Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1911
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V VOLUME XV, NO. 47. -^ecetior to the tola Dally Reglctcr, the low Dally Record and the.lola Dally Index - lOLA, KAS., DEC. 18, 1911~Mbl^|Ly ^VENING. Dally Regleter, Eetablldied 1897. Waefcly Hegister, Eatabllahed 1867. EIGHT PAGES AX 1 >STA>TE WHini SI.KMS TO rONFIllM KOBBEHV THKOKY m k coLoeEo prowler IXJl'REI) WOMAN INSISTS WAS ATTACKKO. SliK THE WEATHEK:; A OriM Band Ring Was Taken From -Hrs. KInsprN Fin|;pr as She Lay rroMratp. ^\'here Is the gold band ring which Mrs. David Kinser was wj'aring last Friday night when she stejiiu-d on the back porch of her homo? This is the question her husband and the police arc now trying to-answer. Developments in tlic mystery concerning the manner in which Mrs. David Kinser, of 211 Xorth Walnut street, sustained a severt- fracture of the skull Friday night, have taken a rather luevpectcd turn. Mrs. Kinser stepped out on the back iiorcli of hfr home about, ten o 'clock Friday night, to return in a moment lorribly wound ed. At first she said that her Injury was tlip result of ht -r falling from thi' porch, but later she nijiintaincd stout ly that a negro, prowijng in the aark- ness, struck her with a clul). As there seemed to be no concrivjibl." obJLCt in anybody's assaulting Mrs. Kins <.r, her story of the negro was Jlioueht to be the result of the delirium which followed the injury, and both her family and the police leaned strongly to the opinion that she had fallen from the porch. Contrary to all exijpciniions. however, when Mrs. Kinser wholly regained consciousness Saturday cv. n- Ing she maintained sttju 'ly thai sli had been assaulted by a neL-ro. ami yesterday her story ivc( \\fii s '.roni; :ind unexpected support whun it. was found that a ring which sh<' Jiad h<'-n warning wii.n she stcpiied on ihi- jiorcli Frirtriv night is missing. The ring is a valuable one, being of tlu' poid band variety. It serina unreasonable to believe that Mra. Kinser in falling from the porch, could hnve lost the ring, as If. fit her (ingt -T tightly, and rould be rt-mov^d opjy.wlih fousidt-rabl'' cftortr MQr ^(JV^r it Is almost a rcrtalnty Ihaf she was wrar- iuK tho rins at the time sho stepped onto the porch, as the family testify that she very rarely removed it, and they remember observing her wearing it but a few minucs before she was Injured. There is also now some re.ison lo b?'lieve that the first statpm<nt mad' by Mrs. Kinier in regard lo the manner ih which she sustained her injuries —by fallinf! from the porch— Forecast f«r Kansas: Bala or snow tonight or TuiaiMj. Data recorded at the Local Office Weather Bureau: Temperature—Highest yesterday at 2 p. m. hi: lowest today at C a. m. 29: excess In temperature yesterday 8 de- giees; e:;ce8s in temperature since January let 1148 degrees. Yestetday. Today. 1 p. u) 47 1 a. m 32 2 p. m "il 2 a. m 31 3 p. m .*>o 3 a. m 31 •J 50 4 a. m.-..-3l ."i p. m 4" 3 a. ta 30 a p. ni 42 6 n. m 29 7 p. m 39 7 a. m 29 S p. ni 3G S a. m 23 9 p. m 34 9 a. m 33 10 p. m 33 10 a. m 37 11 p. m. 33 11 a .m 39 12 mdt. 32 12 noon 44 Precipitation for 24 hours ending . a. m. toriay.O; deficiency in precipita- ilon yesterday .03 inch; excess in precipitation since January 1st 1.23 inches. