Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1911
Page 3
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IBS and with ourselves frhe main issue is good clothes. ^ . Unless you KNOW that the clothes have the right qpiality, a low price ought not interest you in the least ifjis business of ^ling .^'at c^t and less" at all times of - t^e year wont' stand the add test. To be a bit blunt about it—it's-bunk^ ; We will sell you good Suits and Overcoats at? i $10.00 to Everything we sell'is sold on merit—^with a^guarantee 0^ satisfaction. • i Blrclay-Shieldrab. Co. f- "The HenM of QnoIIty.* |faoMrn»Mat'oftlnifl Trtatt TtiM» .Wlth.Solleitudt and th* R*. •ulta Arc Good. The Braxillan govarnment appMra to bay* totuul a.way 'of dealing with lU Indiana. ^Uehv la altogether different from that ao 'extenalTeiy em- pltqred.ln Nteth America where the "civiUiera" proceeded on the aaaump- tion that "all good Indians are dead Indiana." "The.goremment of Brazil," says •Jl*'Ttoil« du Sud of Rio de Janeiro, • jli alwaya^occupied with more or lees 'wlicitnde lathe amelioration of the lot of the natives, who are yet numer- ,ous in a great part of the country, in a short space of time the most encouraging results have been obtained. Bach Type la Mutfa ^fter.the Portrait; or Phoiftfca«hLalt« Raia the portn ^t, or phbtoktwh oV^m^Mai CWI4, |»^n;ji>co8y of a Uirlii« Bw ^del. VOa ^.pacllp..thi|s^laieeBilVft;,^ raultat49 d^l quautaajgniiertO 'a IOT*'' Ifiy In MitofcA. Shiila aa^ artist, and oha with a deeR.16Te for' cblldEted; .'X. sefBMd to her thaC when'on* 60|uddeir «d all th «~'pafesl6if1 of kyrewliich a d6U' Inspires, in' titi<»f breast; of its birner;; that little gir! ou^t to hUkve-a pet*that lool^ mor< human than dolls.IbJtve been wont t<^ look. With this Id^a she developed A great number of tribes, protected in Piaster, dolla: thu werp exact Iml. by the administration, are becoming! tations of the various peasant folle PERSONAI ^I civlUsed UtUe by little. The result of this Is an Increased production of cultivated foods offering superior •i^vantsge& to an industry, consisting jonly of hunting and fishing, which has .l>eea the sole resource of many 'Tndlgenbua tribes. In. tha state of Parana the Indians belonging for* the most part to the nation of the Caliji- cangus are cultivating their lands in maize, ricd>-and sweet potatoes. The natives of the valley of the river Tlbagy have recently constructed five sugar mills, very crude, It is true, but nevertheless a great step in their progress." Tod Canatsey went to Toronto lliis morning on business. John Pruitt went to Jbplin this afternoon on business. —Christmas Trees Shannon's. and Holly at —Safety Razors, each one guaranteed hy Mundls. Attorney 0.. W. Hurd, of Abilene is in th»city today on business. Captain H. A. Kwlng and Attorney S. A. Gard went to Garnett this afternoon >f or'a brief legal visit. —Olve Plcard Hand.polnted China, from Bttrrell's Drug ^re. n Mrs. rrai^ Oiillege, First-street, was taken serlonaly ill with heard lof 311 North suddenly and trouble last —GIVE TOUR LIST OP PRESENTS TO SANTA CLAOS AT KRESS NEXT WEEK: The J. v. . Roberts orchestra lias been ei^s ^ed to furnish inuslc for the Elks' Ibitr^Ianhaalltew Tear's, ball. The orchesj^a ^win lie practically-tbe same as that which furnished music for the baQ last-year and the big military ball. . 9£C 18-" SAN SALVADOR'S NAME LOST Identity of laland on Which Columbus First Landed Is No Longer Certain. San Salvador is perhapa the most interesting historical point on the American side of the world, aa it is the Island upon which Columbus first landed. Yet it has lost lU name. In view of the*hlstory not only of the Bahamas group,, but of the American continents aa well, it is far from sur« prising that the identity of the famous island should have been long lost; or that the re-ldentlflcatloa should have been delayed pntil the middle of the last century, when Captain Becher of th« British navy, by 3^ Tborsda)!, Friday and Saturday, 6 wbQ-eame to Munich, from Bavarian aa^ other provinces of .'a Sunday. The hdliday attire of each native village was represented.. "Dieae delightful little flares of peasiint life attracted the attention of the Empress of Ger- \ many three years ago^t the timp when' they first appeared—and Bht> m^de Christmas presents of them t6 children of the royal household. She was delighted with the hnman-lookinj; manikins, and this fact did not tal^ long to spread throughout^ the Enj- plre and reach the ears of Americans. Now the artist in Munich Iws several artist assistants to aid her in developing new peasant faces and .types, and factories eagerly await models fro^ her studio to dress according to h«r designs.