Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 48. 60SSIP OF CEMENT WOBLDi Successor to the tola Daily Register, the lola Daily Record and the lola Daily Index lOLA, ICAS., DEC. 19, 1911 -^TUESDAY EVENING. SECTION TWO. TEN-PAGES THE TKOPEK fOlKSE. .VEiU.KK OK SI:KHS T<» UK MATTEK LIFE 0I{ HEATH. Infiirniutlon of FrlrrlritH Viilne E»pry loin Citizi'iu to lU\ii' Prt'fcrred Diutlcii:! I."iiiiiori'«l.- Struncp liii|u!r} for li'hi ( uiii. niou.—Stocks. Qiiolftl Lnn. Mow to art tn nn ciiirrKenry Is kmnvlctlRe of inestliimble^wurth, nml iliis Is iiiirtlciilnrly triiu of the dia- f iisi-.s iiiiil ills of the human liody. If yi);i 8f:lTiT with hackacho, urinary dis- oidiTs. or any I'mni of kiUui^y trou- M. . tln' advlet? contained in tho fol- UnvinB slj'.teniont will add a vnliialile a-isi'l to your store eof knowIcdRt'. ' What cMiuIci !)•• iiinro convinrinK iirooi' Kor some reason ih.- coiriipon stock , f rhr oftUiency oi" [iinin's Kidney I'ills of the lola Portland (\ir.en; Ciuuiiany , ;' : :i the statement of lola citi;:ens has developed "iiep" in the I'asl few | «!;<• !i:ive been pennanenrly cured? days and those who liave learned ofj Ahs. Nathan Steiilicns, Jm; N. Fourih the fact are al a loss for an explana- j St.. Io!a. K:is.. says: "l gladly eonilrni — «<:... 1 —1 (jij. ]i;il)!ic .-tatt-t'ient I cave six" years \ tion. From a fifni inquiries have come for this Kansas City brokerage l<:ir- ticular stock, with the request that it be submitted to tlieui for several days. lola Portland tomnion is quoted at 3 bid and ll'askert. which means that many dollars for a sliare. it stands j)retty high in cement stock circles. Another item of interest in ceniont circles is that a diviitend was recently declared or is certjiu lo be declared on Dixie Portland stock. The Tennessee plant is said to have enjoyed fair business conditions as compared with the rest of tl :e plant;- and to have put monex.a\vay for its rep-ilnr dividend. Most of the lolans who are interested in this news will bi* pleased for the reason that the Dixie bonds which they received in lieu of a dividend on United Kansas preferred is a sure interest earner while stock divid-uds are possible. No further word has Wen received by anyone here as U> the status of the jiroposed merger. One repoit is thai the appraisers have not yet made their report, while anotlier .says that ibfe appraisers' report will show that some of the plants Iiave |iabilitii-s e.vceedinB their assets. Plants in iliis condition, and they are not so scarce as you may think, i ^ays Kumor. .T .e not Ilki^ ly either to desire to enter ;t nierKer and coiiffss their linancla! londition. nor 'o be rf<<'lved on any otlit-r terms by thf mure tlourishluK concerns. So it seems likely that iiii-rcer nivvs will be nothinK liut rumor until it <'ouies in tlie past tense and fidjii those w!io h:ivi' iiuihorliy to siM >ak. Speaklnc of that ptiTt'T. nm yo \ir eye up and down and ix-ins.s li.ise quotations of remi 'tit .'•loeks in liiis di>-trlct as puhlislied SiimlMy I 'y (he Kansas City brokers: .\sh Crnvc iliMi shares of pr -'fi -rr-'il ^how no l)!i!s and }>'>'' asked. Dewpy Portland for. shan $7e bid anil ST.". asked. Oi.vie Portland. JH"! shar •. bid and son asked. lola Portland $2". shares. $l:?bid and $14 asked. .Vo .-th 'vpstt'rn Ptatrs. Sl^O share. $'•'< bill and asked. T'nited Kansas liieforre^! p.^r ?t<io shar.