Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 7
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T5Er \"y' FINK, THE BANK PRe&ioEMT OVEH HERE IS AN 0U> FMENOW m fAMier-s. ru co OVER AND GIVE HIM A HARD LUCK ATORY 1 AND SEE IF \ CAN MAKE A TtlUCM, IHAVEHT /IKYWORK AND MY STARVING WIFE 1^ ipn* HOKE , CRYING FEEBCr V FOR WVtK^.'jy I POSITION WANTED BY YOUNQ la<ly stenographer. Experienced In office work. Plione Main 256. WANTED—WALXUT LOGS. COOK and Wayman, care C. C. Luccock. Phone 194. WA.VTKD—FIVE noOM. MODEIIX col tap', «-IoF€ In. Bos 216. WANTED- .<;3le .=snian for i .Inuiiury 1st. WA.VTED—POSITION AS HOITSE- , TivXxX. party, keeper or work In private family. Addre.'Js F. U., rare Register. AOKXTS EVERYWHERE CAN n'nlte money, .spare time, distributing «'t %v..<:.n . „. „o i ''""'^ Cards advertising our Chewing A>TED^CLEAX WHITE RAGS, i Gum. .\o canvassing. Liberal terms m^tXn ofHte. i Yearly contract. ^VeekJy settJements. Send seven two-cent stamiw for sup WANTED-CATTLE TO WINTER to buy young calf. Earl Monfort, phone 997-23. WANTED—DAY CLERK, KELLEY Hotel. Do not phone. Call at office. nO.VATFO.VS WANTED FOR SAf^ vat ion Array free Christmas dinner and tree for tlie worthy poor of our city. CAPABLE SPECIALTY Kansas to begin work Perinaneat puRltlon m Staple line. Oonlrart cDnlalnlng liberal wi-ekly advance clause. Rrferenres re«iHfred. Miles F. llisler Co.. Clevelatid, Ohio. SALKSMfVN—EXPERIENCED I X any lino to sell general trade in Kansas. Vacancy .January 1st. Unexcell- od specialty proposition. CommisElon Illy Post Cards, Instructions and Con-iJS.'i.OO weekly for expenses, tract. Spearmint Company 1777 11"''e Continental Jewelry Co., Cleve- Rroadway Department 178. New York. LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE V/ANT 1 od. No canvassing or soliciting rc- quirnl. Good Income a.«sured. Address .Vational Co-operative Realty Co. V1433 Marden Building, inston, II. C. FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE—PAWNED SUIT cases; hand bags; just like new. BIgus Wash- j Pawn Shop East Side Square. In fruit store. First door south of Kreas store. FOR SALE—RHODE ISLAND RED cockerel. E. DcNcen. BiJti N. Main street Gas. Kans. FOR SALE-A GOOD . DRIVING hor.'^f, safe for lady. Phuno INS. FOR SAI-E—TOLOITSE GEESE AT $1.00 each for Christmas. ;L Jl. Cllne, phone 'J97-12. WOOD FOR SALE. Phmjo 9.97-U'. Jj R. CLINE. FOR SALE—TWO L0T5 AND 4 room hodse, $100. E. W. Btanfield. FOR SALE—4 ROOM iipUSE $350, also 5 room house $450 lotated on lots 17 and IS, block 13, Brbuklyn Park -Vve. lola, Kas. Address Thos. McGannon, Humboldt Kas. ; FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD horse; sound and gentle. Will take $7.v.OO. QiriCK DBAT.r->VE HSVES A FINE .stock of shelf hardware and plumbing, about $5,000 located In a thriving county seat town la northeast Oklahoma. For sale or exchange on cash basis. Describe fully locate and submit your propoqltlon ftt once to LinebBck.Brotiiers, n Harpe. Kas. discount See lola Land Company. FOR SALE—CHILD'S GO-CART, high chair and bear skin coat and cap. Bargain if taken st once. Phone 902, Monday. FOB BE2YT—JnSCELLAinsOUS. FOR SALE—TEAM OP