Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 4
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} THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15, iOll. - tkam'M EXCUSE FOR HUSBANDS ^ Get the Good Clothes Habit, and it's **HENLEV" —For You D'lieovtry of Woman Who Hai Spent Twenty Year* In Studying Oo> . meitic Probtcmi. "Hen!e>'* Suifs and Overcoats Other splendid makes good values, new styles, Suits and Overcoats— $7.50 to $16.r)0 Children's Suits i\r ,d Overcoats— ^ $2.50 (0 $10.00 Barclay-Shields Clothing Coinpsfly "The i:oii»c- «l" liimlU}." HOW TO EXPRESS PACIUSESiWIIftNiNG-OO SHOPi>lf;G EARLY A ¥F.\y Sr<?fiESTIO>S FOK CHBI8T MAS SHIPPINtt. Express Pai'k;i^<'r.- 8)touid Be .Shipped Early, ;inil Wooden Hoxes ShonM Re r.<ed—Don 't I'se Tagt, Express companies have sent out _ the followln,? suggestions with a view to faclljiiatlns their work during the holidays. The suggestions are also valuable^ to shippers since by followlngtliie ni 'vlce, siifity and dis- pnlch ii« HPSured: 1st. Ship your package early—by tlie Ifith v1 December if possible. The express company will give you a - i amaii label to i.paste on the package reading "Do not open until Christmas.": This will give opi)ortunity for the package to reach its destination before Chri .stnias and give the additional i)Ieasure to the recipient of the gift of having it on Christmas morning. , 2nd. - Use wooden boxes for packing, especially for glass and other fragile articles, which should be well pirotected. It may cost a few cents more but the danger of damage will be very much reduced, and you should do your part to make the transportation of your gift safe. - 3rd. Write the address in full- state, county, city, street and number —on the-box or package, with Ink or crayon. Tags are frequently torn off - and lost, 4th. if you want to prepay the charges, write the word "Paid" in large, plain letters on tlie package. Sth. Insist upon a receipt and see that the amount paid and the value Is marked on the receipt and on the package. eth. Write your own address in full somewhere on the package following the prefix "From " 7th. Enclose a card in each box or - package reading: From - Stores WHI be Open But r«ur Even-1 Jngrs Before fbrlsfnias. A heavy load of moral responaiblllty abould never be foisted upon a man in tbe first Dfush of youfb. If It Is. he is almoKt sure to let it 8liti« off when he arrives at years of maturity, and all I Forts of comr>IIC8tlonB are liable to follow. .Mary .Ausiln. who wrote "The .^r- i [tow .Maker." P.xplalned these thlU 'irs : and Keveral others to the members of j I Oie Legislative league at the Wal .'orf- j Afcioria. "1 have been spendins a good deal of time lately at the domestic relations court." she said in elucidation of her ^ statement concerning the overfreiglit- i pd young man. "aniJ"! have learned that in a gi^at majority of cases the man .40 or thereabouts who has grown tired of his wife, because her beauty has faded and refuses to emiport her ] any longer, so that she has to appeal I to the courts, was compelled to go t;> i work when he was thirteen or fourteen to help maintain his parents or brothers and sisters. By the time he reaches middle life bis moral musi le!<. which Were strained and stretched beyond their proper capacity when they were still soft ami untrained, have become feeble. If They haven't snapped riitirely. and In- raii't be depended upon for anything." j .Mrs. Austin admitted that whni siie had just said wasn't generally known, but she added that it was nevertheless abgolu'ely true. She was sure of it. j because she had spent 20 years study Ing just such problems. lit a tVour address.) To -- fConsIgnee's address.) This in order that, should the outer marking be destroyed, the inner mark will' insure prompt forwarding and delivery. ,8tb. I not convenient to ship In wooden boxes, Ufc strong wrapping paper tnot newgpniwr.s) and tie with strong cord. 9th. If package <ontalns anything of perlFbnble nature, write the word "Perishable" in Iar>;e plain lettew on the box or package, which will call for special attention and delivery. If >T)U will obgerve these suggestions, you will ,grea".ly assist In the prompt delivery of your gift in good condition. —Six Amateur Acts. Majestic. T>c. The Chinese troops in Thibet have mutiniea, declaring their sympathy for the •revolutionists. The Supreme Court of Missouri ivj- on application of the Harvester "Sfust baa reduced the fln» to $2.5.000. The Judgment of ouster will stand. Tb« sending of 700 Japanese soldiers to Peking was in accordance with the agreement of the powers in settlement of the Boxer troubles. It is announced in Washington that Japan's action w-.