Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1911
Page 6
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J5 -ST HOLIDAT 8EAS0X SCSHES POST AL WOKKEBS AS WELL AS OTHER Some H^lpfiil HlAts bj the PosboM- ter WbTcIi Wfll FacOIUte Work in the OtBce. A visitor to the postofflce today saw unmistakable signs of the beginning of the ChristmaB rush which annnal- ly swamps the postal clerks In work. Eren if the packages sent through the mails were invariably 8 «it by persons knowing all about sending them, their number is so great that the amount of work would be enormous; but about 90 per cent of the sendera make little mistakes which Increase the work and worry of the clerks 100 per cent . "What sort of an Item In the paper," asked the reporter, "would help you fellows out the most?" fTell them," said Postmaster C. B. Spencer, "to always put their names and addresses on the upper left band corner of their parcels." "All right." said the reporter, "thank you. I'll do that." "Just a moment Tell them, also, to be sure and not put any Christmas stamps near the government stamps, at this Is very confusing to the clerka.- ~ "All Tight, ril tell them that, too," Bald the reporter and turned to go. He had got to the revolving door when Mr. Spencer called him back. "Yon might tell the public, also, to be sure and put their stamps'in the upper right hand comer of their packages." The reporter promised to do so. "Senders of packages might like to know also," continued Mr. Spencer, "that packages containing only qier- chandise or printed matter are not to be sealed as the sealing of a package Biakes It first class, and subject to the letter rate of postage. Got .thatr "Yes Fve made a note of it Thank yon very much," and the reporter was making for the door, when he i:was stopped by Mr. Spencer's voice. "Yon might add to that last item that sealing with Christmas seals is the same as sealing with mucilage." rYes sir." ^'And you might also add that it is of the highest Importance that packages are securely wrapped and properly addressed." "I'll do It" ~ "And while you're about it you might as well tell them to be sure and have the right amount of postage. A postal employe will weigh the package for them Mid determine the necessary amount" "All right, I'll tell them that too." "It Isn't necessary to give them the impression that the postal rules are too rigid. You might say that such expressions as 'Merry Christmas,* and 'Happy New Year" may be in­ closed in any package and that they may write or print, 'Don't open until Christmas,' on the outside of their packages." "I'll do that too, Mr. Spencer. Thank you very much for your information." The reporter with his pad full of notes turned to go. Through the revolving door he went, and down the stone steps. He had proceeded half way across the street, when he heard a voice calling to him. He retraced his steps. "Say, I forgot something," said Mr. Spencer. "You might also tell them that they should register every valuable package, as thereby they can obtain the greatest security. The registry fee is "ten cents in addition to. the postage. The postofflce department now pays an indemnity on all matter registered, up to $50 on - first class matter and up to $25 on ^hlrd and fourth class matter. If they desire a sender's return receipt all they have to do is to ask the clerk for It You understand that?" "Yes, but say I've just begun to realize that there's something to this sending Christmas packages. How many things has a person got to think of to do It right?" "A good many but hundreds of packages get through the mail all right" "That may be true," said the report er still unconvinced; "but ifs an awful lot of work and worry to do right." "Worry and work!" said Mr. Spencer; "think of the clerks!" The reporter did so and left without' a word. .DTCIIBS OF SSO^, Joplln, Mo.^ Dec.