nv.>r.t v/ill be i n thc> church a way iroin ; :e of ZwiefeL c again a balanced attack Inriian 1 ' I .inability lo ~.:; •-;on '.niMiue:; of the ; \VO(ic;i R.-.ke 'I Thur.scuy "i.i'er.i in i bu'. th'ir iiing period to cut i,hu the 'jurzer I a 10-4 ad- ,i(.-, ! Jon of the State Line Basketball Tournament. / nt, \\c-u la.. L:I nv.ir;';;n to 10-7 ,\! 4 >or Tyi-.e has', vantage with 2:52 t.o play. Although there \v.";:-: very little in the ,v:.;:.-nd period. Afier Imlcliii"' a 7-4 lo.i;' with; ..here was a lot o! utfeusc 1 , and , to .score for the failed 'Tyke held a rein: 1 .!' 1 . Id- of! the half. <.lim 18-14 lev! Church, rural Titonka, for! til i.u , wi:n<M-. we are sotting a good IlL . nry Mayland Sr> 91> wilh start .:o ,vard .spring. Pastor Ted Ager officiating. His I the opening pi>r:od unu • l " ; sharp-shooters from Rake 1he had It must have been quite a sight when members of the Sno-Indian.s gathered a short time ago to drive down to Wesley. I understand about 80 randsons served as casket attendants. Blake Funeral Home was i/i charge of arrangements. Henry William Dietrich May- lo rely , ,, , . , .and was born Sept. 30, 1883 ati A-^rir-, ivu- 107,1" peop.e made the top on about Wnite Lak SDP ^ ' J A,..eii<u to, 1..74 60 snowmobiles. Sounded as if ' n Mrs. Robert Weaver vvn.- jn:.ir-.-, ( o,' honor, and bridesmaids were Juditii Ann Straiv.-ky, daugh-j C.irol Chambers and Dcbra! ary 2, 1888 at Titonka, the ter of Mr. and Mr=. Tlo Buff-i Weaver. They wore light blue, claii-.hler of Clans nnd Sophia im'ton, has been selected by j knit iJoor-length gowns. i (Render) Hccsch. On March 4, the United ATo-u.dist Women j j,i r . Gary Smidt was best j J?31 she was; married to Will!-. productive iapsas'of thcL^ians and and i-i-A K. ..o mduch-d m, man, and groomsmen were ?.*r. am Swyter at Nashua. He pro-1 xllowcd the Vigers to increase! botr -Ouu-Aandr.i.p; voun.g Women of | Floyd Ullmann and Mr. Russell | rootled her i n deatn m 1954. |ti ie j r i eacl lo 2740 at the half Sloner. Rorlnev Kiewiet wa::' "Mrs. Swyter passed away on the outside shot as in.to a 12-7 first advantage. Several tra- il 'r:\rl to be ratr'i as <"ne of the fiiu",t ; gamo.s by a Titonka club in several years as the boys put it all together with good shooting, a stiff defense, rebounding on they had a great time even thought the v/eather wasn't the greatest. Speaking of snowmobiles, I understand Titonka's two entries in the .Winnepeg to St. Paul race completed the first day's run and were ready to go on the second leg of the race. Haven't heard what kind of times they h'ad, but it is quite a fete to finish one leg. Good luck ,to them as they head for home today (Thursday). Titonka's boys basketball team almost got the whole ball of wax in the conference tournament, but a '4ew bad breaks stopped them one game short of their goal. They've, gat a good team, and if they can get everyone back into physical' "f 1 "^,:" condition they should make a s good showing for the- rest of the year. Congratulations to the boys and their coaches. Even .though the girls are winless on the season, they have played some good ball at times and have given a couple Fredrick and Wilhelmina (Sen-1 se ]ectcd ne) Mayland. He entered into'' covenant relationship with the Triune God by the Sacrament of Baptism. At the age of 7, he moved with his parents and family to Wellsburg, and later to the Woden and Titonka area. Henry was confirmed at the proper age and has been a lifelong member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Titonka. On February 27, 1908, he was united in marriage with Marie Boyken. The couple began farming in the Woden area. In 1920 they moved to their late home northeast of Titonka. This union ..was blessed with nine children, six daughters and three sons. Henry enjoyed good health The last three years his health was failing, and