Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 11
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This reproduction of the No. 2 edition of the Star of Hope of 75 years ago was photographed and printed in Hope Star's plant. While the No. 1 issue, dated Get. 14,1899, is in our files v it couldn't be reproduced at thit time because of the need of extensive repairs to pages 1 and 2 VOLUME L . HOPE, ARK., OCTOBER at, 1899, NUMBERV. * * Though small as compared with New York, London or Paris, the town of Hope is recognized as the best cotton Aiarket in the known world. It is an undisputed and inscrutable fact, admitted by our most jealous competitors, that Cotton Buyers in Hope pay; the farmer more for his cotton than he could have gotten for it had the Atlantic Ocean been frozen over and he had skated the bale across the ice to Liverpool—the great cotton controller of the Universe. Where hundreds of thousands of dollars are annually spent; for the "fleecy staple" competion in trade naturally is very .keen, and the merchant must sell good goods very close. We have th* goods, we put the price on them—and you know what they are really wortn as well as we. We are not advertising to;induce.ybu; buy our goods, but to let you know we are on earth, and to get you .to come to our store and see our jgoods and prices. A few i 1 & '»*> m DRY GOODS Domestics, Cotton Plaids, Jeans, Blankets, Prints, ' All Styles of Staple and Fancy Dress Goods, Ready-Made Skirts, Capes, Jackets and Wrappers. NOVELTIES Ladies' Belts, Buckles, ' Collar Clasps, ( Collars, Fancy-Tfesj. Stylish Hosiery, Kid Gloves, And all the Latest Fads and Fancies. the Latest Styles in Ladies'Head- wear—Hats from soc. to $15.00. Misses Hats in all the Latest Styles Caps in Endless Variety, of Styles and Colors,, in Silk, Sal^n and Wool, y 7 y y y y y y &EE.OUR MESSENGER SHOE... * , SUPPLIES Flour, Meat, Sugar and Coffee, Rice, Molasses, ' ' . '' •-..... . • . . ; *l^,«Bagging arid Ties. In fact a Fresh and Full Stock of Everything usually found in a first-class grocery store. CLOTHING, SHOES AND • ' ' - . '. • , / In these lines we are right up to date, and can fit all ages f. in'Shoes, in.all^the grades and styles... In : . Clothing and hats we have the latest styles .in any grade desired, • • . i • • - i » \ r- ' ' \ \ This is unquestionably the store of Merit and Values. Art article from this house is stamped witt^the brand of << exce l l^nce f ^ .that:facl alone. If it comes from Rhodes'it is good and everybody fcnqws it. -Our reputation forisqiiare-dealing, _,b'j!ilt Vu£v;bV.;> 'years of unceasing labor and care is entirely too valuable to be ^jeopardized for the sake of making a little more profit by selfing/av; shoddy piece of goods. We have never done it, nor never will. The people know this and the immense patronage we e,njoy gpe^i to show that our effort to please the people is appreciated. Here we rest our case and feel confident that you, as fair and impartial^ :jurors will award an unanimous decision in favor of HOPE'S GREATEST STQRB, , . . > -lAL H.RHODES- #4*4* ^4&4*4*4&4t4*4&4*4*4*4t4t4t< A BOOK RECEPTION. > On last Friday night the Hope Library Club gave a "Book Reception" in the parlors of the La•mar Hotel. It was an entertainment of unique and interesting character and was a source of both amusement and instruction. The plan of it was something like this: Each person taking part in the program, represented a book and wore some dress, peculiar ornament or decoration by which it was possible to guess the title of the book represented. After an hour or so of social conversation prizes were awarded to the persons guessing the greatest number of titles, and a booby prize to the one guessing the smallest number. Mrs.. C. T. White and Mrs. Belle Meadows tied for first prize, but on casting lots Mrs. White was the lucky one. Arthur Barlow won the booby. At the proper time delightful refreshments were served. In a social way the entertainment was a pronounced success, but financially it was not encouraging. The STAR will insist that any entertainment