Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1911
Page 2
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A club for the purpose of exchanging domestic Ideas and also to provide liUrary ji^ctlvlty^ for Us mpnibera has been oiganixed'^by a group of youiiK matrone In (he nortli part of town. They bad a meeting late last week at the boime of Mrs. G. F. Florence, 815 Xortb street «nd are to have fortnightly meetings during the remainder of the winter, j The members wlH be Mrs. W. H. Triifi, Mrs. K. W. Iluck Mrs. B. L,. Caughron, Mrs. C. L. Drake, Mrj." W. L. Donald. Mrs. J. A. Wiggins. Mrs.. Caughron will havt- (he club next w^k. • * + + —Kodak Albums, the best inside. Mundis. i r - 4 * • The Woman's. Ri-llcf Corps has elected''a*l*»i*t« to represent them at the-jitate convention to be held In Wlchl£s In May. Mrs. Frank Ijimb, Mrs. T. 8. Ball, Mrs. Foster and Mia. Alice Newman are the delegates ah^ alternates are $& follows: Mcsdamos l^gan. Brown, Round and Pegg. At their meeting • last week the Corps balloted upon two names and Initiated Mrs. Vogel. —SANTA OLA US IS AT K ALL NEXT WKEK. BHING I ItEN WITH kMAS LIST. : • + * The 'Soroaiji club has derided to meet on Wednesday this week instead of Thursday -So that their meeting -will not conflict with that of the Presbyferian, Missionary society which will have a session Thursday world is the Wife of the Missouri farmer of moderate means who does her own cooking, washing, ironing, brings up a family of boys and girls to be useful members of society and flnds time for her own intbUectual and moral improvement. * + * Indiana miniaters more particu larly those of tjje village of Elwood object to the iiopulnrity of Justice-OT- the-p«'ncc weddings. To persuad couples to be married by .clergymen ih"y have agreed to give each bride a ticket good for a bit qf lin^' cost $1, which any dry goods mer'ch ita^ in the town mil honor. . * * + —HB TAKICS YOUR LIST OF PKKSKXTS, WHO? SANTA GLAUS AT KRKSS. NEXT WEEK. * * Miss Cora Klein has gone to Kan- City to meet Miss Edna Klein -vwo Is enroute home from Mexico, Missouri, where she is attending Hardin college. They will be home tomorrow night. * * + Judge a)id Mrs. Oscar Foust will Ive a card party Wednesday even i ig for Uie card club, the Wednesday .'i-ning euchre. * * * DO.VT FORGET SANTA CMUS AT KRESS NEXT WEEK. •!••>* K.-insns women have announced that their campaign for equal sulfragr will bi'gin January first. They have \)een working lor months but thi-y afternoon, ffrs. H. C. Ford will have (expect the activity of the past will Sorosis, which will render the follow-- be considered mere play when coming program: pared with what they will do in ihi Roll Ca]l->-£uggestioiis for Christ- /uture. Headquarters have been rent mas Giving. ed in Topeka and Miss Eacher, ol The Significance of the World-Wide Lawrence, who came to lola some Celebration of lOne Day—Mrs. Wal- weeks ago In the interest of suffrage lace Anderpon. . will be in charge. Spirit va Value in Giving—Mrs. S. < * •> + S. HilscheK An Ideal Celebration of Christmas —MraW. E. Lyons. DisciiBBlbn—Has Christmas Giving Become Trading? Leader, Mrs. E, D. Shielda Music. * * * Just receh eral —BB. 0. X. COX. (Hsnllst. * * •* . Among those who will be home from school this week are Miss Florence Robt. who is attending Uethnny College, Lindsborg: Mary McKinne: and Helen Price, freshmen at Baker; Frank Root, who entered K. S. A. C. —Just received good stock of sev-l'n the fall; Bernlce Root, who is at ^.al kiibas of nn»--Ten>sUai«o cycle- a boarding school in Eureka Springs man, Itf iid andjildom; a Tina Christ-J-and Miss Myrtle Johnson, wjjo Is en- mas prefcnt Prhntoer's Gieen House,' rolled in advance classes^ fct Drake 704 E Uncoln Phone 104 " i University, Iowa. Others will be home • + • Many,of tiie clubs arranged their calendars for the year so that meetings wduld be held this week and Christmas week left vacant. Christmas programs have been given tln' preference. The ^Mothers' clnb which meets Wednesday afternoon, has agreed upon ,th^ following entertuinment: Ron Call—Christmas Tliouphts. Oevotlonal Servic?, liulurtiug the Christmas Story—Mrs. Wood. Quartette—^"Christmas Eve." Rpading—Christmas in Many I^nds Mrs. F. A. Wagner. Christmas Poem—Mrs. Enfield. Selection—Mrs. Scott • * * ... —Magazines at Mundis D^t^^ore. •!