Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 3
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At Christmas-tide, when families are re-united, when friends meet together in good fellowship, when hearts are warm and expressions of good will toward all prevail—then it is that gifts^come ahd go from one to another, arid a simple gift speaks directly to the heart. Our special Christmas offerings -will merit your attention at this Yule-tide season. UMBRELLAS FOR GIFTS Styles for men, women and children—a great collection at attractive prices is "offered in this holiday showing. Each.... .$5, $3.50, $2.50, $1.75 and SI 25 pretty styles in New Scarfs. Each 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and up to $5.00. More than 100 pretty things in Doilies, White Centerpieces, Dresser and Sideboard Scarfs — in .every size from $7.50 down to 15c each. The prettiest line we have ever shown. Furs Make a Fine Christmas Gift. ' Our Fur stock is made up of the season's most desirable Furs and Fur styles. Every Fur is made up of selected pelts of first quality and our prices will stand tlje test of any comparison. A Few of the Newest Things from Over 100 Varieties of Jewelry. Belt Pins, Brooches, Barretts, Beauty Pins, Bar Pins, Fancy Combs, Collar Pins, Fancy Bags, Necklaces. Over 50 Pretty Effects in New Neckwear. This splendid line of pretty Millinery, including all of our best Hats, Pattern Hats, Street Hats and Miss's and Children's Hats! at half marked pricej and in some instances lessr than! half price. Everything included in this cleanup sale. . .^.^ Great reductions in Ladies', Misses* and Children's Coats For Christmas $10.00 Coats... .$7.50 $15.00 Coats.. .$12.48 ' $20.00 Coats.. .$16.00 $22.5^ Coats.. .$17.50 $30.00 Coats.. .$22.50 $35.00 Coats...$27.50 Ladies' New Tailor Made Suits Splendid styles— values'up to $35; clean-up price, $14.95 Warm Blankets Warm Underwear Warm Hosiery Everything you need for winter wear. 113 EAST MADISON EAST .MADISON THE LAST RAIXY BEFORfe THE • EIGHT DAY CAMPAIGN. At Three O'Clorlriii Uie V. B. CliBiTh. —The 3feB^ Wfll be Address? ed Bj LcM«al Speaken. C. J. Petereon went to Kansas City }ast Digbf on business. —Miaiestic and Elite Five Cents. . H.M. Cunningham went to Clianu'e this afternoon on business. —Dr. MeJflHeii. Pbonea U and StS. J. T. Miles and A. J. Williams are In Gamett ibis afternoon on business. —Dr. Lncj M. Hnll. Osteopath. Telephanet ISO aod Ml. \ B. Wh'eatley of Humboldt is in the city today on business. —Palace Rooms $1.50 per week up. Opposite Post orrJce. Phone 263. C. E. Newton and L. L. Northrup w^t to Kansas City todayfon business. —One day only—Bigr Sale of Silk Hosiery. Kayser's celebrated Italian Silk Hose, $l.r,0 quality 5»c pair.— New York Store. Mr. and Mrs. Arcli Brown of Ottawa are in the city for a visit wiih Mr Brown;s father. .—Leave your Christmas orders at Primnjer's for Flowers and Plants. Phone IM. William Daris and Samuel Pitts of Mannaton township ar«f In ihf_city today on business. —Majestic and Elite Five Cents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McHenry of 209 ^utb Chestnut street are the parents of a little daughter who arrived at their home last evening. —^Don't forget the Salvation Array Free Dinner effort. Miss Vava Backus, formerly of ihlt ' city, but now retidtng in Htnneapollt 1% eatpected In to spend, Christmas wttb ^as Velma Sleepe/. Wuren Alleh the well known lola tdotball player will go to Cfaanute Sunday to play with a team of that dtr-acalnst Parsons. A cpecial train Ja to be ruB from Paroons and it is aaid'tliat a large crowd of rootera for t the^faxpont team win be on Band. 'In ai 'sBiBe '-vlared some Ume ago « asalnat-Paraona • Cbanute won by a .«»ie of-4 to «. Captain Cox. of the Salvation Army wilt distribute a number of baskets of provlslona to the poor from 18 South Kentucky street on the afternoon of Saturday. December twenty^, ihlrd. Thotie who will donate prov, ions for the liaskets, please notify the ."^alvotinn Army officers. ty^^^i Peop —Fred Rowden, Period Decorator, t'lione 786. Reverend I^eslie Potter and bis mother-in-law, Mrs. W. H. Richards, 'eft here a day or two ago for St. Ix>uis and enroute home were in a wreck at Allentown, Missouri. Mrs. Hicnard.s escaped without injury and Reveiend Potter was not . seriously hurt though he sustained scratches and brulse.s in the accident. —Just received good stock of several kinds of fine ferns also cycle- man, in bud and bloom; a fin© Christmas present. Primmer's Green House, 704 E. Lincoln. Phone 104. —Six Amateur Acts. Majestic. 