Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOU DAILY RfeGISl^R, SATURDAY EVE^NG/PkdE&Bg^^^^ 2-. aiistalDinR tho Injury, that a negro llitruck ,her with a club. Mrs. Klnslcr Ijias been deliriouii maaX.-. of the time since receiving the Injury, becoming {rationol only at Infrecfurnt intervals, during each of which, however, she has' stoutly conflrmed - the statement made liist night to the ofTect that she was assaulted by ii negro. Although iKc family helleve sJTe was injured by falling from the porch, there Is no _ conclusive evidence to tht« effiect and j there Is some renson to believe that her aceount \% true, and not lhc> rr- sult of dellriani. —Cut Flowers in Carnations Roses, Chrypdnthemums, NarclRsnis, Servla for all nrraslons, at Prlnimer's Green House. 704 East Lincoln. Phone 304. 1 —GIVR YOCR LIST OF PUF^- I i:.\TS TO SA.\T.\ CLAITS AT KRESS j NKXT WEEK. Attorney S. A. Gard delivered a j very interesting address to the stud- ••nts of the lola business ct'llepe yesterday afternoon on the subject of ; "I'oiumorcial Papers." Th ? subject is I one of the greatest interest to *hose m.nkinp u stufly of such juhje<j£s as nrc taught nt the business C(>llege, and the points brought out. were va". uaLcl to the .stud<-nts. —Fred Kowdcn. Period Derorator. I'honc TSti. CESTRAL FIGUBES »' XATIODIAL BUIilARP LEAGUE. A. C. Freeburg, of Savdnlurg tlie city today on business. A few s^attrred incoming Chrlsl- m:ih paekapes the past few days have .heralded the Christinas rush which is I to Ilood the> ro8tofllc« :ioon; and the I appearance yesterday of a number of outpolnr packages apprised the clerks I ili't t:,py nro on tho brink of the hard i: in IS', ivork of (lie year. Iced by .Mundis. C. J. Peterson arrhnl liom.' tin niiirnliiir from a l)iisinr>-s \isit in K;iii- —ChTlslnias Sliannon's. Tiet's and llolly at Tiie iireseni wi^aMier in OkJahonia \ niti.^i fnrnish a jirony viiarii contrast I to tiie wpathor in this vicinity, as iiie ' (onihictor of the early morning Santa Ve report!! that it Is snowing in tliat stali\ and that lliere is fully an inc'i on tlie groiintl ai IJart'.csvilli'. \ lu-avy ; rain fell hero just a \v?ek asro tmlay. | liiit thp jmst wrok lias lieen very | jiioasanl. —The W. C. Teats RMlty Co. tas^ • •• ed to Kress building. Office roems 24. imc now :ind .nttraetlve aults have ;int lioen ordered by the lola high school basket ball 1is-im. The ler-snys win lie of black with a wide red stripe around tlu> iniddl'». On the front of each in wliite will bo an "1" six Inch• p high, in old Kncllsh. The soeks will also bo of hl;iek, with a red siripn around the middle. The pants wll be white. ^ ^lon't forget tlie I'rce Dinner effort. Salvation Army r.illy Sunday preached a sermon to "•omen a few nights ago, as one of dip series he is giving in Wichita and mentioned tlirling, old maids and —Yon will find that druggists every ^ a few other things as follows: wlirro .<peaic well of Chamberlain'.'j '"I h:ivo aettially had girls come to Coiigh Ueruedj". They know from lonrjme. and in their simpering silly man- Aperienee in the sale of it that in i ner say to me. •Eyerytimo I go down \^-es of coughs and colds it can al- , 'he street. 1 am annoyed bv the fel- St. I.onis. Mo., Dec. 16.—A year ago when the National Billiard League was organized It created much Interest, hut there were not many followers (if the green cloth and cue who looked for the league to survive. However the organisation is prospering through tho efllclent management of tlH- ofll cers. William P. Mussey of Chicago Is jircsldent of the league and Cbarlio Peterson of St. Ixjtils Is secretary and treasurer. Hoth are roomkeeiiers and star players but don't particiiiatc In the league games. The league iif conducted much along the lines of basebiill and Individual players are not given as much attention as the cities they represent. Mr. Peterson Is perhaps the greatest fancy shot lillUardlst in the world. ways be deepnded upon, and that it i.' pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. —Elite and Majestic now .')C. Mrs. David Kinslcr. who snstaiU'il a severe fracture of llie skull