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today 94 per cent; dew point 28 degrees; barometer reduced to sea level 30.37 inches. Sunrife today 7:33 a. m.: sunset 5:05 p. m. M TAKES IHE TnEATy III H l'RESi:>K>T SEHVKS NOTIt'E 0> HISSIA TO EXn TREATY. BIDDING FOB THE COXVEXTIOX. HIS' LEUER IS DIPLOiHIITIC so WOKDKK AS >0T TO OFFEND RISSU'S NATIONAL I'RIDE. Nolirn Is First on the Cronnd That Ihr Old Treaty Is Onti " grown. PAINEUL JtND PATHETIC CASE MRS. MARY HECK SI'FFEHS FROM MENTAL ABERRATION. Rernrrenrp of an Old Malady Necpssl- tales Her Return lo the Stale Hospitiil. , may have been due to confusion or d«lirium. and tiiat she was more nearly rational at the lime she told of be ing asRaulteU. Since Saturday evening she has been almost perfectly conscious and rational, and sh'- }!a.= never swerved in the least from li^r story of the assault, nor from her description of her assnilant. On the other hand a large stone jar sits just about where s!ie would have fallen in making a misstep from the porch serves to lend color to thf accident theory. But the theory of assault and robbery has been given unexpected strength by the discovery that the ring is missing, and it now seems to be th» general tendency to bcll'^ve that Mrs. Kins->r"s story of the manner in which she was Injured is true. HALE IS BACK IN JAl La Ilnrpe Tenth Was a FuglllTe But for n Few Honrs. Arthur Hale, a LaHarpe youth, sent to the Allen county jail to serve a sentence on a charge of having stolen some harnesf. escaped Sunday noon while Jailor Morrison was serving dinner to the prisoners. There are a *^large number of inmates in the county prison at ]; resent and as Hale is Jbut a youth and nni considered ai all "bad," the jailor believed il host to keep his eye more cloaely on some ' others whom he believed were most likely to try to take advantage of the opnortunity to break by him and get away. Hale, however, seized the chance to rscape and lii.-* fleetness of foot. af;er he bad quietly slipped through the oiien door scon placed him out of eight of his iiur»tiers. A feif hours la-.-r. while Sheriff Kerr, Undersheriff Uunfee and I'ollceman McPherson were s*archin:r for hira, a clew to the whereabouts of t** fugitive was discovered. Hare was found hiding in a building at :'ie Prime Western Smelter plant in I^ast lola and turned over to the county officers who appeared at the smelter close on the young liian's trail just as McPherson pulled Hale from his hiding place. Kii Oilman who has been visiting 4 frieuds in tliis rity for the past s:v- eral days, retunied yiistcrday to his borne in Enirorin. The attending physician reports that Mrs. H. G, Sneck. of the country west o fthe city, who has been serious ]y IlJ since the drowning of her two \ children last week, is in a dangerous condition. Mrs. Speck's mental coa- ditlon is unimproved, sho remaining In a comato!:o state, ;»nd other symptoms of serious bodily illness have become apparent. One of the r.x .sl pathetic cr .i -es with which AUnn fiiiinty olJictrs have ever been compelled to deal is being tried throjglj tLe bars at the Allen County jail this aflerniKjn. A 'on of I'l'.ysicians is attempting to coudiici :in e.xamiu .-'.tion tf Mrs. Mary Beck, C17 N'ortli Fir .-:t street, formerly nianagei of th"! r^n s ,Mtitii;'.i ileneflt Association. jTi (irdrrr to comply with the Ij-j- which requires that every person fliKtged with fasanlty be granf- eil the right of formal trial, hear th- it-iiisation and the evidence and tbi- itj )jiortunify tc presuit evidince in dt- ititi»e bc.'fore a veriiict of unsound h'ind can be reitirned. In the present pitir-blo raso. ti ;r • rial is a mere •'(•rmaiity Ind -eil. .Mr.". 'Jock is sulferlng a violent attack of re'igiouK freiiity snd an ihe judgennd ph.vslcian.'! look at her and ply ques- lions throiiph the bars the dcfendHni .