—Harper's Bazar. iil^'lPb«it's Versibii b Produced at an outlay of |106,000. A treasure, for'6d0 -years known to but few scholars now placed before alB mankind by the film makers.just as conceived by the immortal poet. The pictures give you all the pleasure and knowledge it would rer; quire you months to study from the book. =TKe Nine Grand Circles a.nd THelr Divisions Fourth Circle Misers and Spendthrifts Fifth Circle The Wrathful and Slothful '* Valley of the Abyss Before Reaching the River Stj-x First arcle The Unbaptlzed Second Circle The lustful Third Circle The Gluttons Sixth Circle City of Dis., the Deeper Hell Propagators of. False Doctrines Seventh Circle The Violet Eighth Circle Consisting of Ten Pits I The Fraudulent Serfiifccrs Flattebers False Prophets Faithless Custodians of Money Hypocrites, Robbers, Etc. Ninth Circfe ConirKtlng of Four Pits Traltbrsi to Kindred , Traitors to Country TrwHOrs to Friends Traitors to Benefactors SOME NOVEL FRENCI1 CANES application of the description, contain ed in Columbus' Journal,' to the course from Gomera to the Bahamas, determined clearly that Watllng's Island alone met all requirements of the Case. —Fnd'Sewden, Phone 7M. Period Deeorator. Robert Hyde the former star second baseman and catcher for the lo- la White Sox cam«» in Saturday night fit>ih Falls City, Neb., where he has been for several months. He will visit for aeveral days with Mr. and Mrs. Engene Tarman before going to his home at Geneva. —Give a Thermos Bottle from Burrell's Drug Store. The work of raising the stretch of Santa Fe track between West street and the Missouri Pacific railway has about been, completed. The work has bem intermittent and has occupied several months, the track being raised about two feet to improve the drainage. —Don't forget the Salvation Army Free Dlnaer effect ^'^ThB Knights of Pythias will confer the Knight rank on the following * candlditea at their hall tonight: B. T. Barbier,<}. W. Paddock. George Thomp son and. Aftad Fonkhouser It is understood 'Uiat a number of Knighto from Tates Center and Bronson will be here to attend the meetlng^^^ —^Leare your Christmas orders at Prlmmer'a for Flowers and Plants. Phone 104. The phanute Tribune says that "Speak Laymond." a stranger, was re> cently fined tlO and sentenced to serve $0 days In Jail by the Judge of the Chaante city court on a plea of guilty to the charge of immoral conduct' As the Tribune describes "Lay imond" as a one-legged individual, it is believed that the man is "Spec I^y mon" oMola. It Js ^lawful to carry the banner inlola."^ In the city court this morning, Jndge D. B. D. Smeltzer Imposed . a- ,finie on a theatrical man who era- ployed a boy to carry a sign advertising hUlshow around the business dis- tricti.The defendant said he had no knowledes that- this form of adver- ,tlBint.-vm illegal and that he had never.-heard that the ordinance book of tbe^cl^ of lola contained such a la^Maaamuch as signs are frequently carried around town after the fash idh adostfed. by-tb» theatrical aiaB ,Jt la iHxtbaMy-true that very-few persons know of'the ,prohlbiting ordinance; It'fs well fttr all 'conceme4 to take warning. f J * —^HdUy Boxee, Tags and Seals at Barren's Drug Store: Th» next game'of the lola high. •ehool:ba4ceC<baU^tean. will be played at tb»; audUoriumi.on the evening of the NZTQI against Wichita. Herbert <^l>oni«i^ formerly of this city is cap. tain of the Wichita team, and hU I 'Mother Walter Osborne is also on the ^^tnm. Arrangements have been coin- <!