last niplit. regained consciousness iliis .il- tenioon. She> reiterated the declnr.a- tion made-last night, shortly aflt-r i lows flirting with me." I tell you nine i limes out of ten it is your own fool I fatilt when you go down street if ev- I ery man speaks to you. it's your own ,ool fault. I say. Don't come to me with any such talk. I tell you a man can tell by vour actions whether you are the kind of a girl he can flirt with. If you go along in a ladylike '•'fined way. no man will molest you. and mankind will treat you right. "There is no such a thing as an old mnid: they are simply maids In waiting. Soiue of the finest women in the world, such as Florence Nightengale. Clara Flarton and Francos B. Wlllard. were old maids so you see you will not be in bad company. Don't he afraid of being an old mnid. It is a thousand times better to be a lea- drinking old maid with it stack of cats, tnan to macry a black-hearted, whiskey-soaked, cigarette-smoking ex cuse of a man. Girls don't let your actions advertise. 'Man Wanted.' and. wives don't transfer your love which God gave you to bestow upon your husbands and sons, to a poodle dog. -Now, don't understand. I don't mean you are not to have pets. Great Ce»- .sar! no. That's all right; but don't I'cstow you arf<vtio "3 upon them." —Leave yotir Clirl.stnias orders at Prlmmer's for Flowers and Plants. Phone 104. .Tohn W. Drown, clerk of the district eourt, has compleied the docket for the January term of Ihc dfstrlcl SAGE AND SULPHUR Made Her Look Twenty Years Younger S£AD MRS. HERRiCK'S SWORN SUTEMENT STATE OF NE\V YOITK COUNTY OF MONROE > ss.: KocHEsnx, N. Y. Nancy A. Hcrrick, being duly sworn, depojes aad says: When I was a girl 1 had a head of heavy, lotif, dark- brown hair whicli was die envy of my friends and which attracted the attenti'in and remarks of sti^ngers, but as 1 grew older it commenced to come out. When my hair wa* qtiite thin and gray, I was induced by the many good reports I had lieard of Wyeth's Sage an^ Sulphur to try x bottle; antl you can imagine my satisfaction when I found my hair was- fast coming back to its natural condition. I continued to use Sage and Sulphur until my hair w|as as heavy, dark and smooth as when I %yas a girl of sixteen. It is now four years since I began tising Sage and Sulphur and my hair is in splendid condition. htfanmtOiUi You Can Look Ye ^t$ XPKJiy Using: court. It contains nine criminal cases and 116 civil actions. There is an increase of 15 civil actions over the last term and a decrease of 9 criminal cases. Yesterday was the last day of work at the lola Huslncss College until January second, the Christmas Vacation beginning next week. • • —6% Money. K. M. Gnnpiagbum. . Mr. .ind Mrs. T. C. Reynolds, of ^llceville, Kan^., returned to their homn yeslerdsy after a visit with Mr and Jfrs. F. M. Green. —Palace Rooms $1..'>0 per week up Opposite Post Office. Phone 262. Arrangements have been completed for a series of tenpins on the Record alleys next Friday night betweeti the locals and the Burlington team. ^ Tho Record team will also hav6' several games with Humboldt and Yates Center during tie week. —Dr. Lnpy M. HDII, Osleopafb. Telephones 130 and 661. Mrs. C. A. Bauersfleld and daughter, Miss Ritima of Y'ates Center are in the city today visiting friends and doing Christmas shopping. —nr. lIcMnien. Phones K and 23S. H A 1 R R E fV8 S- D \ It is an Elegant, Refreshing Dressing . It Makes the Hair Soft and Glossy It Quickly Ren^oves Dandrufl It StopslHair Falling and Makes the Hair Grow ^ It Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color PRICE 50c. AND $1.00 A BOTTLE AT ALL DRU0Q1ST8 It. mtmM mm thm yiflec tm mtmmpm, mmt mm wID MM Miss Rnbv Phelps of Yates Center is visiting her brother Thomas Phelps on dwife. •fiC3 oooticj uosjajjaf -g 90!? 'nnBmna]^{ H ]O p »3i pa« Jno]f ixibS ifnq 01 iBajajui iwoi oj aq ni^ If— Frank Bigler, the Solomon, Kas.. wrp««tpr. who hi>R flRUTPd In several matches here, will wrestle Pearl Norton tonlKht at Bronson. As", Norton Is well ki\nwn h"re the mntoh wll} be watched with interest by local sports. Cal n »iiity wi ;o 'i !