The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 9, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1977
Page 2
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FAOK ft-NAPOATUCK N15WS (CONN.). WEDNESDAY. AUO._gl._W DREW PEARSON /^ ON "The WASHINGTON, MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: "Big Jim" Folsom, Alabama's Next Governor, Makes Biff Hit In Washington; Truman Sees No War With * Russia, Seems Bitter Over British Policy In Palestine • Washington—U wasn't advertised as such, but last in the nation's capital came near bciiij,' "Alabama Week." DospHc.all the publicity Kivon the Missouri yun^and tlio Arkansas hoys who are close'to the President, a number of Alabamans also have moved in o/i the White House, including capable John Steelrnan, the former Alabama college professor who is now Avar rcconvcrter. On t.op of this the tfovni'nor-to-bo of Alabama, gaii- glin^, six-t'oot-ci^'lit .Jim Kolsom, arrived in Washington lust week and was tln;_ center of several important .social functions, including a dinner at which 'President Truman discussed evervthin,^ from war with Russia to Bob Ln Await.News Of Missing U. S. Flier In t).olr Atl.inu. G», homo, Mr* BUI MoNew-und her dauchti* VlcWe. > I-'' look- at photo of their husband and father Lt. S \VHlliun McNcw, whcTwus co-|>llot of tho U. S. ulnno that W.IK f,oreed dowiv, by Yugoslav Armv flchter plunos In Yugoslavia on August 0. AH Americans on tho transport wore Interned. (lnti>rn»«on»l Soundphoto) "Service For Veterans — Tclcponc 0137 — Ciovornnr "UlK Jim" (ilsto pulil a formal cull fm thr r'rn.'ildrnt, wan lunohod hy Henry Wiilliici;. and by rnllow-Alnrmmnn.i Justlcri H u tf o filnck, John Mpnrkmun nrrl Unlni- HIM. f-fc rnudo a lilfr IHt with uvcry- body, xon, Altornoy General Tom. ClarU, ]oca , post , . | . A,»tiini Secretary of Wnr Stunrt | ntHmccd that . they., have , arrived Symington. Democratic Committee, lhcro | s on iy O no thinp a v&toran. Counsel Ed Prlchiii-d. OPAdmliils- | (lholl | tl do: £ T p t a photostat of hon- trator Paul Porter. Fcdorul Com- O1 . ftblc dischargo- Photostatc MUST . ,.,„.. nppllqa-'| nhlo.:. t\vonty : ycar endowment, in- e received nt the-l dowment at 60, endowment at 6j, Until It la nn-|20-pay life, 30-pay life, ordinary lon blanks tnunlcrUlonM Chtilrman Charley Dnnny, Sonutor Hill of Alubumn,. Thin In tho /Imt time," rnnuirkntl | Sunntof-olnct John Spftrkmnn of Alabumn, Secrolury of tho SonutQ onn Whltn Hoimn ;itt«oho, "that Aliiham/i hn«i hud two llhnnil son- ntor* 'UK! n llbnrnl tfovurnor— nil nt fincfr." Thr dinner for Governor l r ol»om onn of thn lni|iort:int TriiiTiiin ha:i attondpd II wn.'i irivcn by I'tixt- mnntnr Gonornl [[nnnoi;an at hln hnrnn, niul lit thu nidln liihlu only fnur ponic.ns: I'ru.ild'int Triimiin, i<'il)!pnri'!rl( .'1m D'dlnom, I'niil New Ynrli, l;dnf: K) Uiltn [[aririi'K'in'M [jlncn fin National (,'halrinan If tiu rn- jilXnN, and I'.ai'tloy f.'iuni, C'.'ill- fornlfi linpuhllcan who wa.r Wct\- dnll WillUU''M t>i'tiln^tru.Mt'.i. ;iml who /inrvfd on the Amrlo-Atwi'lcan com- which 'I'riinuin unnt ' to 'I'lin Timer (Mrcli- T)lni'H Othor» at thn cin'-thn-frcot'cl din- ncc worn: Hc'nry Wallace, Sprrt'- tli.ry of AKl-lnllltllrn f.'lliilrn Andnr- BIITIo, As.Hlstunt Secretary of HIP Trouaury Ed Foloy, White Mouse Navul Aide Clurk Clifford, White Seci'iilftiy Mutt Connolly, Di'moci-utlc National Treasurer Georjtn Kllllon, Richard Suxuy of tho Federal f'owcw .Commission and Liion I(nndot'«nn, former Rouse- volt brnln truntor. Thu dinner was stttiijod partly be- cau.ic President Truman wanted Hi tihow InHlclOr.i he was still close In F'[anm:K«\, despite the way he Man smuggled up to Hannopan's rival, .John Snydnr. Around the Wliltii Ifoujie thoy are still KO.sslp- ln« about tho way Truman's special plane stopped In St. T-ouis af- icr tho Missouri primary to pick up Hnydpr, loavlnf,- .Hanncyan, also lr. St, l^tiu Is. to take «, *low train back to Washington. flowover, Truman made it .up to !lanno;::in fit Uut wucik's (Mnner, out nf hl3 way to om- that he was linnnnvflt'H liberal policies. Toward tile end of tho dlnnpr, several other jrui'sts, IncliKllng Aliib.