Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on January 9, 1975 · Page 7
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 7

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1975
Page 7
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THE TJTONKA TOPIC, TTTONKA, IOWA, JANUARY 9, 1075 FIRST SEMESTER Honor Roll In order to be on the "A" Honor Roll a student must have a 3.76 or better in all subjects that meet dally. To be on the "B" Honor Roll, a student must have a 3.00 or better. * Denotes "A" Honor Roll 12th Grade: Cfnthia Baade*, Jenine Boyken* Connie Heyer*, Deborah Janssen*, Alvlna Re- denius*, Bonna Tapper*, LeAnn Baade, Charla Beed, Angilynn Boeckholt, Gary Brandt, Wayne Bruns, Roy Budlong, Rebecca Bunkofske, Arlyce Christensen, Cheryl Hanson, Linda Hopkes, Dean Mechler, Rodney Norland, Carol Peterson, Linda Ricklets, Vicky Schuller, Leanne Thacker. llth Grade: Brent Rippentrop*, Laura Boekelman, Mary Ghristensen, Steven Dietrich, Jea n Engelbarts, Rachel Eden, Emogene Franzen, Gary Goetz, To the End of Tune, the Spirit Lives Though life ends, on Uves the spirit It is this thought that our services express. WINTER FUNERAL HOME Phone Collect: 562-2858 or 562-2731 If no answer eafl 562-2309 Buffalo Center, Iowa Brian (Meehler, Mary Post, Susan Rike, Lorie Schuster, Bruce Sleper, Philip Ubben. 10th Grade: Jeffrey Heyer*, Joel Hjelmaas*, Paul Janssen*, Don Michaelsen", Alberta Sleper* Neal Struthers*, Jean Baade Kristin Bahling, Judy Brandt, Karen Buflington, Patty Chart- son, Vanessa Follman, Alan Grandgenett, Jolene Isebrand, Terry Meyer, JoAnn Post, Jacque Seelbeck, Lynda Steinberg, Ann Ubben, Renee Womble. v 9th Grade: Jeanine Follman* Susa n Schmidt*, Eldean Boyken, Wendell Christensen, Brenda Meyer, Brian Moore, Janet Post, Kenny Post, Mavis Rike, Roger Smidt, Kevin Wilbeck. 8th Grade: Laura Mayland*, Kent Mechler* Krlsti SchSmidt*, Janice Ubben *, Lola Beenken, David Gerdis, Diane Giesking, Debbie Gray, Janet Heyer, Evelyn Moore, Gayle Moore, Michelle Orthel; Mark Ricklefs, Bradley Ricks, Bret Seeleld, Teresa Tieman, Kristin Wilbeok 7th Grade: Brian Bruns*, Paula Struthers*, Lyle Boeckholt, Chris Brandt, LeAnn ! Bruns, Linda Buflfington, Debra Choose from 160 Gifts! Open a new account or add to a current savings account at Home Federal Savings and Loan in Algona and Garner and choose from a brilliant selection of 160 carefully selected gift ideas. And of course you'll always get the highest interest rates allowable by law at Home Federal, where accounts are insured to $40,000. Stop in and pick from your group : • $1000 - $4999 - Red Group • $5000 - $9999 - White Group • $10,000 and up - Blue Group HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN - Algona & Garner - Yields 5.39%- ON PASSBOOK Doy-ln, Day-Out Passbook Saving! Any Amount — No Minimum Yields 6.98% - CERTIFICATE On 30 Month Certificates $1,000 Minimum 5%%- Yields 5.92% - CERTIFICATE On Three Month Certificates 4500 Minimum - Yields 7.78% ~ CERTIFICATE On 4 Yaor Certificate $J,000 Minimum - Yields 6.72%- CERTIFICATE On One-Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum -Yield* 8.06%- CERTIFICATE On 6 Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum All earning* Automatically reinvested on March 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31. A substantial interest penalty is required for early withdrawal on all certificates. QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS Citonka Consolidated School District, Kossuth, Hancock and Winnebago Counties. I do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct tatcment of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for the quainter ending December 31, 1974. HAROLD E. GARTNER. Secretary FINANCIAL STATEMENT Schoolhouse Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $ 20,099.87 Total Receipts for Quarter 15,898.27 total to Account for $ 35,998.14 total Warrants Drawn Durtag Quarter 28,079.75 Balance at End of Quarter $ 9,918.39 General Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $ 63,613.75 total Receipts for Quarter 221,491.24 Total tc Account for $285,104.99 Expenditures Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter $103,823.26 Teachers, janitors, officers, etc., grouped) Other Warrants Issued — amount 