-js known in advance by the powers. Considering the interests of their weary, fatlpuoii clerks mid them- eef^s as well, tbe merchaius of lola have decided that fhi.t .veiir they will open for evening busines.^ but four nights before Christmas, itoretofori' It has been the custom for all the stores to remain open as late each night as necessary to accomodate shoppers for a whole week procediiig December "."i. Tills season the stores will ojien evenings beginning Deeem- ber 20, leaving but four evenings for night shopping. Do vour Christmas buying early tind avoid the rusm "The merchnntB and clerks who work all day long during; the holiday season are about exhausted as Christmas draws near," said Manager Mont Palmer of n .iinsay's and on? of the leaders in the "consider the clerk" movement, so we have made the short evening shopping season decision out of consideration for weary bodies and brains. 1 believe the move will meet with the approval of all patrons and we shall try .to handle the business during the day so that there will be little need for any one to wait for evening to avoid the crowds." loians have never been shown a laVger or more varied assortinent of holiday goods in all the town's history. This season each merchant seems to have taken especial pains to secure all the best and latest staples and novelties and the shopper may come to lola assured of finding the very things he wishes. But shop early. The four evenings bofore Christmas will be short, too short for your purchasing if .you d-,lay everything up to that time and it will mean much discomfort and trouble for the clerks. GERMAN KNEW THE PIECE Amusing Incident in Campaign to En-{ courage Respect for the National Anthem. THEN THEY WERE MARRIED Mrs. William 0. Uoyd of Kingsbury pluce, an enthusiastic member of tho Daughters of tlio American Revolution and former ii.:iinii ;in of the .MissOuii stQie song i: ••.lee. Is directly responsible for ; . ''v order re (|ulFlng all public roi'.i . . ;s In. this city to be concluded with 'The Star Spangled Uanner." Durltig a talk with Park Commissioner Davie, in which the lack of respect shown the national air by St. I.ouisans in public,places was deplored, "Mrs. Boyd suggested a campaign of education as a remedy for the existing conditions. She is still laughing over the results of the attempt. She and her husband, with Commissioner Davis, visited Carr square on the evening of the first band concert, after the new order went into effect, thinking to see in the polyglot audience there a typical example of the mttsses' familiarity with tbe national air. As soon as the first notes sounded the men in the party removed their hats, but all were alert for developments around them. Nobody appeared to.notice the music except one big German, who gave vent to several dis gusted grunts as it proceeded. Think lug to test him, Mr. Davis asked if be knew what that piece was. 'Know him? Ain't I a Cberman? Dot's 'Die Wacht am Rhein,* but meln Gotl, how dey blays him I"—St. Louis Times. Millionaire Produces Morocco Case That Haa Startling Effect on Chorus Girl's Hearing. "It isn't true that every beautiful chorus girl is mercenary," said Georgo M. Cohan, tbe brilliant .voung actor- playwright of New York; "but it in certsinly true that some chorus pirhi are. "I know an aged millionaire who laid his bean at the feel of one of the most beautiful cborus girls who ever nod the Great Wbite Way. Hut tbe girl received thoxe protestutluns of devotion coldly. " '.\re you deaf to my «ult7' the poor old fellow groaned. '"Yes, 1 am,' said tho chorus girl, and she laughed coldly. "Then tbe milHonal/e took from the packet bf bis frock coat a black morocco case. He sprung the gold clasp; the lid flew back; within, on a bed of black satin, glittered a necklace of huge diamonds. Tbe c.ionis girl gave a little, breathless cry. The necklace seemed alive. It seemed, on its black satin bed, a, thing of pure lire that writhed and glowed and trembled, continually emitting the clearest rays. Fashion I* Fashion. 