Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER OLtMEXV. NO. 45. BllSe Utl BUSXEt SUPPER GIBL'S TEAM AT GAS WILL HOLD 0>E THEBE TOMGMT. lola Daily Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 15,1911_FRIDAY EVENJfNG. SECTION TWO. TEN ^AGES Cwl Hinter Jr., ArrlTes,-Tn.iil.le of Aerada Smpltrr liitiT<».tM Munr GM City Pf OI.IP. GBS, Dec. IS.—ToniRlit In th'- IIIRII sctwil will occur the first nodal ovc of thi? year. A box suiiprr wilt (iven undor tho auspicca of tiic nWl tMBket baH team. The follovJfiK the program that will precede box sale: . ' RmarXa R. R. Hendricks Is the Krrderlek Pfevert Reuben WilUaina Miss Bennett Xenla Ooes High School Trio John Metcair ... Miss Shawver Miss Bennett Kdwin Hunter Piano Solo Vocal solo Reading Vocal Bolo Songi - Vocal solo Reading Violin solo Vocal Solo Reading Topaz Heath Vocal solo Mrs. A. Klnman Piano TOlo Miss Howell Edwin Hunter came down to the store yesterday afiernoon with _ smile from ear to ear and announcvd the arrival of a son at his home. An other grocerymato for Gas and name will be Carl Nelson Hunter. The large number of Gas City clt izens formerly of Nevada, no donbt rememt>er that old east smelterthat has caused Nevada so much trouble. The residents of East Nevada hav filed a petition asking that the opera tion of the plant be stopped. A few days ago a similar petition was filed but the company won the case and continued operation. The plaintiffs . are residents of the east part, of town. They claim that if the smelter is operated, smoke, offensive fuma^^and poisonous gases will make their part of town unfit for habitation. A nuni ber from here are interested in the outcome. Mrs. J. E. Hunter arrived last nlRhi from Buffalo to visit Mr. and Mrs Edwin Hunter and see hor new grand son. L<ost—A black fur between LaHarpe and Moran. Finder return to Miss Ida Klnman and receive liberal re ward. Baptismal servires wi)} be held by the Holiness people at Electric Park Sunday at one o'clock. A larpo nuTn ber of members have been added to the Holiness Band and will be baptized Sunday. Miss Vern Richards who has been quite iU with tonsilltis is reported some belter today. Mr. and Mrs. D. OIas.w>rk ot^nonh of town visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Banks hnre yesterday. Miss DiJtie Wade who has boon vis Iting her sister in Colony p^turnt-d hom<* yesterday. John Metcalf of Colony is visiUnj: friends here. —When buying nieat.s you want l)i best; you get the best at Carl & Hunter's. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ijimb who have been vlsltincfin Oklahoma stopiied off here Wednesday and visited Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ricp, enroutc to their home in Centerville. H. O. Adams will return from Richmond this evening. The hparine of the Injunrtion rase of the City of Gas vs tlie lola Water Works will continue in the lola court today. rOl'XTY LOST TAX CASKS. Jud^ Fnuff Orders a Refund Ui .Hr. and yim. 3. A. Wheeler. Judge Foust entered a jud(?ni<-iit awarding Mr. .ind Mrs. J. A. Wlie<icr a refund on taxes paid on cement stock In the distrirt court yesterday afternoon. The approximate amount involved was $60. Following the ruling of the statt supreme court that cement stocks In companies with pfants fn others sf.'Ucs was not taxable In Kansas, many n-funds were made as this stock hud been assessed generally in Kan.'^as. Mr. and Mrs. A\'heeler, howov ^T, delayed in applying for a r^'fund for some time and finally brought suit against the county to enforce tho pay ment of tlie rrfund claimed. The <oun ty claimed that the refund was Iwr- red by the statute of limitations if nothing else. Judge Foust held that the claims v.oiild not be barred for three years uliereas but two had elapsed. HKKAHS ir A SEVKKK (OLD. Surrly Cure?