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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 1

Titonka, Iowa
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Thursday, January 16, 1975
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M.QINES; THE TITONKA TOPIC Arclilvi VOLUME LXXVH TITONKA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA 50480, THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1975 NUMBERS I THE BOWLERS CORNER Standings and High Scores for the week of January 6 National League I Women Over 165 Redenius Insurance .50 30 i Donna Rudisill 225 Burt Sav. Bank 46 V 2 33 y z Mick Jandl 216, 180 Farmers Co^op Oil .. 39 41 Donna Rudisill 199, 192 Worst Blizzard Since '40 Don's DX 37 43 Heyer Shelling 34 46 Titonka Sav. Bank . .33y 2 46 y z Koffee Kup League Gutter Dusters 3 Chatterboxes 3 Ding A-Lings 3 Superbowlers 1 Ding Dongs 1 Ifs and Maybes 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 L. Wibben 192, 182, 171 Kari Knudson 191, 178 Bonnie Rike 186, 169 Geneva Miller 185, 178 Kari Knudson 183 harlotte Anderson North Kossuth League Chuck's DX 52 20 Rollie's Food Ctr. . . .5iy 2 20y 2 K&H Co-op Oil ....44 28 Heyer Livestock 43 29 German Val. Store . . 39 33 TJ.B.C 37 35 Deed Hardware 31 41 Farm Service 28 44 Trunkhill Tiling ... .20 52 Earl's Market 14y 2 57y 2 Tyke Leaguer s N. Cen. Pub. Serv. ... 52 Titonka Sav. Bank . .49 Tyke Lanes 40 Meyer's Painters . . .40 Cunningham Cafe . .27 Stanley Products . . .22 24 27 36 36 49 54 Woodchoppers League Tyke Lanes . .' 51 y 2 24 y 2 Van Hove Shelling . .48y 2 27 »/ 2 D.T.'s Lounge 48 28 Mike's Construction .43 33 Titonka Topic 39V 2 36y 2 Callies V-Store 39 33 Titonka Plumbing . . 39 37 Titonka Elevator ... 34 42 Anderson Impl 32y 2 43 y 2 Carney's Std. Serv. . .31 45 Crystal Lake Furn. . .25 47 Willex 18 58 Janine Boyken Named Soroptimist Winner Janine Boyiken, a senior at Titonka High School 'has been named winner of the Algona Soroptimist Clulb annual Youth Citizenship Award. Janine received a $50.00 award and her entry will go on to compete at the regional level for a $1,000 award. Competition was based on their activities and on original essays on different aspects of Citizenship. Janine is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boyken. Lois Sonius 182 Donna Dreesman 181 Caralee Follman 179 Caralee Follman 176, 169 Mick Jandl 175, 168, 166 Jean Mayland 173 Judy Junkermeier .... 172,. 165 Kas Larson 171 Eunice Mechler 171 L s ois Sonius 171 Katie Ellefson 169 Janet Givens 169 Kas Larson 169 Janet Givens 168 Judy Junkermeier 168 Joyce Madison 167 Shirley Amesbury 166 Dora Brandt 166 Kas Larson 166 Esther Christensen 165 Men Over 205 Phil Jaren 243 A. J. Budlong 239 Stanley Limberg 236 BudHaugen 221 Merle Hoover 21E Gary Boyken 212 A. J. Budlong 211 Jae Givens 211 Art Limberg 211 Chuck Rudisill 210 Lester Eden 208 Complete 1973 Audit For Kossuth County Auditor of State Lloyd R. Smith announces that ithe 1973 annual audit of Kossuth Co. has been completed and filed in the Auditor of State's office in Des Moines for public inspection in compliance with Chapter 11 of the Code of Iowa and also forwarded to the courthouse in Algona. Auditor Smith reports the costs of the Board of Supervisors as follows: Ivan Parrott $7,696.25 E. J. Kollasch 7,865.71 George W. Weringa . . 7,773.85 William Reif Survives Ten Hours Of Exposure Snowmobiles have been cuss- located him about a half mile ed, discussed, regulated and from his home. They took him cussed some more, tout'the re- home where he changed clothes cently popular winter recrea- and then was taken to school tion vehicle was instrumental where he was examined by Dr. in the saving of the life Of ajLesiak. Miraculously he suffer- Andrew C. Reising 7,544.31 Titonka resident morning. Saturday led no physical damage. I Fortunately Bill had done Lawrence Newibrough . 