The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 9, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1977
Page 4
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PACK *-~A,,r.AT»;CK NEWS (CONN.). WEDNESDAY. AUG. 21. m_0 fl.UDOL.PK Telephone* 22ZS and 2ZgQ—All pro»ldontJind_l2iEi!?B5- 1 ' Dopurtmen M ..cond class matter at the post office IB Nnujcfttuck, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION RATES Pnyublfi In Advunco 1 Year W2-OC Th« Conn.' Now»paporPubl«hor» WB»Nl-a*»AY, AUGUST !!1. 1W<I He's On Vacation Now Mit Tmmmi. out I'or an cxluiul- ,.d .nil on tin- ooi-nii, has ordered Ins vacl.t, turned southward for a c-nnso Inr- il,,,. south in II..' Atlantic ».IUr ImyniK (mil H taste of mil na.nty wt-atliur in a Xi!\v Kiitfliirid poi't. . As to tin' President's cliimtfi'-ot mnul, \Vliiti- House Hccirlnry CliarU-s Koss, ox- nrusM(.dittl.iHway ; "At the monH.nt.t s iimt a sort of jouniey into nowhere. It s j llH t „ and Mr. Truman can 'frolic around in tin- Atlantic oeean il 10 wmts to." And KO.-M added: Uliv Hlii.tildn'l the President dimitfe hisnimd. lie likes warmth, and he wauls logo into warm waters." . OVrtainly Mr. Tniiuau had a ritflil lo chan^' his mind, He is on 'his I'irst vacation in more than a year, lie wishes to enjoy himself, Mow could he do so iii^n lui'wliiitf northeaster that brought rain diifl 1'otf and chills that minle him very inuiomt'oi'tiil'le '! Anyone who has heeii alioard ship <lur- irix a'nortlieast wind and rain can readi- ly'iindersland why Mr. Truman wanted tin-, vessel I'^rned southward and speeded toward a ^i-ntlcr climate. Thai's not the kind ofvuenlion weather he desired lo tfive him the rest, rnont and rehixaliuii he needs, to toilet I'or the time licinj,' Ids official worries and . l-Ui has had plenty of " huadnches" and heart ac-h'es during the past year, and is entitled to a complete rest. It must, he a re-lie!' to him to know that 1'nr a short couple of weeks he can j,'et away and sail where he leases and (hi as he pleases. And, hesides, it would he IK; vacation for him at all if he were denied the privilege of doinir just that. Patent Changes Much controversial disciiNsiou is K»iti£ on in rese»rch and mimufactiirini;' circles ahoiil the proposed changes in the I'niU-d States patent laws. Some changes have- already been made, such as (lie stipulation Unit a patent must he applied for within a year after the date of conception. This rule works hardship in cases of invention of new processes which sometimes require three years of experimentation hefore i perfection is attained. According to H. I 1 !. Sehaar, ,who lias published a paper discussing different attitudes of inventors toward the rewards of their work, there are two classes, one p-oup heiiitf satisfied with fame and honor, while the-other set. considers material rewards alone. This writer admits, however' that many practical inventors work for the puro joy of creating, a feel- iuK which they have in common with the #i'eat scientists whose discoveries are available to everyone. If these patent refonns make? it. next to impossible to tfet a pnterd and reduce the time limit to a point where all profit is practically eliminated, many men with inventive minds but no capital For the development of their ideas will bo forced to turn their hands to some other form of activity. For the inventor, like the la- \ioror, hinst oat. A group of Japanese women are planning to climb Mt. Online, which for 1.'500 years women Imve been forbidden lo touch. Such a prohibition would not pet vrey t'nr in the United States. Here such n ban would cause more women to climb the peak than men. Nickel nickels are hack, hut the dollar dollar may ho gone forever. Trouble with living on a lake shore is that you novor know how much front ynrd you'll have 1>y morning. Need a house'/ So do 30,000 Parisians, whiehjihoukl moan something in terms ~oT inlornaTIoiuil sympathy. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck New» 20 Years Ago Cupt. Howard Donnelly was homo on ,furlough vl«Uln K hl« mother, Mrs, Mary Connelly, of Walnut street. o—O—o Police Chief W, T. Morris attended a meeting of police- chlcfH held la Hurtford. o—b—o * 30 Years Ago o—O—o WHIlnm CIcary purchased a cottage In Tollos Square from I-lenry Kamor/el. o—O—o Daniel FlURcrald and Leroy Grant were on a motor trip up Ihe Hudson. Around The Clock AValcli for a cliaiigo in tho line of i lor the Welcome Homo parade-. . . merchant* .voulcl like to luwc the A reviewng stand vill be set up sorac-whori! on Cliurcli street . Warden Leo J. Brophy is on vacation for a few days. . . . He'll undoubtedly be SouVd Thursday night for the ,iemo- cratic caucuses, . . . Reserves of the Navy Nurse Corps desiring; to transfer to the Regular Navy must submit their applications by October 1, the Navy tells us . . . After September 1, Marines will no longer be given that ten day furlough at the conclusion of the boot training. . . . Aftei a couple of months at Pams Island they need ten days off. T oc-al firemen arc getting their host uniiwnw i.ll pressed «P for the conven. lion parade in Torrin S ton at the end of the month ____ Torrington also will he the s;c-one of the democratic congressional convention ncx.t month. . . . All rooms at mils i Hurt tW hotels have been sod out for the tAvo-important political weekends in Septi-mbor. Gubby Cowan liked Glens Falls so much that he's seriously thinking of going back for a vacation. . . . Carl Boettger looks fit as a fiddle since his return from New Hampshire. . . . Louie Buckmiller and Jack Hanley are up in Maine this week, getting away- from civilization. Local store owners say the two wanderers brought along enough to last them a year ____ Young Jim Sweeney was a recent' visitor to Saratoga. . . . Charlie Clark is still being kidded over those two dogs that he arrested last week. Tin- most talkcd-ol 1 contest of tho Iocs! lorilmll HOHHcn, the tussle between tho Merry Morticians and Free Thurston's loam,' has at last materialr/ed and will he aired Friday ni^ht at 'Recreation 1 Field. |<Y<-(.- Tli u rs to 11 has announced that Made- k-nc- Tlmrston will pitch for the icemen, while Hick Pistarelli will catch. Larry will IK- official scorer. The last band concert of the season will be held tomorrow night on the Green. Many local resists have expressed' gratification to Daniel' O.emcke and the Community Band for their efforts on the Green, and so we're taking this opportunity to thank everyone who has made these very enjoyable concerts possible, \yith the sincere hope that we'll be able to listen to more of them next year. Sight of the week: Sara .Emery, Carolyn Benlx.en and Bill Schmelcke touring 1 the I own riding- bicyc-les John BVccn reminds the townspeople thai: Sept, 2 is just a short time away arid that groups planning for the big parade had hr/St hurry to register, . . . That noise yon lu-ard up at Linden Park last night was the local firemen playing a, sot'thall game against. Tano's Renegades. Capt. Gary (irnnt, coach of the .firemen, was responsible. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1848. by The Hearat Corporation) The (inetitlon where men discuss things. whether B reat ring-performers »ro really fightera. Many, of cou *e u,,. not. They begin sparring w th ? ovc" on and become skillful under the conditions found within a roped ,.in K . with a referee to enforce defined rules, with so many minutes •to spar and so many to rest. Therefore, the will to battle not always the underlying motive which in the first instance disclOB- is On The Air Today • may tulos two years 0:00 p. m. ALL. SUi-tlonH—News 6:10 p. m; - WBRY—Baseball Scores [.' WATR—Interlude "I ' 0:15 p.'m. • may u .... <j: p. m. . . dfint Bichurd teonard will oppose WBIY -W ABC— Life In Russia ' e. iUKJiiuwI _ America Walter Beuhter' next time. Walter Beuer nex . WEAF _ crena e o is a former Reuther man ---- No- WTIC _p ro f. Schcnker be "- s a tlonal Maritime Union will be ' fM,^ strike. The inlcd in tne oruaii j-iu.m:B »u«-— wort— \jn i.n« v^s,i»..