•-J- • A Missouri club woman conafaering the housekeepers of ber acquaintance-, says tlie greatest woman in the late in the week also but the above mentioned have notified their faml lies of the exact time they expect tc arrive. • • •> —Crlbbagp board and plaj'lng cards at Mundis Drug Store. + * + Lvwis Northrup will be home froir K. V. late this week and will spenc* the holidays at his home h'?re. <• * * —r.niNCr THE CHILDREN TO SEE SANTA Ci^rs.—KRESS. •:• • Mrs. H. A. Ewing assisted by Mrs. L. W. Duncan, u'illbc hostess of the Presb^erlan Mi8sIonar>- society or Thoradoy afternoon. The customarj mfsSlonnr}- program is bclnB pre pared. * • * —Calendars, Christmas I.«tters and Cards at Uurrell's Drug Store. 10,000 Christmas Gifts —At the— J. V. Merchant Jewelry Store West Side Square f A colossal stock of beautiful and appropriate presents in Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry, Watches, Rings, Brooches, Scarf Pins, Chains, Charms, Cuff Links, Lockets, Braowkts, Cut Glass, Silverwiare and hundreds of other items. You owe it to yourself to choose now. f i • Send for our Gift Book—it is a practical convenient guide for Christmks shopping. ' ''You must decfde,on all gifts, within a few daya. UBctter make': ^ sure of J)Ieaaing the rccipienta' •by Kiving .some pf the useful Items that comprise our sensibly • hoUday 8toclp -^''-.r "* Hair, Hii4claUi «4J3niabeH. Sbarlnr Bnihcs rerfane«. Toilet Tfaters FvualalB Peas,-, . Combs, JToUet.; Safety 'Buioti, Htix HiaiioneiT CItran, €hrlRttnrT«rds Hot Water Bottlei, Btr. Splendid choice In every line, and prtoes are right on all. ^TdJea and whUe flowers which' kted tto charch and tb«-brtdit%^ W^tSide<)ftJieSfliiare ' The iWal Temperance Legion!' a' brandi of the W. C: T. V. had a business meeting Saturday at the rest rooms. In autlciimtiun of the niem- bershlp contest in which the society it engaged the members were dirlded into two clubs which will compete in aeeiiring members. The contest fs to close in January and it Is hoped that nfty names will have been secured by hat time. •!• * * —For Party or Catering work, call \Ilss .Miller. Phone 82C. •:• •;• •: Miss AImn Gobin, of the Y. W. C. A. eft today for a visit at her home In rndiauupolls. She will be absent until the twenty-eighth. During her absence the association rooms will be '<ept open but the clubs and classes will Hot meet. • • Mrs. R. F. Dozicr arid daughter. VIda, of Kansas City, spent Sunday here with relatives, the Misses Lcflljr. • • * —Give a Fountain -Pen from Burrell's Drug Store. •:• •:• •> The Loyal Brothers club, an organization of young men. will have a meeting tomorrow night. * * • Miss Marie Badgely will entertalr party of high school classmatet with a party tonight * * * —Monogram and other gift Station- ry at Burrell's Drug Store. *** All the churches are preparing tc ibaerve Christmas with an entertaln- nent in which the Sunday school pu- uils will take part but .the most elab orate of these programs will be giver Christmas night by the Sunday schoo of the Christian church. -The entertainment will be in th* 'arm of a cantata. "A Trip Around the World with Santa." The pulpit o' he church will be arrangied to rep- csent the deck of a ship and frame work 40 feet long will be built to rep- -esept the side of> thp,sh|i). The cen- er mast will reach the celling. Classes of the Sunday school wll' -epreaent the different nations aii .e' is the captain and his crew announcf he arrival at the ports, little foil Iressed In the costume of the natior n whose domain the ship is supposei' be, will come on board and sinf native alra in greeting to Santa, company of Brownies will do th omedy stunts. The finale will be horus In' which all the nations wil Join. • •S- • —Christmas Trees and Holly lhannon's. • •:• • The Me<thodiBt Sunday school wll ive a miscellaneous