Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 8, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1954
Page 2
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bTAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, Mdfeti §, 19S4 Boyle inswerAdlai WASHINGTON (t|t»X — Another political devel- tifefelMI, itrffiy with Sefl, to S. McCarthy starred „„„ kilt This tlMe as'Uie defend- oft President Eisenhower and the efrtiblieari party against Demo- attacks. Republican wants 'and television time to to a speech delivered Satur_ flight'by Adli E, Stevenson o SiOO'a-plate dinner audience in BiftiaY *"ia, -te^venson directly assailed Mr. .enhbwor on the issue of "Mc. implying,,that the ;nt was at>b*asing McCar- ainst • his -Own beliefs and >s in Strategy, designed lo 1964 CQQgressJonal elections RepubUcan party, p^ech^was cut to fit Dem tie National Committee Chair- Stephen 'A, Mitchell's stratc- *jBft all-out, Democratic attack j ( the' president. As the south- srafty was'-gathering in Miami, ,?i»'ri% H m *> *° make Presf- tenhower our target . . , ." -.ison'^ald. McCarthy had „, deba40guery and deceit a ipnsl 1 mo.vemfent, 'ihat Mr. El- '-^ver «(heliered^t for political ie§. Although McCarthy was qaUslically mentioned, ( bagic'i"target was Mr. "' grounds, that he was __, .thgRepublican, and ,^t.« n»mnnv^«r *«<^ f ^«t*«*»* «^»I **V»^»»**»>- OJl*" 3 tlsines's-pleksur,e trip, prornptly M ^h'e wb'iaW ^d^ftand 'free radio __J, ielevisW «flS&Vfrqm. 40; 30 to Ji«. rn,,1iext 'Saturday, night in |^gch to,'answer' SteVenson.. CBS 1 and NBC broadcast the eech' free 'fls a public '< *. ' ~ wmuttm^^vmai Continued from Page OnS three message motors. Just ease back flip a switch and-" You get awny from there quick before you go native. Message chairs, private bedroom gardens- what kiixJ of outdoor life is this, anyway Now there is just a hint of Coney Island around the doge 1 ? of the flower show comes Omar, a pleasant .Jittle man in a beret. He'll analyze jour handwriting for a fee. Never mind what Omar told rne about myself; the grand jury is still in session. One thing pu/zled us for a moment about the flower show. The "President Eisenhower" rose, a handsome specimen, is planted right next to the "Goldilocks" rose. We looked hard for some evl* dence of A Democratic or E Republican propaganda, bu'. finally decided it was just ons of those things. There's no politics in the flower show, so far as we could see. Maybe that's wl'.y it's such a big success. Poultry Raisers Anderson May Replace Kyes in Defense n^iJhey^danced again. He woa fo.^he? Bhook itup. bead,-,'end By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON (/P) — The name of Secretary of the Navy Robert Anderson rode high today in speculation o n the administration's choice of a successor for Roger B. Kyes In the Defense Department's No. 2 job. The White House and Pentagon jirmounced over the weekend Kyes will leave the deputy secretarship where he has served with Secretary of Defense Wilson since the Outset of the Eisenhower administration. Kayes, interviewed at his home near Detroit, emphasized that' his resignaion "has absolutely nothing to do," with the recent clash be twcen'Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens and Ken. McCarthy (R-Wis). : :•-..Pentagon sources indicated the Continued on >ajte rnercial ;feed In another forrri.'' By a 4-3 decision the Supreme Court .affirmed judgement for $3,000 in favor of Henry Moseley against Jtoy Langston in Mississippi County Circuit Court. Langston, Paul Burns and Belford Scott were sued for injuries suffered by Moseley when he was knocked from the bumpers of two interlocked automobiles which were struck by a third car on an Osceola street. The Supreme Court Upheld Pone Chancellor George O. Patterson in his holding that the Chy of Rus- sellvillc had a right to s(ue for delinquent sewer tax assessments. T. C. Boswell and others had challenged the su/t, contending It was not filed properly, but both the chancellor and the Supreme Court 'rejected this