Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISqTO; TUESDAY J1V3BNING. D^jGElMffiER 19^ ^^^^^^ Beginning Wednesday our store will be open evenings until Christmas. We have made special effort to make Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night the Biggest Bargain Day of the season. You will find every department in the house loaded with beautiful and useful presents, at prices that are sure to please you. S1I <»KS Arc ahvays an :iii|'i'>I>'''i>''' Xiiia;> Klfi. Vim win liiid a l;ilKi> as- soitiiiitil I KIC (if dn' I'l'.-^t ((iial- uy and lu'wosi styli'H in suodi-. velvet, wliitr, hlai-k. iinlftns. nun nii'tal. tan ami brielit kiil. prlicii :!!|.:.<i. #1.;:.. fi.:>i>. W. ifi and Sl'HCI.M^l'liiIilr.>n"s and luii^sfs" liliih toji bntton Shoos In tan, pati'iit and pun iiii'tal—in sizes IIji (<> 1\- i)ri(f"d at ^i..">(l HOI SI ; Sl.llTKHS. I^illi's' and fhildron's .luliits in lilarU. Kiay. \vini» and pii-cn; piii.d #1, ^i.riii. jji.r."! Cliildr 'H's l^i'd Comfy Hon ••« SlipiMTs. I'lic.d at i^l.tlO l .adi >>s' ("loihi't Slipppis in l)lm>. jdnk. lnown and sf-'y — lirii .Ml at . T.'ic and I -n !i '>s" lioudoir SHPIHTS in bitic. ii'd. |i;nl<, Idack and brown —priro .l at and Mons Kid Hojso Slippers in lda<k and tan: price. il .'M noi.i.s It's w'lrili roinv: n lont; ways to M'f our Dull Di'paitint'iit — iiio.--t any kind yoii lait wisli lor at vi'ry spc<ial lulcos. l>ol!s- Willi I ?iPi|in' hr-ads. Iii;lit and dark hair, kid Ixidv. jointod. I'ric.d at ... i.V to ^.'..rni I.'.iryi- l!,i!I? with uti'.i:t akahh> lirads and linilis. cnrly hair and jidntcd kid lM)d.v. I'ric-- #1.011 Iir.'ssi'd I>oIls. Ilisqn*' Iifads. _ joint,d body; iirifod.^ljil to ^.511 I loll Stoikini;.^. pair .V. \»v I'.•II \\i;;s . . ._.:{.H- to T.M'- I 'oll Ikads , '_».> 1(> !»-i.)m Ooli Slioi's i!i and lilai'k. I'air _ lUc, iirn- I 'oll Kurs. -t i5r. .")(!«•, T5r I'.dl Cors'ts in wlilt<'. pink, anil blur; prind at . _ '2'ti: (iAMKS K»H timiSTMA .S. Wf liavi- most anything in CtaiiK's you ipiulit wish for. .\nii!:nl Ti n rin<. yricc — "»"c Came <•; ('Ii.'Si^iiidia. prioo ."I'.tr Tl.i' -rivi-At l.iMiily ainns«'im:;il caiij.' Willi taiiji't and rtibln'r tiii arrows: priii' . •"t<>c Klii:« )i. .<w.. 1 hi art I!ook. thn; s. p.. mill..I . Ir. Tricod at irom lOr to .Vic I i -r* i.KMiii:i! r.oous V.-'. - 1)1 .1 ;.ml u-i'liil Cliiistnias ITl'^-l-tllS Two M-.all Militar\ liiiislios in blai k li . . :iMV I'ric. i«;U»« Clork and loniblncd ill led aii.l b'a .k U'atli.-r casi.; prii. .1 at !?:;..'>ll, ifJUKI Nail Kil.'s in fanry l-ath.-r la;-!'; piiif.l at .Vie, ''•••i: \\\n\ III -MI'S I'nbrcakalili' luads .I'.'ir, .VIr Small Dolls . .".c to sJl.-.Ti Doll Swi'ati-rs, priiod at '2'tc SVOKK VIMHI.IS t'hrlsdiia- !'ii»itits for the Hiibj Hot U.'iliT llollli-('ri)cliot fi)\- i-rs: pile- *I.1H( Mot Water lUiltlos — wUlinut croehet covers . (••"•c I'll) Huok. Ii»;h( liliie and pink, liainl painted; prli-e 2.">r to ifl .tMt n.iby Uidilers. bloc and pink; price . _(i .'ic r.aby Uattles. white painted in blue and link: price ..'idr, (U'lV Hat.y Hook in Miie, pink ai'd wlj.e. Iiaiid palntid: priced at from .vif to ^•i.a:* I'ink and blue IMn Iloxos. liatid liainted; price, each _ . ('i>at Hangers for baby, covered with jijiik and bine satin; i-riied at .. _ , #1.110 .