The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 9, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1977
Page 6
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NKW« (CONN.), WEDNESDAY. AUG. 21. 1M« Brasscos Play N. J. Colonels tonight At 8:45, Stadium Opposition Strongest Water- : bury Team Has Faced This Season Thn lartfiJi't crowd of thu arc-lltfht Heimon l-i'oxpoftoc? to turn out to tho'Municipal Stadium thin nvonlnK to «HU till' Urnfli'coa moot the fu- rnoiw MudUon. N, J., Colonels -u.i The Colontilti huvo ono or tho lop tcurns of the nnd bou»t Kuvcral former rnujor ilnd minor toanuf pKiytirM In thu linuui;, f-olihy Mulcr, third fouwrmn for tho Detroit Tljtiir.-i lm:t year, huciilM thit IUt of 'r.n'rtiii" playor-i nloi.i: with Chiu-lny Ii'uchu .formur Hi. r.oulw Jiruwn pi ichor. Malm' will b" nt third briMc, thu position hw playixl In 13B cnnnm with thn T!i;iM'.". lust ywiir while Fuel HI In nxpoctiKl t(. lako tho hill uKiilnnt ManuKi'i 1 Jw> Nnmojika 1 .'-. rhtirjjux. Othur promlnont playur.-i incluclnt r..t-M Kmllh, Woody McDonald, fUldy Siirulifllo, Johnny Liollckl. Don Murphy utiil olhui'M. Siuulullo piti fnrrnccl with HyruciiHii of thn In- tiirniitlr>nnl lcn>;ui' for Mtivnriil ycni'rt whllii HiillcUl In fin cx-tridliinnpolls iilur, Murphy uliio MOI-VOI! In thu inlnorfi for Movunil yiiur.i with the Yunkne.'i' KiiMtiirn Iciinuc fuini ut The rJrtifiMcos will show a Htvoni: lineup with Johnny White on first, VVhltcy I'lurck (it m-oond, 1/iul lurrum at f.hortntop un<l Whltny Knnldiiwlpx lit ttilrd. I'illly Moore, lend Shutihiin nnd jr/hnny OcVlto will plitrol lni> (Ulttlcld, ircc Jo« SiunoHkit will pit his Walt Outhmnn, iiKuln.'tt the jfrcffiitlori. Cldthiimn li'i.'i won four of hb> llvn startfl tu date arid «-|ll bo sceklntr to Mart a new winning rtrenk, He won four In H row bfifoi'n bclrif; «tO|Jpi>J by the SprlMKlU-ld, fj. f. Clrey.H here two weck.'i ruro. Jimmy Shiiehuri will do tlii> fira.-i :c Ind. Eng. Scores Nine In Seventh In n thrilling free hitting con- tuxt. cllmuxocl by a nlno run InnlnK by tho Indunti'lul Enpl- nudi'H; tho Gum Shoe uoy» were ctl(;ficl out, 13-12. Going Into tho of tho Bev- cnth, tho Gum Shon combine had comfortable eight run load, but th« rndustrlal Englnuur.s scored ono touchdown und a Hold goal, an well (IM thn iixtni point, hoy, wult u HOC, thlfi IH not football. The lineup liiittiitt around to score the nine i-un» and to and the bull game. Mi.'oni by Innings: fiurii Shoo ... 0 Ofi 00'13-12 1-1 I! fnd, Rng. Of. 0002029-13 10 -I KiittulHH. 1 (winning toam, Clcnluwfikl, p; Talchurt, c Summu, p; Montonu, c, Umplrd.i: I'Yanlt Klonoakl, nnd T. TouUiiy. _ Torres Vs. Beato Friday, Stadium Wntorbury, Aug. 21—Joseph Ap- OMti'M Torri'ii rfnthurwiilgh-t champion "t Ciintrul Amorlca, goea Into at'tlon Hrr/nx, i,n I'r outdoor UITI-:< CICKAM 1'IKM AITM<; 1'IKH unil '•t'tl.t.KD COI''J''KK CAKK CITY BAKERY II. J'. STOITANI, J'rop. MIV|J|II Street 'J'ek-plinii«i ,HU7H Approved G. I, Training- ArrfililillnK, fln^lllrltN s MtM'lllni'M. MrciTtni'lHl KALI. TKK.M lil-KNH IN XKr'I'K.MIIMU I,lmllr<l Knriillmrnt THE PERRY SCHOOL Wiilnrlniry bu ii Nuw ; WHITE FISH MARKET ENROLL NOW! KAI.I. Tl-ntM IllfiGINS SEPT. 0 Cnntrut Ave. COLLEGE Wiitorbury H South Mnln St, C'holeiwt tMiliietliiii of suit nnd | fnvnh wntrr find lit I |irlcivH, PLAY P O O L On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS IM MAI'T.K STHKI1T CIui-H- WivMlnuf, PdlhhMl nt CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION H-IH imilKH'l ST. TKI.. 181)0 MF.MII.I.AN .MIITOU OII.N OLD 77 WHISKEY $3.29 J. K. STORES COT IIATK, IJQUOHH, WINKS, UKKIIN SDH N, Muln St Ti'l, <l>70 *'rin< Dcllvury An>-\v,Soro lu lk>rniii(h You'll S-a-y . . . "Our laundry bundle is superb" Dial Waterbury 4-4106 A MERICAN /..I ( MtK } • ^ ELECTRIC WATER COOLERS Electric Appliance Co. 12-M Uiililivln SI. Wilt. — Ti'l. 