The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 7, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 7
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By ElEANOR MITCHEt (F.lfannr M'ttrhfi', la on c /Inrtf VViM.flou), r.r-VV/lC.' m/terr tuho jirnx.'fl in rViiofrmd, /''I'tnicc A Germany In inmuif; t/us uioefc'.'! f/rw York ... or I shnuH s;iy Pnrls bpc.'ni'sp that is whoiv.' domi' very I'xcitinK pl.'iiiM niv sn:i|mit up, I'm riot tiilkiim siliout I- payer Conference, I'm tiilkmi, V, -~? jbont the Unltrcl Niitmns rlrku.'a- ", Sficnllllc iincl C'ulnii'iil Or- danlziitioM (UNK.SCO), ll<; pur- po.if? Well, let's h.'ivp ;i Ion!: ;it |!H Cnnstitiiliiin--"Sinc'c wars bi jjin In the riiim!. 1 : of mon, it Is in ihc minds o( rn<:n that the ik- felWM of nrncp must br ton itructPCl." UNKSCO bulinvcs that tho morn we know nbout c«ci other, HIP iirttrr will we- he nhli to tincln'.'itanrl and work to;;cthrr Most of us have s-orno raUic funny iclniii ;ibrnu uthcr counirii.'. —they l!| l>< queer l;tnj;ti:if!es we don't understand, They don't do Iti'infis tlie way we do them, And, tfrnrrally. they seem pretty clis •tintir we hear about usually when we arc- having 'i fliri.'iijwtnfnt. Tho function of UNKSCO i". to inaku in see pnch oilier n.i ordinary human bnlnfCi—to provide cliiinncl.': so thdt wo can leai'n what nlher people .ire thlnkin;;. writing, painl- ing, .iliiKinfi nnd doinj;. Forty-four nations have be.rn working through their reprrven- tntlvort (or the last nlno months In,London to lay the foundations (or the nrw ovfjnniwillnn, It Is wonclwrful to think ot the London that 1 remember (is n rather (trim hatllelleld nmv building th ri slaew.i of peace. My London was (i blacked out darkness in which onn fell olT curbs nt ni^ht (uul i-mbrac'L'd couiUli.'::?; lamp po:;l?i, A I.ondriM where Happing tar paper craeklod in the windows and moonlight turned n thousand ruins into early (.'.reek and Ho- m;m renuiin::, A London whi.'i'c Ihf sky hroui;ht boni'ns, 'i'oday (.niiclon is thu cradle, of. UNKSCO. Mowi'Vei', tin: baby r; f.ijit Ki'owinK iif> arid is movini; to \H permanent headquarters in i'nrlfl, for centui'ifM the cultural contt-r of Hie Western v/ork|, Suvpnluen nations have already lltfncd tlie C'lnstitiition — irii'lud- InK the Unltbd States. Three niorp jiijinatiii'i.'S anil UNKSCO will corn.' into existence as one of (lie i .tnrcifllizprl a>;encie;i of the United Nations. The I 1 'IT rich Ciovrrnrncint h;is ^,'iven it tlie bi« Hotel Ma- Jc'itk', wartime United States Army headciuarter.-;, an its now html". The hotel, a m.'Hsivo Ki'ey nlont' buildim; lies not far I'roin thr Ktolln, wher n tho Brent Arch covers the over burning flamr! on tin? Rr.-ivu of th'j Unknown Sol- tlii'i', An a token of respect nil military potY,o-inc;l salute wht-n they pax* the wave And by tho way. Ktoile, which means star, f.ot i!,<; name because twelve nve- nui-s I'iidlntc nut from it like the points of stars. 