The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 10, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1977
Page 8
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IMOK JU-NAtJOATtJCK XKWi-i (CONN.). TlOJUSnAY, AUG. 82, IMP Officers' School Class At Yale Will Be Graduated Now Hnvnn, AUK. 31—(t;P>—Tim third uncl flniil C!;IHH In thu utiiff offlcot-H 1 Mchooi for AHlatlc MtudloH nt Yiiln will bu Ki-iidiiiitud tomorrow, The cliiHH IH conipoHod of -115 colo- nol», llfutt.-nunt colonwls, and uui- Jorn. .Some of thorn will bo ii.H.ilgn»d Immediately tu rjw-nif'fut duty In tho Orient, Tin- COIII'MII l« ilo.iltfru-d to I rain tlui offlcttr.s for work on Intnr.ullled comrnllti-o.i /mil corn- mlHfilOriH In thu Vnr Kiist In con- rioctlon with occupation forc-o.i. About 75 pel r cent of nil PI living In Indite, (li-pund upon Inf; for thiilr llvcllhuod. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Dou lorn fuiy rourkMnoyi oontnln 1C mll«» of tiny tuLoHuFnitern.whlohlifl!E> topurlfyttur tikxid mid k«>p you livulthy, Whon thvy Kut llrtd iind ddri'C work; rliila In thu tlHytlrni.., znnny people h«vcrtoorat UE> nltfhtn. T--re<itiunt or icnntypiuAnKuriwUhuniurtimrnrvd burning RomeUmoif Hhown thfru 111 nomi'thln^ wrontf with your khlnoxu or bUidilor, Don't ni'Klcct tblu condition luiUJo»nviiliiftolo,voiitful»luop. Wti.n (ll»or<l.irof kiilnuy/unction yorniltJ poUonoun inutti-i- to rnumln In your Wood. It m»y H|»O cuiun nitifKlrii: bncl(iit-lK<> rhuumiitlu pull!*, lutt puliiK, IOHH of vi'ti nnil 1'iiurv;/, •wclllnu, pullliniia undur thu aymi. litudnchui) nod i)«jMM, » Don't wultl A»kyour dni^Klut for DOIID'O PI1J«, H ntlrntilnnt diurutlu, uxvd HimuuHii/iilly by nillllonii for over 40 yynrw. DOIIII'M tflvo Jiuppy rtlltf und will help tho 1C, mlk'u of klufivy tuL»wu lluiih out polnoiiouj* WMIUU from jftut tilootl, OvC l>unu'» J'lll.1. Rubber Company Develops New Aircraft Wire A" now ulrct-Hft wire which ro- diicoH tho flro huznrd tmcl light- on.-! th» wolKht of plnnps wns nn- nourri-cl today by United States Rubhor Company. Thu product is 30 pfi- cnnt Ufrht- or thun conventional cli.-ctrlcnl wire. If uMnd In 11 pluno lh« Mint! of the li-20 Sii|)orfort:-rn.H, It would save riniirly 300 pounds. Thu rinmiifji'oof Insulation con- dints) of u Inyiir «f glass fiber -to Iniiuro Circuit Intiwity nnd u flrc- nj.'il.stiuH HynthcHlf! rubber nppllnd by n specliil dipping process tic-' vi'lopotl by thii company. Tho over- nil (llrimotnr In 15 per cent smaller Ihiin conventional aircraft wire., Ki.-cent te»t.i show It to bo highly rc'slstant tr> nil, chpmlc.'ils, inli- ,icw und fun){Ui<. Thf ni>w wire Is known nil Nno- hiy, lOiuflni-cfK miid it will bo -of "I'f-fit nld In iili-ci-iift imiriiifiict'ur- ni'H Sfcklnsr to Incruasi! tho pay loud and I'lini'i; nt planet; lhrot!>:h wirlght reduction. Thirty-Five (Continued From Page"-One) VISIT Otm 2ND Ic-.r.OOU U I-TI.I, SI-/.K clems A voi'TH nuns A SANI* IJWXKS Z MVIMi ON AIKTAI, MTAND • until niAiits 5 AIKTA1. IIAIIV CAKKIAOKS BENSON'S KIDDII-: SIIOI' l.'tl) SOUTH MAIN ST. Wiiti-rlmry •Obo'i-lln collude Elizabeth -Culver, Luscll. Junior college; Dot-othy I-a- (,-unn and Lorraine Wlalnsiii, .both Woyllster; Victoria Dulepshl, Bi-y- ar' collc-gc. . :,nnkl Rtiytkwjch, .Columbia unl- vci-Hlty: Joitn Tracy, St. Joseph's collcfre; Robert Cancloe, New Mexico' school of .mines; Thadcleus CJrabowskl, Georgetown university; Jiitnen Eovny, Bullis Preparatory