Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEB 9 FRIDAY EVENINiG, DECEMBER 15„19JL1. TNRiWIN6 HOOKS INTO THEM MK. llOrSE COMME.MS OX THE STATE JOIKXAL'S ATTITUDE. Few Responses to tlir LaFolleKo Appeal for I'residenUul Preference friniarj. Topeka, Kas. Dec. 14.—The Topeka State Journal, wlilcb has been tlai>- ping around like a red flannel undershirt, on a clothes lino, for the past three or four years, huu finally framed a definite policy and baH begun to tBrou' the hooks Into the lnsurj;ent crowd, it also I R boosilnK Tafi Imrd and Nhould be a great eonifort and ^lace to the roRulurH, who in recent !line have bad no KuntiaH newspa|>er of statewide circulation to wipe away ihelr teara . lu sideBwlpcB at the ad- ttilnlstratlon crowd In Kansas have so far been a trifle ladylike, but the Journal has finally taken a definitf stand against the Stubb« crowd and is In iwsition to goad tho Kansas Insur- Kents Into a fever. One of the luyg- terles of Kansas politics during the past two or three years has been its mute., not to say inglorious stand. In the fare of ojvportunity. While Mr. McLennan has been a Taft man all along and his 6ynii >athies were pre- .sumably with those opposed to the present political oligarchy in Kansas, the Journal never has said .so and it has reclint-d, most of the time, in the shade of its morning c<inti>mporary. For Ib^time bj -ins it missed it.~; with letters in the Interest of his candidacy, the effect upon the voters of the state is worth noting. It Is estimated that the LaFoUette campaign bureau sent nO.Oo letters to Kansas voters. The fortissimo note of these letters was a request that each voter write to bis state chofrman asking that a prosldentia*~prUnary be held, liow man;^- letters of that nature do you suppose the voters of Kansas wrote? Well, Joe Dolley got fifteen and Dave Mulvane got two, which would Indicate that a presidential primary is not exaciiy a lire Issue in Kansas. Governor Siubbe has received several hundred letters asking for a special seseion of the legislature or exi)re»slng the opinion that one would be held. Dot those who know the devious routine of the Governor's of­ ficii say that iiiost of these letters, al- readi' written and reiiulring only the signature of the man on tJovernor Stulilis' mailing ILst, were sent out from the (iovornor's offlccv Tho Ciov- ernor hiiH written I I I H proniinclamcnto callliiK the attention of the voters to the n<'<'OHHity of a s|)ocial sesKlon. liut for home reason be has not yet given It out to the press. WAITED—HISCEUiAKSOUS. POSITION WANTED BY TOUNG lady stenographer. Experienced In office work. Phone Main 256. WANTED—WALNUT LOGS. COOK and Wayman, care C. C. Luccock. Phone 194. TVAXTEP—CLEAX WHITE RAGS. Register office. FOB SALlt-VISCBLLXStirvA FOR SALE—P A IFNE D ' S VIT cases; band bags; Ju&t like new. Bigiu Pawn Shop E&at Side Squar^ In trait store. First door sou^ of Kr^ss store. FOIi SALE—RHODE ISLAND RED cockerel. ^. DeNeen, 606 N. Main street Gas, Kans. WA.N'TED—ELEVATOR BOY AT New York Store. Must be 16 years old. WANTED—CATTLE TO WINTER to buy young calf. Earl Monfort, phone 997-23. WANTED-DAY CLBIIK. KELLEY lldtfl. Do not phope. Call at offliu*. DONATin.NS WANTED P'Oll SAI.- vaflon Army friM- t'hrlslmas dinner and trei> for the worthy poor of our city. WANTKi)—FIVE ROQM, MODEKN coitage, clofc In. Box 216, .Along last June there apjx'ared in" tlit'.