'I-K'13 Cur.M C'nllrd for and nullvornd Our Complete Services Glvn You Carcfrfie Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SKIIVICK STATION I'M lliiliour Avc. Tfl. 4033 { HKK I'M n>ll YOI.'K VACATION LUGGHEE Ciiiliri'IhtM KiM'ovtTt'il, Itf^iltlrrtl FISHERS III M. .MAIN ST. Entry Blank NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS AMATEUR OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT At Tho A. B. A. Country Club, Naugatuck Name Address f I will qualify on August 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2 (I'jiK'ircle Ono) • My averag-o score for 18 holes is (Entry Blank Must Be Mailed Before Aug. 29) 0 A NCI NO AT H:W> 1'. M. DANCING TONIGHT LAKE QUASSAPAUG DELFINO ADM. GOc (tux Inc. AND HIS UKCOKD-HltKAKINO OUCHKSTUA 15—PKOPLK—ID '' I3ONT M jy INDIAN POWWOW SHOW & °STJN. • • • ..'—-. •«Firemen Play Ansonia Tonight 1 The •Naufratuclt Hoso company play the Armenia Charter Hose In LL aoftbnll contest, Captain Grant ninoitnocd today. All members of the team aro requested to bo at the firetiousc nt S:-1B p. in. . "Martcot" Gnlvln will undoubtedly pitch this evening's content Peter Miele Pitching Against Yanks Petci- Mlolc wlU be pitching to- nipht, when the strong Male Wnve.s meet the Yanks, In a softball pame nt Recreation Fluid. The conti^t is Blu-ted to begin at G p. m. Coach Anthony Tnnfjredi, former catcher of the Yanlcs, says that his team Is In good condition and .should take the Mule Waves. Tan^t'edI, a former batboy In the Mexican League, left that area the same time as Mickey Owen and la now in thin area ncoutlng out material. Standing of Teams NATIONAL LEAGUE hero f'rklay nlfht with I'atrick Brady, of the In tho 10-round headllner motiM' Ci.'or|;e Mulligan'* IxixIriK «<rd. InUtlod Phil TiMTiintmt, rx-world'.'i 12(1 pound tltloholdor, to two min.'iiLilnnnl draws and ap- pt'iu'iHl In Hlanlilni; 10-round con- tiviln with Wlllli- Pep and Jackie til-liven ri'cnutly at St. I-oul.s. .Itruily, a clover boxer with a Milff punch In olthcr hand, scored an linproii.Mlvd victory over Vlnce Dull 'Orto hero si*vornl weeks ago. )i'uin' six-ruuiicl contents! will com- Friday:: show with Kills Mor- Iliu-U'oul, und Billy Brown, hii.ttur. mnutlnf,' In what should torrid tUHMlu. Gabriel Rios, York, anil Jo<> Dl Medina, t'rt'sno. Ciillf., are listed In «notl\- cr Mix. Tickets for Friday's* show may be Kccuri'd In advance ut Mulligan's Kc'iitiuirunt, Wnlerbury. Heads Red SoxTVIound Staff . Clitcufro 'J, Philadelphia 2 (1st). Chicago 10, Philadelphia 2 (2d), St. Louis -I, Boston 1. Plltsbuigh 10, Brooklyn n. Now York •!, Cincinnati 3, Standing W. 70 .. ........ G7 Brooklyn St. LoulH ....--... Chicago 01 Boston ' r if' Cincinnati -... 51 Now York -50 Fhlladolphla, .-- 47 Pittsburgh 'ID L. •!•! '1't 014 .Cll MO .500 ,'H7 .442 .423 .-in Pitcher, Ray Wisniewski .;; \ : ' : /•••;' ; \./"v.£* - "•'). '"'•••: • ;.