* a (old uud Kuds (irijipe Jttl«er} III a Ken Hours. You can s^urely end grippe and break up the inoKt sewrr- cold either in head rlieKi. baclc. (iti^inach iir limbs by taking a dose of Pape's foJcl Com ]>ound every two hours until three consecutive (loses are taken. :' It promptly relieves the nioKt miser able headache, dullness and nose stuf fed up, fevprishnesfi, sneezing sore throat, mucous catarrhal discharges, running of the nose, soreness, stiff- nesE and rheumatic twinges. Take Xhis harmless Compound as directed without Interference with your usual duties and with the knowledge that there is no other medicine made anywl.rre else fn the world which will cure - your cold or end grippe inisery as promptly or bad after-effects as a 2 '>-cent package of Paiie's Cold ComiKnind, wliich any druggist in the world can supply. Pape's Cold Compound is the result o fthree years' research at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars, and contains no quinine, which ve have conclusively demonstrated is not effective in the treatment of colds or grippe. —Now is the time to buy your Party Dress; 1.'/. reduction on all our high grade Fancy Silks.—^New York Store. . GIRLS WaL PLAY HORA>'. lola High School Girls Basket Ball Team Flajr at Moran Today. The girl's basket ball team of the lola high school left this afternoon for Moran, where this evening they will meet the girl's team of that city. All the available "dope" on the game is very contradictory, some seeming to go to show that Moran will surely and overwhelmingly defeat lola, and other dope seems to give lola the advantage. It is certain, however, that tho lola team has improved much Binco their defeat by LaHarpo in its first game of the season and the high school students are expecting it to sixure tho long end of the score. FlUED THIEVES WITH SHOT CHARLIE THEOKALH rAUGHT THEM AT HIS OATS BL>. Other Itpprediidon!* Indirnte That l.u HiiriM- 31ay Uc In for Another Sii-t^e of Rohberle*. CYCLISTS RISKS LIKE. New York—Jim Zanora, one of the best known trick bkycle riders In the I'nited States .rls^ks his life at every public appearance and knows how necessary It is for him to have a steady nerve and unfailing'strength. The slightest weakness might cost hini his life, or injure him severely and this letter from him Is cf great interest on that account. He saVs: 'if do trick bicycle riding as a professional and work,hard, and so I was always tired and weak . 1 got so I had no strength and feit ail run down, but since using three bottles of Vlnol I feel fine again. I have recommended Vinol to others and they too are using it with good results." Your strength is j««t as valuable to you, and we want to say to you that there is nothing so good as Vlnol our delicious cod liver and Iron remedy without oil for making weak and wornout people rebust, rugged and well. It is good for children and old people too, and we given your money back Vlnol does all we claim. S. R. Burrell. Druggist, lola, Kansas. UIA.VO.\D. December H.—The rain the last of the week, has made the roads had and hinders work In the fields. Mrs. Cora Rickey and children are here from Colorado to spend Christmas with her mother, Mrs. Carpenter. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. W Sprague went to Erie Thursday returning Friday. A young people's party was given at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. Albert Beal Wednesday evening of last week. Quite a number of young peojile attended. Those present report a fine time. We are sorry to record the death of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliarlea Jackson, whicli occurred last Monday morning, the little one being hut a few (lays old. Tho parents have the sympathy of jiiany friends. As Mr. Levi Robinson was returning home iroDi town oni; evening re- enlly. hiR team became frightened by :in auto and hturted to run. when one of the lines broke and let the team get away. Mr. Hohlnsr)n was consld- eralily brui.=ed and Jarred up, but is able to he about again. .Mrs. Heal wa.s called to Baldwin Ka.s.. Thursday night by the death of her brother. I.oii Carpenter of that )Iace. She returned home Tue.