-<e li'ttirs a paragrajih in which the charge was made that he prohibitory law was being used as a iwllUcal football. The crusade for the enforce nient of the prohibitory law was char- ' acterlzrd merely as a scheme to help ; the political fortunes of some of those • engaged In it and to fill the pockets i of others. The paragraph caused some ' roniment and a lawsuit grew out of it. I If was further charged in the imra- I i ;rai>h that the law was being violated i ill nearly every cotujiderable com- L08T AND KOnxn, LOST—CORDUROY COAT. LEAVE at Register. FOR SALE—A GOOD DRIVING horse, safe for lady. Phone 1148. FOR SALE — SEVERAL PURE blood Poland China Boars. Prices right. Harry Boeken, R. R. 3, Moran, Kan. La Harpe phone 764. FOR SALE—TWO LOTS AND 4 room house J200. E. W. SUnfleld. PBITATE MO>'ET TO Miir. "We'fiave some Private Money to loan on. Fstms. Low Rate. We also bave Eastern Money at the lowest rata aifd best terms. Let us tell yon about oar terms and rate. Prlvlledge to pay at any time. For Sale—Improved 40 acres near car line, between lola and Gas. / T^E PETERSON LAND CO. Phone 97. Old Court House Bldg. PETEKSOX LAXD COMPlllt. lolo, Kansas. FOR SALE— 1 ROOM HOirsE $3 '.0, also 5 room ho»«e $4r .O located on lots 17 and 1«, block 13, Hrooklyn Park Ave. loin, Kac. Addri'Ks Tlios. Me- (iqnnon, Humboldt Kas; • . FOR SAf-E—A GOOD C YEAH OLD horse; sound and gentle. Will take $7.'..(H). THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IX lOLA. A seven room, modern house with two-story barn and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit. If sold bt-forc January first, ?12o0.00; half cash. C. L. WHITAKER. I'boao 180. ohanceu» solidify it&elf witli tile re^u-! "i''ni'>; ftat^- <Hal only the lar faction of the party. There is an inside story In connection with tlie Journal's policy of masterly inactivity, which may or may not be true. It Is given here for what it may be worth. It Is that Mr. McLennan, look ing forward to the time when a harmony candidate for Governor would be needed steered a course between the factions with the hope that the burden of uniting them might fall upon him. As has been noted there may be nothing In the sKiry, but it ha.s- been whispered about for more than a year. Among the other citadels which the Democrats hope to storm at the next election is that of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Johnson and Justice Burch come up for re-election next year and probably will have no opposition in their own party. The Democrats have the hobbles off Judge S. II. Allen, of Topeka, A. .M. jackson M Wlnfleld and Sam Mahor of Kan.<.:. iiii.'tlRKls jieriaining to the distribution of liquor had been changed, and that Cherokee and Crawf<»rd counties were being made the "goat" of the situation .\s a result of this paragraph the writ or was v »Ty generally reviled. About the iiiUdost epithet applied to him by thi- administration new .spaper was that of "booze fighter." A little latt-r Ci <Aernor Stubbs made a public speech in which ho stated that Kansas nty, Kansas and Concordia were) wide oi>en. John Dawson's inve.stiga- tions in Wichita and Coffeyville revealed flagrant violations of the pro- hibiiory law. J. E. Johnstone, an assistant attorney general charged with the duty of suppressin.i; the sale of liiliior. pave out an interview w .'fk in wliifli iie stated that 2 M 0 joints wiTe bi-ini; opcrati-d in l-t -avt -n worth. Tlie Ri'V. Kobi-ri .\orri.s. an of ficfr of tlie State Teniiierance Union and a noted whisker sipulli. says hf The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Alien County Farms. We also write'Insurance of all kiiid.:. collect rents. )>ay taxes for non-residents, and ilo a general real estate business. Wo represent' three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of tlie loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick .service as can be bad anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. R. L. Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDG. lOLA QCICK DEAL—WE HAVE A FINE slock of shelf hardware and jilumb- Ing, about l.l.OOO located iii a thriving county seat town in northeast Oklahoma. For sale or excliange on cash basis. Describe fully locate and submit your jjroposltlon at once to lAjeback Brothers, I.a Ilarpe, Kas. FOR SALl-:—TEAM OF MULES. Plume Gas 1)1-12. S. L. Reuisberg. FOR SALK—A GOOD C YEAR OLD i horse; $7."i no. sound and gentle; Phone 104, will take FOR BEXT—MISCELLASEOUS. FOR RENT—ROOM IN KELLEY Hotel buildin.g for barber shop. HOUSE FOR RENT. PHONE 762. —The Register Publishins Co. turns out first class printing and bookbinding. A trial solicited. .MOXEY! MOXEY! MOXEY! I make a specialty of farm loans. If you arc wanting a farm loan it will pay you to see me. Rates reasonable; interest payable annual or semi-annual; privilege given to make partial payments or all at any time. C. 0. BOLLIXGER loin, Kans. WAXT lOLA PROPERTY In exchange for the following: P,iM) acres 2 miles Baldwin Kas. Price $15,000. Mortgage $7000. Improved 160 Logan county, Kas, Unimproved 100 Gove county, Kas, K,vtra well improved 160 Lane county, Kas. Improved ?.20 near Garden City Ks. Well Improved 560 acres Decatur county, Kas. I'nlmproved 160 Logan county. Kas. These lands are all clear and the price Is right. Fine wheat land. Pick out what"you want and deal your property for It. lOLA LANT) COMPANY. BUILDING UP A NEW WORD recently purchased li<iiioi- at forty dif , ,., . , i„ .1 . ' ft-rtnt places in Tojiekii. Since the City, and will put ^'i't'" J.".'.'!.'^ i letter referred to was written not one of the towns inv«siigatei] has been giv- race against Johnson and Ihircli, Judge Allen was a Supreme Court justice In- tho days of tlie I'ojmllst regime and served six years on the ln-nch. As tlie writer recalls it he was the first Supreme Justice elected by the Populists. Jackson served a term In Congress as a Demo-Pop. go- >lng from the Third district, .Maher is said to be a very able lawyer. He was <mce a candidate for Supreme justice on the Populist ticket, but was beaten. The Democrats, during the jiast ten •years, have palil very little attention to the Supreme Court Justiceships. But the plan next year Is to make a desperate effort toland a roan or two. j empt en a clean bill. In the light of developiuent.s, was llie writer right or wronn atidiit It? Was he wrong when he expre.s.yxl the opinion that the prohibitory cni.sade was n iiolitical scheme and that a lot i .i iioUtical worke.'-s with no visible means i.i' sup- IKjrt were in the crusade at expense <if (he taxjiayers with en \ luon- ry as their objwt? Or did he nil the truth about the situation? So far as Attorney General Dawson Is concerned, the writer desires to exempt him from mercenary motives, working hard and earnestly. But the recurring to its recent decision by which the office of the Attorney General wa-*! made a mere appendage, not to say appendi.v, to the office of the Governor, old timers recall that John W. Leedy once tried to slip the same medicine over on the subordinate state officers. Leedy contended, and the Supreme Court has just sustained his contention, that the otber state officers stood in the same relation to him as the members of the cabinet stand to the President, But immediately following his attempt to project the theory there was such an Insurrection In the Populist ranks that Leedy had to drop It La"Follette's campaign managers having recently deluged the State job