41,773.84 Total Expenditures $145,597.10 Balance at End of Quarter $139,507.89 Summarized Proceedings Pertaining To Financial Matters and Expenses Of This Quarter $9,500.00 of the Schoolhouse Fund balance shown above s invested with the Titonka Savings Bank. $135,000 of the General Fund balance shown above is .nvested wMi the Titonka Savings Bank. LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) Schoolhouse Fund Person, Firm or Corp. To Whom Paid; For What Amount Davenport Bank & Trust Co.; Interest $ 318.75 lowa-Des Moines National Bank; Interest 1,466.25 Titonka Savings Bank; Interest and principal 23,906.00 Valley National Bank; Interest 388 75 TOTAL $26,079.75 General Fund Person, Firm or Corp. To Whom Paid; For What Amount Advanced Systems, Inc.; Paper and repairs Atooco Oil Co.; Gas Anderson Implement Co.; Filters American Management Association; Books Algona Publishing Co.; Ad American Guidance Service, Inc.; Tests $ 316.52 33.43 6.90 17.09 5.20 6.80 Algona Community School; League dues 384.00 American Playground Device Co.; Chain American Angus Association; Slides Artista Corporation; Supplies 41.46 10.00 425.25 Bankers Life Co.; Insurance 1,839.25 Beed Hardware; Supplies and repairs Bro-Dart, Inc.; Books Dick Blick; Supplies Burnstein-Applebee Co.; Equipment . Bureau of Labor; Inspection fee Win. C. Brown Co.; Books Robt. M. Brennan Heating; Repairs . Baker & Taylor Co.; Books R. R. Bowker Company; Books Bomgaars Family Center; Film Joe Bradley Equipment, Inc.; Tires .. 409.05 25.01 13.66 95.41 8.00 34.2! 140.0! 68.8 13.25 9.8' 583.16 Boyken Insurance Agency; Insurance 4,322.9 Clearing Account; Miscellaneous Central Scientific Co.; Supplies Creative Publications; Supplies Continental Press, Inc.; Supplies Creative Teaching Press, Inc.; Supplies City of Titonka; Waiter and sewer 206.0 328.4 181.0 4.3 5.9 164.3 Folkerts, Mark Gaul, Lori Giesking, Lori Hamilton, Lorraine Heifner, Mark Johnson, Michael Movick, Joh n Post, Jeffrey Schutjer, Lisa Seaberg, .Robert Stecker, Sandra Tjaden. CADET GIRL SCOUTS The regular meeting of the Cadet Girl Scouts was held on Monday, January 6 at. 4:15. We were told to taring our punch rugs to the next meeting. We decided that there will be a 25c fine for toeing late. We discussed some challenges. The meeting was adjourned. Lunch was served. —Lola Beenken, secretary BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS The Brownie Girl Scouts met January 6 i n Fellowship Hall of the Methodist Church. The meeting was called to order by Beth Eden, 14 members were present. We ane making plans to visit the Care Center on Feb. 3. We are reiminded to turn in our calendar money. Many of us have contributed to the birthday fund. Linda Heyer is to bring .treats to our next meeting. Anne Erpelding made a motion to adjourn. We enjoyed singing 'the "Desperado" and learning two songs We began a craft project. Paula Harms brought treats —Pam Peterson, reporter JANUARY ^ COUNTRY COUSIN FUZZY, WARM Orion Knee High to in "hi" faihion with then 78% orlon and 25% nylon knee Mgb*. Available in many fashion Mlon and ifaw ft-7%, 8-9)4, and * to 11. '•"77* CALLIES "V" STORE TITONKA, IOWA entral Telephone Co.; Directory Carolina Biological Supply Co.; Supplies roft Publications; Books !happell Music Citopany; Music Carson's; Tile Decker Audiovisual, Inc.; Repairs and equipment ... Dick Blick Co.; Supplies De Vac, Inc.; Windows ' Lavern DeVries; Mileage Decker AthleiMc Supply Co.; Nets Ixpansion Products Co.; Supplies The Economy Co.; Supplies Iddy's Paint & Glass; Repairs Iducational Activities, Inc.; Supplies Electronik Specialties; Repairs iarl's Market; Supplies Eye Gate; Supplies 'armers Co-op Oil Co.; Oil Floor Tennis Company; Supplies 'rank D. Fisher; Repairs 'arm Credit Banks of Omaha; Books G & H Motor Parts; Repairs Ginn & Company; Books General Learning Corporation; Books Gager's Handicraft, Inc.; Supplies Gamble Hinged Music Co.; Folios ,aymond F. Gaul; Mileage Globe-Gazette; Paper 3ruce Giesking; Mowing Gast Service Engineering; Repairs oyce Giesking; Mileage •. Huber Supply Co.; Inc.; Gas and cylinder rent Kenneth Hill; Trucking lough'ton Mifflin Co.; Books Hedrick Brothers, Inc.; Supplies lecil Heyer; Trucking lonken Electric; Equipment leyer Livestock & Trucking; Trucking