Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 8
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8 :THE IOUCTAILY REGKim '^EgPAY EVENiyG ^ECEMBEBa9, IQlig fill -fr ——r THE lou w fen Tim 'lot* Oally f^maor^ .«nd iol« Daily "" IndeK. Tnb'ntECitSTBB PUBLISHUTG CO. Entered at the'lola Po«to«Jce as Secosd- das* (Matter. , Advertlsins Ratea Made Known on AppU- ^ cation. £)<y Ci^«r *?irSo7i °GarcTtyf"LMyi»n 5i^<fe*';..':?!^'r!"..r!'.h^Sn.a _^ . „ BY MAIL: X ..„„ aha taar. Jiislde county. ^--SS" One Tear. QUKide county J3.00 TELEPHONES: Business Of flea-...- J; Society Reporter IS Zdb an^^Bjn^tgy-I^t... .141 Offlola) Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. -WH.4T CHrMPS." Under the above friendly, courteous, dignified and linrmony-inHiilrini; heodins the.Emporlii Gazette refers to 'those Republicans who have expressed the belief that if a Presidential Primary law is enacted ii should contain a provision requiring all voter* to register their party affiliation, and'snggests that it will be perfectly easy for Governor Stubbs to "get around" them by deferring the extra session.of the legislature until fort}', days before the Presidential convention* so that there wouldn't be time for a registration provision to take effe6t. That Is to say. In order to defeat a pravisidn which every honest primary law, dught to contain. The Gazette would have the Governor resort to a petty political trick! It would have him call a snap session of the legislature, U> the end that a law might be enacted-"Which would enable anybody who wished to do so regardless of his party affiliation to cast a vote in a primary the result of which may determine the nominee of the Republican party,for President. Has the Gazette so soon forgotten the results of the snap primary in the Second District, and the wise and virtuous deductions which that paper Itself drew therefrom? Hasn't "Reform" learned yet that.the people will not stand for such chicanery, vaiAi sl^ameless political trickery as the Gazette suggests, recommends and endorses? Our guess is that the Governor has learned It If the Emporia Gazette has Dot. He may not be very ^marf. as ti)<»! Gazette has repeatedly remarked, biK he is too smart fo be burnt twice by. the same Are. He knows that he la under lusplcion as having harl a hand In the snap primary in the S(T- ond' District, and he will not run the rUK of confirmlnp that si 'iBpicion by calling a snap session of the legislature, prone as he Is to follow the nd- vlce of the Emporia Gazette. To cull any special session of the legislature would be a political blunder which would cost the Governor dear. But to c^f'lt at BO late a date as to make it inipoisible to enact an honest Presidential Primary law would be political suicide. tlon, why is it .that we see so mention of it 'in' the present controversy through the press. Yours, etc., D. D. SPICER. As a good of any other'men'in Allen county are doubtless interested in this question we take the liberty of printing Mr. Spicer's letter by way of introduction to the subject The answer to his question, we take it, is that the pension legislation which has recently been under consideration in the House relates oply to Civil War soldiers and such legislation has always been kept distinct from that relating to the survivors of the Indian wars. There are two pension committees in the House. The "Committee on Invalid Pensions" has to do only with legislation relating to Mexican War and Civil War matters. The "Committee on Pensions" takes Jurisdiction over pension legislation relating to the regular army, the Indian wars and the War with .Spain. The Sherwood bill, which has Just been passed by the House, came from the Committee on Invalid Pensions. The bill providing pensions for the 18th and l!)ih Kansas is before the Com­ mitter on Pensions. Both bills could not be consldrred at the same time, adn one could not have been brought and one could not have been brought er. If ever man desired a pension, the soldiers of the 18th and 19th Kansas do and we sincerely hope the bill for their benefit will become a law at this session. The Emporia Gazette accuses the Republicans who insist that there should be a registration provision in the primary law requiring all-voters who wish to participate in party primaries to register their political affiliation three months in advance of the primary, of being influenced by "mean and little motives." The only motive these men have in the world is to pro tect party Integrity, to the end that Democrats siiould not have a voice in nominating Republican candidates, or vice versa: Does the Gazette think that is a '.'mean