The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on June 6, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1977
Page 8
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TAOK »—ISTAPOATUCK NEWft (wnn.t, vws.^^^--^ DaUjTNewsGoir Event Open To Golfers In Boro And Beacon Falls Qualifying Rounds Will Talco Place Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2 ThP NftiirnliicK NOWM Open irolf tmirnnmnnl him horn /irninKud I" BlHi-t Autrimt .'10, TournamPtV. Com- mlrto« Chairman Vln Onmi of Inn Amnrlcnn BritnH Ai..ioci«Hon an-: nmmoftd todny. .The tournnmon , will bo opnn to oil NiiiiKfttucIt '">« , ftnivpon Ktillii nmuUmtM, nnd any j m Am her of thn AtfA. Qualifying I'oundM for five fllKhl.i will tako place AiiKUrt 30 iinM 31 ; nnd Hoplnmbor 1 / 2. Match piny | •will xtnrt Huptrmhnr 3. and the fl- niilrt will take plarn Snphimbrr *. A trophy will bn prrMr-ntt-d HIP •wlnniir of th« chumplnnHhlp (llKht, who ftlnn will rncnlvo a plfl from Th« Nnw.i. ftunnnfiip In thn cham-^ plonnhlp flUtht nnd wlnn«n of tncj otfirr four MltfhUi will ricolvp prl/,-, en, n» will thn rnndullHt. Full dotxIlM will bn iiunfiunoi'd nn ilhny MIT arranKod by thn corn- rnltlno which Inrludon Mr. Ontm. , John O/tlnHkl and Mni'tln LIIRH.I. IW'rA nilcii and homo cluh rul".i; will ivpf'ly "n (1 th " « n ">"< ltt( ' r> " f , throe will ruin on all tfrlnvuncos. j Grays Defeat Southbury, 12-6 f'niindlnK two Monthhiiry pllrh-' pen for I' hltM and 12 riin.-i, the NauK'iSikTT finivii >\'trrdiiy di" fcaffd th" Hoiithhurv tram by a l"-'i nmu'n , ThP vlPtory nnnbled th" rjrnVH I" hold fl™' pl»"P In thn loop nlthrtilKh thr-y ntlll trull \V'«- tnrfown by n full Knrrin for firm pltipn hon'it' i. An "lulit run ciiilhtn-Kt In th" third IniilMU cim-lifd thr vlclorv for I (in lomil.'i. nnd thi-n II was nn i./tny In-ill Ir. rmiiil nn »" victory, Mcf.'niin wlfh thrpp hltii. ntid I'Yulri. I'nti'lll'.M, Murphy. mid fiurler and f.'aulflHcl with two pnch Miipprn'tnrl th" ilrlvn ff HIP nlrrmK; Idcnl ('fpnippi-iiii)r I.P»ITIIP entry, j f/i'a/M , ^ )nUl ^«^ « n ^ Sniithhiiry M\ HI 002 MiiHiM'lp.'t; f'c.trllnn nnd VViirnt'i NfH'lf.ii. nnd l'!uald In Semi Finals KUI-H and Johnny Gnlcskl, hoti" prn-tournoy favorites advanced to fhn Homl-flnnls of tho. A. p. A. Country Cluh championships bolng playo'd off ovnr tho wcokond. P'um dofoatod Gus Klorn, 5 and 4, while Kaloskl eliminated Stan Kru- llckl with n ft nnd 3 triumph to go Into the (toml-rimU.M with Furx. Thn winner of the FurH-Gnlnnkt match will piny Ed .Clchowflkl In thn flnalii ns he defeated Tom Luca.-i In thqlr_flnml-flnnl play late vpwtnrdny aftnrnoon. ' Second flight: Carl Toothnckor dpfpntnd Vic Swnei'H, 3 and 1; Art Butmnn dotontod Tom Scally, 8 nnd .',• Stan SlwoHkl defeated Wally Kino. 2 and .1: and Vic Gnnua won by dnfiuill from Jack Glynn. Third flight: Chin-Ion Webb do- fontcd Ed Znwnckl, 3 and 1; Al I'ovnlltlH defeated John Nowlo, 4 nnd 3; Chet Jiinlcko dcfoatod Dick VInrgnn 1 up; Tom Archambault dnfi.iiKic'l M' Davis, .1 up, 10 holes, .fnnlckl bent Archambault, 2 and 1 to much rinnlii, fourth flight: Harry Dery detent- P,| Jnhn Coolldgn. 2 and 1; Ralph Ponnvan ddfnntnd Charles Mnckln. " up- Carol Knlbbs dofontod Dom n.