Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 10
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10 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EySNING, DECEMBER 15, 1911. McNAarARA'S STEXOGRAPHEE TO B6 WITNESS. ChfcaRo, Dec. —"Jolin J. WcXaiiiiiTa was one of the most careful em I'loyors 1 have evor worked for ultli his correspondence, guarding his letters with the utmost concern and never dictating anything of the least Incrimlna tory nature." This was a statement last night of Miss Nora Haley, l'> West Chicago avenue, who was employed as secretary of the- convicted labor chief for nearly three years previous to his confession of guilt in the dynamiting outrages. Miss Haley declared that while she was in McNamara's office In Indianapolis she had her employer's strictest confidence. She said she typed many of his private letters and opened much of his mail. She maintains, however, that McNamara always filed his own correspondence and never gave her any dictation of an incriminatory nature. She will be one of the finportant witnesses before the jury in-festigating the dynamite cases. UBOR MUST BE GOOD-WRIGHT IM.\(.ER TO CAUSE I\ TIOLE.VCE, SViS SOCIALIST LECTIKEIL Speaker Expresses the Opinion That JHcAaniiinis Are Liiniitirs and Should Be iu Asjluuu Clyde .1. Wrigiit, Socialist candidate for governor in the last gubernatorial election held in Nebraska, and one of the national lecturers of the Socialist organization, delivered an address to a large audience in lonfc hall of the Jlaeonlc temple. Mr. Wright is an interesting speaker and held the close attention of his hearers. "If the .McN'aniaras are gnllly as confessed then tliey are more than ordinary .criminals and 1 believe the proper place for them is rather in a lunatic asylum " said .Mr. Writflit. "Tiio Socin!l.«ts did defend thoni al- tliough they were not Socialists lie- cause we were assured l)y llieir attorney of their innocence. Wo wero ju.'tlfiod in being susplilous of a ci>n- si'liacy judning cai>italism by its past record. Now that t!;e truih seems to be out it is not for capitalism but for labor to rejoice tliat the truth is discovered. One thing is clear, the McNamaras had lost all hope of labor | getting justice in a modern American j court or in an old line party legislature. Labor cannot win by violence labor must capture the powers of government, there is the center of power; it must be a battle of ballots not a battle of bullets. I.abor will now understand the truth of the Socialists preaching that the struggle j between capital and labor is a matter ' to be settled with votes. That struggle cannot be put in jail; it must oe settled." Wright's chief object in coming to lola was to arrange for a lyceum lec turc series under direction of the National Socialist Lyceum Bureau with headquarters at Chicago. Plans were started for a series of five lectures to be conducted in February. A season ticket will cost one dollar, which also pays for one dollar's worth of standard Socialist literature. Wright sr.ys the highest class of talent will deliver these lectures. Three hundred tickets mush be sold in advance in order to insure the lecture series. The sjirakers who are hooked for the Kan sas circuit are W. F. Rels, of Toledo, Ohio; Earnest Unterman.^of San Fran ci.vco. Calif.; n. A. Maynard. flf Dcn- ver. C'llo.; Mila Tupper Maynard of Henver and Ualph Korngold, of Chl- caco. —Cut Flowers In Carnations Roses, Clirysanthemums, Narcissus, Servia for all occasions, at Primmer's Green HouKC, 704 East Lincoln. Phone 104. —Majestic and Elite Five Cents. A Remedy No|Family Should Do Without No" matter" how health}- a (Bin. It is i llquM laxative-tonic, mild, line mav be it Is Kifp to jwv that ..••n.i n^.. 1^..- i.. —- — bc-iiiB may be It Is Rife to sny that not many montlis are iias.«ed u-itlioct some obstruction of the bowels, in olhtr words, cons'tlpatlon. even if onl.v t"i.i- porary. Tlie bloatinK. tlic tlull feeliiit; may stajt after the evening meal. If a laxative is not taken that niwht it it cei-taln that sleep will not be sound, and you will awatcen unrcfreshed. Hence, it Is important for yoi av.-t for all the members of,.vour rteto?.ll%'oMusf s :rc .rVm4r\^ neoessltl-s a. without Dr. It is sure to be needed, and when n. < -ua , C;.l..\vell s i-yrcp Popsln. you want It at hanJ. No r.-ini:l7 t'.at 's ! /.nyon-; wl.