Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER; SATURDAY EVllNmaPECIEMB^^ ClniQI JtOT IDERTlr REED loIaB Cluin«d With Babbm- at Co(. ' feyrflle May.ProTe AUbl. S -Cofferville Journal: Marshal Pul- toia returned Thursday evening from lola, hario; ia custody tJea^y" Raid, vbo it charged wfth having matched a phrisa from Miss Marie Malaeii HondAy: evening. Miss Haison could Hot Ipoeltlrely Identify Held Friday mdrtiing. Reld claims that- he can fttfnlflb an alibi, saying.that he was at iyla Monday evening. The of fleers h6*^rer. state tfeat they' know he wah at South Coffeyvllle Monday nUrht. Raid will probably be arral^- ed,.)ij»(ore Judge Lamb Monday. J. B. A^aon an lola lawyer. t»IU defend A THOROUGH TEST. Oae That Will Convince the Xo»t Skeptical Iota Header. Cures that last are cures that count Eioan's Kidney Pills make thorough cur«». I'Be following case Is typical. lola residents should be oonvl9ced. the testimony is confirmed—the cure lasted. ^roof like this cannot be Ignored, i W. B. Kellcy. 127 8. Washington ^ St ;Iola. Kans. says: "I suffered off and on for fifteen y^ars from kidney trovhle and I believe it was brought on by banl work. If I did any stooping or lifting, it was sure to cause a dun pain across my loins. Hearing Dofta's Kidney Pills highly spoken of I^t a box at C. B. Spencer & Co.'s Drug Store, nnd I had not used them Ion gbefore 1 •was free from pain. I continued taking this remedy and In a fair .weeks my trouble was corrected. I ahall always have a good word for Doan'a Kidney Pills in view of what that did for me." (Statement given JiUle 6, 1905.) TIME IS THE TEST. . Mr. Kelley was interviewed oh' April 27. 1910, and he said: "I will- ifi^Iy verify the public statement I ^e some years ago. recommending Doen's Kidney Pills. The cure they effected in my case has been permanent I now have no need of a kidney mMIcIna whatever. For sale by all dealers. Price 50c. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo., X. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan 's —atid take no other. THE VERDICT OPE>'ED. C6roBer*s Jnry Retomed Finding as • Reported Yesterday Evening. • On-the return of Dr. R. O. Christian oOtinty coroner, from the Henry ap0(Sk farm last night, the verdict of a e jury in the imiuest over the re- llins of .the late Mrs. M. J. Barber wiBB'delivered to him by the sheriff. Tii« verdict was as reported in The Raster last night and in substance fltfdlng George Marr, whose car ran down the aged wldow^, blameless, and the.acctdetft unavoidable. The verdict was filed in the district court and made the record in the cas'el^ Cured In Her Owii Bona Town. • Wichita Kas. Mrs. C. L. Grounda talis thf WAV for her fellow townsman to be cured of their kidney and bladder ailments, as sht.waa cared. "Some time ago I suffered with Kidney trouble. I had a severe pain In my back and side and when I laid dowi) it aeemed aa If I could not straighten up Mother told me what good results my father was getting from Foley Kidney Pill*, so 1 went to the drug store and got Boma and commenced taking them I began to get better very toon, and now after taking two bottlas the pain has left my back and side, and I am cured of all my ifldney trouble.? Mundls t Co. ^ In order to avoid ronfuslon , It should be remembered tnat there are two "Salvation Armies" In lola. One is simply "The Salvation Army." That is the one which occupies the old Pres byterian church on West Madison, and of that, Mr. E. M. Morris Is now the local captain. The other is known as "The American Sal\-atlon Army." and the local branch is "In charge of Captain Cox. It Is the American Army Dihich will distribute baskets to the poor next Saturday. "THE Salvation Army" will distribute its baskets from the church on West Madison on Christmas momiilg, and tbey will be Uken directly to the homes where needed. This explanation is made in order that there may be no mlsunder- atanding. / SHE GAVE UP ALL HOPE iliisidahs FaOed To Help Mrs. -.1 (tow BtK She R&aliy Found ReHennOrdaL -y Hlslaty of Bed CTMS Seals. Red Croaa Chrlatma* 'Seal* date back in their ortgia to "charity atampa," first used for the abldim' -rellaC funds In Boston In 1862, during the Civil War. After Uie war, this method of raising money waa discontinued In thtfr^fountry for a'genera­ tion alttaousii'It' found vogue 16 Por- i-tugkl, Swltterlaad.