Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1911
Page 2
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' InTitaUona are out for th« twolftli _ ^annual holiday ball of the FAW lodiro, •Which is scheduled Tqr Monday jilsht I Hobart. S. R. Burrell. Fry. January first. The ihvUationa arc j Rex Hoivlus, W. .W. S:plson. the UBuaU tasteful ' coinblaationa-of purple and white, the colors of tho oi-der which arc printed with purple lak, tled -'Wlth purple ribbon and adorned with n cover page design of an Elk's Bead embossed In purple. Those who areexpeistinK to go, and thai Includes c-verybody In town who "does- society" and 'dances, are loolt- Ing forward to -thft' delightful entertainment the lodge always gives them bell, Millard Teats, Prank Wood, W R. Hrylinup, W. C. Teats Harmon Fousf W. R Sp .irk8, .T. G, Walker, R. Y. Harrison D. C. Morrow, H. R. Goshorn, C. Bnlllett, C. S. Morris, H. C. Wh-.nfon L. P. Stover, H. H. Hownrd,^ J. T. Rel Misses Cora Klein, Daisy HobJir Florence Hobnrt. JoReDhine Riddle Alice Shields, Knte Shields, Florin Wheeler, Myrtle Wills, Hnr .el Drak nruslila Davis, Ucrtha Swlgurt, Mar Northrup, Helcne Potter, Dorolh Fodsr. fiJiirley poodnough, of., Neva The collew folk will bp hrre to at- ' da; Clara Fount, WjUma Casehoer, o fend and many people are pxpcctinn to have guests whom they will take to the dance. The receifving line will Include Mr. and Mrs. lialph Drake, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Stover, Dr. and .Mrs. David W. Held, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Xorthrup, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Horton. The committees appointed by the lodge ar?: Executive—P. A. Northrup, K Shields, T. A. Milne, Thos. H. Bow^s, Baxter D. MeClain. Invitation—E. D. .Shields, Melvin Pronk, S. A. Bixby. Frank Wood. W. R. Sparks; Decoration—F. A. Northrup, Will Brlster Hi >f. Palmer, R. J. Coffe'J'. Ik. J. Campbell. Refreshments—T. A. Milne, George i ndependence: Alberta. Munson, Mr; l.W..WGInnls, of Wcfltphalia. —Dr. Wiii, Ostetpatli, Tel 4S7, SS-' Christmas colors and holiday, (oli ane for decoration always make • house attractive tor li social tiinctio- .it this season of the year. One,c the. first gatherings of the winter r which the hostess adopted this timet mode of adornment for the houB<> an serving Ma ble was a tea .which th B.iptlst Aid society gave ycsterda' afternoon at the home of Mrs. .T. 0 Major. The parlors were g.ty wit' nd green Christn^as bells an while in the dining room a gif rap set In the center of .the tt tree^va Gordon, tt-L.Northrup, L. L. Ponsler, ble.' Harry Sleeper. .; j The society entertained fifty guest Music—Thos. H. Bowlus, E. C. Me- [ and introduced tha- prevailing color Clain, C, K. Taylor, F. W, Brewster, in their menu. Assisting Mrs. Ma.1r Herman Tholen. + + * —Kodak Albums, the ' best Mundis. Two parties were given yesterday, the afternoon and evening entertainments of Mrs. W. S. KauITman and Miss Floy- Houser for a large number of. their, friends. The parties occurred at.Airs. KaufTman's charming bungalow on East Madison street and were very prettily appointed. Whist- was played at both partlos and there, were eight" tables at each entertainment. In the afternoon th" top scores were made by Mrs. S. R. Burrell aua Mrs. D. P. Northnin nnd 3 >t night Miss Daisy Hobart and Miss Helene Potter won t}ie most games. Handsome prizes were presented th(> four. In the afternoon the guests won. matronsand iii the evening a majority of those present wore members o' the younger set. Mrs. 