•:n,swer'! only now in t>Iainirwo sonp and then in f.'rvi<I hymn. .She is ))os•!'»i-s«'d of tlip iia'.lucination that her is to lieronie the Saviour and that >-liP is to lie Queen in the Heavenly realm. Attorney Frank Forrest, ap- rointed by the court to reiircMont thr • rfrrrtnnate woman, is powerless to secure one intenig(hle answer fron^ •"•r. I', i-- iirofcable that tho trial will simmer i7own to a IIITO foripalifv i' fili 'ng on* iho noce .ssarv bl ^nk to l >r forwarded ov.e of the S^fafe ' IOF- • •itals ir nnl^r if) secure the adiri?- =^I "n of Mrs. Heck. If was Mrs Berk who la '^t nf^rh* Ktrirtleti the rongrega'Jon at th'- loirs' "resbvter'an church l.v walkir«r dnwr ''^o .nJsle ji 'st a* *Jie cIo .se of the .ser- vicr vhen tl'<" finsl hvnin wa«! being ^•.ip.r, and taking a pl .-.ce .iirerr !y he fnrp t --e m'nister. Hr. S. f. Hilscher Ohsf-rvintr that the v,-onian was laboring ii"r''or a terrible str.'-in of sonir -ryr-t T>, TTilBo*'er di'l not go to the church door to greet th;; concrepntlo'' i« is his oisiom. but stopped in fron •o tnik with Mrs. Peck and her hus- ii-rd wHo had accompanied her. Several minutes were occupied in thI? wnv. 'Miring which the congregitio'" "iiipflv d 'spersed. But when an effor* •o have 'ler return home wns mad' Mrs Re -'k became violent and a very painful scene ensued, and it becpmr npces.'^.'jry to force to have he' "laced in" a cab and taken to her home T^ter.- she again becnme violent anr" 't became nece.ssary to remove her tc •he county iail where her conditior .showed no cliange for the better but instead, grew ranldly worse. It was at first hoped that med'ca' aid and quiet would quiet Mrs. BecK and that it weuld be unneces.sary tr- give the case any jrjblic attontior Tills hope was rapidly dispelled, how ever, and Couaty Attorney Taylor decided that fonnal proceeding? In lunacy could no longer be iieid in altey ance. As soon as the state hoa 'd of con trol acts on the apjillcation for >Ir.s Beck's adinissloT' to one of flie Sta'' hosnil •"•= s^e will be sent to the city iesignated by the board. There throi "'h '•arefiil treatment and quietude it Is hoped that the patient may Ht least partially recover. Mrs. Beck was sent to Osnwafonilr spv.r -1 months ago but was late' pnmled. HAO TWO GOOD MEETFNO.S. Ma .sR Mretlnir at Reformed Thurch, and Boys* Mretlai; at Baptist. The mass meeting which was held at the Refoimed church yesterday afternoon was a great success, there being a large»attendance. The program consi .'tfd of addressed by the chairmen of the different committees of the Men and Religion Forward Movement, who outlined the work to be done during the «Ight day campaign which Is to be held from the 7th to the 14th of January. The boys' meeting at the Baptist chnrch .last night was also well attended. Fred McE>Kren, Bernle Miller and Francis McCall. who were delegates from here to the recent boys' convention held In Kansas City In con nection with the ei^t-day campaign there pave five -minute talks on what they learned at the" convention. Afterward Reverend Shepherd delivered an impressive Fermon <b the boys on the subject. "Find Yourself." (By tln! As.<(>c!nted Preswi Washingioi!. Dec. IS.—It vt-ae tinof- :i:ially announced this morning that Taft yesterday served notice on Kus- •ia that llie treaky of 1S32 was auro- sated. It jvas said that tlie President's iues.sage to the Senate woulrl ask confirmation of his action. Ail atteii!;,is to get an official statement from (he Wliite House were fruitie.-;s. From the lirst the White House has refused all iufornmtion. Ciiairman Sulzer. of the House Committee on Foreign AiTairs. author of :!ic original resolution, said that he would not (ip]>ose any inodincation of '.he llous-e reso'iuiiun that the Senate might desire to iv.ake. It was said ll:at U IL- President had given as a reason for liit; action I he I'act thai tiie treaty w:'.s obsolete. 