1 wi-ih you could have seen it on V-K Day, Under tho Arch were hunR tho (laps of tlie live (ViR Powel'S. Floodlights [iliiypd on tiiem nt nlRht and they I'lllowed In the hreor.os like fjreat red sails, Well. V-K Day Ir, more than n vear old now. but if it is HoinK to b« a real victory, we nrc Roins to have to put our faith and clc- Ifr/iiination iincl help behind or- Kdninntlon.i like .UMKSCO. Although UNfiSCO hasn't quite reached the; voting nKe—not until It nets those three signatures— it rum already begun to work, It has f;r>t two first must jobs ahead "t it. One of thc-sy mipht be called n ('.moral inventory. What school books and schools, litaralurc, libraries, pictures, museums, music, films, snie.ntists and lanorato- rk-t hav(? we f^ot in the world? \Vhere does who need what most? Obviously we can't send ideas and cultures on tour until wo know what wu'v: #ot to cxnort. The oth^r urgent nroblem is help to war devastated countries. Jm- 'fliiito projects Include round table; conferences of youth lenders to iiid them In making the nmv nentrntion Kood citizens of Ihc world: plnns for a world Copyright ConfrTonee: n program of action on the subject of Illiteracy; and n/jrec.nont.s to facilitate thu international exchange of •ducationnl. sclertiflc and cultural dims and direct a.i.'iistnnco to artists and musicians in war dev- istnted areas. The first session of the General !.'onference will open in Paris on November <lth. The Conference, consisting, of all states who sign the Constitution, dulcruiiiics the. 'oliev and scope of activities of UNKSCO. Like our UN Week, Paris is tinkling a U'MH'.SCO Month n November to welcome the new Dr;;anl/ation to its new home. I'he celobratlons will include m- ernational exhibitions of modern irt. (rclucatlon, science., and architecture. There will be concerts of noclern mur.ic. drama festivals, in international film festival and nan.v other features, Watch for ho broadcasts. There will be ilenty of them to give those who •an'! get to Pans n glimpse of what UNKSCO means to us and he other peoples of the world, NAtTGATUCK NEWS fCONN.). TUESDAY, AUG. 20, 1948—PACK t Something To Sell? Try Classified Legal Notices NO'nCK OJl' 1 RID bld.M for the transiportn- Lion of school chlldrnn In Beacon Kiills, must be In the liniulu oC the Secretary ot tho School Boiu'cl not Inter than Tuesday, Augruat 27, 11(1. •Km- fiirther Inforiniitlon. contnc.L nny niomhor of tho School Bonrd. CLAYTON TUCKER, Chnlrmaiv. School Board. Diitcd ill BCIICUH Fulls, Conn,, AiifTUHt 20, 10')6. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Thl.s la to give nolicc that I, MuUhow 13. Scully, of 23 Union .