The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 7, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 3
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Now At The Salem ~ ~ din ntli Oilier* Ciilvcr und Ollvfn f)cll<ivlllii[iil iirningc it <| (l t ( , | n ru. tl" ronimict', "T» Kuch I UN Own." now ut ihi> SuJi-m riuyhousr, r I" (ll(1 '"'"'Hi "inn In tho exciting rilm life of Mis* DoUuvllliiml, tlinrs heliijf Philip Terry, Jtlll (imxlwln and ni<vvooni»r John I.unil'. the Mitchell 1.4'lsci! prfidiictliiii un- Vli'Klnlii \Velh-H. Mary uiul GKEAT FILM IS CURRENT LEAD AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE 0( I'unuiii'Unt'M "Tu I'Juch iris 0«'n," which npiineil today at the Sulcni fl«yliuu>ie for three dnyM. U rnn .tiif'sly '"' .'"vltl that hiii'e hi a iilcluni wMlch proMcntu a rare com* blnutlon of :hr urt'n outxiafuliii); lal«nt»- I'UKiilnent In the rurnhlna- llon l.i thn Htur Olivhi Drfliivlllaiul. wlio'i" y&rlruyal (if the fllld'.-i li-ail|n|; chiirai 1 '"'- .Idtly Nnrrlii IM llefl- nltrly (ft Aeiidcmy Award pro|«ir- M. Harry CANDID \VI';DDlN(i AI.1HJAIS I OH Jlii/ili St. 'VViiterluir.v .(nrti'H Moriciui Hide. Tel. -t-CHHI WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS BOOKS GIFTS Tho film alMO IntroducD.s John Lund to thu iicrcim, und ho i.-ntuhMMhcN hinuiiilf us u lending mnn of great promlso. Tlii- wtrn-y xpiinn tho ycaru be- Iwoun tho two HI-BUI war* tlmt rnurU tin 1 culi-ndur in lovo. htuirt- bn:Jil<, sacrlflco und, finally, hup- |iin«.H.s for Jody Norrln, Jody Is the, utiUT.v-iiyud small town tflrl whose jrn'iit lovr for nn Jivliilor hero of World Win- 1 roMiiltii In her Luurlntf liln nun uftor hu IN Itlllutl In action. Iiiiti-r. without dlsiclosilnj? her ri.'la- !iNin:lil|), :ihu watches (JVL-I- her son, whd Is wuiii'ln>- wln};s In World War [[• In a flntilii which will «tlr mi cMiot.lunul Htnnn In uvcry heart, the boy at (nut I'uthoitiH Jody's trim Ulnritlty. uiul tciuli'rly ucknowlud(!i)» hi-r. .\lli:« DnHnvlllund'H J CH |y IH the IIPI I'urinimcu of lirr llfu, 0111; of iiklll uml dlslfictlon In wlilch shy comus Into hi'i- own us u nupi'rb ,/nliM Lund iihlni'M In th« dual rule in' Jolly's lover uiul jvrtiwn nun. Supportlnt; roloM n r« expertly hiindlf'd by Mary Anili-rHon, Philip Titnv. Knland C'ull.'irr; Vli'Klnla Wnlln.M und Bill Goodwin. Academy Award winner ChurloM Brarjkott Wi'oto HIM original Htory, coUabor- iili-il with Jucciuos Thoi'y on the •icii'iinpluy and producnd thu plc- . tun'. Mltfhiill t,li:H(m doi'M n. fine J | ••liiiwiimiillhi' Joh (if direction. "To J | Much Ills Own" Iti definitely one ('!' the truly vreut films of our time. VIVIEN LEIGH IS "j & STARRED IN FILM AT LOEWS POLI Now playing ixt the Lbew-PoK theater Is 'the lavish Technicolor film of Bernard Shaw's "Caesar find Cleopatra," starring Vivian Lulgh and Claude Rains. Also on .tamo program Is the exciting- picture, "French Key,'' with Albert Dolclcor und Evelyn Ankers. Starting Wednesday Is Wak Disney's "Mnke Mine Music" in Technicolor with notables providing .its volccu. Nelson Eddy, Dinah Shore, Andy Russell, the Andrew Sisters, The Kijia"s Men, Jcri-y Colon,na, Sterling Holloway and many oth- e*s hoard off-screen. Melody, fantasy, and fun pervade in this gay feature. Having pioneered recen.t- ly in the fioltl of Latin American music and color, with two outstanding BUCCOS.SON, Saludos Amlgos and The Three Cabftlleros, Disney produces another new Technicolor en- tcrtalnmcnt expression, and tor which the producer signed some of the greatest names in the show world. Goodman off-scene records -a now solid jive number, "All the Cats Join In." "After You've Gone" | the Women's Activities—Personal and Social Former Resident Out Of WAVES Mr.' and 'Mrs.''Martin G. 