5c. Topeka Capital: One woman, wh is said to be 75 years old and whose husband ll 80 J^ears old, baa offered to adopt tbe'twin babies at the Topeka Orphan's Home and to leave the family estate to them. The estate it :» claimed amounts to more than $10,000 in cash. The old couple have no children of their own and are anxious to take tlje twins In order to have their love during the declining years, and that there may be someone tjpon whom to bestow the fortune accumulated duringr the long years of their lives. —The W C. Teats Realty Co. has moved-tn Kress building. Office rooms 22 to 24. Mr A. a Pickell. one of the enter- prisitiK youiiK werchantj) of HumboldLJ was a jileatiant caller at the Register office today. The editor of the Register was glad to have a call today from Mr. J. M. Whittington. one of the "Old Guard"' up In Osage. Mr. Whittlngton, like some others that might be mentioned, is not so young as be once was. and he long ago got past the pecessity for work. But be inslsta that be can carry a gun and follow a dog just as well as be ever could. And that Is probably so. It was born In him. The departroent of doimstic science at the high school, like many other things. iB being affected by the approach of Cbrtstmaa. This week almost the entire time of the claases has bean devoted to • th^ making at candy, and next week those of the claasea rvbo - desire, to fundah their own material and make their Christinas candy at the high school will l)e allowed to do so." has been a good while since iola people have had a chance to skate, either on rolleta or on the ice, and those who are fond of the sport will be pleased to learn that next week the Auditorium rink is to re-open. I^ge Bowius is to have charge of the-rink, and Is now busy procuring musicians to furnish the music for the skaters. The rink will probably lie open two nighu during the week. Tuesdays and Thursdaysy^ Mr. Fris^enmeyer one of the old residents- or Piqua Buffered a mild stroke of apoplexy about 10:30 this morning from the effects of which his entire right side was partially paralyzed and be remained in an unconscious condition for several hours. He was reported to have gained consciousness this afternoon and it is now thought thai he will recover although it will take time as he is 73 years of age. Johnnie Milne son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Milne Is suffering with diphtheria and the nome was quarantined to- C. C. Luccock who. according to re- dead or dying condition as the result of an accident Wednesday was able to be down town today. He sustained a severe scalp wound and several minor braises but his injuries are by no means serlbus. • Company M is planning the organization of a basket ball team. Tbe proposition was discussed last night after inspection and it was definitely •decided to organize the team. The flrst practice will occur on Manday Bight after drill, and thereafter practice will occur at the armory twice a week. The company has much good material for a teain. < Many "Holy Landa." CbrlaUana uae th« term Holy Land ta'daaignata Palestine, aa b«inff th« scan* of th« birth, ministry and death of I Cbrtat, bat. intereaUr.gly anougb. other religious aecU employ tb*: aame term for j^Ucea aaered to tbem f^offl aaaociatlon. Thus tbe Mo- hamntedana apeak i of Mecca aa tbe Holy Land, it 'being birthplace of Mohammed. The Chinese Buddbieta eaU India tbe Holy Lan^l. because the founder of tbelr religion waa bom Jiere, while tbe Greeks bestow tbia lame title on EUa, wbwe waa situated ±0 temple of Olympian Zeua. QUEcR NAMES FOR HORSES Jehn-Wlllle-Come-On and Woiild-You- Belleve-lt Samples of Equine Nomenclature. WANTED—MAN Kreaaea. TO WORK AT How much truth there is In the story 1 know not. but it is tdld that Vhen Capuin Boyd told Lady Lillian that he had bought a yearling'sbe replied. "What a senseless thing to do." "SenselesE! Good." reiterated the captain, and forthwith, feave the colt that name. It was appropriate, for this gccd-look-ng gray horse,. which now b (i !uDg£ to .Major McLaughlin, is by "Grey i<eg." and out of a mare called "Senses." There