1 tie President wis believed to have set inrth the view that he could aot in the matter wjtliout waiting for (.'on- griss. Tho President Iniiimes Ihe :i!aking cl" treaties and the message to the S?n ;;te is rnderslond to havr declaretl that the Kxecutive also is clothed with power to initiate abi;oga- ion. asking in each event the approval of the Senate. Before toilny 's sp .?.-ion is endrnl the Honate was exjitcted lo lake such ac- 'iiii i'.s V. ill reMsl; in the abrogation of thi- treaty. The grnatest interes* •vax manifested at the capitol and lung before lie doors lo tho Henjite gal- '•ries Dpenod crowds wore «ailing fl-e ;'";;-;lon N i -.vper-ted to run far Into the I'ven/ng. .\t U'" State Depnrtmonf it was dc •'Tired tlirt tie trt .-ity v.Ith Uussia haO "nni yet" bfen abrogati -l. This sfn;c- •neiil intirpretod In soino qiiar n.ri' n-i meaning that President Taffy notification may have been an inforni- •il one. to 1)o follrweil later bv i-o"-!' explicit :inno'itic;'ii>pnt of :i!)'-o- .jation. In any event tlie Tnifed S(;,l.'.« •'as until Janiiiiry 1st to notify Si '~'etersburK of the fenn'p.alion of th" 'r 'Nty. effecti'.o Janitnvy 1st. VH?.. .'.!'. 'if the monih 'Ts of the Senate '^'oroi^n Relations Coniniltteo attend•1 the sitting today. Several announced t !i:-'f they would t.-^ke the a»i:n!de :i2t t ;>«.'re .'^hoiild be iome concilintfon nward Rt 'SKia becarse of the act.s of hat t^overnn-ent in favor of the Un•im during the Civil War. Tv.o propositions were laid before he committee. The first was that the .'resident should ofRcially proclaim lirogatlon. with ratification of his ac- ion by the Senate. The secoiid was 'hat abrogation should be ordered in ( joint resolution as proposed by the louse. There was no thought, how- ver. of adopting the language of the 'io'.:se document. Most of the mem- (crs of the committee were inclined o believe that the President should (ct witit the Sennfo at once ^nd v/ith- lut regard to the House. mm OF THE YEAR'S HItllilCES SECRETARY OE TREASUBT AP. PEALS FOB Cl-BR£.\C¥ BBFOBX ALORIGH PLAIIIS E ^rVEAGH ALSO OFFEBS SUdGBS' TIONS TO TAIMFF TIHKEB8. He Anticipates s Tery CMBtetoble Snrjilns Exeludlntf ihe Cost of Canal This Yesn MMnniikre tiers.item: Milwaukee is iifler the Niitioutii I'mliihilinn Convention for I9I:>. PEACE OORFEREtiCE BIBliS niE nrivE.sE LEIDERS ARE .TRY- IN (i TO COME TO TERMS .1 rile Ciiiifcreare I K :it Shanghai and the Frui-eedlaRs Are Strlrtlj rrlfufc. ' K. C. Rjibbl Is Well I»le;isri1. Kansas City ner. KS— It is a great tpp toward the realization of a high Jea! and the UiiUed States is to be ongratiiiate I upon having taken it." •aid Kabbi H. II .Meyer, of ths city oday. when told of the Intended ah- ogation of the frerfty with R UBS I D. Ueyer has been one of the most ac- ive workers in the Middle West for ibrogation. Tuffs Diplomatic Litter. Washington. Dec. 18,—In a Jeif'?r (r he Foreign Relaiio:is committee anii n a message to the Senate, the Pre." dent today stated that he had served -•olice on Russia of the abrogalio." •f tho treaty last Friday. President Taft served tiic notice ol brogation on the Rut^sian Aiubpssa- or. Oeorge naklimeterr. at the White 'louse. It is now said ihal the notiflc.ilion hat Russia would be offended at the 'ulzcr reso-'jilon cpine from American Vmbassador (Julld at f-t. Petersburg. Tho Senate committee on. Foreign ^.elations decided to report to the enafe ihe Hoiieo nlirt 'gation resolu- :on li: n ir-odified form. The resolu- ton to be adopted hy the Senate ivlll -.afe the action of thi"-'. country on the Tround that dllllculties have arisen in he construction of the treaty had that "or this reason It seemH desirable that t should be terminated. ScBflte Postponed ConKideralloD. The Senate went Into session at 2 .'