Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1911
Page 7
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1. T. * 4 F. EAILWAY Sou^h Bound. No. 201—Dally I^senger 1:05 p. m No. 203—Dally Fassenscr 2:43a.ii^ No. 207—Dally (exfcept Sunday) Fassen- WISVED— XIBCELLISSOUB. WAITED—CLEAX WHITE KAGH. Kegtster office. AGENTS EVERYWHKRK CAN make money, spurn time, distrlbutloK Post Cards advertising our Chewing Qum. No canrasHlDK. Liberal torm». Yearly contract. Weekly Rettleincnts. Send «ev«Bn two-cent stamiNi for Hiip- ply PoKt Curds. Intttnu -tlonx and Con­ tract. Spearmint Company. 1T77 Broadway Department 178, New York. WANTED—DAY CLERK, KELLEY Hotel. Do not phone. Call at office. DONATIONS WANTED FOR SAL- vation Army free Christmas dinner and tree for the worthy poor of our city. iix 'iut WANTED—FIVE ROOM, MODERN cottage, close In. Box 216. WANTED—POSITION AS HOUSE- kpciMjr or work In private family. Ad- dresR F. B., care Register. • WANTRI>—TO, BUY CALVES. Phone 91-22, Can City. WANTED—TO TRADE IX)T AND ham In Kenebli-k, Okla., for two Kood lows or horse. Phone l>ir>. WANTED—FIVE MEN BETWEEN the af;i« of 21 and 40,' to big sheila: wages %l.i>0 per day. Men having hip hool.s preferred. Apply at Button Faclory Tuesday morning. FOB SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE—ONE SQUARE Ing table ;604 S. Buckeye. DIN- FOR SALE—FULL BLOOD R. I. R. Cockerels . La Ilorpe phone GGC. .fcnklns. FOR 5ALE—A GOOD COW JUST fresh, with two-weeks-old bull calf at side. This cow is 12 years old and give.i lots of nillk. She will lie sold nt public auction on the street Saturday, Deioiiiber 2». Phone !>98-5. Wal- IlK Ewlng. Route 2. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT cases; hand bags; Just like new. Bigus Pawn Shop East Side Square, In fruit store. First door south of Kress-store. FOR SALE—TOLOUSB GEESE AT $1 .00 each for Christmas. J. R. Cllne, phone 997-12. FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD horse; sound and gentle. Will take »75.00. FOR SALE—4 ROOM HOUSE fSoO, also 5 room house $4S0 located on Ibis 17 and 18, block 18, Brooklyn Park .\ve. lola, Kas. Address Tboa. Mo- Gannon, Humboldt Kas. FOR SALE—TEAM OF MULES. Phone Gas 91-12. S. L. Remsberg. ' FOR SALFr-A GOOD C YEAR OLD horse; sound and gentle; will-take $7ri.uu. Phone 104. FOR SALE—TWO finoo MORT- gagcs, well secured by lola City prop erty. Party will allow a reasonable dlscdunt See lola Land Company.' WOOD FOR SALE. Phone 997-12. J. R. OLINB. FOR TRADE—AN IMPROVED 8ft- acre farm, 4 miles from good towa lor fola j-esidence of $2,000 value. Phone 63, or call 224 S. Chestnut. FOR SALE, OR TRADE—A 215- 9crc pasture, all fenced, good land, adjoining a town of 700, in Butler Co. Want small place handy to K. C. for stock feeding. Phone C3, or call 224 S. Chestnut. FOB BENT—HISCELLAHXOUS. ''^FOR ^T RET J T^^^ROOA PT^ Hotel building for barber sbop. FOR RENT—FARM % MILE FROM town. CaU Moran phone 1814. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co. has moved to .Kress building. Office rooms 22 to 24. MONET! MONEY! MONET! I make a specialty of farm loans. If you are wanting a farm loan It will pay you to see me. Rates reasooable: interest payable annual or semi-annual;-privilege given to make partial pay- tuenta or all at any time. C. 0. BOLLINGEB lola, Kans. I ger |. S:5Qp.ia I No. 21fr—Dally (teccpt Sunday) -Way Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Da- .jKurt J 1:05 p. m. North Bound. , No.-t02—DaOy Paissenser 2:22 p. ib. No, 201—^Dally Paisseneer 2:20 a. m. No. 20S—iDally (e:<cept Sunday) Fassen- . ger ..-..Z I..... No. 216—Daili^ f<>«ept Sunday) Way FreiBht. Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart j 12:01 p. m. MISS0UBl"^4CIFIC B VILWAi: Freight*—West Bound. 