=day. He was known by quite a number here who will be sorry to learn of his death, and who extend synipaihy to he family. .Mr. and -Mrs. E. E. Vicker.s eame in Wednesday evening from Oklahoma City and will spend a few weeks visiting relatives and friends. Strictly" fresh eggs are GO cents ,ier doisen in Minneapolis, the highest price ever reached there. Big Buck Shot In the Adirondacks. D. P. Webster, Ernest Hendricks and Clarence Lapp returned Monday from the Adirondacks with the largest buck brought*^ from the north in many years. It Svas shot by Mr. Lapp and weighed 310 pounds, measured nearly nine feet from lip of. nose to tail and bad a most perfect brad, each antler having five unltorm and nicely formed prongs. . The buck must have been trodding tho Adirondacks for years, as it was without teeth and the Antlers indicated that be was well along in years. Mr. Webster, who each year visits the Adirondacks, when he first anw the deer after it had been shot was so startled at the size of it thtft he gasped and imagined it was a mule. The guides also informed the Fort Plainers that nothing to compare with it had been shot !n the Adirondacks during the last decade?—Mohawk Val ley Register. Regular Habits. It Is a good plan to have a re^lar time for reading. One BCt ;ompllBhea much more in this way, and bc- Mes establishes a kind of Intellectual habit tbat is a good tbing in itself. In an hour, or even hair an hour given fegularly each day to reading, a great deal may be accomplished. Do not confine your aelt to serious books. Alternate light with heavy reading and do not attempt heavy reading wben you are tired. Do not read merely to amused. Treat your books as friends. Do not follow blindly the teachings of any book. I.* Hariie. Kas. Dec. l .'i. —There arc two would-be thieves carrying with them a fear of No .six ^lot accord ing to the story told by Charlie Theobald yesterday. Mr. Theobald, who ilves siiiith of town, was returning home Wednesday night and beior.e entering the house noticed a rig tied at the barn. Thinking that it was his brother, Jesse, he wondered but little about It. On investigation, he found his brother had retired, so Charlie takes Mr. Shotgun and saunters out to Jhe barn. "They surely heard me sdpng " Charlie said "for when I left tiia bouse I heard a rustling sound and two men appeared in the barn door. They started to run and called 0 them to stop, but they did not heed. 1 then pulled the trigger. One of the men gave a sharp cry and staggered. I ran to the house for ammunition but when I returned they had joined their partner in the buggy and were escaping on the dead run." "What were they trying to steal?" he was asked. "I suppose oats," lie answered. "We have a large supply of them and it I at the door where the oats are stored that 1 first saw them." Mr. Theobald has consulted a number of physicians, but has found that none of them have dressed any bullet wounds. Thus far the identification of the intruders has failed. —Don't you be the last (lerson to do your shopping. Come early and gel the choice of our large selection.— Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. —When you buy—buy useful Christ man presents. With many others we have a si>ecialty In Fancy Hosiery Ties. Gloves and Suspcnder.s for gifts. —C. W. Frledley. hy I^WIK I»gan. with Edwards Grocery on South Main street. Is Iji Hari>e going to be annoyed by burglars again ,this winter? It begins to look that way. Two homes have been bothered this week. Wednesday night at the Theobald houie and Thursday night nt the L. P. .Malcolm home. Mrs. Malcom left the house about six o'clock for a short stay at one of her neighbors. She returned in about an hour and just before entering the house saw a man In the ])arIor. She returned to the neighl)ors and with Mr. Malcom returned to the house, but evidently the intruder had heard Mr». Malcom on the walk and fiad. Nothing was found missing. —Fresh Salted. Herring. Just from Ijike Sujierior 9 cents per lb. Sold Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bibens of Ume Elm visited .Mrs. Bfbens' parents, .Mr. :»nd .Mrs. E. E. Gates, yesterday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Carter arrived this week from Windsor, Mo., for an extended visit with .Mrs. Carter'.s parent« Mr .and Mrs. J. M. Cariicnter. .