The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 9, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1977
Page 5
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First wulnr *hlpmont of inlll< by rii 11 wan mudu In OrniiKQ county, Now York In 18-11. THE PINES Bethany Road NOW OPEN Gas Station HOT noes IIAMHUIIGKUS COM) DKINKS FUKHII VKGKTABLKS 9 Ont< Fttri» r,lmlt 0 Now KnKltind HUH I. IMC A. J BOOKER Area Hospitals To Have Supplies Of Streptomycin Contribution of n new drug, streptomycin, will ho made to the Wa- lorbury un<l St, Mary's hospitals, buglnnlnt,' Sopt. .1, according to un nnnouncumont by thti Civilian Production Administration. The hos- pltalH are two of l.COO Konoral Institutions In tho nation to receive limited commercial distribution of tho drujf. Tho drug, which hn.i hcon distributed by CPA for tho Army, Navy. Public I-Iunlth Sorvlce, Vet- iranii Administration and National RoKunrch Council, Is used for troat- mont of tuliiremlu, hemophllus, in- flucnxn Infections, bactcriomla, diu> '.o giiun negative organisms, urln- •iry tract Infections, and menlnglilu duo to certain Kpuclflc organisms. Jt huH been recommended for trnutment of tuberculosis, but tho uipply In not sufficient for general use In combatting this disease. Eig-ht Injured As B-25 Crashes And Burns nlrcd by ot tho d ^apportionment la rc- the constitutions of <1'2 OF OUR NEW SALESROOM Featuring Living Room Furniture Exclusively We invite you to visit our new salesroom—Our factory has now been moved to our upstairs rooms allowing us to display all our fine furniture on one floor— and we want you to got acquainted with our new, lowered price policy,, whereby we. can sell you the finest constructed furniture, made in our own factory, at prices unequalled elsewhere, When you buy furniture from us, you buy DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY— and the savings GO TO YOU. We GUARANTEE every purchase . , . Every piece isi EXACTLY as represented . , . You SAVE on every piece. SPECIAL FOR THE OPENING THIS 2 PIECE LAWSON SUITE ONE YEAR TO PAY This NIJIU-. mii<li> (HI our own fmiliiry.Tlui ruculur l>rlco l*,$108,fio— SI'KCUI, (Jlll'JKN ANNK I.OUNGI'i C'HAIK S>4-2 tilin 1 $«7.SI>— NOW • '• • • « 7 ^*" Srlcct Wlint You Wimt uwl Tuki) u I''uM "Viwr'lo Fuy Remember Our Name and Address A L L E N S 1 SOUTH MAIN ST., Cor. Grand St., Waterbury Veterans Housing Survey Underway Here Today Census Bureau Acting 1 At Request Of National Housing Agency A comprehensive survey designed to ascertain housing needs and housing plans of veterans In the Watei'bury-Naugatuck area, as well is the general state of the housing market In thin city has been scheduled to begin here today. The Bureau of the Census will make 'he survey at the request of the National Housing Agency. Tho In- ormallon obtained will be used to ""ilit Nantfa-tuck in planning Its share In tho gigantic national hoi"? Ing program now getting under,.v. Announcement of the survey was made today by Dwight R Htimmn.dc, who will supervise a staff of -trained ' Census enumerators engaged for this work. Mr. Hammack has discussed the suivey with Wai-den Leo J. Brophy and Chamber o'f Commerce olllcials, The survey Is designed principally to ascertain present housing- conditions of veterans living in thin city, what they would like to do about their housing, and what i plans they have made;, and 'dltlon,- to find out how many vacancies there are In the city, and what these vacancies arc .like. Information will also bo obtained on the characteristics of occupied units, such as the number of units In which families are living doubled up, what rents are being paid, and how many families plan to leave the area. In the Interest of speed and economy only n snmnl'! of dwelling units v/lli bo visited. The sample has been carefully selected to give proper representation -to the residences In each section of the city, and Is large enough to permit reliable estimates of what a survey nf -thu entire city would shot 1 .'