'Gorm ley bl' New Have!]', former .Nauga tuck •'reuidents, announce the en gagement of.'their daughter, Mis Joanne Gormley.'' to''Robert-.Stone Judge, son of Mr. and/Mrs. Gerald A.. Judge,'' South Pladley, Mass. Miss Gormley was graduated . from The Gateway,. New Haven .and at tended Edgcwood Park Junior col- ,lege. Mr. Judge hay resumed his studies at Amhenst - collage after three .years service as an ensign in the Navy. Leona O'Neill Wed Saturday Miss Leor.a O'Neill, a member of the Nn.uga.tuck High, school- faculty, daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs- Bernard . U _ nnrt -I 1' t * 1. TT MduJ-.I.UU. Ul »V1 I . <J 11U 1V.LI O- .l~ft;l 1 UL1 L4 the perennial lavoritc by Henry | O'Neill of Waterbury, was married Croamer and Turner Layton fea to Ra , „ c Kei ,, ln >- sbn ' ol , Mrs . tUIQH thfl vlrtuoHti KW nf nf r:mvl- _- ^ _ ..~ . _. " • tui-es the virtuoso swing of Goodman and Aides, "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met" ghotit- od by Nelson Eddy, "Johnny Fedora" und "Alice Blue Bonne mr hv the Andrew Sisters, "The Martina and the Coys," -saga 'of •jnckwoods feudlnp, to which the Klng'B Men vocalize, the Plod Pipers ying "After You've Gone" and 'Blue' Bayou." "Casey at the Bat' a recitation by Jerry Colonna Thusc and many other-thorough en- oynblc bits are all bound together to make "Make Mine Music" the jusit entertainment you have-ever seen a-t ouv theater,' Also on samr: program is the mystery thriller "Behind the MuBk with Kunu Richmond and Barbara Reed. CAKI) uiul SHOT I SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY k */ • ^^«^»« j ( N'eiiry liiilldliiK Oliurch Mt. J STORE GET A JEEP Vdlir tVII.I.VS-l)VK»l,AM> »)i>ulri- LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. orr j;<i>!i)invi< riu..,-. ivn :i-H,-,l)'J FINE PROGRAM IS SHOWING NOW AT . STRAND THEATER An redundant as It may seem, one way of breaking Into the mov- UIH IH to already be In the moving, Ask Wllllum Evthe. During the filming of "A Royal Scandal," Bill was telling co-utar Tallulah Bankhead that In his eal- cgu days ho had drawn scenery for tile dramatic club. Once he even got up "nerve enough" to sing In an undergraduate review. At Tallulah'H insistence, Eythe took time off right there and then to lllu.Mtratc just what he had done Ho went through the entire col- logu revue scone, stinging the lyrics and even venturing the dance. routine of the sk-lt. An interested listener on tho set •was Otto Premlngcr, who stored this discussion awtiy in his memory until he started preparing the 20th Century-Fox Technicolor mu- wlcal, "Ccntcnial Summer." Then he drafted Bill for one of the top ma.MCullno roles. The film, now at the Strand theater, Is Eythe's first musical In nine starts on the screen. Mary Keating 1 of Brookline,' Mass., Saturday morning .at 10 o'clock at St. Patrick's church. • Mrs.'John R. Casuy ol. Providence, R. I.,-was-her sister's matron: of honor, aVid Michael J. Kearney of Boston, Mass., acted as best man. Currently On . Annual-Vacation Assistant Postmaster JJdu'ard McCarthy is currently.- enjoying-his annual two -week vacation, . Two Undergo Tonsillectomies Diuno Geloso of High street, and Diane Donibor of North Hoaclley street, are patients at St. Mary's hospital, whurn they have undergone operations l'or.-lh<! removal'of their tonsils;. Guest Of Honor At A OH State On 3rd -Binhday A.birthday partjr was held recently irv honor 'of. Linda'Elaine Kruli- Uoski, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus ' Knilikoski, .59 School street, on the occasion of'her'third •birth.-.anniversary, • •Among -those - attending . wore: Terry • Sokoli, Patricia ' I«akotos, Shirley Ann Lakot.ds, Rosemary Fog-arty, J"oan Kryjtoski, -Barbara Krykoski,' Jean' Kwasniowski, Barbara . Kwasniewski, 'Eleanor Ta- moski. ' ..-' • '* Mrs.'