-?h;nr to make a trial of this careful of its health can do without such rcmeuv nefore buyine it In the re^lar • remedy. But the questmn ol winch .way of a drUTplPt at fifty ffents or one remedy to have on band is also or vus. iih,n,i:- - ' ' Importance. ll -ivo The laxative most hl^'.ily tocom- mended by the majority or lnteL':;-.iil and never sripe.s, is effective On robuat people and can bo ulvcn with safety to an infant. Children like it because of th>> senile qualities and because It i« pleasant lo the taste. It Is the bp»t all-around remedy you .c -.i -n iiave in the house for any disorder (li the ttomJich, liver and bowels, and many people like Mr. R. J. Henry, or vol av.'l toi O'.nthe, Kas.. and Mra. 8. T. H«-8, Atchl- famiJy U'^t a - rr .n Kaj.. bay they would as foon be a lars'-- Lottie {family size) can IBISiRDER 2 l» ELT COJTJIEXT OF THE EX-PBESmEKT OS THE M'NAMABA CASES. UBOR UNIONS SUFFER MOST THEREFORE THEY SHOULD BE FOREMOST IS COADEMJiATIOX. SrathInK Arrnl»riinient of I>elw and Other Tobllc Enomics" of His ^ Stripe. Americana as belni; best for babies .ind grownups Is Dr, CaldweUs Syrup i'ep- name and addresff 071 a ;)ostaI cird v/lll do. Game and Poultry For Christmas you wir find here In great plenty —if you come early enough. "Open" weather has made good turkeys scarce; but early comers will And their needs supplied—turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. Meats ol erenr de- ttinlile kind—beaf, muttdo, pork and veal. We are prepared for Christmas catering In the meat line. OTTO HINZE Ftaone S91 Highest Market Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 (By the Associated Preiia) New York, Dec. 15.—Theodore Roosevelt-has an editorial article In the current issue of The Outlook relat ing to the McNamara case .entitled "Murder is Murder." The article says: "Not only laboring men, but business men capitalists, have at times shown the worst form of class consciousness—that of sinister and brutal class selfishness In standing by criminals simply because they were of their own class. This has been done by capitalistu In the case of capitalists who have been guilty of brazen corruption, and by laborers In the case of labor leaders who have been guilty of murderous violence The two offenses stand on a par from the standpoint of damage to the community. In San Francisco in one municipal contest the capitalists who desired to be free from all check on corruption and the labor leaders who desired to be free from all check on lawless violence struck hands and elected their ticket; and this proved In the end to be a lasting mis-fortune to San Francisco, to the cause of honest business and to the cause of honest labor. Since the startling outcome of the McNamara trial certain apologists of these men have made themselves conspicuous by asserting that these depraved criminals, who have on their seared souls the murder of so many Innocent persons—all of them laboring people by the way—are 'victims', or at worst 'fanatics,' who should receive sympathy because they were act ing In what they regarded as a "war* on behalf of their class! The plea is monstrous in its folly and its wickedness. It is precisely the kind of plea sometimes advanced on behalf of a crooked man of great wealth caught bribing a legislature—that he has to do it to protect his business. We are not here dealing with any of the kinds of offenses InMdental to the sudden and sweeping changes l )rought about l)y modern industrial conditions into which capltallsis or labor mien are sometimes drawn without any very great conscious moral turpitude on their part. We arc dealing with crimes as olil as the lawgiving from Sinai, with crimes—murder and theft —that have been prohibited over since the decalogue was formulntcil. The murders committed by men like the McNamaras, although nominally In the Interest of organized labor, differ not ono whit in moral culpability from those committed by the Hlack Hand, or l>y any band of mere cutthroats and are fraught with an infinitely heavier menace to society. Yet great though the menace is to the community the menace to the cause of honest organized labor is still greater, and no duty is more impera- ively laid on tiie leaders o flabor than the duty of affirmatively freeing hemselves and their followers from he taint of responsibility for such riminals and such crimes. The labor leaders who by their loud championship of the McNamaras—as previously of Moyer and Haywood—rhave succeeded In Identifying them with the cause of labor in the eyes of the public, have rendered an evil service to that cause. Mr. Debs and the extremists of his type among the so- called political Socialists—I say so- called because DelK and his followers of the Emma Goldman kind are not Socialists at all in any true sense of the word,~but mere Inciters to mur der and preachers of applied anarchy —and the labor leaders affiliated with them, have always boasted of the part they played In the trial of Moyer and Haywood; and in this case they repeated their familiar tactics, and held mass-meetings, and scatter^ broadcast papers and addresses In which they furiously denounced the effort to bring wrong-doers to justice, and