The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 7, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE 8—NAtfOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, APG. 20, 1M6 DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Russians Have Alienated Most Of Europe; U. S. Policy Must Remain Aloof From British And Work Through U. N.; Appeasement Of Russia Could Duplicate Appeasement Of Hitler "Washington—U' the Soviet (ir>v(:nmienl liiul deliberately sft out to muko misUiki-H it couldn't liiwc mafic 1 mom I han it has pilrtl up in tin- past yuar. In the* 0110 year that lia.s passed since V-.l Day, Htiss'm has won. Ui.i< ill will of her nr'uchhorin^ counlrics in Knropo, lias lost, virtually all hot- Frif-nds in the 1'nil.cfl Shitos and has turned most of. tfie world fi^ainst her. fri considering: om- present straiiifcl- reUtUons with .Kusfliisi, this is all-important, 'It indlcales (hat time is running on DIII- side. Dial Russia's own policies, are playing into our hands, and thai war can lie avoided. Oni! year Him Soviet fiussla wn.-i | ered tho groat .tuvlor of the. world, fn Kin'ope the Russians were ;.-lvon erntllt, fnr more thun tin (Jnltnd Wtatnn. for liberating thi occupied countrli'M, svcrt- ivrn hall- nd hy «omn iu> the pioneers of u new world order. Tn tho (/SA, most Am- firlcnn* hud u genuine admiration for thn hitrolum of thii Russian poo- pin and looked forward lo a period of fi'londly corporation, Today that good will hits vnn- •urunn ^uuuiuuii^i. ui^-.^^"- ..^o ....... ^ H'» wiry lo nwk* a wto c/iok*. Jo* oik to •*• our O«nutM Orange Btoaom Hng«. Tt* PIERPONT'S H»«l«t»rw1 JrrfrUr., Anmrlcnu O*»m ntietvif IBf) lli»!VK .HTIIKKT Obituaries VON KI.OCK — Mrs. Kltiri-ncc (,Vcl- nun) Vnfi KUick, lit lir-''!i 'JUVl.h SL, St. Allmivi, t,, I.. N. Y,, In .liirmilni, Lorn; [alii ml. N. Y., AUK. Ill, Ui'Hi. Kudi'rul 'I'liursKdiy nftrr- noon (if. U o'clonk nt Aldul'Mim li'lirmriil Momr, lil'l Mcnrlnw )itri<i<t. Hiirlnl In I Jrcivr cciin-irry. t''rliiiul:J uiiiy lirul 'I to l lit thi> uy frnin ii p- In. funi'i-il tu > r i — Mr«i. <'lniiiriillnn i>lnr- fdi'tni'i Iy of Noi'th Muln St.,, NiuiKtiturit. In N'nw l-irltnln, Ant;. "<>, Ui-U'i. l''un"nil '!'lun-t:ihiy monilriK nt. .S:K'i oclnrk from I'Mt/.- >;ci'n.l(l C'lini'i'iil llomn. IU(1 Norlli Muln KlriM'l. lo St. llcUwli:'» chlirt!)! /it D o'clorl!. Mni'lnl In Si. JHITICM' (ii'iuMti'ry. r^i'li'mlM miiy cull ut Uir flincrnl lionu 1 Wuil. nrmliiy from i! to 10 p. m. Euckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 »-«-*-jy»^^^» *~~f'+rr~rrfftjffi FLOWERS? l''ur All OccitalniiN VJLOWKIM KVKKYWUKHIS MELBOURNE'S BLOWER SHOP \ MO ICUBQEH AVKNtna J tn ull at Rus.sla's satellites, with tho possible exception oC Fln- |:IIH! and Czechoslovakia, t ll .Snvlot Is oxtfoniply unpopular, cvor. tinted. Huniunla »n U Bulgaria would bolt Ru.M.sUi In n minute were It rioL [or the Red Army. Hunf,'!iry find Aus'.rln, which Russlu hoped to win ove;-, voted ovcrwhclmlnply iiKulnsit tho Soviet, in France the Mtronf; Communist upsurge htis nov/ hi; thr tlownfrrncli;. J2von In YutfO- Hliivln. whiM'd Tito is suppoHoct to ho Miii'nimo, the RuHslnnn (ii'n not .\rnst Intorcttiln.K r > lct i! » tll!lt tllc fountrlpN nffirewt the Ru.slnn.s usiuil- Iy ill.illKn thorn inout. Thus In more rllstiint li'riinco, tln-rn Is moro pro- Snvli't xnntlmnnt than In tho nd- jficr;nt Hulknns. Klnully, In tho Anicrlciin-BrHish '/innr-H of G'M'many, Gernuut.H ;iro fc/irdil tho wc.itci-n Allies nvpnluully oviicuutf: nnd Russlu witlk In, I.'