(8 been visiting his d h'">- MrH. Harold Fulton for sever:;! d.-iys left ye.<;!<rday for" his home in Tiiiton. .Mr. iiiid Mrs WilMatn Rumble, of Moran are In the city today visiang friends. T. R. Shoi'c .irrlvcd home this morn ing from a visit of sevorai monts in Xew Providence, In. Scott McFarland will lojivr tonight for St. Joseph Mo„ for .i visit of several days with relatives. Judge Oscar Foust wll go to Yates penter Monday to hold the-regular term of court. He will be busy Until December 22 when the second adjourned term of the Allen county district court win be opened in Iqjp. TO PUBLISH POETS LETl. Interesting Collection of Corresppnd- ence of One of France'* Great* est Poeta Otteevereid. ^1 of a mlMlon nma ot tX A^Mftwwe;' «ton« are *ti«t all ytm ha^wwlTDSrSi •oolUiur. vauwrtMd <»ire tiM irill mtannc^ noDth'* Ume. ft yna nvdlaciiMrd and dlKoancad. CooSd jra4 ds a Utter act tiaa to Mid tUr aolie* to MO* BARS OUT RUSSIAN GEESE Galmany't Blow to - a Great Trade . Serloualy Felt on. Both Sidaa of. Border. Annoqncemeat ]>as bem.made that the German autboirlties haye auspena- ed tbe Importation of live ceese from Russia on the ground that there Is a considerable amount of diseaao prevalent In the frontier 'dtBtricU of ~<tiat country. .' Coming, as this prohibition does. Imp mediately prior to the period wlleaiIn^ ports of IWe geese Increase rapidly the question Is serious alike to breeid* era In Rnssla, who will have ..^.nia quantities of birds thrpwa va tlielr, bands; to German gooaa fatteners, aa they will be ukiable to fill up their pens, for the bdme production is totak iy Insufflctent to meet their reqnira* mepts, and to housewives in Gennany, who win find the already high prlca of wha^ Is an Important article pi; food advance atUl turther nnjl probably be prohibitive. Russians state that there is; no Justification for this regulation, that it is a trade move In the interests of German dealers to force down prices and as a measure of fiscal protection to German breeders. Germany Imports . annually about 8,000,000 live geese, of which seven eights come from Russia, where these birds are bred In vast . numbers throughout the western and southwest em governments. They are bought from the raisers by traveling dealers who drive them in huge flocks to tht frontier stations, where they are en trained tor despatch, to Berlin and otb er cities. The cars used for this purpose are built in four decks, each car holding about 1,200 birds.. Special trains.are run In the season, consisting of dozen to ..thirty-five .cars, in accordance with the supply. As ms^ny 60,000 geese have been known to arrive at Magerviehbof market, Berlin on a single day.—Westminster Ga- tette. PUBLIC SALE. will ^11 at my farm 1 mile west and 2 miles north of Lallarpe, and mile east and 2 miles north of Gas, TL'ESDA YDCCEJIBEK 19tb Sale beginning at 10 a. m,. the fbl lowing property: 3 HORSES 1 bay mare, 1000 lbs., in foal by Jack; 1 bay mare, 2 years old, Clyde mare colt. 7 CATTLE. 3 milch cows, 2 giving milk, will be fresh in spring; 1 yearling heifer; heifer calves. 10 HOGS, weighing 100 lbs., 8 weighing 70 lbs IMPLEMENTS. 1 wagon, 1 mowing machine, 1 cultivator. 1 sulky rake, 1 walking plow, IG-inch; jl riding plow, 16-Inch; 1 hay rack. 1 grain binder, 1 corn planter grindstone and other articles; 2 sett work harness; 50 rods woven hog •e. 80 rods barb wire; 15 rods of chicken wire. FEED. 20() bushels corn in cril». ."»0 bu. of kaillr corn threshed, 80 shocks cane hay. 40 shocks kaffir corn headed. Three dozen hens. Terms o[ Sale. . All sums of $10 and under, cash. Over 110 nine months time on approved notes at 6% from date if paid when dtie. If not paid when due 109f- from date. 4% discount for cash on time sales. No property to be removed un til settled for. a P. WALKER. n. SMOCK. Auctioneer. P. COBLENTZ, Clerk. Lunch on Grounds. VfytXh Chemical Company, 74 CorUaadt St, New Y ^riCp N. Y. A 9Sm CtfM of Wyam^ Ssff* mm» Bidvlnr tmUm ammp Wtmm to anroam wh* wUl «s this •dTattiaameoi with 10c In ttampa to covar coat ol wrapploc antf matUPf On Si»eclal Agent—S. R. Burrell An Interesting literary discovery