Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 4
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TM Ma^dklly Raew^ and '^Satiglla Dally. AdvelriJalos Hate* Made KnuwniH^ ^ I . MUan. \Mif lilir-l- book Btores have'irand It coats a dbl- tHE TOLA DAILY REGISTSR, SATURDAY EVENINCK 0ECEMPER 16,1911. IX WICHITA, went to Wlchl- ISXMtO primaty deal-.wUcli loat the Second diatrict to^^ the. -^Hepublican partr. It Iti to b& hoped 'tlie Star ia mlatakea Xor Jt would far (roal crMltable to-3enat<>r Brlatow to imonir :the Ba«iK^ Id. receife'ttoir i»*BRiPTioM HATEfc _jj bfa. Bifrictinmi^nfany witty para ;X:\';i '-JrpVVn 's '*Sa.'iS^ EV H**^^^ up th« 10 eepU «„er -..l^--^'-- •UaSBRIPTION Carrlar CeHcrctOi pa A «SS capita- -coat: or. ti., ...ouia thai rear |6.ou would aaxcd. BITT^ .'. dbe Tear. IhiUdu^nii"^'!'.' K.oo '-oat Sunday aftemoon tliU B«m( ONa Tear, OUMMP i-.i.niy W.oo Bjjjy Sunday held u toinpcrnnco meet .K--ii.-t° • public 'r!!?;!?f-5!Sfc»clal whi. If the clTll aervlce were effect oyer the ofllce >.holdB,' IWbuld b«'.rerappoMted on'merit.'and iivo U to a nan 'wiioae only ppsaible "claim" to U it that howaa head of the party jrrsBnlntjon when the nioal dtagracerui political trick .known to party history •fa» pertormcd. TBLEPHONBS- ' HeBcon is authority for Ort/ctf , '. J8 ihrfatflipnient -lbat half the mei), who la% wn®f*-,.fc:::::::::::;:::::j4? #o .«n wioMa .attt ..d«d. or trtw to, '.yitjend. that rtieellhg. And ifli^ jUla inntlflg waa ovit 7.600 men ^t ^od on' their feel to declare fhclr cveridBtIng oppofindii to the saloon nnd vthcir wllIingncBB to ^ght it should It ever raise its hrad a^aln in WJebtUif- Such a scene as that, ns tho-H^cacon well aays, shows how far '.hi-.: wwa has Orflelal P«pe^ of City of laia. Offlelal Pa^tr City of BaiMtt. Ofrtelal l^apcr of Allen Couaty. . C THE TnOriLE ^WtTH RirssiA.,, J." Tljje Hpuae of Rt•prcsentatlveB^ % '^eclirtng by a vote of 300 toLj" he treaty with Russia should.^' traveled in the j.isi foi:r ycors ' time flfty doors .ilcna "Uouglai v.rn Mstn strcrt o^rncd.into cinB. and after tti^ moiaths idu^eed no doubt expressed the seafrj'l?Wf; canu .ilgii less' ;Jiii;i.Y ;606 m^u mejt of the country. And-that-sent- |«na., women vctod to put, tlicm out. i*lit la based upon the understand- Five thousand mm r.iid woinen voted f inii that Russia refuses to recognize ^ thejr belief that tlie saloons. were TJnlted States passports when Iho _ needed. LnjfSunday 7,500 men alone . bearer of them is a Jew who was' declared themaelves on ihe right side. J formerly a resident of Russia but If] Tl >e cause of law and. order ha^i now a naturalized cftlaen of the Tnit- baA going some in Wichita. "If any ' ed States. had risen Sunday," continues the But It Is only fair to Russia, which ^ Beacon, "to declare that withoat the fa' the traditional friend of the United ; saloon Wichita would languish com* States, to say that this view do«i .ppYj /f***=''''"y 8^=*" Krow in its i' reiireient what that country c"laWir*taVeets he wouldn't have had a cbam-: I tO'*« the fact. The Russian government insists that no . objection is made to any American entering. Russia who comes as. a visitor "or upon financial or commercial business. But the class of people agalns^ -whoS|^lt l^angc in Wichita must be passed to has erected bars It says, ar^ agitat- Ibe .crcdit of Billy Sunday,—Billy Sun ore, roToIutioniBtB, anarchists and th like. The ?la8B proscribed. by . lie • St. PiiterSbarg govemmenl lnclude» pratr^ tioally tho^ AmefUiuis of Rusalaq- Jewish origui .whp/doslre to return to the empire ftiib-resl&a or travel outside the pale. The effect of their presence, IL is claimed, Is to arouse the belief within the pnln that.thi-' '.TewB I'bprA trc being discrlminateid against* .Reiuona of intemar order, therefore it Insisted, require Russia to eontlnne the policy It has en- le I day and the Christian religion. |Ts noft the "Saturday Sermon." jr.ion for his doctrine in that crowd That was big enough to sning Wichita in any direction, commercially, politically or morally." —And a lot of the credit for that forced anil' And^JW altogetlher J our i>olnt oj; which American [ly protesteia,'. iij ars the cai )a Jii.not } Of cbuTsI filora !a]^ the treatment which Russia accord -her , Jewish citizens is atrqdotibU ^Riy should .t^ere be a palerS'l^ii^^^ the Jc «iB as vfell iti|'»'^'"'*"y oflier raca'or i to travel v.