Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 9
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 15,1911. ' " 9 LessoH for Mnndar, Dec 17, 1911. A'eh. a IJAYAKD AXD, OSAGE. I>(<-. John n. cniham Is bulld- iii^-'H tiL'w barn uii Iiis farm. •.•i;vi>rn\ or the runners nr this vl- i()nl.v':ire biitt IHTIDK UurlnK tliu line wiallicr. TU«? hidlcs or Osago Sutuliiy Srliool .111- practiring lliu clilldrcii for tlio Clirlgtnias iiroKruiii wlitch will be ;;ivcii Saturday evenljiK. Ooc. 'SJ, at tin iliurch. The Woodmen I>odgn met Saturday i-venlng. a week ago. and elected new ofBcers for the ensuiriK year. They liave aeveral new members to take Into the lodge next Salunlay niglii and a good attendant-c Is desired. Denia Hest i.s working? for Mrs Jackson, near hone Klni. at present Floyd Cntbirth who has been visiting in Paola since Thanksgiving, returned home Monday. Mrs. R. E. Brown was in l^Harix helping care for her daughter who it / unite sick, during the last week. Fay Lantz who has been in idah< looking for a location for several weeks, returned home Satimiay. vor.v well satisfied with Idaho. Word has been received from Mr. jui^ Mrs. I.,antz. who now live in Pueblo but were residents of this vicinity at one fl7np. announcing the marriage of their son. Roy. which was to occur on the 12th. Roy has many frioiuis here who wish him much success and a prosperous life. Owing to the inclement weather last Saturday there were no services at the church Saturday evening. Tliere i.'^ great Interest being taken in Sunday school and preaching now, ihorc being .")fi present at Sunday School and twice that number for preaching. Sunday school every Sunday at 10 o'clock Everybody cordially Invited. Mr. Dunnaway of Paola is visiting at Will rutblrth\«! at present. .Miss Pearle Reahl of Channte is a guest at her aunt. Mrs. U. E. Rrowns C. C. Gregory and wife were vfsit- Inc In I«iHarpe during the past week. Mrs. Kennedy's brother. Mr. Neal was visiting her the past week. Mr. Fred Porter has been .'Jiifforing with an absce.-is on his arm the past week, but is some bi-tler now, Hayard Suiulay School linlics are also making iircparatlon.s for a tn-c at the hall Christmas. Miss Ilaugh- irty's school is going to give the pro-V >;raiii on Saturday cvnning. Hoc. 11. Paul .'iiid sdu shl|>p''d a car of uiltlc to K:insas ("liy Monday. .Mrs. Mvlrr. ciiiniy sii)M'rlnii-nilcMi. was visiting til" schools in this vicinity the past week. U-iura Norrick helped Mrs. I'.yorlv a couple i>f days last wick, while ?u v daughr »»r .Mayme was ill. \\'ord has been "received from Mi Verda Rest who is taking music in St. Joseph, stating that she will be home Thur.sday hfifore Christmas. .Mr. Hegwood. of Mildred, was transacting business in our neighborhood one day last week. Rov Howard who has been slaying with his si.=ter. Mrs. Effie T,antz. while her husband was in Idaho, returned to liis home in Rronson Monday. Turner Smitli. of Mildred, was repairing M. P. Xevilt's p\mip Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Grieve, of Colony, visited at .Tohn Porters the past week. Miss I.elia Hunting is b ick at Mrs. Pauls, after a few week's rest and >^isit with her parents. ^ The Royal .Veichbor lodge met last Thursday and elected tbeir officers for the next year. Most of the officers were re-elected. There was a goodly number present. Mrs. C. C. Gregory was caring for her daugbler-in-Iaw in Tironson who is quite sick, during the past week. Otto Boring's sister lias been visiting hlra the past week. Wm. Cufhirlh and wife and Mr .