7,749.18 The total cost to operate ithe tounty Attorney's Office was $14,219.62. Besides being the legal 'advisor to the County, the County • Attorney's office handled 21 state cases und the total fines collected totaled $5,010.00 The County Auditor, as well as being election commissioner and Issuing county warrants collected $9,031.97 in office 'fees and other receipts, and sold 2,069 dog licenses. The Clerk of Court, as well as handling magistrate cases, collected $179,331.92 in fees, fines an dtrust funds. The Clerk of Court also issued 180 marriage licenses. The County Recorder collected $77,819.20 in office fees, hunting 'and fishing licenses William Reif, 6th grade teach- some cross-country skiing and er in the Titonka Consolidated had some training in survival. School, had visited friends in! Although n e had made the Titonka following early dis-I mistake of being out i n the missal of school on Friday andj storm, he was aible to keep his head and think logically, which undoubtedly saved his life! To the People of TLtonka, I wish to convey my deepest gratitude and thanks to the people listed below and to al" decided to walk to his home aJbout a half mile east of town about 11:00 p.m. while the worst blizzard in recent was raging! Carrying a sack of groceries, ,the weather didn't look that severe as he walked to the north edge of town and turned east. After passing the lane leading to his 'home, he was able to see the chicken house on the Clarence Brandt farm and knew he had gone too far. He crossed the road and planned to spend the night with the Brandts, 'but when he found his mailbox thought he could go the last 500 feet to his home. Apparently as he headed Some of the oldtilmers are saying it was the worst blizzard to hit North Iowa and Minnesota since the Armistice Day AH-U i. iu •-, j * Storm of 1940, and it. had to Although they played one of, rate ' close to it> as a combina- SQUAWS ELIMINATED; INDIANS EDGE TIGERS ;heir best games of the season, the Titonka Squaiws could not seep up with the well-balanced Woden-Crystal Lake Tigers in the opening round of the S,tate Line Conference Tourament started 'came""closelo"bTowVng j^K?., tion of circumstances made travel and snow removal really difficult! Under balmy temperatures and rain Thursday, the storm a 13-point third quarter lead as they edged the Tigers 68-63. With Vanessa Follmar: and Bonna Tapper hitting for 26 points apiece, ithe Squaws battled all of the way as they suffered their seventh loss of the season. Tyke took an early lead, and the game was tied six times in the opening period, with Tyke down by a single point, 20-19, at .the buzzer. With 7:31 to play in the second as the taaromeitric dropped rapidly during the day and dipped to a low of School Board Discusses ArlditinnAl MnnPV NpPfk I and real eatate transfer stamps. Aaamonai money needs Th Countv Recorder sold TITONKA V. F. W. AUXILIARY The Auxiliary to William H. Kennedy V.F.W. Post met o n Thursday, January 7 at 7:30 Titonka Public nine members p.m. in the Library with present LaVaughn's name was drawn for door prize. The meeting was called to order by President Beverly The Titonka Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, January 13 at 7:00 pjn. 'Supt. Wilbeck gave a short report comparing local transportation statistics with those of all schools in the state. Titonka has a below average cost per pupil transported. Approximately 60 per cent of the districts in the state had higher per student transportation costs than Titonka. While the average length of bus routes in Iowa was 27.37 miles, ithe Titonka average was 25.33. A n athletic budget prepared by Mr. Gaul was approved, calling for expenditures of $5,624. It is estimated that approximately $4,100 in gate receipts would go toward meeting this expense. Supt. Wilbeck