office. Is too big for one man or one JAY B. HOUSE. Science Responsible for More BuHtF Up Words Than Classic English Ever Dreamed Of. "Esophagoscopy" Is on© of the newest words which the scientist of necessity has coined. As science has progressea In Its many lines, it has been responsible for more "built-up" terms than classic English could have dreamed of. Tako this new word, "esophagos­ copy." It is a combination of the noun "esophagus." meaning the channel through which the food from the mouth reaches tho stomach, while the last two syllables are made of his'astonished mother, said, "I" knew I'd get him to go. Please go on with the story, mother." Some day Paul McGregor may sit In the seat of the mighty If diplomacy is a factor In the game.—Cleveland Leader. Slang In Court. Slang has at last compelled the court to take judicial notice of it. An em­ ploye In talking to his foreman referred to a belt ho was compelled to use, which liad a loose lap, as "rotten," and tho court, on apiieal from a Judgment for damages for ati injury resulting from the breaking of the belt (Hortman vs. Stnver Carriage company, 111. App. 130), rittfused to "scope"—as used In telescope, micro- ihdld that he meant "decayed," and scope, spectroscope. Thus the com-(said: binatlon suggests a way and means for allowing the surgeon to look down the esophagus In search of foreign obstructions or of injuries to the organ. One of the leading physicians of St. Paul has been gathering statistics "Wo win take nollco-iiof slang phrases which obtain in this times In all walks of life, and not do'ylolence to apparent intention by Indulging In a literal Intcrprctailon of ihe words used, when such interpretation would do violence to the plain meaning In- showing the enormous number., and j tended by the words when taken In variety of foreign substances that are j the connection In which "they were swallowed by persons of all ages and | used. In stigmatizing the belt as which often result fatally. He says j "rotten" plaintiff plainly Intended to From Two Foinis" of VI«W.. at?h: c^'sh^w: r !:o^:TZ that m^most any -e of the kind a , , „ la.a tl^at It w;a, his^ opln- prize cat I P'"- nee^l*- I)«tton. bone and even = "He shows the result of careful te«tli P^^tes are sWallowed and In the breeding," commented his majesty. I heglnning may he little "^ore thaxt an The cat, in pursuance of the ancient i unpleasantness. Hero Is the oppor- 'tunity for using the esophagoscope. money for hats" and'glov^ej and~^doI- phus hasn't come—my brother Claude would say hasn't come to the bat- stop at the florist's and buy a.gingie rose, it will cost very little, and take that home and set it in the proper vase, its red petals and green leaves to please the eye and its fragrance to fill tbe room, an individual flower of grace and beauty and Joy. "If you can't have a bunch try a single rose." fSrm Brid City Loauam KANSAS AXD OKLAHOIU. tow Bate; Annnal «r SemUAnnnal iBtemt—Privilege to Pay In Full Beaneed Bates on Fire Insurance! I^«M.Cunningham Oli CoQrt House Bldg. lola, Kas'. TO EXCHAXGE $2,500.00 Grocery Stock, all clean goods, for small tract of land la Allen or adjoining counties, of equal value Wan* to deal with owner of land. We have other exchanges. Cat! on us. CHARLES I POTTEB. FEET CAUSE OF NERVOUSNESS Ili-Fittlnfl and Badly Made Shoe* Are Responsible for Many Troubles. —Six Amateur Acts, Majestic. .