«j. f>nnnawa.v. of Paola, sjient the day Thursday at Robert Demnstus'. The Missionary Society met with Mrs. A. C. Best all day Wednesday. TJipy quilted and sewed carpet rags until noon, when they passed into the difllng room where a well filled table was set. After dinner they conlinueH their work and had a business meeting. They finished a nuilt and sewei' twenty-three pounds of carpet rags They all report a most en.iovable dav The" society will meet at Mrs. Carrl> liickins' next time, wiiich will be th- Wednesday and the second Sunday ii .farttiary. Mrs. H. N'orrlck received tlie sa." news of the deMJ) of lier molher, Mr*-N .1 Crawford, at Sapulpa Okla.. wh< .lied very sn'ddenlv last- Wednes>lav Sirs. NorrUk took the TJmited at Mo. Wednesday evening for that place short exercises on Friday afternoon There wJU also be a short l^lirlsiraas service at the church on Sunday ev enlng gofore Christmas. l"los>y .Miller and Ethel VanFossen recently utiirneil from a visit witl Mrs. l-:arl Golden at Hearing. Mrs C.iMiti is a sister of the former and cousin of the latter. W. n. Gay and family were with .Mr.4. Gays folks at Gas Sunday. .1. Slack and wife of lola spcn Tuesday at J. V. Slack's. .^ pic supper will be given at Union School house on Friday evening, th proceeds to go towards furnishing i;hristmas tree which will be display :'d at the same jilace on Friday even ng before Christmas in connection with an entertainment by the school I!. P\ Clark and wife were at E. H "rook's Wednesday. Glenroy Flake, whose life was im lerlled by an electric wire last Sai irday, carries one hand heavily wrap •>ed and still feels the effects of the Oiock in other way.s. His wife is al o pretty badly crippled up in one if her limbs, which has caused her to ;et around in a manner very unsatis factory for more than a week, but" the doctor liopes to be able to reduce the lameness before a great while. Uan Hunter' was again taken vio- fentl/ (II Tuesday evening. The doctor was iinuu t '.ialcly called and the following morning returned and remained Willi him almost the entire day before there was a favorable change. These spells seem to come periodically, so this attack was not unexpected. His father and sister of lola and a nuiuber of hii? neighbors were at his home during the time that his conditUm was critical. NKOSIIO T.tLLKY, Dec. 14—Wheat had been growinp liipidly and consequently was so ten der when the flrst freezing weathei (ame that it was killed to the ground hut the warm rains Saturday and .Mor day started it growing again. Tanu grass jiastures were also jierceptiblj affected by this favorable weather. The drilling rig Is now at work or a gas well on the east edge of the Butler farm near the bank of the river Wliile the two wells recently driller . might both be termed successes. It !• hoped that a much larger supply o gas may be found In the third trial. We mentioned a visit from MrF Carl Williams to the .Williams famil; here last week, stating that she cami from Chanuie. We were mistaken a: to her present home as we are in formed thatthey moved from Chanuu lo Melvern some time ago. ««K While Mrs. K. H. Crook peems ti gain in health at times, the seasons o Improvement stem to be followed bj Blight relapses which force h^r u take her bed again at tiroes. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rodgers, fron near Toronto, are at present at Un Jake Hase home. The sickness o-. Mrs. Hase who is Mrs. Rodgers' mother, makes this visit a moral ne cesslty. The Xeosho Valley school will ap propriately observe Christmas wltL SOJTIIEA.ST LIBERTY. Pec. i:>.—There will be a pie sup)>er at rnhm scllool house next .Friday nicht. Some of tlio Liberty peoph coDtcn|platc. going. Box supper at No. G school liousr Thursday evening. Gertie llillbrant and Jennie Cornell called on .Mrs. .lolin Wheeler last Sun- ilav, also Mrs. Alderson. Mr. and .Mrs. tieorge Cornell took dinner at .Mr. lllllbrant's Shnday. .Mrs. <!ohIe and ilaiighfer Mary Heath and wife called on .Mr. and Mr.' Castaior Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs. Coble went to lola on bnslne.'