|»etiiA ^ja «o ibrtvo games with Law- rencatn-Ja night while she and her husband were visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gler, of 1103 East street. For a time her condition was alarming, but physician soon revived her, and toda.v Ehe is much Improved. —Give an Ansco Camera from Bur- lell's Drug Store. Warren Allen, the star lola football player figured prominently in the game yesterday at Cbanute between the team of that city and Parsons in v;hlch Chanute won by a score of 12 to 0. Alien is said to have done.spec tacular work throughout the game, and made one of Chanute'a two touch downs. He also kicked goal after <ach touchdown. —Palace Rooms $1.50 per week upi Opposite Post Office. Phone 2C3. "There is no great loss without some small gain," was the cheerful remark with which Mr. A. E. Brightley, of Carlyle, closed a story he was telling in the Register ofllce this morning about shipping out a couple of carloads of hogs that were not yet ready for the market for foar the cholera would get them. "We didn't get aa much for the hogs as we ought to have had but corn has gone uf so that wc can make part of It back anyway by selling the corn we would have fed them." And you can't beat a man who takes that view of things —Christmas Trees Sliannon's. and Holly at The Allen County Poultry Association will hold iU regular meeting tonight at the office of Secretary Carl I'eterson to make out the premium "sts for the poultry show next month. The premiums will amount to between J300 and $500. All other arrangements for the show have been completed. — / —Ix >;Brney 's Candy at Mundis. AHENTION, KNIfiBTS! Knights of Pythias of Neosho Lodge, No. 43, hare requested to be at -Castle Hall Monday Eve DeoJSth, as there will be work in the Page and Knight rank. Visiting brothers especially in- rvited. Lodge called to .-order at 7:30 sharp. C. D. SWAIN, Chan. Com. To Brighten the Eyes. Bright eyes are among the most radiant of beauty's Jewels, since they give animation and light to the enUre face. A dull eye means a heavy, drooping expression, a condition to be avoided by the employment of extreme measures on the part of the girl who would attract A harmless and generally satisfactory way to bring brightness to the eyes is to bathe them with a solution of boraclc acid and tepid water. Put In a basin full of tepid water ae much boracic acid as can be placed on a dime. When it has enUrely dissolved bathe the eyes gently. Do not be afraid to allow the water to get into the eye, as it will remove all inflammation and teiul to make this Important beauty feature clear and brilliant, at the same time giving a restful and strengthening effect Handles of Walking Sticks are Receptacles for Coins, Matphes and Other Things. The Greatest Spectacular Production the world has ever witnessed. You will, Ifperhaps, never have the opoi-tunity of seeing,this great-picture again. Come earlyl Matinee Friday and Saturday at 2:30. 10c to all anywhere. Only one show at hight^! m WHAT CHICKENS MUST SUFFER Astonishing What They Pass Through' Before Reaching the Real and Ultimate Consumer. Impervious to Hard Knocks. All stories about the hardness of negroes' skulls were put into the background by two happenings which occurred the other day. Ftdlowing a quarrel, a negro, Henry Lewis, was shot four times in the head at a range of less than five feet. After peiietrat- ing the^fiesh the bullets flattened and dropped to the floor. The man was taken to hospital, but was soon permitted to go to his home. Hhi assailant escaped. Another colored man, William Putfen. while harnessing a mule, was kicked on the head and knocked down. Getting to hia feet, he discovered the mule lying on the ground. Examination showed that its leg was broken. Puffen was taken to the Qennantown hospital, where six stitches were put in his scalp,—Philadelphia Ledger. Happy Microbe. The microbe is tenacious of life, for Mlguia found the bacillua • leposporus placed.on a sheet of glass.lived for five years. Gerau of potato disease 'sealed in a tobe were living- after a period of eight yea^. In 1879 Ball, of Prague, after a lapse of eighteen years, infected a mouse fatally wiUi some bacillL Nestler Investigated clod of earth stored fai a herbarium for over half a centhry. and found S9.200 living sporea to the gramme. Some earth wrapped in paper- since 1824.^ and protected from atmospheric igerms. ahbwed on examination 19.000 •)>aeteria to the gramme. Elghty-sev- 'en years is a ripe age even for a microbe. The ingenuity of the Frenchman baa not been confined to the making of weapons out of apparently barm-1 less canes. In fact there is quite-a variety of uses which the cane Js made to serve. 