- Ajistria, Francer Spi^. Denn^(ri^ Norway, Roasia, Bwsden and othevf European coont- rleaj,. There are iibw aeveral hundred dlt^rent typea.'Of charity-atampa uaed ihali parts of'tlierwoi^ as many aa forty, being used ttt AuJtrta for children's hoapttals .alone. - Stamps or- seals, wfre first used to get money for ihe anti-tohercnlosla crusade in Norway^ and Sweden in 19G4. After b^tng' used in these coun- • Mlsctte, Va.—Mrs. J. C. Green of this .yiace, aays: "I suffered with womanly troubles so that I could hardly sit up. Two of the best doctors in our town treated me^ and I tried different medl- dnes, ontll I gave up all hope of ever CetUag well. One day, I decided to try rihme Cki^ dnL It did 80 much for mc that I ordered some more, and it cored me! Today, I feel aa well as I ever did I3 my Ufa The pains and the trouble are til gone. 1 feel like another pemon In every wav. i wish every sufferpr ccold know what Cardul will do for sick women." A (ew doses of Cardul at the right time. wlU save many a big doctor bill, by preventing serious sickness. It tones up the nervous system, and helpa make pale cheeks freah and rosy. Thousands of weak women have.bc*n restored to health and happiness by using Cardul. Suppose yon try it It may be Jnat the medicine you n<:«d. V. B.-Write to: Udia' Advho»y Dw.. Chtft^ •aod Mcdkla* Co.ClwtKfiaaca. Imc. for Spff'al JtMCnteftonf, »nii*-ptt book. "Hoot Tntimtm ttt •wiiiii" Mai ia tUn ura^pcr, so raauH*. ••••••••••••••••• » WfiEKLT UTSSreCK BETIEW « tiiM frr three .vttars, aa a direct result of the interest of Jacob Riis In this movement, the Delaware Anti- Tu1 >erculciBts Association, headed by MI.1K Eii.lly p. Plssell, and the Red Cro .Ts Soplrty of Delaware, combined In i &Euinq; a Tuberculosis Stamp. So succesffiii v\us thie campaign that nearly 18.000 was realized, and the next .vear. in 1908, the American Red CcAss was inpucpd, to issue a National Red Cross Tubercnloflia Stamp. From this aale, $135,000 was-realized that amount being almost doubled In 190», l -as: year for the first time, tha sale uas organized on a comprehensive basis, taking In all parts of the nil'rtd States and $310,000 worth were sold. In 1911, the slogan for the ramimign is, "A Million for Tuberculosis from Red Cross Seals." —If you are troubled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberlain's TableU makes them especially suited to your case. For sale by all dealers. WATEBLY. December 12.—Mrs. Anna Schlemer \isited at her mother's Mrs. E. Nad ler, last week. Will Xadler visited In Redfield Kas. lately. Warren Vaughn Is working at the machinists trade at the cement plant in Bassett. Dickens Bros, and J. L. Skinner shipped hogs and cattle.from Carlyle [Thursdaj-. Chas. Springston shelled corn Thursday, the 14th. L«Blle Bamett is beading kaffir com. Springston and Snyder started out with Mr. Tanna 's thrasher Friday. .Mrs. Fred Gritrner Is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. J. Daugberty are spending a few days in lola. Wm. Lacey, of Diamond, was calling on his daughter. Mrs. C. I>. Morrison. Tuesday evening. .John Vnug'in shipped two cars of hay froni'La Harpe last Friday. Report of Waverly school for the month ending December 1, 1911: Total enrollment, 13; average dallyi attendance, ll.r.3; number of cases of tardiness. 0; number of cases of pupils absent. 6; number of pupils neith ar absent or tardy, 9; number of pu- !)ils neither absent or tardy during the school term. 5. Those neither absent nor tardy this month were: Cecil Vaughn Mabel Lust, Ula Vaughn, Ruth Rogers. MIna Bamett, Ralph .Morrison, John Lust VIrgll Henna, Karl Lust. Honor Roll: Eighth grade Warren Vaughn: sixth grade. Mable Smith; fifth grade, Virgil Hanna; fourth grade, Karl Lust; first grade. Ruth Rogers. Mabel Smith. Hlahest general average In school, 97, held by Virgil Hanna.