«*j shlpnlnir nenson is more than lialf W ATR—Al. Veatro, Sports over! -And the AFL longshoremen «•«« - won't help the Curnui crowd. ... A revolt against the leftists is due in the International Woodworkers Assn .tabor lout a staunch friend Sen. LaFSllotte was dis- whcn * W1IVI1 0«511. ~"~- ; \ placed; the Democrats will lose the coordination, j election for Ills successor. spced/'endumnce and wind, and Ihus excel others not so gifted phys- ic-illy But the day when rlng-ftgnt- I*"" "-J _ _..*.*«... li.irt »irln I'u c, came up from sutter-b.-awle.-s has long passed. James J. Corbctt ended the era officially. He told me. himself, that ho never had a fist-fiRhf In his whole lite, and In ring— only once was angrry ut Churley Mitchell. jack Dempsey broke in after pud. derl i-ing-madii chumps hud become the fashion. A:, a hobo, he had en- nlst will act In thfi film. "Copacabana." That I want to see. I hope It's a combination Gable-Bogart part. If it isn't, I'll gladly write one in, on the cuff, and start his new career as befits. . ..Then 111 Impersonate Margaret O'Brien. Burbaru Stanwyck and Bob Taylor have applied for passports, with s. : , in fierce, primitive combat Liftnst tough, desperate, dirty men, and whipped all wJio raised their hands to him. He took his tigerish proclivities with him when he became a professional, and, until he .hue! pnsscd his peak and was out- bored by the academic Gene Tunney a synthetic star made by box- In if instructors, he was invincible. The late Otto Floto, who was long my dear, friend, told me a classic about Jack. The youiiK fflllow from Munnssa hud re*;«iitly turned fighter- for money. Otto was his maiuifrer. They barnstormed and picked up what they could where they could. Otto h:id un old-fashioned InK caf iif wlucli they traveled from date to date. They sometime* foiiBht 11 half-dozen matches In a woek. After n contest In a Colorado town, Flotu und Juck were driving' on to Grand J'ihictlon. to spend the nlpht. Alone about mldnlRht, on a narrow curve on a mountain road, a cur pulled up. crowded theirs to a stop iiRalnst the wall. Six men jumped out, one with a tfun. It was iv stlckup. In a briefcase, Otto had some $600. Jack's share for the fitfht that night. He surrendnre'd it to the bandits, who drove off, still holding the crun through the renr window until they were out of sight. It was a tough touch, but what could they do? Otto drove on. They arrived in Grand Junction, a mining 1 town, ell closed up, except one all-night lunch-room, which. was lighted and in action. They had a few bucks in their pookets nnd decided they'd have a sandwich before retiring. • As they came to the door, Jack saw something-. He waved Otto, who was crippled, having had a leg amputated, bnck, At n t;vhle, Inside, fftt the six .robhers. - I Jack stulked In. The bnndlt* saw j him coming. AH leaped to their feet. Dempsey swung nix times — left, rlcht; left, right; Inft, right— and six men lily on th« floor, unconscious. The briefcase had been discarded. .Jack went through, their pockets und got' all the strtlon money. He ulso got the one gun they had. Ho stood over them mid, as each one ciune to, Dempsey pitched him out Into the road. He stood in the doorway, Inviting the six of them to -come bock, nil a once. He did not hold the K<U>. But the six ran and vanished Into the night. See what I mean? Caveman, Get Your Gun— Raymond Locwy, the artistic industrial denipner (of autos and what not) has a 750 h.p. cruiser, the Media Luz, which he designed, berthed at the esoteric Sands Point (1*1.) Rlv- ici-n. When Loewy expects guests he sprays his cabins with a perfume labeled Savage Love!II. G. Wells died on. the 13th, at 13 ' Hanover Terrace. He had the number 13, painted a foot high outside his home — "to show what I think of superstition" ..... Some newspapers in hay fever areas publish the 'pollen count — grains' per cubic yard of air — daily ..... Many vets who can't get Into our crowded universities are urging the VA to send them to foreign on-e», French preferred..,. The Army Is involved in a new one — Operations Opera. Texaco has an option on two Saturday afternoons in Novomr ber, to broadcast the Metropolitan' Opera, Army wants those periods for football airings with recruiting "commercials." ABC, In tho mlddfe, Is trying to settle the muddle. Vlsus.