1 One of the canes is fitted with a coin box and a match box. these being contained in the head, which is' provided with a carefully conceal(id lid. The coin box is arranged to permit of depositing and easily removing the coin by a slight pressure bf the thumb, thus obviating the necessity of fishing for coins in the pbckvt. Another cane handle contains la complete outfit of the game known as PeUts Chevaux. When the Ud, 'is open betting can begin and the horse crossing the wire first wins the stakes. | One of the latest Parisian novelties consists in a ladles' parasol halndle , containing a roulette wheel which j can be used for gambling at any place ' 'Tf this poor chicken knew how much I was enjoying him." remarked a bright woman at a country inn not BO long ago. "he would have been glad to die." That remark might have been good for that particular chicken. He did not have far to travel tmtU he reached his ultimate destination. His first owner brought him to the inn via his own automobile and collected for him. Then it was but a step to the frying pan. But It is astonishing what some poor Aiickens have to suffer. First they are killed. Then their lean little carcasses are placed in storage, and before they reach the real and ultimate consumer they have to carry aa many as a dozen profiu. As a rule it may be stated that the more profits a chicken acumulates the less he is worth. How some: of them hold together long enough to reach the table Is a mystery. And the same is true with many things: or moment These handles A Bit of Silo Talk. . . , Wichita Beacon: The great lesson have become jvery taught in Kansas this year is the real popular. They are of fine workmun- value of the silo. Dairymen who have ship and generally of gold or silver. had alfalfa bay and ensilage for their One handle contains almost eVeuy- cows have escai)ed the high cost of thing that one would be likely to ne^. hran and corn chop, which is needed A long sheet of paper Is wound *hen pralrie hay is the fodder, or A .^A „.vi/.K ,,je^a when the <^rn fields have become poor around the rod, from which may be torn off for taking When the lid Is opened penknife. dl, nail file, combs and looking glass are disclosed. These objects nre small, but large enough for^ practical use.—Scientific American. Smoking In the Dark. | * According to experts in the tobacco business the prevaUIng ImpreScjon that a man cannot enjoy a siLoke' in the dark Is erroneous.. It all deijettds on the cigar. According to the I best no^ picking.] ¥he next improvement the ^ . • Kansa.s farmer should plan for is the P^°' silo. Then land worth $100 an acre will not be too valuable for cattle breeding. If all the forage can be preserved In the form of ensilage— which Is the fodder put up at Just the season to save all Its tender nualitlos —then the farmer has a rich feed which will not only produce milk, but it wMl make beef, relnforre/l with corn or oil meal or ground kaffir. Next to the silo must come the kaf- fir grinder. The two, with all the available land in alfalfa, will afford a paradise for feeding cattle and hogs. With the feed in sight, the milk, beef authority,.sight plays no part In the enjoyment of a smoke, and It Is point- (pork and mutton business cannot but ed out that blind men are most fn^et- help proving profitable, erate smokers; in fact, blind men are' expert In telling a good cigar from a poor one, as their sense of smell is so well developed. A New York cigar dealer says tliat one of bis best! customers is a blind man and he can ;tell a good cigar.'from a bad one bi^ 'his sense of smell, even when standjnjg a yard, or more from his cotmter. Most smokers do not like to sjnpke In the dark.'. They say It is necei ' to watch the smoke ascend and tb see the rings curl in order to thbroMS^ enjoy it, but cigar dealers say the.?en' Joymeat is really hi the taste'and Jiot In the odor, and the sense of wste needs no light to makis snuAIng enioy- Bble. Beautiful Haiid t^ainted Big importation just received. Priced within low reach. It s selling rapid[y Continuous Tungstan. After three yeara' research work, a •British concern has aucceeded, so it is •said; in producing tungsten in such a form that it could be drawn Into a contlnoona wire one^housandth of an inch in thickness, used in. any length or bent to any shape. At-the same time, .its tensile strength baa beea increased. Hitherto timg!