The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 10, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1977
Page 6
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It—?f AUOATPCK NEWS (CONN.!. TlumaPAV, APO. 28. 1M6 S55 Millville Cubs Top Salem, 42 H.v KKNNV CI,YMKK Cnpltiillxlnx on thulr opjionontti' otToni. with u Uvo run urirlNlnj.: • In tho riflh InnlnK. tho Mlllvlllii ' Cuhn, yraUirdny dorontotl tho HH- ]nm Junlor/i In u thrllllnK '1-2 content, Hoth pllclm™. tfroiiclrlck, the victor find O'Hhcn, thn Ifi.ior, pitched hnntttlful KiimeH. hilt OITOI-II proviul thf> clownfftll of tho Siilnm iicn. Tlrnnilrlck ndtlnd 12 morn Htrlkn- r,..i n.(-"i-d, whlr-li In well OVrr tho 100 mni'k, w/ilkoil four iincl ullowod lino flit. O'Shfft Klruck out Bovon, wnlkcd ttirno und RHVC up four hi tit Hcoro by Innlnjri" Mlllvllln CiibM , 0 10 1 20 x • -I -I I Siilom .......... 00 02000 2 14 BiiUoi'lr.'i: (wlnnlrij: team first). RiwIorlBk mul Ktln.ion; O'Slion untl A.B.A. Club Chairman Umpl V. llcnly.. ditcher. PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpcro IKll C'liurrli Slrm't Nnii|i,'iituck NOUGHT Kont ii Trulli-r mill Pw Tlint ,jdh'lfl ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKIiKI'lldNK Nmiimliirk ,'IIHIH fflri. In rnli'i'ii ''ll/ IhinlivK-i- Uhl Bingo TONIGHT HALL PARK & TILFORD RESERVE WHISKEY J. K. STOKES CUT KATK, WIN KM. Him N, Mnln St. Tnl. 4H7D Ii'ruo IJi'llvnry A".V«Oirr<i In HOli KINO, clmliimn of Dili A. It. A. and ono of the finer golfurji In thl.M nr«ni Is o*pi;t:t(;il to lie; Ihu first l» flU< his untry lilunk for tho Naiigatuck Dally Nmvi* toi'irncy to liogln Aug. o». with tin' f|imlir.vln<; rounds. l!i>l> limy hi. NPCM lolling tlu« course dully, rnplucliig illvnts, mul shnr|>- oiiliig up tliDsr putt* mid drives Hint lie figures am going to put him up In thi'i'i- this .vcar. Application blanks for the cvrnt niiiv be fmnul on thr page, mid. run' hi- mint to i-illii-r Iho Naugatuck Dally Ntnvs iir to, the A, IJ. A. Country club. Torres-Brady Bout Mulligan Headliner SVutri'hury, Aug. C2---Wlth him- (li'i'd.i f.f advance ticket order.-: pour- lii>- In from all seel lon.s of the state, the VVatorlHiry AC fight curd Friday nivht at Municipal Stadium may attract the crowd of I hi-' lO-t'l semion. Promoter Guorgn Mulligan hfiM arningml for 5.80n sea-ts for the [•at Hrady-Apo.stCM Torres head- llm-r. .[•ii-ady nppcfircd here several wi-rk.i ago and put nn a pleas- Ing tllsipUy "f boxing and punch- Albie Ratfeiewfch Enters Nat'lA; & U. four Mile Swim Tennis Making, Ind. Engineers In Interdepartment Finals McNamee, Sullfvan, Scrantons And White Also Enter Inj.r In tii-iiUnK Vlnuo Dell 'Orto, r Ni!w York, In 10 rounds. Torrnjt. who holds thu Central Ami-nca iVathcrwclKht champion •.hip, h.-i.i cnjv7fred In sovorfil stand- Hit ClKlit". with Phil TeiTiinovu. fX-c;iinipliin. Wllllu Pop "nil Jackie TIHTUM IH n rurecd lad find club riRhtui 1 . in luitt Kilned n Kood scml- I'lniil nix rinind coiHcst \.'hlch ahow.i fur 1.31 Ml-dllV.l, Of KlT.MnO, Cllllf.. finlirlc'l RIo.M, <.f New York, Swim Will Be Conducted On Sunday, At Williams Lake, Rosendale, N. Y. Albln Rjitklowicli, recently crowned stiito lonsr distance champ, will un- cr tho National A. A. U, four mile swim at Williams Lake, Roson- Inlo, New York, belnK conducted \UK- 2C - Also entered In this tourney Is Jim McNumeo, local swimmer who finished second to Alhie n the Bridgeport Harbor swim, nd tho Scrim-ton brothers, BUI and Gene, Charles White n.nd .Alex Sul- ivtin. Rntldcwlch, who Is 19 yenrn old, Is naturally cnouirh considered one of tho best swimmers in the state, rind In view of his overwhelming victory In the Bridgeport swim, ivll! be viewed us a real threat In tho national tourney Sunday. Katldtwlch haa been swlmmlnR for YMCA teams for the past six years, becoming u con-tost nwlm- mcr nt IL very young IIRO.' The remainder or tho tofim also presents extreme possibilities und It could easily bo uxricctcd that one of them may come, 