as the infirmity became worse, he was confined to the Westview Rest Home and later to the Titonka Care Center, where he slept away early Monday morning, about 1:30 a.m. He had reached the age of year, 51 women are | ring bearer, and the flower girl i Monday, January 20 . at. to represent their young wo-J men. Mrs. Stransky is from Omaha, Nebr. Criteria for inclusion are service to others, professional excellence, community activities, and enthusiasm .t.o make the world a better place to live. I Tiie women chosen are between j the ages of 21 and 35. Judith works part time at Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance, and her husband, Jack, is an instructor at McMillian Junior High in Omaha. The Stranskys have two children, Dean Scott and Mark Alan. Judith's biography is now printed in the 1974 publication of "Outstanding Young Wome n of America". was Denise Boekelman. Music was provided by Leonard Leeck, organist, accompanied the Titonka Care Center. She is survived by excellent th boards. Holding a slim 27-22 lead tn I Head Coach Larry Goodrich'with 3:48 to play, Steve Dietrich had the right words for his j injured an ankle and was forced team between halves as .they! from ,t.he game. Jeff Loeschen came out in the third quarter Randy "Walk Elwood Hand In q h • j.,,,.,,;,,,^ hv Hiroo tel(m uei/wuen naives as ,uicy i *'"*" ''••"= same. ovu. j-j^cci rovided by Mrs. She u • ^viyod bythiee ^^ ^ . ^ ^.^ m for fcwo points witn 3 organist who ^. te1 ' f ^ £ del ^ ie ^f^ 1 and turned the game around as remaining, and then tu he - soloist, Mr. | Cu h ng, Okla Mrs. Reinhard, U;(>y ^ ^ w ^ ^.^ ^ | QVers traveling) lost ball in 1 as he sangj .^' c) HeeSh bJth of Dos 1 b - llaneod Sl ' orin - in thc "eriod.back court, over and back, s TI-, T-T.-,n/i ^A7nv\ /vinanuti xieesuii. uoun 01 ue^i, . .. ^ . _ • i _. ,-m ? . _T...I. j.i Hand with of teams a good run. Lev's keep gl yearSi 3 months anfl 2Q days giving them our support and hope they can comae up with a gib win -before too long. Keep fighting girls,, there's -still .a lot of .the season left. As I have walked around town I have noticed that there are still a lot of fire hydrants burried in. the .snow. If you have one next to your property, won't you please,get it dug out. The time saved ; by being- able to make a quick.hookup could make a lot of difference if ther is a fire in town. The volunteer firemen do a great job; won't you give them a little help. He is survived by his children, Fred, Geerd and Carl of Titonka, Mrs. Ubbe (Anna) Meyer of Wesley, Mrs. Prank (Wilhelmine). Risius and Mrs. Andrew (Marie) Risius of Buffalo Center, .Mrs. Meindert (Louise) Dirksen and Mrs. Bernard (Irene) Schmidt of Woden, and Mrs. Arnold (lone) Helmers of Orchard; 31 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren; one brother, Fred'Mayland, of Britt; four sisters, Mrs. Robert (Wilhelmine) Kruse and Mrs. Eilert (Charlotte) Boyken of Titonka, God". ''The Wedding Prayer" and "Tiie Lord's Prayer". At the reception, Mr. Jeff Pries sang "One Hand, One Heart". Ushers were Keith Pries, David Boekelman, Dennis Schutjer and Roger Akkerman. Candles :lit by Janice Weaver and ihutjer. " and Bill Brandt were hosts at the reception held i n Heesch, both of DCS Moines, and nephews and nieces. , She was preceeded in death by her parents, her husband, and two brothers. 18 MEMBERS ATTEND DOAN W.S.C.S. MEETING The Doan United Methodist Women met at the church o n Thursday, January 16 with the. church parlors for 250l Mrs - Kenneth Gatton as host- guests. Mrs. Perry Hefty was in | oss - 18 members answered roll charge of ithe guest book, and ca ^Mrs. Roger Evans and Mrs. Mrs - Fred Asa presented the James Kiewiet served punch, i Pled 8' e Serf ice, assisted by Mrs. Mrs. Sophus Nelson and Mrs.i Merl y n Hoover leading the Evert Sleper poured coffee. Mrs. I worship. .David Bor-kelman and Mrs. Mrs - Kenneth Carlso n con- IWendel Schutjer cut and serv- j ducte(l the business meeting in BROWNIE NEWS The Brownie Girl Scouts met; V""" —""-.'