viewpoint. The Supreme Court sent back to Garland Chancery Court a divorce action between Helen Sims Reed nnd Kirby E. .Reed because Mrs. Reed, who was granted the decree, had not been awarded one-third of the personal property which the Supreme Court said is required by. law. ; Union Chancery Court was affirmed in allowing Annie Mae Sim mons to drop a suit involving Union County real estate against J.A. Hancock and wife. ' - ,' Mrs. Simmons sued originally to set aside a deed, contending it was forged. . The Hancocks. . filed an answer and when Mrs. Simmons sought to drop her suit, they contended it should be tried nevertheless on the ground that their answer constituted a cross complaint..; MARKETS YARDS, 111. (UP) — Livestock: Hogs 12,000; fairly active 180 Ibs Up mostly 10-15 lower; weights over 250 scarce and steady 170 Ibs down, steady to 25 lower sows 325 higher, instances 50 up; choics 180 to 230 Ibs 25.65 to 25.85; a feAv 25.60 load choice 225 Ibs 25.90;1j 240-260 Ibs 25.00-25.60 few 260325 Ibs 24.0025.00; bulk 150170 Ibs 24.75-25-.75 sows 400 Ibs down 23.2523.75; few 24.00: heavier sows 23.2524.25 boars 16.5020.00. Cattle 6,800 calves 1,200 All Lawmakers Expected to Announce By GORDON BROWN Reds Build Big Airport in S.China 80 loads of steers on sale; .mostly good to low choice: moderate supply heifers and mixed yearlings opening (rade slow; few early sales fully steady with average high choice steers to 24.00 few loads high good and choice 21.00 to 22.75; few good, quality replacement steers 19.50; good and choice t < * . . .. -. ±! WASHINGTON M — Arkansas House members haven't yet publicly discussed their intentions but about: it will surprise no one if they all announce for reelection soon. All six gave every indication o£ being candidates for another term. Mos'. ot them make no bones about it. Sen. John L. McClellan (D-Ark.) whose term also expuires this year already has filed for renomination to a third six year term. Sen. Wil- ^Construction began last March and apparently was finished in November or December. The sources said the airfield has decision, on a new deputy secretary already was'made and thai announcement of his identity could be -expected- shortly; perhaps by tomorrow.: ! • Kyes . and his former General Motors Corpj colleague, Wilson, both said the deputy secretary took the job with the understanding he would remain for only a year. The assumption here is that yes will return , to some official position with GM. However, he said he was not sure he would return to the automobile business. heifers and mixed yearlings 38.50-1 Ham Firlbright has two more years in his current term. Arkansas House members have a pleasant little custom every t\y_o, years of assembling in the office of Rep. Norrell (DArk) and announcing together that they are filing for renomination and reelection. Norrell said just the other, day he expects to call his colleague^ together before long for the bien nial announcement. While Arkansas' House delegation of six isn't numerically large, its 22.00 about 12 per cent of receipts cows; opening slow; early sales utility and commercial steady at 12.0014.00 few canners and cutters 10.00-12.00 bulls and veal- ers steady; utility and commercial bulls 12.0014.50; cutter bulls 10.50 12.00 good and choice vealers 23.00-27.00 few prime 29.00; commercial and low good 16.0022.00. Sheep 500; underone strong 'on lambs, spots 50 higher not enou^n done to establish market; , few deck choice and prime 86 labs No. 1 skins 23.00; short deck of fall clips 22.00. choice to prime wool lambs 23.30 members have built up a sizeable 24.50 best lambs still unsold; part chunk of seniority — an important factor in committee assignments. Reps. Gainings, Norrell and By WENDELL MERICK HONG KONG (UP) — The Communists have built a huge new airfield.in South China capable of handling the biggest known Soviet jot bombers, informed quarters said today. The sources said the airfield was built at Fat Shan just outside Can- cn in a "surprisingly short, time." Pine Bluff, L R. TV