^16:—^A ^ow storm th^t swept southwest Missouri yester- di^contlnued until early today. .The preelpltatlon here was about six Inches. At several other, toi^ns with 45 miles of Joplln 14 Inches of snow 'felL Wor six hours today the Joplln dl»- ixiA was without gas, a break in the main from the Kansas fields eight miles northwest shutting off the supply. Mining plants suspended ope rations, hotels and cafea could not serve patrons and tftmllles without other fuel suffered. The temperature tonight is 29 degrees above sero. I Soft Capped Projectilee. Many persons know that certain ar- teor piercing shells have soft metal caps on,the point with the result of grater effectiveness over those not so provided, but the way in which the cap acts is not fieneralty well understood. A needle may be driven into a board with a hammer when it is thrust, througb a cork, whereas it would break off unsupported. Many have thought tliot the Roft cap supports the hard point of the projectile in the xame way. A BrltlKb authority who has given much study to the mutual action of the projectile and urmur states tb^it a shell frequently foll.s because of the fact that a vt-ry sumll piece of the point Is forced back into the mu8 .s. thus splittiUR it A Inrtrcr piece is then similarly forced bjuk. and so on. The main itdvautase of ihv uuft cap, in the opinion of this aiitborlty. Is to prevent such splitting.—UurptT's Weekly. Praise For the Sardine. It Is eucouriiKiu^ ID tht^edays. when everything nice is condemned by scientific faddisUi as misty, to have the high authority of the London T.aqct>t in suppiart of the popular theorj' that the sardine is of greut dietetic value. The sardine Is good, the I^ucet tells U8. because, for one thing, it encourages the consumption of oil. which tends to avoid "many Ills, and especially those jassochited with wasting diseases and gouty dispositions." This consumption of sardine oil. it adds, "prevents the .overloading of the tissues with nitrogenous waste products, and a digestible fat favors nutrition considerably. <Tbe sardine supplies also an excellent jiroportion (25 per cent) of nitrogouous material, and so it becomes a real and economical food. In addition to this the sardine has appetizing qnnliiles, and where appetite serves digestion follows." When Scotland Had a Navy. It was Jauics IV. who first created an effective navy for Scotland, ex- baustinp all available timber for shipbuilding. 80 that he hud to ask France and Denmark for more, and of the sixteen large and ten small ships he owned his special pride was the largest then existing. To build this Preadnoui;bt of her day all the woods of Fife were laid waste. She cdst £30,000, an enormous value in those times; had a crew of 300 sailors. 120 gunners and 1.000 mnrliies. with "more great ordii.uM-e In hpr than the l-'n-ncii kins evt-r h:id to ihe slese of nny town." as .laiD (»s himseir boiisted.— Westmiust'.'r i ;a7 :flti'. —Br. iMef JL HnD, Osteopath. Tdtepkonea UO and 66L —Have you investigated our thirty day free trial Watch offer. Select your watch; carrj- it thirty days. At the end of that time if you are not satisfied with your bargain, return the watch and get your money in full. Don't wait Don't pass it up. Uanna & Har\-ey, Hurry up Jewelers for Hurry up People. No. 3 North Jefferson street. A Square deal for all Is a Red Cross ChristbiaB SeaU Pianos are becoming more popular every year as the :*oal Christmas Gift. Our output so far this month has surpassed any December in the history of our store. Our continual shipments from the factories are coming in each day to supply every customer with a pick of the best Pianos in the world. CHRISTMAS BARGAINS! Do not forget our special bargains in Slightly Used Pianos Li $12;>, $175, .$200, .$2:10 and up Remember our fine Hne of ORGANS, PHONOGRAPHS, |\^IOLINS, GUITARS and everything in the music line. Open Evenings XV. Roberts Music Company TESTING THE IIA:ff. Open Evenings TOLA, KANSAS Best Lump Coal delivered anywhere in the cily. Feed tDVCSRP HOSRJS Judge Carpontor presiding over the tricl of the ten InUiited nuat packon; ai>pc:ir.<< in Iho siini" position as t!io inspector who tests the hams in order to jjrade them. Upon the decision of his <•< uft will rest ili.- re.siioiisihility of grading the meat packers tlienisulves into reasonable or unieasonahle coiiibinatlio^is of capital. IHE AOS. TELL II6BEIIT STORY THOS. H. BOWLUS, President ^ J. F. SCOTT, GasUer Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A QUABTEB OF A CE.NTUJir. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 OTEBEST PAID 05 TIME DEPOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BE3JT lOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus..: -..$12,500.00 PAY INTEREST ON . TIME DEPOSITS L. E. HOBVILLE, Pres. W. 8. KAUFXAX, 2nd Tlce Pres. J. H. CAKPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECl, Tlce-Pres. F. 0. BEIiSOX, A8«t CvVer SAFETT DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BEBfT. 