school; Wu'itoi- Suczesiul, Univorslty cjf Connecticut School of Pharmacy; Lots Wulch, EdKOwoocl Park Junior o-ollCKc; Mai'Kat-ot Baldwin, Wel- losley calloito; Irene .Kuraltis, Val- pai'ulHO collcgo, Gladys Kluly, Texas .Technological co!l*if,'«: Charlotte O'Connor, New Haven State Tcnchnrs college; Jo.veph Suchenskl, yirflnia Polytechnic IiiHtitule; Anne Byrne, Ann- hui-st collof,'"; Patricia O'Donnell. Oi-ocn Mountuln junior ccjIlniT";' Edllh Hermonut, Ui-enau colluffe; J-;iilph Dnniliinn, Cherfiii-e Acud- uiny; Carolyn Anderson, M.-u-y A. Biirnhnni school; Jane l^'.iccin, St. Ha|)l-.ut.-rH hosplliil: Flenrletta 1 Olda- kowtiUi, Wutni-bury hospital; Wil- ll.iiii Pi-ossrr nnil 1 John Kane New Britain Slum Teachers colloKt, Conference 1IAO LONG TKIP Miami, Fla., Ailff. 22—(UP) — Eightuen Estonians have completed a fiO-dav trip in u. small' boat from Sweden. Bu.t immigration authorities are temporarily 'denying them entrance into tho U, S- until their 'status la cleared up. The Estonians arrived without cnidentials. An estimated PO per cent of tho forest lands now being logged in 37 Umber-production states IB being left In a condition suitable for re- MOfding a new tree crop. (Continued-From. Page One) '.,. minted-with the Veteran's'Adminls.- ihutlon In- the Waterbury area, and Nancy Dolaney, executive-secretary of the Veterans Advisory Center of Watcrbu'ry. ' . '•' , '"' Dr. Price told tho group that 35 per cent of "those suffering from f-pilepsy can be trained i'or employment a'nd adjusted to/enler-into so- citil activities; 35 per 'cunt may be 1 developed along other'linu* and 30 per cent uru complicated eases suffering -Kevci-e injurfcj.; . . ,' . The disease Is not inherited, and may not show for three to flye. years after a brain Injury has been, sustained. The reason veterans, advisors are interested in"thu- subject is due to many votrans having rceivt-tl injuries due to concussions, .wiih tho possibility, that the disease' may .-how later..' •:[• ' . . .' The .disease, may/be. treated with, medicine, uncl several new medi^ cinus hai/e bL'crj.Jem'ployed recently, which have proved wucces'sful. Doctors are'more certain of-a'cure for .tho disease tliari tlie uctiml cause; Progress has been more evident in Ohio,..than other states'through the assistance-of the Crippled Children and Adult association;. It Is hoped' Connecticut will bev gin an intensive drive 1 'in the treatment of epilepsy! Causes of vcter. an.i developing, the''fliscase .might be as •the", result .of .deprivations in Army and Navy lif(i,'lack of necessary foods, extensive .use of K rations and other .war.conditions. There Is ivtr'eTid 'to^interest Congress in graViting .Veterans -Administration 'the right to;grant pensions to vcterahs 'if i't i.s'found the veteran has dove'lopec! epilepsy five years after discharge and. that. It was In no way caused by accident! after discharge. • i BEAeON FALLS Correspondent, Thomas IfiUpirtrlck, Telephone 48C3 Sem|)lenski Seen As Candidate lor Selectman Democratic Machine In Hartford Has Suffered Defeat » , Hartford, Aug-. 22—(U P'i— Th formerly powerful Democratic or Kanizatlon Is wondering thisimorn inpr what hit it. . '•;.. ' The machine suffered ah- over whelming- defeat last th Dem' caucus—losing in seven or nine east side and .'"'north en' wards, Former Alderman Rocco p. Pal lottl emerged aa the new polltica strong- man—having- won all thi twenty-one delegates for state sen ator in the third district. He received 3400 votes' agal.nst 2, 000 for hia organization opponent— Alderman Joseph J. Faullsp.