-Andrew Sokoli, Miss'Freda Kwa'sn'iew'ski, Mi'ss Rita Kwasniew- k.i, Raymond". Tamo'ski, Mrs. oJhn Swiderski, Mfs. .Benedict JCrykoski, Miss Helen- Tamoski, Mrs. "John Tamoskl,. the her parents^ j'Uest of honor ar.d 1 Convention NAUGATDCK NEWS (CONN.), TUKSDAY, AUG. 20, 1946—VAGE S The Ladies' auxiliary A ir the Ancient Ordei^of Hibernian* was represented by nine members at the biennial state convention of the au.xillaz-y heid in, the Hote) Garde, New Haven Aug. 17 and 18. . The local delegation included: Mrs. William SchmiU, Mrs. Michael Scan-Ion, Mrs. Nora'St. John, Mrs. Deborah Quirk, Mrs. Edward Noble, Miss Margaret Scanlon, Miss Julia. Curtin and Miss Mazie Callahan. Elected to state office at the convention were: Mrs. Nora Pressler, president; Miss Ann Sullivan, Hartford, secretary; Miss Elizabeth Walsh, Shclton. vice-president; Mrs. Alice Sevens, Derby, treasurer; Mrs. Katherine Kane, New London, chairman of Irish history. Senator Bridges Is Critical Of Truman's Budget Concord, N. H., Aug. 20—CUP) — A U. S. soiialor from New Hamp shire says that President Truman' 1947 budget is "a further experi ment in waste." Senator Styles' Bridges—in a statement released at his Concor< home—said that President Trumar has demonstrated "neither desir nor ability to balance <he fedora budget." The veterar. senator, who also is the ranking member of the senat appropriations committee, assailed what he called "inventory hoardln. by government corporations and OPA productions restraints." Says Bridges: Something must TJ. done by an • amused and angcrcc public. Mere protests are. not •inough." Legion Group At Convention Fifteen members of the'-Ladies' luxiliary of . Naupratuck American L-egion. post,'No. 17, a.ttended the hree-day. state convention of the _ American Legion and auxiliary Aug-! Gladys Borne . daughter of Mrs. . . _ ^ J O A \fr*nrl T T3^«_ rt nr» T^_-l»-> ^j ± Former Resident Engaged To Wed CY Gladys J. Sherrow was among the WAVES discharged yesterday from .the U- S. Naval Pei-eonnel Separation Center, U.S. Naval Barracks, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Shcrrow is the former, Resold Surplus USE NAITGATUOK DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED FOR RESULTS LOOK 72c Will Buy l''OK IlKNT—Ilmim. C'riiti'ully lo- <'iit(.d for hti-'iliuisH coupli 1 . Kitchen [jrlvllcKi 1 .". TI 1 IntcriiMtucI, Call nooo. I-'OJC SAI.M—.Viirt,'!- Mat-top (,':i.s raiiK' 1 . Good condition. Tcleplioiii' <HiD. !2,'ll New I.!lvd, Just Imagine Three Lines Of "Classified" Advertising For Three Days. For Only 72c TO c) g H3 Usher Friday At Wedding Edward Noble of- the . borough as an ushur at the wedding of Miss June Elizabeth Sprugue and Hubor-t William Delano, 'Now Haven, which tool< placu Friday evening in Christ church, Now Haven, Patient At . St. Mary's Jacob Mariano of Field street, is a surgical patient at St. Mary's hospital, Walorbury. list 15, IB and 17 in Hartford. Mrs. Mary Van . Vlandrcn, presi- o'nt,' 'headed the group •' as dele <ate, wl-th alternates . being • Mrs. Mice Robinson, : Mrs. Ruth-Wilcox nd Miss Anna!No!de. Others attending- 'were: Miss Wary Leary, -Mrs. Margaret Max- veil, Mrs. .Mae Broder, Mrs.. Milred Baummer, Mrs. Harriet 'Jam- ole, M'iS3 .Dorothy Broder, . Miss lira. 1 /.!!, Miss Genevieve Era/.- rs. .Ellun Gcrbnr,".Mrs. Thersa Bag'ley-and Mrs, Theresa Oem- cke.' . ". The convention elected Mrs. Mary Alfred J. Borne, 02 Beebe street. | She is the wife of CBM Clifton E, Sherrow of the U. S. Navy of Oak- vil!e. The couple now reside in Washington, D. C. Mrs. Sherrow entered active duty March 2G, 1943, and was last on duty at the Naval Gun factory in Washington. ' Thesin of Mericlen president. as department Edward Duffyg. Parents Of Girl Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duffy, Jr., 05 South Main street, announce .the birth of a daughter, Janice Marie, Aug. 17. at St. Mary's, hospital.