Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 8, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS ESCOTT NEWS a meeting of all , imcrt'aicd HI forming '» is this t»re<i at the City hJglit Mr. Welch bus- *gcnt at AfKadelphia, will as will lepresenlalives ||L Carpenter? anti Joiners ol '"lea, Mr, Welcn Stales that it rsfcccssaiy lor at least 13 filers »n tins area join In 01- Tioin the n>- (First Christian and the Church of the ffazarene. The business &, .Prescotl Home IH-monslia- Ciub will meet 'J uesday nfler- al 2.bO in the home of MLS. Janicl. t> -1 Wednesday March 10 Mttien uH'ttin-4 of the Prcs- , Musical Cotcue, which was to .^ber-n lu>lil Mai eh lOlh has $j[postponed diid will incut WcU- Marcli 11 in Ine homo of O. G. IJiisl \vil!i Mis. Clarke. lie as co-hubtcSiS lor tne annual SlS meeting. [jhursday, March 11 "He Parent Teacher 1 ? Association ?7neel on Imiisduy afltinuoii > _l*ark bchuol lor the monthly nesday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs: Frank Haltom, Jr. Miss Bobbie Jewell Roberts of Long Island, N. Y. was the Wednesday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Brozic Haynie. houses of the town will be closed I jvirs. John P. Cox of Hope was each day of that week from C to I the Thursday guest of Mr. and 9 a. m. for the morning service j Mrs. John A. Davis. so that the employee - may at- ' tend the services. The Preseotl Ministerial Alliance will have the devotional Services over KXAR in Hope each morning from March 2!) to April 10. A different pastor wmj tlay in Malvcrn'vviih" Mr7Epplur" Mrs. Roy Duke and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell were Friday visitors in Hope, Wi ' s - Karl Eppler spent Thurs- give the devotional each morn ing of the I'irst woek. and the visiting ministers will give the devotional the second week, the Alliance decided to register church during the attendance in the service each March, and to Sunday publish lhisterial Alliance •FtiArCity-Wiac iftlval Ministerial Alliance me tiiilowing bcliecl- a <• City- Wide Revival that begin in each participating uy morning. Ap- Jriild ,'ihtit a Cily-\Yicie Serbo held on the court 'at^i&l p. m. Dr. A. visiting minister at Cnurch will be 'the local high scho- undbr the direction o£ McClUland' will play service, Mr, McClelland <havti charge ot the music ,4ij$ill 'direct the congrcgalion- ilhgin'gi . "^vlces will bo held in the tytig churches each.daily at arid 7:30 p. m. during k o£ April 4-11: First 1st, First/ Baptist, First Assembly of God, the percentage of resident members in attendance at each service. This will bo a part of the program to stimulate church attendance in the local churches. Mrs. Dallis Atkins Hostess To Wednesday .Club The home of Mrs. Dallis Atkins Army Sgt. Ru/us Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Adams, Route 4,' recently arrived in Pusnn Korea tor duty at the Vth transportation Major Port. LI. Edna Fay Wells, A. F. M. C. recently stationed at Suvnrt, Tenn. Air Force Base, who has been the guest ol' her sister Mrs. Watson Miller, and other relatives, left Thursday for Mitchell A. F. 13. New York where she will leave for several years tour of duty in Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hines of Camden announce the arrival of a son, f , , j UWIl KIIIIWI. [J 1\, V, 1.1 H^ ((*>!> til ^'l n ..1WII, was bcauUtully decorated with ar- D . ivjc , G ()n Fclmiarv 07. Mrs. range-merits of jnpomca, spirea and | clco Hincs of PruKColt JS Ulo Po . jonquils on Wednesday aricrnoon l( ., nuil ,, randrnoUlc . r . when sh(! was hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club. The high score award was won by Mrs. Saxon Regan and the cut prize by Mrs. H. H. McKcnzie. ' Table appointments sind« a dainty dessert course carried out the St. Patrick motif, Mrs. O. W. Walkins and Mrs. Earl Eppler were guests for the afternoon. Other members present included Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mrs. Guss McCasldll, Mrs. Allen Gee, Sr. and, Mrs. Dudley Gordon. .Mrs, Mary Montgomery and Mrs. D. L. McRao, Sr. were the Wednesday guests of Mrs. Roger Smith In Magnolia and saw "The Kobe.'" Mr. and Mrs. Dock Morgan and children, Kathy, Slevie, and Jim of Pascdena, Texas are the guests of their parents, Mr, and Mra.Or- vere Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Morgan. Mrs. James W. Bridges returned to her home in Little Rock on Wed- Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Norflccl of Dallas announce the birth of a daughter on February 21!. Mrs. Norfleet is the Ibrmer Mary Gail Whitaker of Prcscolt. Teachers, Legion Team in Finals CONWAY 1/11 — Arkansas Stale Teachers College Redshirls and the El Dorado Legionnaires meet here tonight