191—Local (dally (ex. Sun) Iv 1:45 p. in. 451—Colo. Red Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. nL Freights—East Bound. taS—Red Ball (dally) ar. 1:10 a. m. 192—Local (daily !e.x. Sun) ar 8:00 a. m. Passengers—West Bound- 107-Kansas Cll>t-Yates Center MaH and Express (dally) Iv 4:47 P. m. *09—St. Louis-Wichita Mail anil Express (daily) !v...' 8:83 a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 410—St. LouIs-Kans.TS City MaU and ar- press (dally) ar. 7!17 p. m. 408—St. Louls-Kansaa City Mall anil Express (dally) ar. 8:SS a. m. M. K. & T. RAILTTAT South Bound. *No. 571—Way Krelght, (daily tme«vt Sunday) 4:SI)a:.m. No. 75—Mixed (dnlly) 4:45 p.m. No. 73—PassenRier (dnlly) 12:H p. m. Nh>. 36r-Flyer (dnlly) 6:B0a.m. •fl3i. North Bound. No. 84—Pa.i.wngflr (dally) 1:M p. m. No. tr,—Mixed (dnlly) , 2:30 p. m. •No. B7I—Way Freight, dlully raeept Sunday) 12t19 p. m. •571 and 672 w^I carry passengers. THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN lOLA. A seven room, ofodern house with two-story bam and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade'and fruit. If sold before January first, $12i;0.00; half cash. C. L. WHITAKER. Phone m FUEL WORRY IS OVERAT GAS DEMINf! rOMPA>Y WILL KEEP TEX-OUNCE PRESSURE. Meter Thanre Dpnled—Tred," thi Old Prime Western Horue Died Friday—Was • Pet GAS CITY. DEC. 18.—The Gas City Gas consumer is lo have plenty of fuel all winter say the Deming people, who are the recent purchasers of the Gas City gas plant. Mr. Car- raaine, the local manager, received orders from headquarters at Oswego Saturday, to keep ten ounces of gas on night and day during the entire T.inter. There has been considerable confusion among the citlzciis as a result of a report that the consumers would have to deposit another $5 for their meters. When Manager Car• inaine was asked about this he replied: "If this is to be done 1 know nothing about it. My orders are to conduct Uhe plant similar to the old plan and that does not include an extra deposit from our patrons." Mr. Jurke arrived yesterday from Parsons to assist Mr. Carmalne in reading meters. —When buying meats you want the best: you gel the best at Carl & Hunter's. Mr. Reagan who was liere Inst week taking the number of the gas meters for the Deraing people returned yesterday to Oswego. —Buy j-our Christmas candies of Carl & Hunter. Mrs. Pearl Moore, after a week 's visit in Rcdfield returned home yesterday. She will leave shortly for Coninsville to Join Mr. Moore and make their home. —A fine assortment of Christmas nuts at Carl & Hunters. Mr. M. D. Arbuckle and son Stewart returned Saturday from Colllns- ville. Mr. Arbuckle will return after the holidays. Mrs. D. D. Troop of north of towu visited old friends here Saturday. \ "Fred," the old Prime Western cart ^t. horse, dropped dead Friday night, af- *• ter 12 year's hard work in the smelter smoke. Old "Fred" was humored almost like a human workman by the -yard crew. A number of the friends and old neightNjrs from lola spent the afternoon of December 15, with Mrs. Andrew Larson, east, of Gas City in remembrance of her birthday. Mrs. Larson was remembered with many beautiful gifts from Mrs. L. 1.,. I'ons- Jer, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. James Johnson, Mrs. M. W. Walt, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Thompson of lola; Mrs. Chaa. Meeker and Mrs. Vogel of Gas City. A pleasiint afternoon was si)ent and an elaborate two course luncheon was served. Ora Prettyman of Moran visited Mr and Mrs. Isaac Carl yesterda.v. Mrs. J. E. Hunter, after a short stay with her son Edwin Hunter, returned to BuETalo yesterday. Misses Mubcl and Lutie Barker of I.aHarpp were guests