and little'' motive? Does it believe that anybody who wishes to vote in a Republican primary should be permitted to do so, regardless of whether he affiliated with the party or not? If that question is answered in the affirmative, will the Gazette express an opinion as to whether anybody who wishes to do so should go into a Republican convention or party council and vote on the question as to what shall constitute the party platform? And if that question is answered in the negative will the esteemed Gazette take us further Into its inner sanctuary and explain wliy a man who helps to nominate a candidate should not ha^e a rlglit to help frame the pIatforn> upon which that candidate shall stand? are peiijietnitW evieiy year, too.—In- dep^tfdeilce Reporter. But the Reporter should remember that .there are ho dry banquets in Washington, and nearly any verse is funny after "the bubbles" have gone around often enough. At least that is what they say.. Once upon a time a young professor at Kansas University was dismissed (or playing poker with the boys. Just now he happens to'be one of the directors of the Carnegie Foundation at Washington and is a distinguished scientist as well as a model husband and father. Which simply shows that once in a while a man may start to the devil without getting there. Of all the campaign canards the silliest is that sponsored by the Kansas City Star charging Champ Clark with conspiring to get the Missouri and Kansas delegations to the Democratic National Convention for himself in order to turn them ove: to Harmon. Mr. Clark is very lirmly of the opinion that If there Is to be any courtesies of that kind they wi : ror.j'- the other way. AS TO 19TH KANSAS PENSIONS. Geneva. Kas., 12-14-11. Friend Sctflt: if our Senators and Congressmen are working as hard to yat a l»lnpj» for the 18th and 19th V. V.-K;.i4»^the present pension legisla- C. W, Post, the millionaire breakfast food iinin, has offered to put up a quart 'T of a million dollars to found a new labor organization which shall be "free from strikes, sluggln.i;, dynamiting, murders and all other violence." The aslonishing thing is that he calls on Gonipers to head it. Is he doing this merely that he may construe Gompers' refusal as evidence that he is in favor of "strikes, dynamite murders and all other violence?" .M).sohitely some of the most putridly 'near-funny that ever got on telegraph wires is perpetrated by the Gridiron Club at Washlngtwi. They A Warm Bathroom H Evay mother should be careful that the children take their baths in a warm room. The chill of a cold room is dangerous after com* ing out of the hot water. A Pofectioa Smokeless Oil IH)eater brings bathroom or bedroom to )U>t the degree of warmth jrou want in five or tea minutes. All you liave to <lo it to touch a match. ~ The Perfedktt HeaN*r bums nine hours on one filling and is aKrays ready (oc me. Ycu can move it anywhere it is needed. There is no waste of fuel and heat wanning unoccui»ed rooms. Just the heat you want, when and where you want it. ThoPerfedion n fitted with an automatic4ocking flame spreader [ iaMXJKthxa^ the wick being led high_ enough to smoke and is : UrniBfdve and drop back when deaning. Inn* finiihecl othei in tatqurae-blue caiamd or pluo ried; lig^t anii oraa. , yet «ioog and duoUe—suitable for any room in any bouae. UttimatrrAat; ar write le ur Mwy e( tU Stanilard Oil Company _<Iacafponiaa) m. By the way, talking about swatting the fly, have you burned your chinch bugs yet? Of course, if you haven't any chinch bugs you needn't ahswer this question. But if you had some in your corn qy wheat O"" oats last summer, and If there are old stalks or bunches of grass in the field or around the edges, burn 'em up. Above everything else, if your motli or is still living and you are not going, to see her Christmas, write her a long letter and send her a gift Neither letter nor gift could go to anyone on earth who would apprc ciate them more. By the way in" which news does not come out of Tripoli it is apparent that whoever has been assigned to the lid at that port is giving his undivided attention to sitting on It POINTED PARACBAPHS. From the Chicago News. Will power and won't power are much alike. Pleasure often turns cut to b; a stepping stone to miseiy. It is an easy matter to economize v.hcn you dtr.'t hav.; to Aifd the man who shaves himself ii apt to cut his best fnend. Some men imagine they can g( I what they want only by fighting lor it. All men desire riches—and a few arc even particular how they acquire them. Horses that furnish the motive pow or for brewery wagons .Tro driven to drink. i Only a man who Is veiy rich can