-Mrs. Duffy its the former Elizabeth Hill. Three Couples File Intentions Throe coupes have filed wedding intentions in the ofllce of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. They are: Edmund Andrew Yesinskas of. WriU-rbury, and Sabina Bernice WumnawicK, 10 Anderson street, who plan '.o wed Sept. Id. John Pnszcl, 22'! Prospect street, and Rita Kelly, 23 Bcehe street, who plan their wedding for Sept. 7. Donnii; Paul McDcrmott, 43 Anderson street, and Helen Genevieve Napierkowslfi, 65 Spring .street. Soloist At . . Wedding- Mrs. Ronald Jones. 121 Hill street, was soloist rvt the wedding of Miss Margaret Reid Mitchell and Edward Joseph Chatficld, Jr., which Surgical Patient Reported Improved- Genie Dry of 'Riverside drive, who was operated upon for appendicitis los,t Saturday at the Waterbury hospital, is reported as improved. Entertained Sisters During Weekend Mrs. Marie Humphries of North Main street entertained her sisters, Mrs. John Perro of Nova Scotia, Canada, and Mrs. Russell Moore of Canton,'Mass-, over the week-end. took place Saturday afternoon the Mill Plain Union .church. in Rebekahs To Meet- Tomorrow A regular meeting of Columbian Returned From . Rhode Island Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bacon of Quinn street, have returned from a vacation ' o;t Quonochontaug, R. I. Mr. Bacon is station -master of the local New York, Now Haven and Hartford railroad station. Rebekah lodge, No. 35, I. O. O. F., will be held tomorrow evening at o'clock in Odd Fellows' hall- Mrs. Marie Ashford, noblo grand, will conduct the session, during I "I oOn which plans for the fall season will be discussed. A social period will be hold following the business mooting and refrebments served. Guest Of Local Couple Miss Marjorie Donahue of New London, has been the gueet of Mr, and Mrs. Edward Llngenheld for a week. Testifying before the House Committee investigating surplus property sales. Stanley G. Smith (above), president of on indus- trlul tool company, said that he purchased surplus goods from the Army and Navy and then sold them back to the military services at a 20 per cent profit. He is shown holding one of the nails that he purclmsnd through Benjamin Fields, Washington broker. (International) Victim Aids Others A victim of infantile three years ago, Putricia Warren, 14, Iwis returned to Kama* City, Mo., Mercy hospifciJ to lend other sufferers of th<> dreaded dispose. SIio applies Kenny packs to Dwiine Ott, 15. When tho epidemic stiirted In Missouri, Patricia, of- fero<l her services and \vos a»to a ward of ten children, (I nn ternaHotuil) ELECTRIC WATER COOLERS Electric Appliance Co. 1344 Baldwin SI. Wat. — Tel. -J-4242 Announce Birth Mr. ond Mrs. Francis Kelly, 1 Oak street, announce the birth of a son, Michael Francis, Saturday at St. Mary's hospital. Four Polio Cases > In Connecticut Four poliomyelitis c.iscg were reported in Connecticut durinfr the ptLSt seven daya, according to the weekly department of hcn'.th •summary of disense. This was ;in nci'easo oC 3 cases over the pro, - ioua week- Stratford, Wcthors- riclcl, Milford and Wiliinfrton each •eported a case of .poliomyelitis. Other diseases which increased hiu -week were broncho and lobar pneumonia, German meaisies, gon- ori-lic'.i and diphtheria. During- the week ending August 17, csises of jroncho pneumonia increased from <lx to 23 and coses of lobar pneu- noniu from 11 to 13, Also, (jonorr- iaa. reporting jumped from 11 to 13 cases, those of German measles, from one to two cases and that of diphtheria from none to one. Milford reported the only case of diphtheria .this week. Diseases on the decline this week wpre \vhooplngr coup-h, syphilis, measles, mumps, chickcnpox and German measles. Whooping cough cases dropped from 36 to 35, syphilis cases from 38 to 31 and mumps from 33 to 3S cases. During- the