•'>c. Nervous troubles frequently come from ill-fitting and badly made shoes, In the opinion of Dr. Irvin O. Allen. He thinks them accountable for much matrimonial haggling and. discord. It Is a mistake, he says, to teach the child—as is commionly done — to toe out. In the beginning the boy or the girl, in obedience to aa unerring Instinct, points the foot straight ahead, which Is the proper way for walking. All shoeless peoples waBc with parallel feet—Indians, for example. Dr. Allen explains that the isolo bt t^e shoe should be the shape of tho foot. To determine the shape, one must stand barefoot on the hall and toes upon a sheet of paper, allowing the great toe to assume its normal position—separated somewhat from the other toes. Make a mark around the toes with a pencil and then let tho heel come down to the paper. Now place the weight of the body upon the outer side of the toot and coinplete the outline in that position. A shoe made with a sols of this shape, and with a reasonably high vamp, will certainly be comfortable and will insure a healthy foot, incidentally doing away with "shoo nervousness." If WQm in winter, however, it s.houId have no metal nails in it. The feet are not easily kept warm during cold weather In shoes with metal nails, because they tend to conduct the heat out of the body. prerogative, was looking at the king. "Hlfe pedigree Is twice as long as mine," reflected the cat, "but he must be of a common sort of strain. He doesn't look half as majestic as a policeman." PUBUC SALE! Will i>eU at Public Anrtlon ml. wr«t of tola, knonn a« Rluc'iaker Plare, V TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1911 Begioniog at 10 oVlock ii. ni., the folluwiug proiM-rly; Before the sharp substance has a chance to perforate the esophagus the combined mirror and electric , light may be inserted, the object seen and removed without harm. If the obstruction be left, however. It starts irritation, becomes a festering wound which almost invariably will cause death. BOY WILL MAKE DIPLOMAT Ion that tbe loose lap was a menace and danger to himself.—West Publishing Company's Docket. • 6 HORSES AND MULES 1 gray horse. 10 years old. wt, 11"0 rUlM I.MPLK.MKNTS. 1 good Stndehaker wagon, I broad lbs,; 1 span of gray pony mares. coin-|iire wagon and rack. 1 .set of diiini) ing 6 and 7; 1 horse mule, coming C ' ijo;jr,ii.-, i gurrev, 1 Deering « ft. bind- S f'^^^S'oTt^ Si hiiri 1 Oowagiae disc drill, ain.o.t neW; mare mule. C years old, 16 high. 1 'nrn planter. 1 Cassaiy sulky plow. J H-ineh walking i>low, :', eiiliivators, 1 double shovel. 1 corn sheller, 1 eid- Iiress. 1 mowing iiia<liine, 1 llaii- 9 H¥.\li OF CATTLE. 4 extra good milch cows, all will be fresh soon; 1 <hoic<':!-year-olil cow _ „ with calf; 1 red Natural .Mnley. :i yrs ^„„;i'j .Ti „j, ,,io;v in°good order, 1 corn old, jgivlug milk, will be fresh in" the j ^^..rk harness, 1 dou- sprlng; 1 choice black Jersey, 3 years ,,j„ ^^^^^^ driving harness, 1 set of old. fresh soon; 1 2-year-olU heifer; ^\i,^\o harness. 1 set of rmk tools. W 1 calf. 6 HEAD OF HOGS. 1 brood sow, going to bring plK"*: ;i fat liog .M, weight LM MJ lbs. each, jmd L' BhoaiH. About 300 bu. of corn, pome liay, about 100 shiK-ks of corn fodder, ami about ](», bu. of seed jiotatoes. 4S , rods of new barb wire, 1 (;cLaval So. t ereaiii separator. 1 <'> pliers incubator, new; 1 C> pliers brooder. HOrSEHOLB GOODS. 1 ('iiplioiivO, K kiti-lien <liairs. 1 hipli (hair, i; rocking chairs. .'{ bedsteads anil springs, 3 doz. fnilt jars, a lot of gal. elder vinegar, 4 do/, Hrow!i lyg-i illslies. 1 gasoline stove. 2 holes; 1 So. horn hens. 3 doz. Barred l'lyni(iuili barrel churn, 1 hi-ating stove. 1 hens, 3 doz. other chickens. 1 dozen dresser. 2 stand tables, some cooking fries, S full blood Rose Combed Leg- utensils. 1 twenty gallon jar. .'