afford to say all the things he would like to say. Spinsters are probably unhappicr than marrie<l women are, because they have less to worry about. If there is anyone we would like to impose u|ion, it is the chap who is forever trying to get something for nothing. RKFI.E<TIONS OK A HACHELOR. Fro mthc New York Press. The best cure for baldness is fiery red hair. Awoman takes the most interest in men except for babies. Agirl knows a man is in love with lior by the way she pretends sho ibn'l with him. If it's a child a woman hates to make a fool of it, ami if it's a man she hates not to. OKLAHOMA OFFICER HERE. ".Slur NomtKT One," Nine Tears on the Force, on Ynratlon. A. M. Estes, one of the oldest officers in Oklahoma and who for nine year.=» has served as a member of the iwlice force of Oklahoma Cit}', is here spending his vacation visiting relatives. Mr. Kstes wears star number one on the Okalhoma police force and ha.-i the most Important beat in the city. —A Des Moines man bad an attack of muscular rheumatism in bis shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of $1'>0.00 or more. He sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure it and found it in Chamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first application of this liniment he was well. For sale by all dealera Sliortage of Fnt Cntlle Now. Manhattan Industrialist: Cattle are celling for nine csnts. Men interested In tlie industry predict ten-cent cattle before sjirlng. There IK one of the greatest shortages In fat cattle his fall this country ever passed through. The break in the market that was lookwl for on account of the drouth illd not prove very serious. Many of these cattle were moved but on account of the demand they found a ready market. The late rains improved the corn to .such an extent that large number of cattle are being fed. Every Indication points to a good year for those who are feeding cattle. •'Best on Earth" —This is the verdict of R. J. Howell. Tracy O.. who bought Foley's Honey and Tar Compound for his wife. "Her case was the worst I have ever seen, and looked like a isure case of consumption. Her luiigs were sore and she cou^ed almost incessantly , and her voice was hoarse and weak.; Foley's Honey and- Tar Compound brought relief at once and less than three bottles effected a complete cure" J. D. Mundis & Co. I 'f, AS IT SEEX8 TO ME. % A Few Gift Books. My Dear Felix: Yes, "Bequest of Wings" Is a phrase from one of Emily Dickinson's stanzas which is a great favorite with me. She is a writer of little great things that mbke you see things, in a new light and this especial poem Is on "A Book." You will like to h'ave it. Thrice blessed is he who "passes on" the slightest treasure. "He ate and drank the precious words His spirit grew robust. He knew no more that he was poor Nor that bis frame was dust. He danced along the dingy ways. And this bequest of wings ; Was but a book, such liberty The loosened spirit brings." , You wonder why you didn't write anything so perfectly simple yourself, so many books have made you feel Just like that, and you go tripping along about your work fairly in- love with yourself and all you have tp do. I want to give you also, though you may probably know it. Aidrlcira "Appreciation.' it is just as happily written in Its own way. and belongs to the quiet thought that is full of the desire to be strong and true. Somehow Ifalways comes to mc like a hand of blessing and encouragement. To the sea-shell's,spiral round Tis your heart that brings the sound,— The soft sea murmurs that you hear Within, are captured from your" oar. You do poets and their song A grievous wrong, if your own soul docs not bring To their high imagining As much beauty as th||| sing." at But you also wanted to know lyh: books I am sending out for Christmas. The number Is considerably larger than usual because i have had a little wind-fall that enables me to indulge myself in this way. Heaven grant it may occur again! But the list is not a long one, because in' two or three selections I want to reach several people with copies of the same book. One of these is .Mrs. Burnett's "The Secret Garden" in its delightfully fairy-tale quality, and the teaching of the "White Magic" that in itself would be a rare gift. And another is Mrs. Florence Barclay's "The Following of tiie Star," which is an exceedingly good Christmas love story, bringing home to the heart, th" common need for the personal Christ. This world of ours is very hungry, after all Its professed rejection, for a wholesome, sensible livable belief in God anil his beloved Son. and who can do belter to minister to this need according to his opportunity? I have been so glad to learn that Mrs. Barclay is the mistress of an ICngUsh vicarage, the mother of elplil children, and that she began to writ<at fltty in a period of broken health and enforced leisure. That she found for herself renewed forces of strength and vigor is the secret of tho abundant life that she has put into -her books. Sometimes I can but fed how we are cramped apd twisted by -our curious, contorted time, but mostly I rejoice that it is such an age of breadth and beauty and rare goodwill. Dr. Hillis' "Contagion of Char .icter" Is the next thing. Many people read many essays,—so be that they are short and bright enough!