-imn'a now Senator Sfiarkman and 1-tnnry Wallace pulUnl thnlr chairs up to th ll'i «oiy to molt* a »!•« chofc*. Jwl tnk I M« wr O«nv<M Orootffl iUo«oni I |i)Trln»l»olr At— PIERPONT'S On* Uni-l inn HANK Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 •* ' ^*^^*^^*^*^^^rs*^*rfs***rf^ FLOWERS ? X r »r All OucnHluim KLOWKHN TKI.KOUAVIIKD KVKItVWlIKItK . \ MELBOURNE'S PLOWER SHOP iw nunnisn AVKNUH T«l«phou<i 0228 I'H'Mlrlnnt'H table. Ho really let his li.ili 1 down. \Viir With Iliisslii AiiUivl nhout win 1 with F.ussla, 'I'rumiin said Ho tiki not bolluve IhriT would bo any. Hn said thpre., was a lot of in Ik nhout It, but I pto ''*'° r " BIS lurpc enough to.l}o.l«s:iblc >vll,l?T. out n. maRnlfyinff Full .Information yrlll bo given, to of vciafuns assembled at. their place of employment. Thes<e group mcotln^'B will 1)0 'arranged 'after thp arrival .of tho. application .blanks. life.' •:.'•.-••• ' • ••:." VETERANS JUEAVING CONNECTICUT, Lo attend colleges shpuld.get change of address..blanks u.nd apply to have folders transferred,to. the state in which tho college IB located. .Unless this i* doni-, there may be a great delay in receiving subsistence", check. ••'•' ; VETERANS KJIOM .OTHER; Vetorann. not employed • : in lccn.11 sJATJOS should send their new ad- factories can receive assistance on their blanks at • thisj.ofllc.e. ; NATIONAL Sl'KANCK has. been p.rcatiy amend: od to make it, more dc'sirablii tliun civilian insurance. Applications for conversion undor-the .liberalized, features lire NOT available ye.t. Announcement will be miulc when they urrlvc. RE-INSTATE YOUR INSURANCE at once If you wish to con- -CKs to their former SelcoUve Scr- ^•lce'Bo,1l•d,• ' •••• • ' '\ ' TWKNTV TEH C K N T IN CREASB.1N TENSIONS .will up-, peiir.ln October 1st checks. ,AIR.RESERVE, TRAINING .will, be offered. In 10.0 colleges and-universities this Fall. We do NOT have n list of theso collcpca, TOTAI^LY DISABLED VETERANS In tho nntion, urc now one out o' each 150. Naugatuck's ratio vert Into any of the six types avail-1 is approximately the same. Funerals Henry J. Gc»»ock .Funeral services for Henry J. Gbssock, 33, of 73 May avenue, who drowned accidentally Sunday afternoon while swimming at .Lake WaramauE, New Preston, were held this morning nt 8:30 o clock from the JBuckmlllcr funeral Home, 22 -Park :• place, to St. Hedwie's church :at 9 o!clock, whore a rc- qjllem; blffh Mans waa. celebrated by'itho Rev. John Wanat.Mrg. Theiy oaa SolJiwackl, orpanlst, was in charge,,of 'the -musical service. A delegation from the Polish-American club Included William Adamski, Stanley Slomccnuki, Henry Sa- wickl and William Pawlowskl. Bearcps were: Walter Woznlalt, Fra,nlc. Shlmlonskl, Edward Kara- bowlcz, Folix Witkowski, Joseph anU Peter White. Prayera at the grave at St, James' •cemetery were •cad J by Father Wanat. .-, Mri*. Florence N. Von Klock The funeral service for Mrs. Flor- day at. a Jamaica, Lpng- Island, : N. ence (Neluon) Von Klock, 43. a nar live of Naugatuck, who died Mon- Y., hospital, wil be hcl(l tomorrow afternoon at,2 o'clock" at,the Alderson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow 3trce.t, .with the Re.v. PRu).,W..Petcr- son, pastor of the Hillside Congrc- I gatlonal church,' officiating. Inter-1 mcnt will be In Grove cemetery. Friends'may c^ll at the funeral j mo vthls afternoon and evening from 3 to 5 o'clock and 7 to 9 o'clock: . Sends Protest Nole To Yugoslavia Washington, Aug. 21— (UP)— The United State* has sent Yugoslavia a bristling note emphatically protesting