\n<l iiK'.ny oili.r beaiitif'.il and lisifnl articl.'^-. I{\SK»\I,I, IM>VS rnbriakablc heads l)n sale at . #1.00 and #lj!."i at WIM U.S I.ions ;iiid IMephaiiis. on sale .Vh- II VM) IIACS^ i;veryilii!i;: t.iai s new in Hand H.i^s von will timl lute at \ei> low priies. V.-Uet l'a;;s. .^Jieif' Haps. Tape-fry l!.•l^,•s. .Mesli Ha^-s, Ite.-id IbiKs and l..:iilier Itaus in a larue of colois am! ;;v:c.>; j.rlii.l :.t ;!."ir. .Mic, J'Sc, #i .'_*."i. !?(..'.<». .»LM)O. .»:j.tiii, >::i..-iO to #|(i..".ti. sil.k srMJFlXJ We have the most beatitii'nl line of Silk SearJins; we have ever shown; very specially jiriced for Christmas, yd 2.">e, 99c, 4 '»r COATS Ladies', .Mis.sp.s'and Clilldren's Coals-a laiKf v.-iriety of .styles to clioo.e from in-plnsb. carii- ciile, broadclnlh, .'^^"r«eM. korsoy. heavy, cheviots iMiil novelties. " Ladles' and .fnnlor's sl/.es, 15; I''., 17. IS. and :U. :!•'.. 40 to •I'l; iirices raiiKt- from , j.:;..'.)*. !iM .<M». #rL.-.o. !?;.,-,o. $sjio, #111.00 to #'j:i.<Mi. Cliildren's sizes L". :;. 4, fl. s, 111. v: u:ui M, I'rI. ...s >jsr\ #1.7.-.. #i'.oo to #7..'iO. HDiKs' snrs till :.nd I '-at mas ItiK assortment of Suits in all newest cloths in plain i-olors iiii\in \cs, all sire;-;' siiitH .-old np to on 'Christ- piiie only #!>.",1.'» SI IK MAISTS Clean-np of Silk Wai^t;;; most iill a uood assortment of colors ;>Md styles: worth np to S 1H:.II; Christinas price ._ ..,. .#;J.'J."> AFTER SUPPER SPECIAL WKDNKSD.VA" NMCillT, from 7::{i» to :t:;;ii. we place nn sale a lot of Ladies' and .Gonts" All ."-"ilk rmbrcMa-:. with jilain tiiis- sion and fancy carved haiidles; our rcRiilar ^:;.riO. T 'n $;!iio and Jl'..'.o xaliie.s; cJioice . .... y i iUW BRADLEY MUFFLERS The bi;>t to be had in all tlw ib-i^lr. d colors—always sold f.ii .Mic. Wednesday iiiKht from 7::'." to '.>::io. yonr <li<ii<e for _ . - - 39c We pay Your Mileage Our At- traetipn is high (iual- ity and low price. FANCY COLLARS and Jabots—a bpnutlful assort- inont to cliooHe front; priced at 2.'»c, H'tc, Mc, tl'tf, 7 'tc «p to $1.50 TOQIES I..adieii' and Ml.sses" Toques In bine. Ted and white, also white with red and bine bands; specially priced at Iflc, DSc rnis • What cniild yon buy that w^onld be more suitable for Chrlsttnas than a set of Furs? We have a larf^fT a.ssortnient of all kinds—marked very special for Children's Fnrs. priced a set from *I.2r), ^L.-MI to ^.'i.OO I-»UIes' Fur Sets, priced at from ^tM to *«.00 XMAS IIA>DKERCniEFS for ladles, pent.s and children— an elegant line to select from, in plain Hnen, initial and embroidered. Marked very .special —price.s raiiRine from ."ir. lOp, 1 .".r, 25c, .t.-ic, .-. OP , (i.'ic, T.'.r, #1 II |> to itS<S.OO. IILA>KETS rUankets of all kind.a, si^es .Tjid- colors, roffon and wool; Rliecially priced for Christmas froiii :,{tc 7.'.p, iSI .Ofl, IfL-i.-.. *I..'i«, #i.rr.. i!i*-'.o» to !?7Jio, TOILET ARTICLES Of all kinds—the best, fo be htid In Perfumes, Toilet Waters. Faco Towders. Takiiin Powder. Toilet .'