-s last .Monday. .Mr. .MrConnell and family visited .11 .Mr. .MiCiilrc^'s laM Sunday. pon.iliy Ml Ct .nnill. a roii.-in of Lela .MiCiiirc's. went hoim- wilii her af- !>r the pie super. U". tV-;liorn of .N'eo.Oio Fills called at Cii -nvge CorncH's last Sunday but found nobody at home. .Mary Goble and .\icia Butler stayed with Grandma Harris last Sunday night. .Miss Ruby Christy, the teacher at IJberty, and Mr. Kramer were lola visitors last Saturday. Mr.s Pansy Johnson .inil little daugiiter called on Mrs. Ca.-i:itor last Sunday afternoon. Several came from lola la.-; I 'liday night to attend the pie -supper. The proceeds of the pie supper (51 pies in all. three sold twice) will go to buy a Christmas tree and put presents on it. The sum wa.s J39.00. Some spent all the money they had at the ide supper. Arthur Townsend iKJiiglit the highest priced pie, he setting the jirice himself. T. Dcjinison lost a valuable horse week. .Mian Castator visited the Burtnett boy last Sunday. " A. O. Cornell and family, Mr. and .Mrs. G. W. r.urlnett visited at P. J. Soiithard'.-- last Sunday. George Cornell had a sick hog last Wednesday and they feared cholera. .Mrs. MrGuire Mrs. Xora Oraorne. Mrs. Annie Townsend and Mrs. Geo. Cornell met at Wm. HUlhrant's last Tuesday evening and prepared trimmings for the Christmas tree. Lou Osborne and wife were out at Liberty from Piqua Sunday. Hev. Uowen preached from the 2Sth chaiiier and 12th verse of Genesis. .Mrs. T. Dennisou called on Mrs. C. \\\ Burtnett Tuesday. . .Mrs. George Cornell is doihg some sewing for .Mrs. A. L. Town.send and Mrs. lli'lbrant sewed at tho Cornell home \Vedne.«(iay. XILDBED. Doc. 14.—On account of the rain 'aturilay the Indies' Aid postponed heir ba/aar and supper from Satur- lay evening until Tuesday eveninf: li'lh. Evi 'rybmly iuvHtd to attend. A ,y. .Nicholson is (luite Ilr at tin loiiie of his d-ilighter, Mrs. J. I Fergus. Mr. .Munafee who bought the Lead erbraiid stock of mercliaudlse Is hen ind has taken charge of the store .Mr.s. Jlunafee came Saturday. Mrs. .Maggie .MIHer Is vi.-<lilng liei laughter, .Mrs. .Maude Miller. Mr. and .Mr.s. George A'andeveer went to Uniontown the latter iiart o) 'ast week to attend a meeting held by the Primitive Baiitists. Miss McKinney. of lola. taught tbi Tjiiniuar grade in the school here last veek for .Miss Haskins.'who Is sick Miss Vera Olmstcad is teaching it this ivcek. The Sunday School is preparing r urogram to be given in connect/of with tho Christmas tree. Mrs. Ater received the sad newt Wednesday of the de.itb of her sister. Mrs. .fames Crawford, of Cheyenne Wyoming. .Mrs. Crawford will be re niembered by her many friends ber< IS Miss Lucy Ellis. The followinf iece was taken from the Cheyenne VVyomin.g. iiajier; The many friends of Mrs. James M Crawford, wifi- of. Quartermaster Ser- '^eant Cra'vford. Company E, lllh Infantry, will be grievcil to learn of her leath which occurred al the bospitn' vesterday morning, after an Illness of only two week.s. Her death was cans- d iiy chronic heart trouble. The sergeant and Mrs. Crawford hail onl.^ been married ten months, and wen (joking forward to a long .life of happiness and content when the. Grin- i?eaper came yesterday and cut .short heir anticipations. What makes th( ase a jiarticularly sad one is that Si 'rgeant and Mrs. Crawford had only i f <nv months to enjoy their married life, for shortly after their nmrrlaRc Sergeant Crawford was ordered to join his regiment, which was at that time stationed near Snn Antonio, Tex and was deprived of bis wife's society for nearly four months. Mrs. Crawford was a sweet and gentle lady and EZRA TEACHES THE LAW. GOLDEN TEXT—The law ot the Lord is perfect, converting the aoul.