. S. Stnck floes Up Thun thi) wnrkl has turned against ThlH l.i what fcci'etury of Stnte worlil hn.i turned townrcl a nation which IIIIM no .^I' n.xe.1 to ^rinclj and uhloh In ivUnniptlnK to coOpei'- iitn wijh thu rest ol' the world, \ This I." what Secretary of St;il.c j I'-ytni'n hfiH Minciiroly tried to cloj nt I'nrlfi; imrl us fur H.M this oh.scrvei'i rnuld a:'.ri'rtahi. hl.t putUiiH l'alr-| inliKli'd pnlU'v U pitylnK dlvld^ndM, ] Part nf th(> worlil, onoe ready lo [ nine Ru.s.'ila'.M prui.MRH. has veered tdwaril thi> Ignited Stutr:-i. Thi:i'i'fori', tho No. 1 point of Aiin'i'ican policy should he to work tiling"' out within ihf) family of nations; ti> put P'llRSlThe and other f.'oiitinvrr.'i/.'il prohlcms undfi- tho I'nltrd N-ulons; riot to let tho |!rltl,"h driur u.i Into Hop'ii'ate ni- II MK'f.-i. Thl.i In our k'reatusT i!anf;or. It' we lioctimo the tall on the British klti-, we can hn euchr.'d Into war with Rus.ila -exactly where tho l''rltl;ih /'V/i'i'/Kii O/licf) want u.i. Hill as Unit; u.i tho i.inuil- li-r in<U-pun'lriil nations of the woi'lcl urn convinced of our Unselfish motives, IIM Umi,' as we remain aloof from hoth slclcx. our strunfrth .'i« a \vtii-|-| lender Is socure. (.', S.-Snvli-t 'IVnslon fiicrraseH I fnwi'vci'. thla alonu may nut head '>!'! war with [Ui.i.ila, AH thks Is writ- IITI. Keiistin-d diplomatic dispatches fi'Ofji thi; K'ir Iv'.it: ruport three (lays of rifle jiklrmlshin/; iietu'uen AfiHM-loiu: and Russian troops! ajonff I he l\.n-i:nn liorilur. This Is tho HI-HI I Inn- I'. S.-^'SSPv tiuop.s have de- liheniti-ly tired at oach other. An- ollu'i- ri'imni'i'd dls|j:.i.tch from London ir-jiui'ts the Hrlti.Mh Onoral NtalT nicc'.lnt: dally to plun striite^'y fur ili-rriidinir the IJi-ltlsli lifollnu In LOW INCOME BRACKETS (Under $2,000 a year) 1936 AVERAGE 193<S 1945 $945 $1,125 MIDDLE INCOME BRACKETS f$2,000. lo. $5,000) • • 1945 1936 . 45% 16% AVERAGE' 1936 1945 $2,740 $3,270 HIGHER INCOME BRACKETS ($5,000 and BETTER) AVERAGE J.°.36,. $il.,6'00 '$7>820, IV* ol ffdirof doi«rv> ttrttttt »ncj U. S. Bureau at Aorlcvlrvi-ol It- .thn iivcciiBe liicoiiicn. of Ainerlcun fiiinlllesi hiivo risoR and how invoniON hnvo been more equally dlMtributodj Is indicated in this compuratlvt! chart of the semi-deprossion yc«rf of 183(1 and the postwar ycur of 1!)45. The figure* show that mlUlons oi families have joined tlir nWflillo Income groups although 70 per cont still fall below $3,0(10. a .year. In the very low brackets (those innklng loss than $1,000) the total lias dropped from.some 18,0(10,000-t<f about 0,000,000 families. In 10-15. the middle group i-ccrlvcrt $(i7,000.000,0.00—some 50 per cent of thi, total income dl.itrlbuted. Some- 17,000,000 families not from $2,000 to .•jM.dlW :itid 3,180,MW riintfed. from S-l,l)f)» to .$5,000. And while, in 1!)3H, tho avprugis Intomo In selected groups was about $ll,(i(M), only 2 per (rent were included. Now S per Mint average $7,820. (International) nation prnvoUe nil Incident if it knows that Incident means war; thus the hc^t. way f.o prevent war is lo let a prospective belligerent, know he will j;el. it In the neck If he sticks his neck out, In other words, I:' Tvii.s.sia knows ca-t^gnrically und, definitely that she wll bo at war with us if she bc- coiiic.'i an nin'Krcssor .ifrninst the United