Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 9
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THE lOLA PAltYtRlBGiSTER. TUES0AY-EyBmN(^ DECEtoER 19,19^^^^^ J-J 9 FELIX WILL NEVER BELIEVE THAT FINK TOLD HIM THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS. lOLA RT. R.TIME TABLES A. T. & S. F. B^UXWAr South Bound. No, 301—Dally I'assenger 1:05 p. m. Xx>. 203—IJally Passenger 2:43 a. m. No. 2u7—Dally (except Sunday) Piissea- Jrer 8:50 p. m. No. 215—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive I'iM p. m. De- Part i 1:05 p. m. North Bound. No. 202—Daily I'asscnjj.T 2:22 p. ra. -Vn. Z-iA —Daily . I'asseiig'r 2:20 a. m. No. liuS —Dally (except Sunday) Pa.«sfii- Kor «:30a. .-n . Ncj. 216—Pally (oxcept Sunday) V.'.ty Kn.ight. Arrive 11:1S a. m. De , part 12:01 p. m. MISSOUHI PACIFIC B.ULWAY WA^iTED—MISCELLAJi'EOUS. FOB SALE—MISrEI.LASEOUS. WANTED—CLEAN WHITE KAO 'iSJ lYlIt S .AI .K-O .NI-: .SQITAKB 1>I\-' Krplstcr office. I Inn tabli- \ .S, liuek.yo. ) FOR—I't'i.i, tu.nnii u. i. u. rockfK 'ls .La Jl.'itii' iiliDuo ili'iii- .li'i'.Uiny. AVANTKO—DAY CLKRK. KKLUKY Hotel. Do not phono. Call at oflifc. Avool) Kou SAM-:. .1. a. t'M.\i:. i i Phone HDT-ll'. DO.\ATIO.\S WA.XTKI) FOR SAl.r v.itlon Army free Chiistiiias dinner and tree for the woitliy jioor of our KOU ?'Al.i;—A (iddll COW .irsTj frc-h. viiili n\(.-«i'i'li.-<-iil(l Imll call' ai i hiili'. This cow is VI yini> old iind HIMS of milk. Shi' \\\\\ hi' ^"Id at FOR SALK-—TWO Jinyi) MORT- ' I'l'hll,- :mcIion on ihi' .sir.c.l .Safnr- I DrccmliiT 2:;. IMioilc '.'I'S-r.. W :i li.;" V.\\\\\f., Uouti' '1. von .'^AI-K—4 ROOM IlOCSli $r .O, I FOR BEST—MISCEJ-LASEOUS. ;il.-o r. room hou:;e $-t .'.o locaI"d on lots 17 aud IS, block U, Hrocdilyii,-Park Ave. IoI;i, K;i.';. .\ddrc.sri Tlio?. ,Mc- tl:!ni)'i!, 1 Iilli:lioldt Kas. KHKrc," w.'Il Mctircd hy lola City proii erly. vl'^irl-y will allow a rcaHonahle dlscnunt. Set! lola l,;inil Company. WA .NTKn -POSITlON AS ixHv^. \ , ^"'^ HAI.K-A COOl. d VK.V ()/.!) kciK-r or work in privato family. Ad- ' I'.;'""' dress F. Tl.. care Rc^;lM..r. | '••'""e | ' i FOR r-AI.K—TK.X.M OF .MirhK -S. • J'lione ni-22. Oas City. I FOR SAI,i:-I'A W.VICI) SUIT c:i;cs; i ;in(l haj;s; jiisl like now. l!i>;iis lM*ii Shop l':ast Side S<ntare. In fruit ^tcr.e. First door south of Kress store. FOR SAI.K OR TRADF—A 2ir- a. re jiaslnre. all fenced, j;oo(l land, adjoinhitc a t.nvn of 7 (iO. in Mntlcr Co. Want sm:ill place handy to K. C. for sio< k f. idiii;;. I'honu 0:5, or call 221 S. Clic^limt. AVANTKD—TO THADF I.OT ANM barn In Kenrf'rk. Okla.. for two pood cows or lior-'.'. I'hone I'lTi. FOIt TKAKl-;—A.\ IMPROVKI) Sil- ai -re farm. I mih's from .uood town fn;- i lola )-esidi^n( e of $2.i"iii value. Phone t;:;. or i^iU 221 S. chestnut. I sM,!-;-Toi.orsK C.KKSI; AT $1 i"i cacli fi.r Chrislmas. J. R. Cline, | ii',iiiui' :i;'7-i2. FOR SAl.K f.OOO PONY YKARS old. Cha.s. I.(.;;:in, 4hl a. Wa.;liinKton, \M II:ir|ie, Kas. LOST AND FOCXD. FOR .SALK—A COOD 0 YKAU Ol.U j and sentle. Will take leu- e; found .