. The technique used in selecting the piimpli! is a scientnflcally designed and tested method developed over u period of years by Uie Bureau of the Cenmis. The Census enumerators will make personal calls at all the dwelling units selected for the survey. Field work will be completed within tho next two weeks. Compilation of the data collected here will be made In Washington and the report may be obtained on written request to 'the Nalonal Housing Agency's reglnal ofllcc In Boston, us,, or to the Bureau of -the ! Census, Department of Commerce, I Washington 25. D. G. Wet Driver In Two Accidents Fined In Court An Apple For The Teacher—Or A Photograph of You HAVE THAT PORTRAIT TAKEN NOW! Before You Start The Year PRE-SCHOOL SPECIAL 1 Personality Portrait 8 x 10 Only $] 00 - Beautifully Mounted — \ ALL THIS WEEK August 19th Thru 24th . * Neary Building Tel. 2342 203 Church St. John Walsh, 20 of 109 Woodbury street, Wulorbury, was fined $100, of which $20 \ras remitted, when he was arraigned this morning in Nau- j*aluck borough court on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of. liquor. A nolle without payment was meted on a count of evading, Walsh, a member of the Maritime Siii-vine, was driving on Water street shortly after 11 o'clock- last evening, when he was involved in a collision with a car operated by Joseph Errico, 1-i Carroll court and a matter of seconds laled collided with a vehicle owned and operated by Angelo Mancini, 434 Lakcview, W'.itrebury. Stopping 1 to ascertain the damage, Mr. Errico heard the crash of the other curs behind him and turned to "see Walsh and an unidentified companion get out' of the vehicle. He walked up to Walsh and asked him what he was yc-'"!? to do about tho accident, at which time the defendant usked if he couldn't arrange to pay the damage. "It wag evident that he was intoxlnatfjd," Mr. Errico said in borough cnurt this morning. Mr. Errico -went over to talk to Mr. Mancini. the driver of the other vehicle that had been hit, and as they were discussing what to do. Walsh started to flee the scone running up Church sreoL He was pursued by Mancini, who caught him and brought him buck. Patrolman Stanley I/evandoski was called and arrested Walsh. It was discovered the car ; whif:h Walsh had-been driving had boon borrowed by his companion from Charles Fltzpatrick, 3719 East! Main street, Waterbury, a dealer In used cars. This cleared up an earlier suspicion that the car had hi'nn stolen. Walsh pleaded guilty to both counts. Judge Martin L, Calne, after Im- | posing.the fine, gave the youth JS hours to raise the money, and placed a bond of $100 upon him during that period. Other cases on the docket were: Nicholas Schwertz, 7 Watertown avenue, Watorbury, intoxication and vagrancy, suspended sentence of 15 days on condition that he leave town and not return; Walter Eorusiewlcz, 30, of 50 Sheffield lane intoxication and breach, of peace fined $15. j'ollr.u aiiU firemen arc shown searching the smoldering wreckage of the B-25 bomber which overshot the \Viislilngton, I). C., National Airport, uruHhc-d unil bur.-it Into flames. Eight Army officers aboard the plane wore .injiirod. Eyewitnesses suld It was "miraculous" tUat no one was Killed. (International Suiindphoto) Three Ansonia Men Held For Superior Court Stratford, Aug. 21—(UP)—Three Ansonia men are being held for Superior court trial in connection with the slaying of Police Officer William P. Schreiber last month. Charged with murder, and remanded to county jail wi-lhout bond, are Edward Copicowich, John Pantnlone and Joseph E, Garb- chowski, who will 'be tried during the September Criminal term of coiu-t. t They are accused of taking part in an attempted robbery of a grill during which shots were exchanged with police and Schreiber was mortally wounded. Cooking Oil Confiscated By State Officials Hartford, , Aug. 21—(U P^— State food Inspectors have confiscated 450 gallons of adulterated and misbranded cooking oil, and now are anxious to learn the Identity of a man called "Joe" who Is blamed for the illegal shipments. The oil was seized at a Hartford grocery store and a Waterbury music shop. But when agents wanted to know who shipped -the stuff, the proprietors of both places said it was a man called "Joe" But the agents say that maybe there were two "Joes," because each of the merchants' gave a description of the mysterious shipper. FATALLY INJURED West Hartford, Aug. 21—(UP) — An accident at the Whitlock Manufacturing company has taken the life of 62-year-old John Gow. A hydraulic jack under a huge steel cylinder broke causing a pipe to hit him on the head. The aged man died instantly. First dairy cows In the U. S were imported to the Jamestown coiony in 1611. Oregon does not count non-whites in determining distribution of leg islu.tive seats. Argument (Continued From Pnpe One) One Turkish passenger was wounded. Tito lays the series of violations of his country's territory to what he calls reactionary elements In the Western democracies which