^cre ^whe^e they nkc? In.' 'confining _ _ a- robbing them alwiijrs 'Sn^^M^H'!*^'' them often, sma^in loorc of the-days i^forc Chinat thtti o[ the twentieth century after. -"* ^ But there may bo reasoua ;Whicii an butaider cannot appreciate. At any rate.tjie fact exists, and if it Is Jruo This That will be found in another column. But cnn coluitin 4s as good as another to remark that when the men of a town make up their minds to follow the Christian religion (here will ,be mighty little chance for this saloons in that town thengSftiM'.. And if Billy Sunday has btrought about ^h'at' .state of mind in ."Wtebita.-^it doesn't make any difference how much money his services have cost. M^KKLY A JIEnmKlt It win explain a gop^^uiany things If you ^car in mind tJMtJTact iVat Mr. LaFoIletto. was a can'didtttie for'l're^ ident a^ the last National; i Republican convention against Mr. Tttft. Very reluctantW after the conven- llon had turned down by an overwhelming vote ail the planks which his followers demanded should be put in thcj platform, hj^rsnnounced that he w(juld support tiie ticket. But from ihe day of Mr. Taft's inauguration be has violently opposed his ad- .TilRfsd-ation, carrying his aniniosity to such an extent that he long, ago ceased callihg'st tha White House on otnclal business, declining even to ac- rppt b special invitation that was 'for t|ie purpose discussing a pul^- ic njeasure. The Register adds two new features today which It ventures to horjo will b^i^oted^by its jeadcra with aome dc- l^hHl' of interb4k X' One, is a aeriea of skofcbes which from day to day will present the more or less tomic adventures of "t'sllx and Fink." This will be found on the "want" page ^nd la 'warranted for at least one good smile. The other is a cartoon, or_| rather . a lot of character sketches, by Mr. Von Pelt, a widely known G.erm,an artist who is introducing America'to the CStrman Idea of newspaper,«mor. These >'on •Pelt things, may not particularly strikt! yoiir funBy bone; but it Is worth whilo to know what other nations laugh at. parties arts tke enf"^ Instead:, ol the {iMsniUon. meaoa are'"former"-Senatori.—^TopiB- ka Capital. = - .. Tbere mvbBbly never was a Senator or anybody elsi^'who held th« view that ^patUes are the [end instead of th^ bWna^' Ijeaa.than a.year .ago "Stella Carol" a giri'.flfts«n year* old. born of poor par^ta^'^wafl ^ng^g for alnis in the streets orHiOilActi. I^aat week she was booked for a series of concerts «t $e00 apiece. Once in a while dreams comeUruo. Imactne «• "We don't wish tcgbe put in tho at- tltudo of cutting ]^ices," reifiarkB Mr Hou^'by way. of ^ommen^ Itn'fhe. re- polr(r:that^Ml9| citnn^r^lii': has set- tred}i^t|it.o( cWct ttr |SS,|itfO'; ^'but can tar us foi ^-$ir,00«i.*'-; they .Only opce'^ncc its organiiation 'baa: the Republleaar';'party refused rcnomlnafloh. to^^^ in.qn whom it has oqce elecled^tBT^e'Presidency. That waftj^to Haye^- atid he ought to have had it ^r lie wajr a good president. The day Ueltore the Arizona election all the "Progressiva" papers declared that both the State tickets were running on "Progressive" platforms. And now they are exploiting the election of the Democratic candidate for Governor as a "Progressive" victory,—thus implying that the Republican candidate who was defeated waa not "Progressive," as (hey hud declared the day before he was. It |a a great system,—until the people get "onto" It. Our idea of a story too good to be true is that which comes down from Alaska by way of the Thayer News about a fellow who went fishing for trout but lost hia hook as regularly as he threw it in because it got snngged on a salmon who swam, away with it, so that the fellow had to quit fishing because the fish wore so thick that he couldn't flsh. Blnrkmnllcrs arc highly undesirable citizens, of course. And yet they mnnago to pick their victims with n considerable degree of skill. "You behave tyburaclf," as Roosevelt shouted back to.tho miner at Cripple Creek who HSkvd htm what he thought "about the bull pen, "You behnvo your self nnd you won't get Into the bull pen." citjsenship on the part of former RnsBlans to return to the old botnc and,stir, up troubl^ the attitude of Russia in the matter of - passports'l •jOX SECOND THOrfiHt." " The book, to which occasional rrf- ereno i has been made/ in this department, will be onaaWy^day. It is named for its patroniuHra^hc On Second Thought depaijJHDfTilBtt.ruiis into something like ;^eo pages. ^ev<;n teen of JIarve Parson's pictures adorn it and the whole works sell* for a dol lac. It Isn't much of a sook. but we need the money, which we hold to be a lagitimate excuse. Individual or- ddN should be sent to J. 