—Ps. 19:7. II) Verses l-r»—Wliat can he said for. or against, churches In the coniinunlly uniting at least once a year, in a camp meeting, with no other object but to. quicken spiritual lite and get sinners cottverted? (2) Where wa .'i this great meeting ot the Jews held, and what wail Its object? , i'i) What answer would you make to the statement that It Is the duty of the churches In the large centres to have street iiieutlngs? (4) What results will surely follow, when all the people are eager to have the law pf God,read to them? < (;'•) How long did the flrst meeting last? (6) There Is n general demand for short sermons: what is this a sign of? Is it iwor or uninteresting preaching, or a growing lack ot spirituality on the part of the preachers of people, or what? (") Verses G-"—Which Is the more becoming and natural in public worship, and why, the hushed silence which generally pre. vails with'us, or hearty and glad responses as in this case? 1. (S) Jf our public prayers were more of the "and Ezrablessed the IjtnA" type, out of jubilant hearts; how long wouli^ it take to get the people to respond as .these worshippers did? (fl) Ezra had at least fourteen helpers, besides the l.«vltes. to assist him In cxplaiiiing the law, each no doubt having a class to himself; what reseiiiblance is this to modern Bible classes? (10) Why Is It that there is not the same realized obligation resting upon church members to attend classes where the Bible Is studied, as to attend tho regular church service? (11) is our present method of oratorical and textual preaching a success as a teaching agency? Give your reasons. (12) Verse 8—Wbat agency, other than the Bible school, is there in the Christian church of which it can be said, "So they read tho book • • * and enuse<l them to understand the reading"? (1.1) Verses .9-11—What made the people weep so much? (1-1) Why have sinners a reason to weep, when the word of God is brought home to them? (l.M When we, by the grace of God. have put onr.>!elves in harmony with Gods law, is it right for us to' wce]i over our past sins? (It 'i) Why is it a duty, as well as a privilege, for us to rejoice and be glad? • (17) I" it still right for ns und vhy, to hold fensts nnd bancinrfx. iiiid f^t Jo) out of eating and drlnkingl (This Is one of the qnostlons that mny be answered In writing by members of the dnh.) (18) Verse 12—What provision Is being made today for feeding and clothing the poor? (10) Verses 13-18—Is preaching or singing, or praying, or study of (he Bible in tejits occas'ionallyi likely to be more effectual than under usual circumstances? (20) Should It,-or not, and why, be the aliii to have every religions meeting produce "very great gladness"? LESSON FOR SUNDAY, IJEC. 24, 1911.—"MalachI Rebuking aiid Encouraging Judah.'—Mai. 3:1-4:3. • • • • adn many friends during her short I lose one of his best hogs Bnnday ni.... residi>nce here. Th»> oITlcers of (hf aff. the men of his company, and r iiost of friends hold (ho deepest sym- lathy for the .sergeant. She Is sur Ivi'd by her husband nnd a sister whr ive.s li, Kansas. Slie was a nieinlier of Lyilia Cound' Vo. I'lilL' of tlie Knights and Utdies o! Seiurlty. nnd this order will altem' in a body the services to be held a' the Early Chapel Frlda.v niorhlng .Mrs. Crawford's former home was Ir - •- »— —til I'M Osborn has put a new roof on ind olherwlse remodeled hl» house. Bertie Zink, while playing at school, liurt his shoulder pretty badly but not ..Miougli to keep liitu out of t>:chooI. CARLYLE. Hccember L!.