—despite the flood of fiction. And by the w:ay, I have chosen for you Dr. Crother's The Gentle Reader" and "Among Friends," the two small volumes containing many things- I am sure you want to know in regard to books myi writers that make for better living. The best of reading a really, truly book is getting in toueii with the mind and heart which made it.' I cannot understand how the make-believe books got so much attention- It makes me as Indignant as a notice I saw (he other day of an "expurgated edition" of Mother Goose. The slKter who did the work must be an exaggerated spi'cimen of "sugar and spice and all that's nice." You know that I believe every bab.v'« education should be begun with .Mother Goose, and It has been a great joy to in<- to remember half-a-dozen babies by way If you j)lease, of the unrevlsed, sla'nd- ard edition! That Is all, except a fexy old favorites I am always buying for.soiiie- body when I can afford it. "Pilgrim's Progress " and "Robinson Cfu- soe" and "Huckleberry Finn," "The Idylls of the King" and "The Vision of Sir Launfal," "I.lttle Women" ind The Jungle Book" and "The Ethics of the Dust." Also a few of the VMCT things. "The Making of an American" and "The I.ady of the Decoration," "The Song of our Syrian Guest." "Tho Other Wise Man" pud The Greatest Thing in the Worljl." And then I had fo stop short. But It's a happy happy time. I'm dancing along my golden ways! AUNT MI.NERVA; ilttli€rGIIAND Thursday, Friday and Saturday December 21, 22 and 23 "Dante's Inferno 99 A Poet's Version of Hell - Produced at an outlay of $100,000. A treasure, for GOO years Ivnown to but few scholars now placed before all mankind by the film makers just a.s conceived by the immortal poet. The pictures give you all the pleasure and luiowledge it would require you months to study from the book. The Nine Grand Circles a.nd THeir DivisioRS=-^^=^-^ Valley of the Abyss Before Reaching the River St>-x First Circle •The Unbaptized Second Circle The lustful Third Circle The Gluttons Fourth Circle .Misers and Spendthrifts Fifth Circle The Wrathful and Slotlifiil Sixth Circle City of nls., the Deep .T Hell Propagators of I'alse iJocnJrics Seventh Circle The Violet Eighth Circle Consisting of Ten Pits The I'^raiidulent P.?(Iiicrrs i-'l:iiterers Fal.^e Prophet.s i-';ii;!ih>s Cu.^lodinns of Money llvpiK rit<-s. Ivclibors, ICtc. Ninth Ci^-cle Cc 'P. i-^^tin^ cf Four Pits 'ri;iiMir .s ti) Kindred Tr;ii.oi-^ to (Country 'I 'raitoL -s «i Friends Tniliors to nencfactors The Greatest Spectacular Production the world has vv.-r w."tne^'sed. You will, perhaps, never have the oportunity of .seeing tliis groat picture a.ivain. Come early Matinee Friday and Saturday at 2:30. 10c to all anywhere. Only one show at night WO-HE.N'S II.VIR. Easy (o .Make It Soft, Luxuriant nnd Eadiant. .Many women have hair so dull and faded that it is actually repulsive. These women have probably never heard of PARISIAN SAGE the invigorating hair dressiifg that is being u.'ed by thousands of refined women throughout America. If "your hair is falling or thin or faded or lifeless; if you have dandruff or itching scalp, if your hair is not as fascinating as you would like to have it. go to Chas. B. Spencer & Co's. Drug Store this very day, ask for a fifty cent bottle of PARISIAN SAGE and start at once to make your hair perfect and even glorious. PARISIAN SAGE is guaranteed to give satisfaction or money back. Girl with .