«7".(io. KOST—PIP. HLACK WITH white feet. Kunin to 211 W. .M:jd.ison. TORllKNT—ROO.M IN KELLKY Hotel buildiiis for barber shop. FOR RK.NT— FAKM MILE FROM town. Call Moran phone 1814. —The W. C. Teals Realty Co. has moved to building. Office rooms 22 to 21. — Tlio lola iliisiness Colloge offiio wfll be .open all during the vai-atlon. Call a!id imiUi- arranjjements to enter liie nexf term, wliieli befiins .lanuary 2. Or idione 1".'' and we will call on you. MOXEY! aiOXEY! MONEY! I make a specialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm loan It will pay you to see me. Hates reasonable; Interest payable annual or semi-annual; prlv- llPKe given to make partial payments or all at any time. C. 0. ROLLINGEB lotu, KauM. ^The Reffl.ster PublLshi.".? Co. turns • out first class printing and Sookblnd- 1 Ins. A trial solicited. j THE I»(.(.i;ST llAKOALN IX lOLA A seven room, modern house with two-story barn and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit. If sold before January first, $1250.00;' half casli. C. L. WHITAKER. Flioue ISC. HORSE THIEF VISITED GAS? STKAN(;EK LEFT AM.MAL AT A BAKN A>0THEH .MAN CI.Ai.MS. Tom .Smith. F<irmer (°ifi/en. Punished in it I'ri7<> Firfht KiirtlesM'lIe ReccniM. Itndh ai IRA B. FRANTZ '^^^ RE<:ISTEKJ:I) OPTO^IETRIST Hu.uboldt, Kaa. -Moran. :ifter:ioon of Oec ly and I all d.iy the L'l.ili. l.a !!;i !i'»- 1'ee. 21 and 22. NO FOOTBALL FOR LA HARPE noPE.s OF <;A.>!E ON cnRisniAS .SKKM ALL SHAH LRLO. ;rtl('MiIlo and Vowafa Rine <.'aiin .>l;ilehed for $.'.1)0 ii Side ami • •ate KeceiptN. G .\a CITY. Dice. l'.>- Sunday al"i< i- 1 noon a man e:inie to the F;iddis home I and a.sked permission lo h'ave a i( ;:m ; and bu.:if:y in th"' Second sir"<t livi ry , barn until today. He .-;iid lit must so j to Hlue .laeket, Okhi., immediately, i Mr. Faddis permitfd liim lodo so > and thai siime ivi -ninu Mr. G. A. Tarr ! received ;i 'idione call askiii;.; if a teain | —pivint; a de.s<-riiuion lallyin!; with j one in tile Fa<!(lis barn —i!;.d bic ii seen hen-. Mr. Tarr ktiov.iii^ li:er had been none left in his barn aiis- j wored in the necarive. If tlie m:iii I returns today fi'om (Jk-ialioim! oi 1 , ., , . -it will show no trickery, hut ' tin'i'^'-T !'"''-r.d nt its lu Marshal is inclined to b'li. v !-I'"'"-': --"n'' rrqu.-t .MA.IOR m OSON'S TROriJLES. Kan^^as Nailunnl (MinrdNman KxiH-cted tfi K<-»iirii. CiIryvRie .lonvTir.!: >!'ji>: ".i.drew lliiii:'.!! i \;-n -as .\atural (lu.i. . . n- inr iH .'.J''r III' ti..- Fir>l. re;.'inii ;iT. ani! jeniiiiui ni in oil. j;^- aiitl ,L'la.-s lire'.'.!;a^ :;'i-n <i!fici:'.i!y ac.iist il of ccni 'uur 'ii in:Li( lors REFRKSH.MENTS. .sAi el tliini;< tlial make life seem like -One tjrand .-.olii;" arc love's vov week on liii^iiies?. '. .MeCir! knocked out Tom, Smith in ;i;e si.vlli round in Rartlesvillo week. R>.i!i men arc well known here, Ti'.e Vales Center hi.-'h sdiool bask I't ball te;im defeated tlio La Ifarpe boys at \:'.ies Center Saturday night iy a .