9 Christmas Shoppers Offered All Kinds of Sugge.stlons. The Register wishes to call attention again today to the page of holiday advertising in this issue. A similar page was published last week and attracted considerable comment Seldom have lola merchants made more elaborate pr^aratlons for the holiday trade and the announcements in these page advertisements are intended a.s an invitation to all readers of the Register to visit these stores when making up lists of Christinas presents. A glance over the advertisements in the Register this week will suggest gift ideas to everyone, and the sum total of all the announcements should convince the public tliat lola is the best place in which to do your shopping. Many lines are represented and practically everything desirable for gifts may be obtained here. Look carefully through the advertisements daily and you will find that you can save time and money and worry by following the suggestions made. BO-VAXCE Ml'PED IX THE BUD. White House Aide Wfll (Jo to Philip, pines Instead of the Altar. M'a.shlngton, IJec. n.—Washington society was stirred today by tlie announcement that Capt. Graham John- sou, U. S. A., military aide to Presi.- dent Taft, has suddenly been detached from duty at the White House and ITii m m m To Darken the Hair and Restore Gray and Faded Hair to Its Natural €o !.3r. MATIXEES AT THE OBAXD. Manager Levan Decides to Accede to Bcpeated Beqnest.s. Manager Harry B. Levan, of the Grand theatre, announced this afternoon that he h?d decided to give a daily matinee at the same popular prices with the same popular attractions including the first run films direct from the big producers. The matinees will begin promptly at 2:30 and the first one will be given tomorrow afternoon. The Grand was thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned today and. is bright as a new pin. The process is applied two or three times a week. Manager l>van believing that the people appreciate clean, sanitary conditions. —Dr. XcMOIen. Phones S8 aad SS2, It is p .Tsicr t'l i :•. -i ivc thr- h:iir tj..iii in r <-i .,rc i i -i \innfiuiU- U) il>) mothers umliT-ini.i! ili.. . til. .• . .•.!!!.. (I:::- i -r <r • it : ill i ill- >• ordered "to the PhiliiipTnes for two years. I .\ot 'long a^o the report that Captain J )lvnson was engaged to Miss llel en Tttft.* oauguter of the President, was i"ibjishei! and then denied at the White liMis*- Society had become con vlnceil tie '.lever young soldier would capture the White House debutante. It Is| t\ic rule In Washington society that when Miss Taft Is Invited to a din ner or] (hince some White House aide Is choSen as her escort. At the begin ninfc ojf Jjthe season last year Captain Johns(|n'-« name appeared on many dinner lUts as Miss Tafi's companion but tojw^rd the end of the season It was conspicuous by its absence. LieU]t. Granville Fortesque cousin of ex-PtesIdent Koosoveit, and constant (joiupanlon of Miss Alice Roosevelt, tp whom be had been reported engaged was transferred suddenly from nlJi White House iwst and did not relu,'h to Washington until after Alice itonsovelt had become Mrs. Xich dlas Longworth. Bran ShorU, Oil Meal and AUalfa Feeds —-lOO Ibpersack—guaranteed weights. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour =-To Dealers ONLY Hevftofn MJIi2ig& Elevator I Co. Phone 157 W iiiis Pereau, Agent SB PUBLIC SALE \ I will sell at Polilic Aoction on what is known as the Old HiitYmire Farm, 3 niiles^iinrtfa and mile eaiht <»' Leannti: K\-> miles east and i miles south uf lluuiholdt; 9 miles sonth sind ?4 mile nest of Lallariic, K)is,,|on Wednesday, December 20, 1911 Iti'^tunlng at 10 o'riuek, a. ni„ the folI»i\in:; property, tO'Wit; glossy li.nir l.'iis r.iftcr init'.U- I.'- ' due to tiiis f .iit. Our irmth'T- li •• K •' h.iirs iicfore lli<'v :irf rift; . liiit '! •' •'"• bo^inpiri); to r-Mirerial^-• lli- v.i-!ii!i '•' «>Tir pr:i:i-li!:<.lfi 1 in u-i;".r • I '•' lor tliiir u :ii;- niid .•if fn-t I ' .w ii L - .-liri The ircM-nl e< :M U:-- lU" tiiKe of th^- p:;. r ;.i !h.".t i: <•:" ;•' ' •' r <-ndy-t<i-i!^e i.nj.rii.-.lion ealleil Wjilli'-i Hare ami .Siil|>liiir Hair Ucin<-I.^". " seolii tonic ;!i:i| <<i!i.r rt-yt'inr thU ]irr]i- anitioti is'.y Mnn -rior to tli" i-rliaary ••sace te.-i" n:;i'l" by <uir si-.-.iiiini'illi. TM. This reiufily is •.•1,1 iinliT (.''