The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 7, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 6
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On The Air Today (1:00 i>. in. AM. fUivlloini Nrwn wrrc ii'iont ('UK" I'lin-i'ii WATT;-- Miu>l<- foi' UlrtliiK W.t'/,--'l't>nnrt<n<'>' *><"' WOK --Torn Mix (1:10 p, in. Wii/tY litmMljiiIl Scurmi 0:1,1 p. in, WIWY-WABC -I.lfo In riiiniiln W./54 Ktii'il imcl Albi'it WATK- Al Vimti-o. Hpoi-t-i WOK On Hin OVnliiry WTtC Oloo Glut. WD1AJ 1 '— Arntirlcim Hnnnmilii (!;::') p. Hi. WATU-- Cock lull Sunn null- Ii:.'l0 p. in. WH NY NOWH WAtiC Skyllii" IJ"Of W.I/ Allen I'n-.ii-olt WT1C -Strictly I-'pi-i'l.i WATT; NI-W..I; fnHTliuli' WOK NMU-.M f);.10 p. in. W'I'K.' Wi-iitli'-i WKAK Mill SUPPUEJ' POWIR TOOI.5 P L A Y ~" i* O O L On First Class Table.? R& M ALLEYS MAI'I.K HTIil'iMT ('urn \Viiilii'i], j'Dll.slit'il lit CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION ;M H uitJiKii'; sr. TI:.I.. •!«:« .Mr.MII.I.XN Alll'l'lll: nll.l-'. Erig'g'a-Stratton 4 Cycle, :i»/ B H. P. (Air $93-50 l''i>r opni'iillinr (vinliliij; iiiiiclilni ful'iu upru.vers, eiilllviitnrs. lniil ilr*i|i fi'i-ey.ei'.H, |!j;lillni: plHiilt, •m lu\vn ini^^'ei's \\'uler pump**, etc, BII'J NOK'l'lf JVIA1V ST, Union <:ity • Tel. 'JI;H;( CATJFfORNFA WINKS 85c J. K. STORKS CUT K.VI'K, (,H>t:(IKM, \V1NKN, I IKK KM BDll N, Mnlii St. Till, 4i>7» l''l'ti(> Dt'llvei'y All.VW.'ll'rf" III ltormii;h I it:-J5 p. in. I vVmtY-WABC-Nowii Till Now WnC-WEAF--r,ow(.'!l Thomau WJX Grunt Scott -,VATK 1-MefiMUre and Profit vVOU—Stun Lonuix 7;00 p, ni, WliRY—Music by Ctifc'iit W.I'/: Headline KilltU'ii VVABC-.Myjitory of Woult WATK Ktdton r.DwIn, Jr. WTIO-WKAI 1 ' -Suppi-l 1 Club 7:1"/ [i, in. WMP.Y • ML-I-II'M to Veterans W.I'/: - Elmer DftvlM WABC Jack Smith Show WOK- -Answof Miin WATK iihythin Adventures WTK'-WKAK • Nowa ~:',}r> p, in. WATK News 7:,'{() p< !ii, Wr.KY-WAilC Melody Hour rrC-WEAI' 1 --- Hollywood Theater WOll Arthiir Hale WAT!i ITuntlnK. FiJihlng | TM.-i p. in. : WOK IUHldii of SporlH WATK Alcoholics! Anonymous WKAK Kulteuborii H;()l) |). ill. WKKY-WABC Blc Town W'nOWI''AI'' .Johnny I'ruscnl:! WOK "Shock," Drani.-i WATK-WJX f^uiii rind Abner H:IS p, in, V.'.l'/. Tin.' O'.N'elil.i WA'I'M t VViint u Jot) H:!tl> p. m. W[-:l:Y-\VAI'.C .-Ttn'iiti.'f of Ro- \VTrc-vvi':AK -r>t\t<- with .Tiuiy WATK-W.l/, Siuiuny Knyu WOK Tin- l''nlc-on H:, r irj p. in. !l:fi() p. m. Will. 1 V-VS'A l : :(' -Tiili'iil Kronfn \VO|; Cliilirif-l Ili-litloc \V.l'/, Ainnti-iir Clii'I'M WATl: So I'i'Oiully Wu I-liill ! p. in. WOl: -tti'iil Stoi-lca VVATIi Mtiti'ii tu Ann On-nli-f W.I'A liruwn Dotii !);HO 11. in. WIUIY-WAI.C Kn'viii' Thi>:ili-r WATK-VV./;' Dorlorn Tullt it Ovor W'('Ii.''WTf'.' I-'n-d Wiulnir '.VI H: -Aini-rlwin I-'ui'tiin f);<l^ p. in. WATU-WJX -DNI'tllA Pf.m. !):fl"> p. in. WATK-Wj;", WlMiiui-'H Spot-In 1(1:111) P. in. Wnil-YWAUC -NlKlit f.lf" WATl: l'.:i:ui McMtihun VV.I", l-'iniil I'l'ici-ii W'i'lC-Wl'lAl'' Mi'.n Cullt'd X 10:1" |>. in, WATT! Ol'A Talk won upimi c.'idin- lli:;',n p. ni. WIJKY-WAt'',C-O|ii'n Hiuiflnj- WTIf:-WKAK -itciiribi'i'i: Muiilc WATK I'.aiild Occh, W()(( Hyinphrmctti' W.I'/. School C.Vmoi'i-t IIMili p. in. WliKY-VVABC •• World .VcWM Oilier HtatlcuiH- NOWH 11:11) p. MI. WI.ISY r.cjfiil NOWN II :!.