Is'.'Ulonij, then the chances nre 100 to i Ru.sela will risk no war. WV Cnuld Have Stopped Hitler To illustrate; If Adolf Hitler had known he would have been at war with France and ICngland when he sent his troops Into the Ruhr and Rhlneland he never would have frlven them marching ordern. As it was, fearing war, he. 1 gnvc them two sots of orders, one to Htlvanc" and thi' second to retreat It' the French Army resint- od, Likewise, Hitler never would have Kent his! troops into If he hadn't known the Allies were unprepared. Jt has now developed that Miller had no real military HU-cnctth at that time, was shrewdly banking on Allied timidity and dissension, He was right. Later, of course, having won • powerful Industries and resources in the Ruhr, Austria and Czechoslovakia, Hitler was In a position where he dared ri^k war by in- vudlnjr Poland, But had not France 1 and Britain vacillated In the Ruhr, Austria and O.ochortlovakla, Hklcr never could have risked war with Truman Chats With Reporters In Rhode Island Quonsct, R. T., A up. 20— (UP)~ President Harry Truman says tha he detinitoly Is not conductin; "business us usual" during his 11 day yachting vacation aboard th Wiliiamshurg. Making his first shore trip sine the start of the vacation cruise las Friday, the president chn.ttod with reporters and photographers at th Quonaet Point, .R. I., Naval Air sta Hon. The president said he had schcd ulr.d a "chat" with Rhode Island Governor John O. Pastoro and U S. (ISolicitor General J. Howarr McGrath. However he made it fail iy clear Hint he was "on r. vaca tlon find not bringing politics into l,he holiday tour." Tn othor words, certain I'M elTui.-nts In [•luit.iln are f|iilto willing to risk war now: and certain nlninc-nL-i In Kn^lnnd believe (i iihowclriwn l.x hcltur nrnv than later, fn n charged atnioHphero like this, one spark ran cause triiKedy, lt<>wrv<-r, thl-< ohs t -rver's nxfiurl- '•nci- In watehini; forch;n nfr.'ilrs '.M him that .irldoin does anv Likewise with Japan when it first Invaded China. Had Secretary of State Slimson had 'the .support of President Hoover in 1931 when tho Jap warlords first walked Into M.MnnhuHci; or had he received "British-French siuppoi-1 when he urpred the League of Nations to act against Japan, our long and costly battle nf tho Pacific might have been avoided. Japan OulguesHnd UM JJven five years later, when t-'ranklin Roosevelt and Admiral i Leahy tried to Induce the nine- power paet signatories and our State Department appcasci-s lo blockade Jnpnn, we could -have prevented the Pacific war, nut .Inpan know the power of v.ur l.'jolationlst Chicago Tribunes and Washington Time;; - l-feraldfl. She knew also the deceptive diplomacy of the Bi'itish T^firelgn Olllce. Truman Meets Press At Quonset And li-ttlii by little the Japs cap turcd the resources of all China then of Indo-China until they hac built up an empire which required four years to defeat. World strategy has not changed since then. Tho .same thing is also true of Russlu, If she gets away with her first aggressive step in Turkey; or if she annexes Iran nho will probably get away with the other aggressive steps, until finally we find ourselves set for a serious showdown—and war. If, however, tho first aggressive step is never taken, there will be no war. And th.'it first step will not be taken if Russia knows dell- nitoly and catcRoricnlly that, if she takes it, there