—Dame Rumor whispers that there will be a wedding in Carlyle Thursday night. Mr. Tobe Boulson left Tuesday for Oklahoma to spend the winter with Mf.iilton. Iowa, and the remains wll! !,[s brother, lie taken there for burial. Her re- Jllss Je.ssle Caldwell who has been mains are surrounded by many floral ^-taying with Mrs. E. W. Robinson at contrlbutlnns sent by sorrowing and yates Center, for the past six weeks, loving friends. returned home Saturday. The Royal Neighbors lodge will be LIBERTY. guests of the lola lodge Thursday. —When trading in lola eat a hot. ^vill Keefe visited home folks over day whore they'had i>een visiting VTAl tcr ^j&m and family and Mrs. Grace Col ley and family. The entertainment nnd box supper at Crarit Friday night was well attended. Tho program was well rendered and proceeds from sale of boxes amounted to $9,20. Mr. KerscUncr was threshing kaffir corn for Elmer Johnson and Floyd Cox last week. Mrs. Dr. Hawley spent Thursday night and Friday with her son. Cliff Isaac and family before leaving for Rock, Kansas, to ma^e her home. Grace Arthur and LilHo Eflln were over from Bronson Friday nigbt and attended the box supper at Grant The Ladles* Aid took in better than $13 at the lunch at L. V/. Sloan's sale Thursday. Ed Manbeck and family visited at Cliff Isaac's Tuesday, C. W. Bacon purchased a pair of iown Monday morning. A. Xi. Emerson and wife "were In Colony Monday afternoon. The children In this vicinity havw been having a round of sore mouth' which seems to be infectious. Most of them are recovering, however, at this writing. The chickens are laying much better this spring-like weather, so we «uppose the price of eggs will decline. A number from here attended a sale today east of Colony. Mr. Baruck Dickerson is on the sick list as well as C. 1. Hay and P. J. Powell. Misses Grace and Lillie Payne and Hattle Emerson are expected home for the holidays. l^-ESLEY CHAPEL. December 13.—Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rogers returned Friday from an extended visit with friends in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. Emma Dangherty and Edna Rogers spent Saturday and Sunday at home. A number of the ladies met at the chnrch last week and cleaned the windows. Mesdames Young and Chitwood went to lola Monday. The Economy Gas Company representative of Kansas City was down .Monday to see about putting lights in the church. A committee of ladies was appointed to get lights for the church. They met at Mrs. Y'oung's Tuesday but did not decide until they hear from a-firm In Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Barker of near La Harpe spent Tuesday at Mr.' Smith's. Meetings are still In progress at the school house. Miss Booth spent Sunday with Mae Smith. Miss Helen McKinney visited Vera Olmstead the last day of the week. December 13.—Lloyd Orbison and wife are in Parsons this week where Mr. Orbison is taking treatment for bis eyes. Miss Bertha was shopping and visiting friends in Ft. Scott Saturday. Clarence Malone has sold bis residence property here to Roy Hays. Mr. and Mrs. Malone will soon iQave here for Montana to make their future home. The ladles of the Methodist church held their bagaar in the I. 0 .0. F. hall Saturday. The bad weather prevented a great many from attending but about sixty dollars was cleared by the M. E. ladies. W. T>. Freeman Is erecting a new warehouse back of his store building. Mrs. L. B. Bayser was visiting friends In Ft. Scott Saturday. Miss LIzIo Foraker returned home from Nevada Saturday after a few days' visit. Miss Mabel Holcnian was shopping in. Ft, Scott Saturday. well-cooked dinner—20c—at Monty's Sunday. Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. fhe Ladles' Missionary Society met PP'C. 14.—The Register's story that Mrs, Fred Kettle today for an „. ... ^ - -Arthur Townsend's paying $2.60 for all-day meeting. There was a large I registered Xllleys at L. W- Sloan's a pie had an error. He got Miss Herd attendance. Mrs. R. B. Arnold hadlsale. man's pie but thought It was another charge of the devotional exercises girl's. Several boys traded after they and Mrs. Minnie Gregg and Mrs. An- The flrst 20 pies brought na Wilson had charge of the program. K.\TEKI'RI.SE. Dec. 14—Quite a number from the' ft^,nul to lose the sight of one eye by We.