- |i, in. WMKV-WAI'.C.' I'atti Clayton Vf.\7, Spnrtfi WTK,' N'i'Wii WOK • Xi.-v.'.'i; f-'lntinclnl WATK Mi'rld'i' (Jrch. ll:;;n p, MI. U'TH- I'rilinh Muiilc WA'l'K-WJX. Cri'iun: KHVV Orali. WOK Wiiiithnr Oi'chcstrn in:(ii> Midnight AM. i'tnllunM Ni-ws Many Expected Chet Wojack Won Event In Last Year's Playoffs Also Favored, Due .To Recent Victory, To Repeat Performance This Year With the announcement yo,»ler- tluy that Th>: Dully Nmvs' Golf unirnamont wiis to aturt AUK. 30, whun qualifying rounds will Dc;,'in. local Koirei'H begun spactilulnf,' 'is to v.-luit, thi'ir elmnces WLTC In cop- plnK this yi!:i! 1 's toiirr.ey. Meanwhile*, lusit 'yr;:ir'.s champion Clict U'ojunk placed nirnsfclt' Immudlutoly Into thi; favorite spot UR'nin. Woj.-ielt won hint year's NEWS tournay, 1 up in 37 holm: .-if!.oi' 'he enKtufocl Henry Cioslcwski In a tiirililni; jr,al.cih'. tluit li'it tl'.oni Attention Red Sox Fans ATTENTION.' Rfiil Sox I--iin.s. Slnc<! cwjryoiMi is u'uiiiR 1 out on thu limb In llinir pr<- (llctliui that the Rod Sox arc sure thiiiffs to- «op thin ywir'n American- lc.ii.irin; penimnt, w«'v« tlccidwl to jump on tli« buntl wng'ou too ,«nl arc, now londinj,' our moral support to nil louul R<H! Sox rooters. To .'compensate, for our i-urly sru.soii kick of confidence; in tlio Brotn town lioomcrs, wo are BOlliK to nl " :l P ictlire of (inch iiH'inlicr of the squad in :'in effort to introduce this year's piiDRiint winners (there wo'vi; suld it) iiiul to apolo- irl'/.o for ourselves. Editor. 1> S. The first! of the series, a picture of T«i!ily •Williams our sports page today. Standing of Teams AMERICAN TJCAGOTC Yestordny's K«sult« FH. Louis at. Boston, rain. Chicago at New York, rain. (July liiimi-'ii ucheclulecl. Thii Siu Now York Ui'troit CHII'"!' WO.JACK, winner of lust yeiir's lourni'y. will more tlmn likely I"' favored tn repent tliut. victory this yeiir. us the result of his recent (,'olfiiu; all the Yule K«lf course when he sparked the lot'Ul U. S. Kiihlici' tciini (o u slute liulustrkil chain |iioiisliii>. Wushintfton G7 GO Cluvutiuid r;(1 ( ,'i- Chicago St., J.,oui8 W. L. Pet. • Vi.i] .nss .!5no .•187 ,-t7fl .448 .•13-' .302 ?*.:: I'l. I 07 -IS C'l -19 GO Li^ U-t 49 C-l 35 81. tli:d fin Iho .lilth hole. Comiim back In Trtility's Oii'iies. l>lteln>rs Chicago at New York (ni.n Smlth (S-S) VK.'Gumpei-t (S-l). St. l.o u is at Boston (2)— Kramer , i1l-S) all'.l /old:'l< '7-0! vs. Dobson i (13-Ci and Biifby (-1-1). Detroit at Philadelphia (night) S7ih. V/oJacU iitrokcd It in a . _ Ncw .| louwl . (2J-D) v.s, Kniirr (3- b'.'St oppon- ,:iit could du v,':is a two ovin- p:ir, i 1,1-von. I Chot. on Sunday li;d Oio locnl U. !i. Rubber Roll'lnn H.-ani,' whon they di.t'i.Tited the bfiMt that riKht otht't- fiu.-toiieM coulil plaoi' u(,'»'»«l. th«ni, In thiHari:a, taklnK thi; stuto Industrial tltl-v Chi.-t .shot a 71 fur the IS hoKi <:oiu'«i> th:vt is conrldoi'cd ono of the most clltllcult in the country. The toiu-nainent \"^is conducted on the famous Yale in New Haven, Thl.'i year's NEWS tourney, which will be held' at the ABA Country club is i-.xpcct-jd to attract oven more local KOlt'nrK than last yi.