-Xuljurn hair on every carton. For sale by Chas. B. Spencer and druggists everywhere. May He Special Session. Political Gossip in State .lournal: There is still plenty of time to file guesses on whether or not there will be a silccial session. Stubbs is a sphinx on that question. He will give no hint one way or the other. That he has seriously considered the matter there is no doubt. But if he has reach ed a conclusion he is. keeping It to himself. When the first talk about the special session was started few people thought the governor would call one. There was no emergency thai seemed to warrant tiiat expense. liut later it was agreed that lie was thinking pretty seriously aliout It and "tlie betting" was 2 to 1 in favor of a special session. ..ow."the hotting" has veered to odds of 3 to 2 against It. That is not big odds and there may yet he a special session. Ilut those i close to the governor are now guessing the other way. Kvcn Stuhhs' frienrtu, and those who want a special session, are agreed that it would he ' danKerouB for Stubbs and for his party. It would afford"^ liie regulars a chance to harass Stubbs and liis policies. It would give the Democrats a chance to block the work and point, during the coming campaign, to nothing accomplished. A fruitless special session would be nuts and pie to the Democrats next year. i Cured In Ilir Oun IJomc Town. Wiclilta K;ts .M.;s C I. Orouiid-S; tells I '-n "siv f:r her feilir.v townsmen to bo f-ured f^f "tu^ir I;i '::-,iy r.nd bladder aihi'.cnt;, a.-; sl :e w:is i -Mr <(I ".Some fiinr; r .f ;i) I sntli'ii':! wir'. iCiilncy trouble. I M '"v<rc !;i:ti :;'>• hack and .-i (!e •.•T\ I'. \V P;I 1 down it seemed as if I tciild IIDI straighten up: Mother told nu- what ^<:o'! rosuUs my fitther v.ns r.rttinc froi:i l "i ..'cy Kidney Pills so 1 \vf.n;^!o the i'.>r.:: stoic and got seine nnd (..'tnr 'ienct d iakin.i; them I began to pC, l.ittcr V<T.V porin. and now after tn !:i:is ivo I .Dii!".- ;i,e pain has li'ft n :y !):K -!( iir.d -"'.•'.<. •] I am cured of ••II lu.v V:;i!;;>;.' t :(.>'i':>'e." J. D. .Mundis & Co. Thii>e iJiisy riirker.'. Estlio! .lones visiied wiih .lie Tucker hoys Sunday. William Til-kf^r c :<lie;l mi ,iie Olson hoys H;inday. Fred Ciiarles w.-..^ :i i::'A,-v :;t I.. 0. Tuckers Monday. llohart Tucker was a i-.iMrr at the hollies of Fred Cl.'arr-s rr.d .Mr. Hard Moitday. Master Daiiil Craves wa.- a caller at the hanies of l -'nd t'har'es and L. O. Tu.'Wer .Monday. Wiliani Tuckir was a caller at .lames .McCi.y's near l-arm-d. .Monday. Mr. and .Mrs. Siileliotioiii look dinner wiih 1.. 0. Tucker" and family TiK-silay. .1 (' Weaver and wife visited with 1,. 0. Tiieker and family Sunday. .—Larned Tiller and Toiler. Bcomly, Adaptakility, Co?i-venie?ice RIME factors in the selection of Library Furniture, are splendidly evidenced in our displays at this time. If you appreciate the value and importance of furniture of this character, which, while harmonizing perfecdy with the decorative scheme of any room, makes those comers which would otherwise be bare and unattractive, actually inviting, see our display of Fine Library Furniture and Slobc^rtjicke Bbokcases As may be readily seen—Slobc^lroickc Bookcases; because of ihcir sectional construction may be quickly ariangni oc irarrar.gcd in many plcaiinx combinalioo> and aic initanlly odjm!cfc'p lo any nook or corniT oi the liomc. Wcsiii,v. ., .! u v.ij.- (livcriitv of jlylcs and finishes at prices ai:yl>o<jy (.an aliurd und will be i; lo p.:y. C.'l or irnd ludav (oi our \tSiaX Art Culiidnc illurtrjtinit mniiy beautiful Home L.:Krjry lliBkfttioOfl. nod n n«>v HamiUui \V. M«l<Is's Looklcl "TLe Uiuc iJuol Jt I'icuuu." L. Sleeper & Son Folef Kidney I'Jib. —Tonic In Action, quick in resulu. WiU cure any case of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medicine. No need to say more. J. D. .Mundis St. Ho. S. AewsljoyN fontrllMition. "Here's a penny for the .\nti-Tuber- culosls league." .<!ald a little newsboy, stepping up to the visiting nuree of a western league, who was selling the Red Ooss Christmas seals In one of the moving picture theaters. "Here, take one of the Seals." said the niirse. as the boy dropped the penny In front of her. "Am, r ain't got no "se for de seal, but 1 wants to give yousc de jienny 'cause ybuse did so much good for me mndder," replied the lad, running away before he could be questioned further. Repeating Rifles and Shotguns Make Acceptable Christmas Gifts for Sportsmen Few, if any, sportsmen have so many guns that they wouldn't welcome gladly a Winchester rifle or shotgun for a Christmas remembrance. One of the latest models will perhaps make yotir sportsman friend's equipment complete. As for the boys, there is many a young Nimrod who has to borrow a gun when he goes hunting who would rather have a Winchester rifle or shotgun for a present than anything else. Aren't there some such cases on your Christmas list? Winchester guns are made in all ealibers, styles and weights, so as to meet the requirements of every purpose, every pocketbook and every taste. Winchester Guns And Ammuvition—The Red W Brand -—Are Made For JSacb Other And Sold Everywhere,

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