presenting the budget, indicated that during the past several years, actual receipts taken in at athletic contests has been higher than projected receipts. Results of this, is that non- salaried expenses for the athletic program have been self- supporting. The Board approved the 197576 school calendar which calls for school to begin August 25, 1975 with a projected termina- I A . f .jj. tu ±Jl<**y HI HiC OCOU-IU those who are not listed but had quarter a pair of buckets by a part, even to the smallest detail, in the search to find me. Dale Helmers, Ray Baade, Ray Gaul, Rod Wilbeck, Roger Huisinga, Chuck Beed, Russ, Gene and Kim Krominga, Steve Dietrich, Harvey and Craig Heyer, Tapper, gave the Squaws their final lead of the game at 23-22. Four unanswered free throws by the Tigers put them out in front, to stay as they moved to a 41-31 lead at intermission. Tyke battled their opponents Richard Isebrand, Rollie and evenly , for mosfc of the third Doug Fox, Gary and Jeriene Sleper, George Schuster, Neal Boyken, Keith Hofbauer, Gary Spear, Terry Hoover, David down the lane, the strong wind Hamilton, Lanny Thacker, Bill 7 *-* f-~ _ . i i-t i T-» -I (~1 4- _-..~ TTii ».„+• pushed him to the east and without a landmark he wandered into a field east of the Gast, Steve Rike, Steve Hurst, Steve Schroeder, Allyn Boelman, Tom Bengstrom, Keith period, tout another six point scoring binge gave W.-C.L. a 28.88" about 6:00 p.m. on Friday. By early Saturday morning it had climbed back to 29.35. John Plaisier, who has been checking the weather in the Titonka area .for the federal government for ithe past 25 years, said it is the first time he has ever seen the pressure drop below 29". His high reading on Friday was 35 degrees, followed by a rapid drop to a minus 5 degrees on Saturday and to 8 degrees below Monday morning. There was .67" of precipitation, including-an inch of snow, on Friday, and although it is not possible to deitermine the amount of snowfall on Satuday, it was estimated to be only atxmt two inches. However, the strong winds whipped it into The County Recorder sold 5,777 hunting and fishing licenses, 1,210 snowmobile licenses, and sold 678 boat registrations. There were 596 real estate revenue stamps issued. The County Sheriff, along with toeing in law enforcement work for the county, collected $72,111.67 in fees, mileage and trust funds. Auditor Smith reports some of the costs of Kossuth County for various board and departments: Road Clearing Fund $45,868.81 Bangs Disease and Bovine TB Funds . .. 4,943.09 Domestic Anilmal . . . 9,962.63 Fairground Aid 9,401.00 house. ing on crusty snow, he realizeu, that he was in trouble and started to chop blocks of snow to build a shelter to shield him from ,the wind and the driving snow. When friends in town were unable to contact him by phone t&ey' became concerned and started a search on foot. When it was apparent this was futile, they returned to town and summoned help and had a great response from snowmo- bilers of the area. The search party was headed by Deputy Sheriff Keith Hofbauer about 2:00 a.m. Time had little meaning to Reif, but probably shortly after a.m. he heard a snowmobile i W««ox. Bryant play. Boith teams hit for 17 points in the final stanza as the Squaws fell 81-65. FT FG TP F V. Follman . Civil Defense Ac>'. Extension 4,858.50 29,573.06 Mark Heesch, Don Gerdis, Gary and Carl Ludwig, Walter Baade, Henry Mayland, Earl Knudson, Wilbur Sexiton, Carol Sorenson, Joyce Giesking and Clarence Brandt. The people Of Titonka will •always have a warm spot in my heart for their innumerable kind deeds and concern. Thanks much!! B. Akkerman J. Buffington S. Buffington V. Schuller . K. Buffington 2-9 4-9 6-6 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 12 26 11 26 0 6 Cancelations Galore! Most business places closed early Friday evening as everyone had ample warning of the D. Heyer 0-0 K. Bahling 1-2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 6 —William Reif area Friday night, and by morning, with the strong winds still blowing, businesses remained closed. 