> S!1 ask'd. Wrsiern States per -^l"" slian- asked. Seventy -five per reri' of t;..' < .t>aei !y in this field is sliut .l.iv.n -id t!i" sellinir price i- .<a d to be i.eli 'W pr .-sf-nt cost of proiiuciion in ir .o >t of flir^ idants. Official ey.'s are on th.- Uierper dope with a Merae or P-ust ex- jiression in them. If you want to take a lifelong sliof at a cement inv.stn;'-nl iha; wo'ild show a Very Pf.-.fiy profi' if soi'.io ac]'- sho\)ld ii:;'ke tlie stock wovh. j :;st empty your penny bank and l )uy shares of Tni'-d Kan -=:.s coinmo" for one hund'-ed pet'.nies. ?! tii'is invested would entitle you to ownership of crrtiti'-nie? of a faco v ;:';!e of J 1 fill II lie. I.ofik well, wouldn't tb.ey' .•'^o recoirniendin!; Doan's Kidney PilN. .V.y i;.ck acheth constantly anil wh"i:-ve- I st-u;|>ed or lifrerl i bad sharp jiaitis t!ir<iufV: iiiy loin= The kidney yec.--->tions wej;. •iinp'tural and) I was subject to (liy/y and r -T -oiisI TO cur THE GBOCERT BILL HI VI.X." I.V WAi. <2 (A .>riTIES IS KUit I.NSTA.XE. 0.\K ('lieii]icr rii'.s III .Ml,-It. PnimrcU Itiahl.j iire l):liriiitis—Mime tlhi(> on i -Maniialtan hidusln::!!.-:: !'. i:cs an. liigh. iiii'. wouldii I yo I ll 'i .e lo k>.eii ] your grc-c'-y b'l'.i boii.fwnai ;:s it used, lo be'.' Kccnomy and tliougl;!fulue:-.s ' are neces.-::iy. One of the faults now is the buying in iivi' :.r.d ten-cenl lots, ll is far dieaper I > buy foods ttiat will keep in large qiiantitios. Uuy a suck of sysar or a lio.x <d' crackers Slarcii. dried ir.iit'. raifins. an.l !;•, :cc-, an^ u- iiili.-r lhi:.!.-s to 1/ii; iai;;- Sliells. Nothins heljicd me ii-. Ih-- le.^bt until I u-'ed [loan's Ki.Ir.^y Pi!!.-, uro- cured at C. H. Si>.:i -r Cn.'-- Dnp .Store. This rer.iedy lir(>u;:lit emir;' r i V>-f and restored my kid::ey.- to a m-r- nia! condition." For sale bv all dealer.=. Prii-r. '"c Foster-Milhurn Co.. Puffalo. X. Y.. sole ncent:s for the I'nited Slates. Itemeniber the name—Doan's—an<i take no otlier. "WHY IS A IIACHEWHJ' IJKPLV. riie romniittr:-. After Carefnl Coiisid- onitton. Finds the Answer. Some time ago the negister received a comniuncation iniiuirinj; why tlii-r.- are so many bachelors in town. Tli*'' Inquiry was referred to a board of Inquiry and they today lianded in this brief but interesting answ(?r: "K'ditor Hepister: We. tiie committee to wiiom was r .-ferred the Inquiry, wi '.eh iii'ir'u pro|ieriy and !>rielly he thus: Why is a !'..ic !ieIor. lieir lo r.piu ' as follows: "Cepsiis stallgtics for this country r-\\<i\y IIKII there are so .'ni- ;::ore ii:en than Hometi. Th '-r-' must i-rore lee\il;ibly lie ihree 1 ll'ion bac'.eloi -i, ;i lov:lc :il |y fo!- l.(Hs M .11 nr) Ihoufhtful peison will le:::!'! llii. iMici.iinn otherwise tlian as ioiir- njarlvrs.' - K n ClimSTIA.V. Tli.VVIS MOUSK. .lACK P.MtNl'-.S. CKOPCK COKDON'. An Alarm iit Mirht. —Ti'.at strikes terror to the entire i.i-'ise!io:d is ^'^Ti^ loud, hoarse and me- f.V.'.c rousrh or- crotip. Xo mistaking it, fortur.ato then Use lucky parent.- who keep Foley's Honey and Tar Compound on hand. II. W.'^el- maa. Canton, X. Y. F.-.ys: "It is wcrth it.- weight in gold. Hr--" troubled with Oar little children j - 'in;'!i;.tit.'S. 'I he piici -s an- Icfs for u roi::.d and you can get reduced iiricis on large orders. '.Viitrh the Markets. .\nother thin.i; to sti- about is to ^vaich ti;e n>arkets and Iniy Iresh fruits and vi-Retabies in season, tiieii can them yourself. Vou s.ive about per i-ent if .vou don't wait arid buy the c:inned goods at the s 'or.