! si.x born Cockerels. i gallon Jars, and a lot of other articles. TERMS OF S.U.E—All sums of $IA ,ind under, cash In hand. All sums over $10 a credit of 12 months will be siven. purchaser giving note with ap- 'proved security, bearing 6'-' fioni date if ))aid whe ndue; if not paid when due to draw lO'T from date of xa\e. 4^• discount for cash on credit sales. \o property to be removed until settled for. Bankable note required. rOL. C. .S. BISHOP, AurUeneer £H, 1. KlKJL^ M. LU.\CH OX GROU.NDS. Clever Ruse by Which Youth Rid of an Unwelcome Guest. Gets Paul McGregor loves to have his mother tell him stories. Also he likes to have his young friends come and | share the stories. Sbmstlmes It hap- ! City JournaL pens that a bo." who Is persona non | grata with Paul will drop In for a sit- in and then the host grows restive. Tbe stories, he stoutly tells his mother. ar,« for bim and his friends only. But Bristow Didn't Want To. At tbe Country club luncheon to President Taft at Hutchioison one of the guests desired to secure a valuable souvenir of the occasion. So be got a piece of writing paper and asked each of the principal guests to write a line of sentiment and sign It President Taft led off with an ohse^ vation on golf and signed it. Other guests followed suit. "Whien the paper reached Senator Bristow he scratched his head a moment, and remarked, "Oh, what shall I say?" "Say any old thing," put In Senator Emerson Carey of Reno. "Just write •I am for Taff " Ae quick as a flash President Taft turned toward Bristow and said significantly: "If,you want to."—Kansas Try a Single Rose. "We read," said Luclnds, "about , how Adolpbus brought Luella a great The pt sence of others spoils the. re- | bunch of roses, and we can imagine cltal. It was on a recent evening, in tbe midst of a fairy tale. That a kid for whom Paul entertains no friendship, dropped In with the others, and Immediately Paul sniffed. Then he spoke up, interrupting the tale, saying, "Bllke 'Wllke ain't .ot no sore on his bund." "Yes, ho has, too," rejoined the unwelcome boy. "1 seen him only today." "Don't care," said Paul, stolidly. "Billy WUko ain't got no sore on his hand." Again the other boy denied it. but Paul kept right on reasserting the Itatement. •Til Just go and see," finally said the other boy. "I seen him today and I'm Just'going to prove Billy "WUko haa a sore on'his hand." —.After he had gone. Paul^ their beauty, we are left to guess at their cost, but do you know It Isn't teally necessary in order to make home beautiful to hav« a bunch of roses as big around as aiarrel; that a single lovely rose will do? "Try thl8j _If_yquhaL'? »jP ^t all you_r iNbvels are the Sweets \ All people with healthy literary appetites love the'm. Thousands of novels to select from at all kinds of pHces. The Book Store SouUi of the Court'Bonse !! Watch Your Coal Bill !! For Best Kansas Lump and Arkansas Semi-" Anthracite PHail^E: 116 lola lce» Cold iStorage and Fuel Co. lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock : $25,000.00 ; Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. HOKVILLE, Pre.s. W. .S. KACF.VAX, 2nd Ylcc Pres. J. H, (' l.¥PBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, VIce.^.s. E. 0. BE.XSOX, A»Ht fa.'Mer SAEETY DEPOtiir BOXES FOB BE.NT. lOLA R. R. TDIE TABLES^ ^ • y - , A. T. « S. F. BAELWAY South Bound. Ko. 201 —Dally l^ssenger 1:05 p. m. No. 2uS—Dally Passenger 2 :43 a. m. No. 2o7— Dally (except Sunday) Passenger 8:50 p. m. No. 215 —I>aUy (exc«a>t Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 12 :01 p. m. Depart 1 :05 p. m. North Bound. No. 202— Dally Passenger 2:22 p. m. No. 204— rDaily Passenger 2:20 a.m. No. 20 ^DalIy (except Sunday) Faasen" ger. i 6:30 s.m. No. 216--Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. Depart 12:01 p. m, MISSOUBI PACIFIC BAILTVAY 431— 451—' 4r.s— 407- 4i)»- 410- 40S- Frelghts—Wert Bound. T.onil (diUIy ex. Sun) Iv 3i :4B p. m. Colo. Red Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Freight!