Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1911
Page 2
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Taint no uaethinkln' of trouble an' sorroF Things that's Konf by ain't no placa in out heartK Christmas is comin' a week from tec- morrer. All' right from this minute ther frolickln' startes! The Maple Jjeaf cjub was entertained Saturday eveninj, December , l«th, by Miss Onal Denton.. There were thirty-live present. Dr. S. A. club, which was highly appreciated. The club donated. »5 to Mr. Al Smith, whose house was burned last week. Refreshments were served and every oa9 enjoyed a pleasant «v«iUnf. Miss Wiima Casebeor, who has boon visiting .Miss Josephino Riddic returned to her home in Independence yesterday afternoon. + • * —Give a Fountain Pen from Burrell's Drug Store. V • • Miss Gladys L, Smith, stenographer for the Beck Furniture store and Mr. E. W. Baker of the Sheboygan Chair Company, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin were married Monday in Kansas City, Mo. After a trip to Chicago and Wisconsin they will be at home in Parsons. * * * —For Party or Catering work, call Miller. Phone 826. * * •> Mrs. 0. T. L,aOrangi« entertained the . Unity club yesterday afternoon and the second chapter of "Peer Gynt," was analyzed. Miss Josephine Riddle was a guest of the club and played "In the Hall of the Mountain King." by Grieg, the music for the portion of the play which was studied Mrs. Miller McCreary presented a paper on the "Life of Ibsen and Character of His Work." + * * —SANTA CI.AUS AT KRESS ALL .\EXT WEEK. * • * To me the highest education any woman can have is that which makes her believe that her greatest usefulness is at home and her greatest duty toward the state is the giving to the nation of children—the future citizens. Women have done the same Kood service for hundreds of years. Thoy have been our home keepers and the mothers of our soldiers, and let me toll yon that the home women of my country send their husbands and brothers and sons out to the battlefield with a coursge us great as that nossesscd by the soldiers themselves. There's where woman shows her strength and splendid citizenship and uatriotism, and when she can send her lighting men out to battle does that woman liavp to worry because of oppression from government and fcom such men? No, I believe not.— Admiral Togo. + * * . —Magazines at Mundis Drug Store. ^. ^ ^ Miss Hartley of Salina, and Miss Hailie Nichols, of Garnctt, are guests of .Mrs. S. L. Jackson. Miss Nichols name down to sing for the Current Events club at their party yesterday afternoon and has been visiting Mrs. J. O. Osborne and Mrs. Jackson. * * * —SANTA CLAUS IS AT KRESS ALL NEXT WEEK: BRING CHILDREN WITH XMAS LIST. * -J- * Miss Margaret Curtis left last night for Pasadena, California, and will vis it her aunt Mrs. John H. Hobbs. Many friends of the family, remembering that Mr. and Mrs. Curtis pnsounced the engagement of their daughter some months ago. also the fact that her wedding would occur in December, expect to hear''of her marriage shortly after her arrival in California but nothing definite in regard to her plans has been given out. * •!• * —Kodak Albums, the best made. MundU. - + + * The senior English class of the high school, iiot the class of 1913', however, but those w*ho are doing advanced English work, will read the play "Macbeth" in the high school auditorium tomorrow afternoon, Miss Paddock gives the class the choice of analyzing . Shakespearean plays and doing research work or memoi^zing the lines. The class chose to memorize "Macbeth." In, order to ji>-e each pupil his share of the worlTno l^one bfts bee^ tiMigned t^e lines 9C one icbaraeter all through, the play but the several scenes are. to be given by different 8oUi-^of pupils. Tliey will. not dress In costume and will use only equipment -^\dit^ is absolute ly ncces^ry to k comprehensive rciitl ing of the play.' ' . " •r-Cards Card ^ Okmes-, . CJHbbaRe Boards, etc., at Burtell's Driir Store. • » .