^oaps. Tooth I'owder and Tooth raste." etc. ART ROODS Visit onr Art CJooda Dctiart- tiicnt and see the nice fhings for Christmas In Center Pieces, Dol- Ueis, Scarfs, etc. Also slanined linen of all kinds. Stamped linen put up in packages with enough floss to work them. Key Rack, Table Covers. Skirt Pocket. Traveling Aprons, Hand nags, etc. Price 2.jr, 50c, 'oc, $1 PTROGRAPHY. Oval and Round Plaits—various sizes and designs; priced from 5c to 75c Hand Mirrors at .^Oc, Goc Ro.ves for gloves,' handkerchiefs, ties, collars- and cuffs; also post card racks; priced tit from^ ^ l .'>c to Tie Racks 2»c to 75c Towel Racks 75c to SIA"} .Tardinier Stands O.'jc Tabourettes 7. JC Work Baskets ..'lOc Pipe Racks . ioc Picture Frames 20c to 35c -And a lot of different patterns. FANCY TOWELS Fine grade of Linen In plain, scallopedand hemstitched, beautiful patterns; priced at 25f, .^e, 50c, C5c and 75c. DRESSER SCARFS Fancy Scarfs in hemstitched, Kcalioped ana eyelet; firiced at .-.«c, r.:.-. 7.;c, *l.0« and $1.25. FANCY CENTERS Special—One lot of (Center Pieces Ir. round and square, l.ico triniincd; worth double the price. Choice »9o GLOVES Chrlatinns Gloves for ladies and children of all kinds. ' Ladles' 16-button length Kid Gloves In white, black and colors. Priced at $3, !W,60, $4 Black Suede 16-button length priced at fSM Short length Kid Gloves, In black, white and colors. Per pair $1 .5(» lianisayK' Special Kid GIOTPS in black, white and colors. Special per pair UM Ladies' Gauntlet Dog Skin Gloves In black and'tan; per I>ajr ^LOO, $l-.0 Indies' Kid Mittens, lined— price, per pair __6.5c, $1.00 Kayser Chamoisette Gloves in black, tan, gray and chamois, lined; per pair 25c 50c Silk finish Knit Gloves, black, white and gray, pair ,—50c I >adle8' Mittens, priced at, per pair 25c 50c Sl -00 Children's Gauntlet Gloves In tan and black; price, pair 50a Children's Kid Mittens, lined: priced at SOc, Hoc Child's and Infants' Mittens; priced at, pair 15c, 25c XOTIOX DEPT. Fancy Back Combs, on sale at __-«1.00, ilSa, «LSO to !J5 .W) Plain Back Combs, on sale at_. : ^2Sc and 50c Plain and fancy Barretts, on sale. .10c, luc, S5c &0c, $1, $1.50 Hair Brushes of all kinds— priced at 25c 50c ll~5 llresslng Combs lOc, SSc, 60c WBima PAPEB 48 sheets all linen paper and 48 envelopes in a box for 25c eiRLS KIDNAPPED A FORMER 101. \\ MKT WITH A IMtJl E KKt EPTHIN. Tied to a Tiliiihonc Pole, J. H. Stein- rod «as Carrc->cd so Yiir<irou>- Iv That he t ttu*<d A^n'st^i. .Mr5. .\<fn Smith .ind .1. I>. St.-inrod. wishing to avoid any demonstration when tiny wire, m.irri.'d qui-iiy slipped away fr.)!n their lioii.e jn Chanute last Friday nipt.t, came to lola and were married by .T. H. Smith. The bridal couple returned home boliovinp (hry "foohd" their friends. But here's what happened to Mr. Steinrod. who liv. cj in lola for several years according: 10 the Chaniitp Tribune: .1. B. Steinrod. a newly married man was kidnapped from bride last night and tied to a telephone pole where he was kept a prisonf r for half an hour out in the ojien air wiili the trniperature belo wrli- f.