'Why do ail the women walk like ducks this 'year?' was tbe question put to a friend of mine, years since, by a younger brother. He did not know that a quite new kind of corset had suddenly, during the summer months, "come in." To wtar it meant change of gait and posture, eventually actual change of shape. Yet we all wore It—and Ooubi- le.'.e went on praising the Venus of .MeliiB as we did so. Til notion that, after we have l«,iriicd from tbe scientists to deal iti evolutionary periods of millioiiM of year?, ne ought not naively to expect to tiller the buman form In a season or two, never occurred, I fancy, tu any of us. . •"UusinesB Is business," men arc credit'd with saying, when invited tu ujiply abstiact laws of honor "Katl: Ion is fashion," women woald 8urei> 8sy if invited to apply abstract laui bf beauty.—Allaulle. Suits, Overcoats $10.00 to S27.50 Smckin«i Jackets $4.50 tc SI 2.50 Comli'n Bath and!nffing Rcbes $3.50 to $12.50 Shirts 50i' to $2.50 Mufflers 50c to $3.50 Pajamas $1.00 to $3.00 Sweater Coats $1.00 to $5.00 Scarfs 50c to $1.00 Silk Knitted . Neckwear U 50c and up Tie Racks 7'5c. $1, $1.-50 TN buying presents for Men and Boys it is to your comfort and convenience to deal at a man s store. This is such a store; and here are twenty suggestions--we might make it twice twenty—of suitable and acceptable gifts for men and boys of the house. We shall be very glad to show you Suits and Ovcrcoals for Men and Boys If you are contemplating the purchase of a suit or overcoat, visit this store before purchasing. We are equipped to handle your wants. ' Alterations will be made after Christmas if you prefer. Money .Refunded if Not Satisfied HATS $1.00 to $5.00 Suit Cases and Hand Bags $1.50 to $12.50 Suspenders 50c to $1.50 Gloves 50e to $6.00 Hosiery 25e, 35c, 50c Umbrellas $1.00 to $8.50 Handkerchiefs SH.K .\.M> LI.VEN 25c to $1.00 Collar Bags $1.00 to $3.00 West Side Square North Block lola - Kansas JVirs S.VVKI) IIEK IJFK. Wotnan .lumped In I'ond and K.\tlug- uNheit Klames. i.jiwr lire. Kas.} |)er. 1-I.--The pres ence of mind of .Mrs. i.. ('. Temphill wife of H farin'r. near lleno, ten nillos fti.iii !ii-re. loi.'iiy prritiahly .saved . 11;<> Hv« s i)f lirrsi If anil Ri -ven-mniitlis- old i -)ill(l. ulieii, with her i-lothfns iiilri' sh<» ran from the lionie to a, , , ., ,., „ , ,„ ne -irl .y pond. and. throwing herself-i r-""" -Attorney (..-nentl to !l|IO ilie wat>-r e.MlDglli.'ilMMl the liatiic. toward the jiond to ;«e:tch which she wasforc-Ml 'o scale a \\-A\ live feet biijii. Tiipeka Cajiital: (rovi-rnor Stubhs and Attorn.y fleiieral .lolui S. Dnw.son liePt a et!lif"-reni»' yest 'Tday over the ii'aiter 'if subpciiaini; .1. K. ^ouse. as 'Mri-etei! Iiy tin- (ioveriior last sum- iijer. and .Mr. House will be subpoe- iiaeil ill ji short time. He will be di- SRE .OUR LINE OF— Friend of Oumas. There lives at St. Die. France, in u little commuue near Itefaaupal an olu •Are you still deaf?' asked the mil- 1 8°°!^ ^nd ur.diiaiaec ' eye, notwithstanding the fact 'ha; S'elgl-.licirs rescued her from tlie water. Although both are |iaiiifully burn^'d it !.'•. thought they will rerov- .Mr!<. Ilcmpiii had just llghiril the kltiti.'u !ire with coal oil. ^V•l:'l her (OiDil and tlie oil can in her arm.-t VHk applying the second match \<lien the Maims -nveloped her. .mie ran II \\li,it >ie ktidW^.of viuliitioiis of th<' |irohllii!orv law nt a- little elnh in a Miiiall KaiisU!) town. - Without opiates or harmful tirugs of any kind Foley's Money and Tar ConipDund i^lops coughs and ciires coId.H. Do not accept nnv siilistitute. .1. D. Mundl.s & Co. Chafing Dishes, Carving Knives and Doll Carriag(js !!!!!!!!!! Brigham Hardware Co. For the quickest results—The Register Want Column I lions i I e. • Ah, no,' sighed the chorus girl. { Ah, no: I am not stone deaf.'" Julhis Kruttscbnitt director of operation and maintenance of the HarrI man lines has moved his residence to New York. About 40 office employes likewise will go east where his department hereafter will make ItB headquarters. —Six Amateur Acts. Majestic. 