'through, • • . Sunday's swim is of four miles duration, which is longer by twice that Uie swim that determined the state 'title in Bridgeport It will take a good staunch swimmer to SO that distance, beating out the other worthy contestants which-ho will fueo for the title, und we think that perhaps 1"» the crew ropre- scnting. the borough In this contest, there may be n winner. Anyway, Monday will tell. Standing of Teams NATIONAL JJfiAOtnS 1'cntortlny's RwuItH Boston -1, St. Louis 3. Philadelphia 1, Chicago 0. Brooklyn 8, Pittsburgh 2. Cincinnati 7, New York 2. Brooklyn .. St| Loulo .. Chicago ,. . Boston Cincinnati . New York. . Philadelphia Pittsburgh . The Standing W. U 71-14 GO 45 " " 01 03. "' ,.. no 55 £2 03 60 04 -.48 fvl 64 Pet. .617 .605 ,Q35 .COS ,452 ..43.9 .429 .413 Today's Giime». Pitchers Brooklyn at Clnclnantl (nigh.U —Molton (3-1) vs. Vander Mcer (87) or Boggs (7-8). ' Boston at Chicago—Spahn (5-3) V3. Schmitz (9-8). Philadelphia at St. Louis (2-day- night)—Ho erst (1-6) and Raffens- bcrgcr (G-31) vs. Dlckson (11-4) and Brcchcen (10-11) or Buaxley ,(415). • New York at Pittsburgh—Kennedy (G-7) vs. Sewcll <G-7).. AM12IUCAN J.1SAGUE Slugging Red Sox Infielder Beautify your home \Vc recommend MurpliyD.vCotc Enamel for u, beautiful finwli of long enduring wear, For the m.iny indoor •nd outdoor opportunlUeo to bring the beauty of color to tlio liomc there 1« nothing like Da-Cow En.imcL. CANS, Inc. Maple St. ; , Tel, 3507 ^ ALL STAR if BOXING at Municipal Stadium Wiilrrbiiry Orurtfr V. TVTiilllgun, I'rnmulur FRIDAY EVE,, AUG. 23rd III Kouiiil'.—Mil 111 Hunt IlilSII I'AT Itli.AIIV, IJroiix vs. AI'O^TJ'IS "J'OKKKS, . I'lifirln Kloo (I U'MinilH—Seml.I'Mnal (iAStUIKI. JtlOS, Ninv Vurk vs, JON 1)1 MKUINA. l''resi>'i, Cullf. Ii HoiuidM KKNNV JAAUW, Wiiterhury ^'M. I'.Il.l, I'l'lTKKSON, Hartfonl U Hounds Hilly Id-own Mlliichi-sler vs. Kills Mnrt,'all (i Hounds J'jdtlli' Ahearn linip.x vs. • Inr- Uellsh .Jersey (Mty 'ilt, 1 !- Si,'!.7i) (iriiiKlstand He i-tl $".."!» mul KiiHh $\.'i!>\ All Taxe-i Inrliuli-d .UI':IIII;KUV <:UKAM IMMS AI't'T-K TIMS und KII.M'-.J) (lOI'-KI'-.K CAUK CITY BAKERY 11. V, STOITANI. ITup. i|>lo Street Ti'lcphinn- 'M~H Approved G. I. Training- I'.M.I. 'l-l'-.ll.M OI'KNS IN SI-:I"I'I'-,,M in-ill l.llulll'll l-lMfllllllll'lll THE PERRY SCHOOL Wuterbury PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS M5 iMArr,K 8TKKHT I'lclii'l-i ,Ni.w on Sulu at Mulll- iii'-i Kn.stiiiiriiiil, Hi l.'lioiMilx \vr., V>'iitrrliui'.v .I'lmiir ,'(-!)7i;n STRISIK'S 10 Center SI, Wntorbury, Conn. KOYAir riOtJHA fOTiartY 1 [iiipni-tcfl Krnin Holland Madison Colonels Defeat Brasseos The Madison Colonels lived up to advanced expectations. IfiBt night ,vhen they overcame a six-run clefi- rit \n defeating tho Bi-asscos, 11-S, 1 I a-t the Municipal Stadium, Although playing without the service of Bobby Mnler, who failed' to make tho trip, the Colonels displayed the most powerful offensive seen here this season, combing three pitchers for 17 .hits, The Jersey aggregation was held In ohrpk for four Innings by Walt Cathman but 'the Colonels nlclted him for a single tally In the sixth before breaking loose with throe in the sixth and five in the seventh to clinch the decision. Tho BrasMcos jumped on Charley Ktichs, the former Boftton Brave huvlor. for four runs In the first nn slnKles by Reel Shoehan .and 1 Jo-hnny White. o..yralk -to Bill Moore and doubles by Lud Jasllunas and Bobby Greatorex. Two more runs In I he third put the locals into a iinrmingly fi-f> lead before the roof foil In on Gathman. The first Colonel run in the flf-th Yostcrdivy'N RosuM-H New York 10, Chicago 1 (1st). Ney/ .York 0, Chicago 4 (2d>, BoHtoii 12, .St. Louis 9.. Philadelphia •!, Detroit 1. Washing-ton 4, Cleveland 3. BOBBY DOEBIt, a hatting mainstay for the Red Sockers, N considered ono of the best hittcrt* In thd biislnnss today, Thiw is proven by v tho fact that his position In t;hn hatting order Is generally fourth, ju»t mftcr. Toddy, Williams, and thai, bis RBI is one of the'bflut In tho league. Bobby is one of the great sluggers In the game, for when he hits that apple, It's generally for extra Ijiises. Bobby says "The faster they send thcm .'it mo, the faster they go away," The Standing W. . Boston 8" 1 36 New York fi9 49 Detroit •• 64 51 Wnsinprton 09 60 Cleveland 56 63 Chicnpro 53 .66 GO 66 ,.,..:.. 