Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 31, 1976 · Page 16
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 16

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1976
Page 16
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Harkin to Seek 2nd Term in Congress U.S. Representative Tom Harktn formally announced Wednesday he will seek re-election to a second term in Congress from Iowa's Fifth Congressional District. Harkin described his first term in Congress as "both pleasing and frustrating." "We made some important gains last year, many of which can be directly attributed to the effort of the new members," Harkinssaid. "We did away with the seniority system, the oil depletion allowance, secret meetings of Join the Pay roll Savings Plan the Democratic Caucus, and we made important progress towards cutting U.S. foreign aid to governments which consistently violate the basic human rights of their own citizens." "But there is still much left to do," Harkin said. "We must develop a new farm bill to replace the one vetoed last year. Our goal of comprehensive tax reform has not yet been achieved. Inequities still exist in our Social Security system. We need a national energy policy which recognizes the impprtant roles of conservation, solar energy, recycling, and other alternate sources," Harkin said. "We're still putting all our energy eggs in one basket," he warned. Harkin pledged to continue his efforts to "keep in touch" with Fifth District lowans. His efforts include a series of town meetings, work days and visits to iocal communities by Iowa's first mobile congressional office. Tom Harkin Harkin also pledged to continue his fight against government waste "whether it be waste in the Pentagon budget, waste in Congress itself through needless pay increases, or waste in the federal bureaucracy, in agencies which have outlived their usefulness." Harkin is the first southwest Iowa Congressman to serve on the House'Agriculture Committee. He is also a member of the House Science and Technology committee, and the Select Committee on Missing Persons in Southeast Asia. Tin* Iowa Bookshelf THE HEART OF FRIENDSHIP. By Muriel James & Louis M. Savary. (Harper & Row, $6.95) This book is a thought-provoking text about friends and friendship punctuated by numerous quotations from poets and novelists, psychologists and biographers. The co-authors are an interesting pair: James is a pioneer in the Transactlonal Analysis Movement popularized by Eric ("Games People Play") Berne, is an ordained Protestant minister and the author of Born To Love among other books. Savary is a Jesuit priest and like James, a lecturer, author and consultant to numerous organizations. If only we could do what's recommended ; in such books as this! Not tha't the precepts are difficult to comprehend; many of them are all too familiar. But friendship is such a fragile state, unmeasurable and defiant of generalization, that to Times Herald, Carroll, la. m Wednesday, March 31, 1976 I mvmmitinmt practice daily in every encounter the 'shoulds' instead of the 'should nots' would make living a weary affair indeed. Nevertheless, this is a good book to be seen;, reading; someone will doubtless approach you arid start a conversation. And young people, who don't know it all yet. would benefit greatly. — Mary Ann Riley Bandit Robs Branch Bank DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — The FBI was looking Wednesday for a man who brandished a sawed-off shotgun and robbed the North Park branch of the First National Bank of Davenport. The robbery, which took place about 3:10 p.m. Tuesday, netted the thief an undetermined amount of money. There was no violence, authorities said. Employes and customers were locked in the bank immediately after the' robbery for questioning. The FBI said it had witnesses but no suspects. Authorities at first said the Late Tax Filers Increase the Risk of Cheating Themselves By Ray De Crane (NBA Tax Writer) The closer you wait until the April 15 filing deadline to prepare your income tax return, the greater are your opportunities for mistakes. That is because the pressure of meeting a deadline leads to mathematical errors, a greater chance of a hurried look at the wrong tax table or the incorrect tax rate schedule. Even worse, when pressed for time there is the tendency to take short cuts — say using the optional standard deduction — instead of the slower process of carefully itemizing all legal deductions and receiving full credit for them. Too many errors are lone gunman used a maroon truck to escape, but the FBI said later it was believed the thief escaped on foot. He was described by the FBI as being 30 to 36 years old, about 5 foot-10, 135 to 140 pounds with light brown hair and wearing a light blue windbreaker. already beign made on this year's income tax returns, Internal Revenue Service complains. The Service is concerned that the error rate will be magnified even more by late filers. Not surprisingly, perhaps, was the heavy preponderance of errors in the taxpayer's favor in the past. This is being reversed this year, and IRS is not yet sure of the reason. Too many people are cheating themselves. Some can be detected, and corrected, by IRS computers. One of the biggest surprises this year is the large percentage of taxpayers forgetting to claim the $30 personal exemption credit. This is a direct reduction against the tax otherwise owed, not a deduction which is only worth a percentage in actual tax dollars. For a husband and wife filing a joint return and claiming two dependents, this means an overlooked $120 reduction of their tax. It must be, IRS reasons, that in completing this year's return taxpayers are using last year's return as their model. Anything not on last year's return is not entered on this year's form. There was no personal exemption credit last year. Anyone following too rigidly to last year's form will miss it. The credit is entered on Line 16b of Form 1040. Line 13b of Form 1040A. Impossible for I RS computers to detect is the five per cent housing credit — which could be worth a tax reduction of as much as $2,000 — for those who bought a new home under certain conditions last year. The best advice for tax filers is to know your rights and take full advantage of them. Don't pass by any taxsaving opportunities. Then finally, take the time carefully to check all your mathematical operations. Double-check every entry before sealing the envelope for mailing to the IRS Service Center. MOBILE CB RADIO SALE SAVE ON 23 CHANNEL TRANSCEIVER WITH GYRO-LOCK #505 Gyro-Lock uses 14 integrated circuits, to replace all but 2 "crystals, yet gives full 23-channel operation. Automatic noise limiter, dual conversion receiver. Local-Distance switch prevents receiver overload from nearby stations. ONE STOP ... ONE CALL . .. DOES IT ALL ... SHOP WARDS CATALOG NOW ONLY 14goo= Was 179.95 Spring '76 Gen. Cat. SERVICE NATIONWIDE Prompt service, factory parts *Plus transportation TRUCKLOAD SALE Latex House Pdint 1/2 price on Latex House Paint. FULL ONE COAT HIDING WARRANTY Thii point it warranted ID hide, an/ color pointed lurface with one coal (except rough wood ihinglis, ihoket and i to ceo) when applied according lo label direction! at a iprend rate not in •xceit of thai specified on the label. If Ihli point faili lo hide at italed here, bring the label to your neoreit Montgomery Ward branch and we will furniih enough paint to injure cover age or, at your option, will refund the complete purchase price. White exterior flat hides in one coat. Resists blistering. Easy soap and water clean-up. 4 99 PER GAL IN 2-GAL CAN REG. 9.99 GAL iC. Guaranteed On* 00 * "»• a. Trim Paint A >s to Touch in1/ 2f ^ INTMIOR RAT FULL ONE COAT HIDING WARRANTY Thii paint It warranted lo hide any color painted lurface with one coal when applied according to label direction! at a ipread rate not in exceit of that ipecified on the label. If Ihii point failt to hide at Hated here, bring the label lo your nearetl Montgomery Ward branch and we will furniih enough paint to iniure coverage or, at your option, will refund the complete purchase price. ' r»75l National Truckload Appliance Sale /A* kl 9Jt Every Appliance in the Store on Sale! +FREE Merchandise Certificate with select Appliance Purchase ... April 1, 2, 3 ITYPICALEXAMPLES-MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROMll Save $ 3 One-coat G.O.C. 15 interior. In 15 modern colors. Dries in Vz hour and cleans up with ease. 5 99 GALLON REG. 8.99 SAVE *50 3/4-HP SPRAYER/COMPRESSOR Sprays paint, insecticide. 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