'E. JIov?". 'Rteg^.wlll be filled as fast ay reSUvcd '• -ThiM modestly and with cbaqRtcr- iftkip^.^ndor does Mr. House announce thtf^ Volume that bears his name and tl^aC iA>ntalns a thousand or so of ihr paragrapha that have doubtless done more than any other one fafit'iire to hold the readers of the Topeka Capital. • The writer hereof has llttl^nse, as a rule, for the so-called newapapec philosophy. For tho most part it baa seismed to us to be the expression ^ observations so commonplace andyi^ vjpua that they were not wortl^^e trouble it took to put them into t|^. But "Dodd Gaston" is r.dlffeMnt. His paragraphs are vety^^^l^asa: obvious. They are notjptedcea^-tiiifc^n* the road; they are mined for and dug cmt of the depths of a very uncommon inner consciousness. There Sttrwtme of course that do not assay as ,hig^ as others; but there is real gold in alW >r them, either of wit or humor oX'touth -or satire or good wholesome philosophy. So the book is a ^good deah ^ a book, itotwlthstanding the anthqr's modest disclaimer, and is esceediflgly well worth a dollar. To be sure, aa the old lady said of ffie^jfliSflBriWJi. it rhanves th«» n-hwt iT»»(y often. But for that very reason it la a good book to have lying around handy, for if you have only a minute to read you can get your minute's worth. All the - -H -la -aot at ajl an uncommon thing S course, for a candfdaie for office to' ^*hat «'iO :a° to excite sntagpnism man who is h!s rival and in pursuing this retirss taward. President Taft Mr. LA- Folette IB perhaps not violating the rules of the game. But it is Just aa -A-ell to Iiear the fact In mind. The Washington corrcspondnnt of I'rhe Kansas City Star sent a dispatch t» that paper the other day in which a "Folk Follower" was quoted aa declaring that in case Champ Clark controlled the Slissourl delegation of the N'niional Domocratic convention it would be swung to Harmon when it became evident that Clark could not 1)1- nominated. Mr. Clark at once do- nounccd the statement as a "He made out of whole, cloth" and demanded to know the name of the author. And now the Star comes back with th? statement that the interview was given under pledge that the name of the man giving it should not be disclosed, and the Star "would not think of vibl.nting such.a pledge." And that raises the question whether a newspaper has a right to print a false and injurious charge against a man and then hide behind a pledge of confi- drnce which cannot be vIolSted;— which, after all, is no question at all. A paper that wants to be square wouldn't-do it. "It the political Teforii^era who advocate politicaI%'.referm 's Wqfild take a fopr year cojIKse^ln '^iticaK. economy much'wou)d'be'' 'walrd the. betterment of the country." remarked Prof, ^lackraar in a speech at ^ansas City the other day. But what would become of the reformers if tbey^had 'to know something atraut the sub-' Jectsthey so glibly discuss? ' William Allen ^ite declares there is no LaFollctte organization in Kan- saa, and gives as'"one reason that none is needed as everybody who is going to vote for t^FoIIette has already made up his mind. Which is only another way of stating the great truth that there will be no more T^- FoIIette votes in Kansas next June than there are now. -Xhf Jtansas City Star is authority for th» statement that Senator Brla­ tow taa^asidorsed the candidacy of E. it. flbttfy for postmaste^ for Kansas City. Katesas, against the present post master. W. R. Childs. Mr. ChlMs is serving his first term and bis record has b(^ «> good tbat the Department, has recommended hia re-appolntment en his merit. Mr. Shore, It may be remembered, is the man who, as