-n-zinu point. The prank pi- •! by a charivari crowd in which t. . A re a .coodly number of j;irls. .•\fter Mr. S'..einrod had li.- tied iiond and the ijiiis chiiik>ii liiin ujidrr ilie chin and jiatiei] his de eks. He claims they slajiped him. Tiiey de<lare they carressed iiim iienll.v. 'ihis happened on e avenue in the ixiriine north part of the city. Mr. Steinrod was married recently to .Mr.-^. Ada. .M. .'Nniith of i;-'. Lee .Tve- niie. Dic.itise boMi are of mattire y. ars and neiih-r cared for any demon-'ration from their friends, they slipped aw.-iy .ind Ti .nd the ceremony performed with as little fuss as possible. Th.'v w. r.> ci\.ti a c!i:irivari night before lis' aijii thoimhl thai would !ie the .Jill of it. i.asf iiiuhl atiothi r ••rowd lam.-. lis laeinliers sueceed- i-d in i.ipiiirii- .\Ir. Sieiiiro'l and bIn'Jitic iiiai to a pole. He canie down town this morning to have them arrested. City Attorney less Mr. Steinrod would ngree to r:»' the costs in th" case. He failed to make a strong enough case to cause the police magistrate to find th<' defendant.-; >;iiilty. This .Mr. Steinrod di'i not iike to do but h<; took the prop o.sition under advisement. He iiave till' (iiy attorney the names of several nen and piifs a>:atnt whom he wan'cd comphiiiitd ni.ui. HOW THE Gin UWJAPPLIES I Si^ii ('arr>iiii; Ordinance i Onus AiiVct all AdMTtlsliiir. Not PIONEER KANSAS EDirOR DEAD. Srorp Than 50 Years A. II. Sheldon I Was H Rp>iidpnt of Eldorado. Kldonido. Kas., Dec. IS.—Aha M. Sheldon, pioneer •tiitor of thi- Walnut Valley Times, and more than lif- ty years a resident of Butler county,^ died last iiiiiht after six months ill- m ss. He sold the Times last .March ! to his son. C. 0. Sheldon. Mr. Sliel- I don left coiisid'-rablo property. —Pu!aee Kootn.s $l,.''i''i per week up. Po^l Office. Phone 2i;:i. —Pig Cha.-e ttmight. Elite. Tlio following c9ijiunintcation is si'lf-exiilanaiory: j • .Mr. Kilitor: ^ i In yout- Daily Register of yester- i day, in the lirst column on the third i page, reference is made to the fact •that the I'olice .Tudi;e had" imposed a j line upon a ihe.itrical iniyiaKer who I had employed a boy to <;Urry .-j sign Itiround the streets in the business i district advertising his show.' That j tlie defendant disclaimed any know; ledge th:it this form of 'advertising I w;.s illeual and the article calls at- (teirion to the f.icl tlwit signs arc fre- |fiueiiily carried arauqd .town after • the fiishion adopted by lhi?theairical I man. and advises aJI coocernt-d .to I take warning. The tirtict'e. unintcn- ; liona'.ly, of course. Is ralplcading. it i is not illegal to carry ladvertisiiig signs around the businos^Tlistrlct in this city, ir done in accordance with ordin-itiice 5CS published .March -'Sth, 1305; to-wit: An ordinance to protect the side walks and crossings of the city of lo­ la, Kansas, and to protect the people in (he use of same; Be it ordain'-'d by the Mayor and council of the city of lola. Allen County, Kansas: Section 1. That, it shall be unlawful for any person to paint or paste any letters, pictures or advertisements on any sidewalk or crossing in or to carry frame advertisements ' ;.on the said sidewalks or cros^ii::.