-i Side were In lola Satu •njoyed the ghower. .Mrs. .Southard went to lola Tuesday I sons to see a wpeclallst. .Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Clark visited at bought itles- _ - $2ft .no even. John "WTieeler has a The society will give an oyster sup- new buggy. per Friday night December 29. at Frank Henrlch brought a fine piano the Woodman HalL out from lola and gave It to his wife, Mrs. Zehner will give a lecture at for Christmas, we suppose. the church Friday night. Mrs.Zehneris The lola veterinary says people a fine speaker and every one that can who have hog cholera on their land should come out and hear her. No should not walk on other people's admission will be charged, land for fear ot contagion, so we must The Maple Grove school district is al) be careful. 'mi)rovIng the .school grounds by put Mr. and Mrs. L. Osborn of PIqua ijng in cement walks, attended Liberty church Sunday and The revival meetings which have accompanied Ed Osborn homfe. . been in progress for the past two R. H. Colley and family have moved weeks closed Sunday night . Rev. Cato lola. We hope they will like it jy of Colony, assisted the pastor. Rev Prayer meeting was held at the TJcknor. The community has been school house Wednesday evening. greatly blessed. The chnrch mem- Some of the singers met at Mr. Go- bers have been awakened to a sense for the Christmas services. of their daty as tbey have not been Mr. Gensen w«s In this locality last for years. Forty-five persons went Ttie.sday looking for Walnut logs. forward during the meetings and con- .Mrs. G. W. Burtnett expects to go fes.sed Christ during the . meetings to Topeka soon to get acquainted with ^ight of whom were beads of families, her little grand-daughter. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Green visited in Wo are sorry to learn that .Mr. lola today. Mr. Frank Anderson kept Wheeler has lost more hogs from the i the postofflce during Mr. Green's ab- cliolera. I .tence. The many friends of George Jlal- com will be sorry to learn that ho is| HAUMOXY. December 14.—Five of the Hamll rday and; „ cataract, which he plans having re- ton family are down with the grippe. I moved as soon as he can go to Par- our teacher had to dismiss school Mr. G. W. Ellis's Tuesday. Mr. Clark remaining until Friday. P. ,1. Southard attended prayer ueoting at Liberty Wednesday night. Our teacher. Miss Vide Fethernglll. V isited home folks north of lola over Sunday. We understand that .Mr. Green has •aken out his 'phone on the Enterprise line. .Mr. John Smith and Mr. Turner butchered yesterday. .Mr. Bob Cornell and family and Mr. and Mrs. Burtnett visited at P. J. Southards Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Clark visited at he home of .Mrs. Crook, Mr. Clark's Jaughter Wednesday. Mr. Sullivan and family visited at Mr. Isaac Bcatty's Sunday. Rev, Mrs. Bowman and husband lined at B P. Clark's Sunday. The Mohodist people are planning o have a big Christmas entertaln- nent and tree at Piqua. A, L. Barnhart is sinking his well leeper, assisted by Pete Carl. Mrs. Kelthley of lola Is vlsIUng on his Fide of the river and will jirobab- ly remain a week or two longer. PILES CURED nr SEX TO 14 DAYS^ —Your druggist will refund money f PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any ;a6e of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 day& 60e. WEST OF THE RJVER. —When trading in lola eat a hot. well-cookcd dinner—20c—at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. Dec. 13.