-' -;••• «•"• •"-'• j ,, ., b <.. pnr . 0 nf 1hp nrosidont » 10 ™™ - 7 9 19 in rho -Ponmnciiin Tr-,n nf tv,«' ed tne wedding cake. Mrs. Ric \ in - ^"..cni.L 01 me picsicu.u, jn -the Fellowship Hall of the Co]byj Mrg ^ How6) Mrs/ Mrs. Ray Cunningha'm. R ' lkt 12 15 12 Dave Van Sickle and Miss The Week of Prayer and Kathy Yochum opened and dis- Self-Denial will be observed nlayed the gifts. ! Thursday, January 23. with two points with 3:05 and then turn- the and and cut the margin to 39-35 atU> little panic, shut them out the buzzer. The Indians regain-'for ,t.he rest of the quarter as '•(! the lead at 47-45 on u bucket 1 the Civtas closed to 29-28 at the with 4:55 to buzzer. Coach Goodrich got the boys settled down between quarters, but the Cubs picked up the first three points of the final stanza to take a 31-29 lead. Three unanswered buckets, two by Dean Mechler and one 'by Eugene Zwiefel, gave the Indians a 35-31 lead that'they never lost. Trailing 34-39 with just 2:37 to play, the Cubs started taking some cheap shots at Tyke players and picked up ten fouls in the quarter after having only eight called in the first three periods, and thc Indians hit on 7 of 13 attempts to put the game on ice. play, had the game tied at 51 apiece with 2:27 to go, and ! thon hit on eight charity dosses j while Rake dropped a single 2-poinler. Dean Mechler hit the final bucket of the game for the 61-53 victory. D. Mechler E. Zwiefel . S. Dietrich FT FG TP 4-8 6 16 0-1 7 14 2-2 4 10 P. Ubben 6-7 J. Loeschen . . . Titonka Rake Scoring Ey 7 9 6 18 1-2 1 3 13-20 25 Gl 3-5 25 53 18 Methodist Church o n Monday, January 20. 15 girls were present. 26--61 14—53 Titonka 48, Thompson 38 Eugene Zwiefel did a fantas Mrs. Dick (Marie) Kruse of About a year ago we smarted Sibley, and Mrs. Ehe (Hermina) switching the expiration dace j Harms of Wellsburg. o n all of our subscriptions to j Preceding him in death were January, anc 1 we had a great response. Now, it's time for renewals and i hope you will try and get your subscription up to date as soon as possible. Your help will be appreciated! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beed, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Krominga and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ludwig were Thursday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Van Hove for an oyster stew supper. Raymond Carlson spent Saturday and Sunday at Grinnell helping Marvin Carlson move to Valeria, Iowa. His mailing address is R.R., Colfax, Iowa 50054. Dennis Folkerts is visiting i n the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jennings during the day while Jennie Whalen is in the hospital. BUY IT IN TITONKA! 96 DAYS Without A Fire his parents, two brothers, William and Conrad, and' one sister, Louise. Beth Eden called the business, TJ .' .' d at f ! Mrs. Mcrril Zwiefel as hostess. I Lic: J° b ol holding high-scoring meeting to order. Minutes of. f> / .-,iauuau. 01, „, „ „ , | flirt V\T>rtTT1 fTll r- W1 r\ r\ f i -V* n« iim-vin -»n n xl I'-IAL previous meeting were read "„, , by Sharon Madsen. We sold 25 wa ancl calendars. On Monday, February 3 we will visit the Care Center. Tammy Kardoes will bring treats to the next meeting! Anne 'Erpelding made the motion to adjourn the tneet-ing. We sang songs and .worked on a craft project. , . Linda Heyer brought tracts. •' . ; —Path Peterson, reporter y of Northern is teaching home will farm near Titonka. Mr.