program of mu iic and recitations next Sunday nigh the church. A chorus of girls, : )oys'- chorus and a company of pri mary pupils are being drilled by Mis) Mice Hendricks and Mr. Frank Tan icr has cbarge of the rehearsals of r nale chorus. Frequent rehearsal; vill occur this week. <» + + —Cards Card Games, Cribbagr Soards etc., at Burrell's Drug Store. * •:• • Reverend Mayer of Kansas City -epresented Bethany hospital at the viethodist church yesterday morning le viisted Reverend and Mrs. J. H rice and returned home this morn ng. « • « —Kodaks the popular gifts, from to 125 at Mundis. • * * Miss Neva Funk who has been vis ting Mr!<. Willis Carrothers, of Leav- nworth, is expected home today. • * * The American Woman 's League will not meet tomorrow and then will be no session until after the bol- 'days. <• •:• •* —Give a nice package of that fine eandy at Burrell's Drug Store. * + + Dr. and Mrs. Benton, of Gamett an visiting Mr. and Mrs. 3..B. Kirk today and will attend the special session and banquet of the Eastern Stai tohigtit. —Dr. Wirt, Osteopath, Tel 487, 188 • + • The Golden IJnk club will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home, o' Mrs. Fred Green, 833 North street. * * + A Paris dispatch to the New Yorl' Times which has been clipped ane' sent to the Register, mentions ttar marrlaga of John Gerard DeSaulles of NeV York, to Miss Errasuris, o{ Santiago, Chile. The bride is seventeen and Inherits great beauty tron^ ber mother, wttu Is a t>elle of ber native city. The bride Is a niece of an ex-president o( Chile and ot a minister from that country to Rome^ Tbe marriage was solemnised at the English church In Paris last, week and the ooaple sailed Saturday for America. They will spend the honeymoon with Mr. DeSanlles' parents at South Bethlehem, PenasylTaoia. The wedding was soIemKlxcd amid a profus-, of ntln wa* omamented wlj (h 'JKg Bh lact ; il^. e couple met six nibhths ago ih„ SanUago where Mr. DeSaulles hadj sone to transact railroad business. Members of the ChUean colony In Paris have given the couple many handsome gifts. Mr. DeSaulles, Mrs. Errazuriz and her daughter have recently visited relatives of Mr. DeSaul­ les In Pau, France/Hr. DeSaulles Is a well known Yale athlete and Is a cousin of ex-Mayor McCIellan, of New'York. * * * Mrs. George Trombold came up from Chanute this afternoon to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson and do some Christmas shopping. * + * RoBCoe Ponsler of Scfanectady, New York, is here for a short visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. i'ona- Icr. •> • •> The occasion.of the installation of ofllders recently elected by the Esist- em, Star, which wjil occur tonight is to be a social event also. A number !of ladies and gentlemen of Uie Garnett chapter came down this afternoon to be present at the meeting and more will be down on the evening Santa Fe. A number of visitors are here from Humboldt also. A banquet will follow the lodge work. • * • RULES FOR RIGHT LIVING rrederlo Harrison, Who Is Alive at Eighty, Gives HIa Vl^ on Subject, Frederic Harrison, barrister, historian, philosopher, publicist, positlr- 1st and anti-woman's suffragette, celebrated bis eightieth birthday recently In London. In spite of his great age. Mr. Harrison Is still hale and hearty, and his Intellectual activity Is oe- .caslonally evidenced in acutely reasoned letters to the press. A self- disciplinarian, he. attributes his physical and mental fitness to the rigid observance of his own Spartan "rules ot life." Here they are: "Touch not tobacco, spirit, nor any unclean thing. Rise from every meal with an appetite. Walk dally two hours. Sleep nightly seven hours. Be content with what you have." Playing cards and tobacco are Mr. Harrison's aversions. "Men and worn en," he says, "who are too dull to take pleasure in talk, too ignorant to read toib lasy to dance, deaf to mualc, blind to art,.unable to keep themselves awake, betake themselves to cards.' As for my Lady Nicotine, be cannot find words stremg enough to denounce ber with. Smoking is "a beastly dis ease," to