'Kauffman is particularly fond of. young company and entertains, fluitc as frequently for the girts of her ncquaintancn lu she does lor older women. Everyone who was at the party last night responded to a spirit of informant.' which prevailed and which tho hostesses introduced, the while Includlnr many elaborate details of hospitiili*: in their entertainment. The punch service was jilaced h the reception hall and tho bowl wa; eurroonded with a wreath of whit chrysanthemums in a bed of smila> Boquets of white and yellow mum- were used fn the three rooms whic! the guests frequented arid harmonize? prettily with the mural decorations o the bouse. The supper was in two courses For the afternoon and evenlag^thr >>'<s ^osR<>B werei assisted bv Mr^ K. Taylor,- Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mrs T). C. Morrow, Mrs. D. W. McGinnif Mrs. E. D. Shields and .^Irs. W. J Evans: Guests at.the parties were: MPE dames B.F. Robinson, C. K. Taylor H. L. Hendricks, Frank Rjd^l Drake Charles F. Scott, J. T. Price. E. C. Rpynotdi' Klein. Walter Hull, Seward Bixb.v M. FuWenwJdar, SawtPll, J. G. Mittlp bach. C. Mrawn, L. Northrup, V C. McCtaln. D. P. Xorthrun, C. C~\ Ausfierman", A. J. Fulton, J. ilJCf mp Riddle, R. P H. FtfnV. •ynoiHsT Pan' You will make no mistake by selecting a pair| of era as a gift. Our stock includes some of the very finest made In Pearl arid Gold with and wthout handles. Prices $3.50 to $18 werftMrs. J. H. .McMurray.. Mrs. Or cnnjiqwan, Mrs. E. F. Davis, Mrs. C JA^^frk. Mrs. G. W. fihadwick, Mrs Burnside and Mrs. Mather. * • + -,BB. O. L. rox. Ocnllsl. • * * Mr. and Mrs. Wisemeyer (Rut .Tones) and Mr. .ind Mrs. Ixistpttcr, r Emporia, will bo guests of Mr. an Mrs. H. H. Howard on New Year day and will altond the Elks* ball, c- •> + ; —Christmas Trees and Holly g Shannon's. ' . . •!..>• *" Procoods of the Presbyterian b: zaar and supper will probably rear" $100 after all the Mils are paid, whic" result is very gratifying to the Work Ing society women who worked faith fully to make the^vent the success ' was. Over three hundred people wei served with supper. Systematic plar nlng was necessary In preparing th meal and a lot of hard work as wol Fifty rhlokcns wore cooked. Tho da after the haxnnr the ladle's sent jirr visions to tho Orphan's.Homo and t many needy families. All the apron- fancy arilcles and confirtloner which were provided were sold. •:• •> '> —Magazines at Mundis Drug Storf -:• <• •!• CommlMoes selected by the Currer Kyents cluh to pinn the annlvcrsar pdrty are doing the last work toda- The party will be given Monday aftei nonn at the home of Mrs. R. B. Ste\ enson. • -J- * —Kndaks the popular gIfL=. froi $1 to $25 at Mundis. The Kn'stern Star Chapter will hav ually interesting session Mor to tnsfall.,•officers who' "Wisently elected. Thirty gues' will be here from Garnett, also flf teen members of the Humboldt eha' ter. A closed session of the lodp will ho followed by a reception fc the visitors and 3 banquet. • * * * fB'TAKES YOUR LIST O' •-•SEN'TS. WHO? SANTA CLAIT- AT KRESS. NEXT WEEK. • • * _.Mrs I.. P. Stovor wont to Colllnj vilic today to visit her parents, M Lud Mrs. S. L. Holmes. Mr. nnA Mr IXouls- Robinson will also be thei HT\(i tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Holmr will give a dinner to celebrate the' twenty-seventh wedding anniversar i * * * Mrs. Ff. A. Xorthrup has beon callr lo Ft. Scott by the serious Illness r her mother. <••!• + —Cribbage bqard and playing can", 9t Ibindls Drug Store. * fT + •> 4. • Mrs. F. .T. Horton is in Toledo. Oh' where she was called to attend h-^ mother who is spriously ill. .