•it-, NHUK'UUcU, have filed an application (luted AuKUHll2, UMfi, with .he Llriuor Control Commission for i rcHtnurtmt liquor permit for tho aln of alcoholic liquor on the rcml.icK, 2.T Union St., Nriiijfaluck, lonn. Tho buslncuH " owned by Sophie J. Scully of 23 Union St., NuiiKauick. and will ho conducted iy Mntlhow K. Scully, ot :.'3 Union it.., NauKntucU. aa MATTHL'IW K. SCULLY, Dated: An;;. 12, lO'lli, For Sale llouxeii For Sale I-'OK SAr.,B —One family house, 4 coovna, I! years old- 1 cfir Riini lurpe lot, Tile bath. Hardwood floors, hot water hcut Coll burner), brass plumbing, Call 0031. .JOHN HKA1.Y, US Church St I'OJl SA1JC—nwcUlnp on Highland HVRniie. Six roomM, modern room. Hot wiilcr oil burner heat. Available within reasonable time nflcr purchase. Walter A. Nor wauh, ApeiH, Niuipntuck. 1 ? OH SAJ.lO^Tv.'o-r.'imlly houso off South Main St. It rooms, oxtru lot and 2-car KIU'.IKC. Priced low for quick sale, VVAl.TJSR H. HAKT INC. JOHN C. KIKKNAN Wtby 4-312^,. riJtnr fl p. m, NH.I.IK. 5707 Employment IIvlp W»ntwl~Mulo THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Little Hof Brau .1(1(1 NOKTIf MAIN ST. ' "Al" nnd Veni Iludrl.s, l'mi>H. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La CarteTVIenu I f ull I.l(|unr Llcoimo liOUKO ltAM«I,rCK.S Hern I''rl(liiy, Sutiinliiy "IUISM" SIIKKIIAN ThiirMilny nnd Sunilny Open Daily Until 1 A. M, >VANTK1>— Ht'lpor 111 BTUHH t'oim- ilr.v. Apply MIIIvlllo UHINH IToun- dry. M1 Ruhbcr nvoniio. WAN'I'J 1 :!) ~ Urlvo,r for oil truck, steady work, pood pay. Group In- Kuranou. hou|)ll«! plan, pension plan. The NaufjatucI: Fuel Co., 87 Church St. Phono V~30. MACHINISTS A numher of qualiflnci all-around mechanlcy Tor worls on iu<UimaUc machlni'K. Ercctory, ycniperw, as- scmlily men, arid men who can rlo thfii- own .sot up work and operate all machine:,;. Beat prevailing r:\tnsi pal<l to K'.iorl men. CO. I''OR SAL]. 1 ; — Prewar dwelling on Cherry St, (partly furnlahed). Kour rooms and bath. Garape- Lllcn no\v. Available for occupancy rcnHonnb'y'soon. Waltor A. NorwaHb.' Afrent, NauRatuck. 1 ' • row SALK — 1(1 room, 4 fninlly house. All Improvements. In good condition. Centrally located. Price $6,500. A Sheplcy. Phone 2433. .In Wanted To Buy WANTED TO BUY—House ot 4-6 or 6 roomy. Inquire Mr. Diamond, 2-1 Harrison Avc,, Wtbry., or call Waterbury 3-8G02. I HAVE BUYERS for 1, 2, and 3 family bonnes. C«.ll or HCO .To- Hoph V." ttoKko, 3 Union St. Tel. •JDIJS or 2aC2. For Rent Announcements Eoom» To R«nt FOR RENT—Lai-Re furnished room for two people. Kitchen privileges If desired. Apply 11 HotchUiss St. or Dial 3107 . FOn RUNT^Two slpcpiri? room;?, (furnished). Men only. Central Ave, Phone 523G Monday tlirouR'h Friday 8-1 p. m. FOR SALE—Six room IIUIIHO. Lot "fix.'iOO. Price Jfi.500. Horse, tractor. (Fordson), farm wjipon, mow- Inp; machine. Inquire .Dnmlniclt. Adonnii'iis, Chestnut Tree 1-1111 road. Oxford. FUBNISl-IKD ROOM — To rent. Private family. Phone 3:M-i. 11 Announcements Lout And Found LOST—Ifcutk Bool< No. 8,nn« on savings department of tho Nnui.jn.uick National Banlc