-( nie d' IS to 10. — Call on W. S. Ford for low, prices i i >n .l ,w ,'t:y heTore Ijiiyini; elsewhere. ( <,''M(;,ni /),(>(.•;. the w!io Isaac ) .^iv.•is claim.- stole his deed, ls_intlie I J 1 ciiiHit> jail awaiiin;; a hfarin^. j Tlie Oi elimiiiaiy will probably be this a I'll I'U' oti. I The ia:e of Harry F.uhunki:, who I wiili .\iiiMir Hair, and Youn^' Wid- I man were a. rested last week f<,r steal and .swec'l * . j,; i„.ing lieard today before, .liidye iws, babies' V I •r ,.,.,;\vay. Witnesses 'occupied the w ki>-;es and plenty of our choice wi,:,,,„ v.strrdi'y afternoon. .\ few more in;! the team belongs to ih<- man wlio called nj.. The fact that Mr. Tarr did not :isk wle-re ihe !i;.!ri J.ivcd who jisked about the i.atii uill make it bard to lo<a!(- hlni. Mrs -Myrilt Morrison and s<|is of Martli'sville ar<- \isiiinv: her parint:-. Mr and Mrs. Clinton .Mariiti. — l(oni<; killi'd m< ais. Ims.-il bOKS S'-j )>er iiouii''.; fr 'Sli hitns lie |per pound: fresh shoubb-rs lee p, r IKuind: sid.> \xiik \l'-\iiniiii\ li»'s ]()c per pound: hom<- made lard th:it is guaranteed 12'-jc pi r pound. Our lola and l.,;iHari»' cusioiuers puis; not forpet that We p.iy your car fare on the 20lh and 21sl with orders.—Roberts Rallard. & —nuy your Christinas candi<-s of Carl & Hunter. Tom Smith, ih" former Gas City bc ^v v.;is a pitiful specl;i<Ie wliin iii- lefi the fins at the end o! the hixtti nmnd in Uartiesville last week. His (JiP "n cut, Yountr Mc(jirl, with his Ion reach, was too much for Tomniy. iiiin,:; at; ofiieer. in obt .iininL' iii(Uii-\ brotiier o;i'icers, it is al- K-ir. uni!tr Kil:->- iire:>n.-es. The char.iies will In tak-n up liy mc-iin:; for .Mu;..!' llud-nri's ii-?.;_'natiiin w:ll iiroliably foiliiw .\ court martial is not exiicel- cii, licit . hein:.' j\p.n.~i »i- and ti..' .\a ;:'in ;il I;U;MI ! le hf.; siioit of lui.:-. li wKl 1 M h I |. h'usever. if .Major llii'!-'ii; ih njiind- an iiivestifja- tlon," ThJi- I.I will no* ('ii Ml iiieiiiiitTs o! liic Xatiiiii;i1 ';ii:ird Tliey alb-u'- lie liar- li' "rii-.. Ii! 'i\-.-.- tuti llioii.-jind donai,- !'i<.'i oi i:;c First rec- iii ;i ii: al'itic v In- i-,-.- tiel repaid. .M.iji.- I!'iil>.n w.r.- cuan'-eied with a C:.n'y iilii. pi:'iil Xwn yea"s ;:to and \f re; Mil d lo ii;iv<- iiiade twenty thou-and di ll.irs out of it. He Is a nuMiilii-r (.;' .i-N.i ra.hionaMe club.- at Kan.-as City and his fatlier i.s •» calthy. '• .\i the la.-t meeting: of the military th. re was t;i;!; nf taU;n.:r up tiii- eliaru'.. .-• .•!:;ain-! Iluil-on. but it was :'i :ir .ow l',.. m to -jo (.ver In . t)li,. l ,c ,;i, -'^at would -tr:ii::iit.n his acc'tunts up le-fi>rf^ the .Auy^iist. en- caniiii;ifn! .Major Hud-^on ajijif'tnei! coai.otiniis to help tiie i;ood work a!oi.:_'. .\ litilo sweetener like (uir Ciioiolates, those of soft, sw .-i i)i::e ci.amy interior and ; ii cMerior. Pn.'e and deiici^us al tinie.s au'l to tlunV; of I'.u m any time nuikes vour mouth wat«-r. I'AiJKRursr. I.A l!.\i:!'i;. K...- . D.c. i:t.