The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 10, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUOATUCK NEWM (CONN.). TinmflDAY. AUG. 22, 1MB ®De JBatt? i publUhod Kvory Evonlnft ,. THE NAUGATUCK NEWS NAUQATUCK. CONN, RUDOLPH M. H1ENNTCK. jtaterocl «• »oconcl cluM matter (it tho post office in k, Con n , I month SUBSCRIPTION I4ATIOS I'uyiibto In Advance m~bcn The American Nownp«p«r Publl.ihon, 'P,, 0 & K. Dully Nownpnpor I'ub. A»s n The Conn. Newitpnpof War Memorials Tin- I'ul.lUlitM'M' Auxilinry, n wt-fkly newspaper prinlotl i" ('liic»KO, !«»» hw <\ conducting a «ii'-vi-y nuion- editors ol. weekly newspapers in towns from const to coast, on how ninil Aiiieriim is speeding platis for suitable memorials to tliosu who tonsil in \Vf»'lil Wal ' "' , r,, ,,n iirtiflo l.y<!co.-e A. UnrHiiy the writer suys editors and publishers ol weekly newspapers in towns from coast to coast an.' Hiking tlic li'»'l '" lii'lp'"'K initiate, promote, finance and lirintf If pridct'iil 1'iill'illrnenl. HII-MI- tributes to the ')„,,., „.„ of \Vorld 11. They arc, he, working closely with veterans' <>r- gani/.ations, Cambers of commerce, service clubs, church, eili'/ens' corninitteos, town and county officials, parents and j'urm Croups. .\fr, P.arclay says: "The community programs are liein.u 1 concenlrated almost. overwhelmingly on 'living war memori- yls.' These are ol' a type which the returned veterans and their famines, the •people of the town ami the coming generation can enjoy. Memorial plaques and Hhitues still have their place, Mil major emphasis is on something useful in tin. 1 daily lives of the citizens." -• Questionnaires were sent out to more than ;")() newspapers, representative of tho country press in every state in the '(,'nion, Kditors were asked: ''Is your town planning a war memorial.^" Of those relmniu.u' the nuestionmdiv, 70 pel- cent nnswered "yes" and -7 per cent n'aid "no," Three per cent said their community was "considering the matter or was still nnoerlain about plans, 1 ' "\Vli.nt form will this memorial take?" WHS another question asked editors, Tn reply, ".'!.- |ier cent of I lie editors stated Hint "living memorials" would he or w.ere ali'eady hein.n' 'erecl'eil in their l,n'wns; I!'." per cent said llml plaques or statues were lieiu.i; 1 installed; ".."> per cenl said the matter was undecided, Tn some .instances editors reported (hat hotli living memorials and plaques wei-e hein.i;' sponsored l>y their communities, The "living memorials" reported by editors include such worthwhile things as community centers, athletic fields, lighted stadiums, lihraries, hospitals, s\vim- TTiinK pools, veterans' hitildiinu's, memorial trees and shrill) plantings. fn one or two instances, Mr. Barclay tells us, some very unusual living memorials are sponsored. Kor example, M. X. Taylor, publisher of the Tonkawa (Okla.) N'ews, reports that World War "IT veter- '** aas and local cili/.ens in his commiindy are raising an $H,<)(10 fnml for a home for a permanently disabled Tonkawa veteran and his family. In ( 'oopersville, Midi., L. W, Shears relates thai a memorial pipe oiyan is beiny sponsored by the youn^ people of the .\relhodisl church, while at the same time the American Legion is ivorkitii; on a program for a community Mr. Barclay's article is both interesting and informative, Tho "Publishers' Auxiliary is lo be praised and complimented for its public spirit, in conducting tliu survey, Jewels In Demand The jewelers are doini; well, and they oxpect to KO right on doin.u 1 well, they said at their annual convention in New York, "There are still unfilled wants of people who wish to satisfy (heir desire for beautiful thiu.u's," said (', I. Jos^pli- son, Jr., president of the national association, delicately describing a rushing business, Many people who did without luxuries during tiie war are buying (hose beautiful things now. Husbands and sweet- liearts homo from tho war are buying jowohy for their wives and fiancees. .The .bwejers say they're having a lit- tlo troublo, like everyone else, getting enough to ndtl to the joy of more women every clay. ' •' Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck NeWi 20 Years Ago M188 Mary Soulo of Meadow street was vacation- Ing ut Sharon' Inn, in Sharon. o—O—o MlHB Catherine O'Shoa of Cherry street was visiting rclntivoa In I^orfolk. