Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 24, 1969 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1969
Page 6
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6—A THE REGISTER.NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRTDAY, JANUARY 24,_J9_G9_ By NADINE ALLISON SOCIETY EDITOR What's cooking in the kitchen? Soup — and lots of it. Especially on dreary days like the ones we have been having this week. Soups have been considered a basic food, like bread, kind they like. . . Having tile installed in your home? Keep leftover pieces and turn them into handy coasters and trivets. All you need is a backing material such as cork or felt and down through the ages. But as! some strong, clear-drying glue of today soup no longer is used in the dining-room. Soups of all kinds are being taken on picnics in thermos bottles, purchased with which will adhere to the tile. Pretty and useful. . . -o- -o o- When you are speaking of by factory workers from vend- j soup, really there isn't anything ing machines for lunches, and I better than just plain vegetable shipped to service- men all over soup, made with a big beef bone and beef stew meat, Wanta try this one? VEGETABLE-BEEF SOUP the world. And when you are ill, and so many are with the flu bug, including yours truly, soup is so very good when you just don't seem to want any food, but realize you should eat. I always tried to feed my family old fashioned potato soup, really so easy to prepare and 11 can Italian-Style tomatoes so good. I feel sure almost! 1 tablespoon worchestcrshire everyone knows how to prepare , sauce PERSONALS Mrs. Howard Laird, Mr. and Mrs. James Laird and Donna Laird have returned to their home in Waltonville from Knoxville, 111., where they attended the funeral services for their son-in-law and brother-in-1 a w, Cleveland Sloan, who was killed in an automobile accident. Mr. Sloan, his wife, Karen and daughters, Ann and Amy have visited in the Waltonville area on various occasions. -o- -o- -c- Mrs. Gladys Lorenzine of Centralia shopped in Mt. Vernon Thursday. Peggy McCann of Ewing was a business visitor in the King City yesterday. Wanda Garren of Walnut Hill transacted business in Mt. Vernon Thursday. Maude Mullinger of Dix visited the King City yesterday. Mary Champ of Woodlawn shopped in Mt. Vernon Thursday. Marlene Wood of Wayne City 1 and Vi pounds beef stew meat was a business visitor in the and a large beef bone. 4 or 5 carrots, cubed. 1 cup chopped cabbage. ] s cup onions (chopped) King City yesterday. Viola Chesnek of Ashley transacted business in Mt. Vernon Thursday. potato soup. . . but just in case a young homemaker hasn't 1 beef bouillon cube 2 teaspoons salt. tried to make this type soup, i \u teaspoon pepper. here is a recipe for such. — ONION-POTATO SOUP 3 large potatoes (peeled and diced). 3 cups water. 1 medium onion (diced fine). 2 teaspoons slat. 3 cups milk. One-fourth stick margarine. Pepper to taste. In large kettle place potatoes, onions and water. Cook until potatoes are tender. Add salt, pepper, margarine and milk. Heat until serving temperature . . . being sure not to boil. Serves 4 to 6. -o- -o- -o- If you are making a gelatin dessert, pour it into muffin tins. Add a different kind of fruit or vegetable to each muffin cup and let the children choose the 2 bay leaves. Put meat and soup bone in a heavy 3 - quart kettle; cover with cold water (about 4 cups). Add seasonings and bay leaves. Bring rapidly to boiling. Reduce heat. Cook until meat is near tender point. Add vegetables, cook until vegetables and meat are tender, about 2 and one-half hours. Remove and discard bone and bay leaves. Cut beef meat into bite size pieces and return to soup. Mix in tomatoes, worchestershire sauce, bouillion cube. Cover and simmer one-half hour longer. Serves six. -o- -o- -o- Closing thought . . . The years are beginning to add up if it takes you longer to rest than it did to get tired. Hutchcrafts Wed 53 Years Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Hutchcraft of 1204 south 13th street will observe their 53rd wedding anniversary January 26. They are the parents of three sons, William Y. Hutchcraft of West Frankfort, Rev. Roscoe Hutchcraft of Aurora and Vern L. Hutchcraft of Belle Rive. They have fifteen grandchildren. No special plans have been made for the occasion. MR. AXD MRS. GERALD WAYNE FARMER The United Methodist church es accented with pine sprigs. DEAR ABBY . . . Dad's Temper Gets The Best Of Him Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: At age 81, after having been a widower for many years, Dad married a shrewd little 73- year- old lady. She bad dollar signs in her eyes when she married him. Alter four months, Dad left her saying, "Now I don't have to die to