-to Sweden Anne South- Vkatm 'V*r KI»I -- — •--- urn's slHter, Bonnie l.iUfe, will a • u-n-HliiRt-r ensemble Good for David Brooks! He discarded his miceophone at Cafe Socletj- Uptown, and Is even more effective. ."Three Broadway Girls," n smutty current contender, Is Zoe Aklnst' oldie, "The Grei'kH Hud a Word For It." It was n Goldwyn picture. wlUi Ina Claire, Joan Blondell and Majjpfe Evans... Guy I,on)h:trdo will race his TYmpo at 'Bed Bank ,nnd Guy snys he didn't let It "out^-thut it can do 120 in. I), h! That's his story When I-eon (& Eddie's) he.ird his daughter's party was held up for $2,600 as they left the Copacabana, he was indignant. "What kind of a cluck is Monte Pi'oscr?" lie demanded, "letting chumps with that much money ijct out?" Talbot Says DAY Hospitalization, Training Important Representative Joseph E. Talbot when asked by the Disabled American Veterans what he thought to bo of Hrst importance to disabled vy±i ^. yr __ war veterans, to be used as a guide w oR_Gabriel Heatter WEAF—Serenade to America WT5V-Ethel and Albert the Century C:20 p. m. WATR—Cocktail Serenade 6:30 p. m. WBRY—E. Christy Erk. News WABC—Skyline Roof WEAF—Serenade; Sports WTIC—Sports; Mystery WATR—News;, Interlude WOR—Vandeventer 6:40 p. m. WEAF—Sports 6:45 p. m. WBRY- WABC — News WTIC-WEAF— Lowell Thomas WJZ— Here's Morgan WOR— Stan Lomax WATR— Pleasure and Profit 7:00 p. tn. WBRY— Music by Cugat WTIC-WEAF— Supper Club WABC— Mystery of the Week WATR-WOR — Fulton Lewis, Jr. WJZ— Headline News 7:1» p. m. WBRY— Billie O'Brien WABC— Jack Smith Show WEAF-WTIC— News WOR— Answer Man WATR— Adventures in Rhythm WJX— News 7:30 p- m. WBRY- WAEC— Girl Scouts at Camp WABC— Ellery Queen WEAF— Claims Agent WOR— Battle of Commentators WATR— Phone Your Answer WJZ— Lone Ranger WTIC — Fire Prevention 7:45 p. m. WBRY— To the County Farmer WTIC— Music WATR— Waltz Time WEAF — Kaltenborn 8:110 p. m. WBRY- WABC— The Whistler WTIC-WEAF— The Norths WATR-WJZ— Lum and Abner WOR— Can You Top This? 8:15 p. n>. ^ WATR-WJZ— Listen to LaGuardia i » 8:30 p. m. U WBRY-WABC — Dr. Christian WEAF— Roller Derby WOR— It's Up to Youth WATR-WJZ— Hunting and Fishing 8:55 p. m. WBRY-WABC-^News 9:00 p. m. WBRY-WABC— Sad Sack WTIC-WEAF — -McGarry and Mouse O.'IS p. m. WATR—U. S. Army WOR—Real Life Storica 0:80 p. in. WBRY-WABC—Intrigue WTIC-WEAF—Mr. District A-tty. WATR-WJZ—Frankic Carle WOR—Xuvicr Cugat 0:55 p. m. WATR—Sports 10:00 p. m. W£RY-WABC—Academy Award WJZ—Buzz Adlam Music WTIC-WEAF—Kay Kyser WATR—Beatrice Kay WOR—To be announced 10:30 p. m. WBRY-WABC—Holiday for Music WOR—Symphonette WATR-WJZ—Author Meets Critic 10:45 p. m. WJZ—To be announced 11:00 p. in. WBRY-WABC—News Other Stations—News 11:10 p. m. WBRY—Local News 11:15 p. in. WBRY-WABC—Patti Clayton WATR-WJZ—Sports WHIC-WEAF—Harkness 11:30 p. m. WBRYiWABC—Tnvitutlon to Music WEAF—Tucker Orch. WOR--Weather; Morales Orch. WATR—Gems; Mooney Orch. 12:00 MIdiUeht WBRY-WABC—News • Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JK/ ACCESSORIES Repairing :". 