has been made, an immense collection of tbe correspondence of Mvoe- llne Sesbordes-Valmore. the greatest of the women poets of olneteantb century France. The letters Inclnd- ed in it were bought one by one (com the autograph dealers by her sop WP- polyte Valmore. Ho annoted them and meant lo publish them; but wben. bo died a bachelor of 72 about twenty years ago, there was no mention- of tals Intentions in bis wIlL The albums then fell Into tfa« basds of his servant, who was Ignorant; of. their value but did not destroy tbani. Finding them too cumbersomo to carry about with her she gave tbem away. The recipient preserved thom. tbottch wltbiittt attaching any partica< lar finportance to them; and BOW. at last they have attracted the attention LET YOUR RENT BUY A FARI^ Before a renter can pocket any * profit himself he must pay .Inter* eat on the sum the owner has in- * * vested in the farm in the form of ' * rent. • * The man who works his own ' farm adds to his net profits the * rental of the land; avoids the * expense of moving; annualljr; has * a good place to Invest his surplus * where he can watch it make him • more money, and Is on the road * * to coiafort and peace of mind in * * his old age. • * I have just secared for sale * * several farms good ones, well • * located, price very cheap com- • pared with surrounding farms. * These are 80-acr^' and 160-acre • places. Smalt first payment asked * and easy terms for balance. * I consider this a' rare chance * for the right men. Bee me at once * before they are sold and get full * details. • J. E. POWELL * Oxer Eraas Bros, lola, Kansas. * of a.eonactor and are to bo edited and ipubliabed In the course of ttao ^.QQ RECEIPT IFREE FOR f Mil let Santa Name the Gift AN OUT-POURING of PiAKOS for CHRISTMAS Never before have we sold so many Pianos for gifts Sends one home for Chrisfmas 20 cents each day pays for it .• ) .1 We Cany the Largest'Stock of Pianos in the State of Kansas / • i Laugh AH Day CHRISTMAS and forever afterward^i 1 -0 ••t'V -SI .I A complete line of Phonographs, Victrolias, Talking Machines, Violins, i Banjos, Mandolins, Guitars, Music Rolls and everj^thing in Music. XV. Roberts store Open Evenings! Co. lola, Kansas BE Game and Poultry ' For Christmas you wll' find here In great plenty —if you come early enough. -^Open" weather bas mad^ good turkeys scarce; but early comr era will find their needs supplied—turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. Meats of erery de-; liinhle Ulud—heef, muittin, pork and veal. We are prepared for Christmas catering in, the meat line. OTTO\HINZE Fbone 291 See us for the iSpecial Offer On DeLaval Separators Brighaidai Ifhrd- ware Go. Highest For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPFS JUNK YARD ., Phone 314 2-Ply New West Roofing --$1.75 Per Squarie COLE ilARimA^^ «'Bi>»t on Earth" —This Is the verdict of R. J. Howell, Tracy O., who bought Foley's Honey tnd Tar Compound for his wife. "Her ase was the worst I.have ever seen, ind looked like a sure case of con- nmptlon. fler lungs were sore and ibe coughed almost incessantly and ler^volce was hoarse and weak. Foley's Jfouey and Tar Compound "irougbt relief at once and less thsn three bottles effected a complete I «Br»-"-'' J. P. Mwndla jfc Co. $l<^ Rewanl. SIOO. i •5ft TMimbt Uib Mwr win be tltmH to Mm . thai (ticR- ta n Iniit OM <lrcau«d ukuMt (bat MWOM -lu -xtn abi. to rum la M tt> itam aad IMtl IS CtMiTti. lua.^ Catarrh Cure H UM oolr Bomlw cure iMv^ kimiRi to (M nwdlvat Intmttr. Cbma beiw a ni:i>litdtK»*l dlanuw, nqiiuta a eoofUts.. inx-U titaimriL riiin Ckiarrb Oin h tattn . Scmallr.'aetdu dtrecflr vfttm the Mood aad moeew mrttw gf' itf *^ta. timttir dMtnqrloc tba (oundiUM of~tti *..<!iMM aut.clvUw tbapatHol. itrvnstli by bnltdn't «.(• liM eoratltiniaa and tm» nt rnlure »x aotax ttr »nrk. lb* iwootMO* k *T*. u micti num I'l liM otrikttn powm that U MT oBar On. Uinitml Dglun fof^iny On that K faSi U •un. Se;i(J lot itM of tnnK.'oila!! AiMmw r. J. CIJKVKV A tO» 'l-oledOi O. tfoii .y -ill r,i •r^u. 7SC. . TH-M JL'- i rarnsjr lim ^

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