know what hell is Lke." The problem: When Dad walked out on this lady, he said, "I am sick of you. Take what you want!" (The house and everything in it was Dad's.) Two days later when we went to the house, we nearly fainted. The place had been stripped. She had taken everything including carpeting, draperies, fix- turts, stove, refrigerator, and she even uprooted some of the plants in the garden! flow, Abby, you know Dad was not of sound mind when he told her to what she wanted. What should we do? Don't suggest a lawyer. Dad IS a lawyer. TWO DAUGHTERS DEAR DAUGHTERS: Whether Dad was of "sound mind" or not when he told the < grasping little chisler to "take what you Wont," she took him literally DEAR ABBY: I've been married, tor 15 years and my biggest complaint is the same one I've had ever since I was a bride. My husband "surprises" me w'th unexpected dinner guests. He doesn't even call to give me a few minutes notice, he just walks in with company at .nealtime, and says, "Don't go to any extra trouble. Honey, they'll eat whatever we have." I could just wring his neck! Sometimes I have skimpy left overs and there is only enough for our family. Naturally I'm stuck, and have to be a good scout, but I wish I could cure him of his stupid thoughtlessness. COMPANY FOR SUPPER DEAR COMPANY: If *your husband has been "surprising" you with "unexpected" company for 15 years, it's time you expected it. Quit being a "good scout" and start being, a "Girl Sonut." (Be Prepared.) CONFIDENTIAL TO "SHORE ACRES:" It is a common and tragic misconception that people who threaten to commit sui- Dad surely knows that doctors n4n never do - Nearlv everv one fall ill, consult other doctors,! w!l ° has committed suicide has and lawyers with legal prob- i warned others of his intentions. Jems, consult other lawyers, soi Tt ' s wel1 worth while t0 take School Menus Rome: Monday: hot dogs on bun, kraut, mashed potatoes, cheese cake, milk. Tuesday: goulash, lettuce salad, peanut butter, fruit, bread, butter, milk Wednesday: ham and beans, cold tomatoes, cheese, fruit, cornbread, butter, milk. Thursday: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, celery sticks, fruit jello, bread, butter, milk. Friday: baked fish with tarter sauce, vegetable jello, buttered peas, creamed rice, butter, bread, milk, -o- -o- -oSummersville: Monday: spaghetti with meat sauce, buttered peas, lettuce wedge, cookies, bread, butter, milk. Tuesday: peanut butter sandwich, green beans, carrot sticks, peach halves, milk. Wednesday: baked turkey pie, mashed potatoes, celery sticks, ice cream bar, butter, bread, milk. Thursday: oven steak with gravy, pinto beans, potato salad, creamed rice, bread, butter, milk. Friday: wiener on bun, pork and beans, pickle chips, pineapple rings, milk. -o- -o- -oMcClellan: Monday: tuna salad sandwich, creamed potatoes, lettuce wedges, cake, milk. Tuesday: bar.becued pennies on bun, potato chips, vegetab 1 e sticks, fruit, milk. Wednesday: macaroni with cheese, peas and carrots, salad, peanut butter and honey on crackers, bread, butter and milk. Thursday: niaide- rite on bun, hominy grits, chilled tomatoes, Y2 orange, milk. Friday: turkey pie with gravy, salad, jello, bread, butter, chocolate or white milk. -0-00 Bluford: Monday: bar-b-que on bun, fried potatoes, buttered corn, peaches, milk. Tuesday: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit gelatin, bread, butter, milk Wednesday: macaroni and cheese, peas and carrots, but- of Orland Park, 111., was the setting for the December 14 candlelight wedding of Miss Maria Jean Richardson and Gerald Wayne Farmer. The Rev. Leon Leathermfln officiated. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. De Forest Tressmer of Orland Park, 111., a former resident of Mt. Vernon, and the Dale Ehmbe was bst man. James Cummings was usher. Little Beth Cummings' was flower girl. She wore a full length gown identical to the maid of honor and carried a basket of white carnations, yellow roses and pine sprigs. • The bride's mother wore an A-line green brocade coat-dress Socially Yours By NADINE A party will be held for the cast of the Red Stocking Follies and their guests at the Elks Club Saturday night at 10:00 o'clock following the last performance of the Follies. -o- -o- -o~ Mrs. Frances Frey of Dahlgren will be 80 years old January 28, as reported by her gran ddaughter, Bern adine Drone. . . Mrs. Clara Blanton of 1120 Welkins will be 88 years old January 26, as we were told in a telephone call from a neighbor, Mrs. Eunice Etheridge. . . We do hope they will receive many other cards along with the one we are mailing today. -o- -o- -o- One of the birthday gifts most appreciated recently by a Salem woman was a six months subscription to the Mt. Vernon Register-News. "It is my home town paper and I enjoy reading it very much," says Mrs. Nora Gaston, 310 S. Pruyn, Salem. Mrs. Gaston, who grew up here and spent part of her married life in Mt. Vernon, writes that her birthday December 30 "was a wonderful day for me." "My daughter, Louise made i me a beautiful cake that we so much enjoyed," Mrs. Gaston said. "Then , at evening, my eldest great granddaughter came in with another lovely cake." Her company on her birthday included her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends. Mrs. Gaston reports she received many gifts and cards. course. Interested parties •Smmrp T)anrp Course. JUUCI"...