chairman of the congressional committee, AutchinsoB Gazette: Very few papers that qjbroa to this ofilce favor the calling of the legislature in special session. There Is no good ' reason why the state should be subjected to the expense of a sp^ial session, and if one is called It will be for the purpose of playing politics and nothing else. I a wrencc Gazbtte: If you have had your eara burdeped with .a deafening Ellcnce, do not: be alarmed. It is merely the claipor of the taxpayers nf Kansas for A aMcial session of the legislature. \' -" REFLErTIONS OF A R.VCIIELOB. From thoJ'New'Vork Press. ' People 'get into a lot of big trouble trying to lie out of a \Ittle one. A man gets alodg 80 well with an old pipe because It'liever talks back. Generally the man who .sneers at the hsyseeds quit being one himself only the other day. A man can always tell it's, his house when coming home late-at night by how loud the stairs creak/ If a man got the kind of dinner In his own house he ravos 'over <ont camping his wife would halve to go home to her mother. rOlNTED FABAGR.ll>HS. From the Chicago News. A fast young man moves faster on a down grade. \ A man may be able to dress well if his farony doesn't. Home is tiA place whore many a man Bhows up at a disa^aniage. It's easy for a giri to deceive herself about bow she distrust^ her bus- band. The mother-in-law Joke jioes in the funy paper but it falls flat %t home. I. A S.VTrRDAT SERXOX <j* (By BSey. tJ.^^. Johnson). D.vnamito atfd Ori^nized -r.,abor. Or lessons from the McNaviariJi Trial. Preached from Trinity Qhurch Pul, pit Sunday! hight, December 10. '^J^^•Whatso^i^)r;,y* would that men'u&tpyou, even So do'ye also iititb them."—Matt. 7:12. The words of this text cobftitute the goldin rule, but that is nd^'yet-ss popular In the world as Da^d Harum's version of It: "Do to the other fellow as he would do unto you. but db it first." That apjjlipatlon will ne'Ver.aaake things right ^etyreea men netthia- will dynamite. yhe^eyes of all this countty. if-not dfrthe-world are on Ix»s Angeles. The story of the McNamaraa IS ^on everybody's lips. To advance thar. cause of labor," these two men cpnfmitted a dastardly deed. , A controversy had arisen between the labor union known ns the Structural Iron Workers of America, adn the builders of the .lewellyn Iron Works. The l4>s ^ngeles TImes> which had always fii^ff^ union labor bitterly^ came 'oat/n» an ed'itorfai advertis-. I ing "open shop." In October 1910 the Los Angele^i Times building was dy- nsmltad, causing tlte death of twenty- one men. On the following Christmas dayth^ Mewellyn Iron Works in I,os Angeles were dynamited. John J. McN'amara was'one of the high officials of the labor union, and his brother James B. McNamara, were arrested. General Otis, the owner of When a newspaper has an unusual rush of advertlsemcnta it can do one of two things, cut down the reading. ,^ ^ .u . ... v ..... matter or run additional pages. You'*"" '"""' ''^"^''^ ib^t M, building may have noticed,—but for fear you did not we 'iFenturc to mention it,— that when confronted with|that alternative the lola Dally Register alwaya runs additional pages. The Kansas City Star refers to Socialism as "the radical branch of the Insurgent movemenL" Remembering that the Star Is the accepted organ of the Insurgent movement and therefore speaks with authority, suppose bad been destroyed by labor in revenge for his opposition to the union. The labor 'Unions chari^ that the dynamiting was the. resqit 'of a plot of capital to Injure labor: When the McNamaras and others were arrested, leaders Of the labor unions declared that the arrests were the work of capitalista ud haters of union labor, and that these men were Innocent. The Arakrican Federation of Labor wrote and spoke to the same effect, although they did say that if BIBB toSi enoa^. even though ha were offered tli^ ekrtb, to confess to a crime, of vMch. be weref not guilty, knowing that bia confession would doubtless niralt in life 'imprisonment; What good would the earth do him? .White It' la liidioulous to suspect j^t ^pital brought the McNamaras t9.cpnfeiBa guilt of that for which they :W «rq Jio .t guilty: ft would be unjust to charge or even, suspect, in the ab^ senob