—A sad it. .11 ..: Da- I '.K .i ball enthu.-ia>;: iTI.. i-i will III- L -am.' here Chrhn- j mas ii:\y .MmKi 1. n days ;r4i> .ManaU'T ii 'i 'ii -nn of IIM L.i llarpi- Invin- ei!)'.-. ..i pauu- with l.a v. i cie-e .\ l.v, d.'.;.s la'.'r he harioil t!iat tin,' l.av, 1 :-r.- 1' ir'"ri i.ali'Hi a\.'V;;'.'. rl I p. iH'iiiul.-. ill (•n:i7!-L\' 'oo liuhl foi :i a , .-i :'L' ini; 17i' and with ihe' p'aym'; :;iii!i,> ol I:H - l.a lUirpi- boy.^. ' encam'.imeni but iie did no' >ei- ;;ie;-ed. —A fine assortment of Christmas , at tl:. nuts at Carl & Hunters. 1 'M' The ljdi.-s Aid of the Chri^'ianj — churt li will meet tomorrow afternoon | —A\^:en you have a bilious as 2 o'clock at the iiome of Mrs, .1. M. j five Chaiuherlain s Tablets a Rowden. on N..rth Turner 1 They are excellent. For sale by All the smaller f;rad".s in th.- C.-n-''"?:'!';':?- attack trial, all iral school buildinj: will r« nd. r pro- prams Friday afternoo/i. Par. iiis and otiier jiuests will be weh'oni". The Ladies Aid of the .Mctliod.isi church is msikiiif; eM< nsive |ir<'uarri- tions for their apron bazaar and pi> BUpjier to b^ piveii Tliursday c.e:;;n^ in the building just noith of tie' Herald office. Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Peabody. who were reeinlly married in Kansas City visited his sister, Mrs. Itaflcrty ;iii<" .\frs. Francis Sunday and .Monday. They will make their home in lola. Clinton Martin has lost two fini hoEB from some unknown" -Mrs T. Rafferty visit>-<I lo-r mother Mrs. Peabody in lola this wi.-k. S. S. Whiiake of Seymour .Mo, arrived last wm-k to m-ike this city 1;;; Lome. —When buyint? meats you want the best; you get the best at Carl &. Hunter's. Miss Grace Har\,y who has h.^ii visiiiiiR her uncle ami aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morjuin. returned today lo her home In I.,<}uisville, Ky. H. f: .^I'liott of W.ilnut Was :i business visitor in town yesterilay. All 111', i-htirches are making extensive preparations for larKe Christmas pronraniB. lUiy Si>eneer will spend the Christmas holidays with lils mother In Delaware, Okla. .\ tra\e !!!'.L' m.-in who cov.-rs most o fKansa- :ii!d freipieutiy makes bda, a ->er;.i! tl:e otl.e..- <iay. not for puidi- eation nor t:;e jiroorieiur's e;ir, tiiat lonsii'.fred tlie Portland the be.-t li'ite! in Kansas. This i;a ::i.' \v:i.- c;.!;. d off. .\lan;m;-r .'^te|dil•^.-on in.iiieiiiately wrote to I'ae Cli.tiiuK- ';.)-l)e\;:s ii-.kinir llo ni to come. Tliey ni'\( r i.n.-win d, so yes- teidiiy .Mr. .Steoliinson e :;ni (i up their ;naiiai;er to le.tivi- nnthin.:; but' t!ie (ii?a].|iointii ;i nt tiiat there would hi no L ;:;iiie i.rrr 'i.e 2 .'i -li. Clianute of- 'i riif 111 p'ay I'iiaiiale hu; liiri-e 'if l-a J lari.i'.-; l;e.-.t ].layers would tie uh- alil" to .1:0. -^o it u:is tiioiij-'at ii.-.-t to re:-t on this day. —F. S. Halm. M. D.. OpuH »t Ceiir.L 'i' Seymour, the well known .\! 1. n countian, stated yesterday tlia; he V. ould be a candidate for county clerk at trie next e!e< lion. The Uartiesville foot hall team that met a sorry defeat here Thanks:;! ili.r will play >.