Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 8
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-1 -^-r^.-iv' 8 ' THE iblA DAlLYxlfiBGfSTEB. T " ' 16^ 1911. i06E SMELHER IN IMIiTIIIE GERKAN ABTI81*S tMPRESSION AT THE MEAT PACKEIW TRIAL. _^3IATEUR BOY ACTORS CELE -I BBATE VB8. REECE INCIDEXT. Farodr on "CMavr Iraea" at fbe W»- JetitJc Lut Nigbt^Wowed Yontli , fnl IOIUL'S Clererness. . Last night was amateur night' at the Majestic, as usual, and among the stunts put on by the ambitious youngsters who seek fame and some fortune on the stage, Clyde Pruitt and Merideth Ballinger were the evening's, stars. The youngsters were rigged up in Tery effective make tips. Pruitt being a miniature Police Judge Smeltzer, every detail attended to down to the goatee. His part of the show was to occupy 'the "bench" glance through a huge TOI- ume presumed to be the police docket, piving occaisional scandalized attention to the song being perpetrated by the little Irish woman who camp>ipon the scene with him. Young Ballinger was the washer woman, with a makeup that was clever and complete. The^ song was a parody on "Casey , Jones" and was written by Ballinger's elder brother, Walter Ballinger. .The _ fpet limp, hop, skip and jump, but the singer skillfully slurred or leaped over these chasms and canyons and the spoken version was quite smooth and won a round of applause from the audience. The words of the song foi-. low: Come all you rounders, and a, tale I'll . release. About Judge Smeltzer and Mrs. Reoce. He ordered a woman on the street to work. In a pair of bloomers instead of a l hobble skirt. Judge received a message from a la- | dy afar, 1 think they called her MIW Elizabeth | Barr. She said the Judge had ought to eat | hay And wear long ears in a faslilonable| way. WAN Chicago. Dec. 16.—'My Impression of your meat packers?" said the noted German Ilerr von Peldt, in answer to a querv from a staff correspondent. "Well, 1 can ex!)rps.s iiiysi-If better l.y pencil than I can by words." And I then he handed over a few sketches he had made the afferiinon befmc In the Federal Court building where the ten Indicted beef packers are being tried. "One thing that iiiipr<>.ss.'d me as particularly odd," ho continued, "waa the nature of the questions propounded by the attorneys for the beef packer.-^ to the prospective Juror.i. Why, it would take a college professor to even understand some of the questions they askiU and to answer them Intelligently would re(i«ire years of careful study. Judge Carpenter is certriiuly a strong and Interesting man. J. Ogden Armour gave me the impression of a man who cares absolutely nothing for c.-itlcism. His face is that of a stoic emotionless and pre-occupied. Louis Swift has a pleasant expression, witii a suiil^ for all. It is certainly most interesting to attend one of these great trials where attorneys arc arrayed each other in a battle of wits. The government seems to be particularly well represented in its prosecuting attorney." what to say, /'Wearing long ears and eating hay. Says '"Pon my buttons, I'd like to swear. But I won't see a woman do the 'Grizzly Bear".' I ask .Tudee i5meltzer why he did this deed, "It's the money not the labor Tola needs. We've pot men that is working for the city by the day. But when we work a prisoner there's no money to pay." The last time I sang this song Thp house was raided; everybody run Judge Smeltzer says, "Boys you'd better leave this town. Before you get a halter on and in the mule pound." The allusion is so well known and so recent in local history ; that the crowd's amusement was quick and — spontaneous. The night's bill was a sort of arraignment of the police department, by accident, one of the reels showing an innocent man railroaded to the pen and after his release being hounded by the police. If) INI !OESni |f BEHELDlpilgl^ SALEI ^^!SiH^^^JrJ^^rJSl^' **" Auction 2li ml. west of loin, knoTrn as Bluel.aker Place, ©EATH co^YjKCES OFFICERS. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1911 Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni,, Ihc followliij,' proiicrly: Itolher Lies In Stupor and Can Not Be ' Aronsed-rForther Action l>e> pends on ReeoTei7. !No Inquiry Into the circumstances s\>rroundIng the death of the two little diiughters of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Speck, who were drowned hi a rain barrel at the Speck farm in the west- era edge of Allen County late Thurs- dny afternoon, will be held by Coroner Christian and County Attorney Taylor, liie maifner in which the two little ones, aged two and four, met their death. Is not doubtful In the opinion of the officers and an inquest.Is regarded as unnecessary. That the babes came to hacm while the mother wss mentally III and that Mrs. Speck attempted to take her own 11% by getting Into the rain barrel, Is'the conviction of the Investigators, and in v^w of these facts any proceeding other than one to officially determine tl|e mental condition of the unfortunate mother would be useless. It has, therefore, been decided to hold in abeyance further action In the case pending the outcome of ikirs. Speck's condition. Today, she lies in a stupor frbm which she can not be aroused and until her condition takes a turn foi- the better. If it does so, but little will be said about the sad affair. Coroner Christian. County Attorney Taylor and Sheriff Kerr spent aJJ of yesterday afternoon at the Speck farm carefully Inquiring into the facts ai)d the evidence so disclosed practically closes the case to any speculative view. If Mrs. Speck recovers, insanity proceedings will be commenced' in the probate court. SAVED HIS RASCALLY SON Hi^w Mansard Came to Construct the Great Hall at Aries Without Central Pillar. IN THE DITCH WITH AN AUTO \ REM.IRKABLE ESCAPE FROM DEATH BY UU.VBOLDT PARTY. »ar loin, a Motor Car Containing Four 31en, Turned Over and Then Tipped Onto Its Side. ARMY WORKEIJS TAKE A LEAP. In Christmas Tree Cpnlest Captain Morris' Soldiers are AcUvc. lOLA TEAMiWAS DEFEATED. lola High School Tram Beaten 31 to 27 Last Mgbt at Baldwin. While Trinity Methodist churcll'is still leading by a large margin in the contest for the use of the New York Store's Christmas tree and electrical equipment, other workers for religious organizations are not idle. The count today shows a big gain for the Salvation Army and Captain Morris and his soldiers are now in second place. The standing is: Trinity 2711 Salvation Army 1235 United Brethren 7&1 First M. E 690 Christian 421 Presbyterian 409 Baptist 381 Episcopal 208 Builders' Chapel A. M. E Second Baptist Lutheran Christian Science FABMER SERIOOSLYINJOREO ILiuiiltun SIttlTord Fell from a Wagon This Afternoon. The lola high school basket ball team was defeated last night at Baldwin by the high school team of that city by the score of 21 to 27, the game bfjing. as the score would indicate, about as closely contested as it is possible for a basket ball game to be. The usual line-up of the Ipla team was somewhat changed, and for this reason the usual lightning team work of the local boys was not in evidence, which was no doubt largely responsible for their defeat The Baldwin team is very well practiced In team work, but it is of the slow variety used by Buffalo, in'which the ball is BoiiiPtlnifS passed from the goal as WPII as toward it. and it is believed by local fans that this method would have been unsuccessful had the lola boys shown their usual form. However, there Is some glory even In securing a score so close with the Baldwin team, which recently defeated the Baker rnlvorslty team by a score of 37 to Ttn. The game last night was close all the way through, the tcore at the end of the first half being 13 to 11 in favor of Baldwin. The line-up of the lola team last night was as follows: Nelson. Ijenhart and Barg- lev. guards: Smith, center; Cantrell. Ritchey and Foust, forwards. The lola team is tn'tng to make arrangements to go to Baldwin next Wednesday night for another game with the Baldwin team. Neither of the four Humboldt men who were in the accident can advance a single th^ry how it happens that each one or them were not killed when a motor car In which they were riding turned completely over and then tipped onto its side as the automobile was being driven down the hill near the residence of Attorney Samuel Card, on the Humboldt rock road, at 9 o'clock last night L. W. Wienand, owner of the car, was at the wheel and in the car were George Thomas, Victor Martin and Charles Lpwen. Welnand was leaving | jj. , «- Dofealed- 111 TH'\'m •'H '*'?