-. For ii^stance. if y<ui buy a plass of pure fruit put uii in suuMr U will be .:j cents f(jr about a cupful. If you buy t;;e frail, as plums, jou pa.v il (or a crate, use .'.o cents' worth of su};ar and have either ll> or-l. qiiaits of canned fruit. Here are some other !:ints on saving: Wash iHe e>:p.-. then use the shvlls to settle coffeir and clear the soup or liouilbm. I'se fats, such as cotlolene and cottosuet. or 0:!s fiU' cooking insti'ad of liutier. Souu" per- >iuis prefer a mixluie of butter. ~ fit. suyiuK the buti^'r removes tb.- uretisy taste of pun' f .it. I'.-.' the tops ai 'd bulls of c.'lery. w!i:< h laii not be sent lo the Ijjble. lo season I lie soup I'.uy iinshfiled nuts ami shell iliem yourself. !;uy the i-heapi-r cuts of [-riieat. which h\ ;i lillle time and c-ar.' in cookiuK will be a-' di'liclous as th>' ii'ore e \peMsl \e cuts. YoM can lu'so us- ii'eat subsljiu'es. ••• - mils, cheese e^i; disi :es. as scuiffles and'tiiit loaf. Itean.-. oaiiiieal ;.n<l i-i re;:is, s;.;"::..-!!! iii !ea:<.r'i and lentils an' .is r .iitr .ilo:;s a.-- me;i' and far i In ;iper. I.mili \iU-r 'lliin;:^. 'i'he ciili'lul housekeeper will eli-i i- iTiti- all ^\a.-t^• by o\<rsi"':iii; t!ie lio'.isework her.-.-;! Sip- will t .ik • ii t!- o\.>rs. ••uch as cold meat dry brcaei .-I Kie cold \'.^r .'ais. u 'a -iied potatoes. ;'' li .'\;iieii cake. ;.i;d iini;.- cio.ju t'es l .ii''dini ;s and jior;';o ;i;i!ti.-.s. Piaiu h(]U:l potato--: c;in he i ;i;.'d. ii .'so. .\ few i:ot;itoes in cre .iui .'.i codtisli luake ir p ;i |,T ;:iMi' and i;iore .asily dii'e .sti-il. Pnt-ro p .-.ities an' ir.ade by addinsr sail TO LET THE WOMEN PROPOSE nOSTOX LErTlUER S.VIS HAP- PIEU .«AJ{HIA«ES WOULD J^CSULT The Iiitrndinir lYife, Mr. Conkc skja wm Select a Mate More lutelll. gcutly Tlian Mcu. RENEW FIGHT ON PIPELINES OklalioMiii Will Try Airain Her tius Ht Home. croup and hoarse- illX we':l to t;..' lioM jioiatoes. beaijn--' until iieht. Tl .'-n n'--s. and all we pive them is Foley'? j ,iy„y \,y spconful.- oiLskill .'t ami saut Ilon^y and Tar Compound. 1 always,. \:ix em.-s. iTiiJk .••.I'd su!;;'.r for ;i •' ive .1 jotrlc of it in the house." .'I'iun'iis & Co. J. D PKAIIIIK H tl.I.. !U>c .-:i ;l;. ;• —liur ;i. 0 ;.li' e\;" cT to iiMve a trte on Sa:urii:'.y ni-'iit. December 23. T!;-' lad!"s will m,>et al! dr;. W. d- n.-lay Mr.-. KI'IOT to make la.ii; add the falb-.i iMJ't'. i-n:iii'i« li. nnii bak'' until ti--iii. Then put some •;iiii and tli? bi':ite:, white of ;:n i s;^ rn to;i. !)rowu slii^litiy and .-.-rv.- with s lei'.r and CIMIU. Okl,t!!oiua City. Dec 17.—With the , hop^' of ciieckin.i; the diiiin on t!ie Oki la;:oiii;i f;a.-^el(ls. .Xfomci Cenera! Wi SI i.- prt pnria.i,' to t;i-k.- an appea to lie I'liited .-'lat.\> .--^upre-.'iie ciiiri from til.' action oi I-'ideial ,lud!;e Camiiell of Dkliihoma, in renisInK to pa.-s ui'on an a|ii'Iicatl,ui to modify till- onbr of liia: couri, lioIdiUK th:it i!'.ii cannot piohibii -tin- piping of i.nMirai gas out ot I'IK,- stale. The I'nited States Scjpri me court, when it su.'^iainei! .1\:d^> Cami)bell's dc-ci.-..! 11, passed only ii^on l!ie rlnht of tiie -^tate to proiiibii thi' iiiplntr of !;as to otlie:- stales. Tiie i-ourt ^;nvr. p.•rmi^-lon, however, •« either side • f t;;e c4!iitro\»-r ?y to fi!.