-nr's did. r.Jii.t year, over 100 prisons en- tcn-d In i he al'l'.-iir, aiid it w:i:> jilny- ed id't in ^ev":i t'llLrhi.s. Qiiullfylnj;- rounds for this tourney will heirin AUK. 30 and extend throuuh Sept. ^, at the A. b. A, Mile. Knti-y blanks to this tourney will ajipoar in the NKU'.H in the <"'<]and nl Washinn'ton (nlnht) •—Classaway (1-0) or Reynolds (10- II ) v.s. (]U-9), . NATIONAL I.KAGUE Yesterday's Rest ills St. 'Loui.t U. Cincinnati 0. Only Kamo scheduled. Tin; If.rorjklyn St. Louis Cincinnati . . New York .. Philadelphia Pittsbuigh . W. L. 70 43 OS 44 59 52 Cifi M ni 02 49 03 47 02 44 C!i Golf Tourney Leading Red Socker St. Francis C Y 0 Team Plays St. Lucy's On Wednesday Sports Chatterbox JACK DAUBY TED .Wri,IJA3\jr.S.. As tjbc'Hr«t','.of .a. series introdiiclns: the Boston K<xl Sox, wo cou'l:!, think of'non<: more fitting to start with'tha-n thei leading hitter of the Bosox, T«ddy Williams. It's rumored( T«d will usk for S80.000 next ycur, (ind. he's probahly worth every bit of 1W al- t-hnugh ho probably won't liko it up In the higher Income brackets. VVIIIIiiDL'i i.i out (.<>' Drealc Urn nil-time records for Dig leutrue hittomi imd at. this writing, it. n-jipnurs Unit If given time- and fnwer base* on balls, lie may do it. Firemen Play Tano's Tonight The Niiu'jutuck Hook And Ladder company will -take on Tano's to- niyht in what promises to be one >f the most thrilling Softball contests ' this areii has -seen in some time. Captain Grant, the coach o. the Firehousc squad has procured •he spi-viccs of Vin i'oaly to um- •)irc this contfist. while ^d Gnlvin will slop them behind i h '- plate. John Moroney will umpire this Hontcst. tliat promisos to be an •ven (jrcatpr attraction than the rorthcominK Morticiar. - Thurston battle on Friday, Tomorrow night, the Firemen will travel to Ansonla to play the Charier Hose of that place. Fireball Galvln may pi-tch thnt contest. Many are expected to attend both of these contests. Tonight's pame begins at G p. m. and Capt. Grani asks that all members of the team meet at. the fii-chourfe at 5:-10 p. m. ret. !c07 .532 | tomorrow .to go to Anaonia to play .COS j the other contest. .437 • 431 .411 Brasscos To Play Two Games At Stadium This Week The Waterbury Brasscos have itwo games lined up for this week, their manager. Joe Samotska, announced today, starting- Wednesday niglvt when the Brass City array takes on the hardhitting- Madison. New Jersey Colonials- An ever <?re:uc>r attraction, though, is scheduled for Saturday night when the New York firemen, a team that has played the Brasscos before this season travels to Waterbury to n:ect the Sumoskamcn. Walt Gathman, the Yale ace hv.rler, is slated -to toe the mound on Wednesday while Mike Kissko will- draw the assignment on Saturday. Thurston-Mortician Jeanne GRAIN Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL suenmER IN TklCHNICOLOn 2nd HIT DERDLIHE for mURDER hnl K1UY • K,nl UUOt BBMnWUDNEIDAVBHi »e»t i men FROIH WALT DISNEY'S Happy Comedy Musical in Technicolor SICK AND 1IKA.H HOW DISNKV ^(AOIC HAS I'UKSK.NTKn TDK TAI.MNTM OK: BENNY GOODMAN — DINAH SHORE THE ANDREW SISTERS — NELSON EDDY JERRY COLONNA — ANDY RUSSELL THE KINO'S MEN — STERLING HOLOWAY THE PIED PIPERS PLUS o BEHIND THE MASK Kinio KICIIJIOND _ l'.uH>:irit. I4KK1) ALSO I.ATKST »INAI, UAY * CI.KOPATRA" In Tochnlcolor TUB FKIiNClI KBY" which prospective contestant:! ni.'iy fill out. and mail pilh'er to us, or to the Counry clul) In Union City, Yanks Vs.. Waves Tomorrow Night The Y links and Male Waves at'8 going to face off amiinst each other •.'iL'-iUn tomorro\v evening, fl p. m. ut U"f:i-('.'it:on I-'leld. Meintjei-.s i-!' both team:-- nr<r> risked to hi- pi-osi;iit at this Impoftnnt c.-i-miest. Kllher "Cnwlini,- U.ill" Hoppo or "Whi'/" Johr.finn \vi\] st.'ij-t. for the Yanks with "Filnr" T:ingce;|l behind the plate. I^etf.'r "Fireball" Mlele will plteh Cot 1 tlu: -highly rated W:ivr: teiim. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG r'.lt..VI,. HIIHVN Hun lllri'i'l III Mriii'h ri,K.\Ni-;sT si'ii'r is TIII-: ST.\TK Today's Ciarnes, Pitcl'.crs Posi.on at St, r.,ocis (night)—Nip;ling (1-3) vs. Pollet (-1-1-0). Uruoklyn ai. Pittsburgh (nlRht) — near I Hatten (7-0) vs. Slrincovlch (7-10). Now York at Cincinnati (nifrht) --Koalo (12-13) vs. Gumbert (5-4). Philadelphia at Chicago (2)— Rat'fonsbcrfrof (6-11) and Donnelly. (3-10 vs. (0-7). Wyse (12-'J) and Borowy 'filCHHI Ol'ioniiif;' Xi^'hl: Person a].. Appearance Aliens! 1>U-'J4 SCATS; $1.00, Sl.fiO, S2.00 plus tux Trajanowski On Uconn Squad Sfri-.s Conn., Aug. 20—(U P) — Wall. Ti'ojanowski — the nation's lending yrlfl scorer last year—will be back this season with the Unl- versiiy Football team. And with Trojanowski will be the rest of the U-CONN backfleld who helped -him amass his record. Coach J. f J. Christian repoits that 11 squad of Klxty-llve is expected to! turn out fo:' tho first pie-.seuHOn' jinirl ioe Thursday. Christian will be able lo field, a ienm composed entirely of letter wiiinet;^ Jn addition .to the. team which piled up such a good record last year, thi Nutrnng.mentor will have tLV.'iilnblc sevei-al l£!tt,.:r men who linven't seen action—of thu pigukin variety, that is—ror a number of years. Included will be six-foot five-inch Wall Dropo—the 220 pound end from Plalnneld. 'Al.-i.T hack from the Wdi-s will bn tackle.-, Jessfj Shcr- vi'ood fif Fnirllnld and John Greenwood of Bridgeport. Fred Moh:' of 1 —who was star right halfback a:: a 1're.vhman in 1942— will vie for a starting position with lat;L scunon's regulars. Special Train To Run To Gansett The New Haven Railroad announces th.-v> it again will operate a special trnin to NnrrfiTansett Park on Saturdays during the Fai: ranlncr season, which run:; from Monclav, Amtust 25, to Saturday, September 2S. The train will leave Nnugn.tuck at 9:31 a.m., Daylight Saving Time, and will be due at Narracfansctt Park at 1:30 p. in., and returning will leave the park shortly after the last race. There will be. a grill car on the train, serving meals and refreshments, in both directions. Tussle Friday Speculation is running rife today as to who will be the victor of the Thurston Icemen-Merry Mortician contest, which