of Miss Ida Klo, '' man yesterday. / The Gas City football team met defeat yesterday afternoon at the hands of the LaHarpe team. 6 to 27. A large number of fans saw the game. Marshal Mel Jackson of LaHarpo was in towa yesterday searching for Cap Hair, who escaped from Jail. Miss Ethel Culllson arrived Saturday from Lindsborg, to Watt until after the holidays with her parents, , Rev. and Mrs. Culltson. Mrs. J. Q. McCarty returned to PATkeE ]re8terii«gr »It«r a visit wiUi IRA B. FRANTZ BEGISTERED OPTOMETRIST Humboldt, Kas. Moran, afternoon of Dec. 19 and all day the 20th. LaHarpe Dec. 21 and 22. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Tompkins. Mrs. Florence McMurray and Mrs. Rupp of lola were guests of Miss Sylvia Abbott yesterday. Mr. and Jlrs. Jack Rayl of Leroy are visiting her parents, Mr. ;:isd Mrs. L. Moomey. HIS SECURITY WAS ASSURED Man With Wooden Leg Had No Fear of Slipping on Polished Floor. GIVEN FAREWELL ATLAHABPE MR. AND MRS. C. T. BOWEN MATE GO>E TU CALIFOKMA. Fooibull TIctories Easy for the La Biiriie Teams—The Stores and Ctaurclies In Uolidajr Spirit One of \ew York's leading actors has an elegant country home out in Long Island, and he has spent a great deal of money in fitting It up with costly decorations and exquisite finish­ ings. The library was recently refurnished with a most expensive floor of beautiful parquetry, in which the owner felt a great degree of pride and of which ho was scrupulously careful. A few days ago an old friend of tho good old road days learned how well j bo was prospering and went out to call on him. He had met with reverses financially, and also with the physical misfortune of an amputated leg, in place of which he wore a wooden one. When the servant announced him In the library the host went in and was horrified to see the man stumping about the floor with the wooden leg, in a tour of inspection of its gorgeous fittings. Speechless at first, he was finally able to breathe a gentle hint to hie friend: "I say, Henry, old fellow, hadn't you . better keep well In on the rug? I'mj BO deucedly afraid you might slip and J get a fall." "Oh, no! That's all right," assured the guest. "Don't you worry about me. . I'm all right, thanks. There Is a [.couple of nails in the end of the old peg, you know."—Judge's Library. DELICIOUS REFRESHMENTS. Sweet things that make life seem like "One grand sweet song" are love's vows, babies' kisses and plenty of our choice confections to help the good « work along. A -little sweetener % like our Chocolates, those of soft, £ sweet, pure creamy interior and $ rich coating exterior. Pure and 3i delicious at all times and to £ think of them any time makes ^ your mouth water. £ PABKHUBST. ^ * « •> * • WHAT TO GIVE FOB • • CHRISTMAS * • The Chrhitmas season with * <• all Its good cheer and gift giving Is here. As a useful aid in ^ <r helping you choose your Gifts 4 • we send this reminder. It sug- • •> gests a purchase of a few of 4 <> the many practical Holiday <f • things you will find in our * •> store—Gift Goods—the kind a 4 • person likes to give—and re- <• • celve. <• « 1. L. OKAEN 4 <• The LuHurpe Druggist <• « —When you have a bilious attack give Chamberlain's Tablets a trial. They are excellent For sale by all dealers. FOR SALE I Just got In 2ii head of mules, 10 head of horses, 10 mares-^ some of the mares with foal— ages run on horses and mules from 2 to ."> years. All In good flesh—most all broke single and double—right in from the country. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, come and see me at once. iola Horse and Mule market 1 block west Santa Ke i. C Bsteher Ptaoae m LA HARPE, Dec. 18.