-Mnld.-i 4 and "3; and Bill Phclan wi.n from r:. K. Smith by default. in tho women's championship, Ann Mlknllls dnfniitorl Alice Slnfln. ;t nrul 2; Ruth Thompson^ donated .liinot Hcn^hnr, 3 nnd 2; Qusslo .tni'j-iM- dofnuted Ann Scott, - and !• rin.ii.mnry Smith defeated Kllcon [Ipnly. 1 up: r.nrbnr-i Rockwell—| hyp:'bnl OllllPS tiabol Fru- vi'l •' byn: Tups'lny night, Ml.-i.-i Ml- linlll.M piny* Mix.i CJlllloB and Miss U(.(!l:%vi!ll plays Mlsn .facgor, Mlsnos Thrirnnsnii and Kravcl play Thur.M- Shilinskas Batted .451 In First Half - Of League Play Vlto "Beer" Shlllnsltns, si outnoldcr for tho NiuicntnfU Ran K - crs, led tho Sunday Amateur League during tho flr-st half In half in batting, it was rovoalod by loopue ollt- clnls today. The hard hitting- loft fielder clubbed the applfl for a 4^1 pcrcentapp with his clnsost competitor, Chnrlcy RoUmd standing 6 points In back of him. Roland thoutrh, had only been up to the •pinto a. total of nine tlmns, whereas "Beer" stood up against the best In pitchers tho local leagues could plnco asalns him 31 times, garnor- Intr 14 hits, and scoring: nine i-una dui-InK the first half period. Aftor Roland, who hatted 414, stood Mark Jonoe, Mlllvillo, .428, with nlnn hits for 21 trips and scoring four runs; Edward Clellnskl,, St. Michael's, .400, four hits for ten- trips and two runs- scored'; Ken Stauffer, Millville, .304, IS hlta for 33 trips, 8 runs .scored; Harry Stauf- for .302, Millville, 11 bits for 26 trips, 4 runs scored; Lou Nordby, Highlanders, .380; 8 hits for 21 trips, fi runs; Hank Swirskl, HlGhlandora. ' 379 11 hits for 29 trips, 7 runs; Ed Mariano, .375, 0 hits foi- 24 trips, '0 runs scored; Robert Mariano, St. Francis, .37, r ), 3 hits for H trips, 3 runs; Dick Ash, Rangers 3 hits for 8 trips, 2 runs. The remainder of the lendlnp batting- averages ore : l?ick Pistarolli, 3SO; Joe Wallace, .346; Bonnie Curran, ,333; Johnny Galeski. .321; Ed Zukowskl .310; Ed Gnrponla, .31-1; Tommy Edmonds, 314; Skin Furs, .290; -Bob McDermott, .235; John Nordby, .270; Rudy Szczosiul, .269; Tom McCann, .2(56; GregfT Oldukow- skl, .258; Bob Ruccio, ,2515; Art Crelan, ,2fiO; Al Schilloh, .250; Bob Mariano, .350; Ed Murtlnaltlti, .233; Frank Owens, .230; Earl Mankow- skl, .230; Buddy Dunn. .214; Tom Wlsnlewskl, .210; Frank Ncary, .200, and Charley FoRarty, .200. Crusaders Blank Millville, St. Francis Defeats Weissmen A tfliil of R2.PMI.70.1 pPi'MMiii. «r 17.H pur font (it 'hi' populiitltm of rnnllfiitntnl II. S. live In I4fl iiiolt'o- pnlltiiri iiriiiiH. Football Practices Being Held Tonight Thn Ni.iigntiir.k R/ingnrs will hold Itvlr flr<( f(intl.nll prnd Ico for thn forthcoming spfi.tfn trmlght, Conch ripnrgp Allnn IIIIM firinoiinnod. at [iccrciitlnn Field. All candldatr.s an; roil lid" 1 'ul tn atlnnrl. C'onch Potnr Folcy will also con- fliint n prarllcp tonight of the High Sohfifil furitbiill »r|iiad far tho coming yoiijum. Albie Raytkiewicz Cops Two Mile, Cross Harbor Swim Allilc ItaytkU-wlrh. iiwlinmltlg Htm- (if tho Incnl YMCA linnight npw Iniirol.