<'W,ita Ciiri-lai.-is ilav ;it Co.'f.yi ilii' w!;!; a $r ,.ii. .-;,!<- bei and tile winner tal;» all the '.:ate receipts. There bein'-c no '.rame lure, it Is i.rotnihle a niiialn-r from here v.ill aitrud. .\. 1;. Vi 'oot.-n is in fMianute i\\h; wii'ii s>es are to be heard froin today "•• before Kubanks takes the stand.- Wid "fliean and Hair were tried lasfe week. •;" j Wiliiiaii v.;is fined $2.". and cost; Jiair •f ; fi'.". COS' and six months in jail. 'l'^ —We hiv.e m;iny nict ^ifts in jow- *;*!e!ry. i")nr assortment is large.; make *;*iy-"ir .-•!••< tioii and have it laid away, "f W'ar.'rs it l);inforih l)ru;;s and Jew- Llry. Arthur (Capl Hair wlio is scrvinK u six luonihs' s'-nt'-nie in (lie, Aikn loiiniy jail. took .•idva:il;i;;o of a (ii.uo e to escape Sunday. ;ind from 1 ii;ii;i! o'.-loik he wa.-- a free boy. • .''•; '1' .lai !;-'iii was iiotlfiei.) of hi.-< ' c 'aiie .-in.l liild 1" keep a closg wateli ; i>n I'll' jiila I'oad as "Caii" wa^c. biadeil / way, II wai about fi\e o'clock , I WIJ. 11 .\I|- .lack.-oii received word that J j ^'I'ln:; llair h;i'l been caidurtd near, 1! e i;a. ! lola smellers. • i —.lust received, I'.iMl poiinds'of fine' Sunday with her sister, Mrs. W. R. Doui^iierty. Sam Htirt formerly of Lallarpe but now o fwo<idward Oklahoma, is visit- inK old friends here this week. F. E.' Street wil Ivisit rcratlves In Xebraska until after the holidays. On the screen at one of the jiictiire shows an adverlisenient of the WelKs F.irgo Fxpies.s Company has been apiJ .'urinK for some lime, setting forlli its claims to holiihiy trade andrecit- injr tli:it a score of passen.sjer trains daily pive it facilitiesc for handling lola litisincss. Inquiry as to whether the company had in its old a^c learned the value of aihertisinj!; and had opened its heart, developed the interesting fact that the employes in the loc;il office, findin .ic business dull, had made up a jiurse and bought tlie advertising. —\Ye wish to call your attention to the fact that most infectious diseases such as whooping cough, diphtherirt and sc.-uict fever are contractetl when the' cliild has a cold. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will quickly cun a cold tind greatly lessen the d::n.:;c; of contracting these diseases. Tlii.- remedy is famous for its cures of colds, it contains no opium or other n:ir- cotlc and may bo given to a child with implicit confidence. Sold by all dealers. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick, seh'ice as can be had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. li. L. J'Jiomi»!^on, Mpr. OFFICES EVA.