<?loc»r tills nftBrnoon to ratify the scion of the President. Senate coniinlt- ee rorommended that the Sonate act vlth the House In carrying out the ibrogation of Jbe pact. The Pr^sl- ient's message was read in the Senito In open session soon after lt«ci)n- -ened. The official declaration ofin- entlon to abrogate did not reach the Hiisslan government until yesterday. in'mediatelv pfter the message bad V T". read. Senator Lodge presented •he resolution agreed on by the Foreign Relntions committee and offered It as a substitute for the Sulzer resc- •ij««nii n>»i :aed b.v the House. Th" Ivodee resolution rtvln>a tho» "reaiHent Taft had caused to be pre- vnted to the Passian government no*Ice that the" treaty vould be abro- <I',- I'l" ,\«^'rf-l.-ltril Pri-.ssl •• Shanghai, China, Hec. IS.-^The f'nace Conference between Wii ;-Ting Fank. foreign secretary of the revolu- iionary cabinet, and Tang Shaoi Yal, representing Premier Yuan Sh{ Kal ind five delegates selecU-d by-'each tide, opened here this afternoon." The •"eiilieraflcns are secret- i Tank Shao Yi said he doesn't represent the throne but is the perjjonal :epre.sentative of Premier Y'uaa Shi Kai. This ilcclaratiun may bu re- ::arded as significant. • Both Wu Ting Fang and Tang Shao Vi privately expressed the hope'that some agreement might be reached as the result of discus.slon. The str/ctest precautions have been taken for the protection of Tang Shao Y'i as an Intimation has reached the police; that i^ame among the more hotheaded of the students have been advocating his .issassination on the ground that Le is rupporting the Manchus. • Dr. Snn Is Elected President; San Francisco, IJec. IS.—A . cable- .crram received h^re today rejjorts/tliat 1^:-. Snn Yuat Sen has been tlycted president of the new Chinese Reipub- lie by the revolutionary convention at Nanking. « THE EYIDENCE IS ALL IN. Arguments in tins Cily-Iola Water Rate Case ou Soon. The taking of testimony in the wafer rate controversy now pending in the district court between lola and 'las City was conipleied Saturday af- tornoon and the arguments of the attorneys in the case will be heard by Judge Foust in the near future, probably at 'ihe adjourned session of court I Lvsinrlns Pecember 22. f; will be recalled tliat lola la under contract to furnish the city of Gat with water. The contract was on a twenty-year basis, b-jl tlie city of lola claims, with the privilege of raising the rate should the fuel supiily or cost of pumping be necessarily increased. Several months ago, the city of lola notified Gas City that It could no long er furnish gas with water at the contract rate because of the increased |-co£t of fuel and pumping. Xotifica- tion was made that the date would be tilted to meet the increased expense. Gas; City was not convinced of the merit of lola's claim and brou^t proceedings In the district court to decide the controversy. TWO DEAD ON TROUEY LINE HEAVY FOfi RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT NEAR WOLCOTT. Two Trolley Cars Meet Headwin Be- tneeu Kunvns City and Leav- cuwortfa, KansB-s. FATE FAVORED MR. DRAKE. HOLY RHOSTER CETS TEN YEARS. TIio "Hov." Frank Siinford Will;! Pay Penalty for His Crime. , (By the Asynf-tated Prpss) ; Portland. Ore.. Dee. 18.—Ten jears in the Federal prison at .-\tlanta,-' wa.s ihe sentence imposed today on <Rev. Frank W. Sandford. leader of the Holy Oho.