< t!iat Oif money will hv nfiwi-l'-1 >!' fails to do i-x.-Ktlj .IS r»'lires<'nti-<i. If your h:iir i-^ lo.sins i-olor <ir coming O 'jt. s\:\rt ii-i:i? Wyi'th'.-? S:i^'<' Sullilili;- tii-d:iy. and fe.- \v!i:i} ii chriii;; it will make in n few d;:.\s' lii;.f. Tliis jni'iinr .nlioM is offenil d' lii pulilii- at fifty <en1^ a buttlf. ::v,\ i ri 'CoiniiU 'nde<l au<i Mt\i\ \ty all dniK;;i-i.,. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell With the Coming of .Middle Ago —There is a letting down in the physlcil'forces often shown in annoy Ing ant painful kidney and bladder all tnents ind urinary irregularities. Foley's K d?iey Pills are a splendid regulating lid strengthening medicine at such a ttme. Try them. J. D. Mun- dls & Lo. cr on t creases only toj people, scarce "How Thle Heir Choli-ni Situation. The }\o.^ is the <!uickest money mak ift- farm and anything that de- hls numbers brings loss not t'he farmer but to the whole who must pay high prices for imeat. VP fight hog cholera," is one of the iiany important subjects to be di.scussed at the 22nd annual meeting of the K.-msas improved Stock Breeders' A830 (;iation which will be held in Topeka J»inuary S -10, 1912. This E^eat association is the largest of its kind and it stands for more and belief livestock. All of the different Ijlrei'ds are represented in its meetlngjs-^as well as the feeder and the gentril farmer. 12 IIE.VI) OF HOUSES. 1 black ir.arc, 8 years old, wei.erht 12 .">0, with foal; 1 brown horse, 8 years lid. weight 12 .">0; 1 iron gray mare, 8 years old, weight ll .">0, with foal; 1 )ay mare. 10 years old, welgiit 9r >i»; 1 Day driving mare, weight 900; 1 sor- •el driving horse, coming 4 years old, rt-eight 87.'>; 1 lilack colt, 2 years old, .veight 900; 3 bay nrare colls, coming i years old; 1 bay horse colt. 6 months )ld; 1 blue roan colt, C months old. . 1.'> HE.VD OF CATTLE. 1 red milch cow, 8 years old; 1 red inlich cow, 7 years old; 1 red niildi -ow. 3 years old; 1 red heifer, coming :? years old; 1 red steer, coming 3 years old; 2 red steers, coining 2 years old; 2 red - heifers, coming 2 years old; C spring calves. Hi HEAD OF Hons. 3 rod brood sows, weight 2.'i0 each; 1 bln<'k .brood sow, weight 2.")0 lbs.; 10 head Bhoats, weight 100 to I'.O lbs.; 32 head of weanling pigs. F.\I{.>II.\(J LnPLKJiEXTS. 1 farm wagon. 1 wagon bed with hog rack, 1 spring wagon, 2 open buggies. 2 sets heavy work harness. 1 set light work harness. 1 setj double driving harness. 1 saddle, 1 1,6-inch riding plow, 1 14-inch walking plow, 1 12- Inch walking j)low. 1 two-section steel lever harrow, 1 disc, 1 riding cultivator, good as new. 2 walking cultiva- for.s. 1 corn idanter nearly new, with S'J rods wire. 1 reel check row wire, SO roL^; . ..KC 'oniuck njower, 5-foot cut; 1 .\cnie hand feed cutter, 1 hand grist mill. 1 hand torn planter. 1 post drill with bits, 1 bench vise. <I grindstone. 200 rods barbed wire, 1 big iron kettle, 122.". chick hot air brooder. 1 pump with 16 feet pipe, 100 feet % inch gas pipe. Corn in crib; kafOr corn and millet hay., IIOrSEHOLD GOODS. I organ, 2 dressers, 2 commodes, 1 china closet, 1 five-leg dining table, 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 box heating stove; other articles too numerous to mention. TER.HS OF SALE— All sums of $10 and under cash. All sums over $10 a credit of one year will be given with interest at G'c from date if paid when due; If not paid when due, 10',' from date of gale. 49f discount'for cash on credit sales. So property removed until settled for. Bankable ncite required. Ki,S ^.S5rf Ji;.^"^'"""- Wm. Hufiman & Sons FREE LLXCII 0.\ GROUNDS. President H. J. Waters of the Kansas Agricultural College, Secretary Wayne Dinsmore of the Perciieron society of America, G. W. Hervey of the Nebraska Board of- Agriculture, and many other noted speakers will address the association. The progranis are free to all and \ is one of the strongest ever offered a Kansas audience. The • Kansas Hoard of Agriculture will begin its annual meeting on Wed nesday, January 10 and Sep. F. D. Coburn will furnish the program. This will be farmers' week in Topeka and will brim with interest. Information and program may be had by addressing Secretary I. D. Graham, Topeka, Kan. PILES CURED IX SIX TO 14 DAYS. —^Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 daya SOo,

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