MULES. Phone Gas 91-12. S. It. Remsberg. FOR SALE—A GOOD 6 YEAR OLD horso; sound and gentle; will take $75.00. Phone 104. FOR RENT—ROOM IN KELLEY Hotel building lor barber shop. HOUSE FOR RENT. PHONE 762. FOR RENT—FARM % MILE FROM town. Call Moran phone 1814. LOST AND FOUND. FOR SALE—TWO $in0O MORT- j gages, well secared by lola City prop _ erty. Party will allow a reasonable LOST—CORDUROY COAT. LEAVE at Register. MEN GfllHPELLED TO SEW \nF.Y ATTK>nKl» THE TEACHKK.S rUB AXD PAIH THE PENALTY. Injunrtion .Suit Delayed—Rox Siipjicr a Surrefis.—Kerd Stanton With -Vavj- in Phflippfncs. Gns Cily.-Ile^. IC.-.Miss M;i<> Will- lams di'li^hirully cntcrtiiiiii-d ihi- day. He says he is having fine .success iit Solma. in the past two tnonUis there hai*- Xwn AO comt-rs- ions and additions to his church. Sliss Ixiis Bennett will visit tod;ij .nnd tomorrow with lior parents in lola. , Mrs. L. D. Mitchell of Moran was a i;uest of Mr. and .Mrs. Isnac Carl tod;i.v. Kriinds of Mr. Tayhir and Miss G<ii cvicvo h.TVf received card.-t Irlliiiv oi' iheir safe arrival at Jllncral Wi'lls. r.'xas. Ilfgardlcss of llio rnmparntivnly I Rnmll crowd, ihe bov siipprr plvfii Sii-n I lull iiiiiinii.i. i-iT-ii-t, , . , f Blom,. home on .\orlh Daly " ^^^^^''^^ Rcsid^'s all th.. club m.mb .T« '^"?"|^ proKrnni rrnd «/ng m..« ..-.r.. pr.'.K<.„f: F. ^vh:ch cam.; Ihn "Main s BaptL.t church Sunday afternoon. I ^''f^ «lnp to A.tonul- O.vlcr t.^kinp , ••rcoini|nny at Carl ft Huntor s today. tfachcrs' si 'wfni; club Tliursday OVPII- i ItiR at thf street. Bcsid rhf follou'ing men wi-n* |ir«' W. Freverl. U. H. Sl«-warl. W. E. Blonu- and R. U. Hendricks, who wrro provided with nocdlcs and ilinad to Iinrilcipatc in ili<- work. Tln-y did ceedlngly good work. At a late hour rpfreghm»'iils wrri' served and a most I'leasant evening is reported.* Rev Owen, of Inin, will preach nt .^Iie Owing part In the Iniiuiry court, the Injunction suit of tlip city of Gas versus the lola Water Works was postponed until this afternoon. Mrs. R. W. Sianton received a loiter this week from her son Reod. who is now in Iht? Philippine Islands. Reed left here some few years ago for Washington and has been working there until a few months ago when he joined the n.-jvy. He soys he will be in the Islands for at If-ast two months. —Wlien buying meats you want the best; you get the best at Carl &. Hunter's. Rev. Adolph Goodrich formerly pas tor of the M. E. church bore but now of Selma. visited friends here ypstcr- '•• last pvi'iilng in Ihn liigli school Imild- An inter midercd afnr sliow. proceeds wll \w usi d for llie basket b^ill equipment. Ora Patterson nf Moran « jileasanl visitor here today lly Ihn aid of a barn-l Edv : ter is li-arnliig how It so'.ind.i call'-d "iiapn." Mr. .VndiTson of Kansas City Is Th. girl's lillM- 0 b. NOUWRENGEFOOTBIILLGilME TOM TOO LUJHT — 0.i.llE WITH tllA.MTE is POSSIBLE. i;irls' Basket Ball 'I'wim Beut Yules I 'euter Teiini—Sud Nenis for .llr. .ScfaucuurlM. A number from here attended tli»' basket ball game In LaHarpe last cv<Riuir and later (ho dance In (he opera hous". Melhndist Chnrrh. Sundav snhonl in a. m. The pastor will be at Pinua in the morning, and "le "rvninir stniiou will be at the usual hour. Evcryon-> cordially Invited. f'hrlsfian rhiirrh. Sunday school at 2 p. m. inst'-ad of 10 a. m. I'rfaehlnc at 3 i). ni. by Elder Moomaw of th' Christian church of lola. Everyone invited. MS.MfccChe'-F.Mcdv- etno shr cmf vbg —SANTA Cl-AlS AT KRESS ALL NEXT WEEK. PUBLIC SALE f will sell at Public Aurtlon on what is known as the Old Huffnilre Farm. 3 mile* norib and mile (>«s( «f J.eana:i; (i'2 mile.