will be held this coming Friday at Recreation Field. With Muscles Ashmore and Siug- ger Darby taking batting lessons one doesn't know what to expect. The Icemen are playing Thursday against the strong Behlman's combine in what is termed a warm- up for the following night's contest, The publicity manager for 13oh 1 man's. William Schmelcki say. i though, that the contest will be I an easy victory for his team. I Game time next Friday night, for i the tsoftboll game of the season, G p. m. at Recreation Field, Unpredictable The Brooklyn Dodders continue to pace the National loop and are certainly making ':i lot of sportswriters very red-faced (including this one). .Most of the pre-season forecasts had the "Bums" finishing anywhere from second to sixth, we said sixth, and you could count on one hand the experts that thought the Dodgers had a chance lo Cop Uic senior circuit flag. However sin':e the 1liy'- day of the season those "Flatbush FIoo- gies" have been right in the thick of ihc jiennant scramble with the •highly )-atcd St. Louis Cardinals. In f.'tct ihe Bums have hold dr>\vn ilrst spot almost continuously, and once enjoyed 11 rather safe 0 fjtjme lead over the Card's riKht now they lead by about two full games, The Brooklynites wlio really only have about nve pre-wuj major leaguers, namely Reiser, Walker, Recre, Higbe and Casey, are nov. f Kiarling- their Jlnnl i-oad trip Ihroujrh the VJesf. and v,'lll liave to l)!uy serins with their arch-rivals the Cardinals, the third place Chicago Cubs, and the troublesome Reds, plus a fc\v jjpmes with the Giants, Braves an-i pliilly Eluejays Pittsburg Pirates and Cincinnati before they return to their beloved ICbbels Field still in first place, with only about 1C home Barnes remaining, we will be forced to tip our hat, bow from the waist and -concede them the pennant, This would certainly please a Mr. Donald Harvey, one of the Eoro's most rabid Dodrrer roofers. Sut honeslly Don we personally think the next time you or Brooklyn h.-is a look nl vhe Bums they will not bo a first place ball cltib. (Of course \ve could be wrong!) Od<ls and ISmls The Boston Red Sox need to win ?A of their remaining- 37 games to clinch .the American League flag, regardless of whn.t the Yankee? do. That is. the New Yorkers could win all their remaining contests and still end up in second place- Should the Yankees continue at •.heir present c'ip of about 0 wins I Tu-t of every ten games, then the ! Beantowners would need only I about one win in every three games | to coast into their first pennant ' since 191S. We agree whole-heartedly with Tommy Fitzpatrick's recent "sal- ire" on the Glens Falls Tourney liscnjr.ade, I*, wn^s certainly disgi-ace- 1 ful ;.he housing, food, and umpir- I ing ''that the tourney officials expected the boyti to endure. From what we hear, even Mickey Owen was treated better in Mexico than our locals in Glens Falls. And Mickey wouldn't stay for SSO.OOO:! Junior Nine Plays SS. Peter And Paul Juniors Thursday, 6 P. M. At Hamilton Park The Si Francis CYO will travel to Watcrbury tomorrow nlglu, when they play the CYO team of St. Lucy's Eras.