Stations Merge LITTLE ROCK UP) — Arkansas capitol city will be without tele* vision after April 1. when KTV merges with KATV a Pine Dluff. Officials of the two stations announced plans for the merger yesterday. Kenyon Brown of Wichita Falls , Texas, president of Little Rock Telecasters which operates KRTV stressed the fact that the transaction was a merger and not a sale. He said that KATV would nb- sorb all KRTV's facilities with exception of frequency and channel. The Pine Bluff station will contin- Male eels remain in the mouths i rivers near the sea, but female often travel to the headwaters streams, soemtimes evetrt makinl overland journeys returning to tha river outh at breding season and thence to the Sargasso Sea. ue to operate on Channel 7. "We saw that there was t obe four televisions stations i:i he ciyl , , , an dthat would be too many a runway at least 7,500 feet long Brown sajd ad<J , that ., ca * and can handle IL-38 s.x-jet bomb-, ive , better service to ers. IL-28 twin jet bomberss plus p i e ----- - ' -•-< -i..~!~_ smaller planes such as MIG 15s and the TU-4 Russian equivalent of the American B-29. The reports said the Communists already have based a number of for a longer period during the day." pions. The Minutemaids took the title for the second straight year with jets at the base, only a few miles a 61-50 victory over the Cabot Lions j from the White Cloud airfield, pre-;team here Saturday night, viously considered China's best. Minutemaids Are Again Champs CABOT I/PI — The Beebe Junior College Minutemaids once again are women's AAU basketball cham- Mills now are winding up their eighth terms: Rep. Harris will be looking for his eighth term, Rep. Hays for his seventh and Rep. Trimble for his sixth. All are highly placed on stja- tegic committees,'. NEW DEALER Arkansas Gazette B. L. RETTIG 6 A. M. Delivery Phono 7-3381 or 7-3866 NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY. Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the world. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 Jl — 3rd ANNUAL — Northeast Texas Hereford Assoc. 46 BULLS SALE 21 FEMALES Doingerfield, Texas Saturday, March 13, 1954 Show — 9:00 A.M. Sale — 1:00 P.M. Quality Reg. Herefords, Both Polled & Horned; from the Herds of 30 Leading Breeders in N. E. Texas and Arkansas. preaching,; she <?a|d .ijvapiuijgly -# dance.' fSh>' (f iaughe<l, Wfcea, 'be la." ' -, . dn»f |k4v7 They're' pieced *» ." ip^fftM^jBnt'.dead, white—just li* Crff" >JAytrvi*X ''IflvAvi JiLtM 1 l^>o«.L.i.W a' second. 'Then she laughed. Si'-,3^s, .they say alj the time sr . J *Wl ; « s * >to be ' happy." • » fteady .^PW,' Sfte - went tp the ow oft torn, WK! went agftjn' to, le bad done. And phe v/M gplng to do uwt day. When Q»F the apprehensive. Not Wtllard of course. One had, to hit mm with a baseball bat. 'But E.J. an his father had indeed been ''1 conscience" before Eleanor's ar rival. tell us what ypu thin: has happened; Eleanor," said Ev erett a- bit brusquely. Howeve might feel, -she was not part of, the tamily, and It was Carr practice to guard its rank closely and jealously. she looked down at her, glovec hands. "I'll tell you what 1 sav . ." she said, as If reluctantly ; don't mean to interpret o judge. But 1 felt—since 1 saw this entirely by chance . , ." The silence In the room, vva; so complete ^that, the tailing of i rose petal upon a magazine cover was audible. p "Of course," Eleanor went on "you were all at, the club las night 1 saw you all watching Shelly and Dr. Talboy," Now the room's silence was fringed with frosty little Icicles Sleanor saw them glitter and felt their chill, but she did no Wtay Anna, perhaps remeraber- ng Shelly's charge that this girls, stories might be colored by ealousy, ventured to speak. "We all thought It very rude of the doctor to neglect you as he die},' She said in her soft, breathless ashlon. "When a man invites one firl to a party and then--." "Eleanor was tnvited to bo my guest last night," said Kate, flatly. 