Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 15, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 2
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THE IOM;PAPiY^BEGISag|tr-gRIBi»Y BURNINGj DECEMBER, 15]^;^il. Newest & Best Jewelry Otir store is always fifs^" fo show the new thinj^s that are worth while. We welcome the inspection of every lover of- beaiitiful things and a call at our store never • _L i means that VDU are expected to • buy unless you 'are sure Ihjit the y r c a I e s t intrinsifc value hnd the most artistic designs arc shown. Sncn jewelry as wc show is the work of both artist and artisan. Ask to sec the " Fleur-de-Lis " brand of gruarantecd jewelry and Midiret bracelets as illustrated. G. A. LEFFLER, Jeweler 7 WEST MADISON. FIIOXK 125 Boxes for Gifts ,HoUy f.; Gift Calendars *. Christmas Letters and Cards " \ New Year Letters and Cards ChristmasTag$?isiiid'S6ailS- Mrs. W. S. Kaufrman savp^jv ^ir«^ tain and ovorybody is oxpocto party for a large niirabor ofSJistl! tlK 'n- early so thai lots of W( this aflernooii and toiiiglit Miss Floy Hou8 »-r is to be assisiint; lio-siess a( a iiarty lliey will give for tlii; ^'rl;! and yoiniK women of their ri<Miuaiiit- aiice. • <• -i' —T^adies, Misses and CiiiUttJPA'A Hats Koing quickly at ."o rents ou tlir dollar.—iiidiardson's. •> •> • I'p at TcpeUa the sufrraR<;tte.= are putting in every aTailable niinuli' i ^ampai^iing. The society ri 'pori (;r may need an nssislant to write about the suflraRc teas if they increase in numbir as the campaign Increases in activity. • • •> —Sale of drawn work made l>y schot)l girls of Ongole, India. Proceeds pay their expense in school. .\i DoRgetrs Millinery Store. A Kiinsas City store suRKestinu Christmas giftg In a i)age advertisement mentions plush albums as one of the things a woman might appreciate. Ihls department Is curious lo know whether or not that moans the store Is bidding for patronage of the old-fnshloned vroroan or that the albums which used to be seen in every parlor, are really coming into use again. Surely courageous creatures will defy fashion for this one time and refuse lo bring the family album from its hiding place in the attic. —Women's Exchange Saturday, yionie cooking pies, cakes, bread, saj- ads also canned fruit jellies. .\t Ridge's Cafe. • • .> The P. E. O. chapter will have its annual charity sewing day next Tuesday. Miss Olive Hankins will enter- d to be ork can The garments will be giv .eh to the Hoard of Charities for dis tribulion. The book review which was to liavo been given will be post poned. ;,V.—Place your order for Millinery and you can get your Hat quickly at I'Richardsoa's. • • The At Home club yesterday after noon elect I 'd oflicers to serve diirinr the coming year as follows: Presi dent, Mrs. Fuller; vice-president, .Mrs (icorge Teats: secretary-treasurt Mrs. Hixler; assistant secretary, Mrs I.acey; reporter, Mrs. Heard. The club heard a very broad paper on equal suffnige, read by Mrs. Ix)W' dermllk and iMi interesting coiiuiieni on housekeeping from the masciilim viewpoint, by Mrs. Williams. Th'' at tendance list included: Mesdam Harnes, Heard. Ilixler. Fife, Knowlton Teats, Williams, Wilson, Fnlli-r, Sey mour. The next meeting will be held on the fourth of January. • • •:• FOR Party or catering work, call Miss Miller phone S2G. * • •:• • The Royal Neighbors had seventy five guests at a dinner they served al noon yesterday in M. W. A. hall Among the visitors were people from the camps at Piqua, Carlyle Erie LaHarpe, Fort Scott and Humboldt In the afternoon the hostesses conducted n session of the lodge and the double team work was exemplified to initiate three candidates. Many of the visitors talked about lodge work after the initiatory ceremonies Lodge adjourned at four