be shunned on grounds med leal, moral, social and esthetic. Mr. Harrison, . however, is better known.OS the greatest living disciple of Auguste Comte than as a sexilal Don Quixote. His presidential ad- Jresses < the Positivlst society are said by ,ood judges toycontaln some af the imest "high thinking" In tbe English language. In view of these snd other virtues, people here are proud to hail him a grand old London: er, bom and educated within the sound of the bells of Bow. lil^liai Shall I Buy? We ^ti^^it^ there is no handsomer present than a beaiutiful set of FURS for yonr mother, wife, daughter or sweetheart. Exceptional prices made up to Saturday Night Cloaks, Suits and Skirts Our assortment is still complete, and we can offer you some rare bargains in plush, caracul, reversible and novelty Coats. You need not wait for January Bargain Sales—we give them to you now-~===--=-^--^^ New York Store CRAFTY PRELUDE OF SHOPPER Preliminary Skirmish by Which-She insures Beit Service When Real Campaign Bagina. Chicago people certainly have the knack of getting on," a shopper said. "In the suit department of a big store I met a Chicago woman who had been in Philadelphia less than a week. She said she wasn't buying anything; had lust come to get the lay of the land. In the process of getting it she stopped a cash girl and said: "'Is that Miss Blake selling white linen skirts to that fat woman? I understand you have a Miss Blake in this department.' " 'No, that la Miss Barton,' said the cash girl. "This Chicago woman wrote the name in her address book: Then she showed me. the names of saleswomen la several other stores. " 'This la only a preliminary to real shopping,' she said. It pays me to take the extra trouble. If I expect to buy more than |5 worth ef anything at a streage store I iMm beforehand the names of the saleswomen whose looks I like best. "'Then when I go back to buy, can say. aa I shall do here tomorrow. 1 would like Miss Barton to wait on me.' and although Miss Barton has never set eyes on me. the fact that I can call her by name gives her the Impression that she must have sold me a 1100 dress at some time and I get twice aa good service as I would get U I knew nobody by name.' "• $'K1MTY KTILL THE LEADKIi. r • CKbafrr In TotuN Only In fhrlstmaN ! Tree Conte .nt. "The count In the New York stores ChristmuR tree contest today shows on^ changes in the total vote ro- ceiyed by contestants but no change in ithe relative standing. Trinity .Meihodist church still leads by a '.'ir^e margin. The canvass of the vote casf up to a late hour today resulted in ^he- foUowiug standing: Trifiity 2797 Saljation Army 1270 rniiod Brethren 790 Metjiodlst 699 Christian 470 Presbyterian 4G9 Baptist .;: 423 Epi«copal i 208 UuifiJera' Chapel 14 A. il. E 10 Seceind Baptist 10 Lutfljeran 2 Christian Science 2 Iti'is reported that R. M. Seaman who'; sustained severe injuries at Bronson about a week ago, alleged by him {'to have been Inflicted by the nooQi brothers, is in a serious condition.' Last week it was retiorted that: he was improving, but yesterday his condition became dangerous, due. It Is thouKht. to the Injuries to bis. head and |)ack. Manager Levan, of the Grand, has niad^' arrangements witb Brooks Lane to init on tomorrow night at the Grand bis song and act performance, "Thef Colored Washerwoman." Brooks will rbe appropriately*^ costumed and this (With his singing and acting, 3hou}d make the performance com­ parer well with imported vaudeville. Therp will be no extra charge. It has often been said that the most popular present one person can give another is a watch. A person looks at a watch a dozen times a day; the recipient of one will use it more than anything else you could give. We have a large assortment of elegant time pieces and you will be sure to find one that will suit your pocketbook and your taste. G. A. Lc South Side Sqaare. FlIOXE 185 T More Used to Horses. Here Is a story that J. O. Chenoweth tells on nrilllam Grafeman, tbe ice creau^ manufacturer: Qrsfes^ had been having engine tcQubla with hla motor car, and after each trtpi to the repair shop the same trouble recurred, only worse. .Finally, in desperation, Grafeman called on his friend. Emll Gartner, who owns a machine of the same kind, sad asked him to look the car over and see If he could And out what was wrong. lOartper carefully inspectr>d the endas and listened to its ca<hng, es<buff. I Then, turning to Omfeaian, he annotmced that there was nothl &c wrong with the engine except that one of Its eylloders was "mlsslof." What!':, eirlsimed Grafemaa, incredulous. -Vn positive all foar ot them w«r« there when I left the gu^ see."