-i Intfi Nnugntuck tivcr' tho wpi'ki'iid, when ho won thn nn-| mini twi>-mll(i croii'i bnrtior nwlm; hold "yoilorrliiy Iti I'.rldgopin-t bur- 'I'h" Iwo-inllo Hsvlni, nn nnmml. pvnnt iipoiuirirofl by thp Firldgpport: (foruld Is cnnnlddrod hy nwlmnilntf! clrnloH In till.-, vicinity n.-i ono fi[j thn finest Nwlinmlngn ovnntH In thl.'ij III-PII. Tho local youth In pnclng nil, of tho ninlo oonto-ilnnt.'i nornns* tho: lini'bdr complotnd die two ml I on In f>2 mlntltn nnd fi snnonds. Jimmy McNnmoo. iilno of I ho Iciriil YM('A, wnii iiorund In HIP Wisniewski Strikes Out 19 Batters In Victory Tor Beacon 'Falls Nine Striking out in men nnd limiting the Millville A. A. tn thri-o hits, Ray WlnnlcwsUI was vlct.nrloun ycs- tnrtlnv afi St. Michael's defeated the Sl/iuffnrmon by n 9-0 HCOI-O. Tho overwhelming victory enabled tho strong Beacon Falls squad to plnro n firmer hold on place, which thoy now bold only with the nangor.-i. The Highlanders, who worn also sharing first place until yesterday, wore defeated In yesterday's contests by "Doc" Curran and the tttrong St. Francis nino. 8•1. In the game plnyed In Beacon Ffillu, good pitching and heads up ball on tho part, of the Crusaders told the story, nn thn Stauffcrmen loft the contest guilty of 8 errors, which had much to do with '.he S runs scored by tho league loaders. ICrlrllo F.namalt and Ed JCukowskl coujilcd to share four of the five hits garnered by the Crusader priuad. "Doc" Currnn pitched six hit ball yesterday, and hart a one hl-'.tcr In his grnps for the first eight innings before tho Highlanders solved the mystery of hla hurling. But the WcIsKmcn uolvod the mystery too 1.1-10, ns thp advantage which tho Kcnnodymen hi\d piled up in tho early Innings was sufficient to war- runt victory for tho Church street , veterans. A big third Inning, in which St. Francis coupled three hits and two errors for five runs put the game on ir.e. Eddie Mariano paced the victors garnering three hits of the seven given up by Bert Mahaffey, Highlander ace, Mahaffey only gave up 7 hlta but loose fielding by his Loummatcs aided much to do- foiit him In the end. Score by innings: St Michael's . 3 I 0014.00 x—0 5 0 MillvlUc- 00-0.000000—0 3 S Battcrls: (winning team first); Wismiewskl and . Zukowskl; Slauf- fer and Crclan, St. Francis , 1 1 5 0 0 0 ] 0 x—S 7 0 Highlanders 00010003 0—4 fi 3 Tl!«ttnrirH: (winning -team first), Curran and Mariano, Pistarelli; Mahuffcy and Swan. . U.S. Rubber Golfers Win Industrial Council Title SS. Peter and Paul Defeats St. Francis SS. Peter and Paul emerged victorious yesterday in a haUlc for first place in the CYO loop when thoy defeated St, Fiancls of the borough, 3-1 in a very exciting con'tcst. Vln Hcaly excelled for the locals, 'hitting a home run in the first inning for the only run of the- game.. Chet Usakiewlcz pitched stellar ball until the sixKh inning, when the Waterbury church team temporarily solved his hurling ability and through three successive hiits, (.he •last oif which was a home run by Jerry Beochia, earned, the necessary margin, for victory. Th locnl- nir.e is now tied for second place in the loop and will play St. Lucy's of Wa-'.crbury Wednesday at Hamilton Park, in an effort to | maintain this position.. Take State