% •> .Mrs. D. W. .M<-Ginnis, who wa hprp vpsfprday to nflond th*- Kmifr man-Houser parly, returned to hi- home In Westphalia this morning. ^ —Elite and Majestic now '.c. ** * The P. E. O.'s today d-jcldcd to poe' Inone their sewing day until January piiBny of the women are busy pre rarlne for Chrictmns and conslderinr tbe collection or donations for nrp- teges 'of the Board of Charities which was so successful a few days ago. the Chantrr decide It could work mor;' profitably a few weeks honre v.her •li]]esp donations have been distributed •*s^d the Bosrd knows what clothing Is Tuost in demand. « « fl« —Elite .and M-'.io^yc now 5c. • + • The marriage of Miss Pearl De- Haveo and Mr. Chris Black will occur .Wednesday evening, December txen- .lleth, in the Presbyterian church. The w^rvice will begin at half past eight o'clock and -will be read by Rev. Dr. Hllacher. A company of friends l(avf been invited. After the wedding there yfin be a reception st the home of the hride'a mother. Mrs. Rose DeHaven to which relatives and a very few j * • * friends are being asked. —SANTA (iLAUS IS AT KRESS ALL NEXT WEEK. BRING CHILD- laSN WITB WST, SELECTS POPrLAB CHOICE OP 20 MOST FKOMINEIfT WOMEN. For Your Smoking Friends BOX OF nOARS} ifr.virrOR POrKKT VUiXH V\SE S .M0K1 .\G .'*KT .\S>! TR.\Y PIPE PIPE K.iCK ToiMrni vM^rii TOBACCO J .UiS «IRK£LL!S Drug^ Store Tbe Rexall Store >Vest Side of Square Mrs. Harriett Davis of Garnett, and Mrs. Ethel Shepard and baby of Ok- ahoma City, are guests of Mr antl nieh .School Team Piav Tiaui sirs. Walter Hamilton, of 204 South yruui the,.! (I!;; blm Street. The Unity club witl have i meet- . ^t nine o'clock loi.isln :.i ni.- jiitfii- ng Monday afternoon at the home_ t«jri"m the contest K-I wr. a tho lola .f Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Mrs. Miller ^'Kh schoo ba8k .-t b-all l.vo and th. \IcCreary will read a paper on "Tho ; Topekn high schoo t.-am will bo cal!.Ife of Ibsen and Character of His f^' and f'-ins W'" '»ve been krop- Work.". Grieg piusic will add inter-, an evv- on the work of borh t-iims St to the program. , '^is season prt-dict that every point cf . . • * * —Elite and Majestic now 5c. • * S. D. ARNETT President F. NIGH V, President H. HOBAKT Cashier JOE MTCINLEY Asst Cash. t AYashlngton, Hoc. iH—Mrs. Robert M. T/»Fo 'lctte, the well known writer and a potential canc /idslo for the !onors of iiiistrcss of the White has become Intert'stoil in tho viirioiis debates over the country H3 to the selection of tho world's twenty greKlePt wonicn. living or dead. Her selection is based i:pon a wide exi)eriencc and upon an intimate ttudy of history particularly as it pertains to the .".rtivitlcN of women. The lit ^t she submits is as follows: .. Jane Adanif. Goorgo Sand. Rose Uonheur, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Florence Nightingale. Isabe'la of Spain. ElUabeth B. Browning, Harriet Mar- tioeau, Nancy Hanks. Helene Modjei-ka. George Eliot, Ellen Terry,-Susan B. Anithony, Scbieiner. Mme. Curie, Queen Eliiabeth, Harriet Bcecher Stdwe, Mary Lyon, Cornelia of A<;rii)i>a. Sophie Petrovsky. CnpHal • f!;ii,<KiO Surplus • 12,600 lola, Kas. •J- -i.- .1>0X9N BE V (!;K\TI-RE W V 4" nut rMyrvME . The-.Kma wlin iVi.iii in Iviinsoir, who •does not bolievp I'l tin- il.i.iiv of -lairt,' makes conditions ae<-fiiiii!ii)-i-;ii- i ii.-iiu-i-Ivos to him. Onlythf wc;iklii)g v.l;i. iiir;..s ;i t).>;ir ear to the friendly i-iill of oininrtuiiir; nvM Ki ulin'm determination if. a striii.f;'-. nr. • ii rl\ rm-co. s('eks to iiccommoiiutc liiii!Si-'i' ir- i)tiilir.i»;i.-;. Wiiat i;" •.1)11 ivi-,c l^-.i -ii ,H»iv. il tin; spectre of failure 1P:IS SPOILXI lo -t-.H; iy \i,wr KUII ;, if your ciirol'iily i M.tiii • i-omi! luiuli- ling alintit your (l ;<-if i.: :iri .•ilpiiiiiliirice of lioli. rod lilnDfi li-n 111 y()\ii- vi':ii>. iiuil llii-re an) plonly of v.(ii-li! i left lo ciiPiinor. • :inl i:i> .voiir Iciiii:; jiiiil \ii \i \u tudiiy llu" crca'tdii of n<-u- eiii|'li'<- wilili llvo iiftor >oii !i!id IK- il iiioniiKioiH III yu;,; iin>:;ros.