—A farewell party was given at the beautiful home of Mr.s. C. T. Bowen on December 12 where about thirty members of the K. & J* of S. gathered to say farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowen and family, who started the next day for Tulare, California, to make their home. After a very enjoyable evening of games and music, a delicious lunch eon was served and after A late hour all departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Bowen a ha|)py Journey. The guests presented to the departing family a very beautiful set of silved knives and forks. Those present were: Mr.' and Mrs. Hines. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. Finney, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowen, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Preston, Mrs. McCby and Airs. Cowan of Ottawa, Mrs. Eubank and daughter, Mrs. Burtch and daughter. Edna, Mrs. Curry Fred 6owen Rena StudyvIUe, L. Keister, Fannie Benn, Mrs. C. T. Bowen and<daughter. Golo, and son. Kenneth. Two small football teams of Gas come over Saturday and met a sorry defeat by the hands of two teams here. The score was too large to look well in print —Only seven more dtfya before Christmas; don't delay buying that present until they are alVpicked over. We have a large variety of nice gifts suiUble for the old and young. Come In and see them.—Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. The Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian churches are making extensive preparations for their Christmas programs to be given next Saturday evening. Ail the churches will have a tree. Bear in mind that one week from today Is ChriBtioas. Finish your shop ping early this week. You can't think of an appropriate gift that the I. Uarpe merchants have not and their prices must be reasonable from the many people of neighboring towns here Saturday buying goods. AH the stores will be open a little later all this week. Read the merchants' locAls In this column and profit by them.: —F. & Halm, M. D.. Oonlln. Ad'Brennan, who has been visiting In Bartlesville for a few weeks, returned home yesterday. — see our assortment of iJla- mond Rings.—Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. The La Harpe second foot ball team defeat^ the Gas City team yesterday afternoon on the Gas City grounds, by a score of 27 to 6. . A l&rge number from here attended and report a good game—If the score was large. J. J. Love of Vista, Mo., was in town Saturday on business. Mr. Love has purchased the home at thecopne^ of McKlnley and Fifth streets and-^expects to move his family here soon. —Just received, 300 pounds of^fine Candles from the renowned Mueller- Keller factory. Graen's Drug Stqre. J. W. Xewman. of Fort Scott, was a business caller here Saturday.' Miss Lena Waters, of Elatnore, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents here. —All of the following make nice presents: OvercoaU, Suits, Suit Cases, iluuse Slippers Fancy Hosiery Fancy Vests, Ties, Suspenders, Hats, Caps and many others; at C; W. Friedley's. C. W. Burns is moving his fifmliyi from Turner street to property on S. { Broadway. ; —Buy your wife one of those fam-| oua Goodrich Sowing Machlneii fori Christmas.—Hines' Hardware. Toney Eble, after a two weeks' visit in Nevada, returned Saturday to bis work here. ^ ' FREE—A nice 1913 calendar, at C. W. Friedley's. COME IN. G. Holt Is in Kansas City closing up the deal In which his La Harpe business goes for western land. Mrs. M. B. Jones has sold her property in I.Anyonville to'3tr. McHuren. Mrs. Jones will leave shortly for Okla homa to Join her son. Robert Dougherty of Bayard., visited his brother. W. R JSougherty. Saturday. • ; Mr. Morrl .4, of lola, and Mr.; Hancock ,of Kansas City, were pleasant callers in town Saturday. Claud