Doug Harms; Painting logard & Son; Poles Human Behavior Magazine; Magazine Tom Horn; Dues Pete Haines; Repairs Sammond & Stephens Co.; Supplies Sarcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; Supplies Enter state Power Co.; Electricity [owa Employment Security Commission; S.S. tax ... towa Public Employees' Retirement System; Tax .... Josten'e Library Supplies; Supplies [owa Ass'n. of School Boards; Books and registration Jenn Publications; Books [owa Electric Motors & Equipment Co.; Repairs IBM; -Repairs Iowa Testing Programs; Tests Krafft Music Co.; Inc.; Music and equipment Kossuth Motor Co.; Repairs Arthur W. Koskovich; Loading cinders Noel Krantz; Tree cutting : K & H Co-op Oil Co.; Grease Keyboard Jr. Publications, Inc.; Music Kraftbilt Products; Supplies J. S. Laltta & Son; Supplies Learning; Subscription Love Publishing Co.; Supplies Lakota Ready Mix; Cement John J. Lesiak; Exams A. J. Masuen; Supplies Marshall & Swiffl, Inc.; Cleaning -wttpes M & M Motor Freight; Freight : Means Paint & Wallpaper; Paste and paper Metropolitan Supply Co.; Supplies and equipment ... Malecki Music, Inc.; Music |IMarv's K & H Service; Tube i... Midwest Shop Supplies, Inc.; Supplies Midwest Advertising Service; Supplies Med-Ram, Inc.; Supplies Charles E. Merrill Publishing Co.; Supplies Mid West, Carbon Co.; Tapes Money; Subscription , y . Monroe; Equipment ". Northwest Office, Inc.; Repairs and supplies Donald Norland; Refuse hauling Nu-Ball (Manufacturing Co.; Supplies Henry Olson; Piano tuning Olivetti Corporation of America; Equipment Petty Cosh Fund; Postage Postmaster; Postage Parker Publishing Co,, Inc.; Book Nels Pederson Company, Inc.; Loading cinders Paralmount Ceramic, Inc.; Supplies Pendulum Press, Inc.; Books Personal Products Company; Supplies Pyramid Paper Products, Inc.; Supplies Rand McNally Company; Supplies Rollie's Food Center; Supplies Ringsdorf & Associates; Audit Sioux City Music Co.; Music Sportsman's of Stoirm Lake; Supplies South-Western Publishing Co.; Books Standard Oil Co.; Gas and fuel oil Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Draperies Schmltt Music; (Music Sun Oil Co. of Penn.; Gas Sargent-Welch ScieniWfic Co.; Supplies School Arts; 'Subscription Scholastic (Book Services; Supplies Scott, Foresman and Co.; Books Solibach Pharmacy; Syringes '.'..'.. State Agency for Surplus Property; Supplies Social 'Studies School Service; Supplies Serina Press; Books The Sentinel; Subscriptions Gary E. Sleper; Tank Stephen V. Schroeder; Mileage \ .. Tyke Service Center; Supplies Titonka Telephone Co.; Rent and calls Titonka Plumbing, Heating & Supply; Repairs The Titonka Topic; Publication and supplies Triangle School Service; Repairs and supplies Tersch Products, Inc.; Supplies Titonka Fire Department; Repairs '.. Tweeten Stump Removal; Stump removal Teachers Gludes to Television; Subscription United Building Centers; Materials Van Norman Drag; Supplies Rod Wttbeck; Mileage and meals The H. W. Wilson Co.; Books Women Sports; Majgazlne Woden Lumber Co.; Insulation 1.23 16.05 78.00 18.60 35.91 568.95 78.88 1,872.00 36.30 14.75 16.95 97.50 1,848.00 20.01 11.55 98.33 83.50 46.75 45.66 2.75 18.00 170.44 36.36 98.67 16.82 78.93 26.80 8.30 31.50 78.59 7.30 43.79 152.00 280.06 16.77 53.36 501.60 168.00 7.60 477.80 14.00 8.00 60.00 7.92 4.68 1,907.85 5,345.15 3,114.06 58.30 39.00 45.95 10.00 41.60 45.58 861.45 18.51 64.75 265.00 11.95 26.00 19.11 387.53 7.00 6.95 54.00 78.00 74.48-20.74 16.80' 128.12 1,530.74 77.01 6.85 101.38 *- 18.74: 8.86" 3.20 64.14 7.00 535.50 949.40 39.00 57.07 36.00 985.00 60.82 274.80 9.92 110.00 16.85 7.56 5.75 26.33 112.67 74.49 823.00 21.70 455.99 62.97 2,410.29 57.84 " 13.27 '844.27 52.79 9.00 18.00 2.03 10.56 27.70 21.25 10.70 23.95 120.00 40.50 44.10 289.08 500.87 295.33 319.49 45.75 7.75 30.00 3.50 211.59 13.50 151.06 17.00 10.45 183.15 TOTAL *41,773.84 I, 'Harold B. Gartner, Secretary of th« above named School District, do hereby certify that (this preport, pages 1, 2 3, and 4, is a true and correct statement of tie proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending December 31,1974. HAROLD X. GAWTMBB, Secretary Subscribed and -sworn to before roe 'this Dfh day of January A. D. 1975. AIJLAN J,

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