-ilvc- ncsB jiuU ili' r::. This Iiaiik crili .MM S- uri' pnicficiil tJvely .'•IiJ ;Kl •.'iti ••r'^^•». •iriri;.- ilii'. i tlv on llio most \it:il pl<i)i"r<! ill ilii- '.! "I ;i n'l'-ccssriil 1 )i!i'ir.i";.«—ihc !(i ;;it:(. i I 'l IJK i tlio liislory of III! !i')!a!ili' .-^lu T-f-; r s ^l .i.v..: [ircy \»i-n' piwi '-.•/VIT;; : nd pi ci 'u.rjn v i .iul tl.:it tln-it- foiinilalioii Etonc wa.- a lianV; Conit! in and lul ua dcnmns^lvato thi^ ailvar.tagOR tiiat wodJil m-x-rue lo you f!uo :;sii a coiinuct.on with thi.s bank. TO jffET TflPEKll TOWI ' advantage will hv hotly contcstei/ j from start to ilnish. The lola.boys I are confident of victory, and In the Miss Gr.nco Brackenridge of Ihf Register goes to Kansas Cit^ tomor- ro wto visit several days with Miss lath Rowo and her mother, who 'ormerly lived here. . •> • + —Cliristmas Trees and Holly at Jhannon'K. * * + .Mrs. K. 0. .\f>»lon, formerly of lo- a, but now of Wlnfiold. Is lier«? for iiii xtended visit with her daughter Mrs. J. F. Scott. V -> <• —Ju?t received good stock of sev- •ral kinds of fine ferns also cycle- nan, in hud and bloom; a fine Christ- Las prp.«ent. Primmer's Green House 04 E. Lincoln. Phone 104. WEALTH IN HER WEEK-ENDS How Widowed Society Woman Haa •Managed to Make Entertaining Pay Very Well. event they should lose it is cort.aln it will be but by a iminf or two. Tho condescension of Topoka In matching a game with lola is appre<;Iated, Imt if they have fulU-n into the foolish notion that llioy will ovirwbolm the local five, they would bettor abandon their prcconcnivnl Idoa or th'jap- j poanincp of the scon- buurd afd-r tho game ma.v make more reasduahl' nrophocy and pripan lliomPolvcK to fight to stave ofT di f .^ai. When I'ro- fessor llarrls.< broacliod over llu: long distanco phono tlio subject of a game with loin. Coach Montgomery of the Topoka t -am soemed hston- ishe<l. What, pl.iy lola when" his team is in a class with Central and Manual training higli schools of Kan sas City, Jlo, St. .Tosepli, Mo., Lincoln and Omaha, Nob? Only after much persuasion did ho finally 'agree, with a tone of condoscenslon, to pit his team against iho lola five. Of course,' he may know wliereof hf speaks—Topeka may win. But tliev will get a little nervous before tho g.ime Is over. '' Not long ago a rharming society voman was thrown high and dry on be barren shores of reduced circum- tances by the death of her husband, vho left her almost penniless. This uited her not at all, so being clever be thought and planned until she fait pon a money-making scheme very ear af.luence. This is how she "ar- Ivcd." A year ago she leased a charming lace on Long Island, hired an eRi- ient corps of servants, a fine chef. Cocked the larder with th^ best in 3€ market, and then sent out cards J her friends and acquaintances that he was prepared to entertain them or a day or two or three, at so much <er entertainment. The idea caught on at once. With- n a few weeks her modest menage ras so overrun that those who wished o spend the time from Saturday to Nfonday had to make their arrange- uents weeks in advance. No qne without the best of refcr- •nce was admitted. Mrs. Widow nanaged affairs admirably. Every- hing was up to date, and yet laform- illy formal, so to speak. Her season lasted from October to Tune, since when she has been taking things easy, with plenty of money and the owner of an automobile, hired at the beginning on a "shoestring.'^ She's now making arrangements for the coining aeaaon. and ii already booked up to tbo holidays. • A Large Assortment of Cbristmas Goods in all departments- marked very special. Come tonight and Monday. Beginning Wednesday, the 20th, store open evenings imtil Christ- r. B. SPEXEK & CO. <;I:AR.