- > f any street, avenue, alley nt puieie grounds in said city, or to iir;<< ure another to do so. That any pers-.m convicted of a violation of the provisions of this ordinance shall bfi fined in any sum not more than ten dollars for each offense. It will be seen by the foregoing that if persons carrying the afore­ named advertising devists keep off the sidewalks and crossings, out of The way of pedestrains there is no law to prohibit or prevent this mode of advertising. Ignorance of the law e'xcuses no one for the infraction j thereof. So it would be well for peo- ; pie to inform themselves of the city I ordinances and thus avoid trouble. I.A. copy of the revised ordinances of the city of lola can lie found In my i office over Coutant's Hardware store an dls open at tiny time to anyone. I D. C. D. SMKLTZER, I'olice Judge. ; —CIVK YOUR LIST OF PRES! KNTS TO SANT.A CLAUS AT KRESS I NIOXT WEEK. Cl'BINE IX A HOTEL FIRE. ! Former lolan Escaped Scantily Clad I From Kansas City HoteL Charles Cublne of CoffeyvlIIe, but a few years ago one of the members 1 of a theatrical company which played ! several extended engagements in this city was a guest at thd AVelllngton hotel, Kansas City, which - burned ; early Sunday morning, and escaped j by the fire escape route, dropping I fourteen feet to the ground from the ! bottom rong. He got out In a pair of trousers and a coat—^nothing more—and lost a $200 diamond ring given him by his mother a few years ago and his suit case containing some of hia clothes. His trunk had been taken to the depot Saturday evening so he saved its contents. A thirteen year old boy, the son of the housekeeper was the hero of the fire, knocking on all the doors and yelling fire. He arous.^d Mr. Cublne, who upon opening the iioor was stifled by the rush of smoke from the hallway. It was at first believed that at least ten people had perished but today it was announced that no lives were lost. The Wellington is near Seventh and' Walnut not /ar from the'Grand Theatre. The fire broke out in the basement, occupied by a tent and awning concern. The hotel was totally' destroyed. ' —DO.VT FORGET SANTA CLATJS AT KRESS NEXT WEEK. —Give PIcard Hand-pointed China, from Burrell's Drug Store. —Pig Chase tonight. EUto. THE DOOMED SALE AT THE FAMOUS IS STILL GOING ON! M HoUday Goods Included in This Sale! 1 ' :'f Conibination sets df Ties and Hose to match, $1.00 quality cut to 69c; Silk Ties in fancy boxes, woVth $1.00, cut to 69c; Silk Lined Coll ar Bags worth $1.50, cut to 98c; Silk Knit Mufflers, 75c value, cut to 45c; Silk Initial HandkeiThiefs, worth 15c, cut to 3 for 25c; 50 dozen Silk Ties worth froni 50c to 7oc,|Cut to 25 Pocket Foot Gluvs (slippers) in leather case, $2.50; Interwoven Hose, 4 pairs in fancy box $1.00;'Silk Mufflers worth $1.50, sale price 98c; Fancy Suspenders from 25c to $1.00; Suit Cases and Traveling Bags at greatly reduced prices iii this Doomed Sale.'

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