the uhootlng down of an American plane over northern Yugoslavia, The, State Department said In tho. note that this government reserved the right to claim romnrnsatlon for plane and pcr- nonncl and demanded that the Yugoslavs say whether they will give American aircraft the usual courtesies when bad weather makes 14 necessary, for the planes to fly over Yugoslav territory. , The note also renewed an American .demand that, passengers and crew who are now able to travel bo .released . immediately. /It normally would be assumed, the, note said, that the Yugoslavs would-. help friendly., aircraft who arc, lost over their territory rather than force ,th,eijv_.d<j>vr\. , .. Mrs. Clementine Moraski Funeral services for Mrs. Clementine . Moraski, widow of Alexander tliski, formerly of North Main street, who died' yesterday morning in New Britain following a long Illness, will be held tomorrow morning at 8:15 o'clock from the Fitzgerald Funeral Home, 320 North Main street, to St. Hcdwlc's church nt 9 o'clock. Burial will he In St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home this afternoon and evening from 2 to 10 o'clock. Among her survivors are two brothers, Joseph and Paul Pa- joski and a sister, Mrs. Julia Slan- kcwicz, all of Naugatuok. She was a member of the FLOsary society of St. ITcdwig's church. "TO EACH HIS OWN" SHOWING NOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE Eoa.stliiK all tho resulsltew of a oncc-in-a-bluc-moon hit—u stirring ytory, a cnst of fool-proof perfo; m- crs. and jomc of Hollywood'^ outstanding t cell nlcla n.s—Pa rn mount's "To Kach His Ow-n" Is now at the "OPEN CITY" NOW PLAYING AT THE STRAND THEATER Two mon.the before the Allied armies marched into Rome, a couple of frustrated Italian movie- makers, Roberto Rosselini, a director, and Sergio Amideo, a writer, sat over vino and spaghetti In St Francis CYO Plays Tonight CAJXKD Etafford Springs, Aug. 21— (UP)— The .medical examiner has given a verdict of , suicide in. the death of 5$yc.»i--9ld' John, D... Hancock. Han- cqck, a' supervisor .for. the Connccti- ctjt I4ght And Power company, . reportodly: .shot ^himself in the head In, the.. basement ,pr .the .company's pfflce. He 'is said to have been worried , oyer, faillnfr health. i :,'.-;.•< - ;•'•-.• -•-,;....,.. . . An. average American, farmer is ^•t : ,o)d, ..married, .living, with hjo. ,wlfe..,.»nd, one... or two children and a resident of. a community of about 2;500 populaytion. j • , * .... Six Drownings Reported In New England Boston, Aug. 21—(UP)— Six persons have drowned In swimming accidents throughout New England. Included among the victims "'n.M 21-monUiK-old David Harla who drowned in the Connecticut river near his Windsor, Vermont, home. . -r Three persons drowned in an un- rtortow fit Ogunquit Beach, Me. They were William G. Richmond of Arlington, Paul ONelll of Boston, nnd Joseph T. Kiernan of Brooklyn, N. Y. The body of W. J. Martin of Calais, Vt., wns found float- Winooskl "river. 7th ANNUAL CASH and CARRY SALE 20% Discount on .Dry Cleaning Pressing, Dyeing, Men's Pant*, etc. und Note: Discount iflven In ticket* on automobile to be awarded In connection with Nauirntuck'* 'Welcome Home" campaign. EM BRUSH • If Alt Oft i ,f OQ i t «M N«. Moln Rl. T*L JIB07 Colon ctt» Steady, interesting work making' our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available . l\ FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. - footwear Plant Nangatuck Conn. III IIS i I ^vLnTSng w at ?S ft .E? - —H™«»"— «" John Lund making- his motion pi*, planned a motion picture. Four turo clohut. clays after the liberation thoy went "To Each His Own" Is a groat t n work. What they made was the ! The St. Francis CYO tenm tr.iv- | els to Waterbury tonight to engage | the St, Lucy's team in a CYO contest, 6 p. m. ;\t Hamilton Park. ' Tho local