of evidence,* that organized, labor is responsible for the dastardly ileed of iho McNamaras. But on the other hand, from what haB been aald and done, it is evident that some persons flonllfected: with the labor unions are capable of anything, because of their hatred toward capital. For that kind of men, let labor organizations beware, for their methods will never iring about ttie coveted conditiotis |:between capital and labor. And Indeed Itjras with'a great deal or sBtiafaction that fair minded people read in the papera on Saturday (Dec. 9.) that a committee of the American Federation of Labor, after a two days conference expressed the satisfaction of organized labor that the culprits have been commensurately punished for their crime." and declared.that organized labor should not be held "either legally or. morally responsible for the crimes of an Individual member." Dynamite will never right a wrong, because two wrongs never make a right. Fair minded people agree on the right of labor to organize. iJP- bor has the same right to organize for' its welfare as baa capital. Rut Individual workers also have a right to stay out of the union. Union men have a right to strike, but they have no right to interfere with the men who want to step into the places they voluntarily vacated. Nor have they any right to destroy the property of employers or to prevent them from hiring non-union men that may apply for their Jobs. That labor has Its grievance is generally conceded, th^re is a loud cry for a square deal for the laboring man, but it will never come about by dynamite.- No argument by dynamite brickbats, or cries of "scabs," will ever bring about right relations betw^n capital and labor. Certain labor lenders and certain labor papers should take a lesson from the McNn- An innovation in Oil J Heaters The PjCifecdon Si^kdess OillHeater, with itt druoas enameled in turaudise, is an omatnent to any room, whether in the cpi^try or c'^y home. _ No home is qi^ cojppfipte without a Perfection OA He&ter. It is a necesiity:;U tlye fall and spring, when it is too warm to start iKe regular heaimg apparatus, and too cool to jbe witfiout heat In the midst o^ winter it is often enient as an auxiliary heater, as th^e^are always some cold corals in a house. The enanidecl healer always presents a nice appearance, as ihe enamel w3l not tamiih or bum off. It n not an "enamel punt," bdl it is the sane as the eoamd of your cooking utenals. The Perfection is the most rdiahle and convenient portable hea'&lil device you can find. An automalicaUy-locking flame spreader prevents turning the wick high enou^ moke. DnWn mrohoc. AAymtatttnt «SH liw PafMhoD Heuir cuaMkd: or WM lot dcKTipUTC drciiUr Is «ar Standard Ofl Company (iBcorponM) ^ " between men. After all. It Is a matter of the individual. Society wiU never be better until the Individual better. Every man and woman wh; falls to line up with Jesus Christ a^ii Ms chorch Is blocking the progi«,9s.^f rigbteoasnesB. Therefore my. appe^l,{ is to the individual. Xiome to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of yb«r sin. Surrender your life to Jea^s Christ and accept him as your persop- a1 Savior. There is no other remedy- There are theories plenty, but fao theory will work until it Is reducfed to this: Jesus Christ as a living'per­ sonality In the human heart.'Meniqnd women, if you mean to be the frfeods of tho laboring man. if you mean' to mara incident: It is to be hoped that for the right wherever it-iriay there will be less cry. of "martyrs" when Buch men as the McNamaras, Harry Orchard, Haywood, Moyer, Pettibone, etc., are brought to Justice for their crimes. ~ 'Thoso who wish organized labor well as a fbrce for righteousness and betterment, must hush the cry of martyr" when criminals are brougl^ to Justice, and must like good citizens stand for fair and Just trial. It Is an unmerited reflection on the judiciary; of the nation to say that justice is not to be Imd In' our courts. Ther^ may' be men who can l>e bought, but thus be, line up with Jesus Christ,andlhls church. ESTHER sr. CLARK'S COLUMJi. —I had other things to do. There didn't-really seem to be enough" contumely to go around; it spreatt. tbo : thin. I didn't realize until it was