for the Arkansas AAU basketball championship. The Rcdshirls downed 85th Re connaisance ot Camp Chaffce, 8982, and Fi Dorado dropped the State Teachers varsity team GO-GO in semi-final games Saturday night. Americans spend al/out 25 mil lion dollars a year on Valentines. The 4,3'1C,000 population of Mad agnscar is double what it was 50 years ago. ,_ TER THIRTY SIX S&;* CARRS tpoiietl blankly to anpihW 'tliinjung in Ulc ,telephone 1 ' message d eorne that, morning— tieii. Ho was in a hospi- i*'Prancisco, and after a j,' \vduid be on his way [ijej fte had not boon able to get ill through to SheDy, so he had i& his lather, "Don't tell Shelly Ccpming, 1 want to dd that ^.ifri reach Ijer, 1 suppose she's jnc.'to ade her mother^ If 1 can't ifcbi.hci 1 dovVn there, I'll sur- was how? ,Wie Carra had .she 'had gone into Che .iqy had 'called the hotel •e. jshc usually stayed, She vvos sPg-VCst. They remembered "she nad been down to the i ,we'qj{ ago—two, at the mosu /"r yiis had uappened before filter chuich; they had been tficir next move when jo'r paid her visit. Now Wil- j'Maupm said something about . l |ool women, but he didn't fy'' What women,' and none protested his verdict, , there's ju&t one thing " said Kverett heavily. ; fq oliist find Shelly and bring pp )jsok." "*"*»•"• papa . , ." May Anna Ki'.We uiust' 1 he repeated. "For itiwy's salte" f^Well, I'd Uunh," declared Ruth, it you elioulU let uer atay right -' Bho is— for Stevie's &alte, > others watched Everett to i\v he would react. U'Ruth/' said her lather sadly, ait aid you are a tool!" i, *.«;Ch,Mically, jgieanor had told jjyy.tuq trutli at the Cans'. She |i0on Stjeliy leave—with bag',& U .their minds suggested " |ng else, she told nerselt vir- ly, it Was no alfair ot ners. M3 «p, aha drove into town plopped ner par behind (he , • one parked in the btreet jere Oroig Talboy lived. U was (jrp-thiHy; she'd jnane him come "• lore ip talk. As she went up ^eps Ot the apartment hou&e, heard nun at Die piano. UP 'flwn Springtime came at e I o d y. Eleanpr's eyes Y ( In answer to her linger boll, (he music bioke utt, . into the halt Ja it?" he called down Eleanor," she answered •wA ' l 'Cwn» down-4 want to ' W you." 7p«'t ypu come up ?" not." He came down the at Wt Heels - }ep 'her there, his eyes on asjong the neigu. But quite sopn the apartment lay down, Swnday alter- jg chuctued. lor Kleanoi , 8,zf«l nwy .leaned bsj.cu " was wcarwig t. 8UjH>», over a begrum- iji^fjlf: -^ J shining. "Not todtiy," she said.em- phatically. ' ! '. . , "What did you come to tell me?" "1 believe it is customary," 1 she said ;slowly, "lor the principals ot a juicy story to % be the last to know there is a atory. Iflh?" His Head tilted and there was the suggestion ot n patient smile in his darlt eyes. "Now wiiat V" "I've just come from Carr Circle," tjhe said blandly. "From Kvcrett Carr's nouse, where the family is in conterence. All the family—except Slevie, ol course— and^—" she glanced at Craig, "Steve's wile." Craig said nothing. Me stretched his legs and crossed Ins brown and while shoes under the instrument panel. "I'm waiting," nc. said, ai'tei a long pause. 1 wasn't too surprised that such a conference should be going on," . Kleauoi' continued. "Perhaps 1 should till you in on a tew preliminary details." "1 may not need them, but go on." "Well, you see, the family have never been too happy about Stevie's marriage to a night club singer." She broke off to glance at Craig. "Did you know that Shelly was one?" "She must have been a Very good one, too," he said calmly. His taco was as smooth as . polished wood. "Yes, she did do well last night, didn't she? Bui if you knew tho Carrs us well as 1 do--Of course they didn't show their feelings last night, but that doesn't mean —1 suppose they've been afraid for two years that she would do something ol the sort!" "Something ot what sort? You said you'd fill me in on details." 1 don't need to there. You helped tier." "You mean, 1 played the piano while she sung . . ." "You two must have practiced for weeks, you wcrg so good." Craig laughed and lit a fresh cigarct. "But the real thing is, Craig— Shclly's left." Hu turned now and looked at JSlcanor. "Qli, she has!" Klcanor assured him. "And the town, I'm afraid, is saying that she went away with you." "Well, obviously that's not true. Because—here 1 am!" Eleanor's smile was sweut. As sweet as that arsenic and sugar paper puc into little saucers to attract flies. "I do feel so sorry tor Stevie's family," she purred. '"Why?" "Oh, 1 suppose it's difficult for a person like you to realize the vulnerability of the ultra-respectable ..." Now, Craig's white teeth flashed in one ot his rare smiles. "Put it's true!" Eleanor