=t and I's society for causin;^ the doach of si.x persons on the jjacht Coronet, Banker .Morse Is Hying. I • By tni- .\s-iii-iiil.'il I'rosii Waiihington, 1!<- IS.—Chas.O W. .Moise is plowly iIy;niT..accordlnK>to a report of inedical officers of the lirmy hosplfal at Fort .McPher.'-on, Ga. ^hcy ^ay his • present condition is srave ind his ailment, arterlo-sclero.sis. Incurable, i Harry Heiox came in ihis afteriiocn from Kansas City for a short rvisit with his parents, .Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hecox. ' gated. The reAiluiion approved ; this ac'iion. declaring that the treaty between tho two countries no lotfiger was responsible to the commeVcuil needs of cither. " Senator Heyburn moved that''fur­ ther consideration be in executive <se«- slnn. Ho declared it was proposed to cancel a contract of great comj |ner- ciat interest lo the United States involving a trade of many millions^ and that be thought it should be Eerii ;|usly considered at length. Heybdrn 's 'protest resulted In final action being .^l>ost iwned until tomorrow. j The Senate tomorrow will meot at noon instead of 2 p. m. as usus^. to take 'jp tl e matter. Senator Heylhurn also urged that consideration be In executive aesslon. The Presldeijjt In his roesBoge to the Senate telUof; of bis set or abrogation also told oti the rctiflcntlun to Russia of a desir^ on •ho part of th ^s countrv to negc^Iate a' new znA modern treaty to takq the place ot the old one. ; In a Fall Livrryiuan's Son Nurroiriy Escaped Serious Injury. Lewis Drake narrowly escaped being seriouEiy injured In an accident •.vhich happened yesterday afternoon while he was driving with a party to llnraboldt. Lewlfe was standing with -Ris hack toward the horses, attempting to pull the ends of the reins from Bon DeHaven, who was .'•Itiing in the carriage holding them. .-Vt length the reins gave away suddenly, and Lewis fell backward, breaking the dashboard, and being precipitated onto the tongue between the horses, which started to run. The horses were soon stopiitd. however, and then the boys in Ihe parly felt obliged to dismount and help out of the ditch an auto which, in giving them the full road, had run ou: to the side and got mired. (P.y Ih" Asi;iici:it><iJ PrcsO Kansas City, Dec. 18.—In a collision between two trolley cars on the Kansas City-I.«avfcnworih line, head- 'Ry the An.soclated Press) W'ashjngton, Dec. 18.—^Appeals for the immediate reform of the coon- try's banking and curr and scientific tariff legiaU ii$Q^,entirely new reason iflcai experiences of the-ens ice-::rstand out prominently annual report of Secretary Treasury MacVeagh, submitted to Congress today. This statement of ihe nation's finances bristles with nrg«L,\; suggestions for corrective fail^ibdul^ws, enacted in the light of jhe^'OuSp'of experiences."' The Secretary of the Treasury fore sees, according to the estlipate of experts, a surplus in the treasury at the end of the fiscal year 1913 of about I29 .000.0no, exclnsive of expenditures r.n the Panama Cknal. Including the iestiraated Canal disbursements, how- r»er, the treasury will face a deficit Jof approximately JIS.OOO.OOO. The total estimate of expenditures for next .voar. exclusive of the Panama Cabal rrd the postal service, payable from rostal revenue, are t637.920;803. The estimates of receipts available for the cneral fund aro $6S7,00n 000. The rstimates for the construction of the Panamsi Cjiniil during the next year aro J47.263,7r,0, making a grand total e.stimatod expenditures of $C86,- IS^ '<••?.. With'all the ,preliminaries of revising the financial systom accomplished, Mr. MacVeagh declares there is oo reason ta_poatpone action. Tho tcntsitfve nlen of thp National ^fonetary Oommisiiloj). outllneij by Its rhslrmnn. former S«6ator Aldflcb. he says satlsfli?