has been luHt. Any person having claims on said book ia caJled upon to present tho same to tho bank within two months or the flame book will be declared canceled and extinguished and a new one Issued l/i lieu thereof. Da-ted n.t Naupatuck, Conn., July 23, 1046. Aujr. 6 & 20. lib Opportunities SMALL PACKAGE STOKE Purchaser needs about $4,500 to buy business and stock. A. SIU'JP- LKV, Phone IMM. RBPAIBING AT IIOMK Soldering, etc, Amos L. WotchklsK. Main St., Beacon Falls. Dial DRESSMAKING ANO ALTKUA- TIONS. Allan A. I_-imparclla, 11 M;ipla Terrace. Phone 0-IGO. 14 Auto* for —A FOR SAMS — IDSfi Packard four- door sedan, Inquire 32 Sctool St., Union City. T Automotive 10 Autos -Wanted Real Estate Wanted Lots far Sale BAN'I'MIN KNCJIN H'll) MAIN STRE'" Brldgrport -I, Conn, 2 I It'll) Wanted—V WOMAN--To care for 3 1-2 year old boy wlillo mother works. Mrs, 1C. Suldol, 1 Freeman Lane. WANTED-~ Girl or mlildlo-iigocl wnman, colored or \vhllp, !o operate a HiiiMll niacliir.i' for pre.vdnd dressuK. Light «'ork. full tlmff. Good pay whlli; learning. Kicv- mnn Cloanpiy. Dial 2022. FIll'ID'H HI-WAV not Month Main St, Koiruhir Dully DlMnor RlXt up A l.ii C'urtn MIMIII SpiiK'n'tM To TnJu« Out Iliwujm-t. Uooin, CncklJlll Full I,lf|inir I.ICCM WEDDING GUT SI'ECTAL KLKtTK/C VKIlCflLATORS — with ohnuim tray, Hiigitr and irrriininr, UOIMJlll'U) M. WOLFF 3H <.HAN» ST.. WTURV, S22.95 Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring results WANT I'M) • Glrl:t for (•(.-neriil laundry work. Apply Peerless Laundry. North Main St, WAITKKSSICS WANTKP: Apply In person at STHATTON'S RKS- TAUUANT. IR Park Place. WANTKD BOYS MUKT BK 17 OR OL.DKR TO WORK AT WATISP.TOWN UN DK :tC. ARM KNT •j:i(i MILf, STRIJK't' WATFCRBURY CA3I5 CLOTI-IKS ISNTRANCIS 4TH I.-LOOR ASK TOR MR, ROSS HUII,I>INC 1X)TS FOU SAI.l!) — One In Micldlchiiry, two in Pros- pCL'l, one on New Haven road, and one on Hlf;h St. A. Shcp- Iny. I'hDnc 2'!33. FOR SA(,K—On New Miivcn roiid frontline with pon<I~l(lcnl hiiMl ness pn»sil)lllt.lcs. 2 building; lots "flx'JDO deep on Ciuuloo rand. Klco- trlu :iiul city wn.tcr. Nanjf. 4(il)li (1 Real KKtuto Agentii OV1DI.C V. riniJBBRT. Real 1-^stato—General Insurance 5H6 So. Main St., Watcrbury Call -1-8034 or b-3M8 7n •VVnntoU To Knnt TWO -Or three room furnished apartment wanted by vc-tcran and hlsi wife, Phone 3053. CAN \'iiii "Welcome Hom«" tills iipiii'tinciitlf'MK vctcnin and \vlfo'.' Ynniig, «nik't, pariiculiir. Write Box "F." UK) Itl:!\VARO—5 room house ront wanted. Expert euro. Whitney, Phone Wthy. •J-3002. Wuntril To Rent WANTKD — Three or four room apartment for veteran nnd mother. Furnished or unfurnished, Write Box C, care of NCW.M, WANTKD — Four or five room apartment or house for young couple without children. Ilcfcr- onec* furnished. Wrlto Box D, care of News, LOST-—Bank Hook No. 9,147 on Naugntuck Notional Bii.nk ha.