••'.' '.' Considered Best In Loop TFX HUGHSON, who was considered lit the beeinnlnf; of the, 194(1 iK-aNon as the lx:Kt Imrler on thft Ke<l Sox stuff, luis not shown, up iis well this year, on the record, us was (irlKiiiully, expected. Old lex Is •Ntlll tliu houd nioundwmun. thouRh. on tlio Cronin crew, for ulthoiiKh his win and loss record Is not us Impressive as that of otlierA on the i toum ho is still one of the most feared hurlers in t!io majors., it.'Is our 'opinion In this corner that TexS will be the boy to draw the sturtln B In the 194C series, regrardloss of the record, which he sports at this time. Todny'fi flumes, Pitchers Brooklyn at Pittsburgh — Halten (7-9) vs. Heinty.elmun (7-9), Philadelphia at Chicago — Mul- caliy (2-3) vs. Eaucrs (0-0). Bo:3ton at St. Louis (night) — Johnson (1-4) vs. Dlckiion (ll-'l). New York ut Cincinnati—Gee (21) vs; Hetkl (4-3). AMERICAN I.EAGUK Yesterday's Boston 5, St. Louis 1 (Is-l). St. Louis 4, Boston 3 (2d). ChlciiKo 9, New York 2. Washington 0, Cleveland 4. Philadelphia 2, Detroit 0. The Standing- W. L. PC:. Boston ;...•,.;. 83 30 .697 Nuw York 67-49 .578 Detroit 64 W) .501 Waahlngton 5800 .492 Cleveland GC 62 .475 Chicago 53 04 .'103 St. Louis 50 05 .43C Philadelphia 3G 81 .308 Today's Games. Pitchers Detroit at Philadelphia—Trucks (13-7) vs. Murchildcri (9-12). St. Louis at Boston — Muncrlcf (3-9) VM, Fcrrlss (21-4). Chlcn«o at New York (2)—Rlg- ney (3-4) and Haynes M-S) or Pap- Ish (2-1) vs- Chandler (15-7) and Murahall (2-2). Cleveland at Washington (nlffht) —Casnaway (1-0) vs. Wynn (3-2). Tho Ganges canal consists of about 1,000 miles of main channels and about 3,000 miles of secondary channels. JSpeedway Racing Danbury Saturday i Plenty of action is. promised 'this comlnp- Saturday night at the Danbury Speedway, when the leading pilots of the ARDC ranks turn out enmcisse to make up for what was practically a rainout at the Danbury track last. Saturday night when only three qualifying heats could be run before Jupe Pluvlus cn'led It an evening. Heading .the list of entrants and looming as the big threat of the night Is the veteran ace, Ray Nes- (,-ir. With Nestor behind the wheel of the Schroeder Special that now Is pinning In top form, this Bronx, N. Y., uce will offer stiff opposition to the balance of the field. Other top line favorites who are known fbr their heavy-footed driving und who will make the • com- nctitlon of the keenest include, Tod Tappett, Ed Schaeffer, Bill Schlndler, Rex Records, Gcorgle Fonder, Lou Volk, Larry Bloomer, Shorty Mo.Andrews, Johnny Jars, Johnny Zeke, Bill Baken. Mike Josephs, Charley Brcslln arid numerous others. The evening first race will start ut 8:30 p. m., with the seven event card being closed with the feature race of 25 laps. About 85 per cent of the world supply of molybdenum is produced In the U. S. R&P METAL WORKS 90 SO. MATX STKEPJT (Reiir) Steel Burs & ShcutH FOB SALE Ornamental Stool Work Telephono OS77 i Thurstons Ready For Mortician Contest "Thurston's ure . all ready for their contest with the Merry Morticians," the Icemen's owner, Free Thurston, stated today. "I have Iheard," 'Mr. Tnurston said, "tha.t the Morbid Mites have been going out strengthening their team for this comins; contest, and after viewing: them in 'action, several weeks ago, I don't blumc them. They certainly need strength. j In announcing his batteries for | this contest, Mr. Thurston- said that | Jie was not fully decided u.s yet, but would use Madelene Lnw- lor pitching and Dick Pistarelli behind the plate. "I dor.'t know who Claghorn or Titus Moody are," said the Thurston mentor, "but our hoys are not scared of any myths." Tom Leary, outfielder for the Mortys asks that I.arry Dunn, Sr., be asked to be