— i- - - TSuare d'ance will be held should call Mrs. H. W. Hannah Sunday afternoon, January 26,! at 266-7291 and be at the Feb from 2 to 5 p.m. at city hall Jim Baur of Evansville, Indiana will be the caller. All western style square dancers are welcome. -o- -o- -o- F.O.E. Auxiliary , The Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary 2791 will meet Tuesday, January 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the club room. All members are urged to attend. -o- -o- -o- World War I ruary 17th meeting to sign up. The February 17th meeting will be an entertainment for artists — but everyone is invited to watch Mr. Barker conceive and complete an acrylic painting done to the accompaniment of stereo music and special lighting. January 25 and 26 are the dates of te Kiddie Art Show. Pictures will be on exhibit from 1-8 p.m. Saturday and from 1 - 5 p.m. on Sunday. All mamas, papas, aunts and uncles are cordially invited. Auxiliary ™ e ™** idT y ^11?%™* ! American "Wion "°" Auxiliary Meets of World War I will meet Tuesday evening January 28 at the American Legion Hall. To celebrate the birthday of the barracks, ( a covered dish supper will be served at six p.m. All members are urged to attend, and out-of-town guests are welcome. After the meal, The American Legion Auxiliary met Thursday evening, January 16 for its regular meeting at the Legion home. President Norma Jones called the meeting to order. The colors were posted. Mrs. Helen there will be a short business Lummel, acting chaplain, in the ' absence of Chaplain Shirley Wilson, gave the opening prayer. The secretary and treasurer's reports were read and approved. All committee reports were meeting separately of the aus- iliary and the barracks. The auxiliary members are requested by the hospital chairman to bring nylon hose, buttons, and cancelled stamps to the meeting. These will be given. Mrs. Judy Pressgrove was sent to Veterans' Hospitals for ; welcomed as a new member There were five delegates appointed to attend the 23rd district convention to be held at The Mt. Vernon Art Guild met \ St. Marie , 111., February 11. rehabilitation work. -o- -0- -c- Mt. Vernon Art Guild late M. F. Richardson. The' with £° ld accessories and wore bridegroom is the son of Mr. j a cor sage of red and white stri- and Mrs. Joseph Farmer of ped carnations. Carthage, Tenn. A reception was held immed- ~ ' , _ . Jiately following the ceremony Mrs. Alma Rouch, organist in the church basement. The played a prelude of nuptial se- 1 bride - s table cen terpiece was of white carnations and yellow roses entwined with pine sprigs. A three - tiered, wedding cake, hors d' oeuvres and punch were served by the ladies of thg church. Coffee was poured by Miss Natalie Edwards. Mrs. Phyllis Anderson kept the guest register. The bride is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Van Horn and the sister of Stanley Richardson all of Mt. Vernon. They were unable to attend due to the illness of Mr. Van Horn. After a short wedding trip to Tennessee, the couple are making their home in Forest Park, 111. The bride is employed at George Coiffures in Western Springs. The bridegroom is employed with the East Texas Van Lines, Inc., of Chicago. lections, "O Perfect Love", "If Thou Art Near," the processional, by Handel and the recessional "Trumpel Tune" in D by Purcell. The bride was lovely in a full length A-line wedding gown of satin. The Empire bodice featured an oval neckline and long sleeves with appli­ ques of Chantilly lace and featured a detachable train. The shoulder length veil of illusion was attached to petals of lace edged in pearls and crystals. She carried a cascade of stephanotis and ochids. Miss Carol Przychodni was maid of honor. She wore an A- line gown of burnt orange peau de soie with a flowing train. Her sleeves and headpiece were trimmed with Mara- boo. She carried a bouquet of white carnations and yellow ros- Woman's Club Supports Swimming Pool Here he should see a lawyer. But' ^"'^ threat seri °u s ly and urge tor, bread, chocolate pie, milk, he'd better look for a furnished * at P erson to seek hel