—8t. Loola Poet-Dispatch. , m ["There is a peculiar dlpnitv attached to the . gift of a book that is in no w.Tv liffectcij by the pjncc. iTbolironf Gift Books. tljis year is peculiarly suited for Christmas. [All kind.s—all prices. $vansBros. i, IMMJK STORK. SMALL COURTESIES ARE LOST Theae Things That Make Life Really Worth While Seem to Be Forgotten. Large Assortment of d^hristmas i Goods a 11 departments— larked very special, me tonight and Mon- I NOTICE! -I Those wishing THE EJELINEATOR should stibscribe before Jan. 1, and save 50c. After Jan. the price will be $1.50 year. Beginning Wednes- ly, the 20th, store open enings until Christ- Bmall courtesies ot life seem to be mtlrely lost in the rush for big things. This leaving oif of tbe little things that fo to make Uvlns worth the while is a srell-known and recognized fact to women who crave those gracious at- :enUoos so easy in the giving when :he thought is right. Many men no longer consider it nec- jssary to rise when a lady enters tbe room. If they proffer a chair, it is leldom done with tbe old-time alacrity, lad a few trips on a city car will be iufDcient to convince the veriest ske)>- :Ic of the truth of courtesy's deca- lence. Be it said in favor of man, contin- ]ally on the rack regarding these omia- tloziB, that he is by no means tbe pvatest offender. Women who enter- :aiii. will tell you of scores of Invlta- :ions to which they have never even .•ecelved the courtesy of an acknowl- jdgmenL "IL 8. V. P." at the end of I card or note means nothing to wom. >n too thoughtleSB or too ill-bred to ake live minutes for a reply. Such 3 «atment of a social courtesy is an of- .'ense garish .enough to cause the of- :ender'8 name to be struck from the locial list of the hostess. The small courtesies of woman to iromaa are fully as important as those ."Tom man to woman, or woman to nan. Kodaks For Clirisbnas at Gibson's Studio at- Propagating Carp. Isador Loewy. formerly a rabbi but la late yeara employed aa a police court interpreter, hurried into night coiirt in a state of perplexity. "Does anybody here know how to feed a carti?" he asked a court attendant . "What's « carp?" asked the tendant. "It's a flsh," answered Loewy, "and ' It's Une.' Three pounds it weighs. My wife she bought three carp at the market and brought them bone. One waa alive and 1 put it in the nath tub. The other two I ate. "I don't want that flsh to die. In eight days I will eat him, but not be^ fore, and I want him to live and grow fsf • . "Where are you going to keep it all this time?" was asked. "In the bath tub, sure. Where else?" Loewy answered.—Mew Tork Worid. —It will be to y6ur Interest to buy your flour and feed.o(.H. Klaumann, 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. The AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK will open for Skating on Thursday Evening Dec. 21, at 7 0*cIock and SATURDAY December 23rd ' Afternoon and Evening"; ADMISSION Evening 10c Skates 15c; Aft'noon 5c Skates 10c: An Aiam at JftghU ' " —That strikes terror to the entire household is the loud, hoarse and me> talllc cough or croup. No mistaktac it, and fortunate then the luckr iHir- ents who keep Foley 's Honey tad 1^ Compound on handi H. W.,Cassal- man. Canton. N. Y. says: " its weight In gold. Our litUe cMilrea are troubled with cronp and hoarse-' ness, and all we give them la S^Ieiy^ Honey and Tar Comi)ound. I always have a bottle of it la tbe house.'* 'j. JX. Mundis & Co.

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