<> :ind i miles south of Humboldt; 9 nille« soutJi and ?4 mile ^est of Lsillarpc, Has., on . \ Wednesday, December 20, 1911 HeglBDjn? at 10 o'clork, «. nu the following properlx, U>-wIt: li HKA1» OF HOItSKS. 1 black marc. S years old. weight IZ-'O, with foal; 1 brown horse. H years old. weight 12 ."i(J; 1 iron gray mare. S years old. weight ll.'.K, with foal; I liay mare. 10 years old, weight '.*."iO; 1 bay driving mare, weight flfJO; I sorrel driving horse, c.iniing 4 years old, weight K7ri; 1 black colt, 2 years old. weight fl (i((; 3 bay iiiare coltR. c <iinlng •2 years ol.l; 1 bay horse colt, fi months old; ] Mile roan rnlt, G months old. i:. HKAU OK C.VTTLE. 1 red milch iiiw, K years old; 1 r.'.l iiillfh CDW, 7 years old; I re.i Tliitch cow, 3 years old; 1 red heifer, o .mi- Ing 3 .wars old; 1 red sli -t .-r, coining years old; L' red xteers, coining '2 y.'ars old: 2 red heifers, coming " years l»ld; G spring calves. 46 HEAD OF HOGS. red brood sows, weight 2-'<'> each; 1 black brood sow. weight 250 lbs.; I'l head ahoats, weight lOO to 1.50 lbs.; 3:: head of veaniing pigs. •:• WHAT TO (JIVE FOR <• (HKISTMAS * The Christinas sea.son with <• all lis good cheer and gift giv- •> inti l« liere. AH H useful aid In lii-lping you choose your (iifls •> we si-iiil (his reminder. It siig- * gest.s :t piMcliust! of a few of •!• the many |irac (lcul Holiday •> thlngii you will nii.l In our * stori—Gift (Joods—the kind a * l .iT .^on likes to give—und rc- •> celvc. •> L L. rJRAKX « The Lullarpc Brutnilft tlve.i In Chanutc over Sunday. C. W. Graen was a business caller In lola yf.>^teiday. Anoid Fcltman. formerly superin- tendfut of tlie East smelters, but now of Nevada, was in town ' yesterday, shaking bands with old frk-iids. Lec Vandegrift arrived yesterday from Fort Scott to visit until after the holidays with his mut'.ier. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. II. Hackney have ri>tiirned from a short trip in Kansas City. —When you buy-^buy useful,Christ mas iiresents. With many others we ^ I have a sjieclally in Fancy Hosiery, i*! Ties, Gloves and Suspenders for gifts. *|-_C. W. Frieilley. Harry 0.^-borne left yqsferday for ''' I .Vi'wcastle,, for u month's visit ^ I with his brother. 11 is probable that he will ."iiend fhi- winter in the South. .Mr. Tiiggarl went to Wagoner, Ok., yesterday <m a short business trip. .Miss Dora Ashley is visiting her Mrs. M. W. Paddock, of lola. .1. II. McConncll of ELsiuore was a WHEXT FUTORES RALLY SOME I.HPBOVED DEMAND ADDS A FRAC TION OF A CENT TO OPTIONS. No Material Change Is Noted I'uttJe and Uogs Quota, (long. In ; I business visitor here yesterday. J. r. Uiirry went to licjilcr yester- {"jday on a short business trip, il William Ward has Kansas City. He returned from will iwork In the • • •> <• •><••>•<•• <• <• C- -fj , Waters & Danforth jewejry department until after the holidays. . ^. I Methodist Episcopal Church—Sun- ib— tlieij^j. j;i.