'Weren't *you. Eleanor?" "Why, in a way, I suppose I ivas," tyoiv ner darfc eyes were lard, If tho Carrs wore going to uni^e against ner*-rwell"*-they'd egret it. "I'm sorry if J offended /QU by eating my dinner with Craig." Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! thought Everett What can the girt be up to?. His skin rawled, unpleasantly cold. M I wasn't thinking of myself vhen 1 mentioned his behavior at he club, last qight," the girl con- pleased now. Showing ner "1 know tt oust have for a|J of yew to watch ? performance ^0 ^d g ne |}y ut on, Everyone feit so sorry tor p«, 4nd then, later, when I Juat tappened to be driving past and heljy come out of her hou^e a traveling bag-rand drive .way— B * "I didn't sleep, thinking of how w it must b? for you. 4nd l woned this mprnlng before l went o church, and that odd woman who stays there Just sajd she was out of, town, gp—t decided, to teij ou what I'd seen, i,thought you lh J* worrying ftbquj ner," She Stopped talking, and lifted a bland. *ewrtjfuj face tq the «a- ifmbled Carrs. They slj regarded ffli thejr own faces injcrufajjie. This, each one felt aure.'waa, the, w»y the town, and their closest rieJMfs, woujd look, and feel, family impeccability had ImmedU ately grown over , the tiny scar, healing assured by their generosity to Shelly, their kind Inclusion of her in everything the family. did. • But now — "What tinie was this?" asked Everett, standing up In the center pt the room, "when you saw> that?" "Oh, I'm not sure exactly. Midnight—perhaps as late as one o'clock." "How did you happen to be on Madison avenue at that time of night?" asked E.J. sharply. "Was anyone with you?" "Fortunately not," Eleanor answered his second question. Everett threw an annoyed glance at his son. Would the man neVer learn ... "Why 'were you there??' E;J, hastily repeated his first question. Eleanor smiled. "My behavior,'' she said sweetly, ''I think needs no explanation. And, ot course, you don't need to believe that 1 saw Shelly leave as If— well— not permanently perhaps— but as if were going to be gone for a while." "Was she alone?" asked Everett hardily. Eleanor tugged at her short gloves, and stood up. "1 wouldn't want to say any more," she said gently. "I thought— if, that woman at their house would pe, as evasive with yoi) as she was with me, worry. J bought you mi^ht so worried At not being able to reach Shelly-r-and since I had seen her leave — " "We knew she was gone," said Everett flrmly. "Put 1 thank you 'or your good intent, Eleanor." Well, of course, a man like that knew how to rid himself of an unwelcome caller. Without much if anything more being said, ho iscorted tho girl to the door, stood on the vqrsfidftl} until she had Iriven away, then he walked heav- ly down the hall again to join nls amiJy, "Bh* wanted to keep us from worrying," h» saJd wryly a» ho Tie into the room. Po you believe whftt aim told?" Kate, wide-eyed, "Oh, sure. Sh» follow.** Shelly rom che club, $nd waited, vatched the hoiwe-rlylayb« ghs s». ected somfitjune beside* whftt she ;ot." "What, wad of something ?" )(9d Ruth, her face piiw^t. "Look," said her father, "you'r* id enoHgh, Ruth, w>t to m»K« gurseU out so dump! Sheily left he club aiohs. w^ know 3ut i'n» certain Dr, Talboy would follow o into the , "Eleanor tQolts as qmoptlj rome* gren&i* »w4 BV rusquely, M But just the he's « Jealous wom«n evio, and, Kmt ^g^ pt9 ke<j Sheliy inp er; Uw«'» nothin ^<> Wltft FOR PASSiNO SWITCH TO HtW "TOTAL POWIR" ESSO EXTRA FDR QUICK TARTIN6 - t . • ' . •Now try the best gasoline you can buy... NEW POWEK ESSO m STOP USING MOTOR OILS THAT CAN CAUSE "KNOCKING"! CHANGE TO NEWM F 10! ...and get up to 1% more gasoline mileage, too! UNIFLO helps prevent engine deposits that can cause knocking and can waste gasoline. The Esso laboratories first proved and automotive engineers now agree that motor oils as well as gasoline can cause such deposits. UNIFLO, the first year-round, heavy- duty motor oil has been specially developed to help prevent these deposits. 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