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Edward O'Brlcn of Maple street vacationed at Rcvoro Beach near Boston, o—O—o Tho Misses Mui'Karot and Mary Boylan; of Scott direct were ffucats of Mrs, Peter Boylan of Fort Trumbull Ecach. Around The Clock THE HERMIT My cabin's In tho woods a mile from town, And yut I do not luck for company, Though I should roam the wide world up and down More charming neighbors I could never sec: The little chipmunk, smart In ruddy brown, Tho nuthatch'and the chcevful chickadee, And in. the dusk a bird of much ronown, The whlppoorwlll, In passing calls to mo. Sometimes a fox comes out to take the air, Through bushes with the early dew impcurlcd. Like mo, he only weeks a peaceful lair. And In the Spring, when ferns riro first unfurled, Tho hummingbird flits by, n jewel rare. I hwvo the finest neighbors In tho world! .—Selected. Xunnuii Kuiulc and Drndy Strompf have opened their own factory in Pros- peel. . . . 1'i.ob Mcssiici- got quite a'snr- prisi- tho other day when lie opened a l'nlly engraved invifation to the "of Gravel Gertie and B. O. Plenty. . . . Andy Ivadwick tells us that plans are just about complete for a big nil 1 show at Mount Tobe in the near future. , . . Several local men arc taking active part in the plans. Pat Regan pitched for the firemen the other nig-ht and suffered a 5-2 defeat at the hands of Buddy Tano's Tigers, in a Softball game at Linden Park. ... Pat says his team would have won if Capt, Gary Grant could have moved a little faster in right field. . . . "Doc" Crowe tells us the whole town will turn out for the Sept. 1 outing of local" rubber unions at Linden Park. That amiable gentleman aliont town is none other than Al Marchlewski. The thin tfeiitloman with him i.s .Billy Hutt, Billy is practicing these days on how to be a brother-in-law, with both of his sisters planning marriage, come fall. We hate to be meanies- but we can't resist reminding the local youngsters that school is only a couple of weeks away, Better shapen those pencils now- boys and girls, . . . Speaking of schools, according to our figures there is still a shortage of teachers, and the time to replace them is growing short; just wondering, that's all. Football is in Hit; air. Pete Foley is rounding out his squad, getting ready for. tUj; opener in September. Coach George Alli'ii of tin; Haulers is having practice every night to_ prepare for bis team's game with a prep school, Aug. .'31. Hre's an important notice to some of the local baseball minded youngsters. Although the majority of playgrounds have been closed, the Recreation Field remains open and Pete Foley has announced that the Junior Loop games will be played as scheduled, One team, thinking that the athletic field, as well as the playgrounds had been closed, did not show up for their contest the other day and forfeited the affair. Pat Kelley says ho has ticket number one for the First Ward Democratic outing September 1. at Wurgo's. Grove, .'. . We're happy to report that Bill Krodel lias left Grace hospital, N T cw HaTcn- and is now resting at his homo here. . . . Glad to have you back in our irmUt, Bill. Vacationing in Laconia, N. H,—Lake Winnepesaukee,—Rev. Winfred B. Langhorst of 'St. Michael's church, has encountered 11 rainy days this month. . . . Consequently, fishing it not good. . . . Ray and Bob Bowling of Lewis street are spending two weeks in Worcester, Mass. .... Sunday they attended! the Red Sox- Yankees game in Boston. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-rCoast (Copyright, 1946. by Tn« H«arnt Corporation) checked. He T^TSr^nvS Ert.a.srs. j-i- and easy In Chicago's Mike McUool (lonff since--departed from this world) was dealing- stud Laves sat the execution out In his quarters. I was 10 feet, from' tho electric chair. • • All'this is preliminary to a note meant for a-.nice :younpr man who publicly says I was wronj? in stat- inK there was no pamblinf-: this year In Saratoga—because, he proclaims, a well-known • posslp-r.amc lost $Sfi,000 there. First, I don't believe It. A press-apcnt tried, to put that one over on me, too. Second, I was there,- and my friend Ed wiirdcn Up the Kivcr. _ inp boitom-dcaler, which he was hired to be. It was a hectic, wearing occupation. Mlko worked only -throe hours a day. For that he was paid $10, As the clock reached the third hour's end, tho next dealer was ut his back. Mike ijot up, his successor took his seat, reached into the .$10 bin and handed him the topmost 1)111 over his shoulder. Mike would take his pay, turn the roulette Jose tho .$10 had mad« deallnc crooked stud against a crooked wheel. He was always hroke and In debt. Ho was lx.'ln(? crowded l»y .iharks, hoiindod by hlH And so he made a Mlph rcHolutlon —never nguin would h« throw uwny hl« money hiio.hlnif that d rohhor. ivRiiinst which he had no chance; ho, a professional, lilmwlf a trained inechunlc dkln- suckors for the sanxt thelvliiff bosses, throwing III* ilouirh down the siimii sewer whwro he went •lucks' cash! Those yoltols didn't know any better. But he—Mike McCool—-the house-swindler, who made his llv- shcarinfi- sheep—I'oi' him to bo perpetually in hook because he couldn't stay away from that clm- miekcri Rddfret—it was ridiculous. It wiis unbelievable. It was—nil over. Yes, never RKain. He swore it. All throuprh his three hours of flnecinK innocents next niffht, he mentally repeated his resolutions. He would stick by them. He would not fall. He would take his 10 bucks and walk out. Mike McCool would bo n man! 7It> finished his trick. He (rot up. He reached for his ID-spot. He started olT, Tho wheel-room was some 40 feet alone, to the left, off the corridor, As he passed It, he hf-iird the croupier: "Are you Jill down? Comlnj* out . .. . It's. . . .23. . . .and tho hlnrk!" "Dopteonc," whispered Mike to himself. "I always start playing the I would o' won," "Aro you all down'.' It's....12— and tho red." "Wow! After the first black I always play the red. 1 would o' won twicet in a row," murmcrod Mike. He felt his feet beinpr drawn back —and to the loft—and into that— But he had pledged himself. Between him and the wheel-room was an old-fashioned, round stove. It was plowing, red hot. He got behind it. to shield him from himself, to interpose an ^bstaclc between himself nnd temptation. "ComlnR out—" called tin; croupier, in his singsong tone. Mllco felt wild horses draftR-ing him. His manhood was slipping, He wns moving. Ho was—ho would— he must—ho pulled himself back with n lurch. In his hand, crumpled Into a soggy hall, was his $10 bill. With sudden Inspiration he cnlscd hl.s foot and kicked open the door of tho Ntove. Into Its roaring holly ho threw his x-noto. Then he kicked the dnor wlitit with a clang. "There's .10 bucks those crooks won't got!" ho hn:irsed—us h« started down the hull, to the stairs, and out, I can reveal a cl.oscly-kcpt secret. Howard Hughes' hideaway, since he loft the hospital, has been sought by mafiy reporters, without success. Well—Barney Glaser, tho producer, hns a swank house on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, which his estranged wife was occupying. Barney fixed her up elsewhere and leased the place to Hughes for u year. their sensoB. That is why,, If you have a slight hca'dache or hear some disturbing news, your appetite wanes; but a man. who knows he must-'die 'soon, at a set hour, has a voracious desire -to eat—even his last meal—because; with his food' he gets the palliative that dilutes his grief and fear. Bui it is not considered "Christian" to send a soul winging to its Maker from a body saturated with dope, though it is prescribed by a prison physician, to soothe tho subject's nerves. So wardens hush the matter. .telegraphed the editor, he saw no evidence 'of doping. The editor wired me, ask- I telegraphed I had noted and my basis of long experience with the.ways of pcnnl institutions. (I am , tho author of "The Big House" and hundreds of stories Oa convict life.) Then I cndtcl with this statement: "Moreover, I was there. Warden ing an explanation. him' the symptoms wasn't. I saw where the were running. And I said they were —in the outskirts of the Spa, not within the'town llmis.