-j bcdii lost. Any ' person having claims of said book Is called upon to preocnt tbe same to tho hank within two months or the same book will be declared cun- celcd and extinguished, and a new' one Issued in lieu thereof. Dated at Naugaluclc, Conn., J.uly 2S, 1040. Aug. 0 .t 20. tin WANTED—Middle-aged couple to live with elderly woman. Apply IXL 707 Rubber avenue. ONE THOUSAND CARS WANT1CD-—Top price*; spot ca«h. I want 29'fl — 30's — 31'3 — S2'a —33'3 — 34'n — 35'B — SC's — 37's — 38's —30's —40'a —41'a and 42-a, Phone, write Or drive In today, BILLIE FITZPATRICK 1660 Kost Main St, Phone 4-4841 OPEN EVENINGS —WAJVTl'JO— USED CAR Call Watcrbury 3-8502 TURN IN YOUR CAR NOW MY PRICES ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1303 N. Main St. ';all Watcrbury 5-1707 Contractors 1'iUntrnir MINTING nnd papcrhanging work done. Call 2077. John A. K. Jobn- son. Merchandise MnchJnory D -— Toumnpull complete with AD tilt closer model Q carryall. 2 cu. yd. oapaoity. Triple l>.)\vor control unit. This mnrhin in now rxo.opt for 2 or ,'! woclts' woi'k. .f.'i.^Cfl, Conlact P.osor \V. Stralglit, Alarbledalc, Conn. Fiouitenold JUST RKCKIVKD! All met:il Itit- chon wflll cabinets. Miller's Furniture Slore. 07(5 Riverside St.. Wiiterbury. Tel. •1-0001. Open eve- ninfrs. BUV 3 KOOAIS of KOOd fiimilnrc, ro.'tsonnb 1 .*?. Includes livinp; room, bedroom, kitchen set*:, with n;i- incrous accessories. Albert'.s, 2nS So. Main St., Wuterbury. Phone 4-31'H. FOR SAI.K—Pinno, •! burner kitchen po.i stovu. Also 2 burner oi'. stovo, 2 radios. BarRainn! Inquire 27 First nvcmic, Wnlerbury, 4-2037. LATK MOniSV, CARS WANTED PACKARD-WATEKBURY, INC. 4S2 WP.tertown Ave. Dial 4-«109. 17 .Stutlon MAPLE STR.KET GAR.AGK 170 Vi Maple Street Tel. 0102 John Rlmkus, Prop. Repair work on all makca or cruo FENDER and BODY WORK Used Cars Bought—Sold Clotninj \VEnniNO outfit*—forrnrU sovran, ready-made or made to order. White Bunny jncko'.s. black velvet wraps to rent. KUUV'S KRIDAI, SIIOl', 2nd floor. SM N. iluin St., Wtbry. 3-3^S3*. Wan tea To Ruy WANTED TO B13V C,'III-I>'S TKIOVCMS DIAL 2-121! Animals UOK*, O«t» And DAI,MATION Puppies. Coach dog» nnd AKC registered. W. A. Tor- rill. Koxbury, Conn. Tel. New Milford CC-JW-I. IJii;-ii>i*-ss OM. KXJUNrtKS—T.ARGK SUPPM' of oil burners nnd parts. Oil burners ulcunevl :ind rcpnirod. llnrry Chuixlili:. Phone 3020. W antoeii. WINDOW WASHING — Udd jobs, and pp.intihff. 'telephone S(374 from fl p. m. to 7 p. m. Business Service Rcndcrod ACCOHNTINtf Sl'KCIAI. BOOKICKICPING SKRVICK TCDMIJNJ) O. IIICSS J'. O. BOX (ili UNION CITV 1*HONK StOl GUARANTKK1) RKI'AIRS — AH mnke« m«chlncs, Tacuums. Un*4 miLChincs houRbt. Singer Sowing Machine Co. Watertmry 4-4305. ELECTRICAL Wlrlnc & Inc. Wa Bpeclalizo in tlon. All work insured. Waab* Ing-machlncn repaired. R>v Deck" or. Dlnl 4000. —Ana ncptlc tnnkN cleaned, repaired nnd installed. All typos of Mihurhnn sowajrc disposal woi'k. P<>r prompt nnd do- jifndalihi Hrrrvicc cull Tho Conn, Hydraulic Co., W.itcrbm-y .l-DSSS, AI)THORIXKI> HOOVKR SKRV- JCE by f.