P- Thursday: creamed chicken „„„„ f , „. j .. green beans, sweet potatoes, apaitment in the meantime Everybody has a problem, bread, butter, apricots" m i 1 k' H w know that what's yours? For a personal! Friday: hot dogs on bun, baked ' to attem P* to sparkplug enthu DEAR ABBY: I The Mt. Vernon Woman's club held its regular monthly meeting at the L and N Cafe Tuesday with a very excellent attendance present. A number of very, important recommendations of the board were presented to the membership and after serious discussion were favorably acted upon. In keeping with the aims of the General Federation' of Women's Clubs as well as the state federation in the community improvement program for the years 1968- 1970 the members of the Mt. Vernon club voted apple sauce, milk, w.en children are young, they rGp i y write to Abby, Box 69700, | beans all "experiment" a little, but Los Angeles, Cal„ 90069 and en- cream what do you think of four and ', close a stamped, self-address- i -o- -o- o- J'™™™^ Playi " g " doctor " ? Gd envelope. Woodlawn: Monday: CONCERNED For Abby's Booklet, "How To; ble soup, peanut DEAR CONCERNED: It's ail Have A Lovely Wedding," send, wich, milk, sugar, right as long as they don't S1.00 To Abby , Box 69700, Los j Tuesday: bar-b-q meatloaf, but- siasm among other civic clubs in the city as well as citizens jand officials in going on re- v „ t . cord as favoring a municipal h,,tw c i swimmin s P ° o1 for the ci ty of rnnl-1 P fl Mt Vernon - The lowing reso. operate. 1 Angeles, Cal., 90069. tered potatoes, carrots, milk, SERVE THE BEST ENJOY PRIME BEEF CUSTOM CUT From Grigg' Shop At Home The Convenient Way By -Phone For Personalized Service And Fine Values lutionw hich is self- explanatory was. approved by the membership : "Whereas the members of the Mt. Vernon Woman's Club are interested in the civic growth of our community; and we recognize the tremendous expansion prospects of our city; and that our • city presently lacks many recreational opportunities we would like to go, on record as favoring a municipal swimming pool for all the people of Mt. Vernon. We have noted with interest that in the many surveys that have been conducted locally the number one request has been, for a municipal pool. We feel the time is ripe further call on all citizens to cooperate with any city committee or council members in successfully completing this project. Date January 2, 1969. Signed by Doris G. Olson, president of the Mt. Vernon Woman's Club." Another recommendation of the board that was accepted by the membership called for the establishment of an emergency number by The Illinois Bell Telephone Company that can be used by persons in distress. The number 911 has been used in many areas throughout the country and the members plan to engage in a writing j campaign to try to bring this emergency number a reality for Mt. Vernon. It is hop^d other clubs will follow suit and engage in a campaign to get this service for our community. A sum of $10.00 was voted to be used to help defray expenses in the fight to save Allerton Park, near Champaign, from being flooded. The Allerton Park has been used as an art center and is a project of the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs. Mt. Vernon has provided an art scholarship at Allerton for local art students selected by their instructors as having talent that should be furthered. This year's scholarship awared will go to Tom Scherer, who is a senior at the Mt. Vernon Township high school. Mrs. J. P. Carnahan, program chairman, presented Melvin Ge McRills Wed 50 Years Mr. and Mrs. O. A. (Dick) McRill of Wayne City will observe their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, January 26. They were married January 19, 1919. ^ The Wayne City Christian church members will hold open house at the church educational building from 2:00 to 4:00 o'clock January 26. All relatives and friends are invited to attend. Those attending are asked to please omit gifts. Mr. McRill started in the store business in Wayne City with Ralph Payne in 1921. In 1924 he bought out his partner's share of the store. It then became known as the McRill Department Store. The McRill's operated the store until retirement in 1959, when they sold the building to John and A. B. Clark. The McRills have been members of the ' Christian church since 1933. He has been an official board member of the church for 35 years and was chairman for over 15 years. They have no children. January 20th at the art building on Benton Road to enjoy slides of local birds and to investigate the possibility of starting a third art course. Robert Barker of Vandalia was invited to talk to prospective students about a college - type, concentrated course in some of the art subjects he