Honors At Yale Golf Course, C. Wotjack Low With 71 Loading their nearest competitor; by six strikes, the U. S- Rubber golf team yesterday won the state championship for the state Indus trial Council, stroking 314 for the victory. They weic first in a licit of eight teams chosen by playoffs over -the entire state. Sparked by Chet Wotjak's 71 which was the lowest score of thi day, the remaining members of the team golfed as follows: Ed Cichowski, ..0-36-70; Henry Cieslcw- ski 41-41-82 and Charley Wotjak 36-39-85. Chet, the dark horse of the •tournament, went out in 3. r > and came back In 30 for his low score of 71. The General Electric company of Bridgeport took runner-up honors with a 320 total while the American Brass of Waterbury were third with a 327. The championship matches were, played at the New Haven Yale Golf Course. Rangers First Practice Tonight SanAngelo "Can Go Places Major League Scout Says cvpfit, coming In three mlnuto.i behind Rnytlduwlexi, while Bob Harrl.-i of WPMI Havori was third. After that tho next four places. WIIITI also taknn by Nnugntuck| iiwlmmni-H, which Included W, t Ki-nnlfin. fourth, W. White, fifth, \|PX Sullivan, sixth, and E, Scranton, Hfvnnth. Knclnn Sullivan, who represented tlin borough In the girls' race nni-fM.M the harbor name In third, iiwlmmlng tho hnrbor In one hour, If! mlnut'oH njirl 30 seconds. Betty (rimnyii of TiiMl Hnven wns first and Cynthia Burns of New Haven WIIM third. Local Catcher Recognized As One With Ability By Talent Expert At Glens Falls Tourney C.C.F. VIVIEN CLAUDE LEIGH' 'RAINS OIK) ..*Stewart Granger. Flora Robson • Francis LSullivan l thru UNITED ARTISTS 3NI) HIT Frank San Angclo, along with Vin Heniy and 'Bill Nntowieh who were mentioned In an issue of last work's NEWS, was also rccognl/.ed by big lengue scouts at the Regional Legion play, aa a player possessing extreme ability, the American Legion manager, Donnld "Cubby" Cowan told us today. Aftor tho second game at the Glons Falls fldd, Coach Cowan was approached by Turk Ksiram, u scout for the Brooklyn Dodgers, who asked the Legion team loader about the status of tho local catcher, Frank San Angelo. Frankie, who Is considered locally Standing of Teams NATIONAL LKAGOE Now York R, Boston fi (1st), rtn.'iton 7. N.iw York 1 (2d), St, Louln 3, Cincinnati 2 (1st). Pt. Louis 2, Cincinnati 0 (2d). Brooklyn 3, Philadelphia 2. Chicago 8, Pittsburgh 0. as one of the better catchers In the aroa, was also considered by the Brooklyn scout as one of the ablest youngsters he has seen behind the plate in several years. He denoted several faults which the ycmng athlete possesses, hut he stated that these could easily be cleared up by pcrscrveronce upon the part of Frankie and the managers and coac-hes which will handle him in baseball. Tho only thlnjr stopping him at ly great catcher, Karam said, is the tho moment from becoming a real- fact that he is too light, but since he is 1 only 16 It Is highly probable that his weight, will Increase during the next year or so and since he ! has not "topped growing as yet, ! the additional height which he will eventually receive will aid him im- | rnensely. Hn noted