- A three-way 'race In the scconc district failed to give »iny candidate a clear-majority so the senatoria .•nominee must be chosen at the city convention next Tuesday. Farmer Alderman Alfred F, Wecljsler paced the field, capturing eighteen, delegates. Former Alderman Samuel Lebori got 'fourteen and Alderman Simon Bernstein won six. t In the first district, Alderman-at- large-P/itricfc J. Ward overwhelmed Navy veteran John F. Monahan. QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS . iM^:r?^---;'^^ &*$$&••:?:••':•••••> aivW. ...X«;--'. ^A-' v;V?-.- ';-V-'V - PTv.v tt"Twil\* • • '''''"'' v's • *•'••* i •••;-." •••:•''.'••••' v , v ' •".'•• '.7 • .'.! 'V',it^'''*' 1> M5- 1 *(Lft*^Wsf-JV 1 ^\ *i" ','" ' V'-'-v-^- ( •' A '• \*'' ' •. ••• "'">'« teM'tA'V'-'v-. •'••W.- • „„;•;;!•-.' "..,-.,•;•". -:.••"•';'•;•• :: Wood «ofra\ine by U. MoCormiok buxjd upon tho original Of Course! /Means Fine Tobacco! Democrats Suggest Him As Logical Nominee; Conletb Kiernan Not To Run The Democratic voters of Beacon Falls will hold their annual caucus Tuesday evening, Au»f. 27, Prank Wood, chairman of the Democratic town committee an. nounccd today. The' meeting will be held In the town hall and will begin, at 8 o'clock. Since Conleth Kiernan announced his decision of not running for public office, it IM expected Frank Sem- plenskl will receive the nomination for first selectman this year. Mr. Semplenski was suggested as the logical candidate at a recent meeting of the Democratic town committee,' Other of/Ices for which candi. dates will be nominated are: Assessor, board of tax review, grand jurors, constables, registrar of voters, board of education, and the board of finance. Delegates will be named to the Democatic State convention, County convention, Senatorial convention and Probate convention. All local party members are requested to attend. Democratic Club Meetw Tonight .The Polish.Amcrican Democratic club will hold a meeting tonight at the White Eagle club. After tHe meeting refreshments will be served. Members are urged to bring their friends to this meeting and social. Schlosscr Released Capt. Richard W. Schlosser has been released from active Army duty after seven years' service, and is now on terminal leave. Capt. Schlosser, who is planning to move :o Battle Creek, Mich., in the near future served in Hawaii early in the war, and in the European war at the end of the conflict in Bel jium, France and Germany. Edward Mitchell Discharged Edward Mitchell of North Circle has been discharged from the Mar ne Corps after two years of. ser /ice. Former Pfc. Mitchell'served n -the army of occupation In Japan ust prior to his return to the United States several' months ago. IITA1LIIHID I in THERE'S A CONNOTATION OF QUALITY EXCLUSIVENESS AND STYLE LEADERSHIP IN THE NAME MARK CROSS. The creative genius of the House of Cross in anticipating* the needs of men in leather novelties is almost magical, artistic craftsmanship steeped in the lore and traditions of their craft and imbued with a pardonable pride in their product is the stimulus that gives the impetus to the creative urge of the House of Cross $5 to $80. WANTED ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. Tel. Waterbury 4-1694 and Reverse Charge HIGHEST PRICES PAID The WATERBURY HEATING Co. In Home Heating: 84-36 SPRING