> .. No mpro. deli&htful gaihorinf,' >)% club women has taken place tliis witi- ter:than the party ;given by the Current Events club yest^^ny at tUe home of Mrs. R; B. Stevenson. TBc party wa«. the much-talkedrof celebr;*- tion of-, fbe olub'a tweUUi birthduy and was a veryhappy social affair.- A few weeks 8R0, when .the ent«-r- tainment' committee began 'to tii ]k about divcTsion for the.afternoon H was decided that a miuklrcl .pcrforui- nnce with plenty of really funny songs snd stunts would be glvi-n l>;it everybody who was aKki 'd ID lak<' part was so busy for ('hrlslinas th:it no actresses could bi> sccur-il. ^o the commiflf'p iilanned a mlsrellaiir- ous program of music and rociiatlocis and askc<l several friends to hetn. Miss Nichols of Garnott, who has iitl- od many engnKcmcnts with a lyccum company, was asked to come and siiig for the club but the remainder of tUe numbers on the program were given by lolans. Mrs. .V. Shaffer read aft(?r Aliss Nichol's solo and was so ent!e/'- tainlng that th-? audience. pre8iim (,'d upon her good nature and called hfir back several times. Mrs. W. O. Lefi- hart and Miss Oretchen Ziegler played a piano duett; .Mrs. Vincent r^ cited and there were other readiiij^s by_Misa Ruby Reed and Mrs. Fosi«;r Beeson. Miss Adelaine Lyons wir,s another guest of the club who added music to the program and everydije enjoyed immensely a lullaby song I by five little girls, Nellie and Wariea Davis, Helen and jCJenevleve Gr^^n and Ruth Bouton. The singers wefe dressed to represent aged colorcid ladies and sang in dialect. v After the program the company went to the dining room where ^a spread of almost all the good thinss mentionable was ssrved buffet fash- Ion. Mrs. Stevenson was assisted | by her daughters. Mrs, F. C. Wirt aud Mrs. Trombold of ^anute; also a number of the club members and the limcheon time was Informal. The table was gay with tinsel and Christmas decorations and in the other rooms the Christmas colors and plenty of holly and other green were suggestive of the approaching holidays. The club membership changes with each passing year so that many -of those who belong now have taken, the place of women who were active in club work when they were younser but who no longer take part in snob things. When tlje birthday parti- is planned all the ex-members aroi invited and yesterday as usual, niiiny attended. Current- Events was j 5hc first study club organized In lola |and had Its first formal meeting December 17, 1899. SoroBls and the Cnlty club were formed by women who felL a greater Interest in things which Current Events study courses did not cm- brace than they did Jn the programs it's members preferred. The Ctub has always had miscellaneous programs .which provided papers .ind study which kept them informed aa to topics of current interest. Guests of the club yesterday were: .Mrs. D. H. Brewec Mrs. John Henderson, Mrs. Acres, Mrs. IPolonel I ,Jin- yon. Miss Gretchen Zic-gler, Mrs. N. F. Acres, Mrs. E. W. Myler, Mrs. Piul Klein. Mrs. George Vosse, Mrs. .T.,.K. Baker. Mrs. G. E. Fox. .Mrs. W.-S. BurdIck, Mrs. John Laury. Mrs. C." F. Coleman, .Mrs. J. O. Osborne, Mrs.^J. H. Price, Mrs. Ridgeway, Mrs. F.-L. LONG PLUSH GOATS —SALE PRICES NEVER. MATCHED OAy $15 for all silk seal, full length Plu^h Coats, deep shawl collar. Others ask $25, Here special price $15.00 • Only $20 for genuine Salt's Sealette Plush Coats—^guaranteed satin lining—in a variety of colors. Same Coat priced and sold all season at $30.00; only , , .