-iclory trninfd ma/j. TcL 2251. C.-trlson'M Furniture Co. for Snio MONUMENTS Spc'ilnl Prjce« On AH Memorials VV, RICHARDS—200 So. -Main St, •Naugatuck—Dial 3487 WE HAV3B MONEY TO LOAN on second mortgages. $MO-up. Wrttorbury S-J2Q2. I'ersonnU JACK'S AUTO BODY SHOP 100 South Main Stroot Bodies, fenders, straightened, repaired, etc. Also cars painted. Telephone 6IC9-=r>D12—3264 24 Hour Towlns Service CASH VOH *:JNTIX11S KSTATKS We will buy or Bell on conimta- mun Daala anything from a single room to an entire cntatc, specializing' In rnro nntlquna. Phone or write ORAK^E ST. AUCTION Galleries, No\. England's Finest Auction Galleries, 21 Orange St., New Haven. Te), 6-0898. ACCORDION LKSSOKS—YOU can learn tbo correct technique of the Accordion. No accordion necessary- At Mocca Music School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry.. 4-1422. lid Business Opportunities Tliy NBWS WANT ADS OI.D ESTABLISHED INN WITH FULL Liquor privileges; pn.rklnj; space for 100 cars; on two Highways. Largo dining room with annex, living quarters, modern barroom. Complete necessary equipment for operating- A most desirable and attractive location. For the right party, it's a gold mine. Owner leaving town. For complete details, call WASHBURNE & WASHBURNE REALTORS — INSURANCE 5G North Main; Waterbury Dial K-O769-—2-238fi—1-1613 AUTOMOBILE—Rubber floor mala —fC.75 nnd up. . JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 N. Muin, Wtbry. Cor. Cooke St. <7n Auto yaliitlnif-Hody Work AUTOM.OBILK PAINTING—Weld- In jr. CARS I'AlNTTin S30. ,)lm'n Paint Shop, 15 Autumn St,, cor. riudinnnt. Wtbry. '3-8367, "DliATII TO KOAOIliS" will rid your bailie of reaches nnd ants or money refunded. $3.25. Aduris or Union City Pharmacy. rrofrsslonal FOK SALE—Gordon uprjfibt piano. Good condition, l-'honc , r i,Ml. ,T UST A R R I V K D: T K K T E K BAIIE'S modern jumpor scat fur baby. Gives gentle natural exi:r- CIKO. *, r j.6.'>. THE RADIO SHOI', :fiO Grand Si., Wrrierburv. Merchandise BMII Wliool AlJ««iJJjr-Ailt.i> r.-ilntlnj; Body £; Fender Work KRNIK'S AUTO BODY WORKS 128 Wivlcrtowii Avo, Wthry. S0241 Contractors Artlctcn r'of OIL BUIvNJiR SKUVIClj:-- ItiuiRC burners for «<li:. Paris for all niakrs o'' l^iii'nors. AI- <'USSON, Oil Riirn.-r Salo;; -t Service, -130 So. Main St., YYthy. r>-ti273 OOLIIIIi'S CAMEHA SHOP 8 At 10 mm. Movies On Sale Now. 17 Grand St. Wtbry. rhone 5-1878 CO. 41500 CUSTOM S))ocir>] 2-picco Siiilo NaUK»tllck HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DONE AT CAUMKN'S CUSTOM TAILORING Merchandise 21 Contracting PAPKR Hunting ft 1'jUntlng. Spo- ctali/lnR on Inturior Work. Call for Eatlmatca. Tony Mariano, 83 Oak St. Tel. 2059. PAI'KRHANGING und I'nlntlne, High pra<lo workmanship. Phone 4-08(57 Wtbry. Joseph -San Angel o. Palntm* WM. F. CO'l'A. fapor Hunger and Painter. We carry componaation. 