-If any $55,000 was lost, I could probably name the place out in the country. In no Sarutofru Hflitson IIHH there been so much ncwu fhiRriintly faked nnd went out from tli«r<:. Front- page lU-inti nnd photOKrapiiK wcro deliberately cooked up. Thin dfmk has been flooded with phony fairy tides from there. I not only flew up, myself, hut had n Ataff reporter unsigned thore to keep me Informed and to ran down 'irresponsible Invention*,, planted, to cet. Certain places and Individuals Into print . .. .If'niiynni? werlously challenges IhoHc iiKNOHJonK, I'll blow the top off tho whole job. When I covered the execution of « pitiful little youngster known us "Two-Gun" Crowley. In Sing Sing, I reported for International News Service that" he entered the denth- C'hnmber "so full.of hop, he couldn't find the floor wltli his feet," A meticulous and thorough editor In Wilmington, Del., who took our service, and who led Ills paper with my report, noticed that, the Associated Press reporter made, no mention of such » condition. Very GET A JEEP Vonr WU,LYS-OVKIir.ANn Dcnlrp LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 Harrison Avi'nuo Off Kxclmnco I'lniT, Wnlirlinrr 'Plionn I ;> A. riwlicniiHii in Sag-inaw, Mich., lias ovnlvod a sort or' tractor on stilts so that lio cnn drive rig;ht into the..water to lift his nets. What must the fish think? M. Barry Keegan i CANDID WEDDING ALBUMS 108 Biink St. Wuterhury Jones Morgan Bld|», Tel. 4-538-1 AUGUST FUR SALE — BUY NOW AND SAVE — 99 N. MAIN STREET Watcrbury Tel. 3-3737 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Sprlne St., Union City Tel. Naug, 6111 — Wat. 4-95SO FELIX NARDEIXO, Mjrr. Full utock of uteri and wood blind! IlllndH repaired, re-tnped. etf). YOUTHS DROWNED Boston, Aug. 22—(U P)—Two youths have drowned In Now England- The accidents occurred as perfect weather sent thousands to the seashore. Paul Schocfeld, 1-1- year-old boy of Brooklyn, N. Y., drowned at Lake Buel in Monterey. And Richard Plynn, 17 years old, of Bridge water drowned In' Union, Me. He was a son of Postmastcr Thomas J. Flynn ot Bridgewater. State Police Commissioner Is Sued For $23,000 Watcrbury, Au C- 21—(UP)—State Police' Commissioner Edward J. Hichey is' among -the defendant, named in a $23,000 damage suit filed in Superior court. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cripps of Woodbury "Claim they were injured when a .state police car crashed into their automobile. Another, man, Jason Parker of Woodbury, was killed in the accident. Public Works Building Program For Conn. Planned Hnrford.-'Aug. 22—fU P>—Plnns for a-.-five-year $120,000,000 public works buildfn'K protrram arc disclosed by Governor Baldwin. The governor sn .j<) the program is designed as a cushion against possible unemployment. It is still in (ho formative stage and won't be instituted in its-entirety until conditions warrant it—and also not until materials .-ire once again abundant!; •The plan has.been developed as result of a three-year study — the governor said. Some of tho projects —which arc-vitally n«cilcd—will be undertaken immediately. These in- clude hospital -expansion, dorml- loricM at. the'University of•. Con", necticut, and expansion,of the Vet" erann' Home at Rocky -Hill, But .tho bulk of the planned construction will be deferred until C lr- oumstanccs warrant it. This wlH l n elude $'84;000.000 for highway coVi- alructi'on and repair--and .in addf- lional .