teaches. *• Mrs. Norma Jones was elected as delegate to the patriot convention to be held in Chicago, March 18. Mrs. Elinor Little was elected as alternate delegate. Refreshments were served by Norma Jones. Hostesses for February will be Linda Allison, Ramona Reid It appears that a painting and Nadine Allison. class including beginners and advanced students on Wednesday nights from 7 until 10 p.m. for ten weeks would draw the most students and come closer to getting the 35 persons registered that it will require in order to hire this teacher. One does not need to be a member -o- -o- -o- Duplicate Bridge A regular game was played Monday evening. Winners were Mrs. B. Carkin and M innie Cleek, first and Rev. Robert Freytag and R. Pullis, second. Games are played every Monday evening at the Elk's Club of the Art Guild to take this at 7:45 p.m. First Baptist Church To Present U.N. Program Noon Optimists Pace Maharajah The Noon- Day Optimists are leading in the Maharajah contest being conducted as a feature of the Red Stocking Follies. Lions Club is second, Kiwanis third, Rotary fourth and Breakfast Optimists fifth. The contest is being continued through Saturday. Votes may be cast at the three local banks. The Maharajah will appear in a harem dance scene at the Saturday evening performance at the high school auditorium. On January 26 at 7:30 p.m. a program on the United Nations will be presented at the First Baptist church on the Salem Road. The speakers will be Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Leys and their subject will be, "The United Nations Today." Dr. and Mrs. Leys have been residents of southern Illinois since 1964. They live in the Shawnee Hills near Makanda. ! Dr. Leys is a proressor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University. A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, he received his doctorate at the University of Chicago. He has held teaching positions at Central YMCA College Roosevelt University, John Hopkins University, Northwestern University and the University of'Michigan. Mrs. Leys has Gone community work through a number of organizations including serving as president of the League of Women Voters of Wilmette, Illinois and of Cook county. She is currently president of the southern Illinois Chapter of the United Nations Association. Dr. and Mrs. Leys are mem­ bers of the United Church of Christ, and representing that church, Dr. Leys' is president of the board of the Student Christian Foundation. Dr. and Mrs. Leys have traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America; visiting numerous offices and operations of the United Nations. During 1962 Dr. Leys lectured in Brazil, Venezuela and Columbia for the United States Department of State. The public is cordially invited to this service and all interested l persons are urged to attend. GERALDINE'S BEAUTY SALON Gerctldine Krohn, Operator 409 N. 12th St 244-3282 Complete Beauty Service Professional Shaping and Styling of Hair Pieces. SPECIAL" Another Service To You . . . Our Customer We Have Just Finished A Year Of Keeping A COMPLETE RECORD Of Our CUSTOMERS Prescriptions. This Will Give You A Complete Record For Your— . Income Tax Report And Any Insurance Returns Please Come In and Pick Up Your Personal Record FREE 1969 ALMANAC CALL 242-6411 A FREE DELIVERY 3 Times Doily Downtown Across From City Hall m We Record Your Prescriptions For your Tax And Insurance Purposes for this project and we trust, rardo of Fairfield wno that we can generate interest \ most interps ,: nfT rJ^J^ZL? most interesting program, "Forestry in Illinois." Mr. Gerar'do is with the division of forestry the Mt. Vernon Woman's club I l-JSf, ^ IMJ? -^^f „„ ^ n/r. <r " 1 tlve talk "sed slides to illustrate and approval by other civic clubs and local citizens. "Therefore be it resolved that Free Parking In Back recommend to the Mt. Vernon city council and community that plans for a new municpal swimming pool be prepared in the immediate future. And we ice cream. Wednesday: ranch burgers, potato chips, corn milk, cake. Thursday: ham and beans, cole slaw, corn bread, milk ,fruit salad. Friday: tuna sandwich, oven brown potato, green beans, milk, fruit. his message. A question and answer period followed. Mrs. David Hanes, chairman of gardens and beautification, gave a very fine talk on the violet. This flower is not only the state flower of Illinois but is also the flower for the Illinois Federation of Women's clubs. In keeping with her talk, the luncheon tables were gaily decorated with vases of violets. ,f^ e Your Do «* or Phone Your Prescription Prompt, Personal LIVINGSTON PHARMACY Call 244-1100 — After Hours Call 242.648* — 109 N. 10th — Mt. Vernon, III.

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