official scorer for this contest. The two teams arc both scourlncr for officials to umpire the pfime, as they each wish there to be no doubt as to who is victorious in this contest, when the game is ended, SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.R.AI-. BIINHOH Run Dlrort <n Hrnch CI.KANEST'SrOT IN TIIK ST.4TB Jeanne GRAIN Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL tEimnmni summER IN TECHNICOLOR - 2nd MIT - DEnDUPEror mURDER l Mir- fat MHO* filCHHEID A man-crazy actress on the loose Person'al Appearance August 20-24 SEATS: Sl.OO, $1.50, $2.00 plus tax Curtain 8:45 Tel. Litchfiold 8SO Next Week: THE HASTY HEART HENRY CIESLEVt'SKI, the run- nerup In. last .year's NEWS tourney will ho out to avenge hi« clone defeat at tho hands of diet Wojack In lu»t year's play when he takes the field for this year's tourney. Wojnck defeated Henry one up In H7 holes. The two golfers were (led on the JlOth ncccs. sltatliig un additional one' hole as u. playoff. Wpjack took the hole by two strokes ffoinfr in at a par fl've, while the best his opponent could do was two over par, seven. Qualifying rounds the the NEWS .tournoy ut the A. B. 'A. Country club this year will be on Aug. SO, SI, Sept. 1 and 2. Entry Wanks that will be found In today's and succeeding copies of THE NEWS may be used for entrance and can be sent to either the offices of THE NEWS or to the A. B, A. Country Club. Tano's Defeats Fire Department Tona's .Tavern dpfnaLcd the highly toul.ed Fire Department In a thrilling 9 inning- contest at Lin- rlpn Park last evoninp, Buddy Tano pitched for the .Tavernmen, striking out six men In notching his victory. Pat Regan, the losing- hurler, struck out 14- Kejran also was the hero for his side, in hitting a home run as the feature of -the game. The fire department .plays in Ansonia tonight. Amateur League Play By THOMAS FITZPATUICK The St. Michael's Crusaders, amateur league entry from Beacon Falls, thnt have risen to such prominence in the local league during the Bccond half play will have the toughost portion of their season remaining, when they take the field next Sund.iv «.uainst Milt Weissman's Highlanders, with the Rans- scheduled 1'or the following week. Tile- Crusaders during their first play were, ou-iside of Mlllvillc. the most unimpressive team in th^ urea, nnd finished the first half In liiKt place along with the unfortunate Rubber avenue aggregation. Since then, though, some changes have been made with the greatest one being a pitcher, Raymond Wisniewski, a former minor leaguer. Wisniewski came back from his chores in the southern states just in time -to pitch the final game of the first half for the Cody coached aggregation. He Ion', that game, but only through the miscues of hi9 -teammates. Since then though, the team has tightened up considerably in back of the able hurler and he has won the lost two games he has pitched, -turning -in- -what is considered locally as the best pitch- inir efforts in the Amateur loop this season. Wisniewski, a fireball, strike em out hurler, has only one worry and •that is the • one that caused hJm to lose his first contest at home, this season. It's the old malady that all pitchers have to fear, errors. If he and his team stick together, we can see no possible way how they can be beaten for the league title in the second half. Of course, we've been wrong before SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Thursday AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For