Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 4
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It has often been said that the most popular present one person can give another is a watch. A person looks at a watch a dozen times a day; the recipient of one will use it more than anything else you could give. We have a large assortment of elegant time pieces and you will be sure to find one that will suit your pocketbook and your taste. G.A.Leffler, Jeweler SojBth Side S4a;irp. PIIOM: 125 Electrical Goo -m- Chafiiig Dishes Coffee Perciiators Flat Irons (highest efficiency) They certainly do make splendid gifts SEE THE LINE AT- WBEi Game and Poultry . For Christmas yoti wir find here In greiit plenty —if you come early enough. "Open" weather has made good tiirkoys scarce; but early comers will find their needs sup- jilied—turkeyp, chickens, ducks, Koesi-, etc. Meata of e\eiT de- tUn\\e kind—beef, muiionr pork and veal. \Vc are prepared for Chri.tinaE catering in the meat lino. ' .^i OTTO HINZ£ Phone 291 Highest fVIarket Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 E lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, DEbEMBER |I9,19; L 1.! EXT MN JITIIDOLUB ADYEBSE GOVEBXMEXT REPOHT PUSHES FUTUBES UP. Ko dtange to Speak of in Cattle and llog Quotations—Spelter Is Strong. a (Uv thp Assoriatotl Pr<'ss) Chicago, Dec. 19.—In view of his shrinkage exhibited by governmenis final figures on wheat yield of 1911 as conii >ared with previous estimates wheat rose. Oi »€Jilng was % to % oft to H up. May sarted 99% to %. varying from % lower to % up, rose to 95 Vi: May 9916(& May 64%; May 48 VJ ; July $lo.57tf.; May »16.0ii; May J9.42M:@ 463 »1.00?». CloseDec. %; July 35%&\i. COKX—Dec. 63>i@%.July 6414®%. OATS—Dec. 45«4@%. PORK—Jan. July J16.20. LAiiD—Jan. $9.22»i; 9.4j; July $9.5T.%. Citiciigo Lhrstork. Chicago. Dec. 19.—O.ATTLE, receipts S.UOO. Steady. Ueeve.s ?4.60^«) .S.^iti ;stockeri! and feeders $: J .25 S i>Tti; jfo-.v? and heifers |1.90(fr«..")0. IKHIS—Receipts 29.000. Slow to. steiiiiy. Lights |v.."<.')5i 6 .10; mixed $">.-, 70 *16 .2."); heavy fi.2.".; rough. J.'...S.-f.i 6 .1)0; pigs $4..".0C».-..TO. ; ' St. LouiN (•niln. St. \Mi \\s. Dec. 19.—WIHOAT Mi.y '.i9V4fii%: July 93%. CORN-.May 6.-.'^?|%,- July 6.".>4 III-:."— DfT. 48; 40. St. LoiiN Mvestork. St. I.oui?. Dec. 19.—CATTLE, re- celp:.- iJiVt). Steady, .\allve steers $4..•.(!'./9.i :.'i; cows and heifers tZ.'^idj 7.(;0 ;srockor3 ami feeders |3.2."i4ii>.2ri. linCrS—keceipt.s 14.r.oo. Steady to five higher. Pigs and lights J4.7.">® ; 6.00; moxed $.'>.7.%Ti 6.o0; heavy ?6.10l (fi6.30. SI. Loiil.s I.eiid iind Spelter. St. Louis, Dec. 19.—Lead $4,3.;; .spelter, strong, J6.20. Ktin .Sis Cits Grain. Kansas City. Dec. 19.—WHEAT, receipts, 11 cars. Ca?h wheat*,- ed. No. 2 hard 99Vi«i;l.02: No. 97 ffil.C4; Xo. 2 red. 96(g97; No. 3, 94 ©95. Close—Dec. 97Vj; May 99%; July !»3 >i. CORN—Unchanged. No. 2 mixed, 64(5 6.5; No. 3. 6iyi (g62Vj; Xo. 2 white §.i @66: Xo. 3 e2M :(?i64. Close—Dec. ensi; May 6 .1 ; July 64%. OATS—Unchanged. Xo. 2 white 48'.i!^49; Xo. 2 mixed, 47 %@48V6. RVt>-93@94c per bushel. HAY—Weak. Choice timothy ?19.- .-.0«i20; choice prairie $13.25@13.r.O. BROOM CORN—?70@140 per ton. —If you are troubled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberlain's Tablets makes them especially suited', to your case, for siUe by all dealers. —C ".iitKtma& Trees Shannon's. and Holly at —r;g Chase tonight Elite. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. 19.—CATTf.B, receipts 7,r.00. strong to ten cents higher. Xative steers $5.2.-0 S.T.'.; cows and heifers J2.7 .-(fz 6.7 .i; stockers and focders $3.7.-|(g3.7r.; bulls $3.5U@ .5.00: calves $4.00(87.75. HOGS—Receipts 20 000. Steady to five rents up. Heavy $»(iIG.2.=>; packets and Imtchers $6.0006.20; light.* $.->.60(06.10. Kansas rity ProdnfP. City, Dec. 19.—BUTTER— Creamery 3 .'ic; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stock 20Vi. KGC.S—t^ctras 31c; firsts 2.->; sec- on<ls 17. —P!g Cliase tonight. Elite. n.lCK TO THE F.UI.H FOU LOTS. Petition .