Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1974 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 15
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Drugs, Medleines, Faiftts, Oils, Ptitty, Glass, Cigars Tobaccos, Pipes, Fine soaps, Perfumes, Toilet Articles, And Everything kept ifi a First*Glass Drug Store* THE STAR OF HOPE. McCoRKtE, Editor, SUBSCRIPTION. PHIOE, 91.60 A YEAR. A STOCK SHOW, Arkadelphia SiftingsHerald says in its issue of Oct. 12: , • "From the Messenger we learn that the Stock, Show at Okolona was an immense success. The ,good people of that section should make it so every year, as they can easily do so." Twelve .years ago, about this stock time in the year, we had a show in Hope. It had but short notice, but it brought a good crowd of. people tp Hope who were .interested iri the development. of the stock and farming interests, and tlie ; meeting was a pronounced success, both'in a social way and in accomplishing the f end sought. £rom:that meeting grew the Hope District Fair Association, which, en'j^he'efed by public .spirited and competent .business men, gave to th,is;section of the State the most interesting and largest attended feiir'ever held in the State. It did waders for Hope and Hempstead 'County; Our town got publicity and an impetus that made it forge .away ' ahead of its competitors. After three years the money panic came'On and it .was thought best ;tp| temporarily abandon the Fair, jifcd'sQ it fell away. iV'jfrow, we want, to suggest' that ; people begin to arrange for a paign, had broken him down, We are glad to say he has returned looking the fine specimen of physical manhood he has ever been; with his eye as bright and brain as clear and active as during the years he has fought the battles of the people and of Democracy, Senator Jones party, when he arrived at Hope, consisted of his wife and daughter, Mrs. Plant. The coming of Senator Jones was unannounced, but quite a number of the leading citizens of the city were at the depot to welcome his safe return to Arkansas. . v HAPPENINGS TOWNS. * * * M I f aeeat/r. There has never been a greater demand in Beebe for stores, residences and offices, nor less probability of the supply being equal to the emergency. If it continues, as there is every reason to believe that it will, some one should be energetic enough to put up more buildings as there is every reason to believe they will be needed permanently. —Topics , Beebe. THE OLD WAV. Our article on the old Star of Hope last week elicited favorable comment and set folks to thinking and looking about for relics of bygone days. One gentleman found in one of his newspapers the following notice, published .in the Washington, Telegraph of Nov. 9, 1864, John R. Eakin being at that time editor of that time honored journal: POSTAL NOTICE. All indebted for postage will please come forward like men and pay by the 3oth of September, 1864, or the old issue of $5 will not be taken at par, as on that day I want to make my deposit as Postmaster. R. Iy. PHILLIPS, P. M. September 26, 1864. . Things were, different then. A man would have a hard time es- S. W. WHITE, THE MAS JUST RECEIVED AN ELEGANT NEW STOCK OP EVERYTHING IN THE..... ~JEW£LRY LINE-* ALL the LATfiST DESIGNS T'HHH't'H M' ELGIN WALTHAM WATCHES, SETH THOMAS CLOCKS. ¥***> IF YOU WANT ANYTHING SPECIAL IN A DIAMOND RlNGy.Fltf,^ OR STUD, SEE ME." ' . . o '* tock show nex,t fall, looking to a of the Fair at Hope. It s The fathering of -people to 'compare '^cultural, mechanical an£. other ^terial interests always results in gpcpd. It gives us better acquaint', brings about a concentra- 'tion,.6f effc*ts( and a community .of "Ve are not; looking , . r ^s that were, but pressing yfprward'to better times than evef--and a wider field and more •glorious success. Help us talk tablishing a line Uncle Sam now: of credit with But one point is noticeable to us that is, familiar. The' newspaper men had run the notice over, time, and instead of a live item ,this notice was a "dead hopse, ' ' The boys get it that way yet, once in a while. Mr, Dona Huie was called to' Hillsboro last Sunday on account of the serious 'illness of his wife, who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Williams at that place.—Siftings- Herald. A Mrs. Edwards, living near the Cotton Mills, died Tuesday evening. She had .been an object of charity of the ladies' aid societies for some months and her surroundings showed destitution,' but after her death $130.00 was discovered in a belt, on her boidy. An affiicted and imbecile brother lived with her and they canie here from Texas about a year ago.