-. Ross Struthers has the lesson, and (Mrs. Richard Buffington the worship. A n all day Work Day is j planned for Thursday, January Sunday dinner guests in the i 30 whe n the ladies will begin home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. | working on various sewing Huber were Mr. and Mrs. Eari i projects, quilts, bibs and slip- Zwiefel. pers. Jennie Whalen is a patient! A Guest Day will be held at Mercy Hospitalin Mason City Thursday, "February 13, with and will : have "surgery on invitations being sent to other Thursday. area churches. Woden-Crystal Lake Takes Pair From Titonka Band Festival Set For Thompson On Monday O n Monday, January 27, the Titonka Concert Band will participate in the Conference ,_ The Squaws stayed with the It was only the second twin! loss of the season for Titonka's basketball teams when they traveled to Woden to take on the Woden-Crystal Lake Tigers in regular conference action Tuesday night, lit was a wild night of basketball as ,t.he host girls ran up a 104-54 score, and the boys avenged an earlier defeat at the hands Of Titonka, 82-75. FT FG TP Fl B. Tapper 7-E B. Akkerman V. Follman 0-0 1-3 Band Festival being hosted by Thompson High School. Guest conductor is Mike Day, music instructor at Iowa Lakes Community College. There will be a 53-piece select band and about 230 students in the mass band. Tho$e in the select band from Titonka High School are Deb Janssen, piccolo and flute; Rachel Eden, flute; Judy Brandt and Sue Rlke, clarinets; Wayne Bruns, trumpet; Bonna Tapper, French horn; Neal Struthers, trombone; Paul Janssen, baritone; and Gary Brandt, tuba. Mr. Day will work with the two bands Monday afternoon, and a concert will be given in the Thompson gym at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $1.25 for adults and 75c for students. Mrs.. Bob Budlong entered Mercy Hospital in Mason City on Friday. hot-shooting W.-C.L. girls for half of the opening period and had the score tied at 6 apiece before they found themselves down 13-6, and tho period ended 19-10. The Tigerettes continued to have a hot hand in the second period as they dropped in a dozen points to only 1 for the Squaws in .the opening two minutes of the period. The rest of the quarter was a good one as the local gals cut the margin to 45-30 at the half. Their hard work was not enough to stop coach Rhinehart from running the score up to 100 points as he left his starters in the game and held a 73-40 advantage after three periods. The Tigerettes continued to excel, and hit for their 100th poinb with 2:01 left in the game. The starters came out, and the host girls were able >t.o run the score to 104-54 before the final buzzer. D. Heyer 0-0 C. Heyer 0-0 0-0 2-2 1-1 0-0 A. Sleper 0-0 B. Meyer 3-4 V. Schuller S. Rike .... K. Bahling K. Buffingto n 7 1 2 0 0 0 3 21 2 5 0 0 0 8 A pair of charity tosses by 0 j Mechler to open the scoring in 01 the last half gave Titonka its first lead of the game, 39-38. The lead changed hands nine times in the quarter, and the period ended in a 56-56 dead- Lewis Heifner Named Globe General Manager Sioux City: Lewis Heifner 41, who has served as business manager of The Globe, north west Iowa's Catholic Newspaper in Sioux City, for the past six years, will assume his new duties as general manager o: the 25,000 circulation weekly on Jannary 22. Prior to joining The Globe, he was associatec with the Akron Beacon Journal in Akron, Ohio. Heifner began his newspaper career in 1953 with The Rock Island Argus, Rock Island, 111. and has been empolyed by' several midwestern newspapers in a variety of positions. Heifner is a former editor/ publisher of his own weekly 6 13 0 0 0 0 1 5 01 ended there, for Titonka was 21 unable to find the range on the 31 bucket and committed several 0 j turnovers as the Tigers roared Titonka 14-19 20 54 26! into a 67-56 lead with 6:21 to Woden-C.L 26-32 39 04 20 i play. Tyke battled back to close lock. The game should have newspaper, and served on sev- Scorlng By Quarters Titonka . .10 20 10 14—54 Woden-C.L. . . .19 26 28 31—04 Indians Lose Again The Indians lost only