- an applica- ti in in t!.e Cnited Siiite'V Circuit ccur; for a nioillficatfcn of !;;e order ns ap- plyint; to otisrr feaitin s b; t!ie cas''. In !;i- aiM ea! .\-.i'.rtiey Gener^it We.-T wi!; n.-k tjie Cnited States Su- ; iir'-me court to pa-s Uij-n I'lovisions of Oki: !:oui;>. Ian- w'hicii ;;iake it iipl;.-.vlu! to !iu!i;p .sas " at a iiiglier :i;.::.^:!:e I'.an )ionat:s to ll.e .-•cp.iare inch. w!iic!i provision is in- tendeil to pre\enf on.' producer from draining an entire jras district. i If tills feature of the law .-|,oi;Id be ^ iip;:o!d the attorney irene.''al believes tiiat t;:e state could restrict the atiioiint of f;as taken out of t!ie state to a cl.^ne wiiicii wou!d preserve the fii'ids f'lr n w yea..- lender at !ta.-t. .Ii-rry llcdwi-II, the wi-ll known nal estate man. w;is here today, lie Is locatc.d in ludepemleiice and flatly denied the TTport that he contemplated iiio\ ini; hack to lola. He declared that business is so dull throupii out tlie .Middle Wer^t t' it is iiope- It-ss to move f:om wlien- yc.u are in t!ie hope of findinc: ijettcr conditions. He thinks politics iiave brou'-:ht aliout the present situation and jiredicts t!iart!ie money tightness and .£;enerr' ccnservJkism of all lines of busine. • will.srow more acute. .lerry is a Dem ocrat. but hs is so tired oi" "reforni- ors" that be makes .no bones about it.. Boston, Dec. 18.—According to Geo. Willis Cooke, lecturer at the ^stos School o£ Social Science, tvomen I should do the proposing. It is Mr. Cooke's idea that the supremacy of man in the' family is untenalile, and that conditions would be bettered by an equality of the sexes. "A girl by all means," said he, "s !;ou!d propose to a man if he is her Id.'al. Kconomic independence will give them this liberty. With thecom- inL- of suffrage they will act for them- selv ^-s, not onl3' politically, but so- i daily. •Ditrdence and shyness of girls_in love -niiiking is a subterfuge— a part' of the present social teachings. When women are tauuht to learn to act nat- uarlly their pres -'nt false modesty will fail av.ay and they will do the i>roposiii,ir as ought." "Shyness and dilTidence are not es- sr -nti.-iily feminine qu.-rtities. but simp ly the result of teaching. Among the Zuni Indians tliese qualities are exactly chnnged. It is the boy who'is so-caJled modest, diffident and shy. This IS plain, fo rthere he leaves his own home when married just as the girl does h'-re. i "Another reason whj' women should Workers fi.-ttimr (Jut llie Vote in the <l° I''? I'roposing is that they are get- Cimslniiis -Irei- (•.uU .-.>t. I ""f ^""7 r-ducated than the men. j iind th'Tefore will select more intelll- .L 'enfly and will bij more cautious. Marria"4»'s will be happier and in time Tiinily ciiun'h workers maintain ' it will b"' ih.*' women who will do the their i >a .e in the vote ^L-ttliiK in tin-; coiirlinB." York ^-cre's ('liri.--tiu:is nee cur.-j Tin- .^":i:\..;ion .\r !uv, s-coiid in i .... 1.;'.- i- iii-o .\orkin:; hard and Ity ' A ;tlance at the list of books friend.- e.Npect a close finish bet«een I "f'Tcd by Kvans P.rothers cannot fall Captain .Morris' so!dle:s and tlie ; 1"'1'>K ""e a feeling of Burprlse cliiircli liiat may be in firs! place at ^ f'^n s" "':'ny Kan^tans huvo written (lie finish. I really excellent books. There are follow-1 Uifi't.v or forty in the list and I not an inane one among them. The i:!""!-!