$12,000,000 for town road Improvements. CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 2210 24 SOCTII MAIN STREET NnitlCHliirk I^limlfiirr Ol.) l-iirl»r.v jcrptilr hrrvlrfl on All Mnkn nf Kudlti SI-IK, rriimpt hcrvlw A Itpiinoniililr 1'rlr^f.. l^tttcftt J^gulpmm Cur Undid Ki'luilr U'.irk. Philco .Car Radios Immcdl:itfl Delivery Autoiniitlc rhonograpliK and Special WICKER STROLLERS $998 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER It GRAND STREET Watcrbury v'?!^?IPS Sirloin Steak Chuck Steak Genuine LAMB Sprin Fancy Boneless Rump Chuck Roast Pot ^ Rib Chops Shoulder Chops Lamb Fores LB LB LB Stewing Lamb Strip Bacon RIND- LESS LB LB 52! Stew Beef 59° 49° 33° 25< BONES . Liverwurst Bologna ifiSS oMijn 55° Minced Ham Frankforts - e 45 HI LIVE CHICKEN Lobsters SLICES Halibut 59 C 55 C Veal loaf ; TO sCsa -fc«.. <-;K^i;#Siiii ??•* S:r;3r! v.-o;nen overyv.-hore 1-jrn to ASP !or s:ipcib quality moats—they know the satis- Jcc:ion ihst comes irom buyin 1 ; whore skilled meet rron la);c extra caro in p-oparinrr : u- ? chciTe heavy sice.- beel s!eaj:s or roosts ior you. All cuts are U. S. Government l.-inpoc;:^o. Grade AA or A heavy steer bee!—ASP ;roa! men buy carefully, insisting on high quality standards, they l:npv. r you expect only "lops" when -you buy at Ai?. You, too, can enjoy the satisfaction that comes aiie- a carefully prepared dinner, by making your next purchase at the A&? Super Market. POTATOES BARTLETT PEARS IM°'GROWN VE 10 U. S. NO. 1 - NEW LOW PRICE- 50 LB BAG 1.39 CALIF. FANCY EATING LBS ONIONS u ' PEACHES CELERY TOMATOES u, s. NO. : LGE SIZE— ELSfRTAS NATIVE PASCAL HOMf GROWN LARGE SIZC I BAG 33 C L BS 29" B E R V D C S LARliE i DBL STALK TRU-BLUEBERRIES CUT CORN B^SEVC PEAS & CARROTS BIRDSEYE inC PDCAM OLD HUNDRED Ibt UntAlYI ALL FLAVORS 10 OZ PKG 1Z OZ PKG PINT PKG 26° 25" ICED TEA! Flavor tested for lasting refreshment HALF LB PKG 34' OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU WITH PROMPT COURTEOUS SERVICE Pound Cakes 29" Sugar-Nut Loaf RnlH Dintf UUIU.COCOANUT rtlllg Sandwich Rolls Coffee Cake SiSS ^25° Orange Juice 4 c%°N z 53' e Grapefruit Juice Tomato Juice Evsp. Milk Prune Juice I LB CUT 14 OZ OOC ' LOAF JJ 19 OZ LOAF I PKG OF B 15 OZ I CAKE 4G OZ CAN oz OCC POPULAR BRANDS 2 Cigarettes CTN 1 .65 PKGS PRICED FOR CONN. ONLY 33 . . SPOl -•. REMOVCR I OZ 80T ROT Handi&Fnbrlci PREMIUM CRACKERS 1- LB PKG WHITE HOUSE CAN 46 OZ CAN LARGE CAN 35< 27 C 28° Ideal Jars Mason Jars Mason Jars Jar RingS D p oi 63<^ go! 73 C ' DOZ OUARTS Wyandotte Cleanser PI OldUUtCn Cletnicr L CANS Noctil Nabisco Nabisco 100% Bran Rice Puffs Salt Brooms Bon Ami Powder A-Penn Cahdo SILVER Polish Vegetables M P', X L D NC °AN go String Beans PI. 2 CA O N! ] 5 c Cut Beets " ONA ••••''* N0 - a " A-Penn DAIRY FOODS SILVHRBROOK SUNNYBROOK rRESH—LARGE MOTOR OIL.. 2 GAL. NO'. 20 • CAN ANN 28 OZ <f EC PAGE PKG 19 Individual 1 QC I Assorlmcnt PKG GRANDMOTHER'S MONOGRAM NO. 7 LD BAG 550 TootsieV-M PINTS CCE DOZEN 00 GOOD LUCK DOZ ! ANN PAGE GROUND ANN PAGE GROUND 1 LB JAR 2 OZ PKG 1.21 noc Mello-Wheat Sunnyfieid " MUStard "ANN PAGE Cider Vinegar Cider Vinegar Soda Waters 41 3 o?s z 29 8 Fly Ribbon BIG CHIEF EACn1 C Fly SWatter WIRE EACH 10° Drano ^'19° Windex 2 8 6 66 A G N A N L.7u G0E 12 G 0^ BOTS 17" 15 C i__. « OC r- SUNNYBROOK C^C I £ EggS FRESH—LARGE DOZ Oil 23 C Edam Cheese ^57" 23 C American Cheesep B o u u L ND56 c Borden's S, S S 22' Blue Moon RBP nn c ozTK e a15 c Velveeta -SEE! Sib" 31 e 16 C A-Penn DRY Cleaner GAL. 49 C 49 C Certo Vo°T z 24 ce BUlbS 60 WATT EACH I I "JUNKET" BRAND RENNET TABLETS n c For Mskinn Rennel- CusurdsS IceOcaro PKG OF 12 "When Av.iilablo" IVORY FLAKES "When A- IVORY SOAP CRISCO LGE PKG "When Avallnble" VEGETABLE . 1 LB SHORTENING JAR ."When Available" "DUZ DOES EVERYTHING" "When Avallnble" FLOATING SOAP ;£<•-*••, "When Available" I WHITE -FLOATING "When Available" 23' 23' DUZ 17 C SWAN WH1IE 28 C ^80 e SWAI* P= S SOAP 3^29' THE GREAT ATLAHT AND PACIFIC TEA COMPANY All pncei lubject to market changes. Wo reserve ngnt to limit quantities Prices effective tor tni« are*. .

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