sought to arouse every evil class Instinct against all who upheld the cause of law or sought to put a stop to assassination and murderous violence. It Is worth noting that since McNamara confessed his guilt. Mr. Moyer the head of what purports to be a labor organization .is reported In the press as commenting uiwn It. for Christmas Our store is full to'overflowing with beautiful and useful things for Christmas presents. We mention below just a few of the many nice things for Christmas. TOQUES S Just received another big shipment of Ladles' and -Misses' Toques in red and blue, also white and red, white and blue, and white and pink—the greatest values ever offered you— priced at —49c-and .98c SILK SCARFS . We are showinj; a beautiful line of Scarfs.'^Priced at 35c, fiOr, (tor, 7or, tlM to $9JW. SILK Sf ARFINO. lloautiful patterns^prlced at yard -89c and J3c SILK WAISTIXG For Christmas. 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SATURDAY- To every little Boy and Girl, a nice little STORY BOOK We pay mfleage fort to Identify the cause of organized labor, directly or indirectly, with anj- movement which In any shape or way benefits by the commission of crimes of lawless and murderous violence." —Majestic and Elite Five Cents. Veils are being worn with all kinds of hats and also toques. The most fashionable are in net with lace patterns, but different kinds of craquelln net are fancied in colors as well as black and white, the latter being often preferred even for dark hats and of fur. Veils I toques made of fur. Veils are _ar- rangod so as to come well down under the chin and to cover the ears and the denouncing him for having confessed It! Such denunciation Is significant. "Murder Is murder, and the foolish sentimentalists or sinister wrongdoers who try to apologize for It as an 'Incident of labor warfare' are not only morally culpable but are enemies of the American people, and above all are enemies of American wage-workers. In honorable contrast to these men stand the various labor leaders who have never asked for more than a fair trial for the Mc.Vamaras, whose purpose has only been to get justice, and who now sternly demand that murder shall be punished, when committed In the nominal Interest of labor precisely and under any other circumstances. I believe with all my heart in the American worklngman; 1 believe lyltb all vay heart In organized labor, for labor mu^t be organized In order to protect an dsecure Its rights; and therefore with all my strength I urge my fellow-cItlzens, the American men and women who earn their livelihood as wage-workers, to see that their leaders stand for honesty, an dobedience to the law and to set their laces like flint against any ef- throat, and are fastened to the nape of the neck as well as. to the hat.— Millinery Trade Review; Christmas Rugs!, ijW.OO 27x54 Axminster Rugs. *3..'50 36x72 Axminster Rugs. Easy.Go Racers and Oo-Carta Henninger 118 M'est Xadison BUGS—FCBXITUBE-STOVES PROGRESS OF FRENCH WOMEK if Mollere Lived Now Ho Would Not Ridicule Their Education and Activities. ^ Thirty years ago there were three colleges for women in France and one preparatory school; now there are aev- enty-five colleges and forty-nine preparatory schools. What does the change mean? Mollere, ever two centuries ago, in "Les Precieuses Ridicules" and "Les Femmes Savantes, attacked the pose, self-consciousness and loss of proportion which the women of bis time sometimes showed In attempting to be learned. Mollere laughed, however, not at education, ttut at lack of common sense. It be lived now be' would not try to set back the clock, and ask vomen to devote to.the needle the same attention that •he gave before machinery was Invented. He would not ask her to live as she lived before there were public schools for her children; creameries to make her butter and cheese; big manufacturers to take her place In preserving food; immense combinations to spin cotton, make cloth, do the dyeing, make np the clothing. He ^nld welcome the vacuum cleaner, the gas stove and the dumb waiter, and his laughter would be not for those who use modem labor saving devices, but for the futile sentimentalists who cry for the vanishing of the past. The outside education and activities of women are as nnquestion- able and irresistible as are the printing press, the steam engine and tbe cotton gin.—Collier's Weekly. Best Lump Coaliieliver^d an>'whcre in the city. Bran .Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds —lOO Ibper sack—guaranteed weights. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour --To Dealers ONLY Newton Milling & Elevator Co. Phone 157 Willis Pereau, Agant Every lady purchaser gets FREE SOUVENIR Saturday. COLE HARDWARE

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