|,„„j g.^r, a. m. Epworth League ., , .,."\ ;K::'.n p. m. Preaching U a. m. and the I^wrence .-iggicgation of pla.vers ,-.^o , „, ^bc pastor';wIH preach I..:illarpe. Kas., Dec. I-iHarpe football boy.-; will be Mrs. will hold no r Christmas. linn '.V^^'^nrn,,',!" ^^X^^"""- i ''"ih ."o ;ning ^and 'eveni ^tg n ^xt 'sun- ling statement made by Manager Ste-!n.,,. °,,|„ F„t.,,riii i pacue Plienson ye .sterday -Hernoon. Word J'V'^^'n%SS was received here yesterday that the; ,.i„^„.. .,„a ti.p ipadpr team averaged only 140 pounds, which - ''J^f^^ S^,. indicates nothing but a "kid" team.! ,,,^,r 'J ''^n,_^ \n It would be almost Impossible for - ; !;'-%,"';Vr «ommUteVs !'sirr n^^^^^^^^^ er ^Jlfnl t '-'),'".^'i u'irh [h"' P'"?'^" /n" ""^ preparation for the Christmas el eraging 1,0, and with the playing abll-j' ' rj,. be (held on the Ijiwrence wrote for accepted then, but last night IJvHarpe j ^.7,,; "; "*; Vi,rUtla'n Eiideavor C-30 noHlicd Cbanute that they would iday !'" " r™^ pfs ^or them here Christmas. A response is . ^ J ;|s .or. expected this afternoon. j " '• T —Our .Tewelry is both up-to-date; —men you have a blHoua attack and extensive. Ask to see our solid j jrjve Chamberlain's Tablfete a trial. ....... ...auofiv.. I Preaching aUc^miie weuncs- on inatched the gunie with ,evenings. S. S. Hagetnan. Pastor, e, the Chanute G,o-Veyl\s Prephy,erlan ChurchSVinday school r a game t could not be! 5.^. ' Preaching ai U a. m. and ('hlcago, Dec. 16.—The Improved demand for cash wheat rallied options. Ojieningjvas % to % down. May started to %. loss % to rose to 9D(r>A. Close—Dec. 94%; May 38%; .fuly 04%. CORN—Strong. May opened l^ off to a shade up at 63% to CA'/k rose to '/j. Close—Dec. 62%; May CiVt; July OATS—strong. May started unchanged to l-16th lower at 48% to % rose to %®«. Close—Dec. 46- %«r47; May 48%; July 45%. Provisions depressed. PORK—May $ir,.90; July JlC.o:^. L.ARD—Jan. $3.07yj@9.10; May $9.-. 32»i; July $9.45. I'hlrneo Lireslrck. Chicago, Dec. 16.—C.\TTLK receipts 400. Steady. Beeves $4.o.~>'S 8.90; Blockers, and feeders $3.25@5.80; cows and heifers $1.90@6.25. HOGS —Receipts 16.000. Slow. Lights •n.63@6.I5; mi.xed )3.85@6.30; heavy $.=>.93«6.35; rough $5.95®6.10; pigs $4.50@3.7S. St. Lonl.1 Grain. St. I.«ul8 Dec. 16.—W^HEAT, close. May 9S%fii!%; .Inly 93%(g%. CORN—May 65%®%; July 64T6(& 65. OATS—Dec. 48; May 49%. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a special^ of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real esUte business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business In Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick aervice as can be had anywhere. . f The Allen County Realty Co. B. L, TAonpioa, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA lOLA R.R. TIME TABLES A. T. * S. F. BA1L»AY . 8outti Bound. No. 201—Daily Pauenger........1:05 p. nx No. 203—Dally Passenger 1:43 a. m. No. 20T—Sally (except Sunday) Pasaen- ger g:SOp.B. No. 21s—Daily (ezcfept Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. 