--! ;-ccms to lend color to the prcdic- TRINITY STILL W0RKIK6 HARD Till' county tixlay shows il; ini: siaudln;,'of lonl-stants: Trinity S::lv:illon Army rnit'-d Pretiiri n - .Mi't!iod;.-t Presbylei'ian Hapti-t Chri.-tian l-*liiscop:'.I — Chrii^tian Sc'ence I5uib!ers Ci'a!>el .\. M. K. Second P.aptist Lutl'-^ran lici:; i'Ion tlial the .Mississippi valley Is de; .'lined to become the artistic center of I - With the rnnilne of Middle Ace —There is a letting down in the physical forcr- often shown in atsnoy Ing and painful kidney and bladder ail ments and urinary irrerularitiei-. Foley's Kidney Pills are a sidendid regulating and Etrfngthening medicine at such a time. Try them. J. D. Mundis &. Co. \>TI.A1 HMST Itri .lXiS. Some Wag Has Work<-d Chit a SI:ort Set el' Punt's for J?rlier». SU>' The Ciiiled SraK's The Company is- •ver and iii:e;-e •• l:;i: |iai- numeroii .^l||ipo-".| 'O • .\I I -.\ilto :i aiUiio:"c!i- t lu'ist stop l.i: mrichiii.' with a to io:e-pond •.'•ith pamplile;-- if iri -Jli ;:ctioii for il roiis. A receM; cani sn.'s: The fidloM !:':•-.- ,ilc ha\e lie.'ii i'''"iiii I ly tl ll.-oblb' .Socleiv I—rpon discover illK I Inj: team, t)-- .-luumoiiil oITside and I ••\- lilanket jiaii' • .1 the scenery. ::.—Th'' Si" u limit op co^iiiiry ro.ids this year wl ' a .-••cr'- and the penalty for li'i'atiou wii: 1.' for every mile on offender is cnii.iiht going in excess of it. :{.—pn apiiroael'.irt: u ^\!l•'re he c.-innot ccL.imand a i.r.v of ^he road ahead, ii.- ;iu;o!n..;)i'. mur-t >Uip not less tha'i yards >';,-A (he ti:rn. lofij his hor! . rinp a bell, (iv a revolver, l^a!' 'O. and sei-i! nji tliree bomb-: at in!- rvals of five iiint.s. i —.\utO!i '.iles miisT b<- seasonably painted—thy i--. so ihev will 'i!eig;e with the pa '-iral ensemlde and not be startling T, ••>• must be pr^n in the spring, poll!' in sumi.ier. red in autumn and '.<: ::e In winter. .'i— .\U HI. ;iliers of rlie society will give up Sum.'.iy to chasiiii.' aii'oii.obiles shooting and .-liouting at them, making arrests and oiherwisf discouraging country toi'i-;!g on that day. C—In casT :i liorsi will not i)ass an automiibile. ilie au!o!i!nbilist will take the niachini ;.part as ra)>idly as possible and concai the parts in the grass. It was the Kansas City Star, to b<H sure, whicli. di'^covpred the remarkable story to the effect that among the newspajiers "f ihe land the Star occupies the front rank for truth and veracity. Th" tale is chiefly interesting from the fact that, if true. If is the severest arraignment of the American i>ress ever puldished. have \V. C. sri<'-:s -nrd fill wi 'h candy for tiie Ciiristma- tree. -Mr. and .Mrs. Si .eckler an i :';iiei!y loek il:nii"r .^um'ay wi;!) .Mr. and .M;.-. "\'enilde. .\'i.-- .\nna!)f-l .\ni !russ spent Satur- diy ni:r!it witli .^li.-s Kiitli Keller. .\!i.-.-es ni:in."!;e and .Xrtie P.nynr «f:e guests a!, tiie Daiis home Sun- <h:y. . .Mr. and :\}T~. Van Cami> called on .Mr. and .Mrs Stevcrs Sunday afternoon. .Mr. Keller and son Franz betn dc'iverlng corn to .Mr. Wii'ker f(pr s..veral days. .Mr; (irover .Myers is home from C-Iorado and spent tme day last week ' •virli !iis broilier. Frank. ' .Mr^. Frank Myers and dau;;htrr. : Cladys. spent the iireaier ]iarl of last ' week with relative- in lola. ( Tue^l!ay evenini; wliib- we were | -i.vay from home .Mrs Fiiink Hardin and li'tle Charlotte and (irandma MeCuiie came to spend liie nlu'iit wlili We wer.' \iiy soriv Inilecd. to !o-.' their \isit Tl.ey spen' Ihe nluir -.villi .Mr-; Veiiibb- and l!i'- next day went to yee ll ,e new HtU III .Mr. .1 Kaiii-i>'s. Uii;'; 'K'i'. r was tin mi'-sl of .