Swonger of north of Bronson, was in town trading Saturday. C. U Evans has relumed froth, Parsons. Hershel Smith, of Mildred. Visited friends here yesterday. George Brooks of Sallna Is iVisitfng his sister, Mrs. E. P. Qraen, thi» week. B. E. Consadlne. of Fort Scptt, was a business caller here today, j Frank Stevenson la suffering from a badly mashed han^ Frak^ was gathering com Saturday and - when attempting to pick up an ear \cif com, which.had fallen under the waigbn, the horses started ,runnInK the wfa^el over his band. - , Fresh Salted Herring. Just from Lake Superior, 9c per pound. Qold by Lewis Logan, with Edwards' Grocery on south Main street. Dr. Rlrkpatrick Is reported on the sick list His son. Dr. Joe, of Kansas City, spent Sunday here. G. C. Parlasca stilt declares that be saw a balloon pass over La Harpe Fri day afternoon. ' —Lewis Logan sella fresh' Salted Herring at Edwards' Grocery on S. Main street at Sc per pound. ; Mrs. Fred Remington will eutertaln the N. 8. club Wednesday afternoon. David Preifer, of near MorUn, was la tows trading Saturday. WHEAT GOMES NEAR DOLLAR IXCESSAXT RAINS IN ARGENTINE CAUSE SMALL ADVANCE. Cattle and Hogs Slump Badly, a Falling of Ten to Xwenty-flre -Cents. (By the Associated Press) Chicago, Dec. 18.—Ij^cessant rains in Argentine sent wheat up. Opening % to % higher. May sUrted 99% to%, % to % up, kept there. CORN— Strong, May opened % to 14 up at 64^ to %. touched V6 to rose to %. OATS— Up. May started at 48%. % up. sold at 48% and rose to 49. Provisions were depressed. Chlca^ Lives! oek. Chicago.. Dec. 18.—CATTLE, receipts 32,000. Ten to twenty cents low er. Beeves f4.60(3)8.90; stockers and feeders t3.2a(&3.80; cows and heifers $L90@6.2o. HOGS—Receipts fiS.OOO. Slow to .en to twenty-five cents lower. Lights $3.55@6.10; mixed $3.7r>i3!6.22Vi!: heavy |3.85(gi6.25: rough $5.85®6.00; pigs 14.5063.70. St. Lonis Groin. St I JOU I S, Dec. 18.—WHEAT, close. May 99%; July 94Vi. CORN—May 64%@%: July C5i/& OATS—Dec. 48i4; May 49Vi. St Louis Llrestock. St Louis. Dec. 18.—CATTLE, receipts 4,000. Steady. Native steers |4.50@9.2.'); cows and heifers |3.7»# 7.00; stockers and feeders ¥3.25@3.23. HOGS—Receipts 15.500. Five to ten cents lower. Pigs and lights $4.7 .'i@ 6.00; mixed |5.75@6.25; heavy |6.15@ 6.73. Lead and Spelter. St Louis. Dec. 18.—Lead, easier, $4.33; spelter, firm. f6.20. Kansa.<* Cliy Grain. Kansas City. Dec. IS.^WHEAT. receipts. 49 cars. Cash wheat, steady to Ic higher. No. 2 hard, 99@1.04; No. 3 97@1.03; No. 2 hard 94%@ 95%; No. 3. 93694. Close—Dec. 97%, May fl.OO; July 93%. CORN—Steady to '^c higher. No. 2 mixed, 63%@64*{:; No. 3, 61@%: .\o.~ 2 \Vhite. 63%@65%; No. 3, 64. Close- Dec. 65%; May 65%®%: July 63. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white, 496)49%; No. 2 mixed. 48@49. RYE—93@94o per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $19.50@20; choice prairie |13.23@13.50. BROOM CORN—$70@140 per ton. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect tents, pay taxes for nos-resideots, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan buBiness. and, guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. Ii. Thompson, "Sgr. ' OFFICES EVANS BLDG. IOLA A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurate Information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract Is the basis of a good deed. There are no better Al»- stracts than those prepared by THE PETERSON ABSTRACT CO. Phone 97 Old Court House Bldg. farm ami Gt^ Laanm KANSAS AND OEUHOIU Loir Rate; Annnal or Seml.AnnuoI Interest—Prirllege to Pay In Full Reduced Rates on Fire Insurance! R.M.Cunningham Old roart Honse Bldg. Iola, Kas. Kansas City LIrestoek. Kansas City, Dec. 18.