01. Depart l:OB p. TO. North Bound. No. 203—Daily FaaeDser... 2:11 p. mid No. 204—Daily Faasenger 3:20 a. m. No. 308—Dally (except Sunday) FBaaea- ger e:IOa.m. No. 2ie—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart 12:01 p. m. MSSOITBIPACIFIC BAILWAT Freight*—West Bound. 4ni—T.ecnl fdally ex. Bun) Iv S:4B p. m. 4S1—Colo. Red B«ll<dnll.v) lv...t:»p.m. Freight*—East Bound. 4f!8—nrd BaU (dally) or. 1:10 a. m. 493—Local (dally cs. Sun) ar 1:00 a. m. Paistngere—\y««t Bountf. „ 40T—Kaniuui Ctty-Yatea Center Malt aad KxprLii.ii (dnJIy) Iv 4:17 p. m. 40»-Rt. Louts-Wlchlta Moll and Exprese (daily) Iv. B:I3 a.' m. Passenaera—East Bound. . 410-St. Louis-Kansas City MaD and Bf prein tdnlly) ar. T:tT> m. 408—81. Louli-Kanaaji City Stall and Ka, press (dally) ar... (:a a. B. M. K. k T. HAttWAT South Bound. •No, BTl—Way Freight, (dally neef* Sunday) 4:30 a. m. No. 75-.ailxed (dally) 4:Wp. m. No. 73—Puaenfrer (daily) IS.-l* p. »• No. 25—Flyer (dally) B:Ma.iii. North Bound. No. 24—Passenger (dally) l:2t p. ra.. No. 78—MlxedTdally) 2:30 p. m. •No. 572—Way JVeight. (dally qxmpt Sundav) •..•Jk. 12:19 p.m. •S71'arid 672 ii9 carry sassencera. HEBCHAIITABLB ABSTlSlCti Every Ab8tra(it tnade In our offl^ Ja guaranteed to ba a merctasnt- i*hle ahatraet or money refnndaA lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANT. Frank Wood. Uanacer. noFKjinoiTAL TirRKrroKT. -» XOirET TO ufAirx. 9 > wm taad on. boQiahota wap**. * plaaos, axBBM. aawlnc nw- W * aUaw, AIBBOBAI juafl jnw^lrt. 1 • J. w. corrtj v Boyal Typewriter A^ney 9 3i Controls Exelnslye Sale of the 9 Boyal Standard Trpewriter »3 In Alien Conntr • S E. H. BnaifBA Agmt • » Northrup Bnlldlng lola, Kana. • S Typewriter Bepaln snd Sappltoa 9 «««««»«aft«aee«c«s« FAKMl.Mi IMI'LEME.NTS. 1 farm wagon, 1 wagon bed •vsith lioB rack. 1 spring wagon. 2 open bug- KJc.-s. sets heavy work harness, 1 set light work harness. 1 set double driv- iuK harncsg. 1 saddle. 1 16-incli riding ;/Joiv, 1 14-lDch walking plow, 1 J2-,' I inch walklug plow, 1 two-section steel lever harrow, 1 disc, 1 riding cultiva- lor, good as new. 'i^ walking ciiltlva- lors, 1 corn planter nearly n»>w, with SO rods win-, 1 reel chpck row wire. SO rods; 1 .Mcfronulck mower, .l-foot (III; 1 Acnii> hand feed culler, 1 haiid grist mill. 1 hand corn planter. I post drill with bil.s, 1 bunch vise. 1 grlnd- Ktoni?, JiiO rods barbed wire, 1 big Iron kriiip. chick hot air brooder, 1 luinili with 16 feet pipe. 100 feet Vj inch gas pipe. Corn In crib; kafflr '; corn and millet hay. IIOLSEHOLII GOODS. ' 1 organ. •> dressers, 2 commode?, 1 china closet, 1 flve-leg dining table, 1 kitchen cabinet, 1 box heating stove; other articles too Numerous to njen- ilon. TERVS OF SALE—All sums of $10 and under cash. All sums over $10 a credit of one year will be given with Interest at 6% from date If paid when due: if not paid when due, 107' fronf date of gale. 4*^ discount for cash on credit sales. No property removed until settled for. Bankable note required. rOL. H. T). SMOCK. AnrUoneer. UUwn llnffm«n JE, CAHC <i. R. BOWLIS, Oerk. fff UL 111111111911 « oOViS FREE LVKCH 0.