1 Cross St. Dial 545C or 5111. ACT PROMPTLY. J, 2. K family houses painted .$100 and up. Skillful workmanship. Ploskl Bros. Call 5473. SO PEARL BUTTONS — Kick - ruck.- braids laces, bindings In lame fw<Bortments. Reliable, S7 Scovill utroct, Wtbry. Education 31 LOCKJ and Private Instructors MARTONE SCHOOL, 100 Grand St. 4-3677, Dance, Voice, Music, Reducing. Rflfrister Mon. Aug. 26 T47 Wo. Main St.— Dial ifttT H!) WH.IIUMI Xo nr.nflcr Servloon WIS JtKPAlK RKFR1 <; KKATO UM Al! n>n)<RS, Coldspot, Apcs^ Cop** land, Oruno, Kclvinutor, Cropley, Sto wart- Warner, flc.. Stolit- knl ar.d son, 2f)2 Clicrry St Waterbury. S-07M'. CHAIR CANING Furniture Rop.ilrr*!—HoflllLs Tel. Watr.rbiJO' 5-3200 SAVK your furnlluro with "SaKPruf." $8,75; divan, $18.00. Work riono in your home. Dial Waterbury 4-3319. State-wide scrvicfl. 33 Cattlo And Swlno FOR SALJS—Freshened threo.vrar- rjlrt Gucrnspy, Apply John Schcnck, Mullberry Hill, NaupatucU, Tol. 5428, llo) wcal.hcr is brro to slay. Protect your winter carmonts by liavltii; thorn clcanod and Moth- Proofed now. \S IEV1MAN IX LEANERS BARNKY GOOGLK AND SNUFFY SMIITH By KOYCRANE B* BHXY PB 'HEY. TIQ6R!! YOU'RE , SHE'S IN SAN CARLOS, SALVADURAS WITH HER FATHER. HE'S A GEOLOGIST FRONTIER OIL, YOU KNOW H/VSM1 FRONTIER OIL... 5AWAPURA5 i OUTTA WV WAV!'. BUZ VOUR MIND LIKE A BOOK SOON YOU'tL SAY/JWEENE WHY PON'T WE TAKE THAT 000 WITH FRONTIER OIL AN!»GO TO SALVADURA&:' OKAY, WHY PONT WE? Z <t*U« HOME. THERE'S THE USUAL EXCITED y CHATTER ABOUT THE FAMILY, THKN: SHET UP<! I AIN'T DONG TALKIN' VET!' >% SO VO'RE , "\ I GOT TIGER UL ?? \RESISTftNCe, AIN'T V£ flFEEREO SHORTV O'CffTCHIN' PNEUMONPV/^r3^X THAT GIT-UP? J(H-^ 1 PV THE WAY, MOM, WHSRE'S CMRI6TY )..•? V/HY, SHS'fl .. JAMSSONT X//C6NTRAL AWCRlCA MUGGS AND SKKI'.'TICH n.v MKL GKAFF WAV E! LET'5 WITH AHO QEl DOWN TO JUST WHAT 15 YOUR TH& AKWENT, KMAH. »AW VQU ! TM£ OFFICE WAS EM — UH....MA1HA! WHATPROOf HAVE YOU TMAT I KILLED PLEED — OR EVEN THAT HE HAS BtEN KILLED?' JOB FOR A DOY WITH VOUR r CAN CHIN MY3CLF FIFTEEN v TIMES!! ) STRENGTH AND ENER6Y U<TEN,YOJRie CLUCK—1 OlON'T PLEEO — GET DOWN FROM THERE THIS INSTANT nnil, CLARK'JfOK CJItAI —;— Uv JTjljNE- "YOU'RE STILL f : - . . rji^^iy ~- "- " LISTEN/ HEAR THOSE DRUM5 ] TtRE N/VT\VE6 MUST BE STAGING SOME. SORT OF .CELEBRATION/ R ^ YEA*'!" ME MUSr HAVE i-:;-.: HOOKED HEC ON A BLINJD J:";, 3 •DATE«"INTME PHOKE(7J?:: MEAM1MG WAT k SOOIC MG'S USTBO SWOONY DISH ,\U^D&f WRONG HE WAS SEEN J—^ri NUMBECS, ^T*-*~~- '&-&» FOEGErABOUT ff'WOLF'TUGNGO HIM AND STACe ATTHE MOON AWHILt LI ICE SOMEONE'S « soroucper PAEICING By 1'AVJL '^[W'S WOLF/ Vow7''LAST NISHT-" A ""-I BLONDE," NOk\ A BGUNetfE JOB ~3r) WHAT IS WAT GUY FT — - v^«^''. USING Poa i—,. .A; ^/-X^CVO-: •:-*:, -:V.'-^4?>^<.-S& ^5?feai •* .s?', *y-~^£<Lt

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