o'clock sc that the ladies could visit friends over tow-n. The Erie camp was served with supper at the hall. KO..M F INGER RINGS were the first ornaments ever worn by civilized man. Gold is the king of all metals; diamond of all gems; and it is not surprising then that these beautiful, genuine, perfectly cut white diamonds, set in solid gold, appeal to every, one who sees them. While diamonds are increasing in value 15 to 20 per cent every year, the fact that we bought a large number of stones before the last advance, enables us to offer you several exceptional oppoi*tunities in the purchase of diamond rings. Send for our Illustrated Catalogue. T. IV'jtteh InspecUin. est Side of the Square ..It. TW6 Mothers' cluK' Secrietaty eof* cts an Item which appeared In thi :$partment yesterday by saying that tlie club will have two meetings next .week Instead of one. Tuesday after- iioon the ladles will be entertained at 4he. home of Mrs. S. E. Vaughn and "XVednesday the ususil meeting will be fiel dat the chapel. • * • —Sharp reduction on Suits Coafs r d JJ^irs.—Richardson's. • * * The Altar society of St. John's church has planned to assume (he r< |*ponsIbiIlty of decorating tlio church Tor the Christmas season and'a com mittee of members have been asked to decide on designs and material. The society Is also arranging for a Christ mas tree and treat for the Sunday school. Mrs. Boehn entertained th ladles yesterday afternoon. •:• •:• • —The elegant line of Pretty Mil llnery selling briskly at half the marked price.—Richardfon's. '> ^ Miss Amy Morrill will go to Kansas City in a short time to study with Mrs. Ottley Cnuiston. of the Conservji tory of Music. Miss Morrill has promising voice and her friends predict (hat a term of work with Mrs. Cranston will develop her talent wonderfully. —Dr. Wirt, OsVcopoth, Tel 487, $88. •!••{•* Miss Gobln went to Carlyle this afternoon to attend the Christmas party the club at that place Is giving today. Miss Robin leaves next week for her home in Indianapolis where she will spend Christmas. She will return December twpnty -8ev ^nth and during her absence the different clubs and classes of the association will be Inactive. The rooms will be kept op- I 'n however, for the accommodation of those who lunch there and others who avail themselves of the privileges of the parlors. Saturday afternoon the juniors will have the last gymnasium class until afte the holidays. The high school social committee will meet at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon to plan a party for New Year's night. • • * —DR. O. COX, Ocnllst • <• •> The President of the New Jersey Federation of Women's clubs, in an address delivered recently at Detroit, to a convention of women's clubs, essays the difBcult task of starting a reform in women's dress. She wants reform that will warrant a woman wearing the same dress this season as she wore last, and the 'monstrous hats" ruled out of Fashion altogether. She does not object to wearing domestic feathers in her hat. Ostrich feathers, she says are all right, but willow plumes, she says, are a disgrace to wear because they are made n sweatshops, etc. Reforms such as the above always emanate from women of "blue stocking" tendencies, and influence no one outside their own environment. Many rades would go a-begging if the reforms suggested by this woman were o be inaugurated. Very few women would like to be seen in a "uniform Iress," worn two seasons, or wearing he same hat two or more seasons, such as other women may wear. Such II idea as ibis would kill individuality in Women's dress, and many a man would go down deep In his pockets to nay his wife's bills rather than to see her in such a dowdy dress as "the woman next door wears." Fashion is too strongly Intrenched to be overcome by one woman's idea.