'School was dismissed at 1:00 p.m., Friday, and there- was no .trouble in getting all students home before the storm became severe. Busses went out an hour late Monday morning and encountered no difficulty. Friday night's basketball game" with Lincoln Central was post- Dek7M; c u7rTed J S^ndIan a ,P°S e f T* 7™ * *«****»*•. 1 Saturday's first round games. the State Line Conference round action againts a scrappy i Basketball Tournament were Woden-Crystal Lake quintet, rescheduled for Monday, and Titonka 13-26 26 65 22 Woden^C.L 19-26 31 81 21 ' Scoring By Quarters Titonka 19 12 17 17—65 Woden-C.L. . . . 20 21 23 17—81 Mechler Leads Indians For Conrad Conradi, 81 Funeral Services Held Woden: Funeral services for Conrad E. Conradi were held ; wuhlhTsc^re tiecTat 12 apiece i "£. GrTand Openi ".f ^ The with 29 points as they scrambled to a 68-G3 victory i n firsrt |? , „ „ ! Basketball Monday, January 13 at 1:30; aml i :2B 'to play in the initial' Off / ce L °™ ge in ™onk:i ™s im ne neara a snowmomio p ' m ' at St Jotin>S Lutheran perio(li the Indians failed lio , postponed for a week and will and i" chasi 4 the smnd nf i Ch " rch ' Wodcn - wlth thc Rcv " score and the Tigers pulled into ?* lield tnis Saturday, January theTmachinccst the s'he ter he P ' L ' Mork °"i°iatin K . Burial an 18 . 12 lead On st T mc sharp ;18. h . ,nnn±S K, ±^'w^ in Bingham Township oul . snooling . Mior a bi , 2 j. By Sunday the storm had AR. Extension za.o'M.uo "^u uunsi-iuv^u. ^ c O^M^U r . ,. v oivinisf was Martha County Assessor .... 87,338.29 into a .snowbank that was about £ J^ J ; ° ^o^waVT J , Election Expense . . . 8,781.87, three feet deep and decided to ^™' tind • sclolat ' WJS L ' "'> Auditor Swith reports the' following comparisons of expenditures for 1971 to 1973: Court Expense: 1971 .$ 46,870.98 Gerdis. Minutes of the previous , tio n date of May 26, 1976. meeting and general orders were read. Reports were read by Marilyn, Hazel and Dawne. The V.F.W. National Home of Eaton Rapids, (Mich, is requesting Betty Crocker coupons, S & H Green Stamps, and Top Value Stamps. Please bring these to the next meeting. A motion was made to raise our cancer grant to $1.25 per metaiber. There was discussion on the possibility of sponsoring the sale of a 1976 Community Birthday and Anniversary calendar. This was tabled until we compile more information. We will have a Valenitne Party, inviting our husbands, on February 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Hazel Akkerman. The treasurer's report was read and accepted. The meeting was closed with the chaplain giving prayer. Lunch was served by Ema Sleper and Marlys Bruns. 89 DAYS Without A Fire Considerable time was spent studying the proposed 1975-76 budget. The Board set February 10 as the budget hearing date. Secretary Gartner indicated ithat at present the forims for filing the budget estimates with the county auditor have not arrived and that if they were not received in ample time, it may be necessary .to postpone the hearing. The Board also spent some time discussing a 2 J / 2 mill levy proposal presented by Supt. Wilbeck who had stated earlier in his presentation of the budget that allowable growth per student, offset by a declining enrollment allowed for an inadequate amount of additional money with which to operate the school. A 2y 2 mill levy, if approved by the voters, would provide an additional source of Income which could be used for certain major repair costs with which ithe school will be faced. The Board will meet in special session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, January 23 