*. hi Its nssentlals the 'prser nart of 'he expert oniiilon of the naMon and is supnorted by-the hu-inps- m>n. Tho Secretary pledg^tf i »ho ."dn'Jp'stration to do lt« on. in a dense fog near Wolcott. Kas^[^P(.,,,„^ th;, fjnnncial issoe whol this morning two persons were- killel I „p „.,,.,p.isa„ bolieving that the re^ FORT RILEY'S PROBE- TO DROP! It Apcnrs that the Charts W'on's be Pressed. Junction City, Kaiv *)ec. 17.—The s'stenient of the War D'!partm''nt. that the depredations at Ft. Riley were the work of a firebug and tho release of Rev. C. M. Brewer from custudy at Altus, Ok., gave crodence to Ihe rumor that the dynamite cases will no.t be pressed farther. Mnr bp White Chrlstmns YnL Washington, Dec. 17.—There arc rirong indications thai the coming week wll be marked by rain or snow and generally unsettled and disagreeable weather throughout the Tnlted States, according to a bulletin Issued tonight by the weather bureau. Dr. J. B. Manley will leave tonight for points in Oklahoma for a brief business visit. Judge J. B. Smith o fthe probate court Saturday evening married Miss Lena May Bouton, of Emporia, and J. W'. Atwood, of Humboldt, Licenses were Issued to Miss Irene Selma Klule, and Fred W. Saving, and Miss Nora Hicks and R, H. Morris, all of Humboldt. The Tola Basket ball five Is making a strong effort to arrange a gam-^ for next Wednesday night with the Bald' win high school team in that citv. If Baldwin cannot have them Wednesday, the boys will try to arrange 'he Karoo for Prjdav night. Baldwin is the only team which has defeated lola this season, having taken the game-At Baldwin a week ago Saturday night by the score of 31 to 27. and ten injured. The dead: .Albert W. I.owo. Wo;- cott, Motorman: O. G. Royal, Kansas City. Dispatcher. The Injured: W. .M, Woodland. Kansas City and Clyde Taylor of Kan sas City, neither expected to recover; Ralph Schlaglo Wolcott. school boy, :irm broken, back injured; Homer Ford, Walcott, employe,, shoulder broken; Roscoc. Akers. Wolcott. em- j rioye. internall.v injured: G. B McAdoo, Kansas City, motorman north- iioiind, car, head injured. Three passengers from Kansas City were less seriously Injured. Through a misunderstanding the motorman of tho southbound car failed to wait on the sidin? -at Wolcott for the other car to pass, and the two met a mile south of Wolcott. Blinded by the fog, the motormen failed to reverse their motors in tim-^ to avoid the crash. The injured wore taken to the com- 1 anv's car barn at Wolcott and later to the hospital at Leavenworth. That the loss of life was not greater is probably due to Roscoe Agers. He was In the amoklng compartment of fhe sotithboubd car when the twj met. going thirty-five miles an hour. The northbound car plowed its. way almost half through the oth*. rM- •iline the forward smoking compartment to splinters. As Agers crawled lYoni the wreckage he noticed coalis from the battered stove rolling down on splinters already smoking. He '''eked the coals out and with hi? bare hands threw the hot pieces of the broken stove away Into the fog His hands were burned to the hone 'lilt ho saved the wreckage from taking fire and burning those who had no' yet crawled from the cars. The survivors said the cars were less than I leneth apirt whon.tho'r motormen (Iiocovered each other through tho mist. sistanc'o In cutting kaflr corn, ^'avo liond for his appearand' trial Wednesday afternoon. H<for George Wllhite who has been hero for a visit with C. E. .Vewton. left this afternoon for his home in Newton. (1. E. Newton