-s City parish, at Hamilton Park. ' I The local team, -which has n 2 'and J record in the second half j play of the Catholic league, need ! this victory to enable them to re- 1 tain their second place position. SS Peter and Paul, the present | first place team, are undefeated j during this half, and unless they j lose a game, the local team can I only be contented wiih their second place lot. Chet UsakicwicK will start on the mound for the locals, while it Is not known just who will pilch for St. Lucy's. The local nine will be favored over -the Waterbury nine, On Thursday night, the St. Francis Juniors will seek to avenge the defeat which their older brothers, the CYO team, (suffered recently at the hands of the SS Peter and Paul, when they play the junior division of that group. Bob Dowling will pitch for the local group, George Schuster behind the plate. Both of these games begin at 6 p. m. Foreign holdings in U. S, .stocks, bonds, cash balances and other dollar asets, amounted to $9,!5G3 million at the end of Die I'iret year of the present war, the Commerce department estimated. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS For All Makes of Cars B-M MOTORS INC. 80-H2 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone <i«l **f*9*-*^'*'r~ M-M, Refriperaicd trucks for ti'anspor- tation of milk were introduced into the U, S. in 192-i. BUSES BURNED Medford, Mass., AUK. 19—(UP) — Four buses wore destroyed and 12 others saved in u. two-alarm fire. The bla/.e swept the garage of the Hudson Bus Lines'on Union street, causing an estimate ?2S,000 clam- j ftge. ^ SHARK CAUGHT Centervllle, Mass., Aug. 19—CUP) — A New York man lias caught a 70-foot hammerhead shark. Such a fish is rarely found in northern waters. The shark was caught about five miles south of Wianno by James Patton of Scarsdalc, N. BEST IN LEAGUE By Jack SorcJs WATERBURY PARK DEPARTMENT TOPS' CONCERT Hamilton Park Watorbury THURS, at 8:30 P. M. Civic Orchestra of Wa,terbury MARIO DICKCCO, Conductor All Seats $1.20 Tax Included OJ.I1V nv Curtain .S:-l. r . Tel, Litch field 880 Of 220 firms In t.he nlove industry in lO'll, 171 had sales of less than $2 million. ... TOPS FOR QUALITY Pcpti-Colu Compfmy, Lang 'inland City, N.Y. Francliised Bottler: Pepsi-ColaTBottling Co., iBriijtpi, Conn. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today -"Wed. - Thurs. Also SPORT REEL and NEWS FRIDAY — SATURDAY : "THAT TEXAS JASIBOREE" .and "IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG' Tb« widtit choice of puce colon •vet offered — »11 icadr M vm, Murphy Paints Iv«iy In »v«ry grad* Seo Our Ijirgo Stotfc ^ LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOtlS FOB GARDEN and SHOVELS <lont W" handles) GAliDKN RAKES J101SS — SPADES PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHEARS • bort CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 CONNECTICUT'S MOST KANCEAB1.E MUSIC COMES TO— XAKE QTTASSAPAUG — WEDNESDAY BY POPULAR REQUEST! FRANCIS PELFINO jns SAXOPHONE „,„,». LND HIS RECOBD-liREAKlNG ; ORCllE!»TJW 15 — PEOPLE — 15 Starring MONROE SPIER 1 ' DANCING AX 8:00 P. M. ADM. (tax lnc)_j

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