Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 6
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4 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15, 1911. THE DOOMED SALE AT THE FAMOUS IS STILL GOING ON! All HoMay Goods Included in This Sale! A Few Suggestions for Holiday Shoppers: Combination sets of Ties and Hose to match, $1.00 quality cut to 69c; Silk Ties in fancy boxes, worth $1.00, cut to 69c; Silk Lined Collar Bags worth $1-50, cut to 98c; Silk Knit Mufflers 75c value, cut to 45c; Linen Initial Handkerchiefs, worth 25c, cut to 2 for 25c; 50 dozen Silk Ties worth from 50c to 75c, cut to 2.5c and 50c. . ' ' We just received a large shipment of INTERWOVEN HOSE in fancy Christmas boxes. Fine Dress Shirts, Kid Gloves, Suit Cases and Bags and Jewelry of all kinds A nice Suit or a Cravanette Overcoat would make a very appreciative gift for him. \ • OSSOEBSi UNAVOIDABLE, THE JURY SAYS Ml H\.\MK i>\ <. I:OK(;K MAIMI Foil Tin; HKATII OK MHS. »AH«KH. Coiiiliirlfil ill {'oiiiily Allor- iu\ \ Ollicc 'Jills Miirnliiir—I)fl;iil!4 oi' (III- Accident JU-la<cd. MOST VAI.r,Vi:i.K IMKCK W I.AM) IN TMK WOIM.H. A (oroner's jury, composed of E. D. S ^imlds, Joe Wolf, I'rank K. ^iiiith, liiiiMi- McClaiu, Cliarles Marlon and Jv. I', hrighaiii, al noon today retiirn- i Hil a verdici holding George Marr blamolciJs for the death of Mrs. M. Uarber, the aged widow whom he run d<jt\n with his motor car and who died fnmi her injury within ten minutes af- _li'r ihii accident at noon yesterday. Tile verdict returned by the jury w:is .s.uled and will not be oiiened until the r« turn of Coroner 11. 0. Christian from the investigation being held ut the \ I'liim of Henry Si)eck, but the ]ireval- ent reiiori is that Mr. Marr waa ex- oiiuratcil of any negligence or fault in connection with the death. County Attorney J. S. Taylor represented the state arid Attorney F. .1. Oylrr aiijieared in behalf of Mr. .Marr. Several wi re examined, but tlK"r'> wa.«! nothing to vary from the .>Jt(iry of. the tragedy as related by Mr. .Marr and reported in The Kecister ypst< rday. The only new feature developed was the fact that Mrs. Bar-' bar. being ;<gni and weak, was pos .si- lily taking .^ome medif-ine v .-hich de- ^ tJ -i;c(ed from lier normal carefulne^.'!. • alrf-ady impaired by the fact that she ; was deaf. ! Mr. Marr. the principal witness this "morning, told a straightforward con-! vincing narrative of the accident and was plainly .still suKering from the nervou.« shock of the tragedy in which he had been unfortunately concerned. He told of the scene of the accident. Sycamore and Monroe streets, how he was driving at.le .ss than five miles per hour and how ho was maintaining all pos.sible vigilance to prevent , accident. A« soon as he discovered Hvlint had happened, .Mr. Marr did ev- - erylhlng po.ssttile to aid Mrs. Barber and. Ijaving called a physician, drove hiirrifilly to lind Charles Barber, a son. He found Mr. Barber just alighting: Jn lola from an electric car and drovf with him to the home of W. B. nred. where Mrs. Barber was taken Hi oiioe OIli 'T wlfnesKPB confirmed delalts of the" testimony. The official vcrdi -t will be opened' probably late tonight. The funeral^service of Mrs. Barber will be held at 10 oVIock tomorrow mornlr.g at the home of Charles Barber. 20fi South Chestnut. Rev. HIls- —Vhpr will conduct the service. Burial wlil be In Highland cemetery. WHEAT SHOWING KAIN.S IX AlUJK.NTINK, IirKTINO TIIK CKOi', IIKLI* HILLS. Qiiodilloiis Iti'iuuln Almnt llio Sunt*' ou I'attic, liuirx und Other Jilrvstork. (Uy the A^pcclated Pre.<w) Chicago, Dec. 1."..—Ualns in northern Argentine strengthened wheat. Opening was % lo '-i up. May started 97% to VK. gain of \U to % to %(i't'\'2, reacted to Close—Dec. 94%; May 9S%(f/%. COHN—Dec. 02'"; May Cr .ifJMi; July G4. OATS—Dec. 47; .May 4S%(0%; July 4.-.%?/Ts. PORK—.Ian. May $10.00; .July $10.12'". I,.\!:i)—.Ian. ?0.M; -May $9.3.-; July $:'.i:i'i. rRISHMAN\$ Extraordinary Rcdttdions on TaHorcd Suits and Winter Coats Hundreds of Winter COATS at REDUCED PRICES ! Buy your New Coat here at a reduction of from one-fourth to one-third. VBROADW^ .NEW ^ORK New York City, Dec. 15.—The northwest corner of :i4tli Street^nd Broad- wa.v is, without e.vception. the ir.ost valuable piece of jiroperty in proportion to its size in the entire world. Tliis little plot of land with 31.10 feet of front^se on liroadway. has been .^old for Jl .ooo .'