are some owners who have considerable difBculty In naming their race-taorses. and it is said of the late Earl of Glasgow that his frienids had quite a task to get him to cbrlaten them.. The testy Earl used to say that a horse should prove itself worth a name before one was given to it One evening be was Induoed to christen three, and tbe following were tbe names imder which they- ran: "GiTe-Hlm-a-Name," "He-Hasn't-Oot-a- Name," "He-Isn't-Wortb-a-Name." There are not a few horses which have run in recent years with equally /oolish and much more meaningless nomenclature. For instance, f'John- Willie-Come-On" and "Would-You-Be- lleve-lt." There ought to be a censor of racing nomenclature, for aome of the titles chosen for horses detract from the dignity of tbe sport—Oentie- woman. Sensitive. •Tou've lost him for good this time," said the master barber to one of bis aasistants as a customer went out and slammed tbe door behind lilm. ; "Yes. but I forgot." "Tbat'B no excuse. If yon can't attend to business, you must go." "What'a tbe trouble?" inquired a customer. "He dldnt brush the gentleman's head." "But bit bead was a bald aa an •gg!" "Certainly, and that la why be should bare bAsbed it. Bald-headed men are very sensitive; you must use the brush tbe same aa if thejt had plenty of bair. To do so givea them an idea that you don't take particular notice of their baldness." "And wont that customer return r* "Never. He'll try aome otharrbar^ faer'a next time, ind^wUl eves advla* bU fMenda to aviM atla." ,1 Tljere will be 6 meeting for men only in the Refornied church next Sunday afternoon at 3. o'clock under tbe auspices.of tbe Committee of One Hundred of the Men and Religion Forward • Movement. The meeting will be addressed by local speakers and will include every department of the work. This will probably be the last meeting before the special eight day campaign January.Tth to 14th and will be of much importance to all men interested in the religious welfare dC the men in Iola and vicinity, especially in giving to tbbse in attendance an insight into what the Eight Day Campaign will embrace and enable men who cannot attend throughout the week to deolde which of the meetings will be tbe most valuable to tbem. At some time during tbe campaign there will be two distinct institutes lo session at the same time In different churches and upon different subjects, wblob will make it im possible for any person to attend :a(l the institutes. ' The local committee has almost perfected the program, which will be printed and ready tor distribution within a few days. The program will be manned by some ten or twelve men from Kansas City who are specialists, each man upon his own subject k is expected that the coming campaign will mean more for the religious interests of tola than anything in recent years or possibly more than any one campaign ever held. Not «o much In the way ef immediate results which ought to be large but more especially in the pre- p.irihg and equipping of each • local church for more extensive and efilci- i-nt work In all the years to: come. The churches are supported and main tained not so much for tbe satisfaction of worshipers having a convenient place to worship, which in itself is a great source of joy to the church people, but more, far more is the purpose of the «bnrch to reach those who do not realize the importance if religion In their own lives. This however, the churches keenly realize, that the general public doea not realize, and it is hoped la this campai^ to so prepare, the churches for ra* ture work aq well as yorsblp tbat the , non-church-gfolng-people' may be enn- i abled to see-that the churches do cart? for tbem, and-that- tbe most important Interest to any person is' his. relig: ious interest and that the churcbos are at the services of .every person to assist him in every possible way to take care of his religious interests. It Is hoped that the meetings will tife well att&nded next ' Sutiday* and a clear insight Into the coiWng--cam-i paign will be gotten by cheAnen of Iola that they may be prepared to make tbe most of what promises to be one of the greatest of religious op-J] portunitles ever to be presented to* the men of the city. —.Majestic and Elite Five Cents. TO IXCORPOBATE XILDBED. Citizens Conttrn^ with tb« County . ('ommtKHlonen Yesterday., v C. E. Locks, M. Bflller, Hiram Huff- j man and a number of cititens ot the thriving little city of Mildred were in this city yesterday conferring with tbe board of county commissioners with repard to incorporating the town of .Mildred. The committee pre sented a petition with a sufficient number of signatures but were told that the citizens of that town roust advertise their intention of effecting a corporation for a period of thre? weeks before definite action can be taken. SIZE BINS IS THE FAXILT. Why to Not Introduce This Xan Brother JohnsingI Tnlsa Okla.. Dec. 15.