their the gap to 3 points, 73-76 with 1:02 to go, but a pair of free throws and a bucket put the game out of reach, 80-73, with 34 seconds to play, and the second conference game of the' game ended with Titonka on season as they had to play without ithe services of Steve Dietrich, still hobbled by a sprained ankle. The opening period was a thrjlling battle as the score remained close most of the way with Tyke having to play ifche catchup role. The score was tied at 18 apiece, when the Tigers dropped a pair of buckets in the final 20 seconds to take a 22-18 lead. Four quick buckets, i n the second quarter put them out i n front 28-18, and the Indians were down 38-30 with 2:09 to play in the half. Tyke picked up the final 7 points of the half with three buckets coming in Just 30 seconds, and trailed 37-38 at intermission. the short end of the 82-75 score. FT FG TP F E. Zwiefel 0-0 7 14 2 D. Mechler K. Huesman 9-15 11 31 1-2 2 5 P. Ubben 5-8 J. Loeschen 3-5 P. Heyer 0-0 B. Mechler 3-4 1 7 6 15 0 0 0 3 5 0 Titonka 21-34 27 75 21 Woden-C.L 12-23 35 82 24 Scoring by Quarters Titonka .;.... .18 19 19 19—75 eral committees for legislative action in the State of Iowa. He is currently a member of the Business Management and Advertising Committees of the National Catholic Press Ass'n. He is a native of northwest Iowa and attended high school at Titonka. His wife, the former JoAnn Seller, is from Wesley. The Heifners are the parents of four children, and live in Sioux City. ON DEANS' LIST Ames: A total of 1,979 students were named to the Deans' list for the fall quarter at Iowa State University. The total is 145 more than o n the fall quarter Deans' List last fall. Those named are students who have achieved a grade- point average of 3.5 or better while 'carrying at least 15 credit Woden-C.L. ...22 16 18 26—82 hours of academic'work. Titonka will travel to Bake Friday night, and will then host Lincoln Central next Tuesday night to make up the conference game that had to be postponed 'because of the storm on the 10th. Named to the list from Titonka were: Quentin Boyken, Industrial Administration; Rhonda Budlong, Home Economics; and Gary Hike, Distributed Studies. CONSERVE ENERGY! S. Dietrich . J. Loeschen E. Zwiefel FT FG .TP 0-0 4 8 0-0 5 10 5 12 6 13 2-3 1-6 F 1 4: 1 D. Mechler, P. Ut>be n 5-6 052 K. Huesman ... 0-0 001 Titonka 8-15 20 48 12 Thompson 6-12 16 38 18 Scoring by Quarters Titonka 10 Thompson .... 7 8 11 19-^18 7 14 10—38 Titonka 58, Burt 68 The Bears got off to a fast start o n their home court and took an early 6-0 lead before Jeff Loeschen hit the first bucket for Titonka. Tyke tied the tally at 8, 10 and 12 before pulling into an 18-12 advantage with 1:10 to play, and led 20-14 at the buzzer. In the see-saw battle, Burt tied the score at 20, 22 and 24, and the n pulled into a 28-24 lead. Dean Mechler picked up his 3rd foul about mid-way through the second period, but Tyke managed to pull into a 32-28 lead, only to see Burt hit six unanswered points to take a 34-32 lead with five seconds left in the half. A spectacular shot by Keith Huesman knotted the score at 34 at the half. Mechler picked up his 4th foul with almost six minutes to play in the quarter and had to e pulled once again with Tyke railing 40-38. Tyke was still down by only 2 when a pair of 'ree throws and a bucket gave the Bears a 6 point advantage, and the period ended 50-44. The 3ears quickly increased tbetr ead to 55-44 in the final period and Tyke was never able to recover as Burt built their victory on ten free throws In the final quarter. J. Loeschen 0-0 Zwiefel 0-1 Ubben 0-0 FT FG TP P D. Mechler Dietrich C.. Huesman 0-1 2-2 0-0 5 10 10 20 5 10 2 4 5 12 1 2 5 2 3 5 0 4 Titdrika , 14-19 27 58 19 Burt ........... .14-19 27 68 10 • Scoring By Quarters Titonka 20 14 10 14—58

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