ST. 4-6478 I.AWNMOWERS GRASS CATCHER WALL PAPER IN STOCK PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S; HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone BM VlKitins: Miss Thelrria Jones is visi-ting rlends at Beacon-on-the-Hudson n upper New York state. Mrs. Charles Giddings of Florda and Dr. arid Mrs. Charles Luft f Stamford are '(Current visitoi-e t the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howrd Jones- Carnival Ends Mondfiy The carnival now being conduct- d at Noe's Held on South Main treet, by the American Legion and Beacon Hose company, will con- inue until Monday, on which night, ho three grand prizes which have •pen on display locally for some time will be awarded. Inclement weather that curtailed activity of the affair its first few days has forced the extension of the time limit on the carnival to two additional days. Keceives Compensation Compensation Commissioner Harry Krasow yesterday approved $313.81 compensation to Mildred Lee of Main, street in her claim against the Homer D, Bi-onson Co. of South Main street. The settlement is to be paid at the rate of $15.99 weekly for 19 weeks, Mrs. Le<i suffered a no per cent loss of the second left finger by amputation, in an. accldcn-t that occurred at the plant June 12. Too Late To Classify WANTED — 1. 2 or 3 FAMnLY HOUSE. Cash waiting. John C. Kiernan, Walter H, Hart, Inc Wtbry. 4-S129, After 6 p. m., Nauga-tuck 5707. BICYCLES For Boys and Girls Immediate Delivery! ! ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN 8T, TEL. 6162 NnugatiiGk, Conn. Time "to.take another look at the ever changing economic picture, and the effect on your family budget, , - ; Time to consider your Savings Program—does it measure up to current day needs. Most people need t\vo programs—one for emergencies—the other for the future. You can begin today—und with as litfle as $3.00 —to build an account that will guarantee comfort and security in later years. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK 1870 (EVENTV FIFTH ANNIVERSARY I94S All £fPO<IT< FOILY COARANTEEO GUS SMOKE SHOP? 402 North Main St Union City * GUB Kllmaszewskl, Prop. s Maguzlncs - Periodicals { All News-papers - Candy Smokers' Supplies, Novetles, etc. Our Jumbo Banana Splits and Fresh Fruit Sundues Are The Talk of the Town: : CORNER CANTEEN S93 No. Main Street ' "Dom" TtllMIro, Prop. EDDIE'S Corner Spring- & Diamond Ste. GROCERIES - VEGETABIJE8 FRTJITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4919 Edward Vlnskauckas, Prop, : Highland Package Store |: 93 Highland Ave. — Tel. 3983 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of NauRatuck Try NEWS Want Ad*,— They Brlnif Revolt*. VISIT OUR NEW IENLARGED GIFT SHOP [Adjacent to our main store for KLECTRIC APPLIANCES GLASS & CHINA WARE WROUGHT IRON WARE •. FIGURINES and other suggestions QCHNEERC *^ CREDIT JEWELERS^ 142 South Malr. St. — 4-2706 Free Pencil Box With Every Pair of SCHOOL SHOES Purchased at NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6136 COAL Cosfrs! WITH THE HONEYWELL OAMfi* CONTtOl By Injtallinff Ih* Hon«j-w»ll Elictilo Janitor dampvr control vou can «ay» up to 30% on your coal bill. Think what thii lavina rovani during jut on* boating ••alon. W« har. Eloclnc Janilon In itorji now. Call u« loday, b«(or* th*' jupply i* gon*. lor lull Information. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236

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