\Kk« Tluit Two Blocks BP Set- Out!ilde the City. The city corami!?-sioncrs are billed for their regular weekly meeting this afternoon, but so far as could be learn ed nothing if importance was billed for consideration. One communication received to be submitted to the commission. It asks that blocks five and six In Davis* second addition to tola be set outside the city limits. There are no buildings on this ground wh!:h is on the extreme west border of the city. There Js however, a well developed frog i»nd. and this nuisance to the neighborhood wiU be drained and cultivated if the petition ' sets It outside the city limits. There' was an Impression today that the pe- titi.-4i might be. allowed. —Pig Chase tonight. Elite. •CHRISTMAS COMES BUT ONCE A YEAR" says the old song. It's too bad it doiesn't come more frequently for our pleasure and the pleasure-we give; for the joy and good will which the season brings and cultivates; but maybe once a year is enough for our pocketbooks. You'll find this. store particularly a place where suitable Christmas gifts for men may be had; we're giving you a small list of them here, just as a hint of what you'll find here; there are a lot more not in this list that are waiting for you here. , Bath Robes with Slippers to match $3.50 to $12.50 Pajamas, Night Vests' $r.00 to $3.00 SHIRTS $1.00 to $3.00 HATS $1.50 to $3.00_ . * SHOES $1.50 to $6.00 Sweater Coats All sizes and prices Suit Cases, Grips and Trunks A Big Assortment Special Pant Sale $3.00 PANTS for $2.00 $4.50 PANTS for........... $3.50 Just received by express 100 pairs of Odd Trousers -T -all young men's peg top, three inch turn under, turned belt loops, styled right up to the last tick of the clock. Regular $4.50 Pants at $3.50 Regular $3.00 Pants at .$2.00 Sizes 30 to 34 waist only. • JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT OF NEW STIFF and SOFT HATS HOSIERY Silk and Lisle.. 50c Lisle, Mercerized . .25c 2 pr. in Xmas boxes 50c 4 pair for $1.00 TIES 35c, 50c, $1.00 and $3.00 Umbrellas Ask to see the new-one $3.50 Collar Bags Utility Cases Ccmbination Collar, Tie and Handk'f Sets Handkerchief, Hosiery,, and Tie Sets WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO THINK OF SOMETHING TO GIVE A MAN FOR CHRISTMAS- THINK OF THIS MAN'S STORE WE'LL HELP YOU ALL WE CAN. West side Square lOLA KANSAS —The Elegant Une of Pretty Millinery selling briskly at half the marked price.—Richardson's. y The Christmas Gift Supreme »0W.\ THROlTrll THE fHBlSTMAS filFT OF filKTS H.VS BEK.X A .MCE W.tR3r IfOt'SE SLtPPEB FOB HEB .VXi» \ SUE E.VSY SLIPPEB FOR HIM. THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE WILL BE ()PE.> EVERY ETEMXG THIS WEEK. Indies' H-arm felt fur trimmed House SMppers. regular $l.uO values 9Se .Men's regular $1.00 House Slippers .V)e .Men's regular $1.30 House Slippers 9SC WITNESS HAS OiSAPPEIIIIED Peter Dalil, Chanred IVith Was Released. .ls.«.inlt To elose out our lieavy Winter Shoes we will give you prices that Trill interest you. Uead the prices below: Ladies' Suedf Button Hoots, regular $4.r ,ii and $5.00 values. $2.18 Ladies 16-Button Silk Hraded Velvet liouts. hl^b heel and arch, regular $4 and $4.:.0 value.« -^48 Ladles' l<>-button Uoots in tan. patents and gun metal, regular $4 and $4 .50 values 12,48 Ladies' Cravanette Button Siioes. regular $4.00 values : $1.98 Ladies' Shoes in patents, gun metal and vlci kid, button and lace— regular $"J .UO and'$3.r.U values -.J ,--.$l.»8 Ladies' Shoes iu patents and vici kid, button and lace, regular $2.!>0 mjio . Hoots in patents, gun metal and vici kid, button and iJt-e regular |2. $2.50 and $3 values, sizes 12 to 2 .JIL96 Sizes 8»,4 to ll'i- *W* Sizes « to S- - - tVW \ values, our prlr< Misses' high top .lockcy Misses' Shoes in patents, giin metal and vici kid, Ijuiton and lace; ' regular $2.50 values $1 .48' Misses' vici kid Shoes, button and regular $1.50 values -9S*,' Children's Shoes, regular $1.00 values 50c;: tMen's Shoes in tan, patents and gun metal, button and lace, ^egular^ » $4.00 values, our price $2.48; Men's Shoes in gun metal, box calf cud vici kid, regular $3.00 and' $2.50 values, our priie $1J8' Men's Work Shoes, regular $2..'0 values . - $1JW Boys' Shoes in patents, gun metal ami vici kid. liulton and lace reg-' ular $3.00 and $3.j»0 values HM, Roys' Shoes In gun metal and box calf, regular $2.5o va!ue; -.