—lya Smart, teacher. —A Des Moines man had an attack •)t muscular rheumatism in his shoulder. A friend advised him to go to Hot Springs. That meant an expense of $150.00 or more. He sought for a quicker and cheaper way to cure It ind found it In Chamberlain's Liniment. Three days after the first ap- ollcation of this liniment he was well. For sale by all dealers. ("RESCEXT V.ILLEY. December 16.—.Mr. and .Mrs. W. M Endicott and t'8>:r"iter. Dora, visited It R. B. Wilson's Sunday. The M.' B. S. met with Mrs. Wright Thursday evening. The le ^Fon was conducted by the teacher after which the election of officers - occurred. Those elected were: Mrs. Peake, pres ident; Mrs. Endicott teacher; Mrs. Wlllenburg. vice president; Miss Eth.•1 Wright, secretary; Mrs. Wilhite Wrs. Wheatley and Mrs. Wright, committee. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Wlllenburg. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.'WIlhite and fam family Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wlllenburg and family, Mrs. H. B. Wright and fam lly visited at C. D. Wright's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith called at Carter Rhodes Sunday evening. Mrs. Smith visited with Mrs. Wll­ lenburg Tuesday. Fred and Arthur Tweedy have been busking corn for Gerald Moore the past a-eek. i Miss Varner will spend Saturday and Sunday with her parents In Moran. —We wish to call your attention to the fact that mont Infectious diseases such as wbooplog cough, diphtheria and scarlet fever are contractedlrhen the child has a cold. Chamberlain's Congfa Remedy will quickly cure a coH and greatly lessen the danger of contracting these diseases. This remedy Is famous for its cures of colds. Ittcontains no opium or other narcotic and may be given to a child with implicit confidence. Sold by all dealers. —BRING THE CHILDREN TO SEE SANTA GLAUS.—KRESS. . Kansas City Stock Tarda. Dec. 13.— C^t^e received here this week 4e ,70fli, last week S6,600.-8ame week laat year .53.800. Beef ateehi have met aevere imn)8hment tbla week, aalea of aamn £S to 35 lower yeiterday than at the end of last week. Only a small anm- ber of cattle came In today, and pricea are steady. Cowa and butcher staff have held up nearly • ateady, •' though bulla were IB to K lowier yea- i terday. Veal calves are about steady tope selling at fSiOO yeaterday,. Several trains of Colorado catjtle have been here this w«ek, and all these cattle sold about steady, with the ezcep- i tlon of the beef eteers ,whlch sold 10 to 25 lower than last week. The demand for stockera and feedera la sufficient to absorb the reduced offerings at about steady prices. The beat feeders here this week sold at $6.10 and bulk of the stockera and feedera sold between $4.50 and $5.60. Deal- era expect a light run of cattle the balance of the month, and while not a great many will he needed till after. the holidays, the market should right Itself before the new year. What hurt this week was the turning loose ot a flood 'Of warmed up'steera at Chicago some of the weak-kneed operators In Illinois and Iowa getting out from un der, because of the high price of feed.. Hogs received here this week 72,000. last week 80,600, same week last year 52,200. The market baa moved along without much net change, although fluctuations have been constant. The run is libera! today for Friday. 