5c. Sir Edward Grey's address to parliament on the negotiations that pre-( vented war last summer over the Morocco question made a -favorable Impression among the niem!)ers of parliament. |Tbe German press pub' llshed the spjcech. fntb tiie Jromfng: of lfiddl« A^e —There is^ a-Iett'ng down in the ptayitfcal xaentii Uy 'ifPilUfr ^fV' TP a fnlendid regU' Seeing the bright Side. There are compensations for living in New Jersey, even where the mosquitoes hang like clouds over tbe residents. At least, this Is the mental attitude oL a. «^-year-old boy, whose home Is in ilontclair. His brother of nine was born In New York city, but he was a Montclair baby. One day he was being teased about being a "Jersey country bumpkin." The youngster's eyes were flooded^ with tears for a moment and then his face brightened and he smiled.'^ •I like New Jersey better," said he, proudly. "Why?" queried the teaser, t "iJecause I can LAV* turtles as pets In New Jersey? If 1 lived In New York they would be taken away from me.' The teaser soon learned tKat it was she was borne 111 years ago. ( -nte- narians are not nt all •ii'eouimoii about the VoBges. Her v.ume is Mme. Viry and for a Inns period she -vat In the service of Alexandre Duraa* pere. She has many cetollecdona of the time spent ai the house of tbe author of the "Trols .Mouec.ueialres," and she describes Dumas as an excellent man but very fond of a good dinner, fowls being his specialty. Grape Pickers. Picking grapes is a temporary bur popular occupation In the vineyard district bf New York and Pennsylvania. Many girls and women from the villages In tbe grape belt pica in the vineyards year alter year For out door work, this is especially strengthening, coming, as it does. ID tbe perfect days of September and October. Moreover, it is an employment to which considerable dignity attaches, due to tbe class of persons •re M a-lett'ng down In the The teaser soon,learned tUat it was attaches, due to the class of persons As People Think! A great many people have bought Shoes in their time, but to get your monoy'j worth is a thinking proposition—they do not knew until the Shoes are v/orn. Therefore, think well before you make your purchase^ You will not have to think very long when ycu come to the Sample Shoe Store. "'--r^r^i ^ , M, t . of his turtle*, of wblcli h« Jiad thre«, ooimtry bumpkio." tber* ia no watchful taskmaster and , It ii food for cash for a fall and wlU' t«r outfit. .Ven'f: Shoes in .'an. patents, gun meiii!. button anil line, regular $1.00 valuta . _ .._ij;2.4S .Veil s tan button Shoes—the kind you pay $."i.O (i for— oiii price .... iSi.ft.S .Ven's .-^lioes in gun iiutal atii'l v:<-i kid. regular $:i .t >rt values _ , _ . ; ijil .iH .Men's niediuin weigh.t Shoc.«; regular Ju'..*." v.-ilnc-— "III price : - lH.-V) Foys' Shoes in patents, gun metal, vi.l kid. liiitthn- " and laee. regular $3.i)n and $3 .'lO vuUie.s. . $1.!>S Ei.vf' Shoes In gun metal hox calf and viei kid. button and 'ace, regalur Ji'iO valtice ,:.$l,.'>t) Hoys' Siioei in gisn metal, box calf. refi..lar $17.". and ?:'f"> values ^ . . Eoy-;' Shoos in l.ox calf andrvici kid, :>!7.i-s mi to 2; regular $l.r.i> values MSc loy.;' :.\<^\i loj. lace and buckle Bomj. i.uth Mark and Ian; regul-ar 00 values $1.98 l.:i.l es' lC -hiiitO!i l;i 'Ots In thn. patents, gun Uieial;\ I r.-;/u'ar J !<t,) v:-.lii(vi . ia >l t.ailieii' i ;,itii).'i iloo's in suedx- uud v'Ive; $!") tinU $i"n) values - regular Ijiilie.s Shoes In patents, gun metal and vici kid. button and lace, regular $3 and $3.50 values $1 .98 l-idiea" Shoes in p.Ments and vici kid. button and,, lace; regular $2.5" values ^ il.£0 Mistes' Shoes in patents, gun metal and vici kid, butr ton and lace; regular $2 and $2.50 values-.fLSO i Misses' and Children's .lockev Boots, regular $2.00, ' $2.50 and $3.00 values; sizes 12 to 2 Sizes S% to Jl-i . $1.75 Sizes 5 to 8 . %IM Say. what would make a nicer Christ-^. mas present than a pair of Ladles' or Gents' House SHppei^ l.adies' Fur Felt Trin med House Slippers—regulitr^.T $1.50 values at — __$8e.-"-^ .Men's House Slipperi—regular $1.50 and $2 validlQS^, our price ;...\.$S^;-; M^ns House Slippers regular $1.00 values: now oilr;'; sale at - Me W, IMy C^rj-r. .SAMPLE-»SHOE STORE GJWR«V«,MW. This Stcie Will Be -Opeti Eisry Evening Next Week Until Nine (Tcloclt for the Acc(;inm«i|ation otPKitaigt'

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