insisted. "They have always done the right thing, tho honorable and correct thing. They nave asked that of each member of the family . . ." "An4 Sta-Uy'a broken the code!" drawled Craig, " Wh ,y« ot course! you can't I imagine any ot the other Cans ! ijoing what $>he did last plight!" "1 can't imagine any of em fct-jng ahle/' he' paid flatly. "To get up and sing — sing like an angel, JSteanor! ,&nd bhe looked J}kc one, top." 8«tl$rt, PJsttlbulea by Continued From Page Two Kleanor turned in the Scat to look at him. "You are In love with her, aren't you?" Craig, a little pinched about the lips, opened the door, and stepped out ol the car. "1 hate," lie explained, "and fear a Jealous woman." Eleanor took this calmly. "Then you must also hate—and tear- Shelly." His lace darkened until it was as black as thunder, and she drew back involuntarily.' "What in the devil are you trying to say now?" She relaxed, and leaned toward him again. "Why," she asked silkily, "do you suppose Shelly sang last night? She's never done it bctore." . ' . Craig rubbed his hands up and down the back of his neck. "I think she did it because all ai once she Uati got a bcliy-tull o; being married to the Carr familj —that as being different from nei marriage to Stephen. Last nighi she found nerselt lonely, and young—a terrible combination— and, on an impulse, she let nerscll express all the feelings she'd been keeping under control—" He broke off to look sternly at Eleanor, who hau laughed. She touched the starter. "Shelly sang," she said hmpidly, "because 1 wore a red dress last'night. Remember?" ' He stood staring at her, one brown hand clenching into a fist which, unconsciously, he beat against the edge ol the car door. "You are a beautiful woman, Eleanor," he said slowly, quietly. And it was as it the words beat their force into her smooth cheeks, into those somnolent eyes. "But you are not desirable. You are a clever woman, but you're without any mystery to a man. Or honesty. And a successful woman must have one ot those things. The lucky ones have both." The engine purred more loudly under Her touch. "Are you going after her?" she asked coolly. She drove away, and He stood watching the car until It disappeared down the tree-lined street. Then lie cursed beneath his breath, and stomped into the apartment house, up to ins rooms, his black hau glistening with the few nun drops that Had sifted through the tree leaves. Ho sat down at the piano again, but his hands rested upon his knees. He was afraid to express ma anger upon anything so fragile as a piano. Ana no was angry. Angrier, he thought, than he had ever been in his life—angry at many people. Even at Shelly—a little angry that she nad ever attempted to mold herseit to the Carr pattern. Obviously, they had been told nothing of her real background; they had taken the statement that she was a "night club singer," and nad assumed the rest, though what they knew of any night club singer could be graven on the head of a pin! And Shelly had let them gp on being mistaken. about her, go on expecting ner to "do something like this." Her foolish, blind pride! Of course he was angry at all the stupid Carrs. At Stephen—for going away and leaving Shelly in this diU'ioult position. He was furious at the tpwnspeople ot JNoi- toik who wouM use Shelly to hu' the Carts, just as Eleanor— Cfo He Continued J Syn4lt«te UNDER COVER-A checked Bikini swimming suit makes its appearance under a sombrero on the beach at Miami, Fla. The shapely young lady modeling the new outfit is Jean Benson. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-6830 Or bring itemi to Mist Turner «t Hlcki Funeral Home Jockey Craig Boots Home 9 HOT SPRINGS 'TPi — Howard Crni", th'.' nation's seventh leading Jocltoy in 1953, booted homo nino \viniK']-s l:\sl week to lead all I riders wil'i | second v.<-\: • Park. Out of f.;i 16 triumph? after the racing at Oaklawn mounts, Craig also has The Hope Bears Baseball Clubj will meet Wednesday night March | 10 to make plans for the coming season and the manager is asking ;ill players to be present. The meat-j ing will be held in the hut in the BOO block on North Graham St. at 7:30 p. m. diixl at fur home Saturday, March G. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Alter Gift Club of BeeBce Memorial CiVIK Church will meet .Sunda.v .iUarcli I !, at. the home of Mrs. Odessa' JSiadley. Time 4:30 •p. in. Revival will begin at Garretl Chapel Baptist Church Monday night, March 8-17. Preaching each riiuhtj at 8 p. m. Theme Verse "Como For I All Things Are Ready." The public s invited to attend. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will have their Installation of officers Tuesday night, March 9, 19.14, at the Legion Hut. Rev. Aaron Morris will install new officers. Guest speakers ll be Mrs. Oprezenla McClellan, Organizer of the Ladies Auxiliaries of Tcxarkana, and H. C. Caklwell, District Manager of the Universal ife Insurance Company of Texar- tana. The public is invited. Mrs. Osbic Colo have as house guests, Mrs. Ever Ray of Fort Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Thurmon Nelson of, Shrevcport, Louisiana. Isiah Moore ot Hope died in a ittlc.Rock Hospital Friday, March 5. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mrs. Minnie Sampson of Ozan Goff Chnpel CME Church in McCaskill sponsored an old fashion box supper with the assistance of Ml. I'luasanl Baptist Church. We wish to thank each and everyone for their cooperation. Total receipt $20.45. Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism How to Avoid Crippling Deformities An amax.my newly enlarged 44- paye book emiUed "Rheumatism" will be sent free to anyone who will write tor it. It reveals why drugs and medicines give only temporary relief and fail to remove the causes ot the trouble; explains a specialized non-KUi'i'.ie;i!, non-medical treatment which has proven successful lor the pant oi years. You incur no obligation in sending lor this instructive book. It maj be the menus of saving you yean of untold misery. Write loday It The Ball Clinic, "Ocpl. 4210, Excel sior Springs, Missouri. finished second five times and has been aboard a third place horse seven times. Paul Arthur Ward, the first week's leader, rode only one winner last week raising his total to nine for the Oaklawn meeting. Ward has had seven place horses and an equal number of third place mounts in 53 trips to the post. Tied for third are Ralph Borge- rner-ke and Sonny Ray Williams with eight winners each. Unofficial figures for the first Monday, March 8, 19S4 J —. i .. H. .I. '•- -—•••» 13 days of the meet show 102,598 fans wagered $5,298,242, compared with 98,<>86 and $4,952,281 for the same period last year. AAU Boxing Meet Set March 27-28 L1TTLET ROCK W — The Arkansas AAU boxing tournament will be held here March 27-28. Winners in the open division will go to Boston for the national AAU ineet. CHAIR CAR FARES ROUND TRIP NEW ORLEANS . $14.70 SHRCVEPORT. . $ 3.85 SPRiNGHIU. . . $ 1.75 STAMPS .... $ 1.05 Plus 15% Federal Tax DEPOT TICKET OFFICE Telephone 7-2651 Hope, Arkansai THE NEW 115-H.P. I-BLOCK SIX like the V-S, has Ford's decp-blocTc design. It gives u dividend of 11% more power. And, like the V-S, it has Ford's High-Turbulence Combustion Chambers for more complete and economical fuel combustion. The new I-block Six is the latest word in high-compression, low-friction Six design. FORD'S BRAND-NEW 130-H.P. Y-BIOCK V-8 with its extra-deep crankcase and 5-bearing crankshaft, has greater rigidity for fine-car smoothness and longer engine life. Its new Double- Deck Intake Manifold, shorter piston stroke and Free-Turning Overhead Valves help give every new Ford owner a dividend of 18% more power . . . greater economy. No other car, regardless of price, offers you two such modern engines as Ford with its I-block Six and Y-block V-8. And to go with these and its many other modern features Ford brings you the trend- setting style of the industry. Once you step into a new '54 Ford for a Test Drive you'll sec for yourself the reasons why thousands tire swinging to Ford! For besides Ford's new engines there arc many other new features that make driving much easier and more pleasant. Ford's smooth, eye-catching styling is matched in beauty by its completely new,trend-setting interiors. Then there's Ford's new Ball-Joint Front Suspension that makes possible a smoother ride and easier steering . . . and, at extra cost, 5 optional power assists. All these features, and many inure, add up to make Ford the one fine car-in the low-price field. M.ore than ever... The Standard for the American Road HOPE AUTO CO. 4-Way Power Front Seat moves up and down, forward and back, at the touch of a button. Like Ford's other optional power assists (power steering, power brakes, power windows and Fordomatic), this pov/er seat gives you so much extra comfort and convenience that it's almost a "must". ... ^ New Ball-Joint Front Suspension replaces the conventional kingpin system used in most other cars, The simple ball-joint system eliminates 12 wear- points ... helps keep wheels In line longer . , , and means your Ford will keep that new car "feel" for more miles, if- ^| F.D.A.F, COME IN,;; VALUE CHECK IT ., .TEST DRIVE IT! Phono 7-2341 YOUR FORD DEALER FOR OVER 30 YEARS HOPE, ARK, 220 W. Second St. •If Yow're Interested In on A-l Used Car Sure t<? 5«e Your Ford Dealtr

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