$1.5D.' Uoys' Shoes In gun metal and box calf, sizes up to i'. rog'.ilar $1.50, values our price - _ -.98e Boys' high lop lace and buckle Bobls In tan and bUuk. rrs'ilar $3.00 \ values, our price - - — $I4W^ We Pay ar re ISHOE STORE G. W. Reeves, Mgr.; , Wljen the case of the state v.<;. Peter Dabi was called in the court of .fus- tlce .lame.'! P. Duncan this morning, County Attorney James Is. Taylor found himself handicapped |by the absence of the prosecuting witness, Andrew Freeberg. Dahl was present ready for trial but as tliere was no -»ne lo appear against him he was re- 'eased and the case dropped for the iiresent at least. Preeberg's- whereabouts are not pos Ulvelv' known. It is said that he Is not at his home near Savonburg and no reason Is given for his failure to appear In court today. Freeberg alleged that Dahl assault?d him while he was talking to the '.alters brother near Savonburg about two weyks ago. The plaintiff's face was fairly good proof that something had happened to him. t".\MEL STE.\K AU Y.MDEVILLE. $100 Reward. SIOO. it* Kaderi «• tab jafyn will tr p\n»>^ to lean (hat tlKte ti al kwt ooe ilna>t«4 alaruic that teieace MJ orea MiM lo CUTS In all lU ataxia, and tliat k Oiurtb. HaU'j Calarrti Cure b t^c oniir pouUva cm aaw known to U M netliral ftacrmtir. cataxrti tMas a conaututunal diH'a*!. rrauiia a coratuo- itaarH trraUnrat. iRira caiairti Cun; ta taim to- >niaUr. artuii dlm-tir upon ilic blood and murcm •urtaofl of thf oitcm, Uwrrby dratraybut itw 'cundaHoi of ihp "-dMrajr. and alrtna titr patlrnr. Irmtt^ by binl tint i.p Uie connltutlon and amUt. ag iwlu* n C-ttne It- »i>rk. The pnpnrtan h«« o nn-h lilth n lu cuntm powrn that ibty oOa •tw i.iii ><:rHl Man tar Any caac that It (alii t. urr. »< lor i>l of trMlvonlali Aidrvm P..». ClirXEV 4 CO.. Tolcdft a Soft y all ft. iiTttta. ;3c. —It be to yoar Interest to buy your Hour and feed of H. Klcumann. «>« 8. J^ffewop. Phone 859. ^ HiimptiarVed .IrtJsflc Failure to be Served by Parts Chefs. Xew York, Dec' IS. —Roast camel is the Christmas culinary novelty in thn fashionable restaurants of Paris this year, according to advices received here. Paris chefs in search of the customary eccentric delicacy, for their annual festival found the bear steaks served last year rather tame and missing the elephant's foot, which figured prominently on the menu of 1909. The opportunity for presonting the revelers this year with real camel was afforded by a Hamburg animal triilner, who turned over to the Paris butchers three camels whose artistic capacity had proved a disappointment to him. SIFFB-VCJE IN K.VVS.VS. So Counties Oreantzed for the Coming CHmpalKn. Topeka. TJPC. IS.— Thirty-fwp Kansas poiintlps have been organized for woman suffrnpe. and two more will be organized this week. Headquarters for the association will be opened In Topeka ^January 1 pnd the campaign for th'e women of Kansas to win eounl enfranchisement with the men wil Ibf on In full blast. Noted 8p «ak- ers will come to Kiinsas to urge tl^at the women of this state be given the right to vote. Among these will be Jane Addams of Hull House, Chicago. —Frpp-Potted Ferns Christmas week at The Union Pacific Tea Store, in addition to our Profit-Sharing Checks, to each and every purchaser of Tea, Coffee. Spices, Extracts and Baking Powder. See tlie wlndow8 ..i<i- The AUDITORIUM; SKATING RINK will open for Skating on , ThuF^ay Evening Dec.2l,at70'clack 1 and SATOROAY December 23rd Afternoon and Evening: ADMISSION Evening 10c Skates 15C; Aft'noon 5c Skates l(fc • Notice. lola Council \o.~84 Sons ft Oaii ters of Justice, will hold » meeting in iS. W. A. ball WedMkhn^ eventng, December tO. 1911. ' 'i,.

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