\nna- !,!-! .Vtrlri!-- :or dinni-. Sunda.N. .Mr--. Ko <!i!ii ciiib d on .Mr> .Myer.- and Mv.' Keib-r I'liiiiy a:iirni;i.;ii The thrisiiini; machine i- inarii in t!iis nei .iL '!.b ^r1iooil .Mr. and .M:-. ^'.' .'•'i!;.-'.ri -I'l nt • Uiy wi'!; M:. ;.n.: .Mr.-. il;;:ry Fronk. .Mr and -Mrs l-.'d-_'ar Tranwiiel rY~ teita'n.d Mrs. Trail.m. I'.- iiio;iier and sis'" Siindav. FDC.VD—SKH^T nWXKR CAX have saii .i- i;y payinL' for ad; T'i2 K. , .Mndi.-on. ' FOrXD—A .'^MAI.I, PACK.'iC.K OF la'.ind:y. Ownrr can liave same by call ing .It Kegister and iip.ying for tills ad .Mr-. V.'i!; Curtis, in imb-ii.nd-.ii"! • < :e on s!i ir" v;s : r:\vtr. wiio 1- IS been liv- •- Ctt Flowers in Cariiation.s for soil;!- finip. is f 'iry.-r.n:!i"in',ims, Xarcissus, _Servia ir. returning houie :or nil occasions, at Prirumer's Green House. 7i.>4 East Lincoln. —"\"ou will find that drugslsts every where speaK well of Chamberlain's Cough Ueraedy. They know from long experience in the sale of it that in cases of coughs and cold-s it can al- way.'j be doepnded upon, and that it is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by Hoses, i all dealers. reakNlr st;:i TON , (;:M .-'i:; j .1711 14 ' in 10 : ' i tile country. I ^Don't forget tlio Salvation Army Phone 10-1.1 Free Dinner effort. Kve:y freak llrws item about a girl* results in her receiving scores.of invitations to marry. Tiie Denver, J ,waitrpss wiio .-aved ].'IM- dimes an'! j blew tiio whole sum on a fur coat ha^; been swamped with of:'er.-. .\ c;.::;:;;- ing little actress in Kansas Ci;\. a niece of tiie great .XIndatne .^lodje^k:'. d;-c:ares that she is keen to quit ti.e stage and write just what she tliinks :or a country paper in a nice countrj- ro'.vn. -As she fs c.'ejr;- witty it is now expected the countiy edit.-^rs r.r.z other-vise r -rovided for will fil! the n:ai!.= with offers of marria.^'e. 1 ; At Fountains & ElsewherQ Ask foi: "HORLICK'S^ Th» Original and ftnatat MALTED MiCK Tiie Food-drink for All il{tt^ At restaurants, hotels, and. fpuntais^ Delicious, invigorating and sustaining' Keep it on your sideboard at home^.. Don't travel without it, '-^ K quick hmch prepared in a nnwia^^ take no imitatioB.' Just say '^ORUCn." yo# in Any MHk Tntk iieari. f .Sun- ^ .lohn Co-iiorn. that jiartnersiiip au!)i in.T confined to its stall in the i :ar.-ige by a busted ?prinp. Is in Kan-a- City for a coujile of d-ays on le^al lju.-iness. Hoods Sarsaparilla Acts directly and peculiarly on the blood; purifies, enriches and revitalizes it, and in t !i :s way builds up the whole J-ys- tem. Take it. Get it today. In usual li'iul'l form cr In cc>.i '.ed i.ii.f)i.i :3 c ^iiitru SarsatatiSi Pianos are becoming more po}> ular every year as the real Christmas Gift. Our output so far this month has surpassed any Deceni^ ber in the history of our store,^ Our continual shipments from the factories are coming in each day to supply eveiy customer with si pick of the best Pianos in the world. ' ' : CHRISTMAS BARGAINS! Do not forget our special bargains in Sli.ghlly Used Pianos at $125. $175, $200, $230 and up Remember our fine line of ORGANS, PHONOGRAPHS, VIOLINS, GUITARS and everything in the music line. ^ Open Evenings J. V. Roberts Music Company open Evenirigs IQLA, KANSAS

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