\'S BLDG. lOLA During the past year aviation took a toll of 77 lives which is a pretty lii«li price to pay for the degree of perfeition we have reached in the fly ing art. France lead with 2.7 deaths Oermany II. Kitgland 7, and so on. A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurate information of ail records relat- intr to the projierty described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is. the basis of a good deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETERSON AR.STRACT CO. i'bonc D7 Old Court llouttv Bldf. When You Think Of the pain which many women cx-p:.ricnce witli every month it makes the-gentleness and .'iiMiir .essibl.vays CSKUC'I- ated with woiTianhood .sicm to be ;iIrnost a nMratle. ^Vhi!e in general no woman rcheb. a;;;!'nst whut she regards 3 natural ncccsrity t'ncrt; is no -.icinua who would not gitdly be free Iroin tliis rccurrii:^ period vl pain. Dr. Plcece's Faioriee Prescription ruk-ia weak vrozrcn stroni ^nd :''irl{ iv.»i/7c.7 jKcll, and {lives then: frcednni .'rom p,-^)rj. Mt cetabllahca I'ciularity, srbelcc:; iaf:.;.-i- matlan, heals uljcrc'Jc:^ .:J'C c.ifcc iw male wcakncs'3. Sick women arc invited lo re!! P-. Pierre hy I'.-ltcr, free. All correspond-.ncc slr.-tly (>r.- ..te u.-.J conCdt-nliul. Write without (t T am) » ilii.i ; .' •. 1.) V. [;,]V, niipcnb-iry M ,:d- ieal Association, R. V. Pierce, .1. L\, j'r Jc-.u., 1. rlful., N. v . 1/ you Mrant a book that felln nil about womiin's discj.c^, nnd how to cure fhcm ot home. Held 21 one -cent slamn, t.j 1.'.-. Pierre to pay cost ot mailin|( e«/jr, and he will send you n /rrr copy at his ..Jrtrit t.'iousand-patie iltusiratetl Cocnmon Medical Adviser—rr .i-,cd, • --t-..-c!-jtu c Iit.;;i:, io p;;pcr covert. In handsome clotb-'picJi-;',, .SI :>lamps. Candles from tiie renowned, jjiieller-j Keller factory. Craeii's IiruBi Store. !; .M:.-:. C. \. Cow'len began work j^es-, tenlay in the .1. K. Smith Dry Grtods di'iariment. .Mrs. .Cowden will take -Mi.-s Iwiwrenee's jilace after tiie first. .\ hir;:e number from here.'attend- id the funeral of -Mrs. Farmer, which wa- lii'l'i in lela this morning;. . Mrs. l-'arm.-i> lived liere for some time and had a large number of adujirers to mourn her death. ; —Ceniiine I^eathcr Ilam^-llags.— Waters A: DanforTh. Drugs and .lew- el i.c- R. C. .Miller an.: .-.m. of ii'ar.-ii.Ts, visiii-d F. .M. .\liii'-;' ai.u Uiauiy .ii^.s week. Charles Ray m.^t with a vpry painful ac<iilent last ueek while working on a d;illing viz south of town. A l'ie;(. (if wire fnmi ti wrapped cable ',i"netrated the hiw ;• portinri of the iitf.t eye-ball, alnio.-;; causing the loss of )jis eye. —T-ewis I.osan s. 11; fresh Salted Herring ;it l-Mv-nrd.-' liroce^-y on S. .Main street at '•>•• per pound.. Jiasket ball (-nthusiasts will get (o -ee a iloublehea'ler next Fridiiy evening, between tin Harpe girls anil hoys teams and the .Moran girls and lioys' teams. FRK!-:—A pice 1912 calenclar, at C. W. Friedley's. CO.ME IX. -Miss Millie Iluber is entertaining the T. T. ('.. club this afternoon.- The club is also giving a kitchen shower for .Miss Kdith Parker. ; .Mrs. .lames William*;, of Fouth of (own. Is visiting in lola this week. Mr. and .Mrs. .Miic^iell. of I.,;inyon- ville, are the pTmid r( a son horn the It'iih, —All of the following rjiake nice pr.