\>TI:ES IIY«.HEI. If yi)u really mean that you want lo drive every bit of catarrli from your nose and throat why not try a sensililc remedy that is guaranteed to banish catarrh, or money hack. If you already own a little lir.rdj rubber HYOMEl inhaler you can Ijiiyj a bottle of HYOMKl (pronounce Itj HIgh-o-me) for only .".0 cents, in you do iiDt own an inhaler ask for conJ plote HYOMEl outfit which confamfj an inhaler this will cost you $1.00. Then breatlio MYO.MEI and get rii; of catarrh, relief comes in five min utefi, a day'.s treatment will make yoij happy, a week's treatment ami snuffles, mucus and hawking go, anotliei} week and goodbye to catarrh. - Try i today on money back plan. Sold h; C. B. Silencer & Co., and dr"ggi="f: everywhere. i»t. Tiniotby'M Episcopal Cbnrcli. The third Sunday In Advent. Col- «ei-t fo! the day. "O Lord Jesus Christ, who at thy first coming didst send thy messenger to prepare thy way before thee: Grant that the ministers and stewards of thy mysteries may likewise so prepare and make ready thy way, by turning the hearts of the disobodlont to the wisdom of the Just, that at thy second coming to judge the world we may be found an acceiitablo people In fry sight, who Ilvest and relgncst with the Fattier and the Holy Spirit ever, one God. world without end. Amen." Services tomorrow will be: Holy Communion 7:30 a. m. Young Men's Bible Class (at rectory a:30 a. m. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Morning Prayer and Baptismal office at 11 a. m. The subject of the sermon will 1 >p "Modern Hypocrisy in the Giving of Christmas Gifts." Kyents during the week will be: Frida.v—Choir practice 7:30 p. m. Saturday—Decorating the church at 3 p. m. Sunday School Children's Christmas tree at 7:30 p. ra. We heartily invite strangers to make their church home with us and join in the worship of Almighty God CARL W. NAU of topical sermons for December. I. B. PRATHER, Pastor. ChrLsfian Church. Morning sermon 11 o'clock. Sub- • Ject, "Some Hinderances to Man's Highest Attainments." Evening ser- i vice 7:30. Subject, "The Loving Care ' of the Church Likened to That of Mother."- Large chorus, splendid an- , thems and soul stirring songs. | A wide awake Bible school begins ; at 9:30 a. m. A very profitable place ' for both young and old to spend an! hour. Young People's prayer meeting 6:30 p. m. A laige number of young iieople attend these meetings. Every young person of the church is urged to regular attendance. "The Christmas Ship." a cantata, will be given at this church Christmas evening. The jiastor will preach at Gas City Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, subject: "it Is Hard to Obey God?" A cordial welcome to all who attend these services. Annual election of officers to places on the official board that must be filled will be held at morning service. Report of nominating commitee will be submitted. Every member should be present if possible. First Baptist Churcli.- Siraday Scliool 9:45 a. in. Fred Kow- den, superintendent. Sermon 11 a. m. Theme: "Salt." U. Y. P. U. «:30 p. m. Herbert Badg- iey jircsidunt. Sermon at 7 :30 p. m. Theme, "Tlie Summer Bonum." Organisation of tbe young men Into "Caraca Class" called at 9 a. m. Prayer service Wednesday 7:30 p.m. The young men and l.r>;; mrot. at this church for introducio;y service of Men and Religion Forward Movement. All young men and boj-s invited. The evening service given over wlioily to them. Si>ecial song service. G. W. SHEPABD. Get One For Baby ^otliin^ delights baby more' tlian to be t.