^! The gis' basket baU team of the tiri^ ra „M "L.o * c ..^T^J^^^^^ high school was'defeated last ullZ i-^l* f^-.^-^H^r 'L^*^^ n'ght at Moran by the high school i „^r ^hr °v °r Vhi^^Hn^f ^'^^fMo! Klrls' team of that city by the score car shot over the embankment near „ «! to 9 The Moran eirls were '^^r'Tr^^\^:l%'onT^^^^ ' rar?er,*°and th'elr Sin/ kept thi An fnnr „f ?ho /«r.J.,.™lH^ ^i^* I sMs ttom getting many shots at °, . '.tr/^ tl^^Lt'. ; the bisket, the local team scoring but 14 10 10 7 2 ersault with the car and landed with it on Its 8l( out injury; Thomas and Martin suf-' It n« tt« .trt» X ^.,LIT.Z«IZ r .th ' one "eld goal during the entire game. It on Its side. Welnand escaped with remainder of their 9 points being Hamilton Stafford, a well known resident of Carlyle. was seriously, and perhaps dangerously, injured this afternoon about 2:30 o'clock, when he fell a wagon near his home. Mr. Stafford was standing in the wagon, when the horses started suddenly, and he was thrown over the side; striking the ground vlplei^tly. Several ribs were broken, and ^ sustained many bruises, and possibly internal injuries. As Mr. Stafford is upwards of sixty years of age, the accident is doubly serious. The Topeka high school basket ball team, which is to play the lola high school team tonight at the auditorium, arrived this afternoon at 1:05. The Topeka players are all large, their .. _ center being six feet, three inches In philosopher and he concludes his story ^e great hall of the Hotel de Vllle oty Aries, France, designed by Mansard, Is the wofider and admiration of erery one who has seen 4t on account of^ithe groined roof. In regard to this a neighboring c^etier tells a somewhat grim story. King Louis XIV. happened to be pass In^ through thfe city just at the time M^inswd was superintending the completion of bis creation. The roof wai supported by a powerful pillar. The monarch admired the work and congratulated the architect on his design. Ali! that moment the architect was passing through great domestic tribu- laliion. He had a son under sentence of;jdeath, so he thought it would be a godd opportunity to intercede on be-1 half of the lad. Hansard threw himself at the feet ofjithe king and said: "Your majesty sees In the center that massive column? If you will spare the life of my soji I will remove the unsightly pillar | and the roof shall stand without support." "Mansard," replied the king, "If i you accomplish that miracle I will pardon your son, but If you fail I will hang you with him." /The architect removed the pillar wliiout great difficulty and with the j re^It desired. The cafetler is a height There are seven players in the Topeka bunch. fared severe sprained backs and Lowen|s arms were dislocated. An emer-. — genc> car from the South street ga- j ^ rage brought the men and the car to. | town. The Humboldt men were taken j to the Santa Fe train to return home vlille the car, a model F Buick was loft at the garage for repairs. None of the party was dangerously injured but the macliine was almost demolished. Wienand and his companions had been to lola on business during the af temoon and started on the homeward trip shortly before nine o'clock. Their escape from being crushed to death is regarded as a most remarkable pro%idence. made on free throws. ( l.op Bowlus has announced thai the auditorium skating rink will be open to skaters ncx\" Thursday night, and that thereafter it will be open on three nights during the week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Lee has completed arrangements for a band tb play for the skaters. wlfh the reflection that had not Man-1 safid's son been a scamp the hall at Al^es would be just like any other hajl. BESIDE HIS LATEST TKH'.HPH-A (OXCKETE CAKINET. See the big Biograph Feature— SWORDS and HEARTS This picture alone Is worth more than the price of admission. 5&- E\'ERYONE -5<J Mrs. Mary Farnsworth, who has been at the sanitarium for the past two weeks with a serious illness, was taken to her home in Gas City yesterday., \ Mi^ Chloe Sheue, who has been vis iting durlng^e summer with relatives In New Providence. Iowa, Is expected home next week. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Green, of Cheyenne, Wyo., are expected in the first of the week for a visit with Mr. Green's brother A. F. Green, and fam ily during the holidays. Coroner'a Inquest Over Coins. A short time ago 160 gold coins, dat* Ing from the period of the Roman occupation of Britain, i^re found in a Itronze jar about ono foot below tho surface of the ground tliree miles from Hexham. JStagland, on' the site of the ancient Roman city of Coratop- Itum. A. ccrsner's inquest hat been held to. determine their ownersliip. The Jnry, however, was unable to agree as to whether the coins were treasure trove or not. tha jpontention of the owner of the land being that the coins bad been left on an ancient Iiighwar and abandoned during a raid by tlie Caledonians against the Romans. The coroner therefore agreed to keep tlM coins for a week to |tee it some ai^ rangement could be 'made with thi treaaurj as to their disposal. Care of the -^yes. If a woman has the slightest diffl culty with her sight, she should lose no time In consulting an oculist. Noth IngJ will bring undesirable crows' feet moVe quickly than straining tho eyes, an<l local treatment to prevent the lines will be inefficacious if the seat of the trouble Is not attended to. It is far I better to wear glasses when sew- Ingjand writing than to let the whole face have a drav.-n and aged look. Of course, massaging about the corners of the eyes will make a tremen- douJB improvement in a woman's appearance, but the work will bo with- ou^lresults unless she does It regularly every night ALso, If she Is trying to smiioth away crows' feet, she must re meiiber that stroking is IT .' to be done so severely as to loosen the skin, which would cause bagginess. but mejiely that friction Is to stimulate circulation, nourishing the skin tissues. 6 HORSES AND MULES 1 gray horse, 10 years old, wt 1100 lbs.; 1 span of gray pony mares, coming 6 and 7; 1 horse mule, coming 6 1 years old, hands high; L horse mule, 9 years old, 1.5 hands high; 1 marc mule, 6 years old, 16 hands high. 9 HEAD OF CATTLE. 4 extra good nillch cows, all will be fresh soon; 1 choice 3-year-old cow with calf; 1 red Xatjiral Muley, 3 yrs. old, giving milk, will be fresh in the spring; 1 choice black Jersey, 3 years old. fresh soon; 1 2-year-old heiler; I calf. 6 HEAD OF HOfiS. 1 brood sow, going to bring pigs; fat hogs, weight 200 lbs. each, and i shoats. About 300 bu. of corn, some hay, ibout 100 shocks of corn fodder, and about 10 bu. of seed potatoes. 48 gal. cider vinegar. 4 doz. Urown I.*g- horn hens, 3 doz. Barred Plymouth •lens, 3 doz. other chickens, 1 dozen tries, 8 full blood Rose Combed Leghorn Cockerels. FAR.M LMl'LEMENTS. 1 good Stiidebaker wagon, 1 broadj tire wagon and rack, 1 set of dun boards. 1 surrey, 1 Peering 6 ft. bind^ cr, 1 Dowagiac disc drill, almost neWr 1 corn planter. 1 Cassaty sulky plowl >. I 14-lnch walking plow, 3 cultivator^T 1 double, shovel, 1 corn sheller.l cidr , j cr press. 1 mowing machine, 1 Hapt.; lood gang plow in good order, I corn^' sled, 1 set double work harness, 1 dott- b!e set lig'at driving harness, 1 set ot single harness, 1 set of rock tools^ 8ff rods of ncv.- barb w.rc; 1 Del ^vai No. 1 cream separator. 1 Cyphers incubator, new; 1 Cyphers brooder. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 1 cupboard, S kitchen chairs, 1 high chair, 2 rocking chairs, 3 bedsteads and springs, 3 doz. fruit jars, a lot of dishes. 1 gasoline stove, 2 holes; 1 No. 2 barrel churn, 1 heating stove. 1 dresser. 2 stand tab?es, some cooking utensils. 1 twenty gallon jar, 3 six . gallon jars, aud a lot of other articles. TERMS OF SALE— All sums of $10 and under, cash in hand. All sum over $10 a credit of 12 months will be given, purcha.ser giving note with a proved security, bearing CrP interest from date if paid who ndue; it not paid when due to draw 10'; from date of sale, i '/r discount forica^on credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. Bankable note required. «. R. BOWLUS, Clerk. "Vf^ Tp MO|f 1* rOL. C. S. BISHOI', Aucllonccr 1^. 