week just ended, measles reporting declined from 20 to 15 cases, while chickenpox cases dropped from 6 to 3. At the same time scarlet fever cases declined from 6 to 4. Meningitis cases remained the game this week as last. One case was reported in Wostport during the 7-day period just ended. For tho third consecutive period no typhoid fever was reported anywhere In the state. No Naugatuck diseases were listed. RUFF AND MASTER GET DIPLOMA Here are some sample rates for 'Classified' Lines 3 Days '""".72"""" 1 Month 4.68 4 Lines 5 Lines (j Lines .96 1.20 1.44 1.68 2.10" 624 2.52 9.36 TO BUY SELL RENT SWAP FIND A BUSINESS •ADVERTISE WITH CLASSIFIED' IT PAYS DIVIDENDS III JUST DIAL 2228 and let our ad taker solve your problem. ', i ' i • ' ' . . • \ ... I-USE-NAUGATTJCK DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED FOU RESULTS PARDONS SOUGHT Washington, Aug. Ji — (UP) — President Truman has before him pardon petitions from 17 members of the Thomas Pendergast political machine who served sentences after conviction in Missouri's presidential vote fraud case. Mr. Truman already has granted 15 pardons sir.ce becoming- President and the late President Roosevelt pardoned seven other machine members. SUSPENDED SENTENCE Arraigned in Waterbury Municipal court yesterday on charges of intoxication and disorderly conduct, breach of peace and resisting an ofllccr, Charles Blake 34 of 91 School street, was given a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail. Bicycles in 1943 were manuactur- cd by 12 firms which produced a total of 1,800,000 units. Cars Called For ajid Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4333, SEE CS FOR YOUR VACATION LUGGRGE , FISHERS 11.1 s. MAIN ST. 3- Mows the time for that NEW YORK WEEKEND No need to deprive yourself und your family of a trip to Manhattan this summer — now that Commodare accommodations an more plentiful during lite latter part of tlx v>eek. Comeany Thursday — stay through Sunday for a. long and thrilling -weekend in America's greatest vacation city. Attractive connecting-room arrangements available for family groups.- Just write or wire — as far in advance as you can.- 2,OOO large, comfortable oufifd* roomi, each with private boTh. DEUGHTFUtir AIR.COOITO RESTMIUKtS j* MOTCt COMMODORE " ' ' Approved G-. I. Training Accntindnir. llu^lnrjjN MjipllIlK'K. Sepri'lHrial FAUI. 1'JKICM «H>KNS JN SKI'TIC.MIIEIL I-linitcd Knronincnt THE PERRY SCHOOL Waterbury WHITE FISH MARKET J JOSEPH CABRAI-, 1'rop. t 8 South Main St j Choicest Kclcctlon of null and J fresli water fish at lowest J prices, i > YORK'* Sfsr LoettrcD* ' * HIOMTAT GRAND CINTRAI «»» AlRllNtS TlRMINftU AUGUST FUR SALE 1 — BUY NOW AND SAVE — i 00 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. 3-2727 ; STYLE VENETIAN- BLIND SHOPPE R5 Sprinc St., Union City Tel. Xaup. 61II — Wat. 4-I>0'« nSMX JfARDKLtO, Mjrr. Full HtiHik nf K|C«*) unil \vond liIlndH ltItn<lH rctmtrnl. rr-tA|icd* etc. Vcttraiu Administration Photo Ruff and his blind master, Edward J. Glass, 24, broughf 7,000 persons to their feet with spontaneous applause during'recent commencement exercises al Stanford Univcrslly. Glass, Marine vetcrqn of the Di'eppe raid-'who was blinded during maneuvers in this countiy, completed work on his A. B, degree at the California university undar Public Law 16. He mode the honor roll consistency and oradwated wilh.distinction. :.P/«lidentD«nald.e. Ttwiddtt is shown presenting Glosi his diploma, .„—1A...-. CT .,--^ ^—-— T™_ _^_ An Apple For The Teacher—Or A Photograph of You v HAVE THAT PORTRAIT TAKEN NOW! Before You Start The Year PRE-SCHOOL SPECIAL 1 Personality Portrait 8 x 10 $1 00 Only I ' — Beautifully Mounted — ALL THIS WEEK August 19th Thru 24th Neary Building- eau Tel. 2342 203 Church St.

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