offered the public by the Library Association should be liberally patronized. It is a society which will not only improve our people in a literary way, but in all things intellectual and social. The following is a list of those participating and the books represented: Mrs. Boyett, Five Little Peppers Grown Up; Mrs. Gillespie, Bitter Sweet; Mrs. Simms, No Name; Mrs. A. -L- Black, Woman in White; Wanda West, Between two Seas; Mary Meadows, Rose in Bloom; Mrs. Trimble, Bow of Orange Ribbon; Jett Black, White Wings; A. L- Black, Adam Bede; Mrs. LaGrone, Between two Fires; Mrs. White, Woman in White; Laurie White, Man in Black; Nina Briant, Briant's Poems; Frankie Sanders, Bride, of the Nile; Mrs. Turner, A Fool's Errand; Ethel Turner, Tale of Two Cities; Stuart Oglesby, Rose in Bloom; Will Oglesby, Lamplighter; Mrs. Ethridge, The Light that Failed; Mabel Ethridge, Lucile; Mira Sirnrns, Middlemarch; Mrs. S. B. Henry, •Kentucky'Colonel; Lizzie Barlow, We Two, Helen Ruffin, We Two; Eva Barlow, Eva in Wonderland; Arthur Barlow, Pickwick Papers; Mrs. Meadows, Woman in White; S. B. Henry, Dollars and Cents; H. S. Sutton, One Sent. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING To buy from a paper of pins to a bale of domestic, from an infant's cap to a suit of clothes, from a pound of soda to a barrel of flour, don't forget that A, L- Black has it always at the lowest price for reliable goods. Nearly all classes of goods have advanced, but he has worlds of them at old prices. Call on him and see for yourself. HOPE IN 1B7B. •A friend,'and one of the old citizens of that period, after reading our article in reference to the earlier days of Hope, last week, sends us a bird's eye view of Front street taken in 1879. You may see in the picture from Giles" corner to the corner of Main street, and the row of signs which catch the eye are J. R. Giles, Briant & Bayless, Mixon & Hartin, J. L. Ware & Bro. ; , Commercial Hotel, Barr & Co., N. F. Little and Printing Office. The printing .office was the old Hope City Times, run by Blackburn & Storey, which was purchased -by this editor in March of that year and converted into the Hempstead County Record. There' are twenty men in sight; strung along the sidewalk, but the picture has faded some and they are hard to distinguish, though many of them are familiar faces to those who were here then. A DUMB DOG. , W. G. Halsey returned from the big Fair at Dallas, Tuesday morning. He brought a big pug dog home with him. It resembles an ordinary pug, but is in one respect peculiar, being entirely dumb^— neither barks, whines, nor makes any noise at all; and while it is as plump and round as any healthy pug, is never seen to eat anything. HAS FORGOTTEN ANNANIAS, Taylor Brothers, Lynchburg, Tennessee, had a Berkshire sow 'which recently.died at the age of forty-three years. She had lived with the Taylor family all her life. She was cholera proof and was not sick for twenty-five years after having that disease. She raised over 800 pigs, from which money enough Avas made to buy a good Tennessee farm. She was buried on the Taylor farm and a head stone erected over her grave to mark the spot where rests the- oldest hog on record.—Arkansas Cultivator. CAUOHT HIS M4H, Sheriff Jim Ferguson Thursday' got wind of the fact that Prather, under indictment for stealing, was hiding in the borhood of Sam Burns' farm, ( John Doty and they went ..put *;• capture Henry. They didr/tf fi him at the house, but John m'adc drive in a neighboring thicket andi the game broke cover and' ran right into the clutches of the Sher-' iff. Jim is one of the best pfficeys in the State and when he goes after them they had as well down their spun truck." The prisoner wa,s parried; --.'fa. Washington arid will no dottbt, g# to the pen. Double Cane - - Yarnish Splint -' White Splint - Oak Dining Chairs ROCKERS - - BEDS - - - SUITS - --- 93,00 Set of fi 2. 5Q Set of 6 - 2. 06 Set of 6 $KOO AND $?.'OQ $1.50 to $4. 50 - **. - #15.00 , <5urt3ii?$ and Carpets. Severance 5*0.

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