|ten baa only been producible In short lengtha. The new discovery, makes It possible to pse a iconttn^PttS .wire in the |uip, to that gtbe rl4t;'of'breakage Is.ifediiped to a About the Putterer. The art of puttering consists of ido- Ing for yourself slowly and Inefll^^nt- ly what you can pay some one] ^se to do for you quickly and well. < It ia hard work that you do not haye to dok strenuous loafing that Invites ;the The putterer works in pure llwre, and if the produce prove a.poor wng it Is at least his own. To be a perfect putterer ia to achieve a liberal; eilu- (caUon. > ' * Puttering la a tonic relaxation jfrom the mechanical efltdency of oorj'pro^ feaslonal aelves, a corrective of the, extreme apecializaUon that otherwise would resalt in our becoming all foot or hand or.bead. The putterensiiakM Uwa and breaka Uwa and breakk^^ lawB Iw makes. He producea atai[t8ng variaUooa firom type. An Uupl^ fool, he Is a true creator.—Fh» .'ibk-' AtlanUc ^ * I"! 8ama Thing. "And he gaid he was willing tb^ie fiDT mef•' N uJ^iJ^Ll^JS^lT^ £l ^.|i50»0 or more. He sougtt for » that -jraa the Impression hewaa 'Tl -zquicker and cheaper way to ciire it -ain'a| A Brids and Her Dowry. The llrKt i-dlimlHi mint was establish ed In lUlif. l)Ut it wurlied only in brass. Forty years laier Muxwicbnaetts entered upon th« buHiuetiM of coining money. The Pine Tree shillinj: is not only a part of Ibe blstory. Imt of the romance of the coionleH UM well. Thp officers of the mint, or iwrbaits It would \» better to say thn mill, from which it • waa issued were Jobu Uuil and itobert Saunderson. 'i'bey coined for Ibe colony, but exuded n loll fur their work. Just as tlie man wbo ground grain for his nplirbliurs was wont to du. Their pmfits wen- said tu be en or muua. and more thiiu once It waa KU5- getited that u new urniUKfiueut sbculd be made. Tlie.v were .sutl-<tied. bow- ever, to keep at It iu the old way. After John IlillV dausbipr had been married lu S.-iuu)-l Si-well ihp old miui muKter invlied all the wi-ddiiiK ;niestii Into oue of the r <Miui!< of hlH- bouse, wliere lie liislrui-li'd Ills d:iu;;hter to get .<in lo )Ui InipniviHfd piaifonu at the emi of a luiir of stwtjitrda. In tub ai thi> <itlii-r side the old man poured riDo i .-i -f sii!liiii;^s uutil-tbe srnim - luiinui-eU. "TIUTI-. Siiui." be sakl. "Ijike her niid lu-r d<»wry. It's not every bride thafs vroiili iierwejjcbt lu sllwr."—I'liiliid<*ltilita I 'l )e;:niph. J, E. Beard, of Salem township, ^as brought before Justice J. P. Duncan Baturday\fternoon charged, with keeping his children out of school, contrary to the truancy law. Mr. Beard admitted that he had kept the children from'school bnt stated that he was compelled to have their as- —A Des Moines man had an attack of muscular rhenmatUm in his shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of ff Watcli^Yd ^P Gdal BiH IF For Kansas Liim lola Ice, Cold iStorage aiid Fuel Co. dehtly trying to cdnvey.' "What did be sayr | * "He said-he waa refdy to eatjj^ur mlnfmuia anditbe Ufa of (iw.lamp eopktns any tlm« you wid Uw iitoN.'* I fvir sale by al) ooBsldttmUjr eKt«>d«4. —Hooatoa Post I . and found }t in Cban^berlain'sj Liniment. Three 4ays after the first ap- plicstlon of tbls ^rnlmlBt he was well. ""' dealenL. ^' . 1^ . . _. G^e and Poultry For Christmas you wir find here In great plenty —£f you qpme early' enough. '"Open" wy^her has made good' turkeys sear 1^;- but early com-era will find their needs sup- . pUett4'tuVl^s^ chickens, ducka^. geese, etc. Meats of eveiy de- ii.inlile tlud—beef, Uiutioa, pork >iid veaL We are prepared for- Cluristmas catering in the meat. •1^ 'i ^. OTTO HINZE Phone 291 IOLA,*KiNSAS I . OTEB F08TY YEARS OF CON.SERVATIVE jBAKI^^G Dl IViX Depository for the United States, State of Kansas; and.Allen Cen^J' lu L. NORTHRUP, President p. P. NORTHRXJP, 2nd V-Pres. P. A. NORTHRUP. Vice-President i MELVlfj FRONK. Cashier. R. J., C0FFI3Y, Aasi^nt Casljier CAHTAL $50,000.00 w^URPLUS $20,000^00 Interest Paid on Time Deposits "^Safety DiejMsIt Boxis for Beat lOUB BUSINESS I^UCITED.- I^or the quickest resnlts—TKe^Regis^F: Want CoUuqift • :..A .1 _ 4

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