are cm- barked on a campalK? of provocation ag-ninst YixroslaxHa. Speakinp before a srroup of workers, he said his country docs not want anything ! that belnnps to others. But,-' said | Tito, "we want our rights to be respected." Tito flatly contradicted a statement by Tj. S. Ambassador Richard Patterson that the plane had been lost in clouds, and wandered over Yugoslav territory by accident. Tito said that he saw the C-J7 violate Yugoslav territory on August Oth. And he added—he had JVadp a number of protests ap^'nst what he claimed were almost dally incurlons by one or more American civilian or military planes. Compensation To Dennis McDermott Disability compensation payments of $30 weekly to Dennis McDermott, of the borough, from the Eastern Malleable Iron Co., was approved yesterday by Compensation Commissioner Harry Krasow, with nayments starting May 26. Mr. McDermott is suffering; from ath- lute's foot on feet and hands. . P4LL ItERMS, ANNOUNCEMENT TUESDAY, SEPT. 9 NEW CLASSES OPEN Night School Sept. 16 For high school graduates, former college students, returned veterans,, and others. Free Placement Service.' 550 culls received thus far thin yeur from business offices. Now is the time to train for business anil get established wli)!e opportunities are at the peak. Prompt registration is advisable. When capacity Is ro.nched, M -.waiting: list will be established. Visitors Invited. Catalog- on request. POST JUNIOR COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Phone 4-8773 Waterbury STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Dally Until 1 A. M. • DAILY T.UNC1TEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTE MENU Dining- Room, Food Bar and Booth • Service , Full .Licfuor License State Dept. Heads Warned To Plan Budgets Carefully Hartford, Aug. 21—(U P)—State Budget Director Robert H. Weir as warned heads of state '' *)art- monts that they must plu .heir budgets with an eye -to mounting state expenses and decreasing revenue. The state is faced with serious financial problems — according to Weir. Added the budget director: It should be apparent that drastic •lotion may be necessary on Uie oai't of the >rovnr"nr ar' 1 »>>» "->- propriation committee if the re- .juests submitted are not prepared ••nth a full realization of the existing conditions," • NAUG.VTUCK NEWS (CONN.), WKUNKSDAV. AUG. 21, 1946—PACE 5 REPORTED MISSING Wakefield, Mass-, Aug. 21—(UP) —Police fire seeking L4-year-o]d Walter Fltzpatrick of Wakefield vho has been mis.sinj? since Wed- »«>Bduy. He told his family that he was going -to Rumford, Me., to .seek .vork in Die paper, mills but lie iever arrived. DOCTOR DIES Bristol, Conn., Aug. 21—<UP) — Death has taken Dr. Walter Elbert ,'horpe of Bristol, nn eye and ear specialist. Thorpe, who was 88 years •Id, had been ill for a lonfj time, '•im.-ral services will be held Friday. Supervises In VFW Initiation Fred Burke, past state department commander of the Veterans if Foreign Wars, last 'night super- -iff* thn initifltion of a new class of VFW candidates at the Southbury post. Mr. Burko wns assisted by Com- •nandcr Harold C. Lewis of Cru- -.ider pont, and Oscnr Sandell, past commander of the local post. The Southbury post now has a membership of 70, including resl- <»ms of Soul.hbury and Oxford. Th* group is making extensive plans for future building and improvement of the post,' Mr. Burke stated. BOUGHT SOLD Kent a Trailer and Do Tlmt Job Vourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKI.KI'IJONK NmiCHtuck SOUK Oilier In Union TILT' llnrdwcrr Itldit Our Diamonoa mra earifiaJ for color, weight, quality,., V your £uarant«> of Lou* fi<l« if your •Huruiw-v of •»ti»f»ction WILLIAM SCHPERO ISO CHUUCH ST. Naugatuck, Conn. Stop *.. have a Coke eOTTtED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COU COSPANY »V Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Waterbury, Conn. Here Is Another Outstanding Event . ..•*' In Our AUGUST FURNITURE SALE Our Entire Stock of BOUDOIR CHAIRS REDUCED 20-50 '0 Well-built, (generously proportioned chairs for solid comfort with "plenty of eye appeal. Covers expertly tailored with welt seams and full box pleated skirts. A hansome array of breath-taking colors in these popular- types : • Tufted Chairs • Button Seat and Back Chairs • Barrel Back Chairs • Reversible Loose Cushion Seat & Back Chairs • Chairs with Ottoman • Chaise Lounges INCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET , WATERBURY

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