—Ibid. Mrs. Bettie A. Gardner, wife of W. W. Gardner, died suddenly Tuesday night/about 7 o'clock in this city. Mrs. Gardner was up and around attending her household duties at supper, when she was stricken with neuralgia of the and expired,hi an hour's H'H * On last Wednesday evening we had a quiet wedding on Main St., at the residence of R. A. Hearon. Mr. E. L. Pye of El Dorado and Miss Cora Hearon of this city. They were married at 8:30 with only a few friends present, Bro. J. R. Sanders officiating. The house was beautifully decorated in natural flowers—roses and ivy. The bridal party left on the 9:05 train for El Dorado, their future home. . '• RIVER IMPROVEMENTS. A big movement is on foot to jmprove the condition of the Onachita River so as BOUQUETS. We have received .Vol. i, No. i, of the Star of Hope, by Claude McCorkle—-a very. ilewsy and well printed paper. Me is a practical printer and splendid newspaper man .arid will give the people of Hope a really first class paper. Welcome back to the "editorial nail keg," brother, and may yqu live long and prosper.—Texarkan- She leaves a husband arid ser- to admit of navigatiori for at months in the year least as far several up as laii. With our hat off, Bro. Claude McCorkle, an ansas newspaper man, old is Arkadelphia. -The Camden Com- :mercial>Uague has employed an experienced statistician to canvas the counties tributary to the '.Ouachita river and gather the facts wjiich would make a proper showing to justify the improvement .of the river to the extent mentioned. 'Mr. G. C. Strong, the gentleman employed in this work, was in I^ope Wednesday, on a visit to Senator Jas. K. Jones, and spoke very enthusiastically on the subject. Among other things a big convention of representative men is to be held at Monroe, L,a., November 8th, for the purpose of bringing the subject more fully before Congress and to otherwise further the enterprise. The South is growing all along the line. The town that lags beWd is a "dead un." Gardner. Ark^ back again in the^ecfitorial harness and has just issued Vol. i, No. i, of the Star of Hope (Ark). The paper shows that Mr. McCorkle has forgotten neither the science artistic printing nor the way heart, tiriie. nine children.. * • The funeral vices were held at the First Baptist church this morning at 10130 o'clock.—Ibid. Fire destroyed the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Berrynian Sunday night. The. jfire was discovered on the roof about 11 o'clock by some one passing and the inmates aroused and the alarm sounded. The fire company responded quickly although it was a good long run, and despite the fact that they could reach it with only one string of hose, did excellent work. The contents were nearly all saved by the people who responded to the alarm. There was no insurance.—Ibid. Mr Pye is a prosperous druggist at that place 1 , and a rnari of excellent qualities.' Having knowntff iss Cora since she was a child, we'kriow her to b<? a pure, good and an accomplished young lady, and we congratulate Mr. Pye on securing such a bride. May they have a happy and prosperous voyage down the stream of life is the wish of the ST,AR. AMUSEMENTS. Among the' earliest attractions booked by Messrs. Josey & Ward for the Hope Opera House we find Duncan Clark's who is given up to be the King of One Night Stands. , His companies travel iri their own cars and get good dates in the largest cities of the country. The STAR job office is 'well equipped with new and up-to-dktt machinery and type, and cames.'a good line of blank papers and commercial stationery. Its operatop' are printers of experience* taste and. dispatch, who will strive to give to the public neat and artistic work at living prices for all concerned* If you are wanting printing of any 1 description in large or small; quantities, from the tiniest visiting caij^ to a bound book; from an incn sjbrjjr to full-sheet poster, bring it in arril let us make you a figure on it,V callus up by telephone'rind 1 /'. will come to your place of. 1 and tell you all about it. mates furnished .by mail;or on -peif- sonal application. of ^ to write during his absence from journalism. We wish him abundant success in his venture.