1. LxXjM^l. LUNCH ON GROUNDS. lit ll !! Watch Your Coal Bill !! For Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite " Arkansas Semi- PHON£; 116 lola Ice, Cold Storage and Fuel Co. —OF— lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS ^'DONT HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most rea- . sonable prices. Before having your dental work done by othere call upon us. "We are in our LaHarpe ofTices EVERY THUnSDAY. Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 Evenings '/ to 8 THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, KANSAS OVER FOKTV YEARS OF COSSEUVA'riVE BANKI.NC, IN lOLA Dcposltury for the United States, .State of, and Allen Connty Ol'FICERS: L. L. NORTIIUTTP, President D. P. NORTHRUP. 2nd V-Prcs. F. A. NORTIIRL'P. Vice-President MKLVIN FRUNK, Cashier. R. J. COFFEY, Assistiant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Deposits Safety Dcpo.>iit Boxts for Rent YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED. TBDtlVS AEPISON. ^ CRETE CABINET • New York City, Dec. IC—"Thomas A. Edison has announced that he will shortly put on the market concrete furniture to go_in his $1,000 concrete liouBes. About $200 will completely furnish a house. The phonograph cabinet shown In tbis picture is trimmed In white and gold. Us surface Is like that of enamelled wood. Not' only Is this concrete cabinet cheaper, but has ^better accustlc properties than the old-fashioned wood cabinet Pieces of Mr. Edison's concrete furniture are now on their way to Chicago and back to show what they can stand in the way of resisting handling by freight men. This concrete furniture cr.n be stained to look like any kind of wood. Economy of Nature. "Nature knew what she was doing whe\n she deprived flshes of a voice..' "How do you make that out?" "What of a fish had to cackle over every egg It laid.'" Big Meeting -FOR- Young Men! At BapUst Chnrch SUNDAY EVENING, DEC. 17 I At 8 O'clock 11 Ever yyoung man over ten yjears of age is InvRed to be (jiere. Bring someone with you. ; Yesterday In Wa <ihHigt(tn. Tho urg?^cy deficiency bill passed i the House with a provision for the distribution of sotivenirs from the wreck of the Maine to patriotic cities i adn to the families of the dead members of the crew of the ill fated ship. Th ehouse sugar investigating committee called for statistics from the various refineries of the country and an endeavor to find the cause for tin- sudden rise in that commodity last summer and the profits arising there­ from. The Lorlmer inquiry committee decided that it would not summon the accused senator as a witness before it until after the holidays. This was in part due to tho fact that it desires to hear again from Edward Hines before calling tho senator. A bill providing for appropriations of $500,000 as an entering wedge in a $5,000,000 fund to provide an extension of the agricultural colleges so as to make work available on every farm in,the land, wil be presented to congriess Iminediately after the holiday rec--ss. President Taft called upon the pension bureau for pension statistics so as to be ready for the Sherwood bill when it reaches the White House. The bll is charged with carrying an added expenditure of $75,000,000 per annupi with it The war department has made contracts for enough ammunition to carry the army through the war. It wpi i be delivered about the first of the FOR SALE 1 just got in 25 head of mules, 10 head of liorses. 10 mares— some of the mares with foal— ages run on horses and mules from 2 to 5 years. All in good flesh—most ail broke single and double—right in from the country. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, come and see mo at once. lola Horse and Mule Market / "1 block west Santa Fe J. C. Butcher Phone 880 year. . Demoitratic leader Underwood declare dthat there will be no 'omnibus public building" appropriation bill this congress as the idea opposes the Democratic economs plans. Oeorge Wilhite, who has been In the dtv on business for the past severid days, will leave tonight for Wichita^, going thence to Newton, where he Is at prei-cnt located.

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