to discuss this j matter further. The Board will I meet in regular session February 10 at 7:00 p.m. on HONOR ROLL CORRECTION LeAnn Baade should be on the A Honor Roll instead of B Honor Roll. I 1972 45,622.73 1973 60,839.76 The court appointed afctorn- yes handled six cases and received at total of $7,645.55. Board of Education: 1971 $166,210.52 1972 155,171.32 .. ,. jNOdlancl. Ushers were Ralph party wmuTbe Smilh ™ d •"*>" H *™<- c ^ k'-t bearers were Ronald Dahle, a 38-^9 advantage Jim Valley, Paul Gercles, Clint M* " ~. —« •ler"itTiooked SUDS '^ed and the biry cleanup would •-"" • 1c ''° be san- lMoat -' worship serv- with the game as into .the lockerroom ,,,,.., their 25th wedding anni- run run ship ices were cancelled for the day. Simon Sunken onen house . , . , „, - -., , Tvke continued to control 1 IIP versary will be held Sunday, Dressed in only a fairly light Larson . Jonn wintor and Henry Unfp th'o ,£ n the first f ve and ^nuary 19 at 2:00 p.m. at the Tin T*t n txjrtnl rl vn<-t' nn vi ic <*i vti/\f . t>.<.An*- uaiiu tig IALHI^IIIOU live cl-iiu ,.,,, , __ . , , M _ . , ,. . pdlKtl, Wuul Cll Cob Pd,nib. fallc(-;t i p,-,,!,, T i *• • , » , •> Pi t nnkn Tin i fpri TV/To 1~hnr11M- 1 l ' i,>GuC. ! ,n Vin |f m i mi toe nf tVio cnprvjrl *- l ^Uiift-cl uiiJLLct.l Ivlt- UiiUUloL fV» r\f\ [' ri -*-i rl n'1 r\ir t\ •-» li /-i wi ri •*-» ri n-nrl • Cl J-1'W.I J. J.liillU(H--o VJJL 0110 i3L.LvJ.JLl , . snoe.s ana gloves, ne managed; Ml . nnni-nrli rlinri Sundav.! K..K- „_ ..,„„ !„,, ^o o^ ....j.,. o.or, Churcn. to stay , Mr. Conradi died Sunday, fnr o Hrrm Vint' « . •• , • loi a time, Dut| January 5 at a hospital m slept for possibly r nrn11t ; rhri-ti eventually three or four, hours. It daylight whe n he awoke with about a .two-foot covering of snow over his head. He got his head out and remained in the wi 48-'^ with 1LU *±O-Gt> WJMI rcmrinin-* in the neriod Hittine: e 8 years. Texas 'for the winter months since early December. fo _' low = in ?l on only a pair of charity tosses ^ Tyke's lead was cut to 50-45. The Indians failed to score for the first two minutes of the mal - Church. No mail came into or went out of Tifconka on Saturday, but by Monday with roads being cleared and under clear skies, things started to return to nor- He was born at Wellsburg final auarter and W -C L took ^ ---- ................ . , .. ,.„ ... ... na auarer an 19'73 .............. 168,831.92 .locations, still feeling that a and rece ived his education in ^ 5 1-50 lead wUh - - 01 ou ieau w " County Conservation: 1971 $ 17,157.00 search had been initiated. Hancock Co. schools. He served to to In the meantilme, the search j n World War I and was a Baskets by Mechler, Steve Dietrich and Eugene Zwiefel hnld 1972 11,376.44' party had discovered his sack, member of the Woden Ameri- ",« tnp fndianTmit in frnnf 1973 12,330.60 of groceries he had left at his | -can Legion and the Veterans of' gjj^ - inaians out «i lron t County Mental Health & Inst. first shelter, and continued the World War I Hancock County 1971 $298,242.18 search. Visibility remained at Barracks No. 1756 of Britt. Hei 1972 358,773.06 about zero. About 8:30, Dave 'had been a resident of Woden' It definitely wasn't one of the heavier snowfalls in recent years, but the high winds, cold temperatures and the rain that preceded the storm made it one of the worst! l 1973 394,001.18 Secondary 1971 $2,434,304.29 1972 2,163,009.15 1973 2,540,152.84 Auditor Smith reports the following expenditures for the years 1969 to 1973: Poor Fund 1969 $153,645.50 1970 176,966.97 1971 189,353,16 1972 217,769.06 1973 213,104.79 A.D.C. Fund: 1969 $ 35,066.03 1970 40,692.01 1971 41,802.00 1972 47,509.06 1973 49,297.84 This Is the county share of the cost of A.D.C. On December 31, 1973, there was an average of 114 cases of A.D.C. for the county with an average of 394 persons and the total cost in the county of all funds spent o n A.D.C. totaled $259,048.00. An average of 42 patients were Cared for at the County Home for an average cost of $416.87. Auditor Smith reports that Hamilton and Terry Hoover for many years and was active i n community affairs. He had 45 families, consisting of 135 worked as a cashier in the individuals received assistance Woden Bank before retiring in during the year from the Vet-! 