top] late to retract what I had undertaken in trying to reckon on the total.: I began, counting them on the lingers ,pf one hand but ihe list spread out like molasses on a warm day. When v/e were little tykes we used to think that it we counted up ninety-nltie white horses nnd one white mule th&t we had seen with our own eyes, what ever we wished would cometrua I industriously counted up nin^ty-niiflr' white men whp were afraid oti soiner thing in petticoats, and Iip^etulljr looked for the hundredth mkti li^ho was NOT afraid, so that I mlglit.make my wish. I donjt think that' wtiih v.;lll comft true becauso I Ksve'tiot yet had the opportunity to make. it. Tho hundredth man is still at large. Once I thought I had found bim lb the person-of-a scarrrd and" gtizileil Indian who had lived through enough blood and thunder to illuml- j , . . ... iinte several volumes of popular flve^ Us a thousand pities, Angeline^ ^^^^ „j^^^,„,^ I ^j,^^ observes, that the matter of marrlanc ,,„„„ ,v„„ . can't be confined to the two parties ^^^J ^ Angellne^' parties to the contract, and not spread all over the county among their friends and relations. A man used to think!; raw'that hero of many battles quail before a wife of thirty-eight years* staiidinir,-whose .tongue, bild.'lost none far the preponderance of the evidence {he ^as marrying a wife; nowadays.'^'^ '5™'?',"? *" thai Ume. is against the men who would keep j,e jmows that he is marrying a clan, ! ' ' criminals out of the hands of the law ,f i,g doesn't like the stripe of ^ ^° mania a hero at his oi^n^hea and defeat Justice. . j their plaid he'd far better stay out. Let organized labor take Its standi you read that sentence over unuT it • ^"'V'/'" extent of the law. sinks In far enought for you to remember it. ~' What a good old bachelor uncle the Santa Fe railroad Is getting to be! Ite latest bit of generosity is to offor and yon may be sure the offer will Detective Burns who )iad been especially employed in the case declared that he had sufficient evidence to convict the McNamaras bift whil-3 the court waa busy securing .a Jury, labor union men and the rest of the peo pie. were astonished when the papers came out declaring that tiie l^cNa- be accepted,—to take the Kansas University Glee Club to Oalifomla and ' maras had confessed thefr guilt. Even bscki paying all .the expenses of the round trip. then, some labor union men went to far as- tf6''iB»y that they bSd been four-square for the right, and it will no% be injured by the McNamara incident. Leaders of labor and laboring men generally must take such a decided stand: for righteousness tbat dynamite and assassinations shall j not be associated with the labor < cause. The solution of the capital and labor problem lies in the golden rule. There are wrongs to be righted, but the causes of these wrongs are no different from the causes of other wrongs, -the cause of all wrong Is spelle4 wltjii three letters: S-I-N. Whether capital sjalfers or labor suffers. .Whether nations-suffer or individuals suffer, the cause is S-I-N. The root of the disease is sin. When men shall apply to each other the golden rule—"Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you. even so do ye also unto them,"—then, and not until then, will wrongs be made right. That will not come to pvtss In a day but thank God the day Is coming, though' slowly, "Our God is marching on!" All the forces of hell cannot stay him. Jeatis Christ is steadily becoming enthroned in the consciences of men. When you look in certain directions you may not see it, you may not believe it. But It is like going hunting, a fellow usually sees what he is looking for. 1 tell you God Is going to win out in this conflict with the devil. Jesus Christ did not die for a losing cauie.. The greateat mistake mm can make ia .to turn their backs on Christ and the church. It makes me sick at heart to listen to the nonsense one hears now and then about the church not being In sympathy with the laboring man, not caring anything for the poor man. Where in all the' world Is thefe an organisation that does care for the poor if the church doesnt? An editor up-state comments on the fact that some women who have opinions of their own about men, are still, "hugging