will be war—with the United States. Ill brief the three main points on our program to prevent war with Russia should be; 1. Avoid being tho tail on the British kilo and work through the United Nations; 2. Let Russia know that her First aggressive step in violation of '.he United Nations means war with the USA; n. Do everything in our power, ns so frequently urged by this column, to win the friendship of the Russian people. (70(1. Note—Another column by Drew Pearson on how to prevent war in Europe will follow shortly ) . (Copyright, 19-10, by The Bell (Syndicate, Inc.) Class I railroads on August'] 10'l-l, had 37,9S!3 new freight'ciirn on order. On the corresponding d.ite in 10-13, the railroads had 27,795 eais on order. • PROMPT WATCH REPAIRING and JEWELRY William Schpero For A Snack, a Saridwicb or a Full -Meal, -.Try-' DUFFY'S ••.'.• Restaurant WATER STREICT FULL I.IQUOB Waving hl.s hut for Iho Imueflt of photoKruphors, I'rosidont Trumim ' U pictured tullclmr with rcportors, attar ho. landed from tins J,>rcslclcn-' tlnl yacht, thc< U, S. is. Wllllnm.MhiirK', at th« Nuvul Air Sta>Uon In Quon- Nob I'olnt. K. T. The yacht doclcixl'm-iir tlio KHSCX typo ulrcrivft carrier 1'hlllppino Sen—partly shown ut Jolt. (Internatiwniil Sounilphoto) STRISIK'S 10 Center St, Waterbury, Conn, ROYAU GOUDA POTERY Imported'From'Holland What's Doing In Naugatuck A. calendar oi events foi today, tomorrow and every day . • .'' TONIGHT Republican CaucucK nnd Convention. AUGUST 23 Dcmacrvi.Uc C^ucusi 11 ^. Democratic Town Committee Meeting. AUGl-ST 27 Democratic Town and State Conventions. Waging War On The Bean Beetle Funerals Henry ,1. Gosscck services tor ' Henry .7. Gesseck, S3,' 'of 73 May avenue, who drown o'd Sunday afternoon while swimming at Lake WuramaujT. New Preston, will he held tomorrow •morninpr at,. $:30. o'clock from the Eucltmilior Funeral Iiom«, 22 rk place, to SI, Hcdwlg's church ere a requiem hiph Mass will he celebrated at 9 o'clock. Interment will . be in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral , home .this afternoon and evening . from -2. to 10 o'clock. NEW-PROGRAM ,Washington,, Aug. 20 — «,&?)_« new three-milllon-dollar govern mcnt program provides IKat m." lerlal from abandoned mini.™ buildings will be salvaged for vci crans' houses »nd hospitals The War Assets Administration has al lotted that amount to the Armv to reclaim scarce building sun D n<.« from some f.,000 structures at Ar and Navy surplus installations Special WICKER STROLLERS $998 BEACON KHDIJIE CENTEB TI GRAVD STREET Wiilorbiiry Mrs. Florence Von Klock Funeral services for Mrs- Florence: (Nelson) Von Klock, -13, a native of Naupatuck, and wife of Conrad Von Klock, 115-29 227th street, St. Albans, Long: Island, N. Y., who died yesterday morning at a. Jamaica hospital, will be held Thunaday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Alderson Funers.l Home, 201 Meadow street, with th-e Rev. Paul .W. Peterson, pastor of .the Hillside Congregational church, o/llciatirp. Burial will be in Grove cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday afternoon and evening from 3 to 5 and 7 to 0 o'clock. Trainsnien'i? lanterns in the Civil war days were equipped with a strap fastened around, the conductor's chest, leaving his hands .free to signal -the engineer. A"f:irnier at Gotham, Alaha-Tiu, uses :i tractor to distribute Insecticide over lii» pr-aitut crop which Is thrcatend by the "velvet baan caterpillar." Ten. tons of insecticide were rushed by plane from. 