\t a recent meeting of the W. O. W 'odge the following officers were ejected; Counsel Commander, Oliver Croley; Advisor Lieutenant P. E. God own; Clerk, P. L. Zentz; Banker Bert Shaul; Escort, W. H. Vaughn; Watch man, .\. BIlby; Sentry, A. Kernes; .Manager, W. Croley. —What is nicer for a Christmas re- memlierance than a nice picture? Will have my gallery open for all kinds of work until after the holidays. H. L Mullennelx, Photographer. The many La Harpe friends of Mrs Farmer will be sorry to learn that; her condition Is gradually growing gVav- er. She Is at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Cook of lola. .Miss Ethel .Maxcy entertained the newly organizeil .M. B. Embroidery club last (evening at her home on .\orth Broadway street. .\ dance will be given this evening in the opera house. A number of out- of-town enthusiasts arc ex|)ected to attend. After the . Installation of officers, the Mason." gave a big banqiiet last night in their hall. A good time was reported —We ha\-e so many nice Christmas presents. our clerks to help you .select a present.—Kohler's. J. W. Price of Barton county is In Marpe today on business connected with property here. The high school girl's basket ball team and the Yates Center girls will eontest for honors In the Wert hall (his evening. The high VCIKKII i/oy." defeated the country team Wedne.-:dav • venlng 2<i to IS. The trial of Harry Kuhanks who was arrefifcd yesterd:ty will not i)e 'ward until the 2iith. He lb in the lola Jail awaiting trial. —p - H»ini. M n nciiii*. In a wrestllnc match here Wedne.w- day evening BIgler won in two straight faliii from Lutz of St. Joseph. The time of the first fail was l^Vl- minute.?, the second I'Vj. LAST OF SIX-DAY BICYCLE GHI>D >0W OX. SO "DHMiiNO Dior IS DEIID WELL KXOIVX CHABACTEB DIED IN K. C. HOSPITAL. VAN HDlW/ffiKT; LAHZE GFORGFT .J3RDCCO .New Ycrk, Doc. 11—The last six- day bicycle race at Madison Square Garden started, .Monday night with lifteen teams going to the post on their long grind of pedillng. There Is a preinoniiion among the cyclists and their followers that new records will he establivhid tliis year. The historic garden which has been the scene of many a thrillin!^ six-day contest 1:- Foon to !)(• lorn ilown and this fact adds a new Incentive to the jjed- allsta to strive for laurels in the oval that will soon pass into history. Injurlc!! Received IVbllo Crosslliff . HullroHd Filial to tho Potent Mealclne Doctor. I i DAME'S l>FEIt>0 IN I'ICTrKES. Films Musir and Lfrture Will the Story nt ihe tlrand. Tell n —Majestic and Elite Five Cents. Indian Relict Found in Massachusetti. Moses B. Phillips of the Log Plain road has found and left in the town clerk's office two attractive specimens of Indian Implements. One of these Is a spear bead, apparently unfinished, of native stone and of unusual size, and the other, an ax or tomahawk, is somewhat unusual in being made of a native stone of rather coarse grain. Both specimens were found by Mr. Phillips on his farm.— Greenfield correspondence Springfield Eepubllcan. An Oldahoma telephone company applied to the corporation commls- Fion for permission to take down Its line between two given points. The manager of the telephone company told the commission that his company had difficulty In furnishing serv ice on account of the fact that whenever anyone called, every subscriber on the line took down his receiver in order to overhear the conversation. "rtyt" misuse of the curr)»nt offered so nr. <'! resistance that the company rnuldn't afford to maintain the line. The corporation commission at once asked the manager to file a complaint against, eavesdroppers saying that th< commissioners would arrange a ruling that would result in a fine for th" privilege of getting one 's ears full over the wire—when one has no busi- ) nesB on the line. The horrors of hell as related in Dante's Inferno, shown by moving lictures, reinforced by luusic that does for