single blessedness." It is to be inferred therf that it is' the women who have no opinions of that sort who are filling the yawning gaps in the matrimonial ranks today. Where did the up-state editor get on anyway? Huccome he knows ao much about it? Did he ever, in the days of his youth take a neatly pointed proposal of marriage and pry loose the stranglehold some defenseless woman had on single blessedness? If he did it's a guilty conscience that's! troubling him now. rt »<v side. As a lighting miab tbe Indlail'^^ war veteran was the gobds^^l wool •~nd a yard -wide. Btit in domestic confines the material didn't aisasnre over twenty-seven inches, and was oottQn one way at that! The Yates Center News, in, its bio- :;rapby of Alexander Stewart, whose ileath was noted in The-Registar some dnys ago, states th^t Mr. Stewart '-noved to idia from, Douglas county April 1, ISaS, and taught the first school organiaM here. ' In 1863. ha moved from. lola to Leroy and later to Yates Center where he died. ' _ However, such barbs draw no blood in this quarter. It's only an unmarried woman who is safe ln'<bfvlng opinions of men, because she has only those of lier own blood to deal with as a consequence, and not some half- , baked acquaintance she may: have picked up around the corner an^.tli^d to for' better or for worse,-world'with­ out end. CHILD'S HEAD miD iSSJiiR It Was Awful. Crisljpontinually. Had to Hold aBdlmtch Hlat^ to Keep,Him from Scratchi^i|^ SiifTering Was Dreadful. . r Had not Ustd Half a Set of Cuticiira . Remedies Before Head was Clear, andr Free from tczima. . The church Is the labofrlng man's best friend. If he ever wins oiit, if his grievances are. ever 'righted,, it will be through tlie church. The church stands for Jesus chrlst. and most bought by capital to make tjie con-'Jesus Christ stands for the. gdlden fession. This U so preposterens tbat rule, and: the golden rule is the only „. . Ltke "foVmer Senator'Scott,' ina» i • „ _.- , is held chiefly responsible for ttae^Seaators who bold to^e view that ^ it is scarcely worth a moment's con-1 remedy for righting wrong relaUons So far as I know, the right of a cat' to look at a king baa never been dl»^ puted. If royalty resents the stare as an impertinence, he gets gay and shies something at the offender, "Just to make things nice and Juicy," as a young friend of mine has nicely put it. But usually royalty is only too flattered by the notice. ~ ' - And of course, an unmarried wo- "I think thP Cuticura Bemedjn ife the bMt remedies for ecsema'I Ism ever heard of. My matberhad A ^ il who had a rash on its head whteMt v a real young. Doctor culled iC b ^yiiM U He gave us medicine,- biit it 414 goocT ID-a few days the bead ««s'a solid masts, a running sore.' It^ was awful, the chiki cried oontinusllr. We had to hold, him. and .watch bun [to , keep himj from soatching the sore. His sulTenne was dreadflil. At last TO .rememberccf Cuticoni Beinedies. We got a donar bbttle of .Cutkwa BeaOl- vent, a boT of C^iticura .Ointment, and a bar of Cuticuca Soqp:" We pva tbe man.knowsamanwhenaljeseeaone.' JS^Wc'uttSflsS^i^d'SSa In fact, she can usually distinguish the Cuticura Ointment.- We had not bet^een*>nd a huckleberry ^ bush hxAt a male away.. And there's never cosie back again. His haid^w^lll^ bne woms* wlB. positively refusea to, ^.'"'i ^t^^^fc* ^ ^.SSfS ^i get excited over •'the discovery: of the- editor that nnmarried women with discerning eyes have actually been known to sidestep double harness. ilealtbr and he had » beautiful: fatiir. I think the Cuticura 01 VHry good for the hair.' It -makes (be ow and pre'renta falling hair." } Mrs. Francislrimd. nfip City, I used to heap contumf^ly uid other heavy and unkind thlnga iipbn the heads of tbe men who are ah^hl of women. But it .has kept ihe too busy Icain.grow and preventa falling &alr." (SigBed} Mrs. Francisl^md. nfin I tJtairSept. in, lOlO.-' . Cuticura Socp an* Ointment av for sale Uirougho-Jt the wortd, but to tboco who have suffered, mocb, last bop* and am vj'tiiout faith in aoj' t^oifmeht. a llb«r^ sample-of each n let oXthe 8kbr-w»i£^nMaieil „ applkation. Address'Pottsr Drag A Chi'ia. Corp.TDejJt.- 128, Boston.

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