returned Saturday night from a business visit to Lawrence and Kansas City. i Arrangements have been completed with Secretary Berry of the Y. M. C. A. for the use of the association court as a practice court for the city basket ball team. The first practice wttl be held tomorrow evening and hereafter the p'ractice held on Tuesday, Thursday^and Friday evenings, f 1 * There roay^ have been other things of interest to the pabUe which the Currettt Brebts club women knew of t«Hla. ybut none of them recalled anything of UBf to a reporter. All of them were taken up with plans for their blrthdiv party, which Is In progress at the;, home of Mrs. R. B. Stcv onson this ajternoon. All the old mem bera of the iclnb are being entertained by tbo present memberahip. suit .t^hould be the product of both par'ios. Th" new bankin.s system, the Sec- rotary of the treasury avers, must 1 "-"Vide with distinctness and cohn- '•''•<!^T,r<:<t amnio banking fnciUties for Ihe commerce of the United Staffs, which, -vir]! nroner \-)ver;t- •nenf encourpc-'Ti^o'it he believes wjli he world-wide and world-varied. "It is idle to expect." he adds, "thst shall over have a developed foreign commerce .without a developed foreign banking system. Our Dresent system grew up in a period of I SOF- latlon." To a Congress which is expected 'o remodel seme of the tariff schedules Mr. MacVeagh urges from the -•pndpoint of exnerience the estkbt lishment of specific duties, inst'iad of >d valorem, wherever the nature of the article involved' makes that possible. He says: "The pmcUce of adopting ad valor­ em duties adds t -o the ease and quickness with which legislation may be prepared: but that is its only heln- ••"l onalitv^.-ind that lonely quality has Its nalpable drawbacks. Ad vifi- l.orem duties lead directly to th^ CToat majori'v of all frauds upon the revenues with which the Treasury Departmenl has to contend; and tbey ''r> P11 the.v cnn to drive honest Im- iHirters ou* of bnsinesa. They add exceedingly to the expense and rci- sponsibility of administration and 8r--> responsible In largest measure tnr --i 'hatever demoralization exists in tlui. importing \ and cnstoms business. Theoretically nd valorem duties may.-. h:ive an noneal, but in practice they are n delusion and a snare." Other recommendations of Mr. Mac Voagh inoliide: A contributory syp- tem of civil service retirement: transfer to the Classified civil service of a number of customs officials from collector down; Ihe Imposition of tii'i nominal fee of $1 for protests to the Hoard of Ooneral Appraisers In CB*. toms assessments; extending tho one hundred dollars exemption from ditty granted returning residents to Include articles for .household use, sou- ^ venlrs. curios or gifts; provision for ' at least two .vessels a year for the revenue s«jrvice; authority for the use of certifl.'d checks In the jiay- t n>ent of o'l dues to the government; ' re 'vsion ofj the sinking fund law ao .ns to make it something more than pratcically I a dead letter; laws ade- ouately preventing the importation ^of opium: and a revision ot the oleo- margerinc statute. Ed Bussing spent yesterday visiting friends in IHumboldt. The notice have been asked to Apprehend a mysterious man who ina&eB "A - blR niehtly on South Indelng in a vacant boose , Third . street Neighbors have noticed the man go to the boiiae St night aiod leave In the mgri^Mg. His actlonii have grown so snspldotta ->'nt complaint has been made ttad.tbe -tranger wjlU be carefully Inreatigat- ed if caught He appears to 1 M of evil Intentjby the stealthy manner in vhich he goes about f

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