nine is, at present, in second place in the loop. i Chct UsakiewicK will start on tho mound with Frankle San Angclo ! behind the piatc. | Tomoror.w night tho St. Francis Juniors play at Hamilton Park against the SS Peter and Paul Juniors, at G p. m. Dowling will pitch for the locals, with Schuster catching. \nftodttC\tig love, II. Is the story no good " mason why we should llifht. ifr WIIM ponvlncptl. ho mild, Umt lln- Uiissi|iin» didn't want wni 1 nil] h'* onrcnlnly knp\v thn Amerlcaii IHT.plr ilhln't. j-loi.viivi:r, It WIUM most lrii|iortnnt, hn nrnphuslgnd thnt wn j 1/iltmi llrni attltiido with Russlnuncl .'ih'iw tlu-iii wo Will not ntaiifl foi'iiny fiUKroHHlvn tactlcN, Tf tho Run.iliin.i find out \s-n moan hiiHlno.iii. Triirrmn tuldiul, thpy w|| noriio around to our way Th thinking, I'lVMl'lPnt ;»ild hi; thought ,/lmmlP flymen In doing !l Hno Job •In Paris and indlcntod that ho bueknd him tn thn limit., Ho also flald It I.M Important Hint we operate full 1 nnd square with tho RuMNlaiift In orfliic to dlH]iol >.ho oiisplclon whkh him oxldtpd on both ulclr-'s. I'd' Colt IhI.M eventually noulfl bn lirokon down, and no nuittor how lon^' It took, Trurnnn iiakl, It must IIP hrnknn down. Tho pi-o.Mldont also took a little prikf »t Hfimo of thp carour men In thn fituto r>opartmpn, remnrklnR that they didn't fool him, Hitter At iirUhh '('hP pf>nvci';:atlon drifted around tn r'alo.ttlnp, nnd tho Pre.'ildpnt ap- jn'itrcrl i-athpi- hitter (it thp way the Mi-llxli havo hantllpd t.hlnf,-.-; there, ffp complained that thpy did not uridi'i-titdnd thp polltlral pt'ohlnm In- viilynfl In thp tfnltptl 9tnti:ic. also thdt thp Rrltl.'ih wi're dp.-itrnylni.: tho moral ponlllon of HIP V/cs'tern' pnwpt-H In 1-plntlon In r;u.«.«ln. Othcra lit. thn taliln undprntood him tr> nieun hy thlH thai l:',i-|.tlsh hlKh'handcdnpji.M In Paln.-it.lnn mndn It morp difficult foi- us< to protest Kii.inlan hlfrh-hnndpdno.sBplnewhpi-p., Sorrptary Wiillacp ticiu-tlly utfi'oiiil with this nnd told Ti-uman thn.t thn HrltNh WCM'P following the same unwlsp and Immoral policy In In-. donnsln. Thn prnMldont explained thnt IIP WUH conci-ntrntlng on .thp question of U'littlng IfO.nno Jpwl-ih rofu- KI-PB Into Puli'Mtlnp. Thrsc pcopln hnvo donp nothlns: wroncr, hp said, other than to bo .hon\ of a certain rpllKlfiii. Thoy dp.sprvnd a chance, nnd IIP was jrolnjr to MOO that th'ev )'"t It. Wi< hotter." remarked New Viu-k'n Paul PI'Kpnti'lcIc, "or elan wi. might Junt ns well forget about ildlnK plnctlons In '.1C and '-18," l,nl''ollc>ttr's OcfiMit Thp conversation thrn drifted iiround to Spnntnr Bob Ln Follottc, Just dofcdUicI In tho Wlwconsln prl- inni'.v. Ti-uinan oxprcnupd himself 11.1 tlno;>ly dlsturbnd over- La Fol- li'ttoV. Ions to the Knnatf, adding that he did not think Boh made,a \vlno cholci' by joining tho Republican party. "That's what happen*." he Bnld, to anybody who Joins up with Bob Tn ft-" Truman i-pvoalod that ho had plotidod wth Ln Follctto to Join the Democratic party, and had told him that whilo the Democratic party might not ulwayH bo on the right sldo, novorthnlo«« it had. a pretty good record und deserved ^\ thu aiipport of all Progressives. of a glfl who lives a lifetime in the few hours ahe ha» in which to moot and full In love with a flying hero of World War T. tl tells of tho jingulan nncl sacrifices th'a't'nro hora when she gives up the son born of that lovn In order to relievo him of thn of hl-s Illicit birth. It carries through to tho hnnrt-toiir- first movie- to be filmed in a. free Italy; "Open City," an exciting talc oC the Italian underground which critics who have previewed it rate n.s one of the moBt stirring films th"v have ever soon. "Open City," which opens today at the Strand, wn.s brought to this country by Rod Geigcr. who stumbled onto It while he was stationed In Rome as a Pfc, As a civilian, CP \a r Espotahs Tiblet Fonn » Siif«r Coatod «T«ke as Olrectw) ing finale when mother and grown | Co|( , OI . nad u . ol . hcd ln Now son moot again in a scene fraught fol . R firm Ulat digt ,. ihu1;ccl French with potent dramatic possibilities. This could ho Miss DcHavillund'a chance for screen Immortality, for Uin role of .Tody la of the sort thai provides still's with award-winning lM ' om fl " ' no turns In tho pftn'ormwnco of hor 1 lifo, a llttlnj; ullmax to a brilliant movlow In the U- S. While hunting around Rome in his off-hours ae a soldier, looking for French films ho might send back hp.rc. ho ran ir.t.n Hossellnl and Amldci and they invited him to help them on "Open City," The picture was finished just before GeJgor was shipped back and ho brought n print with him. John"Lund, declaimed recently by'! Gnlgor has returned to Italy to New York critics for his work | n | produce a picture called "Seven the Broadway hit, "The Hasty Heart," Is said to Impress very favorably In the dual role of Jody's lover and son, and to ha-hj assured himself of film stardom., Other well known and capable performers In. the supporting cast urn Mary An- dnr»on, Phillip Terry, Koland Culver and Bill Goodwin. From tho U. S." with a group of Americans. Gclge.r has seve.n actors from the U. S, A, with him to play the principal roles; .the rest of tho cast will bn picked up there, The companion feature is "Caravan Trail," photographed In Cine- color ,'incl featuring Eddie Dean. Texas hns •!•! communities of 10,On or more population. Tho proi-dclont also pa'ld tribute t.o former Secretary of Labor Fanny Perkins, "I would like to seo that lady :ret tho recognition she deserves," he observed. Note: Arkansanu take Issue with Albanians that war rcconvorter John Steclmim In a bona fldo Alabaman. They nay he. was born in Arkansas. Bob Hanncgan, .who wants no blemishes on Missouri, also emphasises that John Snydnr Is from Arkansas nnd only came to St. Louis recently. (Copyright, 10-10, by The Bell j Syndicate. Inc.) " Births of negro babie.s increased from 210,653 In 1023 to 270,060 in tho count of 193!). VISIT OUR 2ND FLOOR . Si'liM'-tlnn of. Klild.v l-'nrnhiirp A I'l.'M, Sl/K CHIRK O YOUTH nuns a SAND JH1XKS A SWING ON SIKTAI, STAND «t HIGH CKAIHS M MI:T.\I, IIAIIV CAKIIIAOKS BENSON'S KIDDIJE SHOP 130 SQUTH MAIIf ST.. • 'Wntnrbury-' - • • ' LINCOLN EQUIPMENT GO. INC. 15 Leavenworth Street — Tel 5-0177 : WATERBURY 32,, CONNECTICUT SAW SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic electric machine^ will quickly sharpen any kind: of saw:— . '"" r BAND SAWS « CIRCULAR SAWS • CARrENTEK'8 SAAVS • DUTCJIKR'S SAWS • BUCK SAWS, • rOWEK SAWS • ONE »nd TWO MAN SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our'New Electric .'.Welding Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! : i; For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATKR STREET FULL LIQUOR LICJ2NSE y##v *?•. •• As-members of NSM, by invitation, w» or» pledged to provide for your convenience— Kighly'tbilM itafl chofci of m» V PFKM; plaint/ markvd \J Trompl, rtliobt* l«fvk« . ALDERSON FUNERAL' HOME INC. 70 CENTRA.^ AVE. Watcrbury :..,! •'"••• 3-SU2 ^ 201 MEAJDOW. ST • • • '2253. 29.95 Superlative ROSENBLUM suits . . . master-tailored in FOR A CAB •- ..TEV5235,.'. •'.•.y. ..DAY^o> ; NIGHT . •• Independent Cab Co. ,100 South Main St. ' California ... of hard-to-get Bishop Westcoat menswear flannel, 100% o • • •••••' Virgin wool, monotones and stripes, or finest Venetian covert. . . grey stripe, solid grey, pearl grcp, gold or brown . . . sizes 10 to 20 ... as seen in August Harper's Bazaar ... When you've been fitted to a Rosenblum Suit, you'll want one every season! . "'••'' v SUITS— SECOND FLOOR . MUSLEB LIEBESKIND 33-35 Bast Main' St., Waterbury Phone Wat. 4-4191 t

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