\ GROUNDS.' gold rings. Kvery one guaranteed. Waters & Danforth, Drugs & Jewelr>-. Pete SchonartB received the sad' nfiws yesterday morning of the death of his brother-in-law, Lawrence Lovell. of Elsuiore. His death was very sudden. He returned home in the evening feeling very well. At about 12 o'clock he arose lo get a drink and before reaching the water, fell unconscious and before medical aid codld he gotten he was dead. Just beri>rc leaving bere yesterday Mr. Schonarts said he thought Intemient would bn In Pittsburg. .Miss I.ovell, who attends Bethany College nt Llnds- burg. will arrive at Elainore today. The LnllariiR high school girls' basket, hall team dcreafed the Yates Center girls last evening by a scor<> of S to 4. This is IjiIIurpe's second victory over this tenni. —For Sale—A good Hamlltonlan horse, weight 900 lbs. Price $100. George Burchnlt, I.* Harpe, Kas. T. Harris received word yealer- day that hia sister, Mrs. .T. M. Clounch of Marshall, Okla., had died Thursday evening, after a long lUnpss. Mr. and Mrs. Clounch formerly lived here. Interment was at Marshall. Miss Mayme Ward, after a pleasant visit In Fort Scott, returned home yesterday. —F. S HKlm. M. D.. rvnilat Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Dunsniore, of Independence, were In LaHarpe trana- actinc business yesterday. —.Tust received. 300 iiounds of fine Candies from the renowned Mueller- Keller factory. Grnen'a Dnig Store. George, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Chambers, Is reported quite III. Mrg. L. H. Da^fett will visit rela- They are excellent dealers. Fit. sale by all —Elite and Majestic p6w 5c. MALTED MIllK ThtFoed-drliikfw AHJffM. For Infanti, hvalidi.uid GMWIU childr^ PbeNutntwa .iipSuadu «tewfaolsbody. Rich nnlk. mailed l^^wwda-fanu A quick Jniefc pnpMfcd b • Bbnle. XfteMMblftBte.A8kfirH0RLlCK'S. \ IRA B. FRANTZ ' BEGISTEBED OFr|DinTBUT ; Humboldt. Kai. Moran, afternoon of Dec. U and all day th« 20th. LaHarpe Dec. 21 an^ %t. St Xoals Llrestork. St Louis. Dec. 16.—CATTLE, receipts 300. Steady. Native steers $4.50^9.2.'>; cows and heifers $3.T5@ 7; stockers and feeders $3.2.=;ffia.2;';. HOGS—Receipts 6.500. Steady. Pigs and lights $4.»0l36.20; mixed $u.SOfi 6.75; heavy $6.20®6.35. raiYATE aOKET TO LOAJ. We have some Private Money to loan on Farms. Low Rate. We also have Eastern Money at the lowest rate and best terms. Let ui tell you about our terms and rate. FrlvUedge to pay at any tinie. For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Gas. THE PETERSON LiAKD CO. Fhona 97. Old Court House BIdg. FEIEBSOir LATTD COXFAHT. lola, Xansaa. HO^nBY! aiOXEY! MONEY I I make a specialty , of farm loansL It you are wanting a farm loan It will pay you to see me. Rates reasonable: interest payable annnal or semi-annual; prlr- ilege-glven to make partial payments or all at any time. I'. 0. BOLLUIGEB lola, Swis. Kansas Citf-Grain. Kansas City. Dec. 16.—WHEAT, receipts. 10 cars. <^Rh wheat unchanged. No. 2 hard, 9801.O3Vi: No. 3, 96® 1.02; No. 2 red. 94093; No. 3, 92i^@ 93%. Close—Dec. 96%; May 98%; July W9i. CORN—nnchanged. No. 2 mixed, 64: No. 3, 61®%; No. 2 white, 63fi6.<;: No. 3 62@%. Close—Dec. 64%; May 64%; July 64%^%. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white, 49 ®%; No. 2 mixed 48®%. RYE—93@94c per bushel. HAY—Unchanged. Choice timothy $l!^20.00; choice prairie %Vi.2',(§ 13.S0. BROOM CORN—$70(g 140 per Ion. Kansas rity LlTCstoek. Kansas City, Dec. 16.—CATTLE receipts 300. Steady. Natira steers l."!.35^8.7-5; cmrs and heifers t2.7.Si^7; stockers and feeders $3.75 iR) 5.90; bulls S3.40@.';.00; calves $4.50^8.00. HOGS^Racelpts 7,000. Steady. Hea Vy $6.I$$ir'6.30: packers and butchers 16.0596.23; IlghU $5.60@6.15. Kansas Tlty Frodnier. Kansas City, Dec. 16.—BUTTER— Creamery 35c; firsts 33: seconds 31; packing stock 20%. EGGS—Extras 31c; firsts ^0; sec- i:ond8 17. Foley Kldner Pnis. —^ToBle in action, quick in resnlta. Will cure any case of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of medlcina No need to say more. X D. Uondla ft Co. THE BIGGEST BABGAIX IX IOLA. A seven room, modem house with two-story barn and 75 feet front cement walks, shade and fruit If sold before January first, $1250.00; half cash. C. L. WHITAKER. F&ose 186. Farm and Giiy Laam KANSAS AND OKLAHOKA Low liatei Aunnal or 8«Bil-ABaiial Interest—FrlTJIege to Fay In FaU Reduced Batei on Ffare InranuM! R.MeCunninsrham Old Court House Bldff. leU, Xaa. TO EXCHANGE 12,500.00 Grocery Stock, ^all clen goods, for small tract of land la AU«B or adjoining counties, of aQoal TalB» Want to deal wi^ ownerot land.,We have other exchanges. Call on na. I CHABL£s*ror^a. i —Without opiates or harmfnl drags of aw kind Foley'a. Honey and Tar Compound stops coughs and cures colds. Do not accept anjr substitute. J. D. Mundls * Co, ^ » Sr. C. K. Buai • DENTIST » . Boon No. 1, Northmp BIdg. « S Extraction without pain by the « use of Nitrous Oxide Gas * Phan»--Office BS3; Res. 862. • eaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaa WHY NOT? • Have Tour Piano Tuned by an •' Experienced Tunisr—One Ur- W Ing in your home town. • T. 0. CANAT8EY a Piano Tuner and Bepafnr a Roberta Mnsle Co. Phone 421 9 eaaaaaa ^iFa3--is!f><s -7 !'i'd^« aaaeacaasasaaaaaaa « a a F. L. B. LEAYELL, X. B. a BpecialUes— a Diseasee of the Cbwf. a- .Diaeasea of ChUdrea. a Fkones—Office I«| Bes. 147. lOLA STATE BA^ BLDO a . a aaaaaeassa.caaaaaea ***********-^^^^^i^^ m * Bed Ertata lUA LiTCSteek * * lucmoi ^EB * SMafaeUon gjiarsntiied.^nn ar * phone at ray expansa for datea. * •• B.B. GLifiX, *': iMtot Center Over COB. Buk ************ *****ili . PHILLIP HEIGEU U0% South St HABNX8S AND SADDELBT Genend Bepalrfng, AH Xlndi i ****^************ * • . * * HONEY TO J ,0Air • * on all kinds of household goods' * * or Jewelry—anything of value. * BiguB Pawn Shop. East Bide * * Square. Office in Fruit Store. • * , All transactions strictly -confl- * * dential. • * * ***************** Hpi Sprimgfgf Arkm - Round Trip Tickets, lol* to Hot Springs. Ark., with return limit of three moqtha from data of sale, with stop-over prlvtlegee going and retnm on gale everj .day In the year, for $18.60 jTbe one way fare la. |12.fft. . E. E AUNGER. Phone 160. Hot. Pae. A|«BI —Farmers Attention! Hlgb grade dlatlUatft Telephone US' IbU^. or HiunlJbldl' Reflnezy, M. Hunser-

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