—T. L. Dawson Josle Jones and Sarah Preston were just ready to accompany Marion Preston to Un- Frlday on account of the grippe, bnt was able to resume her work Monday. A birthday surprise party was giv- •n for VIrgle Cloud, It belnp her four teenth birthday. All present seem to -•nojy themselves very much. She re- ::elved a number of nice presents and cards. Jay McGuffeys, of I'nlon spent Sun lontown Saturday when It began to noon with Frank. Booe and rain -end they stayed at home. family Barney Rayln worked on the two ^rs.' Stanza Booe spent Tuesday Pleasant Valley telephone lines last ^er mother Mrs. Maggie Run- Tuesday, yon. Since It rained and turned warm the jjr. Evans young folks spent Sun blucgrass Is starting up like spring j^y al Mr. Hamilton's, '""w ^'l? .J. u Lon Brlley received a barrel of ap- Mr. Peck was riding a horse and ,,jgg f^^^ Illinois for a Christmas driving some of his calves Sunday present when ills saddle came loose and the 'doud spent Friday afternoon horse threw bim off bruising his hip Mrs. Ixjnnle Huffmyer, and htarting his side. , , , , Mrs. L. J Booe and Mrs. Lex Booe Buying thirty acres of land from ^pent Thursday with Mrs. Gary Cloud. Mr. Henderson has run C P. Clark a ^r* Evans butchered Monday. little close for money and so he has gone to work at the cement plant. PBIIBIE BOSE Fred Beatty was east of the river December 13.-Rev. Miles took din- looking for rental farms the flrst of ner at W. N. Fords Friday while out the week. after a load of feed. We hear that Eider Blxler will Mrs. I.oille Robb was quite sick start from Fort Scott to his home in ^.gek but is improving now. Southeastern Colorado. Friday the Misses Adah and Irene Round cam* loth of December. out from lola Friday for a visit w^th Jake Riggs has bought property In their sister Miss Florence Roun*. Texas and would like to dispose of and attended box supper attirand Fri- hls proiierty here, including bis farm day night and town property. Mrs. Lam and daughter, Mrs. Fan- Fred Beatty had the misfortune to al& Wood, returned from lola ThurBi Will Woods spent Sunday at Harvey Baker's. PLEASAXT TALLEY HILL. -When trading in lola eat a hoi, well-cooked dinner—20c—at Monty's Cafe, 1st door south of Register office. December 13.—Mrs. Prank Marks retilmed from her trip to western Kansas and other points last Friday. She was gone almost a month. She spent four .days in Kansas City where she has a sister thence to Stockton in Rooks county, Kansas, where she visited another sister. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Helman Sunday morning December 10; 1911, a fine boy of which they are Justly proud. Mr. McKinney who has been down so long with a siege of typhoid fever. Is now able to be up around the house a little. The many friends of Mr. Flora Fisher will be very sorry to learn that on account of fast falling health be has been obliged to sell out his business In Hanford, California and has gone farther up In the mountains, hoping it will benefit him. Me has had throat trouble for years And .it has now gone to his lungs. He spent bis life from a boy to manhood here in Pleasant Valley. Bertha McKinney, Anna Beahm. Ray.Beahm anid Wallace Ellis were baptized last Sunday as a result of the very sncccssful meetings which have been held at tiiQ school house for the Jast three weeks. There has been a good many more conversions and will probably-be more baptised soon. Alice Shockey writes that she don't like Colorado where she is very well, and expects to come home in the near future. She went there last July. STAB DISTRICT. Dccemljer 13.—Eustace Bozemau drove to Colony on business Thursday. Steve Dickerson hauled corn to Northcott Thursday. P. J. Powell Is quite ill at this writing. Dr Jkfartin was called Snnday. Miss Gertrude WUson returned to her school work Sunday after a weeks vacation becaase of the smallpox scare. Eftistace Bozeman has purchased some more sheep. Win Washburn and "Gus-" Bozeman hauled hogs to Veaie's one day last week:. A heavy rain fell hera Saturday, making the roads very bad. Mrs. Steve iHckferson and daughters Dortha and Ruth, have ail been ill the past week. Mrs. John Busch and phildren called at S. Dlckirson'a Thursday afternoon. ^ Eustace Boxeman drove over to BIQUA. Dec. 13.