-sents; Overcoats, .Siilt.s, Suit Cases, House Slippers Fancy Hosiery Fancy Vests, Ties, Susiiend'trs, Hats, Caps and many oiliers; at C. W. Friedley's. .Mr. irnd Mrs. LeonI Runyrin, of Law rence, will arrive the latter part of the work to spend Christmas wRll .7. \V. Lawrence and family, ill's. R. W. Armstrong, ot lola, spent Rci;lsU-r Want Atls Get the Riz. iOSiOLOCIlliC^ OPEi Ai 8LE0 Blisters Formed, Skin Scaled Oif, and Flesh Burned and llched Dreadfully, Healed by Less Than One Cake of Cuticura Soap and One Box of Cuticura Ointment. ".\liout two months apo ray h .-.r .d^ rtr.:;<-d to cr:.' V: op a an;I liI,.-!, the sl .iii wouM Bcale oir. tial t.'se |,-oo<l fl, s!i would b 'ini UTt 'il iMi .ire-idhilly. •R'li. a :ny hands first .started to r«l £.>ro, i !if.-e were i .rrall blisters like water bli^i .^rs v.Iili.'i foriniil. it<t.';d <lr. :i (Uill!;.-, it just si.tmcd :i. thout:a I cmld tear tiic sl.ia all o /7. I would .»<:ratch them and the skin w>uld fiei 'I off, .".ad the Il«h would Ijs .all reii and creek open and Meed. It worried mo very much, .is I .ii-vor had anything the matttr with my skin. I was so afraid 1 would have to give up iny cmpIoym.;nt. . "I Qon-ii!ted my dorlor. a.^d he said he didn't think it voi:ld amount to anythlnp. Ilut It kept Retlin-; worit. Oac day I sa.w p. f.iec In one of ilir pr.i'frs BIKIUI a lady who l.;iil tne Faiae troiitile with her hand<. Sha had u.-ed Cuticura i-'oup and Oi/itment and v.a.s rurv-d. i di ri.lcd to try them, and my lipids were all hraliil before I bml usul one rake of Cutirtira £oap and one box of Hutlrurft Olntin'at. 1 am truly tlumkful for the Rood r< -alt- from the Cuticura Soap and Ointnitnj, fir tiunk.s to them I was cured, and did not l .ii '.e to lo-ri' a day from work. I bavu had ro return of tlicsklij trouble." (.Slw^d) Mr3. Mary V.. IlrelB. ^^22 Itrown Sirett, PliU*- dilphU, I'a.. Jan. 12, 1011. Cuticura Suap and Ointment are fpr Kale r:;rywhere, bul thase who wUU to trythera •..H'l.'.u! rharse may do so by s(:ndiiiK to IV'li r Druct Chem. (Virp., Dept. OA, Haston I r a llborul sani;j!.' of < ;ich, icwt-frce, toip;tUct v;iU Zi-p. Uiok uu tUv iklu and scalp. Loans KANSAS A>D OKLAHOMA Low Rate; Annunl or Scml-AnnoBl—FrJvlIefea' to Pay in Full RCIIMCCU Ititlcb on Fire Insurance! R. iVi. C LI n n i n g h a m till! < aari House KIdt;. loIOs Ku. C'ALIFORNLV LA.NDS. We are agents for Citrus Heights fruit lands adjoining the city of Sacramenta. Free round trip to buyers. We are sole agents for tliis territory. CHARLKS & rOTTER. lola, Kunsa!<. FOR SALE I Just got in 2.'> head of mules, 10 head of horses, 10 mares— some of the mares with foal— ages run on horses and mules from 2 to i> years. All In good flesh—most all broke single and double—right In from the coun-. try. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, coiue and see ( mo at once. lola Horse and Mule Market 1 block woBt Santa Fe Freights—West Bound. 491—T.ocal (dally ex. Sun) Iv %:K p. m- 451—Colo. Red Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Freights—East Bound. 