Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1974
Page 6
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Si* SIDE GLANCES HOPfe (ARK.) STAft By GILL FOX Answer to Previous Puzile Time "YOU LIKE GERALD FORD? Does that mean I can go back to being square?" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN HAVE WU SEEN TH'DOOfX HB* HIWNS B6WNPTH IT'S HIS- CHOVWTIME ASJpJ POOR/ WHEN MET TRIEP TO ' 1 TUB WTHME I HE'S USUALLY REAP SET IN TH ACROSS I Sixty minutes 5 Twenty-four hours 8 Twelve months 12 Entire (Ger.) 13 Pub drink 14 Hodgepodge 15 William -*-. statesman 16 Poetic contraction 17 Communists 18 Feminine name 20 Topics 22 Revoke a legacy 24 Spring month 28 Poisonous inflammable gas 32 Sea sand 33 Seines 35 Masculine name 36 Satisfy completely 37 Sixty seconds 1 Hose essence 42 Referring to birth 44 Ten years 48 Timing device 52 Greek war god 53 Negative word 55 First class (2 wds.) 57 Story 58 Universal language 59 Day of week (ab.) 60 Fictional dog 61 Swiss river 62 German battleship DOWN i Chance (archaic) CARNIVAL 2 Spanish cheers 3 Arm bone 4 Tear osundes 5 Marked with specific time 64thgalifof Islam 7 Of yesterday (poet.) 8 Time gone by 9 Elementary (ab.) 10 Assistant HBelsy—.flag maker 19 Adjective suffix 21 Her Majesty s shipfab.) 23 Babylonian deity 24 Gibbon 25 Tropical tree FLASH GORDON Monday, October 14, 1W4 By DAN BARRY 26 Branches (biol.) 41 Entire 27 Press 43 Stage person 29 Present month 44 Facts (ab.) 30 Trim 31 Feminine name 34 Indian weight 38 German. conjunction 39 Tapeworm 40 Latin conjunction 45 Epochs 46 Ancient European 4? Bewildered 49 Morse feed 50 Brilliant stroke 51 Leg Joint 54 Harem room 56 Mariner's direction POH'TWOKR/ ru. SET us OUT OF HERE5OOM. THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM COn TMlWK I PtWT VJC506UJOREMMEIM J 6LE6P ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRADE By DICK TURNER OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE AS A MARKETING PSVCHOLOGIST, I'VE DI6C0VEREP CONSUMER DISSATISFACTION AT TME CHECKOUT COUNTER-^HAX-KAFF!~WHV NOT TRV A WAITING ROOM WIT FREE COFFEE AMP SOFT MUSIC? TO ASSURE SYSTEMATIC SERVICE, <S!VE EACH.CUSTOMER A NUMBER/ I'LL 'FORWARP youR IDE^ TO THE LEVELA HEAP- ISN'T IF & , 50 BRNNY, RIVAL ) HOW | CHAIN < COME ) THEY'RE IT* . THIS 2 ]£ < 6» «A. Inc T M CFTHE RING'S \ WE MIGHT NOT MUST HAVE TO, CUBBUcl IT SOUNDS LIKE, THEY STOPPED/ COLLECTORS DONT WORRY,, THEY'LL p STOPPED TO COLLECT FfcOM SOMEONE.., PROBABLY MY FRIEND UNN6TT/ r WAS ON MY WAY TO MEET HER WHEN X RAN INTO VOU TWO ON THr HIGH ROAD/ CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE POLICE- HE NARROWLY HAVINK5 we HAIR PAKTEP BY A "No I'm not interested in what you're doing, Himdish! I'm interested in what you were doing when you saw me coming!" r K BLONDIF Keep the home fires burning and the arson squad is going to take a very large interest in you. Autumn is the time between when the mower breaks down and the snow blower goes on the fritz. nww , - , PON'T &OUNP _ AFTER YOU,) DISAPPOINTED! THATJ& rv WA^H i,\^ THE BEST WEW£ we :>--~rrrx HEARP rOPAYi \— I'LL FILE A LATER! JU£T SAVE ME FROM .'HAT WUH ; By CHIC YOUNG EEK&MEEK I WONDER IF I SHOULD WAkE HIM AND THANK HIM I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT AN OLD SHOE The new math still takes the same old figures in the way of broken bankbooks so you can outfit the kids for ByDICKCAVALLI WINTHROP By HOWIE SCHNEIDER r THATte ONE WAY TO FIND , OUT IP HE HAS A HU/AOF2. YOJTOUD THE THAT YOU HOLD FRIBNC5HIP CUJ&MEET1NS6 IN MP/JR ...WITH MORTSASe THE WAY THEY YOU WILL JOIN SO THAT MORE roUTlOAW AP£ THEIR. CAMFAI&MSTp IN THe STRHETTHIS YEAR By LARRY LEWIS CAMPUS CLATTER ByBOBTHAVES ...THE MOST ORIGINAL PIECE OF SUCH I HAVE EVER SEEWj FRANK AND ERNEST , I'M VOU A*C" BECAUSE OF YOUR EXCUSE ... J'[> NORMALLY GIVE YOU AM *F* FOR NOT TOOAV'S ASSI5NMBNT/ BURNS! IT HA A 6RIAT WATCHDOG. ALL BUT IT'* ALWAV* LEAVING THOifc UITTLC ALL OVfeR THE CARPET ByALVERMEK PRISCILLA'S POP ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL BUGS BUNNY EXCUSE ME A MOMENT NOV; WMERE WERE I DIDNT <3ET A CHANCE T<P TASTE IT INSIDE, BUT ~ - GOT TH' BUMS RUSH AGAIN HEY, SYLVESTER^ MV GOOD MAN, (3ENTUV/ BEAT IT, BUM/ TIOOUY-UM/ UNDERSTAND I PREFER THE TERM "FORCIBLE... EJECTION*.'

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