the i -ar what the jiictures do for the eye, and all: aceosnpaiili'd by lecture will be jlie alfraction at he Grand theatre on tlie nights of December 22 and 23 and inanliuee on I he 23rd. This attnurioii iil.iyed hree solid weeks at llie Schubert heatre in Kansas City at l .'i to 50 •ents per seat; won praise at Toiieka as the "finest film show" ever given here, and captivated Atehlson ami Indeijendence. The produ^iion here will cost ten cents per seal, and the management will seek to inlen-sl ministers', teachers 'and students. It. OHt $1 (I0.0IMI to riake tho original ritm .f. There are .Ji.OOO feet of the lilms. portraying the complete inferno as described in Dante's ininiorf.-i' inasterpie<;e. An orchestra la cjyried hy the manager and plays music that enhances the effectiveness of the pic tures, and the comlHnatlon is guaranteed to make you. feel goose-fle.shy and disturb your Utile iiersonal d^'vil a whole lot. Here is what a few of the lending papers say: "Production of .!;rotes- fjue grandeur dwarfing, stage cnift of ail time."—.New York Herald. "Great est Impetus thf> etiuralional movement in molncraiih'has ever known." —Kansas City Star. ".Most wonderful production of its kind the town has had."—Topeka Caidtal. "Graei- George performance postponerl third week of I.>ante's Inferno."—Monlrial ^fen !\ l::iu mm ^A.\ iiaU Ol^.d Cn. Hon TLHES DO CHAXJE. .V Sample of the Stirt of ~l'(ir Sale" >otices Half a Century Ago. DKFIKS SPA.MSH KIX;. . Somebody lately sent C. \.. Whitaker a copy of the Hov.-ell County (.Mo.) Gazette in whicli he noticed the foilowin.t; that will ije read with interest, as well as with amazement tliat such things could ever have existed in "the laiul of the free:" The Hum.'insvilie Leader last week discovered a copy of a sale announc- nunt, dated in 184C. If there is a lurking suspicion in your mind that finie.s have not changed, read ii: "S.tiUe of .Missouri, County of i'ike— To Whom it .May Concorn: Tlie undersigned win, Tuesday, September 29 A. D. sell at public outcry for cash on premises, where Cooii Creok crosses the Missouri road, the following chattels to-wtt: Nine yoke of oxen with yoke and chain two wagons with beds, three nipser wenches, .four nigger bucks, three nig­ ger byos, two prairie i>lows. twenty- five steel traps, one spinning '.vh -el. loom, three fox hounds, lot of coon, mink and skunk skins and a lot uf other articles. Am gwine to California. Kansas City, Dec. 14.— Dr. George B. McClcllao, knowa in the West as "Diamond Dick," died yesterday at the hospital of the University of Kanaaa In Koscdale from injuries auffered ^:everaI weeks ago, when a buggy in which he was riding was struck by a train at Ld Cygne, Kaa. Ho was Vnown a.'t "Diamond Dick" from- lils resemblance to that literary character. Doctor McClellan was 54 years old and lind spent much of bis time nnioHK the Indians. He was born in Boston and first began the sale of medicines in the towns of the New England states. He traveled with Buffalo Bill and was in charge of.the In'iian show on the Midway at the world's fair in Chicago. Doctor McClellan spent^much of his life among the Indians on the plains and in the settlements of He was driving from Fort Scott to Barker Kas., In the buggy in which he had traveled over the greater.Jipr-^ tion of Kansas when he met with .the accident which resulted in his death. Doctor McClellan was a famlltar figure on the streets of Kansas City recently and some twenty-five years ago. when he conducted a Jiatatorinm in'-the old Cyclorama btiilding. , In 189" he organized a band of wonicn « which toured the West in a special car. • —Majestic and Elite Five fents. Star. Pratt Williamson and Frank Niin- trick returned last ni.tiht. from K:wi- Fas City where tiiey have Ifen for the iMirpo.