45S—Red Rail (daily) ar. 1:10 a.m. -t92—Local fdally e.x. Sun) nr. 8:00 a. m. Passengers—\yest Bound. 407—Kansas City-Yates Center Mali and (dally) Iv 4:47 p, m. 409—Pt. Ixiuls-Wlchita jr.i'.l and Express (daily) Iv 8:33 a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 410—St. Louis-K.1r.sa3 City Mall and EK- pres.s (daily) nr. 7:17 p. m. 40S—St. Louis-Kansas City Mall and Ex- prcsa (daily) ar. 8-.3J a. m. M. K. & T. RAILWAY South Bound. •No. ."i?!—"S\-ay Frelcht. (dally esc^pt Riind .Ty) 4:30 n. m. No. 7!-.—MIxea (daily) 4:4Sp. m. Mo. 73—PnssonK'tr fdally) 12:19 p.m. No. 25—Flyer fd.-illy) 5:S0 a. m. North Bound. No. 24—Pa .sBenBf >r (dally) ... 1:5B p. m. No. 7B—Aflxed (dnily) 2:30 p. m. •No. 572—Way Freight, (dully except Bundiiy) 12:19 p. m. •571 and 572 will carry p.'Ls.iienitors. JTERCirAKFTABLE ABSTRACTS. Every Abstract made in our of tic* Is guaranteed to be a merchantable abstract or money refunded lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANY Flank Wood. Manager PROFHSSTOTJAI. PWHrTOR^ • •••••*• + *•••••*. t • MONET TO lOAlfl ^ > Will lend on bousehold cooda 4 planoa, ocgana, Bewins ma- « • ahlBM, diamonds and Sewelrr 9 • /. W. COFFIT * • n% north StTMt * 3# Soiyal Typewriter Agency S 3 Controls Exclusive Sale of the 3» a Boyal Standiard Typewriter 335 In Allen County « Si • E. H. Bossing, Agent « S Northrup Building lola, Kans. « « Typewriter Repairs and SoppUea * $ $ $ £ 3-3-3-£S$3;$eSe$$$$0$3> « , Dr. C. M. Bnss « •S DENTIST « « Room Ifo. 1, Northmp Bldg. 9 iS Extraction without pain by the 9 * use of Nitrous Oxide Gas 8! S Phone—Office 553; Res. 852. 9 !S999S99S99a-9999«9a %$££££^9999999999« '' * WHY KOT! • . ® Have Tour Piano Tuned by am 9 * Experienced Tuner—One LIT- 9 * Ing In your borne town. • rS T. 0. CAJTATSET • rS Piano Tnner and Bepafrer 9 S Roberts Music Co. Phone 421 • F. L. B. LEATELL, M. B. Specialties— Diseases of the ChML Diseases of Childres. Phones—Office U'n Res. 1«7. lOLA STATE DANK DLDG « (A 9 * * • Eeal Estate and Llrestoek «'•, * AUmOiVBEB * f, *{* Satisfaction giiaranteed.Wlre ar # ^ * phone at my expense for dates. * E. B. CLAKK, •> rates Center Orer Cora. Baak 4. • I H-i-H-* -J- * ****** PHILIIP HEIGELB 110% South St HAB>'£SS AND S.LDDELBl General Eepulring, AU £ind8 .> <. <. <. .> <..;. >> •> ^ •> « <> ^ * I; MOXEY TO LOAN on all kinds of household goods or jewelry—anything of value. Blgua Pawn Shop, East Side Square. Office In Fruit Store. All transactions strictly confl- dentlal. • • <r *:• •:• <•••<••>•><>*« • Hot Springs, Ark. Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three months from date of sale, with stop-over privileges going and return on sale every day in the year, for $18,60 The one way. fare Is |18.6S. E. E. MUNGER, Fhooe 1«0. Xo. Pae. Igeni —Farmert Attentfonl High grade distillate for sale. Telephone 185 lola, or HumtHJidt Rrflnery, M. Hungerford, 304 West stre«ti

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