—The Mil- inery Trade Review. + + + —Great reductions on suits and Coats.—Richardson's. * * + Onf of the happiest parties of the week for young people was Miss Hazel FeatherHn's entertainment of a company of lehootmntes last night. Some unusually enjoyable games wen- introduced and MisR Fentherlln served supper. The guests were Misses Ada Leffler, Marlon Robinson, of Hlonmlleld, Mo.; Mlldreil Downey, Vales Center; Carol Livingston, Martha uMrker, Mary Redmond and her rousln Miss Foster. Hnznl Watson. Elvn Russell, Messrs John Prultt. Howard Ijiwyer, Robert Stewart. Horace Primmer, Carl Ritchey, Wm. Heylmun, Fred .McEwen and Francis McCall. •!• + • —Christma." Novelties in everything new.—Richardson's. * * • The Trinity I>yceum course had a ^-very auspicious beginning last nieht. The lecture by Dr. Potts on "The Future of the Jftw."*was listened to by goodly sized audience with greatest Interest. The speaker proved himself equal to the occasion, and the subject being out of the line of ordinary lectures, was highly appreciated. * * + —Reduction of l'>'/r on all our Fancy Silks. Satins and Brocades.— New York Store. * * • .- Miss Mary Redmond is entertaln- f lng her cousin. Miss Mary Foster, of Marshfield, Mo. * * * y. MUs Mildred Downey of Yates Center Is snendlog a few. days with Mfss •HnzpJ Pealherlln and other fri^ndB. Miss Downey formerly lived in lola Alt Our Handsome Coats Reduced! Women's Black Cflats^ $6.50 values, now .$.5.00 Women's"^lack Coats, $15.00 values, now $10.00 Women's Black Coats, $18.00 values, now... .$12.00 Women's Black Coats, $20.00 values, now... .$15.00 Women's and Misses' Novelty Coats. Women's and Misses' $20.00 Novelty Coats.. .$13.50 Women's and Misses' $15.6o Novelty Coats.. .$10.00 Women's and Misse.s' $2.5.00 Novelty Coats.. .$1.5.00 Women's and' $27.50 Novelty Coats.. ..$20.00 Children's Coats at Big Reductions. Children's Plush Coats, $6.-50 values $5.00 Children's Caracul Coats, $6.98 values .$5.00 Children's Cloth Coats, $8.98 values, now $6.98 Children's Cloth Coats, $5.98 values, now $4.-50 Children's Cloth Coats, -$4.50 values, now..... .$2.98 Plush Coats Reduced. Genuine Salt Seal Plush, $&.00 values, now. .$15.00 Genuine Salt Seal Plush,.$35.00 values, now. .$25.00 Genuine Salt Seal Plush, $50.00 values, now. .$38.50 Genuine Salt Seal Plush, $30.00 values, now. .$18.50 Sm AND OTHER FINE HOSIERY. Black Silk "Gordon Dve" Rose $1, $1..50, $2 Black, white,pink andsky "Gordon Dye Hose".$1.00 Black silk new "Gordon Dye" quality, pair 50c Ask for our $1.00 Christmas Silk Hose. ANNUAL SAI£ OF HANDKERCHIEFS. r Women'fe all linen Handkerchiefs, special 15c Women's Swiss Handkerchiefs with emb. or lace edge; each 10c Women's S \Afiss Handkerchiefs with emb. corners, special, each .. .5c Women's high grade hand emb. Handkerchiefs, the daintiest styles ever shown—some with Syrian lace edge, others finely*hemmed—special 3 for $1 Ask to see our imported Hand Emb. Handkerchiefs—priced at. ... .50c, 75c, 98c up to $7.00 Children's Handkerchiefs. Hand Emb. Initial Handkerchiefs, 3 in box 19c Hand Emb. plain white Initial Hand'fs, 3 in box. .29c CHRISTMAS SALE OF FURS. Reliability is our standard in our Fur Dep't 1 Genuine Mink Set, was .$65.00; now .$45.00 1 Genuine Brown Marmot Set, was $30.00... ..$20.00 1 Genuine Black Coney Set, fancy muff,.was $20.00; now $15.00 1 Genuine Black Fox Set, fancy muff, was $35.00; now $25.00 1 Genuine Brown Jap Mink Set, was $18.50.. ..$15.0P 1 only Genuine Black Fox Collar, was $40.00. .