-ikrn everywhere motbcrgoti. \Villvthe Oriole Go-aaskct you can go shoppinK, callingr, vlslt- ing—oa cars, trains, elevators — talcibg- baby with you antlnevcrlift- iug him out once. Simply pull a cord and the Go- Basket set- tlesgcuf.yto the grounil, •where it win stand alone or can be picked-up nod carried on the arm with can also be itseil ai a Ch.-iir,Bassinet or Baby Jumper. MOM rcoaomical article ever invented for cliiMren. riiysicians endorse its use. If you are thinkinff of buyins a coach for baby let us talk it over with you.. L Sleeper & Son JOKE OF ENGLISH JUDGE Found Scotsman's Case so Exceptional { That He EKcused Him From Jury Duty, Pre.-iliylerhin Churth. First .Chur-!i: Rev. S. S. Hiischer the pallor,,will pleach niornins- an<; evening, .'n »iio uiorninc: the sermon will he on • I'lic Tiiroc .\pprarings of Clirisi." Thi.s fcvmon was given In i tlio PcTk lai I run.iiipr. t -uc at that I time was iin:.-h alibrcvlafcd because i of apiMor. -ii -ng f voini. Many requests • l:ave luen, i:—I'ivctl a.-klng that the 'sfiincii lo ;e;iL £.K . hcn -'C it will be SivcTf :i .---;a ;r.iroii:w jii .inii;;:. Tht ! evpTiing Ecnvor w''' le oV e -^iiccial interest on tho subjc.-t o." "Salvition i and iJoctrine." ' Sabbath Schoo! at 9:45 a. m. and C. K. mcf ting at 6:'o0 p. m. I Little DuIIdtr.- Cbaiiel, -Mrs. E. X. ./ones,-sui )i. Boy.s Sc'icc' a 2 p. ra. Regii'ar at 3 i>. ni. Young I"cc -,i :c*.= mecting-at ti:30 p.m. Oa-'scti ChHi-iI: W. II. Mraas., Supt. Sabkat'.i fclic .i! v.t :; p. ai. Summoned to sen'e upon a special jury in tbe king's bench division. Sir George Douglas of Springwood Park, Kolso, who has a town house in En- nismoro gardens, asked .Mr. 'Justice Darling to ezcuae him from -service on the ground that bo had not occupied the latter place for a year and a half. He said be bad come from Scotland in answer to tbe aummona and wished to return at once.' Mr. Justice . Darling—Have you served on juries in Scotland?' Sir George—I have never done so, but I am liable. Mr. Justice Darling—Do you want to go back to Scotland? Sir George—Yes. Mr. Justice DarUng—When do you want to go back?—because I .thought that Scotsmen never wanted to go back to Scotland. (Laughter.i Sir George—I: want to go back Im­ mediately—tomprrow if I,can, . Mr. Justice Darling—Aa a: temptation to stay you may eara « guinea If you care, but in the clrcumBiance«—:. a Scotsman wlabing to retumito Scotland when be might make money in England being BO esceptlo&al^I think I will ekcuae yon. fReitewed laugb- ter.)—Pall Mall Owsette. rnifed Brethren Churcb. «iin(I.iv Sc.'ioo! a: y:l ."i a. m. Morning sermon at 11. Subject, "Christianity and the Boys and CiriS.' Christian Kndeavor, .'cnlor and Jun lor. f:3U p. m. Evening Feriur:! ^:3i» it. m. Subject. "Twentieth Century Evangelism. Ail men. young and old, should attend the men and religion meeting at Tlie ItefcrniLMl c'aarch ai 3 p. m., and cIl the boys and young men should attend the exclusive meeting for boys and young men at the Baptist church .at 7:30 p.. m.. under the auspices of the Men and Religion Forward Movement. Don't fall to liear the sermons tomorrow as the> form a part of the proxl^esstTd series Loss of Appetite 1.1 loss of vitality, vigor or tone, and Is often a forerunner of prostraiing dls> e.ise. i • It Is serious and especially BO U people that' must fkeep up and doing oi •jet behindhand. ; The best medicine to take for It it- .he great constltdtlonal remedy ' Hood's Sarsaparilla Which parlfle« and enriches the bloo ind bullda. up tbe'whole system. Get it today In naual liquid form ( hacointed tablets called Saraatabs First Chnrch of Christ Scientist. Sunday School at 10. a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. Subject: "Is the Universe, Includirig Man. Evolved by Atomic Force." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at S p. m. Services arc held in the church building corner Kast and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoming the church is open from 2 to 4 p. m. i each week day. A cordial invitation is extended the public to attend the serviced and visit the reading room. Reformed Cburcii. Sunday School at 9:4.5 a. m. Preaching at 11. Theme, "Sin and the Judgment." C. E. meeting at 7:30 p. m. There will also be a meeting of the "There is a peculiar di.£i:nity attached to the gift of a book that is in no way affected by the price." The Une of Gift Books this year .is peculiarly suited for Christinas. All kinds—all prices. Evans Bros. BOOK STOBE. SavemoD ^i ........ „ :>nyouct|9| .Men and Keligion Forward Movement Southwest for men and boys at this church at by taking three o'clock tomorrow with special advantage of tbe music by a male quartette. Every j {"w fares on the-, man and boy welcome. .iFiraiandThird r Preaching by the pastor at 7:30. W.M. H. SHULTS. First A. Jl. E. Chnrch. Preaching at 11 a. m. by pastor. Class meeting at 12:30 p. m. Sunday School at 2:4."> p. m. Allen Endeavor League at 7:15 p.m. led with songs by juvenile choir. • Preaching at 8 p. m. by pastor. Come, oh come and worship with us! Hear our senior and junior choirs sing. Everybody welcome. C. A, WOODS, Pastor. fares First yi. K. Chnrcb. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Sermon at 11 a. in. Kpworth League at 6:30 p. m. Sermon at 7:30 p. m. J. 11. PUICE, I'aslor. Tuesdays of each month, via the Katy. Wkcrt yoa are needed I most is where yea will ^ I make mott Your opporttinity fa In the Southwest where eoil. climate atxl natural conditiooii are all iBroraWc. It Is not., an uncommon XhioK for a (a rme rin Oklahoma or Tcxaa to pay for hfa fana In one year. This c'liilil o n I r be . dune whuiclaad •a 'Maaiaa Chinese Complexions. A French writer has given in La Presse Medicale the, results of his observations on massage in China. He remarks that the exquisite complexion of the young Chinese women Is due not to enameling, as baa been Suspected, but to careful manlptilatlon of ttie face done by expert' msMeUses. They begin by a genUe pinching of the chefks between the tips 6f their Oagers, which lasts fully ten nolnutes; then appl^ lotions on absorbent cotton, tben an unguent, and finish by kneading the cheekS ;Witb an extreme delicacy of toucb,.always proceeding fron^ tha nose and conunlaanrea of the Hps toward tbe eara. This Is a harmless and physlologit;-, ally correct process which can be recommended In cases, rarer titan they should be, where the physician Is , nonsuited concerning a faded or otlisrwlse nnattractlva oomplezloa. 9 J lifeitns and inezpcDilTc: crop* bUe and ptlcefl good. Kowltthetfioc tnnialieatripto Oklabems or Texas and see Ja*» wbers jour opDOitaiiltyU«a. Aik yoor Iboial'. asent toaaUjpa a»- • asenttoMUyoa .uk. i »ticket via Kaw ^a wa«« tn Mb TEXAS . vou want to (O ~ 8ootbwe«*aixll wlU pkao ;oor .tripaod^erou >full lalormsiion hboat (be fare from yout Siomo wn Dcbedule.etc. IwllIalsOBefidron nuT jlMe/rntooii on Southwest opportunities. Write today. 316 St. PILES CURED AT HOME BY NEW- ABSORPTION METHOC}. if you snlfer from bleedInK, Itohinc. blind or protrudlos Piles, send nie your address, and I will tell you how to enre ' yourself nt home by the new atmNrptleBL*" treatment; and wlU also aend some- of- this home, treatment free for trial, wttll- references from your own locality If requested. Immediate relief and perinaa- ent cure asssured. Send no money, but' • tell others of thla offer. Write today to. Mrs. M. Summers. Box P. South Bend. Ind. No. 1 —DON'T FORGET SANTA CLAU3 AT KJIESS NEXT WEEK. —Elite and Majestic now 5c.

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