-^e of luirchasing rew furniture for Ilie new Easle's eluh house, formerly the Ureshach hotise on East street, fr is ntulnrstwiil Ihiil hriinii new furniture is to be bnughi for the house ihrou^jhoul.'afid tliv local order will soon have one of the l)est club houses in Hits .section. >Y <H{KS nrnituT FAITH. r'aitli ('.Msii- Vfter the AV(irk<< Had Laid the Fdundulloii. "While a rrilTei. driiikep 1 was a iiiHiTrr Jnmi iiniigesiion and intensely iiaiiiliil neivdii-i headaclies. from •lilldlKHid. (Ti-a contains caffeine— the saiiii- drug ffiinid in coffee.) "SeM'ii yeais ajio !:iy hunlth gave out eatfi -iiy I •.•!(•«• HO ivc'ii; that the exertion "f wijkiiig. if only a few fr-ei. iiiadi' it iieceK.saiy for nie to Hi- I 'lwn. .M.v rriii:dK llioiiglit I was mark'-' lor coiisiuiiptiDn—weak. thin and pale. | "1 realizi-rl the danger 1 was In aiul tried fnidfl'iilly to get relief from iiie :l- ielii ..>j liW. at lasi, ;!fier hnvirig eiu- jiIoyiMl ill kliiil.* of ilriiKK. the doilor Hcknowliilced il ;at he did not liclieie ' was iii lii-* t'ovver ti> eure''iiie.. "Whlh- in this enndllion a friend induced ine to iiiiif rolt>»i' and try Po.-;- 'iiiii, ;•.'.! ! did /i'hont the lea .st •f >i)e ;l it w <i'il'r(fo II.e any g-iod. 1 did not !ike It it- first, hiil when It was iirii !"'ily niailc I foiind Postum was a delicious and refreshing !>everagi- I am espeel;«,lly fond of it ser'ed at rilnnifr Ice-eol'I. with creain. 'In a month's time I. began to ini- t)rove. and in a fi>w. weeks iny indl- .I'.ition eea .sed 'o trouble inc. and my headache stopped entirely. I am so lerfcrtly well now that I do. not look like the same pepson. and I have so gained m flesh tiiat I am .15 pounds lieavier than ever before. This Is what Postum has done for me. J Btil! use Jt and shall alwa.vs lo so." Name given by Postum Co.. Battle Creek, Mich. "There's a reason." and it is er- olalred In the litiV ijook. "The Road to Wellvllle "in l:)kg.«. V .Mr rend the IIIIOTP letter? A "ew one aoiieii 'fi frnni'Hme fn ffnie. They ire uennli;e, true, nnd full of hnnian Interest. Princess Infanta ICulalia has writ- a book advocating divorce in cer- clreumslances. King Alfonso on hearing of it inst.-iiitly telegraphed tho Princess, his aunt: "I ord'.r you to suspend publication until I liav" taken cognizance of the contents and tive niy permission to publish." The I'rinci'ss wired back that, "I consider myself, so far as my private life is concerni'd, free to act as I deem fit," hud to her friends sin- declares she will sc-ll her propi-rty and leave Spain -^Majestic and Elite Five Cents. forever rather than suppress the publlcution of her book "f will not l;e silt on," she adds. "The only things I value arr- my personality and my work, i do not attach and importance to iii>' birih because I cannot help it." The Priiic/-^s, who lives in Paris, was i the guest of this nation in May 1S93: during the World's Fair, representing the Queen Regent of Spain in the Columbus celebration. The foregoing will be read with interest hy a great many people In lola and Allen county who will remem- lier the plcturesqiia. '^Doctor" ftom his visits here many years ago. "Diamond. Dick" was one of those queer characters who lacking opportnflity to become a hero of romance became a disciple of quackery. He looked the hero Stalwart and graceTful figure, regular and hlg ;h -bred features a fair ly regal carriage, with strength of p.rin ant! quickness of eye and readi- np.=s of wit that would Inevitably have el'en bira leadership In the days when battles were but multiplied instances of single combat. Coming on the stage too late for that sort of a career, "fila- ninnd nick" did the next-worst'thing. He hM -ntiie a street doctor. The atal- wart and graceful figure, the proUd carriaKe, the handsome and magnetic face, the readiness of wit and the charm of. manner that should have been u <:ed on a great stage for a - BO- . ble cause—were caprtalized" tO .the paltry and dpsjdcable uses of 4ho street "medicine man." Somewhere he had learned the symptoms of ft'Iot of chronic ailments, and by descfib- inc tlipse to those who sought -his council he convinced them that, he liosse?spd almost supernatural powers of diagnosis, and it followed; of rni r.=e. that^a man who could teU I what was the matter with you wUb- eiit .i.