—Courier, ^exarkana. Thanks, brother, you proud. We wire the at you in dead earnest. do us "con" back JONES RETURN. Tuesday morning of this week Senator James K. Jones returned to his home in this county, after an extended trip in Europe, in order to restore himself to health. His unceasing and arduous labors in behalf of the people for years past, particularly the herculean efforts he bad put forth to elect Mr. Bryan, in the last presidential cam- MR. McRAE'S HBAL.TH. It was reported on our streets last Monday that our beloved Congressman, Hon. T. C. McRae, was very ill, .at his home in Prescott, but we are glad to learn from Senator Jones, who visited Mr. McRae Wednesday, that he is not dangerously sick at all, '.n fact that his health is no worse than it has been since the winter. No more useful man sits in the national assembly of lawmakers than our Congressman from the Third District. L,ong may he continue to serve us. EPISCOPAL. CHURCH 8E«WC*«. Services at the Episcopal Church next Sunday, October 22: Holy Communion 7 a. m.; Sunday- school, 9:45 a. m.f Litany, Morning Prayer and Sermon, ii a. m.; Evening Prayer and Sermon, 7:30 p. m. MARTIN DAMER, Rector. NA.QHVIl.Le. Miss Jennie Deloney-Rice, formerly a resident of Nashville, principal of the Art Department of the University of Arkansas, has been elected secretary of the famous Shinne-Cook Summer School of Art.—News. A meeting of our citizens was held at Johnson Hall Friday night for the purpose of organizing a fire department and two companies were organized, one for each end of town. Thirty-two members were enrolled and the enrollment will be increased to forty—twenty to each company.—Ibid. A special benefit of A FIBLD DAY FOR OOTTOJT. Thursday was a record' breaker for cotton sales in this city. Tfce. sales ran up to 700 bales; and v the 1 price went as 'high as ioc. , Tjtie town was so full of wagons Vancl' men you could Hardly the streets, arid the people at \^orlp in.<the banks were rushed 'iifcV-.»#. lot of toy sellers at Christmas^ Just now the cash paid out in'Hppei ibr cotton averages about $15,069^ day, but yesterday it wenj up'.d to $30,000. Hope is the pla?e. The infant daughter of Mr. Jake Hoover was burned to death last Friday evening. Several children were playing in a cotton house adjoining the corn crib on hi.- place, when one of his little boy* lighted a bunch of cotton near tht unfortunate baby, whose clothing caught fire and burned off before assistance arrived. The corn crib and cotton house were destroyed with all the contents.—Pike County Courier* As the boys say it is a warm number," a dazzling aggregation of brilliant beauties and mirth provoking commediennes. train will be run for the the Nashville and Washington people. This show. will, be here on October 30. UNCLE JOSH SPRUCEBY. The great New England comedy drama, with the wonderful saw mill scene, concert band and operatic orchestra, is booked for Nov. 16. This is one of the best shows on the road. They make a novel street parade with-their celebrated "Hay Seed" Baud. With such attractions as these Messrs. Josey & Ward ought to do some business this season. A BIO COURT. Circuit Court, which adjourned Wednesday evening, to meet again Nov. ist to try some civil cases did a big lot of business at a comparatively small cost to the County, ft is doubtful whether the District ever had better judicial officers. Judge Conway is making a record of which his constituency is proud; and Prosecuting Attorney Greene is not only zealous but wonderfully successful in his work. This court there were were 17 felony cases and he secured 16 convictions; 14 convicts were sent to the penitentiary. The number of indictments returned by the grand jury was 51, and the witness expense incurred was exceedingly light. The jury commissioners appointed were Capt. Thos. H. Simins, John Mitchell and David Huddleston. 00 YOU WANT TO M*HRY? And buy your furniture cheap? If so, ask the girl, and then see E. J Porterfield and he'll do the rest. rum HianaeT Thursday Floyd Thorapsqn, with; the Texarkana Cotton Co., bwg&t 31 bales of cotton from Wilson; & Walker of Columbus, for which he paid roc a pound, all 'rq The cotton was of the Coley,' ety. This is the highest price has been paid for cotton in^tjais oi the state, this year/ the place.: Eugene Norman, of County, brought 8 bales of aqtton- to Hope the other day, for which; he had been offered in a neigliboir ing town 6 1-4 cents. He got J here, which made a difference $5 a bale to him, or in all . than he was offered in .th.fjl place. Hope is the place. swears TO TH* rnvmtr, There are many sweet, ] girls in Hope, and as many wives who like a nice treat,' R. C. McDaniel has just the largest, variety of fine, candy ever brought to this . r , Here is a chance for every fellpiy to treat his girl—married and all. a|$' iv^l pure 0ONO There will be a song servjq£ . at at the Methodist Church on ' night of the sth Sunday in month, under the direction of i Harper Marshall, organist. fine program is being prepajr will appear in the STAR next There will be a special of Secretary and Treasurer ^:Whitp field Lodge No, 239, to-ifem>w night. All members are urg.ed to be present. Fresh Candy just received at R., : C. McDaniel's. Delicious! ail 1

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