—When Ulric Morris, brother of Carl Morris, the "white hope" secured a position on the Tulsa fire department this week, it became necessary to order a special seven-foot bed and extra length bed clothing. Ulric Morris while only 22 years old. Is sU feet, eight inches tall, and his naked feet and shins protruded,.unprotected, through the foot board of his iron bed. The extra beds and clothing were also ordered for three' other giants on the (ire department, all exceeding six feet, three inches in length. —Six Amateur Acts. Majestic. 5c. THE fHRISTMAS TREE VOTE. Church Workeca are Bnftv In >'ew York Store's Contest ' In the contest for the New York Store's Christmas tree, interest grows the workers affiliated with the several churches are busy in behalf of their organization^ The standing today is: Trinity M. E. 2474 Salvation Army 728 First M. E 616 United Brethren 457 Rljesbyterian 362 Baptist 331 Christian '3"66 Episcopal 127 Builders' Chapel 14 Reformed 14 A. M. E 10 Second Baptist 10 Christian Science Rawkct Ball rballenge. The clerks of the Fryer grocery are to be credited with an • Innovation in the line of sport. Although It has become the custom foi; men of one profession to challenge the men of another profession to a game of base ball, Inter-professlonal contetta have usually been confined to the national game. Fryers' have deviated from this custom, however, and have Issued a oballenge to' the clerka of any store In the city for a game of Ijasket ball to be- played on a date sattable tp the opposlpg team in the' n^ar future.^ , , I • -^8131 Am^teor Acta. Uijeitle. The suitable gift for everybody, and a splendid assortment to choose from. We are sure we can please. Oak and M,ahogany Music Cabinets with adjustr able shelf; prices from. .$6.75 to $18.00 Birds-eye Maple, Golden Oak, Mahogany and Mission Ladies' Writing Desks—right up to the minute in style. Priced from .$6.75 to $22JO Smoking Cabinets, Book Racks, Magazine Cabinets, Ladies' Dressing Taibles—all most reasonably priced for goods of quality. SATURDAY IS RUG DAY I ^ 1 One day only, at the following prices: 27x54 Velvet Rugs .?Jc 27x54 Axminster Rugs .36x63 Axminster Rugs $2^8 \^ould inake a Mfa*iy Christmas repeat tinaes 'a year. 1*86 belt is .always cheapest in the long run. That' is Iwhy TfflS GARLAND should commend its§lf to you, and it is "also why THE :GABL^NQ is 1;%.bifige^:^l]ter in the world t^day. We ,wiH^;ake pleasure in showing you. V EOBlfeN Shavlni^ stands, Ulrrora, Bhacidng, Hair and Clothes Brushes, Pipes,. Knives, Cuff Unks, Cuff Sets, Watch <!hains, ne Clasps. Necktie?. Belts.. Suspe^iderp. inlUal Handkerchiefs. / ' ", OPEN M^JRAY NIGH *I • Scarfs;-Handkerchi*fc^ ^Perfume, Neckwear, Olpves, Shie-gad Back Combs Barretts. Belts. Supporters, : SHverwafe, • (Tutleiy,'^ Pancy-Obina,.Vases. Salads and Tableware. Books, Bow Paper, Toilet ArUdes. . . ^' , ,. '-p'-i" SPECIAL SALE MONDAY . 8 P. M.— Beautiful Ckina at... .. .10c, 15c, 25c FOia CHILDREN Toys. Autos, Flying Machine*- RaclB* Itochlnes Engines, 1 Air Bines, Pi<b that Swim, Dolls. Games and Gunai. 5000 lbs. of Candy, lb....... .. .'flOe and 15c j Boh iBons, Chocolates in bxs b'f 1 to 4 lbs.—^Ib; .25^ WATCH DIG UP MOBTAAGe MTA. •'. ill I 1' '"ii.'r>r . . . . la arkdrtmre.. KAnsab CUj<. Deoi. l«^^6eraona Hv. lag in.Wyandotte county needn't be •urprlaed wJieii--kbe-aaaespoiv>coBet «rouoid l8r >tbe spring and asks them'if tbeir.bone is fiM for and' ff if .Ini*^ wha.b«Ida^.tba, Gtmtiact dr^oiUiifl^' ^|&^^^ baa bora do. mefboi) to^ teU vbo^M the .contriicta or mortgage «n real estate a'l.i it ejcapea taxatf&n.' • [—To«>witt ftaA jtb«Vdta«tfati^<4 when *9mk . «eU r of Cl«niker] iCoutfi :Rra|«dr. -Tber kaoir from; ' aad eoM» t^pa^l

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