.'ix) cash which amounts to about $800..-..") a square foot. It is interesting to know that the sljj-story building ou tliis plat has been leas-ed for $40,Uiii) ,n year, which together with the valuable sign privileges, yieldo a rental of ov.-r $Gii,uuO each 12 months. Chlcauo l.Mcslock. C;iicagn, Die. l.V—CATTLE. receipt.- 2. •'111. .St.ady. Be^-ves Si.TtT>!fi >i.9ii; ^t(l(•k^•rs ami feeders $3.2.1^J r ..SiP; cows and heifer;-- $1.9i'fj .">.7ri. IlOfIS—Receipts 2i;.i"'ii. Jjull to ster.dy. Lights 5-".0fifi 0.1.->; mixed $">.- N.-.f/O.tO; heavy $.-.:I.-.TM;..T,; rough $."i .9.-.'?; Old; iiigs. $ \.2'>'fi '>.Ht. St. Louis (•Riin. St, Loui.^ Dee. 1."..—WIIK.VT, close. Dec. •.li^ii .May '.t<.%f/-i. COILV—I).c. 0.'; .Mav 0.'.. OATK—Inc. 4.S',-.; May 49 '4. PLAT TOPEKA TOMORROW. lola and Tnpeta Basket Ball Teams Contest at Auditorium. PARCELS OEING ASSIGKEO Dlxlrlliulion of Purkaires to loluN Puud tu Be ('oni]ileted Tuiiiurrutr. The game of basket ball which is to occur tomorrow night at the audi torlura between the team of the local high school and the Topeka higl school team is regarded as the most Important of the season. Topeka is representative of the highest class /-of basket ball in the state, most of her games being with the larger cities - of Missouri and Kansas and she considers it a condescension to play Tola, The local team has made a great showing thus far and if it scores victory tomorrow night the-prospects will be bright lor the state championship for the locals. The game wil be called at nine O'CIDCIC on account of it being Saturday night. The Eiisteist Way. "Can I eat turkey tomorrow, doc?" Inquired the patient who was on a diet. "WeJI. yes. Il'^yoti take some e.xer- *ciiw afterwards." ".^w,. shucks, dor! Why can't 1 '< take some kind of a pill?" Miss Stella May Bingham and KImer Hoke were iijarrled last night by Judge J. B. Smith in the probate court room. Tlie Judge granted a license to MISF Kthel Wllmoth and Gary M. Christian, both of Carlyle. Of the twi'lve wiigon lojid.s of donations made, by the iieoplc of lola to tlie Board of Associated Charllies on Tue.sday Donation Day, about half has hem taken from the temporary storage room on the first floor of the M. W. A. hall on .North street, and distributed among'poor families. All the material remaining has been ap- poriloncd into parcels, which have all been assigned to the rarious families in need. The work of distributing iLese parcels is being carried forward as rapidly as possible, and it is thought that all the donations will be disposed of by tomorrow night. Mrs. K. X. Jones, president of the Board of WHAT HE HAD IN THE CHEST All Was Made Clear When the Man Carrying It Got Off the Train. St. Lonis Livestock. St. I^iuis. Dec. i:..—^"ATTLE, re- ceipt.s ."•oo. Steady Native" steers $4.-. .".Of/9.2.-.; cows anil heifers i?,.lii(S 7.0 (1; slockers and feeders $3.2.')©•"•2'). HOGS—Receipts 10 .•.no. Five to 10 cents higher. Tigs and lights $4.50 •fiC .lO; miexd $.'...'i.'i 'S 0.40; heavy $0.- 25@C.40. Lead and Spelter. St. l>ouis Dec. 1.'..—Lead quiet, $4.- 3r .lt 4.37 Iv; spelter, firmer, $0.20. Man In an elevated car tritb a small chest about twice as big as the box In •which a carpenter, carries a selected lot of tools around with him on tals shoulder. A row of augur holes bored in the end of bis chest and a handle on top by which to carry IL There were only three or four people la the car and this man with the chest sat away down at one end, and with that chest on the floor In iront he would about once In so often raise Its lid Just a litUe. but you pouldn't see in. In due course of time the train arrived at the station where the man AssociatediCharlties, and several oth- I was to get off, and then be hooked or membeife of the Board, have been employed Continually since Tuesday in receiving the donations apportioning them Into parcels, and assigning them to different families. If the Board succeeds in disposing*; of the donations by tomorrow night, as planned the preparing of Christmas rackages for the children of lola's .Tioor will begin Monday. On Donation D.iv over $50 cash was donated, and yesterday a check for $12.."0 was f:onated \o go toward the Cbristmas presents. The greater part o fthe cash donations will be extended on tiie cliildrens' Christmas packages, the contents of which will consist mostly of toys. Working Well. "How about the new football rbles?" "They seem to be working