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. • Telephone 4096 CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY TcK Z219 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET Naucatuck 1'urnlturp Co.) - unurp o.) Ktfmlr Sri-vie-* on All Maketf Kudlo SrtN. I'ronu>t ttif-v!i>«. a* I'rlrrti. I^it^nt Kuulpttimi . ttudlti Knialr Work. Philco Car Radios ' Immediate Delivery Automatic Phonngraph* Br Record Changer* Special WICKER STROLLERS $998 BEACON KIDDIE CENTKK II GRAND STREET Waterbury GET A JEEP Your WILLYS-OVKKI.AND Dntlcr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 HiirrlHon Avpnu* .' Off Kxrlmnrr 1'lurr. Wntorburr •I'hoor 3-JtCOa *+f*+ff*f* M. Barry Keegan CANDID WEDDING ALBUMS 108 Bank St. WaUrbury Jones Morgan Bide. Tel. 4-5384 Vacuum Cleaners Electrical SpecLulInts AT SWAN'S Germain Giner, ex-local resident who is cruite frequently had his Sunday spoiled by poison ivy. Germain was planning to view the Yankee-Red Sox game in the Stadium, week before last, but upon getting up in the morning couldn't see. He blames it on the poison ivy swelling his eyes. Jack Lent, who was supposed to accompany Germain on this trip is not quite so sure, and thinks that the excuse was just made up'for his benefit. Beverly Hills, Calif., lias just received an award for reduction in neeS-less noise. No one would ever expect such an awar^l to come to Hollywood. , their deliberation by delegates attending the 2!ith national convention of the DAV in Portland, Ore., Sept. 2 to G, made the following statement: "Our hoKpltalizaticn ^program for disabled veterans should be so expanded that each disabled veteran h'ospitalization with, medication hy experts as highly ti-ained as the should have close access to such Government can procure. These •men should not have to fight legally for care or proper pensions. They should be helped in the procurement of both. Training schools sTiould be established at convenient poir.ts all over the nation, giving expert instruction In hundreds, of fields and giving cionstructivc- holp in. establishing disabled American veterans in good- paying jobs or businesses of their own. It is the duty of the people of America, through their Representative in Congress, to sec that such a program is enacted." WJZ— Missing Heirs WATR— Waterbury Speaks Tel. 2574 15 Church St. J »Jk SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG DICK FINLEY, MfiT. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Bathlngr • Picnic* AUGUST FUR SALE; — BUY NOW AND SAVE —' 99 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. 3-2727 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 83 Spring- St., Onion City , Tel. Naup. 6111 — Wat. 4-9528 J FKXIX NARDELLO, M(fr. J Full »!<><* of KH^-1 Ulld wn«d bllD<l J l»[iid» repaired, rc-Uiiird. fl<-. . TRY NEWS WANT ADS Pennsylvania led the nation in 1939 in -the production of ice cream with 38,419,000 gallons. New York s.tatc was i nsecond place with 33,882,000 gallons. Other Items — Inside Stuff—CIO Furniture Workers Union revolt far from over. A heavy AFL exodus will come.. .. The movt! Is on to oust the national officers of Unit- GALVANIZED WATER PAILS Special 49c SANZERFS 20 SAVINGS ST. Ni-xt in IVtbT. SitvlnKM "nnk DIAL &-OS47 $12.95 4 Qt. Presto Pressure Cookers (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 182 CHURCH STBEET LARGK STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7.95, $9-95, $12.95 $15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuck, Conn. WITH MORE KNOWLEDGE COMES MORE PAY Start in Evening Division September 26. Accounting — Banking — Business Administration Journalism — Secretarial Science Other programs and single courses available Day and Evening . ,, Men and Women Junior College Of Commerce Telephone 8-7003 New Haven 11, Conn. CLOSED.-MONDAYS DURINQ AUGUST Casual . • ' Comfortable . . . Modish Here's Bermuda's newest supercable stitch in a short sleeve hoxy . . . downy pure wool' and' dreamy colors— As seen in Glamour, Charm, Junior Bazaar. 37.98 And here's the collegiate type skirt to complete your costume. All around pleats in gay plaids - some with smart leather belts.— gored style* ia^grey men's wear, and solid colors of green, autumn, tan, brown and black. Siies 10 to 18 — 22 to 80. $5.40-*10;98

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