'PittwhurRh, Pii., Ini an attempt to suve an Insect-ravaged crop. A. total of 1,500 tons of the lethal driiK will be shipped to the peanut grower:) in Alabama, ia anil Florida to fitflit the Iwetlo Invasion. 1 (International Sound- plioto) YOU CAN TAKE REFRESHER AND GRADUATE WORK UNDER THE G.I. BILL. (S| State Champions To Play Sunday The local Legion t can i, Connecticut State champions, arc slated to resumes action on next Sunday, according -to an announcement by Manajrer. Eddie Noldc today. The local nine will travel on that clc.y to Windsor to play the runner- up team for the state championship n.nd will be on the lookout to g-ain a repeat victory over the sironjj squad, from the upstate town. Coach Cubby Cowan is espectcd to start his old uiandby, Vin Healy, apainst the Windsor nine, while the opposition wiJI more than likely pilch their ace colored pitcher, Jones. Frank San Angelo will catch for the locals. vrsir OUR BND FLOOR J'Vnf tir-intf Wjilrrbiir.v's J-Hrj^'Hl St-lr<'llun uT Khlily riirnUiiri' A 1--IH.I, SI7.H- CK1IIS A VIII'TII BICI1S A SANI> IIIIXKS ^ SWIM! ON MKTAI. STAND >k IIICII CHAIRS A J1ET.H. IIAI1X CAKKIACES BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP 130 SOUTH MAIN ST. \Valerliury . 7th ANNUAL CASH and CARRY SALE 20% Discount on .Dry Cleaning 1 Pressing, Dyeing, Boys' and Men's Pants, etc. Note: Discount given in tickets on automobile to be awarded In connection with Naucutuck's Welcome Home" cnn>palfn>> 4.11 No. Mn In SI. Tf\. 3»07 Union CIU STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Daily Until 1 A. M. • DAir.Y LUNCHEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTE MEND Dining Iloom, Food Bar nnd Booth Service Full Liquor License For correct information contact your nearest Veterans Administration office. Steady, interesting- work making our famous :• Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear \' Now Available . \ FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office : Rubber Ave at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. Emerson Phonoradio Kadlo nnd Phonograph with Automatic Record Changer for continuous playing of 10 and 12 Inch records. Organllko tone. Other Model Combinations I from $82.36 'and. up m\ j '113 Xo. Main St. Union City j TcL 6481 ENROLL NOWI FALL TERM BICGIXS SKPT. 9 Trcnicndoux Dfnmml Jr'or 1'otit nrftcsi* -IUXIOB IT 4*9 JL COLLEGE "1 Central Ave. Watcrbury BLUEBERRY CREAM TIES APPLE PIES' and FILLED COFFEE CAKE CITY BAKERY R. I>- STOrrANI, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 3678 i F* You'll S-a-y . . . "Our laundry bundle is superb" Dial Waterbury 4-4106 A MERICAN i. \ i v n K »• • • ^ I ANNOUNCING The New Atlantic Service Station COR. SOUTH MAIN ft WEST LIBERTY STREETS CALL i WAT. 3-9982 | For . \ PICK UP. I and "• . ; I i DELIVERY SERVICE? Our old patrons will receive the same courteous and thorough service as in the past. CALL WAT. 3-9D82 For ROAD SERVICE COMPLETE FACILITIES FOR THE NEWEST TECHNIQUES IN LUBRICATING, GREASING AND WASHING. OUR SPACIOUS LUBRITORIUM WILL ACCOMMODATE THE -^^ LARGEST TRUCKS FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICING. I BEOS. TODAY H AND HAVE YOUR CAR MOTO-SWAY LUBRICATED FOR A 'RELAXED ,.,^ ; :,.;:,.,,,,.•,VACATION:DRIVE/'- . • -• •-•-,--...•-

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