3.7.81 PC' .700 .085 .557 .-196 .4-71 ,445 ,431 .314 St. Louis .. Philadelphia Today's Games, I"itcher8 St. Louis at Now Yo.rk (2)— Galehouse (Ofl) and Zoldak; (7-9.) -vs. Sevens (14-8) and Page (6-6)- . : Chicago at Boston — Smith (8-8) or Haynes (4-S) vs..Hug.hson (1310), Cleveland at Philadelphia—Reynolds (10-11) vs, Fowler (8-13), De-troll at Washington (night)— Bcnton .(6-C) vs. Nc'wsom (11-9). MAY SIGN TOBGESON Boston, Aug. 22—(UP)—The Boston Braves .may sign .Early Torgy Toi'goson of tho Seattle Rainlcrs If ho ' passes a physical examination hv Boston physicians. The bespectacled first baseman, broke his right shoulder in a recent Pacific Coast league game but hag been pronounced f-it by Seattle.doctors, The Braves have an option on him and if he's accepted he'll join the Boston club at Fort Lauder- r**r*i' •« IV" 1 FifilQvitz Picks MortysToWin "Tomorrow is the big day." Fifl- lovicz remarked just a few moments ago, as he was perched atop our desk, munching a horshey hnr and reading our copy of Sporting News. "As I seo it," Firry went on, ."We can't lose (meaning tho Merry Morticians) for with us, this game of softbai: is a serious thing; while with the Thurston Ice men, whom wo are playing on the morrow, they apparently arer.t as serious." "What do you mean?" wo queried. Pausing to light a two-for-fivc stogie, Fiffy Inhaled deeply and then blew out bis fumes of "attar swered, "Why, look at what this fellow Free said yesterday. He's gonna use a girl to pitch -against us. Apparently he ain't being serious, and I'm a guy what's always serious." ' Look who we gc-t pitching, Fif- •fy wor.t on, "Billy Rado. You don't sec us bringing in any ringers like •this Madelene Lawlor. You know how dames are. You just can't argue wit dcm-" Just before .he departed for the Green, Fiffy bent down once more, leering wi-th his Ipana smile and blowing breath of an odifcrous content in our faces as ho said: "Do you know who I'm going to pick for tomorrow's game as winners? Da. Morty's." And eo saying, our friend headed for the door and security afforded him by the outside world from the wrath of Jack Darby, a Thurston player, who was standing by our desk during the Lab Protests Recent Contest; If Upheld Will Throw Different Light On Finals The final playoffs in the Inter- departmen.t Softball League will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday., .and if necessary, Friday at Recreation Field, league ofllcials announced today. The Industrial Engineers are scheduled to meet the Tennis Making team in -this best two out of three scries for ; the U. S. Rubber shop championship. Both teams, in thrilling contests played Tuesday evening, came out victors, giving them .the right to play for the title- The Industrial Engineers have blossomed out as the surprise team of the playoffs, with -their surprising 13^12 victory over the highly favored Gum Shoes in the Tucs- dn" contests. With the score 12-4 going into the .I'aat half of the seventh inning, the Engineers batted clean around for nine runs and tho ball ! game. The ending was unbelievable and one of the most dramatic seen in this area for some time. Tennis Making was also forced to -the limit to gain their notch in the finals, when it took a single run pushed across in the last of the seventh inning to win their contes-t ' against the Laboratory for them. The run was scored after a disputed decision at 'the plate that would've ended the inning, had the batter been called out, and per- First Application . For Golf Tourney Received Today The first application for entrance Into tho Xnujfatuck Daily News'golf tourney W&R received today