—Mrs.'Carrie Finch is quite sick with a sore throat. Mamie Conover is home after visiting a week at the home of her uncle, James Blakely. Luella McCowan is able to be out, after a week's illness. Tho Methodist Sunday School Is By Common Garden Sager a Simple RemeHy for Dandruff,; Falllngr Faded, drayHalr^ The old idea ot nalag sage for darken!) ing the hair is agtln coming in vogue, Onr grandmotbeta, nsed to hare dark, gloasy bkir at the age of screnty-flrc, while oor mothers have white hair bcforo they are fifty. Our grandmothers used to make a "Mge tea" and apply it to their hair. The tea made their hair soft and gloasy, and gradually, testorcii the natural cSolor. One objection to using such' a' pre|>- aration was the trouble of making it. especially as it iiad to be made every two or three'days, on account of souring quickly. This objection has been ovcr- c3ine.' and by askinsj^almost any first- class drtiggist for wyetb's Sage «nd Sulphur Hair Remedy the public can get a superior preparation of sage, with the adtnixture of sulphur, another valuable remedy for hair and scalp troubles. Daily use of this preparation will not only quickly restore the color of the hair, but will also stop the hair front falling out and make it grow. Get a bottle from, your druggist today. Use it'and see for yourself how qdickly dandruff goes and gray hairs vanisfi. This prepaMtion is offered to the public at fifty cents a l>ottle, and i^ recommended and sold by all druggists. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell preparing for a tree and program on Christmas eve. The school here will give a pie supper and program on Friday, Decem-' ber 22nd. There will be a box social at No. 6 school house Friday night. A number of Royal Neighbors ot Stiamrock Camp Intend to go to lola tomorrow in response to an invitation from Camp 365 of that place. Mrs. Wright called on Mrs. Finch Tuesday afternoon. There will be preaching at the M. E. Churcli Sunday at 11 a. m. by Bar. Culllson. PLAY BALDWIK TOKIGHT, lola High School Team to ITeet Baldwin at Baldwin Tonight An lola high school basket ball flvo went to Baldwin this afteimoon whcro they will meet the hlgli school basket ball team of that city tonight. Practically nothing is known as to th« strength of the Baldwin team but If th^ are strong enough to defeat lola their fame would have spread this far —this.beln«; the general opinion of the boys at any rate. The lineup of the Tola team will probably he: Foust and HItchey.. forwards; Badgeley and Lenhart, guards; Sniith centar. Several siibstitate's will accoteipitny the team. The ibbys have received an invitation from' John Lanry to be his guests while at Baldwin and they will probably accept ^TgS^ ^^^^^ H ^y partly on ideeJ links. Why stop your golf when snow flies? Fly away to California's sunniness, where outdoor sports may be enjoyed with little thought for the Weather Man. On the way visit the Grand Canyon of Arizona. A Santa Fc train will take you there. The only railro^ under one management Chicago to California. Double-tracked half-way; block-signal safeguards all the way. Fred Harvey dining-car, dining-room and station-hotel service. .The CJHtittin. Limited—King of the limitedj—exclusively for firit- class travel—ruru every dajr—titeper for Grand Canyon. Saata Fa de-Luxe—the only ertra-farr train, Chicago to Los Angeles—once a week this winter-^cjy tiivel iuxunr— is several hears' time. CaKferaia Fast'Mail—also the Los Angeles JBxprets and San Francisco Express—three daily trains-^thyr carry, standard Pullmans, tourist sleepers and chair cars—ill dsstes tfoc^ iumoied. Say which train you prefer." Will mail booklets. W. E. RALSTON Phone 375 lola, Ks.

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