$20.00 Cloth Coats $10.00 All Cloth Cloaks now cut in price; choice of . any long colored cloth and reversibleXoat that sold up to $17.50; our price $10.00 At $6.95 Winter Coats formerly $10 and $12—Coats of kersey, broadcloth, a big assortment of fancy mixtures. Garments sold all season at $10 and $12; reduced to $6.95 All Suits Reduced Without reserve we offer big reductions on our entire stock of Tailored Suits. AH $25 Suite reduced to $15.00 All $20 Suits reduced to $9.75 FURS! We offer remarkable values in Dependable P\irs, Fur Sets special $3.98, 6.50, 750, $9.75 and $15 CHRISTMAS GIFTS! That Are Easy to Buyj .\iiBP.trs BIBLES HOOKS BRI'SHEK BOX PAPKB.S CALENDARS, CIIIXA, HANI> P.UNTEI) > DKESHI^G C.ISES : CHKISTXAS C.IBD.S JLEATHER. GOODS MniRORN OFFICE NOVELTIES PEBFPMEEB^ POST CARD Al.BIdl8 STATORY ClosInK ont at Hi most yonr own pricP, on tevenil Une't. ' Ames, Mrs. C. E. Perham, Mrs. Geo. Trombold Mrs. A. W. Beck, Mrs. G. A. Bowlus, Mrs. Will Saar, Mrs. M. L. Brewster, Mts. F. C. Wirt, Miss Hailie Nichols,. Garnett; Mrs. A. L. Boatright, Miss Bula Reimert, Mrs. Harrison. Tlie club members present were: Miss Adda Adams, Mrs. C. H. Vincent, Mrs .E. D. Curtis, Mrs. W. O. Lenbart, Mra W. E. Lyons. Mrs. M. M. Anderson, Mrs. R. A. Ewing, Mrs. J. W. Marker, Mrs. William Davis, Mrs. E. W. Myler, Mrs. Phil Heigele, Mrs. E. P. I.«gah. Mrs. L. Sleeper, Mrs. \i. E. CoSield, Mrs. M. M. Stoddard, Mrs. Thomas Parkinson, Mrs. T. F. Zeigler Mrs. N. Shaffer, Mrs. S. A. Ellis. •t- •:• -:• —Give a nicf pa<-ka«r of that fine L -andy nt liiirrcl'.'.s llruK Store. •> Mr.s. H. K. .Wwljy and stin of Capo Glrard <ini, .Missouri, iirc vi.'-.iiing iior sister, Mrs. C. ('. V .;. <• —Kodaks the |ui|iul:ir ^\M;. from %\ to $2r. at .Mundis. .;. •> .> .MisH Knin-a Hydo of KiniK.i and Miss Margaret iiyde, cf City, will be liiTi- into this wick to snend the holidays with tlirlr HISHTS. Misses Hess and Louise Hyde. •:• —Moni'sinm .ind nfltv-r sift .Stationery at BurrcM's i)ru« Sio:c. of ferns fronj which radiated decora- ' tions of green. The snpiier consisted of creamed chicken, en .•i!i"~t] !;ci.-i;n -s hot rolls, salad, olives and other rel- , ishes; coffee, ice cream and cake, i Mrs. C. C. Ausherman, Mrs. J. B. Man ley. Miss Louise Hyde, Mrs. F. L j Travis, and Mrs. C. S. Morris had i charge of the dining room. * j The following guests from out of , town were present: From Garnetl— j Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Coleman, Mr. and j Mrs. Charles Neil, Mr. and Mrs. Jlil- I burn Craig, M;:- and Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mr. aud Mrs. Charles Garrett, Mr .and Mrs. Frank Hunt, Dr. and Mrs. Benton Mr. and Mrs. A. Gwyn, Miss Grace Johnson and .Miss Mary Gilbert. From Humboldt-Mrs. .Vannio Wake field, Mr. and Mrs. Shellra:;n, Jlrs. Cushman, Dr. and Jlrs. Paynn, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Mrs. Wyatt Mr.s. Caroline Bafcy. FKISCd WRECK l.\ JII.SSOIRL Engineer and Firerann Both Killed and others Hurt. Till- iin :;'!iil in.«-t:iPHtiii!i of ollTi rs elected to sfrvfi in (lie Knat -rn Star chapter is always the occH'Jlcn of a reception to ti;" inforuing oPicrs but this year tlic c'vi-iii vas inor-.' ihaii the usual scclal call»rii :st of ni<:n- bers of tlio c'hap'er. Ou--tfi won" here from 0;irr>»>jt and H'in>))ol'!t and after the Ins 'allation n batKiuot was ser \--"d. Mrs. C. I.. Wl-.itakcr was the instal ling officer of t.iie evening and conducted the ceremonies vory impressively. Mrs. Jclm Andorson was chaplain. Mrs. S. A. Cotlman pianist and Mrs. C C. Aush.-^rman, mar.