$28.50 CHRISTMAS APRONS IN WmEST VARIEIY Bretelle Aprons at .25c, 50c, 75c, 98c Plain hand Aprons with hemstitched hems at 25c Round and fancy shaped Aprons of fine lawns, dotted Swiss, all-over embroidery, with lace, embroidery and hemstitched edges — daintily trimmed in the newest effects with ribbons, bows, etc. The largest and finest iLSJortment ever shown in this city. , A-Sk for^them. Price .25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, 98c, $1.35, $1.50 -IT,";: DfBcount on all Fancy Silks at the New York Store. •> •:• • The Presbyterian choir will havo a rehearsal tonight. Al! members are requested to be present promptly at seven o'clock if possible. * • ^• —For Saturday Only, Kayser's Italian Silk Hosiery, $l ..")n value, ttiV one day only .')0c pair.—New York Store. •i- '> •> Reverend I^slie Potter, who here to ofJiciate at the marrluKeof his niece, Miss Nina Potter and Mr. C. I>angsford has returned lo his home In St. Tx}uis. Ho was accompanied by Mrs. W. H. Richards, w!io will spend the winter with Rev. and .Mrs. Potter. Mr. I. W. Potter wj.o as also here for the wedding has returned to his home in Coffeyville. • •> * —.\ttend the Hosiery Sale at the New York Store Saturday. Kayser's Italian Silk Hose one day only .Vic wlr; $1.50 quality.—.Vcw York Stofe. •:• • • Proceeds of the social at the Christian church last night will reach $12, which will be the aid society's coh- trlbutlon fo the yearly payment on the church debt. Supper was served and a progrnm rondt'Ted. Rfiidlngs w^re Klven by Mrs. Chnpln, Mrs. iMllUy Cox and Mrs. D&vis, Miss \M\H OS- Iwrne, .Nettle nirtl Kanicst ningi-n- hclrocr. Music was also :in enjoyable IHirt of the enlertnlntn<ni and thor"' were, sclecilons by KSIIKT Itoalrighl, Oerlle Rupp. Nijllle Cofflln. Joy Hergh bergur and Altn Moore •!• •;• • —A suitable Xmas offering-Sifk Hose—buy tliem at the big one dijy sale Saturday, "lOc pair.—New Yoi!k Store. -PRLNCESS" HELEX YIELDS. Washington. D. C, Dec. 15.—A current report which seems to emanate from an authentic, source to the effect that Miss Helen Taft, daughter • "There is a peculiar dignity attached to the .gift of a book that is in no way affected by the ^price." The line of Gift Books this year is peculiarly :suited for Christmas. All kinds—all prices. Evans Bros. BOOK 8T0BE. MISS HELEN TAFT pf the President is engaged to J. Cotton Smith, son of Rev. Dr. Roland Cotton Smith. The Dance Is a scion p9f the old Puritan stock, claiming as ills ancester. Cotton Mather. Rev. ^r. Smith will neither, confirm nor deny the report. In a series of games of tenpins at the Record alleys last night to decide a lie which was played recently between the Record and Y. M. C. A. teams, the Record team won by a margin ol 29 pina. CHRISTMAS SEWING MACHINES $5.00 Discount will be given on any WHITE or GOLDEN STAR Sewing Machine bought for a Christmas P""^^^*^ The WHITE is a beautiful machine, made of quartered polished white oak. Both vibrator and rotary shuttles; patent tension release; automatic drop head. Full dress guard; all the latest attachments, and will last a lifetime. They are ball bearing and the most simple in construction. The lola Furniture Store SOUTH SroE SQUARE A. W. BECK, Prop. b St Tlmothy'.s Eplscopaf Chmrchl,' The regular Friday evening service will be held this evening at 7:30 p. m. with an address on the "Seasons of the Christian Year and Why We Observe them." After the service at 8 o'clock a special choir practice will take place for the Christmas music. All members of the choir are urgently desired to be present The young ladies of the Efflscopal church are desired to be at the chiircb tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, to pre' pare for the Christmas decorations. They will meet at 3 o'clock. —Si.\ Amateur .\cts. Majestic. 5c. Foley Kidney Hlls. —^Tonic in action, quick In resnlts. Will cure any case of kidney or bIa(W der disorder hot beyond the reach of medicine. No need to say more. J. D. Mundis & Co.

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