The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 7, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 5
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Searching Debris For Victims Of Tornado YOU'RE TELLING ME! — By WIUIAM RITT — Central Press Writer NAUGATUCK N'EW.S (COXX.). TUKSDAV. AUG. 20, li)4ft—PACK B Glider Crash Kills Army-Navy Officers mU' worker* search xuittti'rml ilubrU for victim* of th« tornadu which dontroyod thiw 'tourist camp ut Alitnkiit", Minn,, lovollliiK all of It.x 22 catiln.s. The torimdo, within an area of' two by /our blocks, cini.iiMl the cli'iith of nix jim'MMiH, mid Injury' of Oil. It was pn-ct-diid by linll und'rain, und, lastod only » fnw Nciionilx. Another twister hit Ihn town of Wt'lls, -10 mllcu Month, Injuring twunty-flvu. (Inturniitloiiul SoitiKlplvto) RFC Will Sell Some Supplies To Small Business f'.onlun, Aug. 20 - John J. Hiiftor- ty, mutiH):'- 1 !' "f the l.lositon fiOlin Mi'iify c! thi' KtxionatructloM li'l- nuncn Corpjorutlon, hu« unnounovtl thli'C I'i'pnisontntlvoM At xrruill liutl- ni'XH Uii'uiii.'huut th» Ncsv 13nl!luncl m'CH will )><i glviiii .'in opportunity to [lUrrhiixii nuiny cluNlrublu Itiurut of 1 ro'iUumint uiiulprr.unt, plumbing xui'i'lli'. 1 -!, hum! ttiulN und plant equipment ml the "nllo tmld" liclnjr conducted l»y VVur Assets AdmlnlM- ^nitlon u* (.nnsuliilij, I Chadc Islimd an Amru.'it H'tti itricl i'Oth, whlBli iluy.i liuvi' bi'im ruHiifvrct for ;:urpUi» anli'N to !if"'C fur jinnill Ini.'ilmiMM, Ntiw Xnalund luiulM the world In pri 1 cupltu ttuMHiimptlon t)f tnUtur with -10 [loundii, AliHtrulla IH ttucorul with ,l'l fiotmd.M, th« Unlto<l t!titt(i« nlxth with ly |j(iufuln, und tttvly (In .IIHO> nth with thi'i-n poundn. FOR A CAB TEL. .5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co, t(W] .South Mi.ln St. CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY TVl. 221l> 2-1 MOUTH MAIN HTKKKT M)|i|iiiilln NiiiiKnliii'k r'lirnltnrn ('", Kiirlury Iti'imlf Mirvlrp 1111 All .Mul lit IClnllo Hl-lK. rfllJlllH Hcrvlri' UiuiniMilililr I'rli'i'H, l.illiol f^lllliHiir fur Uiullii Knuulr \Vurk, Philco Car Radios Iminmllut)' lli'llvcry Atitomutlo riitiiKiKn'I'h'* »'i'< VISIT OUR NEW ENLARGED GIFT SHOP Adjacent to iuir miiln store for • KI.KCTHIC AI'I'I.IANCKS • GLASS \ CHINA WAKK • WROUGHT IKON WAKK Frankie Filchock T Formation Expert On Giant Squad Stout .S'.'ivo Owon bellnvos hit NI w York fllunu hnvo both tho i iittuck und muturlal to win top honor.-! In Uiu National Football lii.'iguo thl.i fall, Thu i;nnlnl Owtm, beginning his ' IGth yejir 1111 hniitl coach, long has li'.'un 11 iiUuUmi of the powerful sln- ' irlu wlriK formation. Thin year Stuve may pull it suirprlwtt on the- boy« , dy mixing thu T-fornuulon with | (tin NlMjrlu wing. | Owfiri him thu boy to make the T- ifiMii'M; talk, too. ilu Is vornatlle I'"runki(! Flk-hock, n good bull han- 'llnr unil u brilliant dlgnal callor, f'Yiinklu, for many yo/tr.s an under- iittuly to Mllngln' Siimmy Baugh iit Washington, threatened to bolt to tin- rival All-Amurlcii conference unliiHM ho WIL.H t'ulciiwod to another club whore he could Ka on hl» own. And HO Washington's IO.MH wu.-, NI.W York's guln, ' with Pil- c:ho(-k coming to tho Oliints at the iiltiMi' of UK. J»'I5 Moason.. Schedule for soiitton follows: •lio.-tton, 'at Boston, a Sti|it. nltrlst jr Oct. Inirir. Oct. Injrtofi. f3et 'JO --C York, Oct. 2" Yrj.-k. Nov. 3 di'lphlii. Nov. 10 Yoik. Nov. 17 Nov. York, Doc. 0 • PittHtflnvh, at Plttu- 13- UV.nhlntrton, ut Wu.sli- -ChlciiKo C'ardlnulN, at Nu\n Chicnjfti Btiiirs, Ii-t Now I'hlhululphla, at Philti- - PhlliicK'Iphiu, at Now (.{n.Mton, ut Now Yori;, ut New 1M - l j ittnbur[[h, T.OH AnKeluu KUIUH, ul ut New iN'nw York. Dec. «•• • WttHhlnjrton, York. Demonstration Of Helicopter Will Be Given GALVANIZED WATER PAILS Special 49c SAVINGS ST. I)IAL S-IW7 New Haven, Alifr. 20—(U"P1-—A (iKiii'jn.Mtnitlon of hr>w poraons <:aa •In" rfMcui'd hy hi'llcnptei 1 from Mrii,- will be xtagcd at the llfth annua' C'nnnuctlciit Zi'lro Colliigu this week- c'licl, Thi- L'Cilli'Kt! will be conducted at the Now Wavi.