AU Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82. SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 WATERBURY PARK DEPARTMENT TOPS' CONCERT Hamilton Park Waterbury THURS. at 8:30 P. M. Civic Orchestra of Waterbury MARIO DICECCO, Conductor if ALL STAR + BOXING at Municipal Stadium ,' . • VVaterbury i-arK': V. MiilliBiin, Promoter . FRIDAY EVE., AUG. 23rd JO KoundK—M:i(n Uout IRISH PAT-BRADY, Bronx vs'. AI'OSTES TORRES, Puerto Rico fi Rounds—Seml.Final GABRIEL RIOS, New York vs. TOE III MEDINA, Fresoo, Calif. 6 Rounds 'KENNY JAMES, Waturbury vs. 1JIIX PETERSON, Ilartfoi-a i 0 Rounds Billy JJrown VK. Ellis Morgan Ihirlford G Hounds Eddie: Ahe-urn Bronx VK, Joe R«'llth e J3.76 Grandstand Reserved S2.50 and Rush $1.25; All Taxes Included Tickets Now on Sale at Mulligan's Restaurant JO Phoenix Ave., Waterbury Phone 3-97G9 ASEBALL Muiiclpul Stadium Wuterhury TONIGHT, 8:« I». M. MADISON COLONELS RASSCOS Tired of looking at old wallpaper? You don't have to uJce ic offl Juu |>»iot «»•«• it tvith Mur- TOBC —the aitonishing new water-ibinccd point thac't u<ak- Mt.. . Covers wallbou-d tod painted wtJIj, tool 100 coif," to choose from. CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 Also SJ'ORT ItEET, and NEWS t mEnFRom , CHCBTCuv jsflnjjiiEnjjnJ 10 Center St. Wiiterlmry, Conn, ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported From Holland - DUPONT SPONGES. AU Sizes NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. WLnslow Court Tel. 3314 WALT DISNEY'S Happy Comedy Musical in Technicolor fttake ftt/ne . . SEE AND HEAR HOW UISNEY MAGIC HAS I'KESENTED THK TALENTS OF: BENNY GOODMAN ~ DINAH SHORE, THE ANDREW SISTERS — NELSON EDDY JERRY COLONNA — ANDY RUSSELL THE KING'S MEN — STERLING HOLOWAY THE PIED PIPERS . PLUS • BEHIND THE MASK Knno RICHMOND,— Barbara- REED . - • ALSO LATEST NEWS - FRIDAY — SATURDAY "THAT TEXAS JAMBOREE" and "IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG' 2nd BIG HIT LOEW POLl NOW! FIRST WATERBURY SHOWING! SENSATIONAL! Autumn Meet MONDAY, Aug. 26 thru Sept. 28 30 pays of Thoroughbred Racing The The Th» Tho The The The The J». The 10 Feature Stake Races Aug- 3* Sept.' 2 Autumn Handicap : - . $7,500 added Jeanne D'Arc Stake* . 57,500 cddod Mary Dyer Stakes Sept. 4 , 110,000 add«d Rhode-Iftland Handicap Sept.- 7. 515,000 add.d Old Stone Mill Handicap Sept. 11 $7,500 added ' - Narracancatt Special Sept. 14 135,000 added . • Newport Stakes , Sept. 18 J7.5CO added Pawtucket Handicap Sept. 21 . . . . 110,000. added- H. Connors'Mom. Stako* Sept. 28 415,000 added Klng'Philip Handicap. Sept. 28 . ' ,10,000 addtd ' Sp«clal R»e« Train,'Ccwcht* ind GnH Car,'Saturday. Only • .-.• , Direct toTracK , . (Caylight Saving-Time) 'Lv. DDiby-Sh.lloB 8iM A.M. Aat'onla ,''•'": S.yniour ' '_ v --?'l?' • ,' Wal.tbury '.,' »|4S'. Brlttel - Wi04 . New Britain '- 10(20 . Haitlord . IDtW . . . Mencbo.let 10i» . -Wl'.lunonlic 11)33. Putnom 12iW.?.M. Ar, Gani.lf •- "liM.. Het.m .InimMUtol) ill*r kMt r*M ORANDSTAND SO* CLUBHOUSE >1 : .•-7a«/Be/. .1 •-• IN C-O-L-O-R 'CARAVAN TRAIL" with EDDIE DEAN "•••-v -••:• TRO1T JARS GOOD. LUCK JAR RUBBERS PRESSXJUE COOKERS AIX J TYPES OF , RADIO. BEPAIR WORK Order-Yofur Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 ClTcT^CH ST. ' Telepbohe 4WW ' '". ' PUTNAM TOOL CO. Complete uKsortment or Rtandurd sl«e« In »U)ck all times. Special end rnliw r made to .your drawlnt» J with fust delivery. : 'Ask for . FRED MOULTHROF..

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