from Raymond Knc7.yn«kl of 62 John street Mr. KuC7.yn«kl elected to qiial. ify on Aug. 30, the .first day of the qualifying rotiodw. It IH expected that entry blanks for the tourney Will pour In for the next few days, as over 100 fUcd blanks ia»t year and it In cxpcctod that an many more will enter during- this ycar'» event. haps made the game a different story. A protest was filed on the con- tost by members of the Lab'team, but since the protest Involves an umpire's decision, it is not .believed thai it will go through. .The 'protest board will meet on Friday to discuss the game and in event thu- protest should hold up it would have to be replayed. KSCAPE RKrOHTKD South Portland Me., Aug. 22 — (UP)—Officials report the escape of 16-year-old Wesley R. Woodbury of Livermoro Falls from the Stnte School for Boys at South Portland. • . : Entry Blank NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS AMATEUR OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT At The A. B. A. Country Club, Naugatuck Name Address • ;...... I will qualify on August 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2 (Encircle One) My average score for 18 holes is (Entry Blank Must Be Mailed Before Aug..29)... W.-IM tho result of nn error, two | .dale, Florida, for 1947 spring train- and a long fly while thrcn solid slnglc.M, another mlaeuc and Rip Sehfindlcr's long triple set'up the trio In -the seventh. Gathman wont back tn the hill In the seventh but failed to last as the New Jer.sey nine jumped on him for five tallies to drive him out In favor of Mike Klsnl-:o who put out the firo, KlxMkn found himself In trou- I bio In tho following frame and was cd In favor of who finished up. Ralph Bradley SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG (Mt.AI., llll««rs Hun Dlfi'i'l III llmrh <!|.I:ANKNT srur is TIIK ELECTRIC WATER .COOLERS Electric Appliance Co. Wiit. — Tel. .1-I812 Curn Wiuilinil. I'nll.shrd CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION MS IIICDKIK ST. Oiif'.s CJulloil for and Ilnllvorod Our Complete Services (ilvo You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 ! ! POUST'S SKKVICK STATION l-ll llutiher AVf. Tel. 4935 { si'.r, >'S vriH vnvit VACATION I : LUGGRGE Grace Lenczyk Leaves For Spokane .Indian Hill, Conn.. AUK- 22—(UP) —The .sin to vfnmnn'y golf champion -•Gram LonCTyk—has left for Spo- katio, Wash., where who will com- riptr In -the wnmnn':i National Open r;h»riiplnn.shlp bCKinning Monday. ThlM will be Mlfis I^encxyk'H wec- ond major tournament, .She played at Chicago last month In the Tarn n'Shi'.ntPi- event.. •The IR-ynar-old champion left nftnr \vlnnlng a one-clay tourna- mnn-t of the Connecticut Women's Golf association at New Britain, She covered the course In <U-36—SO to edge out her nearest rival hy two points, ' ' ' *"" ing, Torgcson- is a -left handed batter and thrower. He is 22 years old and is n. World Wai- II veteran of the Battle of the Bulge. DUPONT SPONGES 'All Sizes NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. i WlnHlow Court Tel. 331 4 WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH C/UJRAJ--, Prop. 8 South 'Mhln St. Choicest; selection of unit nnd I svator fish nt lowest i prices. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUIH ;MATN ST. Telephone 6141 1 Stop and Shop with HARRY and POP FULL QUART WINE 99c — Port, Sherry, Muscatel — KINSEY BLENDED WHISKEY «3.87 IMPORTED BRANDY S3.89 Was $5,39 , We cater to Wedding- and Party needs/ ,^ Barrel Beyjr for Picnics and Outings. . Harry's Liquor Shop Pop's Liquor Store MS DKLIV-1&R ANYWHERK IN NAtTGATUCK, ANYTIME 23 SOtl.XIMVIAIN.STRKTCT TI5I. "2OTB ' 24 CiniRClI STREET : '"TJRT.'.: 3060' i an- entirety of this conversation DIAL TONE please "I'm the after you call through easier before you Vlke \y to happen MORAL You'll get better service on bpth locinl and -out-of-town ca || s if you make theni before 9:30 in the morning — or during the afternoon.

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