-n Ore department drill KroumlH and nlso (it the University »( Connecticut. Thu hellcoptor IH • Haiti to bn especially valuable In resn.lni; pei sons from forest tires..It also can be ii.iod to dullvcr nrerJlffhtlng nppar- (itii.i during umorgpnci^ii—-pnrtlcu- lurly in rural areu». . -.. The poi't of In Franco Is ono of the bout In tho country and the clo.iefft to Ilia V. S. „ $12.95 • Dfillvury) WEISS' Bon Franklin Store iiiz cnuncn LAHOK STOCK OF SEAT COVERS $7,95, $9-95, $12.95 $15.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 ISTuiiKntuok, Conn. Back To School PHOTOGRAPHS Just (i f«w tnora weol<» bti- foro that younKntor K"'" (loop In Mlucly, too busy. Thibodeau Studio N«nry Cnurcli St. Peter Paul, Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES AND CHEWING GUMS R&P METAL WORKS 1)0 SO. MAIN ST11ISKT .(Bear) Stool llurH A ShootN FOU SAL15 Onminrntul 8U-vl' Work Tulelihono '0877 Merchant Marine Plans Examinations For Midshipmen Tho United States Merchant Mar- Inn Cadet Corps Will hold competi- Uvo examinations for appointment as Cadet-Midslhlpmen on November 0, 10-lfl. The examination, which takes ono day, Is conducted by the U, S. Civil Service Commission at convenient locations throughout the country, Whilu non-veteran candidates must be between 10 1-2 and 21 years of ago, men discharged from t'he armed services or merchant marine are granted an age waiver to their iMlh birthday. They are also allowed five points additional on the Competitive test. To be L-lit'ibli.' for appontment, the cnndUlivto must he a citizen and unmarried, have a total of 15 high school credits. Including onu unit each In algebra, plane geometry and science, and three units in English, and pa»<! n physical exam- nation Successful applicants are given n 'otir-year course which Includes academic work at Cadet Schools ind the Merclnnt Marine Academy md practical training aboard regular merchant ships. While he Is In 'Ciiool, the Cadet-Midshipman rc- •:olcos SfiS.OO a month: tiboard merchant, vessels, he Is paid $82,10 a iionth. Quarters and subalatence n-e furnished. Graduates of the L'. S. Merchant Marine Acudomv are qualified for •i license as Dock or Engineer Of- flcur in thp Merchant Marine and commission as Ensign, U. S. Naval Reserve, iind thu rank ot Ensign In | tin? U. S. Mfiritime Service. i-'ernons Interested in taking the competitive cxaminaton may securn nccCH.sary application forms and full Information by writing to tho .Supervisor, U. S, Merchant Marine Cadet- Corps. Training Organization, War Shipping Administration. Washington 25, D. C. Tin) U, S. Maritime Servluu has announced also that effective immediately its Officers Upgrado Schools will 'offer license preparation training to eligible applicants who rvaiit to qualify for nn original license as an ofllccr in the Merchant Marine. Courses last a maximum of five weeks, with speclul emphasis on subjects most needed by tho Individual student. License training is open to two general classes of applicants: (1) Nuvy or Coast Guard who will be available for assignment aboard experienced olllccrs of the U. S. vessels upon securing an original license; and (2) other wise qualified unlicensed, personnel with sufficient sun time in the Navy, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine who are capable of securing an original license with the minimum amount of instruction available uncier the pro- Appllcatlnns for the license preparation training should be made ciirnot to the U. S. Maritime Service Olllcer UVpgratle Schools which are located In .Baltimore, Boston, New York, Sun Francisco, Seattle, and New Orleans. NEWS OF RIOTING in Egypt iind Palestine causes Ziidok Dumkopf to wonder if those two countries, who missed out in the flg-htins: in World War II. may not be Just making: up for lost time, i i t It's too bad George Bernard Shaw has but one birthday a year. As it is. we have to wait too long between those anniversary wisecracks. i i • Cheerful news about the In- creoiing manufacture of motor cars cauies Grandpoppy Jtnklni to wonder if the automobil* <rop won't ba a bumpor-to-bumper ono. Bees, points out an editorial, Invented /,he idea of the ore- J Bristol Company To Participate In Metals Show The Bristol company will participate In tho 28th annual Metal