that San Angclo became distrusted 'ciuslly behind the plate, when things wont wrong out nn the pitcher's mound, or in the field, but tei-med this-also as natural for a youngster of his ago. Ho complimented Frank's arm, aftp.r watching him throw down to second base spvorn] times tmd his lost comment was, "that kid oun go places." GEORGE ALLEN, coach of tho Naugnttick Runners h:is culled the first practice session for tho local club tonight In preparation for their first football game, Augl 31. DEAT) AT 50 WCKt: Hartford, Aug. 19—(UP) — Death has taken William C. Welling, who sci-ved as director of tho Bureau of Vital Statistics of tho State Health department since 1921. Welling was 59 years old. Funeral services will be hold tomorrow morning, with burial in Cedar Hill cemetery. THE FRENCH KEY with Albert Ockkcr — Kvolyn AnU-rr.i K.XTKA — NKWS Ol'' Till' 1 . HAY WANTED ELEOTRIO MOTORS 1-8, 1-4 and' 1-2 H. P. Tol. Waterbury 4-1694 ClmrRt> The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Loutlnm In Horn* j| e »tli\/c M-«0 8I-1UNO 8T. 4-0478 Just Arrived NEW LOGAN SHAPER on display Vor 1mmt'(llliti> Delivery SKK AUNOLD SMITH Tho Slandlnc W. L. Bi-noklyn . 70-13 t, Louln - 67 4-1 Chicnprflo so jya Boston BS B4 Cincinnati Til Rl Now York 49 63 Philadelphia ... 47 62 PlttsbuiRh 44 03 ret. ,fH!) .604 ,, r >32 .505 .4riri .437 .431 .•111 Today's finmoit, Cincinnati at St. Louis (night) — Blue It well (G-JOj vs. Burkhart (0-2), (Only game scheduled.) AMURICA.N LEAGUI5 YftHtonliiy'H New York fi, Bonton 0 (1st). Boston 4, New York 3 (2d), El. Loulo 4, Detroit 3 UaU- St. Lmils 6, Detroit 5 (1st). Chicago 6, Cleveland 4 (1st). Cleveland 13, Chicago 3 (2d). Philadelphia 11, Washington 0 (1st). Washington 6, Philadelphia 4 (2d). Tho Standing ' Bonton Now York Detroit Washlnpton Clovoland MIUSUPMIES RTOOLS n SAVINGS IT TEL. 5-2241 &t. Louis Philadelphia W. L. 82 35 67 48 fi4 49 57 60 f;6 61 52 64 40 64 35 81 Pot. .701 .583 ,!J6B .487 ,479 .448 M-\ ,302 Today's Games. Pitchers at Now York—Smith (88) vs. Gumpcrt (8-1). St. Louis at Boston—Kracmer (118) vs. Dobson (11-6). (Only gurnet* scheduled.) Tn rccont years, subsidiary gov- ornmont agencies In tho U. S. have born o^tablishod nt the rate ot nbout 1R5 annually. SALEM PLAYHOUSE TODAY CHINESE ARRESTED Waterbury, Aug. in—(UP)—Thirteen Chinese have been arrested, charged with violating narcotic laws. Federal agents staged two simultaneous raids. Thoy said they found six jar.s of opium worth about $70 each with several opium pipes, lamps and pillows. | DUPONT SPONGES ' All Sizes NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. tVlnMlow Court Tol. 83(4 Also "TALE OF TWO CAFES" LJniiHiiul Occupation News Coming; Tueminy Ollvln DcMitvlland In "TO EACH HIS OWN" Cars Wu.shed, Polished at CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 248 BRIDGE ST. TEL. 4890 Mc.MIT.I.AN MOTOR OILS BOUGHT SOLD Rent a Trailer nnd Do That Job Yoiimclf! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TEI.EI'FIONB NuiiBHlui-K 306K mrr In linlnn Cllv lliir<lwiiri> HIiU. We Are Now Receiving Shipments Of WEAR-EVER ALUMINUM WARE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUILDING TEL. 5212 DICK riSTAREI.I-J, star ball player for the Naugatuck Itjinffors, is expected to sport tho local combine when they play their first contest, Saturday, AUK. 31. Jeanne GRAIN Cornel WILDE Linda DARNELL CEHTinniRL I summER 01 IM TECHNICOLOR 2nd HIT DEIIDLinE for mURDER W KUr • tnl •WCDNCSDAT hm,i c««r i men CRERTCUV! PLAY P-OOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 1SS MAPLE STREET Tired of looking at old wallpaper. You don't h*vo to take ic off I Just paint oi'tr ic with Mur- Tono —tha ititoniihiog o«w water-thinned p»int that'» wash- abl* ,, , Covet* wallboxfd Rod painted walls, tool 100 coir n to choone from. Soo Our Large 8to«* v> LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOCS FOR GARDEN nnd LAWN • SHOVELS (long and nhort handles) • GARDEN RAKES • HOES — SHADES • PRUNING SinSARS • GRASS SHEAK8 CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 IST£ftLISHt» 1 III A SMART FEATHERWEIGHT ROBE OF NYLON AND RAYON AT $20 THAT'S A ROBE TO BE SEEN IN. It's a fusion of two great fabrics with a minimum of weight which makes it equally as popular with women as well men. The colors are beautiful, the model is attractive and ideal for that vacation trip or for your regulation at home lounge robe as an aid to gracious living. Complete * line of Work Clothes NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6138 LAWXMOWERS GRASS CATCHER WALL PArER IN STOCK PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 5JAJPLE STREET \ (Acro»» from City BaUery) Free Delivery Telephone 90M Time to lake another look at the ever changing economic picture, and the effect on your family' budget. Time- to consider your Savings Program—docs it " measure up to current day needs. Most people need two programs—one for emergencies—the other for the future. You can beA'i" today—and with as litfle as $1.00 —to build an account that will guarantee comfort and security in later years. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK 1870 WENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY )94£ AILDEPOUT* FUILV: GUARANTEED GUS SMOKE SHOPJ 403 North Muln St. Union Cit> < Gus Kllmnjizewskl, Prop. * MaRazJncs - reriodical* i All Newspapers - Candy t Smokers' Supplies, Novetlcs, etc. J • , * r,rrr*rr*r*-rrrt*e*f~f- - -*-*.*^»»^J Our Jumbo Bannna Splits and Frnsh Fruit Sundaes Are The Talk of the Town! : CORNER CANTEEN 592 No. .Main Street "l>om" Trllrrlro. Trop,' EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond Stu. GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4919 Edward VlORknucUns, Prop. Highland Package Store \ 93 HlRhland Avo, — Tel. 3!)83 J Anthony Fnrrnr, Prop. J FREE DELIVERY | AU PartH of NauRntuck ^ Try NEWS W»nt Ad».— They Bring Result*. COAL COSTS! WITH THE HONEYWELL DAMFiR CONTROL Br itnlalllnfl lh« HonjywtU Elxrtria Janjtor riamp*r control you can «av« up to 30% on your coal bill. Think what Ibit laving moant during jutt on* hoatina •«a«on. Wo kav* Eloclnc Janilon In itonk now. Call u* today, b«lor» tb» supply i» ffonv, (or iull information. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 523^

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