196 °- crans Affairs Fund. | He wa s married to Delia s Dietr j c h ... . 0-0 The scheduled violations to-! Arndfc on November 16, 1928 at E Zw iefel 1-2 taled 194 cases, two magistrates Wall Lake The Titonka boys will be back in tournament action tonight (Thursday) when they meet Rake at Woden in the first game of a twin bill starting at 6:45. FT FG TP F handled 487 cases, two Justices of the Peace handled 15 cases . • -j- ,. D - Mechler Surviving are his wife ^ two j Loeschen . D °n o f Woden and M/Sg,t. p Ubben 7 14 8 17 9-17 10 29 0-1 3 6 2 0 ___________________________ , ...... ten Mayors handled 549 cases, Bernard Conradi, serving with Tiltonka ....... 10 . 2 i 2 9 68 11 n-*,i fv,« /-vvn^f-., A +4^,.,-, «•,,>,. n .t the Air Force at Hickman AFB ' the Air Force at Hickman AFB, Hawaii; and five grandchild-; ren. He was preceded in death j Titonka 12 26 12 18—68 by his parents and one sister. and the County Attorney's office handled 702 cases for a total of 1,947 cases, and along with the Clerk of Court collected a total of $25,169.04 in fines. Fines from the County Treasurer's Fines Fund were in the amount of $19,528.12 and apportioned to the fifteen School Districts for Kossuth County. Federal Revenue Sharing Trust Fund shows receipts of Federal Aid in the amount of 20. Everyone is invited. $622,239.00 and $28,226.99 in- Come and enjoy an evening I -'C L 5-6 29 63 19 Scoring by Quarters Woden-C.L. ... 18 11 16 18—63 Titonka Senior Citizens Evening Card Party The Titonka Senior Citizens • please dig them out" Your' as- will hold their evening card sis t an ce is requested in keeping „. party ait the Center, starting i hydrants clear of snow during! Board members are aware ol at 7:30 p.m., Monday. January (the winter. HELP! Richard Isebrand, Fire Chief, has requested that residents living near a fire hydrant, to THREAT OF STORM LIMITS TCRA MEETING There were only about 20 people who attended the meeting Thursday night at the Kountry Kitchen to explain the development of the Gruis Recreation Area by members of the Board of Directors of ithe Tri-County Recreation Ass'n. Revised figures on the projection of income and expenses were presented, and the four board metanfbers present answered questions and explained the fund drive that is now underway. Board members in the six communities -to be served by the Gruis Recreation Area will conduct the (fund drive in then? area, and because of the amount of work necessary, the cooperation of everyone is necessary. terest ear n ed. Expenditures of j of fellowship and fun. $269,280.19 were issued. Auditor of State Smith expresses his appreciation for the fine cooperation received from the county officials and em-j ployees during this audit. j many who wish to contribute, ifout many prospective conitrib- Debbie Nelson of Ames spent utors are unknown. If you are i the weekend visiting in the. interested in helping to develop ' home of her parents, Mr. and: the area by purchasing a mem- Eyeryone is born lucky; and M rs. Verle Nelson. jbership in the Tro-County Rec- fhe harder you work, the luckier you'll get. I CONSERVE ENBBGX! The Bridge Club met i n the' reation Association, please let home of Mr/s. Minnie Oester reicher on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Helen'Jar en was a guest. your board member know so that he may contact you personally.

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