Exposition In Atlantic City, opening Nov. 18. The showing, which will last for five days, is the first East| ern post-war metals Industries display. The several hundred companies participating In the exposition will show for the first time certain of their products, services and production methods, that due to stringent ai-my regulations for national security were not allowed to be revealed before, W. H, Eiueman, managing director of the event, stat- A joint meeting will be held at the affair with the National Metal Congress coupling with the National Metal exposition to hold discus sions. The congress Is composed of the American Socle-ty for Metals, sponsors of tho event; the'Amer- ican Welding Society: the Iron and Steel Division and the Institute of Metals Division of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and the American Industrial Radium and X-Ray. Society. ' • Approximately 35,000 persons associated with the metals Industries are expected to attend technical sessions of the societies and visi-t the adjoining metal exposition. fabricated house. And if you should care for our -opinion— they did a honey of a Job of it tii , -.A Canadian tornado upset a cow-causing her to set stuck with her horns wedged into rili ground. Gosh, what Mother Goose could have done with thai one! iti With Primo Camera back on the tcene and the channel swim* mers making plans this begint to look like the spot whera w* cams in. iii Noah, it is pointed out, was the first man to solve an acute housing- problem. And that, despite the fact that everybody was ia the same boat with bim. Sylvia Stone Stars In Litchfield Personal Appearance A Nuvy man und an Army officer went to their Ooatfis when a. glider In which they were flying col- llilL-d.^vllli a plunu ovar the 1 Chemuiig County Airport — th«:ir bodir.s lie under blankets. They iwc M» Cdniilr, Sttinlcy Flerriteh), 28, Houston, Tex., and Lt. G. E. Linder, Third Air Force Headquarters, Green- th« foreground of picture—at extreme right und left near Elmlru, N. Y., and crushed to the ground, tn vllle, S, C. The plane'* pilot, Howard Graces, Lock II ivtm, PH., escaped injury after cruhhiundlnu hi* craft (background). (Inlernatlonul) ' / In 19-i] the U.S. spent $13,SOOmiff- lion for defense. In 1942 It spent JS2,r>00 million for war. Cost Accountants Hold Stag Tonight The Waterbury Chapter, National Association of Cost Accountants will stage a Stncr Party on Tuesday, Sylvia Stone, featured in Person- August 20 at the Chipnnce Coun- nl Appearance which opens at the ,,,y Club in Bristol, Conn. Litchfield Summer Theater tonight | for a five-day run. Written by Lawrence Riley, Per- Appearance is a lusty hilarious satire on Hollywood's glamour DIED AT BAJX GAME Boston, Aug. i'—(UP)—A widely-known Nn.nta.fkot shopkeeper and real estate man hnrs died nt the ball game in Boston. Paysori Cahill collapsed and died at Fenway Park while watching: the Hod Sox play the New York Yankees. He was 67 years old. A forest fire starts somewhere in the U, S. every 150 seconds, it is estimated. One-quarter of all forest fires are Btru-ted by careless smokers. This the first full scale ac- SYLVIA STONE , y . queens. It tells the story of man- crazy Carole Arden's tour of the country. Stranded at a Pennsylvania tourist home, when Ijer car breaks down, she is furious at first, then 'decides to make the best of the situation .when she spots Bud Norton, handsome filling-station proprietor. Lawrence Siade appears as Bud Norton, Gene Lyons as the screen- star's manager, MagdaJena Brown and Justina Wayne as the operators of 'the tourist home. A large cast is completed by Janice Mattson of Wutertown, Lou Martin, June Northrop of Litchfield, John Martin, Judith Arnell, and Saul Zweig, SANDY BEACH LAKK Qt/ASSAFAUO DICK FINLEY, Mfff. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. picnic* Vacuum Cleaners Kloctrlchl SpouliUlMtn AT SWAN'S;. '• i Tol, 257* 16 Church St Borough Drivers Collide In Waterbury A minor nclclunt, involving two lociit rlrivers occurred I'ist evening it 11 o'clock on South >Taln street, Wutcrfoury, in tho vicinity. Qt ApothecarloM Hall. John C. 2Sako\vt)l{l, 193 Kim street wn.3 driving north on South Main I street when his auto collided with another operated by Domild Gal- ducci,, 50 Culver street, who was I procecdlnp south, It v.