12,000 1 head, and the market is called steady' to 5 lower, though the figures representing top and bulk of sales remain the same as those in force yesterday. Heavy hogs sold teday at $6.20 to $6.30, medium weights $6.00 to $6.25, light weights $5.70 to $6.10, pigs 0$4 J 50 to $5.25. Pigs are selling a litUe better since the middle of the week. Sheep received here this week 40- 6D0, last week 35,200. same week last year 32,300. The market was firm the first of the week, but prices have declined a little through the week. Best lambs now command $5.85, yearlings $5.00. wethers $4.00, ewee $3.50. There is a wide spread l>etween the best and the worst in each class and feeders are urged to put the finish on before shipping. Quite a number of lambs sold this week at $3.00 to $5.23. J. A. RICKART, Market Correspondent REALLY CURES BAH STOMACHS. Dyspepsia, Sourness, Gas and Indigestion Will 60 In Five SUnntes. If your meals don't ,fit comfortably, or you feel bloated after eating, and you believe It is the food which fills you; if what little you eat lies like a lump of lead on your stomach: If there is difficulty In breathing after eating, eructations of sour, undigested food and acid, heartburn, brash or a belching of gas you can make up your mind that you need something to stop food fermentation and cure indigee- tion. To make every bite of food you eat aid in the nourishment and strength of your body, you must rid your stomach of poisons, excessive acid-and stomach gas, which sours your entire meal—Interferes with digestion and causes so many sufferers of dyspepsia sick headaches, biliousness, constipation, griping, etc. Your case is no different—yon are a stomach sufferer, though you may call it by some other name; your real and only trouble Is that which you eat does not digest, but quickly ferments and sours, producing almost any unhealthy condition. A case of Pape's DIapepsin will cost fifty cents at any Pbarmacy here, and will convince any stomach sufferer five minutes after taking a single dosethat fermentation and sour stomach Is causing the misery of indigestion. No matter If you call your trouble catarrh of the stomach, nervousness or gastritis or by any otbennal £iB— always remember that a certain cure is waiting at any drug store the moment you decide to begin its use. Pape's DIapepsin will regulate any out-of-order stomach within five minutes, and digest promptly, without any fuss or discomfort, all of any kind of food you eat. —Christmas Trees and Holly at Shannon's. LOOK 10 Use Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur and Your Gray Hair Will Quickly Vanish. Gray bsir i/ a mark of age, and noth- ini; that ran bo said a% to its beauty will offiiet the difadTantaiceji of this mark of age set upon your brow. Wyeth'8 Sape and Siilpbur Hair Rem- i>dy darkens the hair and testores it to its youthful beauty. Our grandmothers and their (randmothors before them wed Bsse and sulphur for darkening Ibdr hair. Nothioff has ever been found more effective for this purpose than thpre two tlmo-honorrd remedies, hut Wyrth. a modern ehpmixt, has combined the two with other ingredients, whirh makcA a delight ful dressing for the hair, an.l whIrh not only removes every trace of damlriiff but promotes the ip-owth of the hair. It also mops the bsIr from falling out, and makes it beaiKifiil. All drugglKtK are authorized to refund the money if It fniU to do ezot-tly, an represented. Don't neglei.-t your hair anil don't re- Rort tcTold-time hair d.ves. (let a bottle of Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur from yonr drug)rist to-day. and notice the difference in your hair after a few day.V use. Thin preparation is offered to the public at fifty cents a bottle, and is recommendeil and. sold by all druggists. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell .Christmas Rockers of all kinds and finishes^ Ghristmas Pianos- tlie royal; present. G&ri^tmas Desks Lakes' Desks and House Desks. . Everything Delivered in Condition 5^ 9 Christmas Dinnerware and Fancy China < Christmas Extension Table —All styles and finishes Ghristmas Dining Chairs Leather and Wood Seats cistmas China Closets- Just the thing! The Prices are the Lowest ble. ^1 Christmas Dressers— —aU finishes and sizes Christmas Chiffoniers —nice for anyone Christmas ' Tnmks. Suit Cases and Hand Bags A ThOiisaiid Other Appropriate Christmas Presents m m m

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