—East Bound. TlPd Hall (Ually) or. ..l:10».m. Loiwil (d.illv <.x. Sun) ur,....8:00B.m.', P »iienoBri—Vy«ft Bound. Kansii?! (Mty-Vates Cfntiir Mull and I'.xpni-.H (dally) Iv 4:47 p./»n. Ht. I./>iil!(-\Vlrhlta Ma'.l nii<l Bxpfrji* (dallvy iv S:33 li. m. PAiMrige^i—East Bound, St. LouU -KnnwiH Clly M<ill and HIK- i.roM (dally) ftr 7:17p.m. Ht. LoulH-Kanwut Cltjr Mall and K%- l-.rvKH (dally) nr 8 :W a. m. , .'IL K. ¥~Tr«AILWAT South Bound. •No. C71—W^y FrclKht. (dally ereept Snmlav) 4:30a.m. Nn .Tii-iMIXBd (dnilv) 4:45 p.m. Ni>. 73—Pn-'senKar (dally) 12 :Hp. m. No. 25—Flyer (dally) S:SOa.m. North Bound. No. 24— PnssentPr (daily) l:!8p. m. No. Vrr-^Mlxed (dally) 2 :80 p. nu •No, 572—Way Freight, (dally except Sund.iy) 12:19 p. m. •571 and 572 will carry pa,>!?rnKer«. XEBCHATTTABLE ABSTBACTS. Every khstract made in our office Is guaranteed to he a merchantable abstract or money refunded. lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANT. . "Praiii Wood. Mahager. VBOFESSIOITAl DIKECTORT. * XONET TO LOAUI « i> Will lend on. honsehold goefi, 9 ylanos, o^Baiui. sewing ma- 9 * aklan. diamionda and jowMxT. • * J. W. COFFKT 9 * U« Hoitk Sticei « Boyal Typewriter Agency * •fi Controls Exclusive Sale of the S * Boyal Standard Typewriter 3J •S In Allen. County » '& E. H. Bussing, Ageat * « Northrop Bulldlns lola, Kana. 9 % Typewriter Bepalrs and Supplies 9 « Dr. C. JT. Boss 9 « BEJfTIST m Boom Xo. 1, Aorthmp Jlldff. « Extraction without pain by tho^ * * use of Nitrous Oxide Gas 9 « Phohe—Office B.W; Res. 852. 9 « WHT iron • * Have Your Piano Tuned by aa V * Experienced Tuner—Ono LIr- • * Ing In your home town. • « T. 0. CAJTATSEY, • » Piano Toner ao4 Bepalrer • Id Roberts Music Co. Fhoao 421 > 99 B^»m?6$B9 9999 9909 99999 9 9 999999999•• 9 9 9 ...I. L.B. LEAYELL, M. B. « Specialties— • Dlteases of the Cheit S Diseases of Children. V Phones-Office 147; Be*. 147. • lOLA STATE BANK BLDG. « fffi s « « « s,6-a * « » » » « ************V. a Beal Estate and J4re8to«k ^ AUCTIOJfEEB • Satisfaction guaranteed.WIr8 «^ ^ phone at my expenise for dates. ^ B. B, CIcABJE,^ • Y«t«* Center 0T«r Com. Baak ^ PHILLIP BEIGELS ^ 110% South St. ^ • BAB3r£SS AND SABDELBT 4> Cleneral Bepalring, AU Bind* I i> MONEY TO LOAN • I,* on all kinds of household goods •f> J. or Jewelry—anything of value. * BIgus Pawii Shop, East Side Square, dfllce In Frnit Store. All transactions strictly conft- deutlal. iii JBE lOLA, KANSAS ,OYEU FORTY YEABS OF COXSERV.VTIVE BAXKINa IX lOLA .-Depowilury for (lie CuKed Stiitex, State of Knn,sa.H, und Allen Conntr i . OFFICEBS: U L, .VORTHKUP, President D. P. NORTHRUP, 2nd V-Pres. V. A. NOUTHKtJP, Vice-President MELVlN FRO.N'K. Cashier. B. J. GOPFEY. Assistant Cashier CAP^AL $50,m00 .' lDter«>s| PnU on Time Bfp<KJts SURPLUS $20,000,00 SaCely Deposit Boxes for Bent YOUK BUSUIESS.SOLICITED. li I Round Trip Tickets, lola to Mot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three months from date ,.jof sale, with atop-over prtvilegea .jeoing and return on sale every jday In the year, for ' sisieo The one way fare Is |12.flS. ^ E. E. MUNGER, Phone ISO. He. Pae. Ifent i '--ranners Attention! High: grad» ^IsBIIate for sale. Telephone T»5 lola, pi* Humboldt Refinery. M. Huager« tord^ 304 West streeS,

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