-as reported by Motor Patrolman John Decloy nntl John Brlckcl oC the Waterbury Police. A front fendjr of Zakow- akl's car was damaged slightly whilo only the pnint on (he right loft fender of Gallucci's car was scrnpcd. Znkowsld claimed thai another car pulled away from the curb forcing Him to awervc. No arrest was made. KID5 DON'T KNOW THERE'S A 6OAP SHORTAGE ON / THATS WHY MOM HAS TO SAVE MORE USED FAT SO SHELL HAVE SOAP FOR THOSE MUD PIE PARTIES" livlty of the Waterbury Chapter since its inception two monhs ago The event will begin at 2.00 p. m. with a golf tournament in which all present may compete. Following' the golf match, scores will be Lallied and prizes awarded the wln- ner and runner-up. In -'.lie evening, at 7:00 p. m. the •;roup wi-11 have dinner and following' that, the facilities of the club will be open to the members for their entertainment, A short meeting of the o.'ficers .ind directors of the Waterbury Chapter, N. A. C. A. will be held immediately after the golf match and prior to the dinner. This meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p. m" Walter O. Carlson of the Bristol Brass Corp. and Hans Eoerbohm of the Lux Clcck Mfg. Co. Inc., are co-chairmer, of the event. They have indicated that the party will be a huge success based on the reservations Which, have been made to date. Production of bar toilet soap exceeds 400 million pounds a year, while white and yellow laundry soap production exceeds about 1,200 million poundo. Maritime Union Has Reduced One Of Its Demands (By Cnltcd Press) Tho Great Lakes shipping: strike is moving into its sixltft day. The National Maritime union has reduced one of its major demands in negotiations with one of the shippers—but the deadlock persists The union offered no lower its du- mands for a. •JO-hour work week to a 44-hour week. But the company is sticking to its offer of 48 hours. And union chief Joe Curran says he's also turned down an offer of 48 hours from the Bethlehem Transportation Company. Texas produces about 42 per cent of the nation's oil. FRUIT .TARS GOOD LUCK JAR RUBBERS PRESSURE COOKERS AIX TYPES OF RADIO REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 4086 CANNING JARS LIDS RUBBERS And follow mttructSonBin the Ball Blue Book. To get your oopjr •end lOc with your name and «ddr*Mto— BALL MOTHERS COMPANY, Muncl«,M» Lincoln 161 W. MSOSST. OPPOSITE THE GRIIN Stool Industry in 1942 produced 11 million tons of plates, enough to Rirdlo the earth with a 9-foot band of steel, one-half an Inch In thickness. ' FLIMT-C0TE We are holding our price line— So if your roof needs repairing have it done now before winter conies. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WE WIJLL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Materials Needed For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co. EVERYTHING YOU NEED ALL UNDER ONE ROOF AT OPA PRICES OR LESS DUCO SPONGES- Popular cellulose sponges—hold 30 times their weight in water —can be used as a chamois— popular sizes. 25 C -4O C -70 n PENN-RAD MOTOR OIL 10 quart sealed can of 100% Pure Pennsylvania Oil—Finest lubricant obtainable—All grades. AUTO SCREW JACK- 3000 pound lift, double lift jack with easy lifting, long-, folding handle. RACING CAR- The slickest, speediest looking racing car to delight any youngster. He can sit in it and drive it. A real post-war wheel toy. LIONEL ELECTRIC TRAINS *37- 50 Complete with whistle and smoking locomotive — Large choice of sets. RADIOS NEWEST 1946 MODELS $24-20 BENDIX EMERSON PILOT with short wave E. C. A. r ' * '•» 7 tube set EMERSON PORTABLE Complete with batteries SONORA GENERAL ELECTRIC Self Charging Portable $35-75 ii* lif! $37*85 PHONOGRAPH RECORD PLAYERS- C»7|» * t D DYNAV.OX •PftlLCO COMBINATION with Radio ... BENDIX CONSOLE , COMBINATION .... EASY TERMS . SHOP LINCOLN STORE FIRST FOR ALL YOUR CAR AND HOUSE NEEDS. ADMIRAL 10-Tube COMBINATION .... BIRCH RECORD PLAYER .. E. C. A. COMBINATION $28-04 $82-35 i*i | I ss ;-! * H.; & I

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