—CATTLE, receipts 7.500. Steady. Native steers |5.25@8.75; cows and heifers $2,759 7.00; stockera and feeders $4.0007.00; bulls $3.S@3.0l); calves $4.2508.00. HOOS—Receipts 12,000. Five to ten cent* lower. Heavy $6.10(^6.20; pack ers an dbutchers $5.9506.15; lights $5.€O06.O3. KaasHs City Frodnee. Kansas City, Dec. 18.—BUTTER, Creamery 35c; firsts 33; seconds 31; -packing atock^20%. EGOS—Extras 31c; firsts 29; seconds 17. —The Reclster Publiahlns Co. tnma out first class printing and :>ookblnd- Ing. A Uial soUoitad. TO EXCHANGE ' $2,500.00 Grocery Stock all clean goodsi for small tract of land in Allen or adjoining counties, of e^iual value. W&rtt to^deal with owner of land. We have other exchanges. Call on ns. CHARLES & FOTTEB. BegUfer W M ( Ada Get tlie Bla. The Moral. Prof. John Spencer Bassatt, snthor «e "A Ufa o< Andrew Jackson," la ao- customed to UfaiBtrate his lectures at Bmlth eoQegs with Incidents In Amer^ lean histDry. On one ooeaakm Ae repeated a well -known, story In regard to Stephen A. Donglaa, cloeing with K atora which arDused pecnllar interest Douglas, aa a sarratlTe runs, was once Bitting in & profound aleep in the corridor of the capltol wh«n Adeline Cntta,.% Waahinston hella. paaaed by. She did not know the aletper, bntrwaa atruek with eompaasloa " on •e'eiair such a splendidly Ihtellaetsal face under such eoadltlona, and stooping down laid her handkerchief over it to protect It trom the fllea. Douglaa on awakening found th« bandkerdiiet •ought tba owner, and eventually inarriad her. There waa a pause, and then the profeosor added: '^ou la- dtaa, the moral of this story la; Hlnre your pocket handkerchief marked." MEitCHANTABLB ABSTRACTS. ' Every Ahstttact made in our office .)>ts.<uaranteBd to be a merchaat- <fiOAt Bbatract or money refunded, 1 JOLA ABSTRACT COMPANY. Frank! Wood. Manager. •i TOO; ONAL 1>IRECT0MT. 1. 1 TO LaAiri • hooaehold coaii, • iewlas M and jewlm • * li W4 COfFET P • UfMecttStntl - « S Boyal Typewriter Agency 9 » Controls Exclusive Sale of the » ^ Boyal Sfaadard Typewriter S » In Allen County * 3 £. H^ Busing, Ageat • i Northrup ,BnUdIng Iqla, Kana. 9 S Typewriter JSepaln and Supplies 9 I i £ $ $ $ ^ SI&^SS^S'SftjB « Dr. CL M. Buss • « 1 DENTIST 9 S Room No. 1, Northrup Bldg. 9 $ Extractipn without pain by the 9 * use of Nitrons Oxide Gas 9 $ Phon»-|Offica 653; Res. 852. 9 $9S9«S9 99««9S99 9 99 S WHY ,irOT» 9 * Have Yinr Piano Tuned by an 9 =S Experienced Tuner—One U T- 9 « ing in tour home town- 9 3 *. 0. CANATSET 9 9 Piano Tuner and Bepefaef 9 < « Roberts MuBle eo. Phe«o\4ai * .] ««e9 «e«9e«e»e »9a99 , »»»9 $a99S9999 &999« , « -• B. LEATELI, IL B. • • l^i » Bpaolalies^ , « Dfikaaes of the Cheat • « SUeaaes of (^IldrtfL It 9 FhonespOfflee 1«; Bes. 147. • \Mi IOLA STATE BANK BLDQ 9 > At i 9 "-^999999399999 *• Baal Estate anftllmtea f 4> Satlalaction sttannUed.Wlre«r 9 * phone at my expapae for dataa. • . 41^ . ; . i B.B.C1ABS, „ i, 1 ! * Kat«s Center Owr Coia, Bmik # * • * • »[» » » »•» FHnXIF HEI6EIS % h 110% South St Jr t HARNESS AND SADDELBI X General Bepalring, All Klada •ft arONEY TO LOAN • • arONEY TO LOAN on all {kinds of household gisoda or Jewelry—anything of value. Blgusj Pawn. Shop, East Side Square. Office In Fruit Store. AIL tiknsactions strictly conlt- dautreJL • - 'Hei SfiHagm, Arkm Round Trip Tickets, leU, to Hot Sprittga. Ark., with return limit of three months from date of sale, with stop -over prlTilegee going and returi^ on sale every day in the year, for S18.60 • The ^ne way fare la $Ujg. j E. E. MUNGER. PhoB^lM. ]le.Fae.lfeB|, —FHrinera AttentloiiJL.. Slgli gndCi; . .dtatinafjETfor sale. Telephone 'm tolSf-'^ M or HuR ^boldt Refinery, KLHungep* JZjl lord, XOji West street _ ,;^

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