^hal. The folhjwHig ofliCRi-8 wer -s installed: Worthy matron—Mrs. J.B. Kirk. Worthy Patron—Dr. O. L. Cox. Secretary—Mrs. H. C. Chapin. Treasurer—Mrs. E. T. Wilson. Conductress—Mrs. W. Z. Barlles. Associate Conductress—Mrs. F. Everline. Chaplain—Mrs. Anderson. Pianist—Mrs. Coffman. Ada—Mrs. Roy Foster; Ruth—Mrs. C. F.. Morris;Esther—Mrs. C. P. Sohcll; Martha—Mrs. O. L. Cox; Elcc ta—Mrs. John Delap.. Warder—Mrs. Varner. Sentinel—S. C. Fitch. After adjournment the lodge members and guests were served with a two-course supper. Six tables were"! arranged. One of them held a pret* tlly trimmed Christmas tree and accompanying decorations of red and green and the other five represented a star. One table was trimmed with blue.ribbon; one in yellow and yellow chrysanthemums; a third in white ribbon, white carnations and calla lilies and another in red ribbon and a boqnet of red carnations. The fern is emblematic of the chapter and one of tlie tal>le9 ba4 a center decoration (Ily the AssDClutotl Press) Mountain Grove, Mo., Dec. 19.— Running 30 miles an hour, north- iKJund passenger train number 100. on the "Frisco," was derailed near here today .killing Hugh Colvin engineer, and William Ragan fireman, both of Springfield. Mo. Several passengeis were slightly injured. The locomotive turned completely over, .scalding and cruBhlng the crew. A TRAVELING BAG OR A SUIT CASE for Christmas will sure please—a present that will last a life-time. Let us show you. See Window Display FOKRAL OF .IIKS. FARHEK. KiMiiains to Best Beside Hnj<hund to Jlighland Cemetery. Another Veteran .Mu.stered Out <Bjr thp A.-wnclated Prea."i) St. Joseph, Mo. Dec. 19.—Captain B. F. Buzzard, a Civil war veteran, for mauy years prominent in northwest Missouri politics, died here today, aged seventy-two years. Pictaid(5na- There Is a charm in beautiful China that Is hard to equal, and there Is no other China as nice as PIckard Hand Painted. It will pay you to see our stock and make gift selections before the choicest pieces are sold. DRUG STORE The Bexall Store West Side of the Square The fiiiieiai service for tlic lato. .Mr.<. .MalUf A. I-'armer, who died at the lionic of lier daugliter Mrs. W. H. Cook Sunday evening, was held at the home tiiis morning at 10 o'clock, conducted liy Hev. W. H. Owen, assisted Ijy Itev. G. W. Sliepard, pastor of the I-'iist iJaptist church. Burial wa.s inaile in liigliland cemetery be- .side tlie remains of T. B. Farmer, hus- liand of llic deeeased who died in this city .ianuary 14, 1910. .Mrs. .Mattip A. Payton Farmer w^as born near Fulton. Callaway county, Missouri, September the 25th, 18'41. She died at her home in lola, Kansas, December the_ 17th, 1911. Aged 71) years, 2 iifcntlls and 22 days. When a clilld, Mrs. Farmer's parents moved to Harrisonville Cas.s county. Missouri, where she grew to womanhood. On .Vovember the 2nd, 18.=i7. Miss Mattie A. Payton was married at her home, to Mr. Thomas Benton Farmer, of flarrisonville, Cass county, Missouri. This was a happy union and Mr. and Airs. Farmer maintained a delightr ful Chri.«tian liojnc for more than fifty-iy,o ypar.-<. wlien death entered and claimed the husband and father oh. the 14th r.f .January. 1910. Mrs. Farmer was converted when about fif teen years old and united with the Bajuist church. Harri.sonville, Missouri. .\t the time of hpr decease, she was a meni!)er of the Baptist church. J.,a Harpe, Kansas. She was a quiet, conscientious, faliliful Christian woman. She was a loving and devoted wife, a kind and affectionate mother, a true and sincere friend, and wt ac- comniodaling and obliging neighbor; loved and esteemed by all who knew: Jier. 11 may be truly said of her, she was a good woman. She leaves to mourn her departure from this lite, her son. .Mr. Frank Farmer, of Spring field .Mi ^•Eouri, and her daughter,: Mrs. W. 11. Cook, of lola, Kansas, with a large number of other relatives and friends. —Chri.-^tmas Trees and Holly Sliannpn's. —Pig Chase tonight. Elite. at

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