=;king a question be abl^ to Ileal the disease he so readlTy detected. And so lie had many patients and made much money.—which never did him or anybody else any good so far R'^ cnuh] be aef^n with the naked eye. He was a solitary bird, neither wife nor child, nor kith nor kin. nor even an intimate friend so far as anybody knew. That he should become di'sfll- Knlghthood for Women. It Is not at ail well known that knighthood has constantly been conferred upon women. Many English ladies received the accolade and many more were members of sucb knightly orders as the Garter and SL John. W'hen Mary Cbolmondeley, "thai iiarert was inevital)le, and that while bold lady of Cheshire," was knighted by Elizabeth for "ber valiant address" on the queen taking the command at the threatened invasion by Spain, did she know that a wbole city of Spanish women, the gallant women of Tortosa, had been knigbied for saving that city from the Moors? Mary and Elizabeth bad both been kiilgbted at their coronation; but by the time Annej the second Mary, and Victoria ascended the throne it bad intoxicated should meet with an accident that should cause his death was natural. And so he Is dead. H.IIR HEALTH. If You Have Sculp or Hair Tronble, Accept This Offer. When we promise your money back for the mere asking if Rexall "93" Hair Tonic does not do as we claim it , will, yon certainly have no reason for been quite forgotten that according 1 even hesitating to try it. We dtrnot ask you to to English law and use a woaan wbo filled a man's office acquired all its privileges and was Immi^ze from none of Its duties. Partridge Berries. "One of the most satisfactory om». menta for the center of yoiir dinner table is a glass jar or bowl filled with the growing plant of the partridge berry," said a New Yorker who Just has returned from a visit to herj rifxall ''JS former Vermont homo. 'The bright i irudicato dandruff, obligate yourself In any way. We could not afford to so strdBgly^ endorse Rexall "DS" Hair Tonic and" rontlnuo to sell It as we do, if It did not do all We claim. Should aur en-" tbiisiasm carry us away, and Raxall 'M" Hair Tonic not give entire mtfa- fact^on to the users, they wouM |ote faith in us and our statements, aaA In conwfjuence our business prestige wnulil suffer. _^ Therefore, when we assure you that Hair Tonic will promptly stimulate hair red of the berry against the green moss and the green foliage of tho, plant is always attractive and looks} what we are talking about, cheerful. A bowl of these berries cui i honestly believe that i;rowth and prevent premature baldness you may rest assured we know Rexall their delicate vine.", carefully planted ••?;!• Hair Tonic will do more th^n ered. will la .n all winter and need no I ,j greasy and will not gum the further attention. The partridge ber-, j^^^Ip or hair or cause permapant ry la native to both Vermont and New i stain. It Is as pleasant to use as York. Keep this in mind during your: next ramble in the woods." Why They Killed the Calf. The prodigal son was coming up the road. "Hurry and killed the fatted calf!" said his father. "You remember that the boy always was fond of cblcken potpie."—Judge. K. f. Wilson returned last night from Wichita .where he has been on business. pure cold water. It comes In two sizes, prices .'>0 cents and $1.00,- He- member you can obtain it only at our K tore,—The Rexall Store. Burrell'e Drug Store, West Side Square. —Majestic and Elite Five Cente. —It will b*-to your interest tO ;bny your flour and feed of H. Klanmann. 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. Word rereived here from .Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lanssford who are spending their honeymoon in northern cities Is to the effect that they spent last night in Chicago and l->fr today for T.arium, Mich., where they will visit for some time with Mr. Langsford's parents. IRA B. FRANTZ BEGISTEBED OPTOMETBIgT Humboldt. Kaa. Moran, afternoon of Dec. 19 and ' all day the 20th. Lallarpe Dec. 21 and 22. A- i' •3.

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