satisfactorily. I understand the itsual number of collar bones have been broken." T. C. Taylor, deputy county attorney, returned this looming from an ofilclal trip to Brousdn. the lid of that chest down and took It by the handle and walked out in the most matter of fact manner possible, but when be bad got about ten feet away from the foot of the steps be set the chest down and unbooked the books and threw back the lid and out bopped two small, white, slmggy, odd-looking but intelligent dogs. They wagged their tails with evident pleasure at getting their feet on the ground once more and out in the open air. The man booked the lid of tbe chest down again and picked it up by Its handle and then with the two dogs trotting beside bim, each on a leash held in the other hand, be started on for where he was going. Kansas City (•riiln. Kansas City Dec. I."..—WIIKAT, receipt.'*, 31 cars. Cash wheat, unchnng- I ed. .No. 2 hard, 97(?/1.03; No. 3, 90*?!:: 1.02; No. 2 red. 94; No. 3, 92W93. * <no.sp—Dec. 90; May 9'.'^/',.,; July] CORN—One at I'-^c higher. No. S mixed 03(fi04; No 3, 01 Vj: N" 2 white 0.".; .No. 3, 02'/.. CIoHo-^Dec. 04-%; ilay 04 '4lJ%: July 64-%. OATS—l'nchan:;.d. .\o. 2 white, i'jnVj-, No. 2 mi.xedl. 4SfjJ{.. HYK—92TJ93C per bushel. HAY—Steady, (niolce timothy $19:- ,=50T/20; choice prairie $13.2.'>Ti 13.50. BROOM CORN— $7r,'gir ,0 per tool. Kan.sns City Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. 15.— CATTLE, receipts Son. Steady. .Native steers $."i.5 (fi8 .7r.; cows and heifers %Z.i:i<U 7.00; stockors and feeders $3.75(fi5.90; bulla $3.40'f»5.00; calves $4.5flf/S.OO. HO(;S—Receijjts 13 000. Steady to . He lower. Heavy $6.20W0.30; packers jJt and butchers $C.0u(riC.25; lights $5.70 SC .IO. $10.00 to $12..50 Coats now $7.98 $15.00 and $16.00 Coats now $10.95 .S20.00 and $25.00 Coats now $15.00 $7.50 and $8.00 Ccats now $4.95 Every kind of Coat will be found here for every purpose. You can not buy your Coat to your own host advantage unless you come here. f —If" • Kiinsnx City Produce. Kansas City, Dec. l,".—HUTTER— Creamery :;T.C; firsts 33; seconds 31; packing stcA ^k 20V>. EGGS—K.\tras '31»4; firsts 29^A: seconds 17. PRF. SroWK TO (JIVE TALK. Hit Mistake. "Say, there's a page of this China special stuff missing. Anybody seen It?" "Eh! What was It?" Why, a list of tbe leading Insur- Gltfort PInchot announces that he will support Senator I.HiFoIIelte for Dresldenf. He denh'd that he spoke n any way for Mr. Roosevelt, or (hat •ha ex-l'resldnnt had suggested La- j It In tbe waste basket" Poilette'e name to falm. Regular RLmnntiilj- Xeetint; of Conn V ty Tcacliers Tomorrow. Professor A. Monroo Siowe of the Kraporla State Normal, came In this afternoon and will address the regular bi-monthly meeting of the Allen County Teachers' Association at the high- schdol building tomorrow on ••How to Study." The^AUen county teachers meef. bimonthly, four times during the 8c"Sool term, and the teachers have arran .aed for a speaker at every meeting, the association to bear t!ie expense. Mrs Suits at One-Hail to One- Third Less tliaii Their [Value $15.00 to $18.00 Suits now $20.00 to $25.00 Suits now $1S .00 Made of every wanted material— Kci'ges, cheviots, diagonals and fancy mixlures. Remember these are not the ordinary suits,^ut are up to the ricfid requirements of the "Redferii" style. If you have any idea of getting a suit this winter come here,tomorrow. You will save one-third to one-half on each purchase at and $15 "HoU-smoka" Was that It? Sav I ^"""'y Superintendent Holy smoke. Was that it? Bay. I ppip^tg the speakers. The meeting to- thought it was the bill of fare of the sorrow will convene at the high new Chinese restaurant and chuckedi school btilldlng at lo oVlook and the afternoon session will opin aq 1.30 o'clock. pen atj PLUSH COATS l ^pUCED $18.50 Plush Coats- reduced to ....$10.95 $25.00 Plush Coat.s- reduced to . ...$18.50 $22.00 Plush Coats- reduced to ... .$15.00 CHRISTMAS FUR SAIE! If you intend to buy Furs we urge you to inspect the specials offered in our ¥ur selection. Fur Sets at— $3.50, .$5, $7.50, $10, $15, up to $35. TABLE DAMASK 72-inch imported satin Damask in beautiful new designs—our very best quality, regular $1.50 and $1.75; on sal^ at $1.25 72-inch $1.25 Table Damask at .98c For the quickest results' use Reglsten want columns. the Tell your Wants to 20,000 People through The Re^ster

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