Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 1, 1976 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1976
Page 8
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Living on the Financial Edge in New York; You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet NEW YORK — (LENS) — New York City's finances remain as precarious as ever despite last year's infusion of federal funds. City officials now admit that they may have underestimated this year's budget deficit by $300 million. But this revised projection does not take into account cuts in federal and state aid, increased welfare costs and lower than expected revenues, so the true deficit is being calculated by informed outsiders at about $1.7 billion — twice the official figure from City Hall. The city will probably manage to put off another financial crisis for a few months. But it seems impossible to avoid a fresh default in the fiscal year Astrology starting in July. Only Draconian cuts in the budget, or a new and large dose of federal assistance can save the city. Neither salvation seems forthcoming. On the surface, though, no one appears concerned. Both Mayor Abraham Beame and Governor Hugh Carey have denied that they a re deliberately deferring budget cuts in hopes of receiving additional federal help after the national elections in November. And the secretary of the Treasury, William Simon, expresses confidence in the city's ability to repay its borrowings. Nevertheless, the budget cuts made so far are inadequate to achieve a balance. Mayor Beame, with the acquiescence of the state-dominated financial emergency control board, has trimmed a great many services and has cut the municipal labor force, but he has refused to eliminate many programs. He has also ignored the increase in debt service costs, the short-fall in tax revenues and the underfunding of the pension system for city employees. The mayor's critics charge, with justification, that he is delaying fresh cuts until after elections this year or the mayoral election in 1977, when he is rumored to want to run again. 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He also has chosen an impressive group of businessmen, skilled in accounting and management, to improve the city's operations and to deal with the state. His aides have proved a more formidable team than the one that Carey has managed to muster. Timei Herald, Carroll, la. Thunday, April 1, 1976 8 Moreover, Felix Rohatyn, the Lazard Freres partner who was appointed to run the Municipal Assistance Corporation and restructure the city's debt, has joined City Hall in advocating "backloading" — delaying spending cuts as long as possible. Rohatyn, who, has persuaded the trade unions to invest their pension funds in MAC and city debts, now takes a much milder approach than he did earlier, insisting that drastic cuts in the city budget would cripple its economic prospects. He also argues for tax reductions for business and rich residents as well as more state and federal aid, calling for a state takeover of the city's criminal justice and college system. As for the mayor, he is resolutely opposed, for both political and economic reasons, to going much beyond the reductions he has made already, fearing this might bring a total breakdown. Backed by the unions, Rohatyn and Mayor Beame are gambling once again on rescue by Washington. Even if there is a Democratic.-victory in November, the risk of the city's collapse is high. Beame no longer has recourse to the kind of manipulative devices that masked past deficits. He will have to deal with new demands by the unions who, now that they have invested some $2.5 billion of pension-fund money in New York City securities, are in a stronger position to resist layoffs or a continued freeze on wages. So, sooner rather than later, the city's shortfall will become apparent. It may well be that the mayor is correct in his assertions that any attempt to force New York City to live within its shrinking means would spell economic disaster. But so far at least, the city has not even tried. 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